The Lunar Planner

A Few Books on the
Fixed Stars & Sidereal Astrology

Star Names, Star Lore, Sidereal Astrolgy, and Associated Topics:

Allen, Richard Hinckley. Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning.

Dover Publications, Inc., New York 1899 / 1963

Bradley, Donald (aka Garth Allen). Taking The Kid Gloves Off Astrology.

Clancy Publications, Tucson, Arizona 1975

Brady, Bernadette. Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.

Weiser Books 1999

Davidson, Norman . Astronomy And The Imagination.

Routledge & Kegan, London 1986 (1985)

Ebertin, Reinhold & Hoffman, Georg. Fixed Stars And Their Inerpretation.

American Federation of Astrologers, Inc 1971

Epping, Josef, 1835-1894. Astronomisches aus Babylon.

University of Michigan (in German)

Fagan, Cyril & Firebrace, Roy. Primer of Sidereal Astrology.

Littlejohn publishing, Isabella, Mo.

Fagan, Cyril. Astrological Origins.

Llewellyn publications, St. Paul, Minn.

Gallacher, Marcie. Fixed Stars.

Bookcraft 1999.

Gleadow, Rupert. The Origin Of The Zodiac

Dover Publications 2001

Grossinger, Richard. Night Sky: The Science and Anthropology of the Stars and Planets

Random House 1988

Johnson, Rubellite Kawena & Mahelona, John.Na Inoa Hoku: Catalogue Of Hawaiian & Pacific Star Names.

Ku Pa'a Publishing 1975

Mayo, Gretchen Will. North American Indian Stories: Star Tales.

Walker & Company 1991

Moore, Patrick. Watchers Of The Stars.

Putnam, New York 1974

Moorse, Dr. Eric. The Living Stars.

Amethyst Books May 1988

Powell, Robert & Treadgold, Peter. The Sidereal Zodiac.

American Federation of Astrologers, Inc 1979

Powell, Robert & Dann Kevin. The Astrological Revolution.

Lindisfarne Books 2010

Ridpath, Ian. Star Tales.

Universe Publishing 1988

Robson, Vivian. Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology.

Red Wheel Weiser 1970 / Astrology Classics 1979

Rosenberg, Diana K. Secrets of the Ancient Skies
Fixed Stars & Constellations in Natal & Mundane Astrology

Ancient Skies Press 2012

Rudhyar, Dane. The Lunation Cycle.

Shambhala Publications, Inc. 1974

Sedgwick, Philip. The Astrology Of Deep Space.

Seek-It Publications 1985

Stahl, Carl W. Beginners Manual Of Sidereal Astrology - Vol 1, 2 &3.

Solunar Research Publications 1969

Stahl & Allen. Synetic Vernal Point Ephemeris.

Solunal Research Publications

Takra, KHM9 Andres. The Wisdom Of Sidereal Astrology.

Sun Publishing Co., Santa Fe, NM 1983 (out of print)

Tobey, Carl Payne. Carl Payne Tobey's Collected Works on Astrology. Ed: Naomi Bennett

BonAmi, Inc.

Tucker William J. The Fixed Stars And Your Horoscope.

Fowler (London) 1939

Tucker William J. Principles of Scientific Astrology 1938.

Kessinger Publishing Company 2004 (reprint)


Cumont, Franz. Astrology & Religion Among The Greeks And Romans.

Kessinger Publishing 1997-03

Cumont, Franz. Astrology & Religion of Babylonia and Greece.

Kessinger Publishing 2005

F.X. Kugler,F.X. Babylonian Lunar Reckoning.

Published 1900

F.X. Kugler,F.X. Starlore and Starwork in Babel [Babylon.

Published in two volumes in 1907-1935 (completed by J. Schaumberger)

Mavor, James W. Jr. Voyage To Atlantis.

Fontana, London 1973

Munitz, Milton K. Theories Of The Universe: From Babylonian Myth To Modern Science.

Free Press 1965

Neugebauer, Otto. History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy - and other ground breaking books
The Exact Sciences in Antiquity (1957)
Astronomical Cuneiform Texts (1955)
Egyptian Astronomical Texts (1969)

Powell, Robert. History of the Zodiac.

Sophia Academic Press 2007

Temple, Robert K.G. The Sirius Mystery.

Inner Traditions International, Limited 1988

Tester, Jim. A History Of Western Astrology.

Ballantine Books 1988

University Centre for Astrological Research (C.U.R.A.) - An Excelent Resource.