Fire The Grid

Global Earthgrid Activation
July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

This web page presents the world-wide "Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping" for an event called "Fire the Grid." It reveals the extra-active locations on the Earth where portals in consciousness open as well as their tie-ins. Also presented is the astronomical star-level sidereal astrology surrounding this Venus-Crescent Moon event.

"Fire the Grid," is a one hour Global Meditation / Prayer international event initiated by Shelley Yates. See Shelley's web site presenting this event at:

"Fire the Grid was a series of 3 synchronized meditations in 2007, 2009 and 2011 that played a pivotal role in the history of our world. The first meditation of July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT is considered to be the largest organized meditation ever, with millions of participants from over 90 countries worldwide." (Shelley Yates)

You can post comments about any of this material on the Lunar Planner Forum at: Fire The Grid.

The Earthgrid

Fire the Grid Worldwide Earthgrid Map

Larger Maps Below.

One significantly active area runs from Provideniya, Northeast Russia, across the Bering Strait through Anchorage Alaska, along the Northern coast of the US (San Fran, LA, San Diego), through Baja Mexico, and the southern tip of South America--also energetically linking these areas.

Another highly active line runs along the west coast of New Zealand. Another links Sri Lanka, Calcutta India, and Ulan Bator Mongolia.

The Global Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime map section below reveals more about Fire the Grid, and provides a link to a large map and a list of significantly active locations world wide.

Evolutionary Intelligence translates into Earth's energy grid catalyzing a natural and progressive unfoldment of human consciousness through a dynamic geometry created by Earth's daily rotation in the spherical geometry created by Earth's precessional cycle, which governs the "Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul" on Earth.

The Earthgrid is not merely a static geometry of energy lines, portals, sacred sites, or places of power, but is a dynamic, interactive system that awakens over time, in a "Earthgrid Activation Sequence."

Creating Earthgrid Harmony

The evolutionary unfoldment of human consciousness is inseparable from the natural Astronomical Earthgrid Activation Sequence--it is one interactive, intelligently ordered, evolutionary system. We can deliberately participate with the Earthgrid activation process to significantly contribute to the establishment of a Love-based Earthgrid resonance--one supportive to a harmonious evolutionary transition. In fact, it is our global responsibility, as stewards of the Earth, to tip the scales to create an overall grid-resonance of LOVE--rather than allowing one of FEAR to perpetuate.

When we honor that human consciousness is a resonant shell around the Earth that contributes significantly to the overall harmony or disharmony of the Earthgrid, to "Earth's harmonic signature," it becomes easy to acknowledge that we have an intimate role in determining the nature and extent of our evolutionary outcome. If we are discordant with the natural resonances of the Earth and her cycles and are resistant to integrate the very energy resonances supportive to our own evolutionary unfoldment and fulfillment, we essentially isolate ourselves from life itself. As we do, we atrophy, crystallize and eventually, we seismically shatter in crisis.

Fire the Grid in Europe

Fire the Grid occurs at Noon in Scandinavia, Europe and Africa. More on this high-noon activation is presented below.

To establish a Love-based Earthgrid resonance is to surrender resistance to experience, and to surrender judgment of ourselves for our all of our human experience. To unconditionally accept our humanness while we simultaneously act to better our human condition is a form of communion, an act of love that creates a condition of geophysical and cultural stability, and an Earthgrid resonance that supports a harmonious infusion of Evolutionary Intelligence into the Earth and into ourselves. Acting from compassion with conscious deliberation makes possible safe passage through Earth's Precessional Cross; it makes possible our graduation as a spiritually awakened world into galactic awareness and extraterrestrial co-participation.

Fire the Grid, as other events of this nature, provide opportunity to consciously participate in our spiritual, emotional, and physical evolutionary maturing and awakening. Participating in such events is to act as responsible co-creators of our reality.

The Fire the Grid Lunar Cycle

The July 17, 2007 Fire the Grid occurs just prior to the Crescent Moon occurring in the July 14 2007 Lunar Cycle. The New Moon of July 14, 2007 occurs in late sidereal Gemini in the midst of the two primary stars of the Twins, Castor and Pollux, which are the heads of the Twins, and which set the theme of this Lunar Cycle. The theme of the Twins, and this specific zodiacal location in the ecliptic, conjoining Castor and Pollux, create a perfect backdrop theme for Fire the Grid.

The Gemini Twins

Here we have the epitome of partnership in mutual cooperation participating in the human world. The Twins are marked by the two principal stars: Pollux, the immortal extraterrestrial one, and Castor the mortal terrestrial one, the extraterrestrial incarnate. These two stars mark the last few degrees of sidereal Gemini. The Twins stand upon the galactic equator at a 60° angle to the ecliptic plane, with the "Feet of the Twins" lying in earlier Gemini, upon the "galactic node" of Earth's Precessional Cross, the "Gate of Man." Thus, Gemini is a galactic constellation and ecliptical constellation, one common to our solar plane (ecliptic), with sol / soul purpose expressing in the daily activity of humankind. (Our feet are associated with our longer term sole / soul purpose.)

The role of the Twins is one of linking and uniting the mission of the soul (galactic plane) into and through our incarnate daily affairs and mode of participating in the world. The Twins work hand-in-hand for the betterment and evolutionary fulfillment of humankind. And of course, Gemini is of communication, information, and the exchange of it, and everything to do with commerce.

Conjoining Pollux and influencing this theme is Procyon, the Babylonian "Kakkab Paldara," which means "Star of the Crossing." It is one of the five stars creating the "Egyptian X" with Betelgeuse of Orion, Naos of the Argo, Phaet of Columba the Dove, and with the center star Sirius--the Great World Teacher. In classic astrology, Procyon portends wealth, renown, and good fortune. Conjoining Pollux of Gemini (the ambassador), Procyon supports allegiance to a greater cause, purpose, or faction. Procyon inspires us to ally with others or with a group to achieve a greater purpose than we could achieve alone. The desert Arab astronomers knew Sirius and Procyon as "Al Ahawat al Suhail"--the (radiant, glorious, and beautiful) sisters of Canopus: thus recognizing all three to be associated with the fulfillment of souls' greater evolutionary purpose.

A more embracing astrological exploration of this Lunar Cycle, and of the astrology surrounding Fire the Grid, will be / is presented in the July 14, 2007 Lunar Planner.

The Fire the Grid - Venus - Crescent Moon

The Fire the Grid Moon conjoins Venus, and beautifully and appropriately lies under the auspices of Regulus in sidereal Leo. I have written extensively about the significance of Regulus over the years in the monthly Lunar Planners, both as to why it is Chief of the Four Royal Architects as well as its prime ecliptical location being in significant aspect to Earth's Precessional Cross--which is key in Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping and the Earthgrid Activation Sequence.

Regulus of Leo, Heart of the Lion.

Regulus is "Chief or King of the Four Royal Stars," (Regulus, Fomalhaut, Aldebaran, and Antares). Throughout antiquity Regulus was associated with royalty and kings (the colors royal blue and gold). Its name is given as “the Regulus” or “the Rex,” meaning the “Law Giver.” Placed as the "heart" of the Lion reveals where the law / our truth resides. Regulus is considered the governing star of the heavens for several reasons. It lies almost exactly upon the ecliptic, thus, once a year, during Earth's orbit around the sun, the Sun occults Regulus.

Residing at about 5 degrees sidereal Leo, Regulus is the only one of the four royal stars prominently aspecting Earth's Precessional Cross (the Gate of God at 5° Sag and the Gate of Man at 5° Gemini.), both in ecliptical longitude and in latitude). The Rex is therefore an administrative seat, a foundational star insuring integrity and order.

On a personal level, Regulus is about our "vertical integrity," that is, living true to self. This means walking in confidence and with self-respect, aligned with the truth in our hearts, in thought, word, and deed. Our personal integrity, our inner vertical attunement, must precede any horizontal, humanitarian participation in the world (Leo’s opposite Aquarian pole). Without this inner integrity we become self-sacrificing, entrapped in a sympathetic resonance or dance, giving self away at the cost of our heart / soul truth. This perpetuates discord and dysfunction for self and for others because we are simply living a lie. Only by living our hearts' truths do we provide opportunity for others to also stand in integrity and live theirs. A true humanitarian world starts with self, living vertically attuned, from the integrity of the Heart.

Fire the Grid
Global Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping

Although global resonance is established by all participants, there are certain locations of extra significance, as revealed in the World Earthgrid Map below, where astronomical-Earthgrid portals in consciousness open.

This map reveals the primary Astronomical-Earthgrid activation areas world wide. A large version of the map (~560k) can be seen by clicking on the map or button below (it will open a web page in a separate browser window). That page also lists the significantly active locations on the Earth as well as their tie-ins.

Fire the Grid World Earthgrid Map

There exists a hierarchy of geometric harmonics that occur when specific "Astronomical Earthgrid Activation Windows" (or corridors) open. The primary (or first-order) activation windows open when a specific location's "Local Cross" geometrically nests within Earth's Precessional Cross. This occurrence is unique to any specific location on Earth and continually changes with time.

A Local Cross is defined by the spherical geometry created by the location's meridian, horizon plane, and the ecliptic plane. The Local cross creates the MC-IC and ASC-DSC axes in an astrology chart. These four points (or nodes) are called "the angles" in an astrology chart. They are specifically significant because energy harmonically translates from one spherical astronomical system (realm on consciousness) to another through their common axes or nodes.

A Local Cross / Precessional Cross activation window can open in a few ways, either when a location's meridian plane or horizon plane (MC-IC or ASC-DSC in the astrological chart) aligns with the Precessional Cross; or both.

Significant planetary alignments occurring in principal geometric orientation to (aspecting) the angles at the time of the open Precessional Cross portal define the second-order of significance. The lunar phase harmonic and lunar nodes are next in defining an Earthgrid activation; and finally what is called the POF (Arabic Part of Fortune) narrows the activation to within seconds. (The POF is actually a space-time harmonic relating the lunar phase partile with the horizon plane of the location; i.e., where we are in the experiential spiral of growth at any given space-time moment.) A sophisticated Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping software program is required to search for many portals involving all of these parameters. Although not mapping that level of detail here, the Global Astronomical Earthgrid map above reveals the fundamental astrophysical spherical geometries creating the primary Earthgrid activation sites around the globe. The curved and straight lines on the map are the astronomical great circles creating the active geometry upon the Earth at 2007-07-17, 11:11 GMT. Specific locations of significance are presented on the large Astronomical-Earthgrid map web page.

Fire the Grid in Europe - High-Noon Activation

Although the primary Astronomical-Earthgrid time-space portals are revealed in the World Map above, the High-Noon location on the Earth is one of significance as well. This is the location on the Earth when the Sun is on the meridian (overhead) at the 11:11 GMT activation time. This occurs at 013E47 Earth longitude, which runs through Scandinavia, Europe and Africa. A few European Cities near this longitude are Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Roma, Naples, and Palermo. (Local time for this meridian is 1:11:00 PM CED.)

Fire the Grid - Europe Map