April 3, 2011 Lunar Cycle
Japan Seismic Warning

Updated: April 7, 2011 Japan
Crescent Moon 7.1 Earthquake

Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping
April 3, 2011

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Japan Map

A significant astronomical-earthgrid resonance occurs on the New Moon of April 3, 2011 at the exact location of the March 11, 2011 Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami. See NOAA.

The Earth Meridians of the April 3, 2011 New Moon are 37W14 (New Moon-MC) and 142E46 (New Moon-IC).

142E46 is just off the coast of Japan on the ring of fire, near exact to the meridian of the 9.0 earthquake, which was at 142E22.

That means a New-Moon-Jupiter-IC and a Saturn-MC occurs at the Japan quake location. Also, at that latitude (38N20 ), the Lunar Nodes will be on the ASC-DSC (chart below).

Whether this resonance will trigger additional or significant seismic activity is of course unknown, however taking any precautionary measures certainly would be wise.

Excerpt from the April 3, 2011 Lunar Planner.

This is an incredibly significant and extremely potent lunar cycle. The New Moon of April 3, 2011 occurs in sidereal Pisces amongst a stellium of planets, including Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Eris and Mercury, all in sidereal Pisces. The New Moon aspects the two largest and most influential planets in our solar system. The New Moon conjoins mobilizing and expansive Jupiter and it lies opposite imposing Saturn, which marks the beginning of a new 378-day Earth-Saturn synodic cycle. Saturn, in sidereal Virgo and conjoining the stars of Corvus, the Raven Messenger, demands we heed and respond to the signs expressing through the natural world around us. This Lunar Cycle impels expansive change and transformation on a grand scale, within our personal lives and in our societal structure. The New Moon conjoins Alpheratz, the head of Princess Andromeda, and Alderamin, the Alpha star of King Cepheus. Making passage through the tumultuous waters of life, and the means to do so, is of issue.

Several other significant events occur in this lunar month as well. Mars and Uranus also make their conjunction on the New Moon, and they conjoin the Vernal Point of Earth's Precessional Cross--again activating our portal of evolutionary transition. Expect the unexpected with stimulus to take creative, spontaneous and radical action....

New Moon Chart for Japan

April 3 New Moon chart at the location of the previous 9.0 Earthquake.

Chart Observations: The entire New Moon stellium (Mars-Uranus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Eris and Mercury creates the location's foundational resonance (IC); with Saturn on the Media Colli (Midheaven MC). The Lunar Nodes (always significant in Astronomical Earthgrid mapping), are aligned with the location's Horizon (ASC-DSC axis). The Mercury-Eris conjunction acts as an additional trigger, which creates a 120° resonance to the location's Ascendant (ASC); i.e., horizon plane.

The meridian planetary alignments and the Lunar Nodes-horizon alignment alone warrant a significant Seismic Alert. It would be wise to map planetary alignments for this location throughout this lunar cycle (by someone with the time and resources).

A New Moon always places the POF ( Arabic Part of Fortune) on the ASC, thus it conjoins the Lunar North Node as well, which is extremely signifcant. The POF is a mathematical point in the ecliptic (a spacetime harmonic) that relates the lunar phase partile (Sun-Moon angle), which defines where we are in the lunar cycle (time), with the horizon plane of a location (space). The POF will always be the same angular distance from the ASC as the Moon is from the Sun.

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UPDATE April 7

Earthquake Magnitude: 7.1 - Region: East Coast of Honshu 38.253°N, 141.640°E Depth 49km.
April 07, 2011 at 14:32:41 UTC / Thursday, April 07, 2011 at 11:32:41 PM at epicenter

Japan 7.1 earthquake chart 2011 04 07

Chart basics:

Returning to the same New Moon configuration, with Saturn on the MC and Sun-Jupiter on the IC of the location's meridian.

The Moon has now progressed to its Crescent phase shift, which occurs at 7° 36' sidereal Taurus, conjoining the Pleiades. Thus the Moon is in the peak of its crescendo into the phase shift, less than 1° to Crescent (1hr 45min)

The Lunar Nodes conjoin the Horizon Plane.

This sucinct and potent set of alignments produced a strong Astronomical Earthgrid resonace, and the 7.1 Japan Earthquake.

USGS Data for this earthquake