Inter-planetary Wave Coupling Resonances

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Wave Coupling Resonances

Wave Coupling refers to the standing gravitational waves between two planets. The frequencies of these waves are determined, in part, by the distance between the planets. Extra significant Wave Coupling Resonances occur when the "planetary distance harmonics" resonate with any of the other harmonics created by the astrophysical parameters of the planets involved.

Earth-Mars Wave Coupling Resonance Example

A new Earth-Mars synodic cycle began on May 22, 2016 just after the May 21 Full Moon. This occurs when the Sun, Earth and Mars align (called an Earth-Mars synod). The synod also occurs near the time when Earth and Mars are the closest during their orbits. This particular close approach occurs on May 30, 2016. The distance between the planets is always different from synod to synod due to where the planets are in their orbits, since their orbits are not exactly circular.

This particular close approach, occurring on May 30, has a distance of 0.5 AU. (One AU (astronomical unit) = 149598000 kilometers.)

Mars distance to Earth 2016

Mars distance to Earth 2016
0.50322 AU = 75280705.56 km

This Mars approach creates an especially strong resonance with Earth's Schumann fundamental resonance (and other Earth harmonics), pointed out to me by my friend and colleague Shine Richards:

At 75.3 million Km = 75,300,000 Km. means a frequency of .003984 Hz. with velocity C.

Ninth octave up is 2.039 Hz. low Delta
Tenth octave up is 4.079 Hz. Low Theta
or Eleventh octave is 8.159 Hz for low Alpha

These are just multiple octave relationships. However, if one also looks at third harmonic relationships, which are the strongest we also see:

2.904 Hz, again mid Delta and 8.713 Hz. again Low Alpha.

Which says to me that this cycle of Mars places sweeping strong Alpha, Theta, Delta harmonic couplings to biologic lifeforms situated within the Van Allen, Schumann Resonant energy fields of the Earth. (E.E. Richards)

The third harmonic Shine refers to is the musical fifth (and a geometric trine). The perfect musical fifth (3:2) is the most universally consonant harmonic and the most durative (strong and long lasting compared to other harmonics which subside before the fifth).

Earth Resonances

Earth Circumference Harmonic = 7.49 Hz
Schumann fundamental ƒ = 7.83 Hz
Orbital Period Harmonic = 8.507 Hz
Aphelion to Perihelion ƒ = 8.0527 Hz to 8.3804 Hz (mean = 8.21248 Hz)
(Sun-Earth distance at the time of Earth-Mars closest distance = 1.01392 AU)

Earth-Mars distance Resonances

Eleventh octave = 8.159 Hz (low Alpha)
Third Harmonic = 8.713 Hz. (low Alpha)

Earth Planetary Harmonics

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A cooperative work with William A. Ramsay.