Demonstrating Interplanetary Communication
with Gravity Wave Scanning

A cooperative work with William A. Ramsay.

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

In tribute to Bill Ramsay who passed
onward to the stars in April of 2016.
An exceptional soul. Fly on high my dear friend.
Dec 15, 1937 - April 12, 2016


The following demonstrates Earth resonances caused by the alignment of other planets using Longitudinal Gravity Wave Scanning. This not only demonstrates the influence of planetary alignments with specific locations at specific times, but also demonstrates the efficacy of the Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping System to map Earth resonances and subsequent seismicity, presented in brief on the home page of the Earthgrid mapping section of this web site.

In 1994, I attended the International Symposium on New Energy (ISNE) in Denver Colorado (May 12-14) with my friend E.E. (Shine) Richards. Shine introduced me to a close friend of his friend, William Ramsay. Instant recognition, to make an old soul story short: Bill was presenting a talk and paper entitled “Exploring the Æthers: Adventures Inspired by Hodowanec Discoveries." Bill had developed a “Fixed Rate Scanning” technique to record what he called "Earth Core Gravitational Long–Wave Patterns." The instrumentation consisted of a longitudinal gravity wave detector that Bill evolved from the work of Gregory Hodowanec, and a Rustrak strip chart recorder. References are below.

Bill brought his Gravity Wave Scanner to the symposium and had it running over the course of the few days we were there. He show me the wave patterns being generated in real time the first night. The charts are created at a rate of one inch per hour—very very slowly, one dot at time, not sure sure where they would go. The charts revealed gravity wave patterns emerging, although it was unclear to Bill what determined when the patterns emerged. Immediately intrigued, I mapped the planetary alignments occuring throughout the night using my Earthgrid mapping technique and correlated them with the fixed rate scans. Not to my surprise, the gravity wave resonances emerged at the exact times when there were planetary alignments aspecting the spherical geometry of our specific location. One example in particular showed, what I have come to call, "gravity wave entrainment" occuring as Jupiter was passing over Denver's meridian. To make a longer story short, Bill invited me to present these findings toward the end of his presentation at the symposium. Since then, I have explored many other of Bill's scans, further validating our discovery. This was to confirm what in both of our minds we had felt: that the long–wave gravity-wave signals must be related to the astronomical / Earth-core, interrelated and inseparable, communicative process.

This is an example from the May 1994 symposium in Denver Colorado.

1994 Denver Colorado Gravity Wave Mapping

The following is another example of this correspondence: the mapping of long–wave recordings from two independent sites (one in South Carolina and one in Hawaii—some 74° in Earth longitude apart) that were taken during one event in time—the Summer Solstice of June 21, 1995. This also clearly reveals the symbiotic breathing of Earth with other planets through the astronomical spherical geometry that defines where and when gravity wave resonances occur on Earth.

We found that at the exact time of the summer solstice, gravity wave entrainment did not occur at both locations because the Sun was not in alignment with any of the critical points created by the spherical geometry at either location. As a result the wave patterns remain in their quiescent state at the time of the solstice. Instead, wave entrainment did occur only when there were other planetary alignments with or directly aspecting the locations' spherical geometry, which occurred a few hours earlier, prior to the solstice in South Carolina, and after the solstice in Hawaii—as was expected.

1995 South Carolina June Solstice Gravity Wave Mapping

Note: The scan rate in the above strip chart is 1" per hour. The one below is 1/5" per hour.

1995 Hawaii June Solstice Gravity Wave Mapping
Earth-Moon Wave Coupling by E.E. Richards
Solar System Wave Geometry by E.E. Richards

Above graphic Illustrations by E.E. (Shine) Richards depicting gravity wave harmonic coupling between planets.

Longitudinal gravity waves between planets

This illustration helps to convey why heliocentric alignments of outer planets create strong long-standing resonances in the orbits of the inner planets (and on Earth) regardless of the aspects of the inner planets, because the relatively small orbits of the inner planets are engulfed in the resonances created by the much slower moving distant outer planets. The aspects created by the movement of the inner planets then act as triggers within the longer duration alignments.

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International Symposium on New Energy (now renamed as "Next-Generation Electronics")
(ISNE Denver, CO., 1994)

E.E. (Shine) Richards re: Bill Ramsay and Gregory Hodowanec

E.E. (Shine) Richards

Gregory Hodowanec