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We explore an unprecedented planetary configuration occurring in 2016-2017 in this commentary that may help to unravel humanity's current view of reality and that may open us to a far more embracing awareness that changes every facet of human life as well as our current world paradigm—perhaps in a radically disruptive way at first, but resulting in a progressive outcome in the longer term.

The primary event is the Uranus-Eris conjunction, which occurs in 2016 and 2017, during which the new Uranus-Eris 89-year synodic cycle begins. This conjunction provides us with a major question and plenty to speculate. What is the effect when the extremely revolutionary and dynamic forces of these two planets synthesize? Uranus and Eris are also opposite the dwarf planet Haumea, another dynamic force. The Haumea-Eris opposition is a longer term event, which started in late 2014 and continues through 2018. In addition, massive Jupiter joins Haumea in opposition to Uranus-Eris in 2017. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition marks the mid-point of vision and realization in the current Jupiter-Uranus 13.5-year synodic cycle that began on September 24, 2010 and competes in March of 2024. The Jupiter-Eris 12-year cycle began on June 4, 2011 and completes in May of 2023. The energetics set in motion by these two cycles, climaxing in 2017, along with the Jupiter-Haumea conjunction, may mobilize and expand upon what we might experience as an acceleration or quickening of the end of our current world paradigm, propelling us into new frontiers in consciousness.

Also contributing to the dramatic change ocurring in 2016-2017 are several other primary transitions occurring in several other long-term planetary cycles, the Saturn-Neptune square, the Jupiter-Saturn square, the Jupiter Neptune-Chiron opposition, and the Neptune-Orcus opposition. These events and their longer-term cycles are presented in a companion article "Sociopolitical & Personal Explorations 2016-2020."

Uranus Eris Haumea Jupiter Graphic Epemeris

The Uranus-Eris opposition to Haumea and its effects lead into an extremely significant confluence of planetary events in 2020, the Jupiter Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, which mark the completion of the Saturn-Pluto 34-year cycle, the Jupiter-Pluto 12.5-year cycle, and the Jupiter-Saturn 20-year cycle. These events also occur squaring Eris, which intiate last quarters of the Jupiter-Eris, Saturn-Eris and Pluto-Eris cycles.

Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Synods of 2020

Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto and Jupiter-Saturn Synodic Cycles 2020 Synchronization
Outer Planet Synodic Cycles

Video: 2020 Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto

See the Video:
2020 Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto

• Saturn and Pluto conjoin and complete their previous, and initiate their new, 34-year synodic cycles in January 2020 (with Ceres).
• Jupiter and Pluto conjoin and complete their previous, and initiate their new, 12.5-year synodic cycles in July 2020 (with Pallas). (These events occur under the auspices of Aquila and Lyra.)
• Jupiter and Saturn conjoin and complete their previous, and initiate their new, 20-year synodic cycles in November 2020.

• The Saturn-Eris cycle began in November 1987. The last quarter begins in February 2020.
• The Jupiter-Eris cycle began in June 1999. The last quarter begins in August 2020.
• The Pluto-Eris cycle began on January 1, 1757. The opposition occurred in 1977, and the last quarter begins in August 2020.

Whenever the synods of major cycles coincide, major transitions occur for humanity. This we can count on.

The Haumea-Eris Oppostion

Before exploring the Uranus-Eris conjunction, let us first explore the Haumea-Eris opposition, which began in late 2014 and which continues into 2018. Oppositions provide perspective between two energetics, and more importantly, one energetic coaxes out the expression of the opposite energetic. As each energetic breathes during their direct-retrograde periods and make their exact oppositions in the process, they create an oscillating effect that stimulates one another. Here we have Eris and its energetic stimulating Haumea and its energetic, and in turn, Haumea's energetic stimulating Eris' energetic.

 Artist's impression of Eris and Dysnomia

NASA Artist's impression of Eris and Dysnomia: Eris is the main object, Dysnomia the smaller disk just above it. The object top-left is the Sun.


Eris has a radical interceding nature, overturning our current perception, but with purpose, so we may expand and redefine our perceptual view of the reality in which we live. Eris, discovered in 2005 in Cetus, then designated UB313 and provisionally named Xena, the warrior princess, was responsible for the formation of the new "Dwarf Planet" classification and the reclassification of Pluto and Ceres to Dwarf Planet status, the family to which Eris, Pluto, Ceres, Haumea and Makemake now belong. This caused quite a commotion in both the astronomical and astrological communities. However, this proved to be appropriate as additional new Dwarf Planets were discovered shortly afterward.

Mythologically, Eris is the Greek god of strife. Eris' daughter, Dysnomia, is the name given to the moon of Eris. Dysnomia is said to be the "spirit of lawlessness"—disruptor of civil order. Eris, however, had two daughters, Dysnomia and the opposite and peaceable one, Eunomia, who ends strife, returns order and maintaines social stability.

Dysnomia is also the name given to a nominal recall (dys) disorder—a memory problem associated with naming (nouns); the inability to retrieve names when needed—"its on the tip of my tongue." It is interesting that finding Eris to be an appropriate name for UB313 also took a long time, curiously fitting to the Dysnomia memory disorder, and its formal naming occurred only after witnessing its disrupting effects in the astronomical community. This also elucidates that the disrupting effects Eris creates can linger while we get over the shock from it and that it requires some time for its more positive results, the end of strife, to manifest.

Eris demonstrated, right from the start, her no-nonsense astrological role as the great disruptor by exposing us to a greater reality. Although the discovery of Eris created discord at first, a new order followed with the new classification of Dwarf Planets (fitting to the theme of her daughter Eunomia). This is significant when considering Eris' astrological character.

The eccentric orbit of Eris, with Pluto and Neptune

The very eccentric orbit of Eris. Eris' orbit enter Pluto's orbit, much like Pluto's orbit swings inside Neptune's orbit.

The orbital inclination of Eris, with Pluto

Eris' Orbital Inclination ~44°
Pluto's Orbital Inclination 17.133°

Planets with with extreme eccentric orbits tend to bring awareness (or knowledge) from distant realms of consciousness into more conscious realms. Planets with extreme orbital inclinations tend to cut through the comfort of our existing sense of reality.

Eris is a feminine warrior archetype that has no fear or hesitation to intercede and expose a greater hidden truth. Eris abhors, will provoke and will challenge the assumption of the reality of a situation when based on false pretense. Eris provokes change by upsetting the status quo, by upsetting the apple cart. Eris discloses and exposes clandestine affairs, or simply what lies hidden behind innocent but naive assumptions about reality. She opens our eyes to what is covered by lies, often revealing something deceitful, shameful, ugly, or simply what is unacceptable behavior, often driven from greed or inflated pride. Although Eris can create a disrupting commotion, upsetting our existing, limiting and antiquated structures of consciousness, she opens us to see beyond the finite bounds of our current perception, beyond the bounds we place upon ourselves by arousing and challenging our egoic defenses. In doing so, we are left to redefine and reorganize our world view to embrace a far vaster reality—a view more fitting to our rapidly expanding awareness. The discord and disruption Eris creates often results in a positive outcome in the longer term, as such how disrupting events can catalyze significant shifts in our lives that we would not otherwise initiate on our own, or by impelling us to take new paths that we would not otherwise embark upon that lead to more appropriate outcomes.

As a powerful warrior female force, Eris especially uncovers and challenges patriarchal dominant miss-deeds and acts of misuse of power, especially regarding male dominance over, or exploitation of, females. Eris takes a stand to reestablish balance to our gender dominance/subservience imbalance by disclosing such discordance.

Eris' discovery in Cetus, the Technobureaucratic Monster of Collective Human Consciousness, indicates Eris is disrupting the fear-driven bureaucratic world of mass consensus to help our emergence from the belly of the old whale into a new world paradigm. Being a very slow mover, Eris is still making its passage through the gut of Cetus—continuing to disrupt fear-based collective human consciousness by revealing the uglies of the technobureaucratic monster driving it. Eris' influence has been working, for the most part, at sub-conscious emotional level—perhaps continuing to increase the unrest with the status quo in the human populous, but very much serving to awaken the human populous from their acquiescent unconscious slumber in fear. More about Eris.


Haumea & Moons: Hi'iaka and Namaka

Haumea artists conception

Haumea, believed to be composed of pure rock with a pure ice shell, has an ellipsoidal shape, is about the size of Pluto in length, and has an orbital period of 285 Earth years. It spins extremely rapid end-over-end at a rate of 3.9 Earth hours. Haumea maintains a state of equilibrium due to its rapid rotation, and although not round, this why it is classified as a Dwarf Planet. Credit: Ann Field / Space Telescope Science Institute / ESA/NASA

The Dwarf Planet Haumea (pronounced how-MAY-ah) was discovered on Dec 28, 2004. Haumea has two moons, Hi'iaka (pronounced HEE-'ee-AH-kah) and Namaka (pronounced nah-MAH-kah).

Haumea is the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Hawaiian mythology. Her many children sprang from different parts of her body. She takes many different forms and has experienced many different rebirths. Martha Warren Beckworth suggests the name Haumea more naturally comes from Hanaumea, meaning "sacred birth." Hence we have an essence of "purity," a birth that is special, the ability to produce a fresh or clear state of consciousness. Haumea is said to be the Goddess of Childbirth due to her knowledge of the birthing process, not only that of the soul but Haumea acknowledges the integral nature of the Earth, the land, and all living creatures, having a biologically-ecologically wholistic view of life—having been said to have saved a woman from a cesarian by using an herbal remedy to induce birth.

Haumea's propensity is to intercede with strength and dynamic motion from a state of equilibrium and poise to create a new and wholistic birth in consciousness, one with autonomy to act in accord with the forces of the natural world, and to express a new level of awareness about what is truly life supportive and transmutational. Haumea motivates action to reorient destructive use of power, resources and patterns of behavior into a nurturing force that supports and protects life, and that aids our emergence into a primordial aware fresh state of being. Haumea will not be dominated, subjugated or owned. She is a naturalist, of the wild, and impels the formation and evolution of new life.

At a personal level and in the natal chart, Haumea impels directed application of our raw personal attributes and resources to recreate a new expression from an older or outmoded one, to recreate or define ourselves or our expression of self. She indicates where we may need to equilibrate out of balance automatic patterns of behavior or helps to do so.More about Haumea.

Eris Stars

Stars conjoining Eris throughout the Haumea-Eris opposition include Revati (Zeta) and Mu of Pisces, Baten Kaitos of Cetus, the stars forming the outstretched arms of Princess Andromeda, The stars of Fornax, and Acmar or Eridanus. Eris is making passage just north of Baten Kaitos in Cetus.

The Path of Eris through Cetus

Pisces is the constellation of the two fishes—a dual sign. The western fish swims westward, horizontally along the ecliptic plane, with its head marking the cusp of sidereal Pisces, marked by the "Circlet" of stars. The western fish articulates our primordial (and sleeping) nature, and our unconscious participation in the cycle of mortal life. It is of our inherited ideologies and genealogies that we are born into. The eastern fish leaps upward, vertically from the ecliptic plane, seeking a greater freedom at the shores of sidereal Aries. The eastern fish articulates our desire to ascend from our inherited past and its ideologies, and our effort to awaken from submersion in the tumultuous psychic emotional human world articulated by southern Cetus.

In the deeper and more emotionally turbulent waters of Pisces we find Cetus, the whale of human emotional experience, which lies submerged under the stars of Pisces. Cetus articulates the fear-instilling techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness. Diphda, its thrashing tail, expresses through earlier sidereal Pisces. Diphda creates a strong turbulence in the water of Pisces, bringing the potential to get knocked down and thrashed around due to the inability to lift one's self above the dramatics of the intense psycho-emotional forces of the human world and its bureaucracies. Baten Kaitos is the belly of ole' Cetus. The Head of Cetus reaches up upon the desert shores of Aries. Cetus is the sea monster about to devour Princess Andromeda in the story of Andromeda and the Royal family. The stars of Cetus contribute significantly to the energetic of sidereal Pisces.

South of Baten Kaitos are the stars of Fornax, the furnace, which provides the perpetual fire (digestive juices) for our transmutation while participating in the belly of ole' Cetus—in the wet, sensual, and emotional world of human affairs. Alignments with Baten Kaitos can indicate delays or setbacks, but a time needed to make an inner transformation, before rescue, emergence, or rewards can be gained. Baten Kaitos can indicate the need to embrace the emotional aspects of mortal life and to emerge in transmuted form. The value here is to be able to participate from the wisdom of having been there, and to claim the abundance that life has to offer in all of its forms.

In the story of Andromeda and Royal Family, Princess Andromeda was chained to the rocks by the sea to be devoured by Cetus the Sea Monster. This was due to Queen Cassiopeia's boastful and arrogant claim that her daughter was more beautiful than Poseidon's Nereids, the nymphs of the sea. Poseidon responded by sending Cetus to ravage the shores of Ethiopia, which Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus ruled. Cepheus was advised to sacrifice Andromeda to Cetus as the only way to appease Poseidon, which he acquiesced to doing. Andromeda, although inheriting this unfortunate sentence, has a far greater and fortuitous destiny awaiting her, as articulated by the beautiful Andromeda Galaxy, which emulates the ideal potential for our Galaxy. Perseus eventually kills Cetus and frees Andromeda. Perseus and Andromeda marry and they go on to create a city and rule a kingdom that bores the Persian world.

Andromeda's bound outstretched arms articulate limitations imposed by authoritarian forces, or patterning inherited, and how acquiescing to them can manifest as the entrapments in which we may find ourselves, limitations to overcome in the pursuit to create our own destiny. This expands upon the theme of Alpheratz (the head of Andromeda) and amalgamates with the themes of Revati and Baten Kaitos, all of which articulate not only the bound feminine principle and the subjugation of females in general, but also the bondage, suppression and manipulation of humanity's prosperous future through the control of financial resources by the dominant patriarchal-driven bureaucracies. This in turn impels claiming the courage to release fear about not having or surviving, or losing what we do have, both of which drive the tormenting forces of Cetus and the techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness. Either way, transformation of physical, emotional and mental pattering is of issue.

North of and conjoining Baten Kaitos is Revati, Zeta Pisces, a prominent star in the westward swimming fish of Pisces. Revati means riches, and is of money, wealth, and financial resources. Prominent alignments with Revati can indicate an inherited fortune, old money, or financial success and material wealth gained from participating in the dramatic psycho-emotional world of human affairs, or simply involvement with financial affairs in the world. Revati brings attention to our values and our personal resources, whatever they may be, and how we are using them—if we apply them in ways that create more entrapment, feeding the techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness, or greater freedom and personal sovereignty. Venus is exalted at this zodiacal longitude, bringing attention to the relation of the flow of abundance, emotional clarity, receptivity to life, and living from the clarity and truth of the heart.

Eris made its exact conjunctions with Revati a few years earlier in time, but Revati, Baten Kaitos and the arms of Andromeda all conjoin and their energetics synthesize to formulate the theme expressing through this area of the zodiak; and Eris retrogrades in alignment to both Revati and Baten Kaitos many times due its very slow movement See: Eris, Revati & the 2008 Global Economic Crisis.

Conjoining Baten Kaitos from the very southern heavens is Acamar of Eridanus, one of many stopping points along the long and winding river of life. Acamar is like a dam, and indicates that emergence from the belly of Cetus requires a breakthrough that will lead us from the foul digestive juices of Cetus and into a greater freedom of being. Fortuitous alignments (prosperity gained) here can fool us into thinking the forging we have just gone through marks the end of our journey, when in fact it is but the door merely opening to be worthy to begin real transformative work—for physical and emotional clearing, to purge any cellular ingrained patterns we may have inherited or accumulated through the last leg of our journeys through life. Denial of the need for such clearing merely intensifies the struggle to move onward.

Haumea Stars

Haumea's retrogrades through Boötes. (You can pause the video and drag the progress bar to view any section of the video.)

Haumea is making passage across the foot of Boötes, having just crossed Muphrid, and is heading toward its conjunction with Archturus and Spica of Virgo, starting in late-2017, when it will also start a new 13.5-year Jupiter-Haumea synodic cycle (also conjoining Archturus and Spica). Haumea also conjoins Eta Carinae of Argo Navis, a principal star in the southern heavens.

Boötes, standing over the Virgin, is the Virgin's consort and protector. Boötes is of strength and responsibility. Boötes functions not by outward force but by spiritual awareness and astute intuitive prowess in the application of knowledge about environmental issues and transcendent subtle forces. Boötes' actions are based from a place of wisdom, receptivity and sensitivity to the situation at hand, actions associated with planning, preparation, and strategy.

Boötes stands against the fallen corrupt totalitarian world powers that have demonstrated the inability over and again to ensure evolutionary fulfillment, with the continual destruction of the peoples of the Earth and typical catastrophic outcomes. The stars of Boötes impel us to create and ensure a proper and harmonious environmental resonance for the healthy evolution of all life, and for its eloquent creative expression and manifestation.

Archturus, the primary (Alpha) star of Boötes, is a red giant, roughly 25 times the diameter of our Sun. It is the 4th brightest star in the sky. Archturus is an old soul star, a stable helium fusing star, no longer fusing hydrogen at its core, thus suspected not to have the radical magnetic activity as our Sun, but is much more at peace. Archturus is moving at a tremendous rate of speed. Only Alpha Centauri has a higher proper motion among the first-magnitude stars in our stellar neighborhood. Archturus also moves in its own unique direction, not with the general stream of stars in the disc of our galaxy rotating around Galactic Center, but is cutting perpendicularly through the galactic disc, along with 52 other stars in what is known as the Archturus stream. Just 12,000 years ago, at the time of the last precessional cross, it was 10° further north of its present location, near Izar of Bootes. This unique course of movement suggests Archturus comes from a much older galactic population that may not be native to our galaxy at all, but that merged with our galaxy in the far distant past.

Archturus is the administrative seat responsible for the safe evolutionary unfoldment and ascension of Earth and humanity—supporting the pure birth and a healthy and harmonious incarnate life of the soul. Archturus embodies the essence or seed of Boötes (the adom of man), and is the provider for and protector of the Virgin (Divine Feminine) principle, and for souls on Earth. Archturus imparts an intensely beneficent force, and with immense perceptual awareness.

Nekkar, Beta Boötes, the head of Boötes, lies north of and conjoins Archturus. Nekkar is also an x-ray source and it rotates very slowly, at a rate of about 3/4 of a year. Nekkar impels wise and patient leadership from spiritual wisdom. Prominent alignments with Nekkar and Archturus can make a spiritually wise teacher, leader, sage, advisor, or custodian—one who understands transcendent evolutionary currents and who often works behind the scenes.

The Purple Rose of Virgo

The Purple Rose of Virgo - NGC 5584 barred spiral galaxy / Super Nova 2007. ESO PR Photo 16/2007

Spica of Virgo articulates that which is produced or offered. Spica imparts a constructive, bountiful and prosperous influence, such as that produced by a healthy crop, and this applies agriculturally and well as biologically. Spica impels a synergistic and symbiotic ecological relationship, that is of the biological, agricultural and environmental aspects of life. As such, Spica impels the application of all that naturally supports this healthy and harmonious symbiosis. Spica impels involvement with all forms of health, natural birth, healing, nutrition, herbs, potions and the elixirs of life.

Spica also articulates that from which a physical birth occurs, and ensuring the healthy genetic lineage or bloodline. We can consider two fundamental things we are doing as incarnating souls, aside from our own personal evolution, one is supporting the evolution of our soul lineage or soul-stream of consciousness, the other is supporting the genetic evolutionary stream into which we birthed. Thus by evolving self we reciprocate that growth through resonance into both the soul-stream and genetic-stream.

Spica imparts loyalty and fidelity to the Archturian directive, by impelling the practical application of that which supports and guides incarnating souls toward their evolutionary fulfillment. Spica imparts somewhat of a mothering or midwiving quality and inspires the manifestation of our highest potential. Spica is of purity and perfection and impels us to be pure within self for the unadulterated expression of not only self but for new souls brought into the world. Spica inspires intimacy in our relations and education regarding the gestation and formation of life, to be pro-active to ensure life's continuation and harmonious and bountiful fulfillment.

Late sidereal Virgo can be through of as the womb of the Virgin, holding a gestational and incubational quality. It brings attention to the energetics of our environments and our resources required for an unadulterated birth. It is of nature and the natural forces of life, and it impels a highly energetic and intelligent creative expression—a potential about to explode into a new life.

Predating our current rendering of a supine Virgin, the Virgin was shown standing, with Spica being an ear or sheaf of wheat held in her right hand. In Egypt, this was Isis (a Greek derivation of the Egyptian hieroglyphs), also with a sheaf of wheat, and sometimes holding the infant Horus, which later became the image of the Christian Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus. Isis embodied the principles of a Virgin (a pure vessel) and that of a Mother (to give birth), not a Virgin-Mother. Isis embodied the capacity to birth a soul in its full potential, a total or soul-infused awakened being, and to care for and ensure souls' expression into their highest potential. Isis / Virgo embodies the exalted feminine principle, and all facets of this principle including the unconditional caring for all life, including the animal kingdom and the Earth (ecology, agriculture, etc).

In Sumeria and predating the Egyptian rendering of Isis, this is Inanna, Queen of Heaven, which then became the Babylonian Ishtar (I.Star). The rossete is the emblem of Inanna, hence Virgo is the Rose of the World—symbol of life and the unconditional love for all life, as well of the cycle of death and rebirth, the soul's rise to heaven and return to Earth.

Eta Carinae

Eta Carinae of Argo Navis
Image Credit: Chandra X-Ray Observatory / Harvard
NASA/HST - J. Morse/K. Davidson

Eta Carinae of Argo Navis expresses into this area of zodiak, a couple of degrees before Spica and Archturus in ecliptical longitude. Due to its massive and extremely active nature, it prominently influences the latter part of Virgo, the womb (inner sanctum) of the Virgin, and the themes of Spica and Archturus and of Muphrid and Seginus.

Eta Carinae is the most luminous, massive, and energetic star known in our galaxy—estimated to be 100 times the mass of our Sun, and to radiate five million times more energy than our Sun. A gas shell surrounding Eta extends 4000 times the size of our solar system. Eta is highly unstable and prone to violent outbursts. Eta was seen to erupt in 1840 A.D., then making it the second brightest star in the sky. Eta recently doubled its X-ray emissions in a four-month period sometime between 1992 to 1994, indicating an intensified influence of the Eta Carinae theme. Eta then doubled in brightness in 1998—perhaps Eta's warnings. Current observations indicate that Eta Carinae remains highly unstable and may explode as a supernova at any time!

Eta Carinae, Lord of the Waves, the Akkadian Ea (Ia), the Sumerian Enki, chief god and founder of the city Eridhu (Eridu1) (he who warned Zuisudra, the Sumerian Noah, about the flood), is generally considered the foreteller of impending catastrophic change, but also the instructor of the way through such evolutionary transitions. Eta is also associated with the Sirian amphibious fish-man "Oannes," (the priest/sage of Ea in the temple of Eridhu) who taught the Chaldaeans both esoteric science and that which would civilize/humanize their lives; e.g., how to build cities and temples, understanding geometrical principles, creating civilized laws, and agricultural sustenance. (Robert Temple, "The Sirius Mystery") Eta embodies the esoteric Gnostic wisdom behind what to most is merely the mystery of life or unfathomable acts of God. Mythically, "Oannes is the emblem of priestly, esoteric wisdom; he comes out from the sea, because the 'great deep', the water, typifies the secret doctrine2." (Blavatsky, "Isis Unveiled")

1) Archeologists suspect the Mesopotamian city of Eridu was occupied between about 5000 and 2000 BCE (currently called Tell Abu Shahrain). Eridu is 7miles south of the ruins of the ancient city of Ur (near Nasiriyah in Iraq). Nasiriyah is on the Euphrates about 225 miles (370 km) southeast of Baghdad. According to Sumerian scribes, Eridu was the oldest city in the world, where "kingship first came from heaven" (referring to Enki). (Ref)

2) Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine. "The Secret Doctrine, originally published as 2 volumes in 1888, is Madame Blavatsky's magnum opus. It covers the creation of the universe, the evolution of humankind, and the primordial tradition underlying the various religions, mythologies and philosophies of the world...."

Due to Eta's strong X-ray spectrum and galactic equatorial orientation, it expresses significantly at the soul level—stimulating an awakening on Earth to our greater purpose as sentient souls responsible for Earth's safe evolutionary outcome. As a part of Argo Navis and the Argo's keel, Eta is of navigational matters regarding the evolution of the entire soul collective on Earth.

Eta Carinae's impending Super Nova explosion, is a portent of evolutionary change and impels environmental preparation for such change. It also indicates that something with far greater potential and magnitude can and will birth through the human form—a far greater expression of consciousness. Eta stimulates our need to prepare for and to become capable of this greater expression of consciousness, to create an inner bio-logical environment that is capable of a higher expression of consciousness as well as one that can support such a birth through the corporeal form.

The Haumea-Eris oppostion 2014-2018

As Eris impels us to open our eyes to see a greater truth hidden by lies and deceit, or simply by self-deception or limited perception, Haumea impels us to reorient the use of power for destructive purposes to create a new life, a new birth in consciousness. The more we do one, the more it challenges us to do the other. This is the oscillating effect occurring throughout the 2014-2018 opposition.

The Art of David Dees

The Art of David Dees - http://ddees.com

Eris' passage through Cetus and conjoining Baten Kaitos and the stars expressing through late sidereal Pisces exposes the ruling oligarchies' designs to subjugate and exploit humanity through the manipulation of the monetary system, and the use of psychological propaganda through mainstream media to engineer social agendas. Eris works to open humanity's eyes, to expose what we do not see, to awaken us from our acquiescent slumber in the belly of ole' Cetus.

The passage of Eris through this area of heavens also articulates the energetic of the whistle-blowers who have been intimately submerged in the bureaucracies of the world.

Haumea's passage through Boötes and conjunction with the stars expressing through late sidereal Virgo impel us to recreate environmental conditions from a place of integrity, attuned to the natural world in ways that support the birth of a new world paradigm, one that averts self-annihilation and ensures the harmonious and healthy continuation and evolution of all life, and that for generations yet to come. This includes addressing monetary systems, educational systems, energy production and control, ecology, agriculture and food, health and healing verses pharmaceutical drugs, housing, and establishing personal sovereignty and the means for sustainable living. Haumea also impels us to reinvent ourselves and the way we live and participate in the world, to birth a new consciousness that is healthy and life-supportive.

Haumea in Bootes/Virgo brings emphasis to our personal and environmental attunement. Are we living in astute attentiveness to the natural world and acting upon the messages expressing through the natural world to mobilize change in our lives and in our world? This attunement is essential to know how to support and facilitate a new birth in consciousness and a new world paradigm. Participating as if things are going to continue in the same way can result in wasted efforts that leave us evolving lives based upon infrastructures that may no longer exist in the near future. It brings us to examine if that which we are doing is merely acquiescing to a modality of life dependant upon an antiquated system for our survival, or are we creating a new system that supports sustainability for all life and one that will lead to a healthy, prosperous and enlightened human race.

Haumea teaches the fact of the continuance and inseparableness of all things, those occurring in time, from one given incarnational form to another, and of everything in space, erroneously perceived as separate, that all is an interwoven interdependent expression occurring in one greater universal multidimensional living coherent consciousness. Haumea teaches us that our perception of separateness is the illusion.

Haumea-Eris synods with Ceres and Jupiter 1831

The Haumea-Eris Synodic Cycle of 1831

The synodic (heliocentirc) opposition, occurring on September 3, 2016, is also the mid-point in the current Haumea-Eris synodic cycle, that began quite long ago, in mid-November 1831 CE at cuspal sidereal Aquarius. It brings underlying context to the opposition occurring now. Let's take a look.

Haumea, Eris, Ceres and Jupiter sidereal heliocentric chart

Sidereal heliocentric chart

This was a compounded synod with Ceres and Jupiter slightly preceeding the Haumea-Eris synod. Ceres and Jupiter made their synods with each other and with Haumea and Eris in late September while Haumea and Eris were a mere fraction of a degree from thier synod. Thus, this was a synthesis of the erergetics of all four planets.

Haumea and Eris, I suspect, synthesize quite well together. Both are extremely strong, fearless and dynamic feminine forces. Ceres is as well. Expanisive Jupiter mobilized the entire energetic in society.

The stellar field in which the 1831 Haumea-Eris synod occured sets the underlying current for their cycle, and this energetic brings context to the Haumea-Eris opposition occurring now (2015-2018).

This was also the location of the more recent Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron synthesis that began in 2009.

Primary inluencing stars include Sadr of Cygnus and Sudalsuud of Aquarius.

Sadr (Gamma) Cygnus, heart of the Swan (or heart of the northern the galactic cross) marks the cusp of sidereal Aquarius, from which extends the wing of Cygnus, from Sadr to Gienah, to Zeta Cygni, the tip of the wing. We also have the Gamma Cygni Nebula providing a backdrop for Sadr, and the Veil (Lacework) Nebula residing on the wing near Gienah.

This area in the ecliptic is where we are motivated to strip off the cloaks of personality-based facades and shenanigans to reveal true heart-level self and to live from our deeper hearts' truth for the greater nourishment of all. Sadr, the heart, and Gienah, the wing of Cygnus, lifts us from a self-centered exclusive focus to a more embracing and inclusive level of participation. This marks the start of the true humanitarian facet of the zodiak.

The fortuitous influence of Sadalsuud, Beta Aquarius, which conjoins Deneb Algedi, tail of the fish-goat, marks the end of sidereal Capricorn. Sadalsuud expands our interests and concerns to our greater human family. Sadalsuud, marking the shoulder of the waterbearer is the luckiest in the kingdom of worldly affairs. Sadalsuud and Deneb Algedi entices genuinely wise, articulate, unique, and beneficent leadership. Sadalsuud is also of fortuitous outcomes, rewards bestowed, and can indicate a fortunate destiny, but also imparts a sense of responsibility inherent to a person in such a position.

Kitalpha and the stars of Equuleus, the little foal, conjoin Sadalsuud. According to R.H. Allen, some mythologists associate Equulei to Celeris, the brother (or son) of Pegasus, presented by Mercury to Castor; or Cyllarus, given to Pollux by Juno; or the creature struck by Neptune's trident when contesting with Minerva for superiority. Kitapha and the stars of the little foal bring a quality of freshness, lightness, swiftness and vigor to the communicative and fortuitous nature of the last few degrees of sidereal Capricorn, like that of young children. They impel a focus toward the wellbeing of the young and new generations to come.

The stars of southern Tucana add a loquacious and gregarious quality, and with Sadalsuud, impel a need to speak regarding humanitarian issues. This is also the exalted location for Mars in the sidereal zodiak, indicating a stimulus for creative action and audacious leadership.

These stellar energetics impel assertive movement a self-centered exclusive judgmental segregated social modality into one that is inclusive and embracing of all people as being equal. This was when and where these two gals (Eris and Haumea) were in cahoots, little to our awareness, instigating a radical intercession by the matriarchal-feminine principle. Both are extremely strong, dynamic and enduring feminine forces, not to mention Eris is determined to expose our defensive pious platitudes veiling a greater reality. This altrusitic energetic is the undercurrent expressing through the Haumea-Eris opposition occurring now.

The Abolishion of Slavery and Women's Rights

The movement to abolish slavery began in 1831, which then expanded to promote women's rights. This was when "The Liberator" newspaper was founded by William Lloyd Garrison. A year later he helped form the New England Antislavery Society. At the close of the Civil War in 1865, the 13th Amendment outlawed slavery throughout the United States.

Ref: http://www.theliberatorfiles.com/the-woman-question-and-garrison/

"This was also time of Jamaica's Baptist War, the largest slave uprising in the history of the British West Indies. It ended with a bloody uprising and the death of over 600 slaves. Inspired by abolitionist movements in Great Britain, on Christmas Day 1831 as many as 60,000 of Jamaica's 300,000 slaves went on a general strike. Under the direction of a Baptist preacher and slave named Samuel Sharpe, the bondsmen vowed not to return to work until they were awarded basic freedoms and a living wage. Although unsuccessful, the effects of the Baptist War were eventually felt all the way across the Atlantic. Only one year later, the British Parliament would once and for all abolish slavery in the British Empire." Britain's Abolition Slavery Act of 1834 was the result of Jamaica's Baptist War. "Nat Turner's Rebellion also occurred in 1831, one of the most famous slave revolts in American history, when Nat Turner led a bloody uprising in Virginia after he experienced prophetic visions ordering him to gain his freedom by force."

Uranus & Eris 2016-2017

The Uranus-Eris opposition to Jupiter-Haumea occuring in 2017

This illustration helps to convey why heliocentric alignments of outer planets create strong long-standing resonances in the orbits of the inner planets (and on Earth) regardless of the aspects of the inner planets, because the relatively small orbits of the inner planets are engulfed in the alignments created by the much slower moving distant outer planets. The aspects created by the movement of the inner planets then act as triggers within the longer duration alignments. (Jupiter's heliocentric oppositions to Eris and Uranus occur in June-July 2017. Jupiter's geocentric oppositions occur in December 2016, March 2017 and September 2017.)

Uranus-Eris Geocentric Graphic Ephemeris Haumea, Eris, Ceres and Jupiter

Geocentric Star Chart animation showing the Uranus-Eris conjunction with Ceres. (You can pause the video and drag the progress bar to view any section of the video.)

Uranus, the radical and revolutionary great awakener, joins forces with Eris in mid-2016, starting an unprecedented and prominent planetary configuration that will add a revelatory lightning stimulus to our already cathartically transformative year, with the first of three geocentric triggers occurring with Ceres on June 9, 2016, the second occurring on September 25, and third occurring in March of 2017. Uranus makes its oppositions to Haumea starting on May 10, 2016 (just before the first Uranus-Eris conjunction), continuing through early 2018.

Eris opens our eyes to expose a greater reality, a truth often deliberately kept hidden by dark secrets, or merely by naive assumptions we make about reality that we uphold and reinforce with a lexicon that merely describes that which we do not know. Progressive Uranus stimulates lightning-like radical change that breaks us from the conforming bounds of the established order, awakening higher mind and inspiring new discoveries. Uranus-Eris conjunction opposite Haumea may create a quickening of disruptive events that challenge us to recreate how we participate in life in ways that are attuned to a greater reality being exposed before our eyes. The first Uranus-Eris conjunction occurs with Ceres, which suggests potentially strong geophysical and environmental resonances. It sets the tone of the Uranus-Eris synthesis in general, and it brings environmental and agricultural issues to the forefront, if not issues regarding humanity's fundamental survival.



Due to her size and spherical shape, Ceres was reclassified as a "dwarf planet" in Aug 2006, along with Pluto and Eris—appropriately honoring Ceres to be the mother of the asteroids; and now places a "planet" in the orbital location where a planet should lie—in this case along with her many children.

Ceres brings awareness to how we nurture and to that which is truly nurturing to us. Ceres embodies mothering and agricultural qualities and brings attention to our relation with the Earth, the land, agriculture, the environment and the seasons. Ceres is associated with food, health and nutrition, that which shelters and protects. Due to Ceres association with the land and the environment, Ceres is often prominent in charts associated with environmental changes or geophysical events. Ceres reveals our ability to be in universal flow—the unification of giving and receiving as one flow of energy through ourselves. Ceres asks for acknowledgment of our inner needs, to have self love and self worth. Ceres is of concern and caring for others as well as for the Earth. Ceres is associated with fertility, the womb, childbirth, and caring for the young. Ceres' placement in the astrological chart reveals the areas of our lives where we seek nurturing and also how and where we tend to provide nurturing. More about Ceres.

Ceres and Jupiter made their heliocentric opposition on April 10, 2016, which is the midpoint in the Ceres-Jupiter synodic cycle. There was one geocentric conjunction, which occur on March 13, 2016. This is significant for a few reasons, and brings additional emphasis to Ceres at this time. The heliocentric opposition occurred in an inconjunct aspect to the approaching Uranus-Eris synod, and approaching the first Ceres-Uranus-Eris geocentric conjunction occurring in June of 2016. Ceres and Jupiter have a significant harmonic resonance with each other and with the Earth. Ceres' orbital period (4.6 years) resonates directly with Jupiter's rotational period (8.84 hours). These parameters translate to ~7.4 Hz brainwave frequency (474 Hz audio ƒ and ~5757Å (lemon / solar plexus) in the color spectrum). This is also Earth's circumference harmonic (7.4 Hz), which is very close to Earth's Schumann fundamental 7.83 Hz ƒ (both are Earth's "environmental resonances"). Thus, hard aspects between Ceres and Jupiter create exceptionally strong geophysical and environmental resonances on Earth.1

1) There were several exceptionally strong earthquakes and extreme weather conditions surrounding the Ceres-Jupiter opposition inconjunct Eris-Uranus heliocentric configuration occurring in April 2016.

Earthquakes >6.4 April 10 to April 20.
7.8 Ecuador 2016-04-16 23:58:37 UT
7.0 Japan 2016-04-15 16:25:06 UT
6.9 Burma 2016-04-13 13:55:17 UT
6.9 Vanuatu 2016-04-03 08:23:53 UT
6.7 Vanuatu 2016-04-07 03:32:53 UT
6.7 Vanuatu 2016-04-06 06:58:48 UT
6.6 Afghanistan 2016-04-10 10:28:58 UT
6.4 Vanuatu 2016-04-14 21:50:27 UT

In the U.S. alone, severe storms brought historic flooding and large hail To Texas, dumping a month of rain in an hour, April 17-18. Winter Storm (Vexo) dumped heavy snow on the Rockies and surrounding High Plains, April 15-18. Rainfall doubled the average for April in parts of the High Plains. Record cold temperatures targeted the northeast Great Lakes region.

How the Uranus-Eris synthesis will express we can only speculate. I suspect we may see an acceleration of radically disruptive events that will challenge our world view and what we value, perhaps a rude awakening, but events that will eventually impel us into a far more progressive, altruistic and realistic modality of participating on Earth. It may also bring disclosures about, or expose a radically different truth about our reality. Although disclosures have been already occurring in many areas and effecting many areas of our lives, we might expect an extreme escalation and avalanche of disclosures into a primary one, perhaps due to a major event or series of events, or perhaps even one that is formally revealed and announced world wide to all people. The Uranus-Eris synthesis may also catalyze revolutionary technological advancements, or the exposure of already existent advanced technologies, that will obsolete our existing technological era with repercussions extending throughout all facets of society.

A key concept to keep in mind is that disclosure also occurs within self, and this is fitting to Uranus' role in the Uranus-Eris opposition to Haumea. Uranus impels an inner awakening to a higher order intelligence, information already available, and which to a great extent is a function of our willingness and capacity to relinquish, overturn, limiting assumed false facts of life that makes it possible to simply hear and see it. In this light, disclosure is already occuring and is available to anyone willing to see a far vaster reality that already exists behind the mental constructs that form and uphold the world imagery we blindly see.

The Uranus-Eris 2016-17 conjunction also transits the United States Chiron, which suggests radical, unexpected disclosure and upsets may occur that elucidate America's need to heal and transform, to address its own inner fractioning and health as a nation.

Disclosure & Discovery Possibilities

I suspect that any of the potentials I present below, should they occur, are not independent and isolated but are all intimately woven.

The Economic System

Most certainly there should be a continuance and escalation of disclosures, perhaps climatic, about the manipulative use of money and resources. The Uranus-Revati conjunctions, and the Uranus-Eris-Arms of Andromeda-Cetus energetic presented above are the indicators. That which keeps the masses bound, suppressed, manipulated and exploited is especially emphasized.

Environmental, Ecological and Agricultural

Due to the prominence of Ceres, disclosures about, and new discoveries surrounding environmental, ecological and agricultural issues, with attention to the potential of the occurrence of interceding environmental ecological events. (Both Ceres and Eris are often prominent in ecological and seismic related events.) A main area where disclosures may occur is regarding fabricated data and hidden agendas about climate change (global warming). See the Solar Cycles and Global Climate web pages.

Extraterrestrials & Technology


Long awaited by many people is a "formal" disclosure about our active participation both on and off-world with extraterrestrials, which many people claim has been ongoing for decades. Some people believe such a disclosure is assured and imminent. If such a disclosure should occur, an unexpected world-wide event or series of events would most likely precede or lead into a primary disclosure.

Such a disclosure would most likely start by catalyzing a wide range of chaotic emotional reactions amongst the world populous, fitting to the nature of Eris. However, due to the far-reaching ramifications into every facet of our lives, such a disclosure will ultimately be of a very positive and progressive nature that makes possible true evolutionary change into a far better world paradigm, perhaps even catalyzing a "quantum jump" for Earth and humanity.

Uranus-Eris can certainly indicate unprecedented technological discoveries made through the efforts of humankind. When it comes to the exposure of existing disruptive technologies, it is hard to consider them without mentioning extraterrestrials. The phrase "disruptive technologies" is not a negative one, it simply means new technology that obsoletes existing technology. A formal and full disclosure about extraterrestrials goes hand-in-hand with the disclosure of advanced disruptive technologies, amongst one of several topics, including telepathy and unified field awareness, all of which would effect and ripple through every facet of human society.

Partial disclosures about extraterrestrials and associated advanced technologies have already been occurring for some time, extensively documented and popular in more esoteric circles (easily found on the web), but not yet a formal and full disclosure, which would include far more interwoven topics than just about the existence of and our participation with extraterrestrials. However this unveiling occurs, if it does, could result in a mass awakening that forces humanity to embrace a far greater unified reality.

It is not my intent to expound upon this topic in this article for a few reasons. First, it is an extensive topic. Second, there are many other individuals who are extremely active in the dissemination of this information in their own pre-disclosure efforts to prepare people for a long awaited formal disclosure to the world populous. You can search the internet to find a plethora of sources. Discernment is essential to separate out important, relevant, and accurate information from fear-instilling disinformation and conspiracy theory mumbo-jumbo perpetuated by either elite factions of humans with self-interest agendas or by well-intented but naive people duped by such disinformation.

This is not to say that all of this would happen in a flash, but by the time 2020 rolls around, we may engage in an entirely new evolutionary timestream based upon the transition starting now, which would lead into the beginning of an entirely new world paradigm emerging in the following decade. There are of course many potential timelines that can unfold. However, many believe that we, as a world, have tipped the scales from an evolutionary timeline of duality consciousness (the Draconian mentality of "who can get what from who") where the power and control of the ill-intented elite is starting to crumble, to a unity consciousness evolutionary timeline that embraces the needs of all life—thanks to the millions of cultural creatives who have been doing the inner work to awaken and who are applying their new found light in a wide variety of areas to shift mass consciousness.

The ever-increasing light inpouring through the phosphodiester circuitry of the human DNA, due to the reorienting of Earth's pole back toward the galactic plane and the movement of our solar system through a more energized interstellar environment, accelerates the awakening of human consciousness. An extraterrestrial disclosure goes hand-in-hand with and is an inseparable part of the awakening and reunification of human consciousness into galactic awareness and extraterrestrial co-participation.

Extraterrestrial and Intradimensional Beings

The term "extraterrestrials" includes a variety of physical extraterrestrial races, that are spiritually aware, extremely intelligent, and technologically advanced. Although some physical extraterrestrials may be distinctly different looking, most physical extraterrestrials are humanoid, which are similar to people on Earth, and some of these may be progenitors to various races of the human species. The majority of extraterrestrials are our friends, and just like the need to recognize the various human races as one global family, we too need to recognize the human species and the extraterrestrial species as one galactic family. These beings, like humans, have morals, values, families, and unique histories. Keep in mind that the term "aliens" is extremely derogatory, the proper term to use is extraterrestrials. Intradimensional beings refers to those who exist and participate in different vibrational realms of consciousness rather than in different locations in physical space. These vibrational realms are, for most people, outside their perceptual capacity, although it is possible to shift one's vibrational resonance to access and participate in other vibrational realms, as it is also possible for other intradimensional beings to participate and manifest their presence in this vibrational realm.

The 1927 Uranus-Eris Conjunction

The Uranus-Eris synod and conjunctions occurring in 2016 through 2017 complete the previous Uranus-Eris 90-year cycle, which began in 1927. Perhaps we may gain some insight looking back at this previous Uranus-Eris synthesis. Of course, Eris was not yet discovered, so not of conscious influence, and that cycle began in the midst of entirely different planetary cycles than those occurring now.

This was a compounded synod occurring with Jupiter. The August 1, 1927 Uranus-Eris synod expressed through the geocentric conjunctions occurring on April 20, 1927, June 18, 1927 and January 25, 1928 (conjoining Jupiter), shown in the graphic ephemeris below.

1927 Uranus-Eris-Jupiter Geocentric Graphic Ephemeris

Historical Events in 1927


1927 China Earthquake astrology chart

1927 China Earthquake ( Subtract 0° 16' for the Galactic Ayanamsa and to match the graphic ephem above). This is a classic example of Astronomical Earthgrid Mapping.

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake (with a 8.0–8.3 surface wave magnitude) struck the Gansu-Qinghai border region in China on May 23, 1927 killing more than 40,000 people. Jupiter, Uranus, Eris (and Varuna) conjoined the Vernal Point (which at the time conjoined Diphda, the thrashing tail of Cetus) and were square to the Lunar Nodes. This occurred as Jupiter made its T-Square to the Lunar Nodes, which conjoined the Galactic Equatorial Axis of Earth's Precessional Cross, aspects characteristic of strong geophysical resonances.

The Mississippi River floods in April 1927, Over 200,000 people lose their homes. This occurred as Uranus and Eris made their first conjunction, exactly square to the Lunar Nodes (shown in the graphic ephemeris above).


Charles Lindbergh makes the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight across the Atlantic, from New York City to Paris, leaving New York on May 20, 1927.

Philo Farnsworth developed the first all-electronic television. The first public demonstration of television occurred showing a speech by in Washington by Commerce Secretary Hoover to a group of investors in New York. AT&T inaugurated transatlantic radio telephone service.

The above two events are examples of the Uranus-Eris synthesis regarding the introduction of radical new technological advancements that would overturn our world view and open our eyes to what was previously unimaginable.


Josef Stalin expels Leon Trotsky and Grigori Zinoviev from the Russian Communist Party and rises to power. Stalin's first Five Year Plan is introduced in 1928, focused upon rapid industrialization and the collectivization of agriculture to transform the Soviet Union into an industrialized and completely socialist state. Stalin's reign, starting at the beginning of the new Uranus-Eris 90-year cycle and continuing throughout the first quarter of this cycle, transformed the Soviet Union from a feudal economy to an industrial power. (Stalin died in 1953).


Europe, especially Germany and Austria, suffered massive hyperinflation that destroyed the wealth of the middle class, resulting in political and economic turmoil. Concurrently, the economic bubble peaked in America, which was immediately followed by The Great Depression in 1929. Ref: From Boom times to Depression.

This seems fitting to Jupiter's synthesis with Uranus and Eris: optimistically over-inflating the new and progressive (Uranus) but with disastrous repercussions as Eris would over turn, expose and collapse the vain extravagance of Wall Street and the Banks participating with little ethics and extensive corruption.

What will occur now, as Jupiter joins Haumea in opposition to Uranus and Eris through this few year period and after the start of this new 90-year cycle? If the influence of the Uranus-Eris conjunctions are dramatic or subtle, and how they augment the additional primary planetary transitions occurring now, we can only witness.

Uranus-Eris 89-year cycle

The Ceres-Uranus & Ceres-Eris Cycles

Ceres and Uranus, and Ceres and Eris, begin new synodic cycles during the midst of the Ceres geocentric conjunctions with Uranus and Eris. The Ceres-Uranus synod occurred on September 20, 2016 initiating a new 4.9-year cycle. The Ceres-Eris synod closely followed on September 25, initiating a new 4.6-year cycle. This means we are now just entering these new cycles. The new Uranus-Eris 89-year cycle begins on December 10, 2016, also completing the previous cycle that began in ~1927 conjoining the thrashing tail of ole Cetus, the techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness (presented above). The cycles engaging now, with Ceres, Uranus and Eris, all occur conjoining Baten Kaitos, the belly of Cetus, and the bound outstretched arms of the Princess Andromeda (also presented above) articulate the sentencing and entrapment of the innocent, and also the bondage, suppression and manipulation of the manifestation of humanity's full potential and prosperous future through the control of financial resources by the dominant patriarchal-driven bureaucratic oligarchies.

Eris exposes and discloses, and Uranus, the great awakener, breaks us from the confines of crystallized mind. Ceres, joining in, with all three retrograde, invites us to see and sort out what is and what is not truly nourishing. It may be easy to fall into the dramatic phenomenology produced by the disclosures Uranus and Eris catalyze, but the duality-based dramatics are not the issue, a rebirth in consciousness is, to emerge into a world that is nurturing and sustaining to a fulfilling life.

Late 2016 Updates/Additions
Ceres' Second Conjunction with Uranus & Eris

I have added this section due to significant world events escalating at this time.

The planet Ceres' (mother of the asteroids) conjunction with Eris and Uranus opposite to Haumea is one of the most significant planetary configurations occurring at this time, starting with the second Uranus-Eris conjunction in September, and now with Ceres joining in. The conjunctions occuring now (Oct-Dec 2016 through early 2017) create the climax of the Ceres facet of the Uranus-Eris conjunction, which continues through the third Uranus-Eris conjunction occurring in March 2017. Ceres made its first conjunction at the start of the Uranus-Eris synthesis in June of 2016, (presented earlier in this article) bringing emphasis to Ceres related issues. As I stated above: "It (the first Ceres conjunction) set the tone of the Uranus-Eris synthesis in general, and it brings environmental and agricultural issues to the forefront, if not issues regarding humanity's fundamental survival."

Ceres resonates with environmental, ecological and agricultural issues, including food, health and nutrition, that which shelters and protects. Ceres brings awareness to how we nurture and to that which is truly nurturing to us. Ceres embodies mothering qualities and brings attention to our relation with the Earth, the land, to all that is nourishing and sustaining to life....

Mars creates a significant T-Square as retrograde Ceres begins it second conjunction with Uranus and Eris (also both retrograde) on October 28-29, at the closing of the October 1, 2016 lunar cycle. This is the initial trigger, a powerful one, to the Ceres-Uranus-Eris conjunction opposite Haumea, which continues throughout the remainder of 2016 and into January 2017. Ceres, Uranus, Eris and Ceres maintain a very tight orb throughout this time, shown in the graphic ephemeris below.

This entire few-month period may produce a climatic acceleration of unexpected radical disclosures and exposures of Ceres related issues, specifically about what was thought to be nurturing but in fact is the exact opposite. This can be in regard to clandestine agendas and issues surrounding the fundamental care for people and all life on the Earth, as well as ecological, agricultural and environmental issues.

Jupiter makes its first opposition to Uranus on December 26, 2016, which will produces an expansive mobilizing effect to the entire energetic of the Ceres-Uranus-Eris opposition to Haumea. This will continue throughout 2017, through Jupiter's retrograde in opposition to Uranus and Eris early in the year, and to another climatic conjunction as Ceres moves to create a T-Square with the Haumea opposition to Uranus-Eris in September 2017.

I will present much more in-depth material about Jupiter's arrival and role with Ceres, Eris, Uranus and Eris, as well about the coinciding Jupiter-Pluto square, starting in the December 2016 Lunar Planner.

2016 Ceres-Uranus-Eris Graphic Ephemeris

Excerpt October 1, 2016 Lunar Planner

October, 2016 Mars-Eris-Haumea T-square

Mars moves into position to produce a climatic finale to this lunar cycle. Occurring on October 28 and 29. Mars, in the last few degrees of Sagittarius, creates a T-Square to the Uranus-Eris-Ceres opposition to Haumea, with Mars separating in square from Haumea (action upon Haumea theme) and approaching square to Uranus-Eris-Ceres (to effect change). This occurs as the Moon conjoins Haumea in opposition to Uranus, Eris and Ceres, providing a potent lunar stimulus. Ceres is approaching its second conjunction with Eris and Uranus, which occurs in November. This configuration along with the Saturn-Neptune-Lunar Nodes configuration can create strong geophysical resonances along with environmental upsets.

Needless to say this T-Square can be quite intense. However, Mars is well placed under the auspices of the stars of Lyra in late Sagittarius. For the older soul, Mars in Sagittarius/Lyra impels its refined mature expression, that is, impelling assertive audacious leadership based from consciously aware ideals for a higher philosophical cause, and in this case, to overturn the apple cart to radically expose (Uranus-Eris) with purpose to recreate a new condition, a rebirth (Haumea). For those who may be provoked, it can impel explosive aggressive re-active behavior.

Donald Trump has Mercury out of bounds in a loose conjunction with Makemake (also out of bounds) in the Gemini Twins, which says a lot about his pursuits for leadership at all costs with his maverick method of communication, as of course does his Mars-Head of the Lion ASC, and the exact conjunction of his pre-Full Moon with the South Lunar Node, conjoining the sting of the Scorpion, opposite his Sun-North Lunar Node-Uranus conjunction in the horns of the Bull. (Donald Trump's sidereal astrology chart with star placements.)

In addition, Mars had just made its conjunction with Pluto. In another article, Out of Bounds Mars & Pluto, I point out why the Mars-Pluto conjunctions and synods are extra extreme from 2003 through 2018, due to those events occurring when Mars is "Out of Bounds." In that article, I made reference to some world events, specifically about Vladimir Putin's Ultimatum to the U.S. to reduce its military infrastructure and number of troops in the territory of the NATO countries, and the subsequent deployment of Russia's largest fleet of warships since the Cold War, with this occuring at the time of the third and final US presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, an aggressive reviling debate with a story of its own (related also with the Jupiter-Makemake conjunction, mentioned in the Mars Pluto article).

Several world events began to escalate during the Mars T-Square occuring in late October, as Ceres approaches its opposition to Haumea and its conjunctions with Eris and Uranus. These events are clearly an expression of the characteristic of the Ceres-Uranus-Eris energetic.


Late October 2016 Disclosure-related Events

• Syria

Rebels in Syria attack during the cease-fire to allow humanitarian access and for people's safe exit from eastern Aleppo.

Syrian rebels begin anti-regime offensive in Aleppo (Published on Oct 28, 2016)

New Aleppo cease-fire possible (Published on Oct 28, 2016)

Perspective: U.S., Russia, Syria

Kindest People You've Ever Met American Journalist Brandon Turbeville Describes Syrian Attitude After Trip to Lebanon, meeting Syrians, and staying with them for weeks. Brandon explains what is really going on in Syria. In this interview, Brandon describes the humble, grateful attitude of the Syrian and Lebanese people. He recalls learning how they feel about Assad, the US government, the American people and more.

From my Facebook post: Thanks Cassius. Your interview with Brandon is excellent. As you know, there are many of us here in America that ask the same question the Syrian people asked Brandon. Why do we, the American people, do nothing abut our government? Why do we put up with it? Why is there not a revolution in America? Unfortunately again, as Brandon alludes to, much is due to the dumbing down of Americans so they simply do not know the truth of the US government's actions in the world, nor the very suppression and control the people acquiesce to living under, which occurs in so many ways, by the syndicated propaganda to the drugging of the people while the big business government puppet masters manipulate world affairs with an entirely different agenda rather than caring for and nurturing the people.

Brandon's comments are quite similar to the findings of the delegation of the US Peace Council Representatives which went to Damascus and Syria, disclosed in their report at a press conference to the UN. See: Bashar Ja'afari and US Peace Council Representatives on Syria

Standing Rock

• Standing Rock & the Dakota Access Pipeline

Another significant externalization of the Ceres-Uranus-Eris conjunction is the Standing Rock protest, which has escalated into militia-type big-business government conflict against the people, the native people of America, who perhaps are best to exemplify the most fundamental issues in America about the pillage of the land and her people.

This is just one amongst many videos and news articles you can find on the internet. Just after Authorities from seven states have been called in to remove Dakota Access Pipeline Water Protectors (Published on Oct 27, 2016) Police Attack NoDAPL Protesters At Standing Rock (Published on Oct 28, 2016) Police are increasing their use of violence against protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock, North Dakota. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Ben Mankiewicz, and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Why Police From 7 Different States Invaded a Standing Rock Camp On Thursday, scores of law enforcement officers from seven different states showed up with riot gear, armored vehicles, and military weaponry to clear away Standing Rock's newest camp, the "1851 Treaty Camp." The camp stands directly in the path of the Dakota Access pipeline. Tipis and sweat lodges were destroyed. Vehicles were set ablaze. More than 140 protesters were arrested. Arrestees have reported numerous experiences of abuse and torture while in police custody.... Amnesty International classifies these practices as "cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment (CID)," which is illegal under international and U.S. law. (Published on Oct 31, 2016)

More Than 1.5 Million 'Check In' On Facebook To Support The Standing Rock Sioux(Published on Nov 1, 2016)

What began as a peaceful protest for water protection and sacred ground escalated into issues regarding big business and government violating fundamental human rights. Is this but the tip of the iceberg leading to a national protest against a government that not only allows such atrocities to occur but is also a part of it?

Iceland protest

• Iceland

Women protest in Iceland regarding issues of inequality. Wage disparity means women all across Europe are essentially working for free.

Thousands of female employees leave work at 2.38pm to protest gender pay gap

Early November 2016 Disclosure-related Events

WikiLeaks Documents Coming From US Intelligence Not Russia
Mainstream Media Propaganda

Published on November 4, 2016 by Greg Hunter (USAWatchdog.com)

"There are numerous reports on the alternative media of documents being given to WikiLeaks to counter the corruption and lawlessness of the Obamas and Clintons. AG Loretta Lynch has been reportedly blocking an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation that many say is a "global charity fraud" and a "huge criminal conspiracy." The leaked emails and documents show corruption between the Justice Department and Hillary Clinton. These documents and emails also show a grand cover-up of the true treason that has taken place in the highest offices of the U.S. government...."

The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta
Published on Nov 5, 2016 (Full Interview) (Over 400 thousand views)

With the Wikileaks release of thousands of emails belonging to John Podesta, very little is known in US society about Podesta himself. While he's maintained a low profile, John Podesta is actually considered one of Washington's biggest players, and one of the most powerful corporate lobbyists in the world. In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin explores John Podesta's political rise, his vast network of corporate connections and his think tank "Center for American Progress." Learn why the Podestas and the Clintons are a match made in ruling class heaven.

Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger
Published on Nov 5, 2016 (Full Interview) (Over 1.6 million views)

Whistleblower Julian Assange has given one of his most incendiary interviews ever in a John Pilger Special, courtesy of Dartmouth Films, in which he summarizes what can be gleaned from the tens of thousands of Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks this year.

U.S. Election

Considering the bigger picture, whoever is the US president is still just a puppet, and the agenda of the puppet masters who run the world still manifests independent of who is in office, it always has. The intent of the political system, from the elite cabal's perspective, is to divert the people into side-taking war, thus continuing to give their power away, a world fighting amongst itself. The only way real societal change will occur is when the people awaken in consciousness and open their inner vision to see through the externalized diversionary smoke screen and realize the political system, and the conflict created by political systems globally, is an illusional deception directed by bigger players. The drugging of the people (in so many ways, from big-pharma's synthetic drugs to poisoned agricultural land and produce, etc.) and the propaganda perpetuated (from global climate misinformation, to the need for an archaic fossil-fuel technological infrastructure, to extraterrestrial misinformation, etc.) that keeps people asleep in acquiescence is a part of the cabal's global agenda. People have to lift themselves out of the toxic smog they live in to see the truth. Buying into the political drama and the duality-based conflictual mentality it creates is exactly what they want people to do, getting knocked down and thrashed around by the technobureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness, trapped in a fear-based struggle-to-survive consciousness designed by the puppet masters but maintained by the blind followers. Acquiescing to emotional drama and living in a fear-based judgment mentality is what shuts the heart chakra down. Radiance of heart light illumines the world, and that is where our true power lies.

The current election has dramatized more than ever a divided nation, impelling more conflict by pitting this side against that side. When anger turns to hate, heart light is extinguished and one is fully lost in duality-based judgement, when converted to progressive action based from compassion for all life, we thrive. Will the people succumb to the dramatization that reflects the conflict of a judgmental duality-based consciousness or see that very duality is what they need to transcend?

"Seeking sameness leads to separation, honoring uniqueness leads to oneness."

Health & Environment

Vaccines & Autism

The CDC SPIDER bites! CDC Whistleblowers Team Up and Demand "House Cleaning" and Lend Credence to Increasingly Critical Views of Authority Structures

October 29, 2016 by Brendan D. Murphy, co-founder Global Freedom Movement

"While the mainstream media and medical/Big Pharma spokespeople were doing their best to ignore the raging conflagration that is the VAXXED phenomenon and pretend it isn't happening, another major blow was just struck against the entrenched liars in politics claiming across-the-board "safety" and "zero risk" of vaccines (see: Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy). CDC whistleblower/confessor William Thompson – the primary subject of the VAXXED documentary – appears to have triggered somewhat of a whistleblower avalanche following his explosive confession that he and his superiors literally binned (yes, threw in the trash) hard evidence linking vaccines to autism, thus vindicating the work of numerous scientists around the world who have detected such causal connections.


Mercury Poisoning
Vagus Nerve Disfunction

Defections from the ranks of the power structure continue to build. A group of CDC (Center for Disease Control) whistleblowers is now putting pressure on CDC management to start telling the truth about the systemic corruption and public deception that this government organization represents.

This most recent blow against such malfeasance and criminal conspiracy consists of a letter addressed to Chief of Staff Carmen Villa at the CDC and signed off on by a group of at least a dozen disenchanted/fed up CDC scientists identifying themselves as SPIDER (CDC Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research).

CDC SPIDER constitutes the biggest whistleblower event we've ever seen, bigger even than Thompson's disturbing and compelling confession of conspiracy and coverup at the highest levels. The latest bombshell reveals (read: confirms once more) that the corruption and complicity are not anomalies, but entrenched systemic problems."

Must See VAXXED Documentary Explored with Filmmakers

The controversial documentary VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe is explored with filmmakers Director Andrew Wakefield MB.BS and Emmy Award-winning producer Del Bigtree. We break down the vaccine debate as we look at the film's fraud accusations against the CDC, the MMR vaccine controversy and the power of Big Pharma, in this uncensored Antidote interview hosted by Michael Parker.

VAXXED Documentary Trailer

VAXXED Documentary Movie Website

Related: Feds plan to force vaccinations: Lawsuit opposes CDC's new health-crisis procedures
Published: October 28, 2016

Extraterrestrial Related

Wikileaks UFO Emails & Disclosure Webinar ~ Podesta/Clinton/Tom Delonge

Published on Nov 4, 2016 PortalToAscension

Join Grant Cameron for a visual presentation of the WikiLeaks emails that have recently been released in regards to ETIs, Extraterrestrial Intelligences, UFO Disclosure, Consciousness and debriefing presidents on ET/Consciousness matters. The key players in the emails are John Podesta, Tom Delonge, Edgar Mitchell & other Hillary Clinton staff members.

This information is next level awareness... disclosing the truth behind the political establishment and the corruption. This gives us an opportunity to validate what we have known and what has been dubbed 'conspiracy theorist' for so long. The moment is now for FULL DISCLOSURE.

2016 The Final Act ~ Dr Steven Greer

Published on Nov 14, 2016 siriusdisclosure.com (3 hrs)


Former CNN Reporter Greg Hunter Covers Global Climate Engineering Assault
Chemtrails are Greatest Threat to Life on Earth

Chemtrails: Stratospheric Aerosol Spraying

"Last month, CIA Director John Brennan admitted Chemtrails, or as he put it, "Stratospheric Aerosol Injection," is established geoengineering science used to fight global warming. Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington says if the government is admitting it, the negative effects of spraying are too big to hide much longer. Wigington explains, "When CIA Director Brennan has to address it publicly, clearly it's getting very difficult for them to hide this elephant in the room and the damage it has done, not only to the environment, but to us. It is irreparable already, and they know the liability already. They know this. They also know the amount of liability that has been created. That's why they have been so desperate to hide this. To put this into the nutshell, the amount of destruction these programs have caused environmentally, it's contaminated the entire web of life. This is, mathematically speaking, the greatest and most immediate threat to the web of life on earth, including human health. It is greater than any other threat short of nuclear cataclysm. That's a mathematical fact."

"Greg Hunter is a highly respected veteran news reporter who has worked for many major news networks in the past. Greg is the producer and creator of USAWatchdog.com, a highly trusted independent news site with a huge following. The site's slogan is "analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what's really going on". Unlike those in the corporate media propaganda circles, Greg has the courage to thoroughly address the most critical issues that the majority of his media peers are afraid to even mention. In the 26 minute interview below, Hunter continues to make his voice heard in the battle to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering assault...." (Quote from: Dane Wigington geoengineeringwatch.org)

Skip to First Jupiter-Eris oppostion: World Economic Forum Annual Meeting January 17-20,2017

2017 Jupiter-Haumea Uranus, Eris & Ceres
the Jupiter-Pluto Square
& the New 89-year Uranus-Eris Synodic Cycle

Jupiter arrives on the scene in December of 2016, and continues its aspects with Haumea, Uranus, Eris and Ceres through September 2017, adding it expansive and mobilizing force to this already dynamic planetary configuration.

Ceres-Uranus-Eris Opposite Haumea-Jupiter and the Jupiter-Pluto Square of 2017

There are several Jupiter related cycles of significance to consider here:


• The Jupiter-Uranus mid-point in the their 13.5-year cycle occurs on July 11, 2017. The mid-point of this cycle expresses through three geocentric oppositions occurring on December 26, 2016, March 3, 2017 (during Jupiter's retrograde) and on September 28, 2017. This cycle began on September 24, 2010 in early sidereal Pisces (conjoining the Vernal Point of Earth's Precessional Cross). This cycle continues through March 14, 2024. The first December 26 opposition engages this entire energetic, and it occurs just after the December 10 Uranus-Eris synod (occurring at the same time as Ceres' direct station), which engages the new 89-year Uranus-Eris cycle.


• The Jupiter-Eris mid-point in the their 12-year cycle occurs on June 12, 2017. The mid-point of this cycle expresses through three geocentric oppositions occurring on January 17, 2017, February 22, 2017 (during Jupiter's retrograde) and on September 8, 2017. This cycle began on June 4, 2011 in late sidereal Pisces (conjoining Revati of Pisces, Baten Kaitos of Cetus, and the bound outstretched arms of Andromeda). This cycle continues through May 12, 2023.


• Jupiter and Haumea engage a new 13.5-year cycle on June 21, 2017, with the Jupiter-Haumea synod conjoining Spica and Archturus, producing an exceptionally significant cycle. This synod expresses through one geocentric conjunction, also occurring on September 8, 2017, in the August 21, 2017 Total Eclipse lunar cycle. This is a climatic geocentric finale produced by a Ceres T-Square to Jupiter-Haumea opposite Eris.


• The Jupiter-Ceres mid-point in the their 7-year cycle occurred back on April 10, 2016. There was one geocentric conjunction, which occur on March 13, 2016, during Jupiter's previous retrograde. The two come within 2° in late December 2016 through early January 2017, as can be seen in the above graphic ephemeris. This cycle began on August 31, 2012 under the auspices of Perseus in early sidereal Taurus and completes on August 26, 2019. See the August 17, 2012 Lunar Planner.


This new cycle brings emphasis to creating a sustainable future, one that ensures our fundamental physical needs in life are met, primarily food, shelter and financial stability. It motivates creating abundance and freedom in these areas and it also brings attention to the land and agriculture. It may dramatize the need for heroic action to address any of these concerns, and to all issues associated with mothering, the caring for and nurturing of life. This cycle can also dramatize the resultant effects when this mothering quality is lost in society, resulting in extreme disparities, along with poverty, environmental abuse, child abuse and human trafficking, and displacement.

• Ceres, the faster moving planet, moves 90° from its Uranus-Eris synthesis and makes its separating synodic (heliocentric) squares from Uranus and Eris in November and December of 2017, and its approaching square to Jupiter in late January of 2018, with the climatic geocentric T-Square occurring on September 8, 2017.


• Also occuring is the Jupiter-Pluto 270° square. The synodic square occurs on March 30, 2017. It expresses through three geocentric squares occurring on November 24, 2016, March 30, 2017 and August 4, 2017. This marks our transition into the last quarter of the Jupiter-Pluto 12.5-year cycle that began on November 23, 2007 and completes July 31, 2020, along with the completions of the Jupiter-Saturn 20-year cycle and the Saturn-Pluto 34-year cycle.

Excerpt from the November 29, 2016 Lunar Planner

Ceres Direct & the New 89-year Uranus-Eris Synodic Cycle

Significant turnings now occur in the Ceres-Uranus-Eris opposite Haumea alignment, in the crescendo leading into the December 10 Gibbous Moon. Ceres makes her direct station on December 10 (Dec 9 MST), completing her retrograde in a very tight conjunction between Uranus and Eris. The Ceres station outwardly engages the new Earth-Ceres synodic cycle that began in the midst of Ceres' retrograde on October 20, presented in the October 1, 2016 Lunar Planner.

Uranus and Eris are also both stationing, with Uranus returning direct on December 29 and Eris on January 9, adding somewhat of a pensive quality over the couple of months ahead. The pre-Gibbous Moon also triggers this event on December 9, making it more palpable, and geo and bio-resonantly significant. The Sun also conjoins Saturn. These combined planetary configurations can produce exceptionally strong geophysical (seismic) and biological planetary resonances these couple of days (Dec 9-10)....

Solomon 7.8 Earthquake December 8, 2016

Solomon Is. 7.8 Earthquake. Dec 8 UT (Dec 9 LT). A wave of more than 60 aftershocks above magnitude 4.5. occurred in the two days following leading into the Gibbous Moon, and then subsided. See EMG for chart.

The Uranus-Eris synod (Sun-Uranus-Eris alignment) also occurs on December 10. This marks the start of the new 89-year Uranus-Eris synodic cycle. The geocentric alignments occurring over the last year with Ceres, Uranus, Eris and Haumea thus occurred in the very ending of the previous Uranus-Eris 89-year cycle (presented above) that began in 1927, bringing it to its close. Those occurring from now onward engage the new Uranus-Eris cycle.

The previous synod occurred in early sidereal Pisces conjoining the westward swimming fish and the thrashing tail of Cetus, the techno bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness. Of course Eris was unknown at the time and her effects were not in humanity's conscious awareness. This stellar energetic was more about unconsciously swimming in tumultuous waters created by inherited psychic-emotional primordial currents of the past.

This new synod, and cycle, engaging on Dec 10, 2016, occurs in latter sidereal Pisces toward the upright fish (aspiring to emerge from the past) and conjoins Baten Kaitos (the belly of Cetus), Revati, and outstretched arms of the entrapped Princess Andromeda, creating an energetic impelling disclosures about humanity's entrapment, perhaps what may be an abrupt rude awakenening for many. This is about freeing the Princess.

Thus, the harmonic progression of Uranus from Eris throughout this new cycle, and the myriad sub-cycles and aspects created by other planets with Uranus and Eris occurring from now onward, nest in this new cycle's theme and contribute to this radical awakening, now a conscious process for humanity through disclosures of an unprecedented nature.

Eris exposes and discloses, and Uranus, the great awakener, breaks us from the confines of crystallized mind. Ceres, joining in, with all three retrograde, invites us to see and sort out what is and what is not truly nourishing. It may be easy to fall into the dramatic phenomenology produced by the disclosures Uranus and Eris catalyze, but the duality-based dramatics are not the issue, a rebirth in consciousness is, to emerge into a world that is nurturing and sustaining to a fulfilling life.

Jupiter is moving toward its conjunction with Haumea, which now conjoins the significant stars Archturus and Spica, in opposition to Uranus, Ceres and Eris. (See Haumea Stars above.) Jupiter makes its first of the three oppositions to Uranus later in the lunar cycle, on the Balsamic Moon of December 26, 2016. This produces an expansive mobilizing effect to the entire theme of the Ceres-Uranus-Eris-Haumea planetary configuration, which will continue throughout 2017—through Jupiter's retrograde in opposition to Uranus and Eris early in the year, and to another climatic conjunction as Ceres moves to create a T-Square with the Haumea opposition to Uranus-Eris in September 2017. We may begin to experience an acceleration of unexpected revelatory disclosures and exposures of Ceres related issues, specifically about what was thought to be nurturing but in fact is the exact opposite. This can be in regard to clandestine agendas and issues surrounding the fundamental care for people and all life on Earth, as well as ecological, agricultural and environmental issues.

This opposition also begins a time of realization about the 13.5-year Jupiter-Uranus cycle that began in September 2010 and which completes in March of 2024. The 2010 Jupiter-Uranus cycle was presented in the September 8, 2010 Lunar Planner. Interestingly, the 2010 Jupiter-Uranus synod exactly conjoined the ecliptical longitude of Haumea's perihelion, creating a cross-resonance with Haumea at the time, since Haumea is about reinventing self, creating a new birth or new expression in life. Jupiter-Uranus synods are spaced about 54° in the ecliptic. Thus 13.5-year synodic cycle (2010-2024) occurred in early sidereal Pisces conjoining Scheat of Pegasus and the vernal point of Earth's Precessional Cross, impelling an expansion of consciousness regarding the fundamental and more embracing evolutionary shift occurring on Earth, with impetus to expand our awareness to awaken to a greater unified truth.

Excerpt 2010

In general, a Jupiter and Uranus synthesis can express in a variety of ways. The resonances of expansive and mobilizing Jupiter and those of prgressive Uranus synthesize quite well and produce a fulfilling and beneficent outcome. They stimulate optimism and faith in the future and opportunity for development and expansion. Jupiter tends to magnify that which it aligns with. Thus Jupiter will mobilize and expand upon the radical changes already occurring in our lives initiated by the Uranus opposition to Saturn-Makemake, which began in late 2008. (See The 2008-2011 Timeline)—except now in more beneficent way. Jupiter and Uranus are supportive of new discoveries and ideas, especially in technology. They are also supportive of expansive awareness; embracing new realms of consciousness.

The 2010 Jupiter-Uranus cycle began just after the peak of the global financial crisis, termed the Great Recession, which peaked in 2008-2009 in the U.S. In this context, the new cycle would impel the development of new ideas to break away from corrupt and failing economic systems and banking structures. One fundamental thing this crisis did was to motivate the masses to awaken to the machinations occurring in the world of big-business-political global economics causing the tumultuous financial experience for the mass majority. It brought this into vogue, an awakening process that would become more prominent throughout the 2010-2024 Jupiter-Uranus cycle. See Wikipedia Great Recession for general info on the financial crisis.

The opposition occurring now may bring this awakening to a climax as well as impel expansive philosophical and conceptual thought and proposals for progressive non-conventional approaches to financial systems, which may even seem irrational or beyond reason, since Uranus incites intuitive epistemological flashes of insight beyond mere logistical thinking processes, and Jupiter magnifies this and removes limits for such awareness. Manifestation and implementation of any such ideas may come more over the several years ahead, rather than immediately, as we move into the midst of the third quarter of this cycle.

This cycle certainly is not limited to financial occurrences in economic systems and can extend in to many facets of life, including technology, spirituality, and esoteric matters. The opposition occurring now places Jupiter in late sidereal Virgo, with Jupiter approaching its retrograde station (approaching Haumea). Influencing stars include Theta, Zeta (Heze) and Spica of Virgo, those of the foot of Bootes, and massive Eta Carinae of Argo Navis. This area of Virgo has an incubational quality, as in preparing for a new birth, with an exceptionally strong emphasis on our need to heed the signs of the natural world regarding evolutionary and environmental change. It brings emphasis to ensuring a proper environmental resonance that supports a pure and unadulterated birth and opportunity for the safe and evolutionary fulfillment of souls incarnating on Earth. It brings emphasis to all that nourishes, that is, to environmental, ecological and agricultural matters. It may impel action based on disclosed information. However, there is need to discern and surmount what is glittery illusion, as much can be hidden behind facades. In this case, what appears real is not always real. There can also be a tendency to seek detailed answers for illusions, thus magnifying illusions with more obscuring details.

Keep in mind that the energetic active here is not simply isolated to the Jupiter-Uranus opposition but also includes the Jupiter-Eris and Jupiter Ceres oppositions, and these are midpoint transitions in their respective cycles, which all have unique evolutionary currents. It also involves the Jupiter-Haumea conjunction and their new cycle, which will fully engage later in 2017. In addition, we have the Jupiter-Pluto Square occurring that began with the first geocentric square occurring on November 24, 2016 and which continues into August 2017. This is the transition into the last quarter of the Jupiter-Pluto ~13-year cycle that began in November of 2007, and which completes in 2020 along with the Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Pluto cycles. See Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto 2020.

January 2017 Disclosure-related Events

Climate: Top NASA Climate 'Data Fraudster' Named & Shamed

Published on January 7, 2017 (Principia Scientific International)

"NASA's top climate scientist singled out as architect of the biggest data fraud of all time. Alleged anti-science con artist Gavin Schmidt is named and shamed for deliberately falsifying global temperatures since 2000 and DOUBLING the actual level of warming to fit a political agenda...."

Top NASA Climate ‘Data Fraudster' Named & Shamed

CIA Releases 13 million Classified Documents

Published on January 18, 2017

About 13 million formerly classified documents from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been released online for the first time. The documents were uploaded following lengthy efforts from freedom of information advocates and a lawsuit against the CIA. The records include intelligence briefings, research papers, UFO sightings and psychic experiments. The full archive is made up of almost 800,000 files with 13 million pages.... The entire declassified CREST archive is now available on the CIA Library website."


World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
January 17-20, 2017 Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

President Xi Jinping is the first Chinese president to visit the WEF, with the largest delegation ever.

The big topic is about globalization and the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank to rival the US dominated World Bank, and "China's new Silk Road Initiative, also known as "One Belt, One Road" - to develop two new trade corridors from Asia to the Middle East and Europe, which aims to lift the value of cross-border trade to $2.5 trillion within a decade." (WEF)

World Economic Forum Chart 2017-01-17

Trump vs. Xi

Xi defends globalization and free trade (insisting it occurs with absolute state sovereignty, not multiculturalism) as Trump makes his stance against China clear, and as Trump's inauguration approaches just days away (January 20) with escalating protests nationwide and the planned Women's March on Washington—and as Trump calls NATO obsolete, escalating tension with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"…the tension simmering between the two largest economies in the world - a tension that will define the health of the global economy over the next decade." (BBC Economics editor Kamal Ahmed)

The January 17, 2017 WEF opening and with Xi's speech delineates the energetic of the first of three Jupiter oppositions to Eris, which starts on the 17th and continues throughout 2017, a prominent theme which will certainly continue. Additional January 17 alignments include Mercury, just recently direct, square from Makemake (with the Moon triggering) and trine to the Lunar Nodes. Juno and Saturn still conjoin over the sting of the Scorpion. The Vesta synod is hours away.

Complete alignment: Jupiter-Haumea (conjoining Spica, Archturus and Eta Carinae) opposite Uranus-Eris-Ceres.


WEF 2017

WEF Day 1 Summary (The Telegraph)

Shakira receiving the Crystal Award at the 2017 World Economic Forum.

Shakira: A Classic Example of Ceres, Uranus and Eris, & Jupiter-Haumea

Shakira, I think, exemplifies this energetic, as does her receiving the Crystal Award at the 2017 World Economic Forum during the Ceres-Uranus-Eris conjunction opposite Jupiter-Haumea.

Shakira makes here appearance in the middle of the following video, starting at 12:18 minutes. It is worth a watch if you do not know what she is all about.
Video: WEF 23rd Annual Crystal Awards (January 16, 2017 17:30 GMT)

A Brief Recap of the Planetary Forces Active - all discussed above in more detail

Eris, our warrior princess, uncovers, exposes and discloses our denials or what we are simply blind to see. She opens our eyes to a greater reality once hidden, forcing us to redefine our world view, and to embark upon new paths accordingly. Conjoining Uranus, the Great Awakener, impeller of radical and progressive change, breaks us from the conforming bounds of an antiquated past. Conjoining Ceres, Mother of the Asteroids, like Eris, Ceres is another feminine force, one resonating with our fundamental nourishment (food, clothing, water, love), is of the womb, of caring for the young, and is of the land, ecological environs and agriculture. Ceres reveals what is truly nourishing, how we nurture and are nurtured.

Haumea, yet another feminine force, impels a rebirth in consciousness, or to take on a new form, to reinvent our selves. Although perhaps a gentler force than Eris, she nonetheless expresses from an exceptionally dynamic high-velocity state in perfect equilibrium, powerful and confident in knowing what is required to facilitate a new birth. Haumea is now ramped up in power, higher ideals, and expansive mobilization by majestic Jupiter.

Shakira's Natal Chart

Shakira's Natal Sidereal Astrological Chart

Like any chart, a whole lot could be said, not to even mention the significant star alignments, but to point out a few tight interactive aspects relative to this topic (mostly for astrologers to ponder):



I point out the Centaur Pholus not only because of its prominent placement, but also because in a natal chart it often manifests as a unique innate ability, often of a perceptual nature and as a transmutational force, especially when prominently placed. In addition, Shakira's Pholus resides in the humanitarian Waterbearer expressing the stellar qualities of the prominent stars Achernar of Eridanus, and the Ankka of the Phoenix.

A couple other WEF Videos regarding Ceres

An Insight, An Idea with Jamie Oliver
(About a food revolution, the biggest industry on the planet, food production and food education for children)

A Basic Income for All: Dream or Delusion?

January-March 2017
Catalyst with Evolutionary Ramifications

The Vesta T-Square with Uranus-Eris-Ceres opposite Jupiter-Haumea, Sedna, Saturn-Ixion & the Mars trigger to Uranus-Eris

Hover over image to show Vesta.

The Vesta, Uranus-Eris, Jupiter-Haumea 2017 T-Square Mars-Uranus-Eris opposite Jupiter Haumea 2017

September-October 2017

The Ceres Jupiter-Haumea Eris T-Square occurs in September 2017, in the Total Solar Eclipse Lunar Cycle of August 21, 2017. The eclipse path traverses the continental United States. The final Jupiter-Uranus Opposition occurs just afterward in the following lunar cycle.

Excerpt from the August 21, 2017 Lunar Planner:
Path of the Lion - Total Solar Eclipse Lunar Cycle:

The Ceres Jupiter-Haumea Eris T-Square

In addition to the Total Solar Eclipse, another equally significant event occurs within this lunar cycle. Jupiter, now having completed its retrograde, and having made its final square with Pluto (Aug 4), makes its conjunction with Haumea in opposition to Eris as Ceres creates a T-square to the opposition during the several days surrounding the Full Moon of this lunar cycle. This climatic event is a part of a long-standing planetary configuration that occurs from 2014 through 2019. It began with the Eris-Haumea opposition as the underlying energetic, which consists of nine exact geocentric oppositions. Uranus joined in by conjoining Eris in opposition to Haumea, with three key conjunctions with Eris occurring in June of 2016 through March of 2017. This began an unprecedented planetary configuration stimulating unexpected radical revelatory transformation that would upset societal stagnation, often by disclosing cover-ups and hidden agendas—providing an eye-opening time and wakeup call for humanity. Uranus also makes five oppositions to Haumea in the process with the last two occurring in late 2018 and early 2019.

Ceres joined the first Uranus-Eris conjunction in June 2016, raising questions about and bringing attention to issues regarding not only ecological and environmental matters but also about what is and is not nourishing to humanity's wellbeing in general. Ceres then began its retrograde making two more conjunctions with Uranus and Eris through early January 2017. Jupiter joined in bringing its expansive mobilizing force as it approached Haumea while making its opposition to Uranus and Eris in late December 2016, amplifying and dramatizing the need for radical change to remake our sociological expression. Jupiter would then maintain its strong presence as it began its retrograde throughout the first few months of 2017. We now experience the climatic finale with the Ceres-Jupiter-Haumea-Eris T-square, with Jupiter's final opposition to Uranus occurring slightly afterward, on the First Quarter Moon (conjoining Juno, emphasizing relationships) in the following lunar cycle. This is all shown in the graphic ephemeris below. Ceres now becomes a prominent force of expression, one prominent throughout this lunar cycle.

The 2017 Ceres Jupiter-Haumea Eris T-Square Graphic Ephemeris

News Update

Aug 25-29: Hurricane Harvey makes landfall at Rockport Texas. The category four hurricane hit with winds in the eyewall between 115 and 130 mph, and with some areas receiving more than 40 inches of rain in less than 48 hours. (Hurricane Harvey www.weather.gov)

Hurricane Harvey 2017 & The Ceres Jupiter-Haumea Eris T-Square — A Video Presentation —)

Sept 6: Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade, hits the Caribbean, with officials warning of its potentially catastrophic effects. The category five hurricane, the highest possible level, has sustained wind speeds reaching 300km/h (185mph).


Ceres brings awareness to how we nurture and to that which is truly nurturing to us. Ceres embodies mothering and agricultural qualities and brings attention to our relation with the Earth, the land, agriculture, the environment and the seasons. Ceres is associated with food, clothing and that which shelters and protects. Due to Ceres association with the land and the environment, Ceres is most often prominent in charts associated with environmental changes or geophysical events. Ceres reveals our ability to be in universal flow—the unification of giving and receiving as one flow of energy through ourselves. Ceres asks for acknowledgment of our inner needs, to have self love and self worth. Ceres is of concern and caring for others as well as for the Earth. Ceres is associated with fertility, the womb and stomach. Ceres' placement in the astrological chart reveals the areas of our lives where we seek nurturing and also where and how we tend to provide nurturing. More about Ceres.


Haumea impels a rebirth in consciousness, or to take on a new form, to reinvent our selves and self-expression. Haumea's influence is from an exceptionally dynamic high-velocity state in perfect equilibrium, powerful and confident in knowing what is required to facilitate a new birth. Haumea is now ramped up in power, emphasizing higher ideals and expansive mobilization by majestic Jupiter to remake our societal expression and catalyze a rebirth in consciousness. More about Haumea.

The Gibbous Moon trigger to the Ceres T-square with Jupiter-Haumea and Eris.

The first trigger to this event occurred on the Crescent Moon, as the T-square was starting to form. The Gibbous Moon of September 2 creates the next significant trigger to this event by creating a brief Grand Square. Saturn and Ixion are also now in a near exact aspect as well, as they were early in the year before they began their retrogrades, and once again forming a Yod with Jupiter-Haumea to Sedna. This Yod is, and has been throughout all of 2017, a key dynamic of the Uranus-Eris-opposition to Jupiter-Haumea, one that continues to have a prominent influence throughout the remainder of this year.

Yods demand the application of two energetics to create a solution in a third area of life. This can be somewhat paradoxical for a few reasons, but this Yod is even more exemplary of this paradox. Saturn and Ixion have been in a synchronous retrograde, tightly conjoined, over the sting of the Scorpion, a stellar energetic that can express just as a Scorpion's sting feels, but also providing opportunity for transformation by embracing the sting of life experience as the elixir that catalyzes such transformation. The Saturn-Ixion synthesis, in part, exemplifies and stimulates the resonance of long-established patriarchal tyrannical forces and their manifestations in the world, whether as authoritarian-type people or authoritarian bureaucratic systems and establishments. It is restrictive, stoic and resistant to change. In contrast, the Haumea-Jupiter synthesis is exceptionally dynamic to mobilize a healthy and new rebirth in consciousness. It is exceptionally progressive, expansive and promotes growth and change. These two apparently conflicting energetics, as the base points of the Yod (which are sextile), actually work in strength together, however in an oscillatory fashion (due to Sedna's presence at their opposite mid-point) to address and stimulate Sedna as the solution. This means that these two dynamics are energetically allied to directly support the re-emergence of the long-lost exiled feminine principle on Earth and to entice the emergence of the feminine force in the world, especially stimulating women to emerge as this driving force. More about Sedna.

I posted and extensive update to the Ixion web page on August 30, 2017. See: The Astronomy and Astrology of Ixion

The Women's March on Janunary 21, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

Women's March national co-chairs Carmen Perez, Linda Sarsour and Tamika D. Mallory attend the Women's March on Washington on Jan. 21 in Washington, D.C. (Noam Galai, Getty Images)

Two examples of this in the world are the Women's March, which occurred on Janunary 21, 2017 in Washington, D.C., and the follow up Women's Convention to occur in October, a three-day event in Detroit.

Also note that all of this also aspects the Lunar Nodes, creating a direct tie-in with the Solar Eclipse. A second Yod also forms with Ceres and Sedna applied to Saturn-Ixion-Pholus. Also note retrograde Mercury, now entering its station, is near its conjunction with Mars at the eclipse location, which is also trine to Uranus (more about this below).

All of August through September (the Jupiter Pluto square through the Jupiter-Haumea Eris-Uranus opposition) may yield an increase in unrest, discord and radical responses in the world at large. Any intensifying dramatics are but symptoms of the struggle to rebirth a new societal and sociopolitical expression in the world—all a part of the dissolution of several longer-term planetary cycles continuing through 2020 and the impetus to birth a new level of conscious awareness on Earth.

This climatic T-square and the Jupiter-Haumea conjunction also fully engage the new Jupiter-Haumea 13.5-year synodic cycle. The Jupiter-Haumea synod occurred on June 21, 2017 conjoining Spica and Archturus, marking the start of this cycle. This synod expresses through one geocentric conjunction also conjoining Spica and Archturus, which occurs on September 7, 2017, the day after the Full Moon. It marks an expansive acceleration of the impetus to birth a new level of conscious awareness on Earth and brings emphasis to create a proper and harmonious environmental resonance to ensure this occurs.

Discolures (September-October):

Posted September 6, 2017
Jamie Dimon's $13 Billion Secret—Revealed

A draft complaint documenting JPMorgan Chase's alleged role in the financial crisis has long been a mystery. Until now.
by William David Cohan (American business writer / x-managing director at JP Morgan Chase)

"In November 2013, JPMorgan Chase, the nation's largest bank, agreed to pay a then-record $13 billion fine to federal and state authorities in order to settle claims that it had misled investors in the years leading up to the financial crisis. JPMorgan Chase's settlement raised many eyebrows on Wall Street. The huge settlement appeared inconsistent with the oft-repeated narrative of the bank’s heroism during the crisis. JPMorgan Chase and its C.E.O., Jamie Dimon, after all, were appropriately lauded for swooping in to save both Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual, acts of financial patriotism that certainly helped prevent the U.S. economy from further doubling over upon itself. But people wondered why one of Wall Street's ostensible white knights would pay $13 billion—$9 billion of its shareholders' cash, plus another $4 billion in mortgage relief—in a government case...." Full Article: Jamie Dimon's $13 Billion Secret—Revealed

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About JP Morgan, FDIC and Washington Mutual

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