The Precessional Cross

The fundamental principles about the three planes and two axes creating the geometry of the Precessional Cross are presented on the Precessional Cross web page under Construction of the Cross. The following text expounds upon the material presented there.

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The first frame of the Precessional Cross Movie shows Earth at its current precessional position—with Earth's "North Celestial Pole" (NCP) residing over 5° sidereal Gemini and the "Vernal Point" (VP) lying at 5° sidereal Pisces. (The vernal point is always 90° west of the NCP.) This position of Earth's pole creates the current erect cross as seen in the ecliptic plane—with the MOVING vernal axis lying perpendicular to the FIXED galactic equatorial axis.

precession: Earth's pole in Gemini

The intersection of Earth's celestial equator (the green disc) with the ecliptic plane (the blue disc) creates the MOVING vernal axis. The intersection of the ecliptic plane (the blue disc) with the galaxy's equatorial plane (the violet disc) creates the FIXED galactic equatorial axis—lying at 5° sidereal Sagittarius / Gemini.) Five degrees sidereal Sag, the north galactic node, is called the "Gate of God." The opposite south node, at 5° sidereal Gemini, is called the "Gate of Man."

The westward precessional movement of Earth's pole causes the vernal axis to precess around the ecliptic as well—creating the "Cycle of the Precessional Cross"—the timepiece governing the evolutionary unfoldment of human consciousness. One complete cycle takes about 25,000 Earth years. To learn more about Earth's precession and the relationship between the sidereal and tropical zodiaks, please see the Sidereal Astrology web page

The slow rotation of the entire geometry in the animation does not occur in nature but was added to provide additional perspective—allowing the viewer to see not only the two fixed planes from different angles but also the forming of the cross from different angles.

As Earth's pole moves another 90° through the cycle, the NCP will reside over 5° sidereal Pisces and the VP will lie at 5°sidereal Sagittarius. This orientation of Earth's NCP, and its location in the heavens, I dub the "Primordial Origin." This polar position marks the natural beginning and ending of the precessional cycle for several reasons.

precession: Earth's pole in Pisces

Notice that at this time Earth's pole lies most parallel to the galactic plane (to the violet disc). Thus, Earth's pole (the backbone governing Earth's evolutionary unfoldment) lies submersed in and is imbued with Galactic Light—unified within the plane of galactic awareness. Primordial Origin lies at the most northern point along the galactic plane. In addition, the vernal axis lies at rest upon the galactic equatorial axis, with the Vernal Point residing at 5° sidereal Sagittarius—upon the primary galactic node, upon the "Gate of God." This is the galactic node closest to the Heart Center of our Galaxy, the primary reference for the sidereal zodiak—making the obvious zero-point reference on the ecliptic plane for the Precessional Cross cycle. (Galactic Center lies in a direction just south of the Gate of God along the galactic equator—not shown.)

Thus, 5° sidereal Pisces marks the primordial watery essence of our evolutionary unfoldment, and this is why, as the vernal point currently lies under the auspices of the Primordial Origin, we are asked to re-integtrate our temporal experience with our high-vibrational spiritual primordial origins—to reintegrate the spiritual and the physical.

Astrologically, the vernal point's location (the point of the sun / son / sol / soul) in the sidereal zodiak reveals the experiential nature for incarnating soul, where as the location of the NCP (the Godhead) reveals the overseeing and directing theme for the incarnating soul.

From the beginning of the precessional cycle, as the NCP moves from its primordial position at 5° Pisces, Earth's pole lifts itself from its slumber in the plane of galactic light, as the precessional cycle begins to sound (move around) in harmonic unfoldment from the one originating primordial tone.

When the pole precesses 90° from the Primordial Origin, it resides over the Gate of God at 5° sidereal Sagittarius. At this time humanity experiences the FIRST erect cross in the cycle as the vernal point arrives to 5° sidereal Virgo—with the moving vernal axis lying exactly perpendicular to the fixed galactic axis.

precession: Earth's pole in Sag

At this crossing (as the NCP crosses the Gate of God) Earth's pole begins to lean away from the plane of galactic light, beginning a 12,000 year period of temporal darkness. Here, incarnating souls fall from the awareness of their divine (undivided) nature and are now on their own to evolve. This precessional tilt of Earth's pole is called "the fall" for humankind. In our current precessional cycle, the fall occurred about 12,000 years ago—around the time of the Great Flood.

As Earth's pole continues to precess, and comes to the 180° point in the precessional cycle, it resides over 5° Virgo (the ecliptical longitude opposite the Primordial Origin). At this time the vernal point lies at 5° sidereal Gemini—on the Gate of Man—and the two axes are once again lying upon one another, but now reversed.

precession: Earth's pole in Virgo

This is the epitome of separation, of darkness, with the pole tilting furthest away from the plane of galactic light. This is the midway point through the temporal period of darkness. This occurred about 6000 years ago. The entire temporal period (from when the NCP lies over the Gate of God to when it lies over the Gate of Man) is a time when incarnating souls are divided from galactic awareness—in the image of Source, seeing only the reflective shadow of their divine selves.

As the pole continues to precess to the 270°point in the cycle, residing over 5° sidereal Gemini, over the Gate of Man, the vernal point moves to 5° sidereal Pisces erecting the SECOND Cross in the Great World Cycle—the cross occurring now, circa 2000 A.D. Earth's pole now begins to lean back toward the plane of galactic light marking our return from the last 12,000 period of apparent separation lost in the reflections of temporal darkness back into the galactic light of Divine Awareness. Just as the first cross, the cross of the crucifixion of the soul, marked "the fall," this second cross, the cross of the resurrection of the soul, opens the portal for our return journey home, for our re-integration.