The Emotional Tone Scale
Healing & Awakening to Soul Awareness

The following chart shows the primary endocrine system and the corresponding emotional tones. This chart is an expounded version of the emotional tone scale presented by the late Dr. John Whitman Ray (Body Electronics). The concepts I present below are about the awakening of the neurological system, the chakras and infusion of soul awareness.

Emotional Tone Scale


Emotional Tone
(or Resonance)

Healthy Expression

Suppressed Expression

Corresponding Brain Waves







Wisdom, Vision, Perception, Epistome, Rapture Revelation, Inspiration & Imagination

Lack of creativity, vision and imagination

Lambda >100Hz (up to 200Hz) Ecstatic and rapturous states of consciousness and illuminating perceptual abilities.


Neuroendocrine transducer: Translates celestial / terrestrial, light / magnetic impulses via the Hypothalamus into hormones that direct the Pituitary. Controls perception, biological clock, circadian rhythms and sexual desire.




Overt Hostility

Knowledge & specific memory

Avoidance of & resistance to experience, to feel

High Gamma 40-100Hz
Bursts of insight, high-level information processing, extraordinary states of consciousness


The Brain's Master Control Center. The Pituitary distributes neurological information to the rest of the chakras / endocrine system.


Throat / Larynx
Reflex to Liver


Covert Hostility

Creative expression of one's Truth

Victim Consciousness. Calcification

Low Gamma 40-100Hz
High-level mental activity and verbal expression


Vibrational resonance above this level expresses as conscious responsible action. Resonance below this level expresses as re-active patterns (victim consciousness).


Reflex to Spleen




Compassion, truth, receptivity, openness & honesty

Stress. Judgment rejection and invalidation of others. Sunken chest.

Beta 12-40Hz
Heightened alertness and receptivity, high levels of focus and concentration


Immune response. Capacity to unconditionally embrace life experience. Receptivity.

Solar Plexus

Neurological distribution to
adrenals / kidneys

Grief / Guilt

Self worth
General memory, assimilation of physical experience, emotional palpation

Scarcity, bareness, lack of abundance. Inability to palpate and assimilate life experience.

Alpha 8-12Hz
Relaxed Alertness, inner awareness, contemplation, reflection


The "Abdominal Brain." Chakra of Materiality / Earth / Chi. Governs the enteric nervous system / vascular and visceral function, adrenal function & kidneys. Pelvis, uterus, womb


Liver / Spleen



Openness, Mutual respect, balance, equality, sexuality, gender, relations

Self Denial; inferiority - superiority complexes, jealousy, relationship issues.

Theta 4-8Hz
Deep relaxation, light meditation, original creativity, inspiration, problem solving, visualization OR light sleep and dreaming


Interpersonal Relations / Gyroscopic Male-Female Balance


Ovaries / Testicles

Transcendence OR Unconsciousness

Power & Vitality, healthy assertive action, leadership

Need to control. Survival driven.

Delta 0.5-4Hz
Deep thoughtless but conscious meditation, deep physical relaxation OR deep dreamless sleep, healing

Epsilon < 0.5Hz (See Note)

Reproductive, primal response, survival instinct,and carnal function

Brainwaves & Meditation:

Lower frequency brainwaves (Theta and Delta) do not necessarily mean sleep states. A person can learn to enter into these brainwave states while being fully conscious. These are meditative states. The Theta range is common to light meditation, where thought is still somewhat active. The Delta range moves into deeper levels of awareness, where the mind and physiological activity begins to still. Moving below the traditionally accepted lowest Delta rhythm of 0.5 Hz is called the Epsilon Brainwave State. This where thought ceases altogether and one becomes consciously and omnisciently aware. Brainwave activity in the cerebral hemispheres also tends to synchronize in deep meditative states. This is also where one can learn to travel beyond the bounds of time and space by learning to direct one's will through the power of intent. The benefits of meditating 20 minutes twice daily are endless and extensive in all facets of life—physical emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Extraordinary states of consciousness are also associated with brainwave activity in the higher area of the Gamma range (40Hz to 100Hz); and ecstatic, euphoric or rapturous states of awareness in the Lambda range (100Hz to 200Hz).

Developing the capacity to enter into deeper meditative states of pure awareness enhances one's ability to enter into higher perceptual levels of consciousness. This is also reflected in the process of awakening the chakras and soul infusion, presented below. Notice also the tie-ins of the chakras centering around the heart chakra in the chart above, and presented in more detail below.

Emotional Tone Scale History & Healing

Spine, organ, chakra and color/sound correspondences

Spine, organ, chakra and color/sound correspondences.

Dr. John Whitman Ray (Health and the Human Mind, Body and Cranial Electronics) (1934-2001), whom I had the pleasure to learn from when participating in his instructor seminars in the early 1980s, evolved a version of the "Emotional Tone Scale" showing the correspondences of the emotional tones with the endocrine system. Dr. Ray based his chart through the observance of people moving through a healing crisis. I will not expound on Dr. Ray's profound work as information about it can be found elsewhere. Dr. Ray's work is currently carried on and evolved by Douglas W. Morrison, Peter Hinde;

An "Emotional Tone Scale" chart was presented earlier by L Ron Hubbard in the 1950s. His version consisted of a list of emotions with numbers assigned to each emotion to denote their vibrational level. The basic idea was that a person tended to resonate around a particular emotional tone, which would characterize their behavior and level of aliveness. He presented the idea that people at the bottom end of the scale were less alive and those toward the top of scale were more alive. (There are different versions of the Hubard emotional chart with minor variances in the order of the emotions.)

Dr. Ray taught that a person could heal / transmute any condition and establish a refined resonance throughout the entire emotional tone scale / neurological / chakra system by creating a vibrational condition in the body (via a saturation of nurients) in combination with learning how to unconditionally feel (any surfacing emotion) that would catalyze a "healing crisis." He showed that suppression of symptomology and of emotion through the use of synthetic drugs, foods, and other mental emotional and physical suppressing methods would push a person down-scale in the chart. It would create more chronic conditions in the body and a lower vibrational mode of consciousness. By removing those things in our lives (environmental conditions, behavioral patterns, and lower vibrational foods which we ingest) that hold us at a lower vibrational tone, and replacing them with things that resonate at a higher vibrational level, supports movement up the emotional tone scale.

A primary key to effect change in our vibrational resonance and catalyze true healing is by creating an extremely high-vibrational resonance in our biological terrain at the cellular level through a combination of physical cleansing and a saturation of nutrient with high-vibrational, alive, fresh and raw foods.

The fundamental principles of the "healing crisis" have been presented by many people throughout history (Dr. Bernard Jensen; et. al.) and are not attributed solely to Dr. Ray. Primarily, research "Hering's Law of Cure" named after Constantine Hering, born on January 1, 1800, in Oschatz, Germany. He is considered to be one of the founders of homeopathy in America, if not the "Father of American Homeopathy." Hering authored the classic: "The Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica."

As a person goes through a healing crisis, the endocrine glands and corresponding organs where emotional patterns are stored become vibrationally acute and throw off their discordant conditions. Dr. Ray showed that as a person moves up through the emotional tone scale during a healing crisis, the corresponding emotional patterns surface to consciousness. He taught the importance of being willing to unconditionally feel / embrace the suppressed physical and emotional patterns as they are being released in order to achieve a full and successful healing crisis. Subsequently this process would shift a person from their previous vibrational level to a new vibrational level or state of balance along the emotional tone scale. You may also find that we tend to do things and ingest things that reinforce our particular point of attention because that is our "comfort level" (ingrained neurological patterning) and that it takes conscious effort to choose different things that support a more refined vibrational level. If we tend to resonate at particular vibrational tone, and continually reinforce that tone with our choices, it can be due to prominent unresolved issues surrounding that emotional tone—and hence more inner work to get to the core.

Emotional Suppression

As can be seen in the chart, when we suppress our enthusiasm and creativity, we tend to shut down the pineal gland. (Dr. Ray once stated that a typical child in today's society has a crystallized pineal gland by age 6.) Suppression of enthusiasm pushes us down scale to the emotional tone of pain and an impeded pituitary function. At this level we have resistance to experience life and to feel. One can easily surmise how the impeded function of the pineal-hypothalamus-pituitary triad then cascades down through the rest of the neurological / endocrine system.

At the thyroid level and the seat of the emotional tone of anger, we have a condition where a we shift from being responsible co-creators to feeling victims of life. Here we place blame on others, lash out overtly or covertly through spite. Suppressed anger impedes the thyroid's function of metabolism, which in turn creates arthritic and obesity problems. Suppressed anger distorts our capacity to communicate openly and effectively.

Suppression of anger pushes us down to the emotional tone of fear, which resonates at the Heart Chakra / thymus endocrine gland. Here we become defensive and afraid of every thing and lose our capacity to have unconditional love and compassion. Fear creates a closed heart chakra. Here we pass judgment on and invalidate others and on life as a way to defend and validate our fear. The thymus is directly reflexed to the spleen, both of which control our immune response. Thus we can see that fear is the emotional tone behind all immune related disorders, allergies, etc.

Suppression of fear pushes us down through the resonances of propitiation and sympathy to the emotional tone of grief and guilt resonating at the solar plexus. Propitiation is where we find those with the puppy dog look, generally holding the thought pattern of "oh poor me." Here we seek sympathy from others. To get pulled into a sympathetic resonance with others, only supports a person to at stay in the "oh poor me" pattern, a mutually dysfunctional level that perpetuates a person's neediness / and those who feed it through sympathy due to their own feelings of grief / guilt / unworthiness—to be needed. (Sympathy is not be confused with empathy.) Reinforcing this level creates horizontal cords of material attachment via the solar plexus.

The Solar Plexus, sometimes called our gut brain, is a neurological distribution system that controls the enteric (intrinsic) nervous system (ENS). It controls are motor functions and fluid transport systems. It controls adrenal function & kidneys, also with tie-ins to the pelvis, uterus, womb. There is an exceptionally strong lunar resonance here and thus is about abundance and self-worth, and about our capacity to give and receive freely, to move with the ebb and flow of life. This is why when we feel unworthy we create conditions of lack and bareness, and feel the need to store up things in our lives and in our bodies to fill our sense of lack. Note also that the kidneys (as revealed in Chinese medicine) are where we store the Chi (life force) that we were born with; and the adrenals govern our capacity to physically respond to life, to use our Chi.

Suppression of grief brings us down to apathy and the splenic chakra. This chakra can be thought of as a rotating gyroscopic system that keeps us in balance. Its function determines our male-female balance. It is the chakra of interpersonal relationships. Here are where we find our relationship issues and any inferiority / superiority complexes. Perpetuating this resonance establishes horizontal cords of attachment in relationships where two parties oscillate in a cycle of invalidation / validation. After getting burnt out by playing this cat and mouse game, a person usually sinks simply to the thought pattern of "I don't care", apathy, also resulting in adrenal exhaustion.

Suppression of apathy brings us down to the level of unconsciousness. Here we are simply unaware and go through life without much thought about anything. We lose our vitality and our power to act and become fully dependent on others and the "the system" in order for us to live. Suppression at this level causes sexual related problems, both physically and emotionally. Further suppression leads to a catatonic state of degeneration and eventually death.

Emotional Awakening

When we move upward from unconsciousness, we start to become interested in our growth and betterment rather than floating around in a state of stupor. We start to use our creative power and our sexuality consciously rather than being led around by it irresponsibly.

As we move upward to the resonance of apathy, we begin to confront our masculine / feminine relationship issues, and start to create mutual respect, balance and equality in our relations. We start to care about that which is going on in more than just in our own lives.

As we move upward to the solar plexus and are willing to feel and heal our grief, guilt and self- judgment, we begin to palpate life, to give and receive, to participate in life.

When we are willing to address our fears, at the Thymus / Heart level, we release our need to judge and learn compassion and become open-hearted.

The level of Anger / thyroid is often time a difficult resonance to address simply because it can be overwhelming and most people have learned to play victim and to place blame outside of self for their experience. Learning to feel one's anger without dumping it outside of self is the key here. To be absolutely still when anger surfaces and to simply feel it without moving the body is an incredibly powerful tool to shift this vibrational resonance. Until we move above this vibrational level we remain in a re-active behavioral mode. Only when we move above this level do we come to understand how we create our reality and can become responsible cocreators of it.

The level of pain and the pituitary is the capstone to arrive to in the healing process. Here is where suppressed memory surface to consciousness. It is when we have the revelations about any issues we hold which frees the neurological patterning that perpetuates the lower order reactive patterns of behavior. Here the key is to be willing to feel the pain , whether mental, emotional or physical associated with our experience. This leads to true freedom and to shift the vibrational level to the pineal, the seat of revelation, epistome, illumination and wisdom.

Neurological Dynamic Range

It is common to shift up and down the tone scale throughout the day (determined by many factors), but people also tend to have a genal tone / or vibrational level at which they resonate. Perhaps this is due to several factors such as areas of growth pertinent to an individual in a lifetime; prominent issues a person may be dealing with that hold a person at a certain emotional tone, or a fundamental level of consciousness a person is at. The objective is to refine the entire dynamic range of our neurology so we are participating from our highest potential unimpeded by emotional crystallizations (blockages).

Neurological Tie-ins

Although there can be tie-ins from one area of the body to another that are unique to an individual, there are also fundamental tie-ins between the neurological centers: These are (7-1) pineal-base; (6-2) pituitary-splenic; and (5-3) thyroid-solar plexus. Thus when encountering issues of anger resentment for example, a thyroid related resonance, it can bring up issues of grief / guilt, a solar plexus resonance. These fundamental neurological tie-ins were originally presented by David V. Tansley (Chakras, Rays and Radionics; Subtle Anatomy of Man; etc.)

Pineal-Base Chakra

The pineal-base tie-in shows the relationship of the pineal's vision, inspiration and enthusiasm with the base chakra's creative power and sexual expression.

Typical thought patterns for this reflex are "I need to be in control," "I am not in (out of) control." I can't see.


The pituitary-splenic tie-in shows the relationship of the pituitary's center of pain and memory with the splenic chakra balancing and stabilizing function, and our capacity to interact in relationships. Here lies the nature of our need to experience both sides of the coin to gain true balance and wisdom in life. A balanced splenic chakra allows us to experience equipoise in life rather than standing on one side only in conflict with the other, or to have our masculine / feminine balance totally crossed and confused. This is why any conflict we experience in our relationships mirror our conflicts within self.

Typical thought patterns for this reflex are "I don't care," (with the unconscious thought of I do not want to participate because I am afraid of being hurt / of feeling); and "I can't remember." An oscillation in this reflex perpetuates apathy and denial. We do not want new experience and we do not want to recall past experience. It is one of avoidance. It can create continual interpersonal conflicts oscillating to spiteful withdrawal.

Thyroid-Solar Plexus

The Thyroid-Solar Plexus tie-in shows the relationship between our process of metabolism and our ability to palpate and assimilate Earthian experience. It reveals the relationship between our capacity to express and communicate our experience and that which we feel—our personal truths.

A typical thought pattern for this reflex is "I hate it here," (meaning being on Earth); when suppressed it can be suicidal - "I don't want to be here"; and when acute can be homicidal, "I will destroy this place." Repeating these or similar thought patterns merely reinforces the associated emotional patterns creating a resonant trap that locks one in to an oscillatory pattern in the grief / anger compliment—maintaining a dysfunctional solar plexus / thyroid function; and a life of material struggle and bitterness.

Spinal Antenna

Earth's core receives celestial originating "Evolutionary Intelligent Instruction" and re-radiates this intelligence, translating it into radially distributed gravitational waves—long waves that emanate from Earth's core outward toward the surface. The human spinal column is a highly-tuned vertical antenna that resonates to and receives Earth's gravitational emanations. These vibrations culminate in the cranial structure that reflects them to the pineal gland in the center of the brain. The pineal gland is a "neuroendocrine transducer" that converts gravitational and magnetic signals into chemical hormonal responses that control, via the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland. The pituitary is the master control center of the brain that governs the rest of the neurological system. This information not only governs our biological cycles but also expresses into our cellular structure—essentially into the molecular matrix of the cell in a "DNA Illumination Sequence" that is responsible for our evolutionary awakening. The pituitary is also the administrative center for long-term memory, and hence, the remembrance of suppressed experience, even pre-incarnational, and hence supporting the emergence of soul-level awareness. The pineal gland is also the counterpart to the pineal or third eye chakra, that of inner vision. Perceptual information perceived by a fully active pineal, including ocular, instantaneously re-expresses to the nucleus of every cell in the body, thus creating whole body perception.

Bio-energy Resonance

Although our thought patterns are important, the nature of our experience is not created merely by how we think. Each of our chakras are powerful energy transmitters / receivers. For example, the bio-resonance of the second chakra draws to it the refection of that which it radiates through the simple law of resonance. It is the nature of this vibrational pattern or blueprint held in this chakra that determines the nature of the type of relationships we draw to our selves and the nature of how we interact in those relationships. In similar fashion, the vibrational pattern we radiate from the solar plexus chakra, largely determine by the emotional tones of grief and guilt / self-worth determines the nature of our material experience and the flow of abundance in our lives. The solar plexus chakra creates the nature of our horizontal exchange with the world around us. Thus we can think differently all we want, but until the emotional issues are addressed in these lower chakras, and we create a change in the vibrational pattern that radiates from these chakras, our experience remains the same, and we continue to find the same ole' issues surfacing again and again.

The Evolution of Human Consciousness.

I came to realize that movement up the emotional tone scale as presented by Dr. Ray, did not only reveal the nature of the healing process and the initial awakening process of a person, but it is only one stage in our awakening process that precedes the integration of soul level awareness, the expression of soul consciousness in the world, and our subsequent illumination.

Preparation of the Vessel: Awakening of the Personality

The awakening of the chakras or bio-energy centers, from the lower to the higher, moving up the emotional tone scale, is the first stage preceding the integration of soul-level awareness, the second stage in our return to illumined awareness. The first stage, Preparation of the Vessel, opens the neurological system for the decent of the soul in and through the human vessel. In the first stage, as we start to awaken our chakra (endocrine) system, and move upward in vibrational tone, we address / heal / clear the suppressed psycho-emotional patterns associated with each neurological center. Now this is not simply one smooth process moving from lower to higher along the emotional tone scale, but it is much like pealing an onion, clearing layer after layer, which is often required to get to the underlying core issues that hold us at any particular vibrational resonance.

Here I find it more appropriate to use the phrase "point of attention" rather than "vibrational level" to describe where along the emotional tone scale we may reside. Many factors determine where we hold our point of attention, but now in the awakening process, being more conscious of our vibrational resonance, we become pro-active in shifting our point of attention rather than merely maintaining whatever vibrational level we may reside at.

When the capstone to the chakra system (pituitary / pineal) opens, as we emerge up through the neuroendocrine emotional tone scale, our neurological system is then prepared for the second stage (Soul Infusion) to begin. This transition time can be a point of confusion because a reversal is required in the movement of our point of attention through the endocrine system. If a person does not become aware of this, they may attempt to continue to move their "point of attention" upward and outward. This time is also when some people start to communicate with or channel other non-physical entities, even their own soul-level (higher) self; or when we can get caught up in metaphysical phenomenology. Continuing to do so however only results in becoming more ungrounded, fragmented and disconnected from the body, and keeps soul-level awareness outside of self. Ultimately the body will simply atrophy, and we will remain unempowered in life. Thus an initiation occurs. Here we are basically confronted with surrendering personality (egoic) level over to soul-level, and to allow soul to start to descend into and throughout the body, down through the entire neurological system, to allow soul to take the reigns.

This is a good time to use a meditative practice visualizing golden light moving "downward" through the body, filling and illuminating all areas of self where we may sense resistance or darkness—especially in the lower chakras.

Soul Infusion

When we begin the soul infusion process, we start to deal with an entirely new or more subtle level of issues. As soul descends down through the neurological scale, we start to uncover and experience soul-level mental emotional patterns. Theses are are an amalgamation of issues and attitudes incurred throughout soul's history. During this descent we have the opportunity to address the resistances to life experience, the resentments, fears, griefs, etc. held at soul-level. The Soul Infusion stage is primarily dealing with issues we hold from soul's past about being incarnate. It is also not uncommon for soul / self to first linger at the mental level. Here one may get caught up in what they "think they know," staying in a head trip, "thinking" they are soul empowered. The next step is to integrate soul through the heart center—integrating heart and mind. At this point there can be resistance to move down through what I call the lower three chakras of materiality—where the real gut-level work is. If we do not continue to move soul down and through the lower three chakras, we do not address the emotional and physical level issues that are required to become fully soul infused and soul empowered. I refer to the solar plexus as the "Moon Pool." Looking downward from the mind and heart, we see a reflective surface, much like looking at the surface of water, but never dive in to uncover the emotional depths of self, to deal with self worth / grief issues at the solar plexus level, and then through the splenic chakra to address our relationship issues, and to the base chakra to deal with our power, sexual and survival issues.

Once soul touches down, incarnates fully, to base chakra, another initiation occurs. This one is about soul-level use of power. Here we are confronted with how we are going to use our soul-level awareness. The initiatory test is of course unique to each, but is also where one may get stuck and confused. An example of this is where may find those who use their new found awareness manipulatively, creating followings or use it for sexual manipulation in the name of spirituality.

Soul Expression

The third stage of "Soul Expression" begins as we, now soul infused, start another reversal process and move our point of attention back up through the neurological system, expressing our soul wisdom through the entire body. This begins an illumination process where we confront any issues along the emotional tone scale about our soul level expression and participation in the world. This process tends to occur rather naturally, but it is helpful to observe where we are in the process and where issues may arise along the emotional tone scale so we can consciously address them and create a full and vibrant soul-level expression in life. The Soul Expression stage is primarily where we are creating a new expression of our soul wisdom in this lifetime.

The Earth Pulse

The Earth is a spherical transceiver. The Earth continually re-radiates the cosmic impulses it receives into its core as radially distributed gravitational waves back out ward towards its surface, which we receive upward through our vertically arrayed spinal collum, a tuned antenna system which culminates in the cranial structure. The cranium re-focuses the gravo-magnetic waves onto the pineal gland, a neuroendocrine transducer that translates that evolutionary information via the hypothalamus to the pituitary gland, the master control center, which in turn disseminates that information via chemical and hormonal messengers back down through the rest of the body. Thus we continually have the opportunity to refine our neurological expression, to refine the vibrational resonance of each bio-energy center, through human experience. This is also why it is important to stay grounded and connected to the Earth-core via natural and healthy ways of living.