Synodic Astrology
The Synodic Cycles of Pluto, Ixion & Quaoar
with Jupiter, Saturn, and Nessus

A Historical Timeline &
Astrological Exploration
1982 - 2020

Nick Anthony Fiorenza


I hope this article will provide greater context to our apparent global madness, and reveal, that despite of how crazy things look at times, the evolution of consciousness is occurring in our world, one that is supporting the emotional maturing and spiritual awakening of our species.

I also present this material as a resource for astrologers to further correlate the influences of Pluto, Ixion and Quaoar with historical and future events, as well as in our personal lives, during their many-year sojourn through sidereal Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. This article is limited to synodic events in this area of zodiak.

Planetary Synods occur when two planets align in their orbits, when looking from the Sun. This "heliocentric conjunction" marks the beginning of a synodic cycle created by the energetic synthesis of the two planets, a cycle which lasts until the two planets align again. There are many synodic cycles occurring continuously in our solar system, all of different durations due to the wide range of orbital periods (the time it takes for a planet to orbit the Sun)—from days to decades. The faster orbiting planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars create cycles anywhere from 80 days to a couple of years. The slower movers like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune create cycles of many years to decades. The very slow movers like Pluto, Ixion and Quaoar are in another category all together.

Each synodic cycle has a unique theme defined by the planets involved and the stars they align with. There are many synodic cycles all with unique astrological themes occurring simultaneously, creating a harmonic symphony of creative unfoldment in human consciousness—the underlying currents upon which we evolve. Synodic cycles can be thought of as the longer-term backdrop themes underlying our more obvious or in-the-moment experience revealed by geocentrically-based planetary conjunctions.

See "Synodic Cycles and Planetary Retrogrades" to learn more about synodic cycles, how they are created, and their astrological significance.

This article explores the synodic cycles created by Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Ixion, Quaoar (and Nessus) starting from 1982 through the present and into 2020. Here we explore the underlying interweaving cycles and long-term energetics created by these planets that form, in part, the nature of our experience and the unfoldment of consciousness on Earth over this entire 40-year time span.

Sidereal Libra, Scorpio and Sagitarrius provide the stellar backdrop in which Pluto, Ixion and Quaoar reside. Jupiter moves through this part of the heavens every 12 years; and Saturn every 30 years, both creating additional synodic cycles with Pluto, Ixion and Quaoar. The Centaur Nessus arrives on the scene as well in 1994.

Jupiter creates a significant acceleration and mobilizing shift in this entire timeline in late 2007.

All conjunctions, planetary positions, and star charts presented in this article are heliocentric (looking from the Sun) and are in sidereal longitudes and sidereal signs; i.e., their true astronomical placement.

Ixion and Quaoar started a new synodic cycle in May of 1994, just before Pluto showed up on the scene to start cycles with them both. Pluto and Ixion's last synod (heliocentric conjunction) occurred in March of 1995 at 2° 49' sidereal Scorpio. Pluto and Quaoar's synod occurred in Feb of 1997 at 8° 34' sidereal Scorpio, over the head of the Scorpion.

Pluto, currently the faster mover, then took the lead over the other two, with Quaoar folowing and with Ixion behind.

In this article, we will explore a much larger time frame surrounding these primary events to get a feel for the competitive race between these outer planets and the unfolding astrological context in which these synods occur. I will present the astronoimcal events first and then the astrology of those events.

The Players
Astrological Considerations

Pluto: The opener. Pluto destructs or dismantles that which is not in our higher interest.

Ixion: King of the Lapiths (a race) in Thessaly.
Potential themes: Tyranny, control and ownership of the feminine, deceit and attempted annihilation between authoritarian figureheads, the taking of kindred blood.

Quaoar: Creation Force of the Native American Tonga Tribe.
Ppotential themes: Inspires our return to the sacredness of life and to natural law, to synchronize with and live according to the natural laws of creation.

Nessus: The Third Centaur
Potential themes: Perhaps with a disrespect for morality, Nessus seems to teach us about embracing our sensual and sexual nature, to enjoy this abundance in life, rather than denying it or shutting ourselves down to it due to righteous or erroneous beliefs and emotions of unworthiness. Nessus, in its own raw way, may serve to free up and and promote healing regarding issues of sexual abuse and sexuality in general that had been locked, frozen, held in denial, or suppressed.

More about Pluto, Ixion, Quaoar and Nessus can be found in Asteroids, Centaurs & Dwarf Planets

The Astrological Backdrop
Some stellar themes to consider - A brief overview

Although the constellation of Virgo begins at the Leo / Virgo cusp, it extends into the first 17 degrees of the sidereal sign of Libra. The Virgin lies supine with her head at the beginning of Virgo—with Coma Berenices, the Halo of the Virgin just above. (Coma Berenices is home to our Super Galactic Centre—the spiritual center in which our galaxy nests). The Virgin's base chakra (Spica, Alpha Virgo) marks the cusp of Virgo / Libra, while the Virgin's legs extend well into Libra, with her feet marking the center (15°) of sidereal Libra. The constellation of Virgo embraces ~46° of the zodiak.

The two primary stars of Libra, (Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamalli), in modern illustrations, form the balance or scales of Libra. They respectively lie at 20° and 24° Libra. These two stars are also the "Chelae of the Scorpion," extending from the sign of Scorpio back into Libra. The overall image is of the Virgin giving birth into the Chelae of the Scorpion. This image articulates the birthing of the soul into reincarnational process of soul growth through the balance of experience. This mythical articulation was destroyed in recent (Chaldean / Roman) times: The Scorpion's Chelae and the Virgin's legs had both been severed from our stellar mythos, and so too its profound significance regarding the reincarnational process of the soul.

Stellar Energetics in Brief

Sidereal Virgo is about preparation and purity of self for our greatest well being and highest evolutionary attainment. On a mundane level, Virgo is of hard work; is health conscious and methodical in development and progress; creating order, continuity and stability; new beginnings, cultivation and harvest—the sign of agriculture; with a meticulous, organized nature and strong focus in communication and logistics.

Benetnash of Ursa Major in the northern heavens conjoins Zavijava of Virgo), marking the cusp of Leo-Virgo. Benetnash and Zavijava are of big business and politics, its leadership, and their followers. They impel the need for discernment to see the truth and those genuine behind the smoke screens and diversionary antics of the old totalitarian world powers.

Porrima and Vindemiatrix mark Mercury's exalted location in the ecliptic (~15°). Porrima, just two degrees north of the ecliptic expresses through the higher nature of the Mercurial mind—our higher brain centres that activate our capacity for clairvoyance and telepathy. Porrima opens our ability to have foresight to see future probabilities. Vindemiatrix, just north of Porrima, classically the Harvester, articulates the importance of timing. "This star is said to confer great powers of thought and an exacting, severe nature" (siderealist Andrés Takra). Both stars lie over Corvus the Raven, the messenger bird. Corvus communicates through all of nature, and asks us to read the natural world, to listen to and observe the signs expressed in daily life from the world around us. Mercury's exaltation in mid-Virgo lends a clue to why Mercury is a primary element in agricultural related market forecasting.

Archturus: Bootes, the protector and shepherd who stands over the Virgin, holds the responsibility to provide a safe and harmonious environment for the Virgin—for the safe birth and evolutionary fulfillment of souls.

Spica: Loyalty to the evolutionary fulfilment of Earth and humanity; sacredness and sanctified in the use of creative energies; vessel for the seed of life; knowledgeable about natural medicinal remedies, esp. herb related.

Whereas Virgo is about out inner-biological environment, early Libra shifts to our outer environment and support around us.

Under the Skirt of the Virgin (legs of the supine Virgin): The stars of early sidereal Libra are of the arts and sciences regarding proper and harmonious environments, processes, and procedures in our personal lives that ensures the safe birth and healthy incarnate experience of souls on Earth. Environmental support is a key phrase here, this includes the environmental conditions of the Earth, our personal living environments, and a harmonious environment (resonance) in our relations. Thus, art, intimacy and beauty are all of significance in creating a nurturing environmental resonance in our lives. Miaplacidus (in southern Argo Navis entering the ecliptic at about 7° sidereal Libra) is of Astronomical-Earthgrid mapping—living at or traveling to the right locations at various times in our lives is also of import, to be in proper (space-time) harmony. The purpose of sacred geometry, naturally tuned architecture, and the art-sciences involving harmonics and resonance are all of significance here—many of the art-sciences that have been obscured or suppressed. Syrma, knee of the Virgin, star of Atlantis (about 10° sidereal Libra), suggests the means to unlock frozen genetic coding for the continuance into our evolutionary fulfillment.

The Feet of the Virgin, marking the Virgin point are of souls' original pure intent and purpose. South is Centaurus who stands on the galactic equator over the Southern Cross. The Centaur is protector of the Southern Cross and benevolent teacher of its principles. The four stars of the Southern Cross (Cruces) embody the original cardinal virtues seemly lost to most of humanity. This is the cardinality (pure intent) of the soul—embodied by the Kappa Crucis Cluster, the Jewel Box. The Southern Cross embodies the pure intent of the soul before the aberrations, confusions, and attitudes incurred by the soul throughout its entire reincarnational process.

The Chelae of the Scorpion (scales of Libra): Zubenelgenubi, the southern claw is the karmic seat for humanity; also Saturn's exalted location; the life scenario we have established, our established patterns. Zubeneschamali impels our need to resolve, to balance our past by choosing new experience. Success in doing so results in equipoise and harmony from which solution is realized.

Unukalhai, neck of the Serpent: The Serpent, held in the hands of Ophiuchus, reaches from the Northern Crown (Corona Borealis), which lies above the Scorpion's Chelae—Unukalhai is emblematic of claiming self-empowerment while in the Chelae. The Northern Crown articulates the opportunity to claim the experiential wisdom from the cycle of soul growth.

Dschuba, head of the Scorpion: Here is need to take responsibility for the reality in which we find our selves, to become responsible creators of our lives rather than perpetuate entrapment in the chelae as if victims in the cyclic repetitive patterns of our lives, trapped in the paradox of dualistic mind. To do so is not a mere head trip, but requires we claim the wisdom from our experience gained only by resolving / balancing our experience in the chelae.

Antares, heart of the Scorpion, marking the center of sidereal Scorpio. Here we get to the essence of the Centaur's teachings; to learn the about the forces of life and death, of the power within verses the powers in the world at large.

Ras Alhauge, Alpha Ophiuchus, the principal lucida of Ophiuchus, is head of the Serpent Holder. This star, high in the northern heavens, embodies the essence of the constellation—the wise sage, teacher, knowledge and wisdom. Ras Alhague expresses the wisdom of one who has attained their self-mastery and lives from that maturity and awareness.

Lesath, the sting of the Scorpion & Ara, the Altar of the Centaur: On the low altar, the Centaur places Lupus the Beast (our lower-order personality-based patterns of self-importance, and associated emotional baggage) with conscious deliberation to be consumed in the Centaur's transmutational pyre. Venom from Lesath, the sting of the Scorpion, dripping on the altar, provides the required transmutational elixir—the often harsh but required lessons incurred while incarnate. Over the high altar lies Galactic Centre where reinstatement into our souls' destined fulfillment occurs. The sting (marking the end of Scorpio) precedes movement across the cusp of Scorpio into Sag and Galactic Center.

The Ara Initiation demands the release of all guilt, grief, judgment, fear, anger, and pain associated with all incarnate experience—the self-important baggage we carry, and that is held even at soul level. Doing so allows us to claim the wisdom gained from soul's entire incarnational experience. If we do not, we continue to burn in the alchemical process. Only from this mature and humble act can we step into our greater evolutionary fulfillment.

Galactic Center (GC) is of reinstatement, graduation, living in the truth of who we truly are from soul level. Etamin, the overseeing eye of the Dragon, looks upon the high altar of the Centaur upon which the Heart Center of our Galaxy resides. This is where reinstatement of the evolving soul occurs after having been through the initiations and completions occurring in Scorpio. Etamin opens the Galactic Center portal for those who have claimed the wisdom and empowerment by embracing the initiatory lessons of life (who drank the transmutational elixir provided by the sting of the scorpion), and who are now prepared for a greater mission to ensue. For those having relinquished that which was required in the last lunar cycle, and who have made this metamorphosis, a new beginning occurs.

The "Gate of God" (5° sidereal Sag) of Earth's Precessional Cross conjoins the "tip of the arrow" of the Zen Archer, marked by the star Al Nasl of Sagittarius, which points toward the Heart Center of our Galaxy. Al Nasl inspires us to hold undaunted focus upon our goal in the higher spiritual interest of our soul. Al Nasl brings us the ability to pierce the veils of illusion, and hit the mark of our highest ideals, to attain our dreams. Just above the "Gate of God," lying along the Galactic equator, is Scutum, Galactic Shield of the Holy Cross, emblazoned with the Precessional Cross symbol (the cross in a circle, also the astromical sylmbol for Earth). Scutum is "Defender of the Precessional Cross"—of the greater evolutionary fulfillment and path of the soul on Earth—that which the Zen Archer undauntingly lives, stands, and is willing to die for.

Synodic Astrology
Jupiter, Saturn & The Pluto,
Ixion & Quaoar Synodic Cycles
1982 - 2020

The Synods - 1982 through 1984 - Setting the Stage

Jupiter-Saturn, Pluto, Ixion, & Quaoar Synods - 1982 - 1984
Star Chart Sidereal-Heliocentric

Although we are exploring the long-term cycles created by Jupiter Saturn, Nessus, Pluto, Ixion, and Quaoar, we must realize the faster moving planets and asteroids move through this part of the heavens quite often and so too create additional synodic cycles with these planets. These faster cycles, which are not discussed, augment, or nest in, the longer-term cycles. Earth, of course, moves through this part of the heavens every year. I mention various Earth-planet synods only when Earth is conjoining one of the long-term synods.

Earth conjoined Quaoar and Ixion in early May of 1982—exactly conjoining Zubenelgenubi, the southern Chelae—starting a significant Earth-Quaoar-Ixion Zubenelgenubi-related synodic theme. (Earth syndos with slow moving planets are about one Earth-year long.)(Quaoar, at the time, was within a 1/2 degree orb to Ixion.)

Jupiter conjoined Quaoar and Ixion shortly after, in August of 1982, also aligned with Zubenelgenubi—an expansive and mobilizing agent of higher law steps in. (Jupiter's synod with these slow movers is more than 12 years long.)

A new 38-year Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle started on Dec 24, 1982, a bit earlier in the ecliptic, in early sidereal Libra, under the skirt of Virgin and under the auspices of protector Boötes. (This specific Saturn-Pluto synod continues until 2020.) This 38-year cycle can be thought of as the underlying cycle in which our other cycles nest.

Earth again conjoined Quaoar and Ixion in early May of 1983, (Quaoar at this time was within a 1/4 degree orb to Ixion.), and then again in May of 1984 during the actual Quaoar-Ixion synod. This is when Quaoar over took Ixion. The two, at similar orbital rates, conjoined exactly in the Chelae of the Scorpion, nesting between the two stars, Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali (presented above).

Saturn conjoins Quaoar and Ixion a few months later in October of 1984—significantly augmenting the synodic theme—it becoming a Saturn-Ixion-Quaoar theme.

The Astrology

This entire scenario suggests a karmic responsibility (Earth-Quaoar-Ixion-Zubenelgenubi; also Saturn's exalted location) to address an existing, perhaps long-standing and out-of balance karmic scenario. Here we would be faced with the ramifications of having drifted from a more natural order and way of life, one honoring the sacredness of life (articulated by Quaoar). This is not saying all of this would occur in that specific year. Remember, synods mark the start of a cycle which will then unfold, just as a lunar cycle's theme unfolds at the start of the new moon. Earth-Quaoar-Ixion-Zubenelgenubi reveals the stage setting—a karmic scenario (existing patterns that must eventually change). Saturn's influence may also create a set up, a concretized or long-standing scenario that will serve as a stage setting for a drama to unfold. Considering the participants, it would seem ominous. However, Jupiter's role would mobilize the scenario, expanding upon it and opening it to a higher-law that supersedes man's judgment-based laws (Saturn's influence).

The 38-year Saturn-Pluto Synodic Cycle - 1982-2020

The 38-year Saturn-Pluto Synodic Cycle (running from 1982 through 2020) is of course quite significant (the one we are presently in) so let us start here:

Saturn in general, is of restriction, limitation, established structures, those physical, administrative, and those of consciousness. These structures, paradoxically, can be supportive, but they can also be experienced as barriers to progress and restricting our freedom unless they change and evolve as the changing times require. Pluto is about use of power and about our inner transformation regarding our responsibility to change, to address our patterns of behavior that keep us entrapped, and regarding how we participate in society.

A Saturn Pluto synthesis in general demands that we make an inner transformation regarding our own use of power in order to move beyond the external authoritarian imposed control and restriction that we may experience in our lives. This can be a hard lesson until we learn that the change required is one we need to make on the inside before the release of restriction occurs on the outside. Thus the Saturn-Pluto cycle is one demanding an evolution in the very structure of our consciousness. It demands we evolve our capacity to become increasingly more responsible with our use of power.

A Saturn Pluto synthesis is also about the administration and control of power and the structure through which those in power function; as well as overthrows or turnings in authoritarian systems of power and in their administration. The systems of power emerging in 1982 are thus of significance, and we will be making the 270° point of transition / change occurring in this cycle in 2009-2010, and completing the cycle in 2020.

The theme of the 1982 Saturn-Pluto Synodic Cycle

This synod occurs in early sidereal Libra (2° 36') under the skirt of the Virgin and conjoins Izar of Bootes. IIzar resides on the loins of Bootes, sometimes considered his loin-cloth.

The first half of sidereal Libra, which I dub "Under the Skirt of the Virgin," is about cover-ups, about the veiled or hidden truth regarding the intimate balance that is essential between the feminine and masculine principles. It also implies political-religious role in this obscuration of truth—whether deliberately created by the political-religious powers that be, or simply being inherent due to how religious belief structures have evolved over time. This also suggests a veiled cover-up or loss of awareness regarding the true nature of the birth and lineage of souls.

The first few degrees of early sidereal Libra (within the upper thighs of the Virgin) is about intimate support, sex and sexuality; it is also about environment, specifically about environmental support that ensures the healthy evolution and freedom of souls. The veiled nature of our current mythological image (under the skirt) also indicates the suppression of, denial about, or instilling guilt, shame, or wrongfulness regarding sexuality and intimacy; and about the importance of our relationship with the Earth (environment). It is also about births and blood lines; and about creating and ensuring harmonious environments and mutually compatible relations that support our psychophysiological (mental-emotional-physical) wellbeing and the healthy unfoldment of human consciousness. "Intimate support" and "environmental support" are key phrases here, this includes the environmental conditions of the Earth, our personal living environments, as well as a harmonious environment (resonance) in our relations. Thus, art, intimacy, beauty, harmonious relations, and harmonious environments with the Earth (how we live) are all of significance in creating a nurturing resonance in our lives and in our society as a whole.

Bootes, the protector and shepherd who stands over the Virgin, embraces the responsibility to provide a safe environment for the Virgin, for the birth, evolution, and evolutionary fulfillment of souls. In one articulation of the Bootes-Virgin theme, we have a dramatic, threatening and destructive scenario created by political-religious authoritarian powers that motivate the twosome away in a pilgrimage to find a safe and appropriate place for a new birth. Beneath the Virgin's legs lies the benevolent Centaur, teacher of the right way to live, protector of, and leader to, the original cardinal virtues (embodied by the Southern Cross)—the original purity and innocence of soul's intent and purpose before any incursions taken on throughout the reincarnational process. Further south lies the keel of Argo Navis—the ship sailing along the galactic equator, which embodies matters related to ensuring a safe incarnational sojourn for the durative soul, that which exists before and after this lifetime.

This Saturn-Pluto cycle demands we address the issue of imbalance and disharmony between the masculine and feminine principles and between our selves and our environment—humankind's relation with Earth; it demands that we personally evolve so society can evolve. It is about the the use of power and the systems of power in regard to how they may or may not server to create a nurturing environment that supports a new birth in consciousness.

One one hand, Saturn and Pluto demand we take responsibility for the discord and destruction we have created, and that we reestablish equipoise. On the other hand Pluto and Saturn initiates a dismantling or destruction of long-standing established religious-political constructs and systems of belief that maintain the imbalance between the masculine and feminine and the subsequent discord in our relationship to the environment and life that imbalance creates. It raises issues that must be addressed regarding our past / future support. It opens wide issues regarding sexual suppression and discord, and the resultant abomination between the masculine and feminine principles; resulting in the awry use of power.

So keep the Saturn-Pluto theme in mind when we start exploring the other nesting synodic cycles—as Saturn and Pluto are already in cahoots since 1982 in this way and are actively dramatizing this theme throughout 2020.

Quaoar & Ixion

Quaoar overtakes Ixion at the start of the Quaoar-Ixion synod occurring in May of 1984. This indicates that returning to a way of life where we live in harmony with nature, with respect for the sacredness of life (Quaoar) must overtake the conflictual dynamics articulated by Ixion: the injustice and totalitarian rule that created our imbalance, and the need to take responsibility for our actions that destroy life.

This may be somewhat paradoxical because Ixion seems to indicate the totalitarian injustice itself while at the same time indicating the need for an authoritarian decision for the overthrow of that rule that created the injustice. It may also indicate a death of one in power by another in power. This totalitarian paradox can indicate not only people on the global scene, but any conflictual powers, including societal systems or structures, ways of life, and even simple scenarios in our own lives and belief structures within ourselves. This would also be tainted with a slant of disgrace or grief. This would be surface level (judgment-based), while the underlying apparently destructive action would actually be one of karmic responsibility that ultimately will help correct that which was imbalanced.

Consider also that events in the global arena dramatize / reflect that which is occurring within collective consciousness, of which we all contribute to and must own. Ixion of course also indicates this conflicted paradox occurring with self—choosing a path that is wild and natural, or one that is status quo and based on established belief structures that are out of tune with nature. See more about Ixion and Quaoar on the Asteroids web page.

Notice in the above star chart that Ixion's path is north of the ecliptic, making passage very close to Zubeneschamali in both ecliptical longitude and latitude. This means Ixion must balance its past karmic patterns (Zubenelgenubi) by creating a new future path of experience (Zubeneschamali).

When exploring historical timelines, we can consider both the geocentric (Part 1) and heliocentric (Part 2) perspectives. Geocentric conjunctions reveal more of an outer surface-level experience, while the heliocentric synodic themes reveal the transcendent cycles of growth that underlie our more obvious outer experience.

The Synods - 1994 through 1996 - A Climactic Period Begins

Jupiter, Pluto, Ixion, Quaoar Synods - 1994 - 1997
Star Chart Sidereal-Heliocentric

Jupiter & Nessus

Nessus with Déjanire

Nessus with Déjanire
Guido Reni
1621, Bologna, Italy
Image Credit:
Musée du Louvre/A. Dequier - M. Bard

About a decade later, Jupiter once again arrives on the scene, but this time along with Nessus, the third Centaur, and which was just discovered in 1993. Their synod occurs in sidereal Libra in late August of 1994, curiously conjoining Zubeneschamali, the northern claw the Scorpio (the balance of Libra).

Nessus, the third Centaur, seems to teach us to embrace our sensual nature, to unveil it, to enjoy this abundance in life rather than shutting ourselves down to it due to erroneous beliefs. oppressive rule, or emotions of unworthiness. More about Nessus can be found on the asteroids web page.

The theme suggested by Zubeneschamali is to create a new path that frees up / balances the karmic pattern of the past (discussed above with the Zubenelgenubi alignments). Karma (Zubenelgenubi) is not something to perpetuate, it simply indicates past scenarios, patterns or situations established from previous experience. Zubeneschamali, the northern claw, impels us to resolve or balance those established patterns or life scenarios by creating new experience—to create equipoise. Hence the meaning of Libra's scale or balance; and as the Chelae of the Scorpion—indicating soul growth through the balance of incarnate experience, or we otherwise stay perpetually entrapped in the claws of incarnate experience.

The Jupiter-Nessus synod of August 1994 mobilizes the Nessus theme—to set it free; to openly palpate and celebrate the sensual intimacies of life rather than to deny them based upon man-made dogmatic / religious law. As the saying goes: Morality is man-made, culturally-based; sensuality is by God. Here is a wonderful synthesis, as liberating Jupiter mobilizes a higher spiritual law that supersedes the dogmatic-based laws of man.

So in our greater context, this Jupiter-Nessus theme creates a significant undercurrent to the new Juptier-Ixion-Pluto synod that will occur in Dec 1994, and to the Pluto-Ixion and Pluto Quaoar synods to occur in 1995 and 1997. It is as if Jupiter is sanctioning Nessus for its upcoming role "in freeing the feminine" as we will shortly explore. Nessus is a slower mover than Jupiter, thus following behind, but it too will conjoin Ixion, Pluto and Quaoar after Jupiter—in the crux of it all.

Jupiter, Pluto & Ixion

Jupiter, Pluto and Ixion establish a primary synod in December 1994. Pluto is just about to overtake Ixion, with Pluto less than 1/2 of a degree to Ixion. Pluto and Ixion will create their synod just a few months later in March of 1995. The threesome resides in early sidereal Scorpio (~3°), just in front of the Head of the Scorpion.

The Astrology

There are several key entries here setting this Jupiter-Pluto-Ixion synodic theme: The Circinus Spiral Galaxy at the foot of the Centaur, Zuben Hakrabi on the southern arm of the Scorpion, Delta Lupus, Eta Hercules, Alpha Chameleon, and Alpha Centauri. The zodiakal theme here is one of choice—to blindly acquiesce to a lower-order path, one of personalty convenience or acquiescence, or to choose a higher-order path, one requiring conscious deliberation to surrender personality motive and act from the responsibility of our greater soul truth. The issue here is one of consciousness—that is, being either unconsciously reactive or consciously active—a neurological shift (thyroid related) from victim consciousness to acknowledging we co-create our experiential reality.

Jupiter, as a mobilizing agent supporting an expansion of consciousness and synthesizing with Pluto and Ixion's energetic along with these star alignments may suggest opportunity to "relinquish with conscious deliberation" preconceptions based upon false evidence or personal prejudices that perpetuate uncontrolled responses to our life experience that undermine our ability to choose a higher path that promotes manifestation of our greater potential and freedom of being. Here is the choice to remain in conflict (our outer experience reflecting our inner conflict), battling to change that which we wish were different in our lives, or to claim responsibility for our experience and change self and act accordingly from a greater maturity and soul-level truth. Until we realize our conflicted experience is created by our preconceptions, our experience continues to challenge us to change our preconceptions. Our preconceptions are those generally assumed and unquestioned by the mass majority. Thus a conscious willingness is required to step away from the consensus and live a path true to self—having the guts to choose differently.

Preconceptions are reinforced not only by our repetitive thoughts but also by our repetitive actions. These repetitions reinforce the established photo-electrical pathways in our brains (in the brain's neural-net) and throughout our celluar structure (intercellular communication). The stronger that neural network gets, the more difficult it is to change. This is much like walking down the same path through the woods over and over. The more we do so the more that path gets entrenched deeper and deeper in the ground. This is why changing our behavioral patterns and life experience is not merely about thinking differently (which is a mere start), but requires effecting change in our neurological functioning, in the established neural pathways, in the bio-energy patterns held throughtout our bodies. Those in the computer world may sometimes find that a computer continues to slow until it just freezes or stops working. The only thing that gets it going again is a fresh restart, which clears the established software bottleneck. Our life experience perpetuates and our health problems worsen, our bodies even cease to regenerate, and can get to a point of catastrophic failure unless we turn off, relinquish, surrender our existing neural patterning and begin to establish new and alternative neural pathways.

This part of sidereal Scorpio, in the frontal part of the scorpion's head, is much like the frontal-lobes of our brains, where exists our cognitive and creative power—where we meld our reasoning mind with our emotional feelings about our experiences and formulate creative thought to change and evolve. If we diminish this capacity by reinforcing our existing preconceptions through repetitive thought and deed, and through unhealthy living, we give away our power, our volition, our personal free will, creative energy, and the motivation to move forward. Instead we experience difficulty in shifting our response set (our ability to respond differently); we induce apathy, indifference, even catatonia—becoming drone-like creatures where we give away our personal creative power and our free will to act and change our life experience to the very patterns we wish to change. We fall back in to the same patterns, perpetuating entrapment in the clutches of the Scorpion.

This very potent, mobilizing and expansive synod with Jupiter, Ixion and Pluto could only escalate the stage setting put in place during the previous Jupiter-Saturn Pluto, Ixion, Quaoar, synods occurring in 1982-1984. It gets it moving and expanding.

Jupiter & Quaoar

Jupiter and Quaoar conjoin to create a synod a month later, in Jan of 1995. Quaoar, now a couple degrees further past Ixion, (~6° Scorpio), is also just in front of the Head of the Scorpion, but ahead of Ixion and closer to Dschuba, the primary star marking the head of the Scorpion. Approaching the head of the Scoprion we are faced with taking resonsiblity for our perpetuated karmic scenarios and personal patterns—for our entrapments in the Scropion's claws.

Great Hercules Globular Cluster M13

The view from space - Hubble Space Telescope multicolor image of the inner 36 light years of M13. Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

The Astrology

The primary entries here setting the Jupiter-Quaoar synodic theme are Alpha Centuari; the Great Hercules Globular Cluster M13; and Kornephorus, the Beta star and shoulder of Hercules.

Alpha Centauri, on the Galactic Equator, embodies mastery of the Centaurian principles. The Centaur teaches how to graduate from the karmic clutches of naivete, from falling prey as victims to the entrapping forces around us which perpetuate our karmic dilemmas. The Centaur demonstrably teaches how to take responsibility for our experience, to claim our self-mastery and use our personal power to mold our experience and attain our evolutionary freedom.

Kornephorus and M13 brings awareness about our "responsibility" and the "power of intent"; to use the mastery articulated by Alpha Centauri to aid the less fortunate, those yet entrapped and struggling to free themselves from karmic scenarios.

Expansive Jupiter synthesizing with Quaoar along with these star alignments mobilizes and expands upon our need to fess up, to take responsibility for living in accord with natural law and inspires us to reestablish the harmony and sacredness of the life that has been lost—set out of balance.

Pluto & Ixion 1995

Pluto creates its synod with Ixion in March 1995. The Centaur Nessus then comes along to create synods with Ixion, Pluto and Quaoar. As can be seen in the above star chart, the Pluto-Ixion, Nessus-Ixion, Nessus-Pluto and Nessus-Quaoar syndos all take place immediately in front of the head of the Scorpion (marked by the star Dschuba). This area of the zodiak is where we are faced with learning to take responsibility for our realties, for our life experience in the Chelae of the Scorpion. Here there can also be a lot squirming to avoid that responsibility (facing the Scorpion's head) in any and every way possible.

The Astrology

Pluto is still north of the ecliptic travelling through Ophiuchus at this time. Ixion, having imbued the essence of Zubeneschamali, the northern claw of the Scorpion, now conjoins Zuben Hakrani on the northen claw. Also adding to the theme is Delta Lupus.

The mythical image here is of the Centaur placing the "wild beast" Lupus, which he holds "firmly clutched" in his "right hand" on the Centaur's Altar to be sacrificed. The meaning is that a sacrifice and offering of the "beast" must be a "conscious and deliberate action" (indicated by the right hand) and requires one to "energetically take hold" (firmly and energetically clutched) in "determination and conviction" to do what is required because the beast is relentless and will not go to the altar of transmutation willingly. In fact the first several degrees of early sidereal Scorpio is one of avoidance, of contortions and squirming to get out of having to address, own up, and take responsibility for our karmic past.

Early Arabic astronomers had Lupus as Al Fahd, a Leopard or Panther, the early Greeks merely having a Wild Animal (for once not bastardizing the heavens). Allen goes on to point out the various depictions of the now current Lupus, among which are Zibu the beast of Euphhratean cylinders; Urbat, the Beast of Death, and even the star of the Dead Fathers from the Akkadians.

Considering our stellar theme is expressing through Pluto and Ixion, this may suggest, on the global scene, a deadly struggle between those in authoritarian positions, one involving avoidance, denial, or adamant unwillingness to assume responsibility for long standing unjust karmic scenarios. It would however seem that someone would eventually need to die. On a personal level, perhaps we may experience a similar struggle within—needing to address our own avoidance and denials, to place upon the Centaur's altar our own internal adamant beasts.

Synodic Cycles starting dates

1994-1997 Synodic Cycles' Starting Dates

Nessus & Ixion

Nessus intercedes in Pluto's process of conjoining Ixion and Quaoar. Before Pluto has a chance to conjoin with Quaoar, Nessus creates three synods, first conjoining Ixion in October 1995, and then with Pluto (which has moved between Ixion and Quaoar in ecliptical longitude) in December of 1995. Nessus then conjoins Quaoar in February 1996. This all happens just in front of the Scorpion's head (early sidereal Scorpio). Here again is an interesting interjection of the Nessus energetic. Is this a little help from this wild and free Centaur, which seems to have been sanctioned to mobilize and expand its influence by Jupiter in 1994?

The Nessus-Ixion synod, as will the following Nessus-Pluto synod, occurs between 4° and 6° sidereal Scorpio, in front of the Scorpion's head, here conjoining several significant and potent stars: The Circinus Spiral Galaxy ; Zuben Hakrabi of Libra (on the Scorpion's claw); Delta Lupus; Eta Hercules; Alpha Chameleon; The 3C345 Quasar in Hercules; Alpha Centarui; The Great Hercules Globular Cluster; The Galactic-Super Galactic Node; Gamma and Theta Chameleon; and Kornephorus, Beta Hercules.

Here we find a powerful stellar dynamic where we are being taught self mastery, taking responsibility for our evolutionary experience. Here we also find those who have not yet quite graduated (passed the head of the Scorpion, but who may have instead mastered the art of avoidance and manipulation.

The Astrology

In the case of Ixion, this cycle may set to release the wild and crazy side of the tyrannical and imperious. Perhaps this does not seem like a good thing on the surface, but it may be essential for the tyrants to dramatically rise in the context of our greater stage setting. Remember the Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle set in motion with Zubenelgenubi, the southern claw of the Scorpion, and then with Quaoar on the northern claw, Zubeneschamali—setting the stage for "an existing and long-standing karmic scenario that must be dramatized in order for it to change" (e.g., U.S. president George Bush and Saddam Hussein).

Nessus & Pluto

Nessus then creates a synod with Pluto in December of 1995. This occurs at the same location of the Jupiter and and Quaoar synod of January 1995 specifically conjoining Alpha Centauri, discussed above. Alpha Centauri is the teacher of self-mastery and personal empowerment.

The Astrology

Seems this may set off the destructive side of the tyrannical. In this deadly game it may not be clear who is who—with paradoxical Ixion also in play, but let us remember, Pluto, although seemingly destructive, is an opener, an essential ingredient in this drama, one required for change to occur. Here again, we have powerful synodic theme set by Alpha Centauri, Kornephorus and the Herculean ball of power M13, but one about learning to responsibility use such power for the greater benefit for those less able. Perhaps this cycle would also yield the death and destruction of the tyrants themselves—a two-edged sword.

Nessus & Quaoar

Nessus creates it synod with Quaoar in February 1996, this occurs quite close to the head of the Scorpion, within a degree of and principally conjoining Dschuba; Yed Prior and Yed Posterior, the hand of Ophiuchus holding the Serpent, also called the hand of Death, which resides over Dschuba; and south is Acrab of the Scorpion; and Alpha Circini, the compass at the foot of the Centaur.

The Astrology

Dschuba, marking the Scorpion's head, creates a triangle with Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali, the Scorpion's claws. Dschuba impels us to take responsibility for our life experience, for our entrapment in the claws, for our soul growth, rather than placing blame outside of self from a state of victim consciousness. Here a choice must be made, to succumb to a lower-order path of convenience in victim-consciousness, or to choose a higher path of self-responsibility pursing self-mastery.

This Nessus-Quaoar force occurring in the global stage setting may inspire a powerful drive take responsibility to confront and overthrow anything suppressing freedom and a naturalist way of life; to run naked in the streets in celebration of liberation.

Also remember the aspect of Ixion that has to do with dominance over and exploitation of the feminine—something often glossed over in mythical story regarding Ixion. In this light the Nessus-Quaoar synthesis would seem to support the freedom and liberation of the feminine, supporting a radical and wild emergence from the tyrannical's long-standing dominance and suppression of women. It seems to me this twosome (Nessus and Quaoar) would create a wonderful and sensual, even erotic synthesis of energy—perhaps even tipping the scales (of karmic imbalance) to its opposite extreme.

Pluto & Quaoar

Pluto and Quaoar create thier primary synod in February 1997 after the Nessus intercession. This synod occurs past Dschuba, the head of the Scorpion (which lies at ~8° sidereal Scorpio). Pluto and Quaoar are both north of the ecliptice between Ophiuchus and Scorpio, with Pluto lying directly under Yed Posterior of Ophiuchus, the hand of death. Conjoing frrom the south is the potent Circini X-1 x-ray source in the constellation Circini, which now augments Dschuba's theme.

Earth rolls through this part of the heavens in late May of every year. Earth heliocentrically conjoins Dschuba on May 22 (when the Sun is resides in sidereal Taurus from Earth's perspective).

The Astrology

The Circini X-1 neutron star, Scorpio X-1, and the Hercules X-1 neutron star, three potent deep space logitudinally residing between Dschuba and Acrab (head of the Scorpion), and Antares (heart of the Scorpion), provide a three-stage initiatory portal.

Circini X-1 is an x-ray binary star system with a powerful and dense neutron star orbiting around a normal (main sequence) star. Chandra (x-ray observatory) observations reveal powerful rotational forces in the Cir X-1 accretion disk (an inward spiraling disc of stellar material surrounding the neutron star) are blasting high-velocity winds back out into space at speeds near 7.2 million km/h.

The intense inward collapse of a neutron star along with its powerful simultaneous x-ray emissions produce a dynamic and demonstrable attractive/expressive response astrologically. Circini X-1 lies upon the galactic equator at the feet of the Centaur suggesting that the choice to align with the path of the soul is an all or nothing deal with no in-between and must now be experientially demonstrated. Circini X-1 conjoins Dschuba and Graffias, the head of the Scorpion, and Yed, Ophiuchus's hand of death. To live the teachings of the Centaur and to walk the path of the soul requires we take full responsibility for our incarnational experience and master the primal forces creating and destroying life. This first initiatory stargate provides opportunity to demonstrate the choice made to walk the higher path of soul, that of self-mastery and self-responsibility—to anchor in this choice at the experiential-cellular level of self.

The Pluto-Quaoar synodic cycle may raise issues regarding our responsibility to re-establish natural harmony and balance, demanding action by demonstrably revealing how we are destroying the natural balance to start with. With Pluto as an opener, and Quaoar's naturalist nature, I would expect any destructive scenario to catalyze demonstrable action to correct what has been wronged due to inappropriate use of the forces governing life and death.

Jupiter & Saturn - a 20 year cycle

NGC 40 in Cepheus

Planetary Nebula NGC40 in Cepheus. Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/RIT/J.Kastner ↦ R.Montez.; Optical: NSF/AURA/NOAO/WIYN

Off in an entirely different part of the heavens, Jupiter and Saturn complete their previous 20-year synodic cycle and begin their next on June 22, 2000 in late sidereal Aries. Since we are exploring Jupiter's and Saturn's cycles with Pluto, Ixion and Quaoar, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle is appropriate to look at as well. This cycle will run from June of 2000 through Nov 2 of 2020. The cycles theme is set by Botein of Aries, Rana of Eridanus, and Zaurak of Eridanus.

Rana of Eridanus, another stopping point along the river of life (Eridanus), articulates the theme of those lost or tired through their initiations stopping in need of aid. Conjoining Botein, although meaning the belly (of the Ram) actually marks the hind, the anatomy articulating the theme of those either lost and stranded, or simply left behind (the lost or following sheep). This part of the heavens lies under the auspices of the story of the Royal Family. This point is where Andromeda's fate is now out of the hands of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia and is being transferred to her beloved Perseus. Perseus is about to slay Medusa to claim his self-mastery prior to being able to step into his intended soul destiny to be capable of helping anyone else. Zaurak of Eridanus, also contributing to this Jupiter-Saturn 20-year cycle, is a point along the initiatory river of life where we must hold our own light because the path is dark. Tension and anticipation mounts. Perseus must slay Medusa (his inner fears), lest he will turn to stone (become frozen in fear). Here we must trust our inner heart light and follow through despite any fear that the way is not entirely visible.

The Synods of 2007 - Expansive Mobilization

A Few Odds & Ends surrounding the 2007 synods.

Pluto, Quaoar and Ixion have dispersed as Pluto takes the lead, with Quaoar next and Ixion behind. Their synodic cycles are however well underway.

Pluto conjoins Han, Zeta Ophiuchus in both ecliptical longitude and latitude in June of 1999 and then Antares, Heart of the Scorpion, in Sept, 1999.—making this stellar influence of extra significance. Quaoar, following, curiously conjoins Han on Sept 11, 2001. (A discussion of planetary alignments (less theses newer dwarf planets) occurring on Sept 11, 2001 was presented in the snippet: "Jupiter & Sirius, The Great World Teacher."

Ixion conjoins Han, Zeta Ophiuchus in Sept of 2004, and then Antares in late March, 2005.

Han, the knee of Ophiuchus and Antares conjoin. In classical astrology, Antares is the star of war and weaponry, and with expounded meaning, to challenge the established opposing politics (an arena common to the Antares / Aldebaran axis) with a tenacious willingness to fight and even destroy. Antares demands we take responsibility for our reality, for the lives we create, and to "take a stand" for our truth and live it; and especially to take a stand against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives when those conditions or that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting our evolutionary freedom and fulfillment.

Ixion then crosses its south node (moving from north to south of the ecliptic plane) in April, 2006, where its influence starts to become more transcendent as it continues to move south of the ecliptic plane.

Pluto conjoins Sabik of Ophiuchus on Mar 9, 2003 (starting a transformative time), and then Ras Alhaugue, the head (wisdom) of Ophiuchus, in Mar, 2005.

The last Earth-Pluto 357-day synodic cyle occuring is sidereal Scorpio begins on June 14, 2005. Its theme: The Sting of the Scorpion. This Pluto synodic cycle is presented in the June 6, 2005 Lunar Planner.

The first Earth-Pluto synod in sidereal Sagittarius: Pluto's entry into sidereal Sagittarius in 2006 is presented in "Pluto's First Synod in Sidereal Sagittarius." Pluto's entry into Sagittarius, and the subsequent next few Earth-Pluto synodic cycles, creates an oppening for a greater revelatation begin—perfectly preceeding Jupiter's expanding and mobilizing syndos of 2007.

Quaoar conjoins Sabik of Ophiuchus in both ecliptical longitude and latitude in July 2008—making this stellar alignment of significance as well. Ixion, following, makes its conjunction with Sabik in Feb, 2012.

Sabik, closely conjoining Ras Algethi, the Head of Hercules, reveals a powerfully transformative location in sidereal Scorpio. Also conjoining Sabik are several potent entries: V2107 in Ophiuchus, Nova of 1977 (16.8 hour period), a potent X-Ray Source; the Black Hole 4U1700-37 with the X-ray eclipsing star HD153919 (3.4 day period), nesting in the tail of the Scorpion, one of the brightest identified X-ray sources with a substantial stellar wind; and the very significant Ara Black Hole, X-ray Source V821 on the sacrificial Altar of the Centaur.

Black Hole alignments offer a tremendous opportunity for transformation. They invite a highly introspective and epistemological process. If we are willing to delve into the depths of our own consciousness, we can emerge forever changed. This specific combination of deep space objects requires the conscious and deliberate surrender of any grief or guilt we may carry (for having screwed up in the past). A humbling act but one yielding great rewards. With Quaoar, who supports our return to natural law and having respect for the sacredness of all life (including self) activating this theme in 2008, may be quite appropriate for tyrannical Ixion's following conjunction in early 2012.

This period, from 2008 through 2012 would suggest a healing and transformational process to begin for the people and the leaders in the world. Those demanding we return to natural law and live with respect for the sacredness of life may start to force the transformation of the tyrannical and renegade who function with disrespect for life, out side of morality, and who perpetuated disharmony on Earth. The upcoming Jupiter-Pluto cycle starting in 2007 at the entryway to the Gate of God in sidereal Sagittarius (presented below) should start a 13-year period expanding Pluto's capacity to reveal a greater truth hidden by the imperiously deceitful people in the world.

Jupiter, Pluto, Ixion, Quaoar Synods - 2007
Star Chart Sidereal-Heliocentric

Jupiter & Ixion 2007

Jupiter and Ixion start their new 13-year synodic cycle in sidereal Scorpio on May 4, 2007. The last Jupiter-Ixion cycle started in late December of 1994. This is the first of three significant and mobilizing Jupiter synodic cycles starting this year. The second is with Quaoar in June and the third is with Pluto in November.

This Jupiter-Ixion synodic cycle resides under the auspices of Restaban of Draco. Restaban (Beta) and Etamin (Gamma) of Draco create the eyes of the Dragon. Draco is the constellation that encircles and guards the northern pole of our ecliptic. Both stars are of a high administrative order overseeing the initiations of the incarnate soul. They lie north of and express through Hercules and Ophiuchus. Restaban expresses between the Head of Hercules (Ras Algethi) and the Heart of the Scorpion (Antares) into sidereal Scorpio. Etamin, also the head of the Egyptian Hippopotamus, the primordial mother, expresses just into sidereal Sagittarius and oversees the heart center of our Galaxy (Galactic Center).

Restaban opens portals and pathways in the physical world for those who have truly embraced and mastered their initiations in life, who have aligned with the path of soul rather than the convenient path of personality, for those who live true to self—as our Hercules exemplifies—portals that are otherwise blocked to those who have not claimed their self-mastery and demonstrated their self-responsibility in applying that mastery.

Jupiter of course is an expansive and mobilizing force, and is of higher spiritual law.

This new Jupiter-Ixion 13-year synodic cycle under the auspices of Restaban may suggest a greater justice will be enforced over the rampant destruction of life that has been occurring on Earth. It may also open a pathway for those who do take such responsibility that is otherwise blocked for those who continue the injustice, or stand by and passively let it continue. Perhaps another good topic for the Lunar Planner Forum for those inspired.

Jupiter & Quaoar 2007

This very principal Jupiter-Quaoar synod occurring on June 28/29, 2007 sets in motion a return to natural order. It inspires a vast movement and expansion of consciousness to reestablish the "sacredness of life," beyond one deceit and betrayal. It occurring under the auspices of Ras Algethi, the head of Hercules, brings to light our responsibility to support this return; to help others attain their freedom so they may live in harmony with nature and natural law, their natural birth-right; and to challenge authoritarian systems that impose upon or disrupt a natural and free way of life.

Hercules stands upside down in the northern Heavens, above Ophiuchus and Scorpio, with his feet (foundation) in the celestial dome (seven Heavens), in the realm of the gods, and with his head and hands at work in the realm of humankind. The stars of Hercules express though the entire sidereal sign of Scorpio. Hercules teaches and aids those in the incarnate world to claim their freedom from perpetuated mortal entrapment.

Ras Algethi, the head of Hercules, is the lucida (brightest star) of this constellation (~21° sidereal Scorpio). Ras Algethi embodies the essence and knowledge of Hercules, and contributes significantly to the Ophiuchus / Scorpio theme. Ras Algethi indicates one of another realm who's presence upon this solar system's (soul's) incarnational plane is of a service capacity and mission of evolutionary proportion. Ras Algethi is of undaunted dedication of one's entirety of being to ensure the evolutionary freedom for all souls on the Earth plane by teaching the truth and knowledge about the divine birthright of the incarnating soul through demonstrable action.

Conjoining Ras Algethi is Restaban, eye of the Dragon, and in the very southern Heavens, Alpha Apodis (Apus) the Bird of Paradise, known for its brilliant plumage and elongated tail feathers, birds believed to be visitors from Paradise—Hercules' true home. Apus also holds a quality of swiftness and too is a messenger.

Restaban opens portals and pathways in the physical world for those who have truly embraced the initiations of life, who have aligned with the path of soul rather than the convenient path of personality gratification, and who demonstrate their self mastery and who live true to self and in service to others, as our Hercules exemplifies—portals that are otherwise blocked to those of immature selfish intent or who are resistant to or in denial of the initiations of life.

Vesta's and Mercury's pre-activation of the Jupiter-Quaoar synod occurring on the June 2007 Solstice augments the Ras Algethi-Jupiter-Quaoar synodic theme: stimulating a clear and focused intent through communication and logistics. This is presented in the June 14, 2007 Lunar Planner: Tenacity of the Heart.

Jupiter & Pluto 2007 - The Opening

Jupiter and Pluto start a 13-year synodic in early sidereal Sag on Nov 23, 2007, between Galactic Center and the Gate of God. This occurs in the midst of the Earth-Pluto synodic cycle, the second in sidereal Sag, that began on June 18, 2007. The Earth-Pluto Galactic Center synodic cycle is presented in the June 14, 2007 Lunar Planner.

The Jupiter-Pluto synod is the culmination of the three Jupiter 2007 synods—perhaps the most significant. The last Jupiter-Pluto cycle began in December of 1994 (along with Ixion) in early sidereal Scorpio, in front the head of the Scorpio. Thus the theme of this new 13-year cycle in early sidereal Sag is dramatically different than the 1994 Jupiter-Pluto cycle; and thus, the next 13 years will be dramatically different than the last 13 years. Pluto becomes a revealor of truth in sidereal Sag. This cycle should bring a wide-sweeping movement to uncover the truth, to make visible that which has been hidden behind the scenes, especially regarding the use and abuse of power.

Astrologically, Jupiter and Pluto synthesize quite well together creating a vital and opportunistic opening, here for those embracing their spiritual initiations and the accelerating evolutionary energies, for those who are making passage across the event horizon of Galactic Center and the Gate of God—the parting of the waters is at hand—separating out and exposing those who do no live up to the higher morals the Zen Archer stands for.

2008-2011 The Restructuring & Transformation

This time period has its own article: In Search of the Golden Egg & the Global Economy: the 2008-2011 Timeline—discussing the cycles occurring with Makemake, Saturn, Uranus, Juno, Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune. These cycle occur in a different part of the heavens not covered in this article.

Pholus & Ixion 2012

The Centaur Pholus arrives on the scene, creating a synod with Ixion on Sept 30, 2012. Pholus lies about 17° north of the ecliptic in Ophiuchus. Ixion lies a couple degrees south of the ecliptic on the foot of Ophiuchus. Both in sidereal Scorpio, just past the longitude of Sabik of Ophiuchus and over the low Altar of the Centaur, a transmutational point in sidereal Scorpio, one of deliberate sacrifice of the beast. Perhaps magical Pholus will be aiding Ixion to make its fated passage to Pluto's doom. Learn more about the Centaur Pholus.

The Uranus-Pluto Square 2012-2015

This is a major event that should catalyze a revelatory awakening as well as revolutionary action. It is the first square creating stimulus to action in the Uranus-Pluto Synodic cycle that began in the mid-1960s. I will most likely explore this at a later date.

Added in 2012: See "The 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square."

The Synods - 2017 - 2020 Completions and New Beginnings

Saturn Ixion Quaoar & Pluto

Saturn (having a 29 year orbital period) does not return on the Scorpio-Sagittarius scene until 2017, conjoining Ixion first, over the sting of the Scorpion. Ixion will be about 5° south of the ecliptic in the constellation Scorpio. Saturn will then conjoin Quaoar over the "Gate of God" in sidereal Sag in Dec of 2017; and then Pluto, which will have just crossed its south node, in late sidereal Sag in early 2020.

Saturn's return in 2017-2020 marks the completion of the stage setting / scenario that began in 1982-1984.

Notice in the chart above that Ixion crosses over Galactic Center in 2018 and moves smack into the aim of Al Nasl, the tip of the Zen Archer's arrow! This may suggest a significant turning point for the tyrants of the world, perhaps creating another level of separation between those who have embraced their spiritual initiations from those who attempt to participate from lower-order manipulative arrogance. Perhaps this may be when the tyrannical simply experience blocked passage.

Jupiter Ixion Quaoar, Pluto & Saturn

Jupiter will also arrive on the scene conjoining all three, all now in sidereal Sagittarius—Ixion in Sept 2019 just past Galactic Center; Quaoar in Nov 2019 over the bow of Sag; and Pluto on July 31, 2020, just after the Saturn-Pluto synod—as Jupiter approaches Saturn to complete their previous 20-year synodic cycle in Oct of 2020.

The last Jupiter-Saturn cycle began in June of 2000 in late sidereal Aries (presented above). The new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starting in 2020 will occur under the auspices of Altair, Eye of the Eagle, in sidereal Capricorn. It mobilizes an entirely new scenario, especially due to the exceptionaly significant completion of three major cycles occuring in 2020 (between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto).

As I was writing this article, it seemed many of the issues and events occurring in world fit the cycles written about above, from the political figureheads in the world, specifically the Bush/Hussian personal challenge and subsequent wars. It seemed to me this was the continuation of a soul level karmic scenario playing out between Bush and Hussian, the Ixion-Pluto theme (1994-97 synods); to the terrorists' rise and rampage; to the unveiling of the Iraqi woman (Nessus-Quaoar), even the rise of internet porn (Nessus in the raw); and to the ecological issues and our need to return to natural law and the sacredness of life (articulated by Jupiter-Quaoar). I deliberately did not comment on my observations, as I will leave my readers to make their own associations and correlations.

I invite comments and discussions about
this article on the Lunar Planner Forum: Synods.

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