An Introduction to Astronomical Astrology

An Introduction to Astronomical Astrology

"An Introduction to Astronomical Astrology" is an entirely new edition of what was formerly "The Star Catalog," with an extensive update to the section delineating the stars and constellations as they express throughout the zodiak and in an astrological chart. The star catalog section is also updated, now with over 750 stars and deep space objects.

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"An Introduction To Astronomical Astrology" is an indispensable tool and reference for the serious astrologer or for anyone wishing to learn star-level astrology. Whether you are a sidereal astrologer or a seasoned tropical astrologer wishing to explore the fixed stars, the material in this book will expand your awareness of the Greater Heavens.

Introduction To The Greater Heavens

Astronomical Astrology is an exploration of the individual stars and deep space objects in the entire celestial sphere and their expression through the astrological chart. Astronomical Astrology is based on actual planetary alignments to individual stars and constellations as if we are looking directly into the heavens.

The hallmark of modern-day astrology is primarily based upon the division of the ecliptic into twelve astrological signs and their respective archetypes. When we explore the individual stars, constellations and the mythological picture language articulating the energetics of the entire celestial sphere, emerging from the flat segmented ring in the heavens, the ecliptic, we dissolve the confining archetypical boundaries we identify our selves with.

Leaving the bounds of sign-based astrology to journey into the depths of the greater heavens, is to awaken from an obscuring foggy slumber of an antiquated world view and enter into the unbounded depths of consciousness, into a new freedom of being, free to explore and embrace the limitless beings that we are.

Astronomical Astrology beckons our emergence from the veils that are now dissolving in Earth’s greater evolutionary cycle to journey into the fathomless consciousness unfolding before our eyes—into a new era of Quantum Awareness. This is to realize we too are stars as unique as billions in the unbounded vastness of the heavens, invited to step outside of our incubational bubbles of perception, to become consciously creative avatars shining our uniqueness to dissolve the very quarantine of time.

"The stars would not be in the heavens if we were meant to walk in darkness."

The Sections of this Book:

The first section of this work is an exploration of the embracing cosmology in which the tropical and sidereal zodiaks nest, what they are and their relationship. Presented are the three nesting spheres of consciousness, and their changing geometric relationship creating Earth’s Precessional Cross and the evolutionary cycle of the soul.

The following section is an excursion through the heavens exploring the quality of the individual stars and constellations of the entire celestial sphere and how they amalgamate to create the continually changing qualities throughout the zodiac. This excursion through the heavens will give you an excellent foothold to star-level astrological interpretation. (This is an extensive update to the material in the original "Star Catalog.")

Following are step-by-step instructions teaching you how to create your Sidereal Astrology Chart complete with fixed stars and deep-space objects. This process will also aid you to apply the information presented in the previous section, opening the door to a greater understanding of self.

The last section is the Star Catalog, listing the sidereal longitudes and latitudes of more than 750 stars and deep-space objects, with a detailed Star Map of the entire heavens.

From Tropical Astrology, to Sidereal Astrology, to Astronomical Astrology

In this work we are not merely replacing tropical signs with sidereal signs and then interpreting the chart as we would interpret a tropical chart. We are looking at the qualities of the individual stars and constellations within the entire celestial sphere and how they express through each zodiacal degree. Although the sidereal signs may have an overall character, the nature of that character continually changes throughout each sign.

Shifting from sign-based astrology (whether tropical or sidereal) to the detailed clarity of star–based astrology is much like adjusting an out of focus camera lens to crystal clarity. When we get out of the city lights and gaze into the greater heavens on a moonless night and ask the stars to reveal their truth—and listen—they have a fathomless mystery to tell.

Exploring the individual stars of all of the constellations as they express through the astrological chart provides a perspective from the wisdom of soul-level self, that is, from an awareness transcendent to our mundane lives or personality-level self. Astronomical Astrology is true soul-level astrology. The sidereal chart complete with individual stars reveals our incarnate purpose at a level of detail that only the individual stars can provide.

The Star Catalog Section

Star Catalog

The Star Catalog's unique color-coded layout makes the stars, nebulas, and other deep-space objects (such as pulsars, quasars, and x-ray sources) easily discernible. It is clear how the stars of the constellations that lie north and south of the ecliptic intersperse with the stars of the zodiacal constellations. This unique layout makes it easy to learn of the interrelated stellar qualities and how they amalgamate to compose the continually changing qualities through the zodiak. Using the Star Catalog shifts the astrologer's awareness from the generalized meaning of the signs to the crystal clarity of the individual stars. This reveals the diversity of character expressing through each planet or personal point even when they lie in the same sign. Using the Star Catalog subsequently expands the astrologer's awareness to understand the embracing cosmic intelligence to which we belong, and how that intelligence becomes visible through star-level Astronomical Astrology.

Additions/Refinements to Star Catalog Rev 5.0