Planetary Bio-Harmonics Referral Program

Would you like to make some extra money at no cost to you?
Earn cash by referring others to purchase the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audios.

The Referral Program

Affiliate or Referral Programs are a fairly common way to share profits amongst people. Join the referral program and you will be able to make commissions by referring your clients, friends and colleagues to purchase the "Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audios" or the "Professional Licensing & Support Package."

The Referral Program is automatically available to those who have purchased the Professional Licensing & Support Package.

The Referral Program is also available to those who have a related business but who are not practitioners or clinicians, and who would simply like to be able to sell the Planetary Bio-Harmonics audios.

General Reseller Program

The Reseller Program is available for those who are not using the audios in a clinical capacity, but who would like to sell the audio downloads via their web site or along with related products they already sell. The Reseller Program is ideal for people already selling related light and sound healing instrumentation or products; for astrological or sound-healing associations, or for retails shops selling associated material (astrological or health and healing related).

There is no cost for general resellers to join the Referral Reseller Program, however approval is required to sign-up, and resale commissions are slightly lower than for those who have purchased the Professional Licensing and Support Package.

How the Referral Program works

When someone makes a purchase, they are required to select who referred them to the Planetary Bio-Harmonic audio meditations in a drop-down list in the shopping cart. That information is passed on to me when a purchase is made so I know who is to receive a commission.

Commission Scale

General Reseller
15% commission

Planetary Bio-Harmonic Professional Program Member
20% commission

Commissions are paid whenever someone you refer makes a purchase to your "Paypal email address." You must have a Paypal Account email to receive your commissions. If you do not yet have a Paypal account, you can set one up at

Banner ads

When you register for the Referral, I will send your a link where your can get embed code for banner images that your can use on your web site or in emails.

How to Register

If you do not belong the Professional Licensing & Support Package, and you are just wanting to be a "General Reseller," fill out the application below. Once your application has been evaluated, I will return an email notifying you if you can sign-up for the Referral Program.

***You do not need to fill out the form below if you already have the Professional Licensing Package.

Referral Application

*Required Fields

* First * Last
* City/State * Country
* Email
Business Name
The type of products or services you currently sell
How long have you been in business *
Do you sell products via a Web Site *
Do you have a (physical) retail outlet *
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