Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping of the
Vanuatu 7.0 April 29, 2016 Earthquake & CERN going offline.

Nick Anthony Fiorenza


I present this due to its interesting curiousity. There was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Vanuatu on April 29, 2016. CERN in Geneva Switzerland, almost exactly 1/2 way around the world, went offline nine hours later. This is a brief look at the possible correspondence of these events. I do not at all suggest one event caused the other, but that Earth resonances occur everywhere on Earth at any given moment and are caused by longitudinal gravity waves occuring between planets in the solar system and how they express through the unique spherical geometry of every location on Earth at any given moment. Thus, events (occuring geologically and effecting all life on Earth) are not independent, nor separated in space and time, but are inseparably interdependent.

Vanuatu Earthquake - CERN 2016 map

Vanuatu Earthquake

Time: 2016-04-28 19:33:24 UT
Local Time: April 29, 6:33:24 AM 11E
Location: 16.041°S 167.380°E depth=24.0 km

Vanuatu 7.1 Earthquake Planetary Alignmnets

CERN Power Failure

Time: 2016-04-29 04:30 UT
Local Time: April 29, ~5:30 AM CET
Location: 46N12 06E09

CERN CERN Power Failure Planetary Alignmnets


Note the Moon-Pluto, Mercury, Uranus-Eris, Lunar Nodes, the POF and Vertex aspects to the horizon planes and meridians in both charts.

Note the meridian at CERN moves into alignment with Pluto and the Moon-POF alignment, which is within a fraction of a degree (the significance of which is discussed on the EGM home page).

CERN alignments at time of Vanuatu Earthquake

CERN alignments at time of Vanuatu Earthquake

Time: 2016-04-28 19:33:24 UT
Vanuatu Time: April 29, 6:33:24 AM 11E
CERN Location: 46N12 06E09


This occurs after sunset, with Mercury setting, rather than at sunrise like the two events.

Note the Lunar Nodes, Moon-Pluto, Uranus and Mercury aspect horizon plane (ASC-DSC).

Note POF-Meridian IC (<1°), but no Vertex alignment (no unexpected event).


CERN power failure - Quote: "At around 5:30 am on Friday 29 April 2016, a small beech marten found its way onto a large, open-air electrical transformer situated above ground at CERN, causing a short circuit and cutting the power to part of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)."
CERN Archive link:

Vanuatu 2016 04 29 7.0 Earthquake