Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping of the
Italy August 24, 2016 Earthquakes

Mars-Saturn, Mercury-Jupiter & Uranus-Eris

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

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Although this was not a major earthquake, it was severe and did result in over 200 hundred fatalities, with many more injured, and caused extensive damage due to the relatively shallow depth of the fault (10km epicenter) and older unreinforced buildings.

The series of earthquakes began with a magnitude 6.2 10km SE of Norcia in the mountainous region of central Italy at 3:36 AM CEST (2:36 CET), followed within hours by a few more aftershocks above 4.0. Several small towns were severely effected, including Amatrice, Accumoli and others.

First Order Geocentric Planetary Alignments

• Saturn square Neptune and the Lunar Nodes.
• Uranus-Eris second conjunction (both retrograde).
• Jupiter (Mercury) is inconjunct (150°) from Uranus-Eris.
• Jupiter (Mercury is quintile (72°) to Saturn (Mars).

Faster Moving Planetary Triggers

• Mars conjoins Saturn (Antares).
• Mercury makes the first of its three conjunctions with Jupiter.

Lunar Triggers

• Lunar Nodes, Moon and POF aspects are the next to look for.
• Note: The POF is a mathematically derived spacetime harmonic in the ecliptic that relates the lunar phase partile (Sun-Moon angle), which defines where we are in the lunar cycle (time), with the horizon plane of a location (space). The POF will always be the same angular distance from the ASC as the Moon is from the Sun. POF aspects most always narrow the time of significant events to within minutes if not seconds.
• Note the long-standing POF aspects during the quick succession of the first few earthquakes.

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