Divine Union in the Cycle of
Earth's Precessional Cross

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Divsion of the Cycle

"Divine" means before division, unified in God-consciousness. In the ~25,000 year precessional cycle of the Cross, there exists two primary divisions. The first division creates the upper and lower halves of our divine or undivided nature—shown in the following illustration as the divine half and the temporal half of the cycle. Experience in the divine half occurs in unified awareness, while experience in the temporal half occurs in apparent separation, in the image (shadow) of source or unified awareness.

Divine / Temporal Halves

The second division creates the four primary quarters in the cycle. It also overlays the feminine / masculine polarity onto the divine / temporal polarity.

Male / Female Halves

At each of the four points in the cycle, one of two vectors creating our perceptual experience in consciousness flip. The vector reversals occurring at each quarter point in the cycle create a polarity inversion at each of these times in the precessional cycle.

The vectors are shown by the arrows in the following illustration. The vectors indicate magnitude and direction of a point moving around a circle.

Vector Reversals Animation

(Movement is counter-clockwise in all of the illustrations.)

The Divine Half

The Unifed First Quarter

The precessional "Cycle of the Cross" begins when Earth's north pole lies at the 0° point in the illustration. This occurred about 18,000 years ago. At that time in the cycle, Earth's pole lies upon the galactic plane—infused with the light of galactic awareness. The north pole has precessed (counter-clockwise) to the 270° point. Thus, we are three quarters of the way through one precessional cycle.

The original tone / theme of this precessional cycle—the divine (undivided) directive—expresses and evolves throughout the first quarter of the cycle. At the 90° point in the cycle, the first cross occurred—about 12,000 years ago. This point in the cycle is when Earth's pole fell away from the plane of galactic awareness, when humanity fell from the divine side of the cycle into the shadow or temporal side of the cycle—divided from unified awareness. It is also when we moved from the inspirational quarter into the creative action quarter of the cycle—left to evolve on our own (alone).

Matriarch / Patriarch

The Temporal Half

The Feminine Dominant Second Quarter

At the 90° point, and throughout the second quarter (from 90° to 180°), the female takes an administrative role, directing the masculine expression. That is, the male is expressive, acting or expressing for, or from, or inside, the feminine directive—under feminine guidance—while the female is administering the action of the male. During this time in Earth's history, the female (priestess) was the governing or dominant force and the male was subservient force. This was the Matriarchal Governing Quarter, when the Feminine energy was overtly present on Earth. It was a time when the goddesses were honored, It is also when males may have been slave to some of the priestess factions (fragmented aspects of this energy).

In an ideal (harmonically Phi tuned) cycle, the administrative force would be guiding and serving the expression of its complimentary force, not controlling or suppressing it.

At the 180° point in the cycle, about 6000 years ago, the female / male polarity flips to a male / female polarity. (There may have also been a magnetic field erasure at this time—perhaps why we have little memory or historical record of the matriarchal quarter prior to ~4500 B.C.) This phase reversal (occurring about 6000 years ago) may have been also experienced by humanity as a loss of the Divine Feminine energy.

The Masculine Dominant Third Quarter

Throughout the third quarter (from 180° to 270°)—in an ideal cycle—the male is administering the manifestation or birth of the female. This is the Patriarchal Governing Quarter. During this time in Earth's history, the male (priest) had been the governing or dominant force and the female became the subservient force. (Again, to administer or govern means to facilitate, to guide, to nurture, to make possible. It does not mean to control or supress—obviously this had not been the case on Earth throughout the entire 12,000 year temporal period.)

The Divine Half

The Re-Union in the Fourth Quarter

The movement now (circa 2000 AD) across the 270° point in the cycle marks the time when we move out of divided consciousness and back into unified awareness—from the temporal half, back into the divine half of the cycle. This is NOT a time when there is role-reversal in the masculine and feminine principles—as that had already occurred at the180° point in the cycle. Nor is this a time when the feminine takes the administrative lead over the masculine—as that has occurred in the matriarchal quarter. This is a point of confusion for many people as it seems as if the female needs to take the lead over the male only because of the awry suppressing nature of the current patriarchal force—an understandable attitude by the suppressed feminine.

This is however a time for the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine in the precessional cycle. The matriarchal principle does need to re-emerge from forced suppression (or spiteful withdrawal in some cases) and return to its true and rightful role. This re-emergence makes it possible for the patriarch to realize and assume its true role in service to Unified Divine Directive. This is a time for a reunification of the masculine and feminine principles, when the masculine and feminine can begin to express in their unified, or undivided (divine) relationship. Now (circa 2000 AD) begins the time of re-integration, of re-union.

This is where in the cycle we, as individuals and in our relationships, must equally and in balance embrace our experience in temporal duality (the last 12,000 years)—of having been on both sides of the fence. This is a time where the veils maintaining our apparent separation begin to lift, where we begin to remove our personalty facades and live in the awareness of who we truly are to each other at soul level, in the essence (soul) consciousness of who we truly are as men and women. This would be easy if the last 12,000 year temporal period and the last two quarters within that period were experienced in conscious awareness, in harmony, and in balance. Because this was not the case, this feat seemingly requires a superhuman effort from mere mortals.

As this portal of opportunity emerges in our human struggle, we find ourselves, both male and female, faced with relinquishing the judgments, attitudes, and the mental-emotional-physical patterns that we have incurred throughout the last 12,000 years of separation in temporal darkness—and the roles we play because of those patterns. These are patterns inherently ingrained into our DNA coding, incursions that have come to perpetuate our apparent separation and propensity for side-taking, This is the healing crisis upon the second cross of the resurrection of the soul, the healing of the relationship between the masculine and feminine. No one is exempt from this process. This process is also assisted naturally. This is the intercession of the Precessional Cross, the divine dispensation of the Dove. It is when an avalanche of light (our souls' consciousness / to be Christed) begins to pour through the dual-stranded DNA, beginning to illuminate the DNA, the urn of the soul, back into one spiral of radiant light. This is when the DNA molecule begins to function in its naturally intended mode. This is begins now because Earth's pole, at the 270° point in the cycle, begins to lean back toward the plane of galactic light. This makes it possible for the male and female to become and express as Divine male and Divine female—males and females in their matured spiritual roles.

Why Earth's precessional cycle governs the evolutionary unfoldment of consciousness through the atomic resonance of hydrogen, the mother element which bonds the lattice of the DNA molecule, is presented on "Earth's Precessional Cycle: The Sacred Geometry of Global Change ."

When the DNA only trickles intelligence, it does not illuminate, and the non-illumined molecule functions in the bio-logical mode of reasoning—in its reflective mode—comparing opposites, the refection of self. This is the mode of judgment and side-taking. As the double lattice of the DNA begins to illuminate, we no longer function from bio-logic, from comparing opposites. Instead, we begin to function from bio-illumination—where we realize our oneness, our divinity, in the solution (elixir) of love.

A Call for Wayshowers

There are always those who energetically "break trail" as new opportunities open in consciousness, and we see this opportunity occurring now in male-female relationships.

The opportunity now exists for couples to demonstrate the way back to Unified Awareness—not only in their intimate relationships, but also upon the global stage, in the way that the masculine and feminine express in their relationships in the world. This does not mean that couples are to be exemplars of some unified (divine) ideal—co-particpating in perfect harmony, In fact, our world now, and most likely over many years to come, may become more turbulent and so require tenacious perserverence to maintain balance and harmony as we experience an increase and acceleration of evolutionary change.

As we are squeezed through the portal of the this erect Cross we experience a shearing and tearing, a reversal and inversion of the subtle forces that precipitate our reality and create our perception of life. The breathing process through the tides of turbulence and peace is our re-birth into unified awareness. The process itself is our Divine re-union. See "The Healing Crisis" on the Precessional Cycle web page.

As we become willing to rise to this occasion, we are faced with demonstrating the ability to move through this portal embracing the turbulence in the ocean of consciousness. We are faced with demonstrating the ability to embrace in unconditional acceptance all conditions that arise while riding the currents of faster moving waters—to find the way, the path to wholeness. As we choose to break trail through this portal opening in consciousness, we are faced with an accelerating need to relinquish deep-seated patterns of being, the facades that distort our true divine essence. In doing so, we are simultaneously tested to live in unconditional love, to embrace the discordant nature of antiquated patterns as they surface within our selves and within each other while learning to live together in ways that exalt the divinity within each other. This is to choose, moment by moment, fear or love. The path of love is the path of the selfless heart, the way of the soul—and ultimately, unconditional love is the only way home.

As we move back into the divine half of the cycle, and as the veils of separation lift, we not only experience the remergence of the divine masculine and divine feminine principles, but we also experience the need to demonstrate those principles in our relationships with all of life. This breaks the boundaries and divisions maintained by our personal and cultural dogmas (belief structures) that perpetuate separation and war. During this time, the political, religious, and economic divisions created during the temporal period of darkness must fall, as must the personal facades covering our true soul essence. Now, in the last quarter of the cycle, we begin to experience the destruction of the temporal (externalized) fabrications, a natural dissolving of the delusions that uphold our divisions. As our reintegration into our divinity occurs and our temporal delusions crumble, those that proclaimed that the means to our illumination and freedom is provided from (political-religious-economic) structures that lie externalized, outside of self, we awaken to the nature of our true origins and to the truth of our Divine Heritage—to the realization that God is within—as demonstrably found through the Unified Heart. Now we can start to live that awareness as gods and goddesses unified in God (undivided / divine) awareness rather than merely conceptualizing that awareness as something external to self. In divine relationships, men and women exalt God, the Divine, within each other.

To the wayshowers breaking trail upon this Cross...
A Toast.

Earth's Precessional Cross

The Time of Global Change is at Hand.
To surrender from participating from logistical mind
into galactic awareness is to surrender from fear into Love.

What was, shall no longer be
What was not, can now become.

* * *