The 2018 Lunar Planner Journal

Live in magnificence with the Heavens,
in harmony with the natural Lunar Cycles,
and in attunement to Mother Earth.
Make passage through these transformative times
with inner peace & experiential wisdom.

The 2018 Lunar Planner Printed Writing Journal

Coil bound • 58 pages • 8.5" x 11"

New Moon of January 17, 2018 Lunar Cycle through the December 7, 2018 Lunar Cycle

(New Moon of January 17, 2018 through the
New Moon of January 6, 2019)

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The Lunar Planner Journal provides a way to learn how to live in attunement to the natural Lunar Cycles. By using the Lunar Planner Journal on a daily basis, you can quickly learn how to participate in harmony with the natural lunar spiral of growth and gain an entirely new understanding and perspective of your life experience.

To gain full benefit from the Lunar Planner, write your experiences, feelings and insights in each month’s calendar, especially before and after each lunar phase shift. As you observe your experiences, feelings and realizations on a daily basis in the context of the changing lunar phase characteristics, as presented in the Introduction, you can quickly see how they unfold in a natural evolutionary spiral of growth; much like the growth cycle of a plant—from its seed, to its flower, and to its fruit. Each lunar cycle has eight progressive phases: an inspirational phase, which shifts into a growth phase, which shifts into an action phase, and so on; and one lunar cycle births into the next lunar cycle creating a lunar spiral of growth.

As you observe the synchronicity between your life experience and the changing lunar phases, you can then learn to consciously participate with them, not only by scheduling your activities in harmony with the lunar phase transitions, but more importantly, by embracing your life experience as it naturally unfolds, with inner peace, and with a greater sense of self-empowerment.

Living attuned to the lunar spiral of growth teaches us to live in the present, out of the stress commonly experienced when we live outside of present time, worrying about the past or future. We learn to peacefully breathe and confidently dance with the ebb and flow of our life experience.

On the Inside:

• Introduction: How to participate with the Lunar Cycles.
• Lunar Phase Characteristics Chart (how one phase naturally shifts into the next).
• Plenty of journalling room (4 pages per lunar month).
• Moon signs (Sidereal & Tropical) and New Moon star alignments.
• Planetary Retrogrades & Synods.

Lunar Planner Journal - inside pages
Lunar Phase Characteristics - Typical journal pages

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Ships in 3 to 5 business days.