The 2020 Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Synods
With Ceres, Mars and Pallas
Saturn's Retrogrades 2014-2020

In the year 2020, three major planetary cycles complete and begin anew, creating a societal reset.

• The Saturn-Pluto synod occurs on January 10, 2020, initiating a new 34-year cycle. This is a compounded synod with Ceres and Mars.

• The Jupiter-Pluto synod occurs on July 31, 2020, initiating a new 12.5-year cycle. This is also a compounded synod with the asteroid Pallas.

• The Jupiter-Saturn synod occurs on November 2, 2020, initiating a new 20-year cycle.

These events all square Eris, catalyzing the last quarters or those planets' cycles with Eris. The last quarter of the Pluto-Eris cycle begins in August 2020. (See Outer Planets Synodic Timeline.) Pluto's geocentric square with Eris occurs from January 2020 through October 2021. (See the 2020 Graphic Ephemeris.)

The dates in the above illustration show when the heliocentric aspects occur, which delineate the actual transitions in each cycle. Each of these express through geocentric aspects, which create our palpable experience of the transitions, and sometimes stretch these transitions out over many months (due to planetary retrogrades as seen from Earth). For example: The March 30 2017 Jupiter-Pluto 270° square expresses through three geocentric conjunctions occuring on November 24, 2016, March 30, 2017 and August 4, 2017.

• The Saturn-Pluto synod of January 10, 2020 expresses through one geocentric conjunction occuring on January 12, 2020.

• The Jupiter-Pluto synod of July 31, 2020 expresses through three geocentric conjunctions occuring on April 5, 2020, June 30, 2020 and November 12, 2020.

• The Jupiter-Saturn synod of November 2, 2020 expresses through one geocentric conjunction occuring on December 21, 2020.

The last Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment occurred in 1284-1285. Although not as tight, it was quite significant because it occured in opposition to Uranus (the mid-point of the Uranus-Pluto 142-year cycle, which began in 1201 CE.)

• September 1, 1284 Saturn opp Uranus
• October 27, 1284 Saturn-Pluto (Jupiter within 22°)
• March 1, 1285 Uranus opp Pluto
• July 25, 1285 Jupiter-Pluto (Saturn within 8°)
• August 10, 1285 Jupiter opp Uranus
• November 29, 1285 Jupiter-Saturn (Pluto within 11°)

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The Jupiter-Saturn 20-year synodic cycle starting on November 2, 2020 occurs under the auspices of Altair, Eye of the Eagle, the location of Pluto is the U.S. chart. The remainder of the 2010s is the completion period of these planets' previous cycles. 2016 through 2020 creates the ending of an era on Earth, with a new era starting to emerge in 2020. See: Sociopolitical & Personal Explorations 2016-2020. The Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunctions, and the new synodic cycles all occurring in 2020, engage a significantly new evolutionary energetic for humanity. Synod locations and star alignments are listed below.

Another very significant event ocurring in 2016 and 2017 is the Uranus-Eris conjunction and their synod, which engages a new 90-year synodic cycle. This will augment the additional planetary cycle transitions occuring in 2016. See: New Frontiers in Consciousness 2016-2017 Uranus-Eris opposite Haumea.

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The details and significance of the alignments and synodic cycles in the above videos are presented in each month's Lunar Planner.

The 2020 Synods

Saturn-Pluto-Ceres Synod - January 10, 2020 (34-year cycle)

Sidereal Sign: Sagittarius
Constellation: late Sagittarius
Influencing Constellations: Lyra, Aquila, Pavo, Octans
Primary Conjoining Stars: SS433 Neutron Star, Aquila; Delta Aquila; Sulaphat & M57 Ring Nebula Lyra; and Peacock (Alpha) Pavo

Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas Synod - July 31, 2020 (12.5-year cycle)

Sidereal Sign: Sagittarius
Constellation: late Sagittarius
Influencing Constellations: Lyra, Aquila, Pavo, Octans
Primary Conjoining Stars: Sulaphat Lyra; Delta Aquila; Peacock (Alpha) Pavo; and Theta Sagittarius

Jupiter-Saturn Synod - November 2, 2020 (20-year cycle)

Sidereal Sign: Capricorn
Constellation: early Capricorn
Influencing Constellations: Cygnus, Vulpecula, Sagitta, Aquila, Microscopium, Indus, Octans, Hydrus
Primary Conjoining Stars: Altair, Alshain, Tarazed & Eta Aquila; Alberio Cygnus; Anser (Alpha) Vulpecula; Sham (Alpha) Sagitta; Alpha Indus; Nu & Iota Microscopium; Theta Octans, and Beta Hydrus

Previous Saturn-Pluto Synods

December 24, 1982
Early Sidereal Libra (Izar Bootes; Centaurus X-3; Theta Carina)

August 22, 1947
Sidereal Libra (Acubens Cancer; Hydra's Head; Kochab Ursa Minor; Dubhe Ursa Major)

February 27, 1915
Early Sidereal Gemini (Tejat Eta Gemini; Gate of Man, Orion's Sword)

May 26, 1883
Sidereal Taurus (Pleiades; Elthor Taurus; Mirphak, Atiks and Zeta Perseus)

SEE: The Saturn-Pluto Synodic Cycles: A Historical Exploration 1851-2020
This is an exploration of the historical events occurring in the previous Saturn-Pluto Synodic Cycles and during the primary phase transitions occurring within those cycles.


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