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This is not specific to any particular client, but a general overview of my experience with the Bio-Harmonic Audios. I do emotional clearing work and I have been using the Bio-Harmonic Audios with clients for several years now. I have tried many different "tools" in my work and most have fallen by the wayside, but I continue to use the audios because they work. I energetically look at what is going on within the person and choose the planetary audio that can help move the energy. For instance, if the person is having communication issues, I might choose Mercury. Sometimes, especially around their solar return, their planetary ruler wants to help move energy for the person. So we will use that audio. I am so grateful to have these Bio-Harmonic Audios to work with. Thank you, Nick, for giving me and my clients such a great tool. Nancy DeYoung - Reiki Practitioner

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The Audio Meditations

Each 15 minute audio meditation incorporates a progression of many audio frequencies that create a planet's "harmonic signature." A planet's harmonic signature is composed of several astrophysical parameters, such as the planet's orbital time around the sun (sidereal period); the planet's circumference, diameter, rotational period; and the planet's lunar orbital parameters—just to name a few. Each parameter has a fundamental wavelength that can be translated to a specific brain wave frequency, an audio frequency, as well as to a specific color (wavelength) in the visible light spectrum.

The harmonic compositions created by all of the individual planetary harmonic signatures, as well as the cycles they create with each other, establishes the musical symphony of our solar system, the harmonic environment in which life on Earth evolves. Thus we are not separate from these harmonic resonances. Our biological and neurological systems function in attunement to this astrophysical symphony. Each planetary harmonic signature resonates with its corresponding neurological aspect within our selves—our entire mental, emotional and physical composition.

Each 15-minute Planetary Bio-Harmonic audio meditation is designed to incorporate a planet's harmonic signature in a way that brings the listener through a profound inner journey—one that can ultimately strengthen and harmonize the planet's corresponding psycho-physiological aspect of self and create a freer expression of that aspect of self in our lives. The Audios DO NOT contain any subliminal messages.

Five minute Sample:
Earth-Moon Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditation
Stereo Headphones Required
(Purchased audio files are 15 minutes.)

The Planetary Bioharmonics audios can resonate with and bring to conscious awareness any suppressed or unresolved mental, emotional and physical issues. Unconditional willingness to experience the release of such symptoms allows a deeper energetic transmutation, which in-turn leads to a greater phase coherence and subsequent harmony within self.

The Planetary Bio-Harmonic meditations are intended for self-exploration. They are not intended to treat or heal any disease or illness. Any mental, emotional or physical symptoms or experiences that may emerge as the result of the use of these audio meditations are the sole responsibility of the listener.

All information on this web site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice or as a medical diagnosis. Consult with a professional healthcare provider about any questions or concerns about using the Planetary Bio-Harmonic meditations for a specific medical condition. You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information or these products.

The Audio Downloads

You can purchase individual Planetary Bio-Harmonic Meditations for $15 (USD) each or the entire Planetary Bio-Harmonic set consisting of all nine audio meditations at a discounted price and save 25%.

Each Audio File - Type: m4a; Size: ~20Mb; Play Time: 15 min.
Stereo Headphones Required. (More about this below.)

Which Audios to Choose?
Planetary Mental Emotional & Physical Correspondences

You can use the Planetary Correspondences Chart to help identify which Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audios you may wish to use based on specific mental, emotional & physical characteristics.

Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations:

Download the Entire Set of 9 audio files (Discounted Price) or download individual files of your choice.

Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations
Earth - Moon System
Mars Planetary System
Jupiter Planetary System
Saturn Planetary System
Uranus Planetary System
Neptune Planetary System
Pluto - Charon System

A "Professional Licensing & Support Package"
and an "Referral Program" is also available.

The Professional Licensing & Support Package is for professionals such as clinicians, therapists, astrologers, alternative healing practitioners, and counselors who wish to use the Planetary Bio-harmonic Audio Meditations in their therapeutic work with their clients.

The Referral Program is included in the Professional Licensing & Support Package for those who would like to sell the Planetary Bio-Harmonics audios for a 20% commission.

Visit the Professional Area for more information. If you want the Professional Package, please fill out the application form in the Professional Area BEFORE you order.

Why to Use Stereo Headphones

The Planetary Bioharmonics audios incorporate left and right audio transitions as well as very low audio frequencies in the brainwave region. The lower audio frequencies cannot be heard on most built-in computer speakers. Stereo headphones will allow you to hear the full dynamic range of the audio and will provide the best stereo separation. In addition, these audios incorporate Binaural Sound, which require headphones to experience.

Binaural sound

Binaural sound refers to process that occurs in the head and brain when two independent sounds are heard through each ear, producing a 3-dimensional sound experience. This produces internal ILTs (interaural time differences) and ILDs (interaural level differences). Headphones are required to experience binaural sound. Stereo speakers do not produce this internally generated sound process. Binaural recording was originally developed to create the sensation of being in the room with the performers. This technique of recording is also applied in areas of brainwave training and enhancement, and other medical technologies.

Binaural audio can also incorporate slightly different frequencies or phase differences between frequencies that produce low frequencies in the brain wave region. The planetary bioharmonic frequencies incorporated in these audio meditations also produce a binaural sound experience.

Isochronic Sound

Isochronic sound is another technique used in brainwave training and enhancement. Isochronic sound is generated by modulating (encapsulating) sound in pulsating envelopes. The envelopes are then pulsed at very low frequencies, in various brainwave regions. Generally, isochronic sound alone does not necessarily require headphones, but it can be combined with binaural and/or monaural audio techniques.

There is a great deal of scientific research demonstrating the efficacy of both binaural and isochronic audio for brainwave entrainment (easily found by searching the internet). For example, they are effective tools to help one learn how to maintain conscious awareness while decreasing brainwaves from waking thought to a transcendent level of universal consciousness beyond the brain itself and even beyond the human body.

The unique composition and progression of frequencies used in each bioharmonic audio mediation are designed to resonate with different neurological and brainwave responses, different areas of the body, and to bring the listener through a meditative process that unlocks crystallized mental, emotional and physical patterns, which in turn can result in a clearer and more empowered internal resonance and subsequently a clearer life expression and experience.

How to use the Audios & Recommended Times of Use

Although you can use the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Meditations at any time you wish, the following are also ideal times:

• During a transit of a planet to one of your natal planets or personal points (ASC/DSC MC/IC).*

• During a current planetary alignment, such as a Moon-planet conjunction, especially when the moon is at one of its phase transitions in the lunar cycle; or at a key time in a planetary synodic cycle; during a sun-planet conjunction, opposition, or station. (See "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" for exact times based on monthly Moon and planetary aspects (link also in the resources dropdown menu.)

• When a planet is transiting the meridian (MC) of your location; or is rising (on the ASC).

Note: There are a number of ways to know which transits are occurring for you and when. Most all astrology software will generate transit charts, and some generate transit lists and graphic ephemerides. There are some free on-line sources for charts if your do not have an astrology program.

It is not uncommon for the effects of a Planetary Bio-Harmonic Meditation to continue throughout the day. It is thus helpful to be attentive to feelings and thoughts surfacing throughout this time to gain the most benefit from the audio meditations. It is best to use one Planetary Bio-Harmonic Meditation at a time before switching to another until you become more familiar with them or unless you are using them based on your personal aspects and transits. You may also wish to work with one planetary meditation in a repeated fashion, for example to repeat the same planetary meditation each day for a period of time. In this way you can integrate and embody the inner vibrational transitions you may be going through more effectively. Using the Planetary Bio-Harmonic meditations in this way will also provide a deeper and experiential-gained appreciation for the nature of the various planetary energies and their intimate correlation to various facets of your consciousness and your life experience.

After you get a feel for using the individual meditations, you may wish to explore using more than one meditation in succession, for example in the case where where you have two planets in aspect in your natal chart—perhaps Mercury and Pluto. In this case you may choose to use the Mercury meditation followed by the Pluto Meditation. Or perhaps you have Jupiter transiting a natal planet. In this case use the natal planet mediation followed by Jupiter (expanding and mobilizing) meditation. I happen to have transiting Uranus opposite my natal Mars-Neptune square to my natal Uranus. So I often use the Mars, Neptune and Uranus audios in immediate succession.

The Vibrational Shift

Unlike audio meditations designed to make us simply feel good or relaxed, the Planetary Bio-harmonic Audio Meditations can be quite effective at bringing suppressed issues and emotions stored as limiting cellular patterns to conscious awareness and to ultimately shift our resonance to a more refined and harmonious vibrational mode. This is common to experience while working with these audio meditations, and it is where their value lies.

When we are shifting or refining our ourselves to a freer and more harmonious inner resonance, suppressed and crystallized cellular patterns limiting that refined resonance often surface to our conscious awareness as they are being thrown off. This is most often experienced as emotional and physical symptomology.

Suppressed e-motion is undigested experience. It is due to the resistance of experience, to allow the "motion of experience" in our lives. The willingness to unconditionally feel whatever suppressed emotions surface (apathy, grief, guilt, fear, anger, even physical pain, which is an emotion), is the way to facilitate the release of the lower-order cellular crystallizations. As we do, we then shift into a new vibrational resonance and subsequently a healthier, freer, and more functional state of being. In turn, the limiting vibrational patterns, the inner tension we were once holding, no longer perpetuates experience reflecting the lower order cellular resonance we were naturally projecting. The inner "vibrational shift" in turn creates a new projected resonance, which is then reflected in the nature of our experience.

The desired change we seek in our lives thus occurs from the inside out. This is the nature of true healing and is the direct opposite of trying to suppress symptoms, to not feel, which merely results in more inner tension, in greater disharmony, degeneration, and dis-ease.

Thus, it is essential to have a serious desire and the willingness to acknowledge and unconditionally embrace that which surfaces in the meditative process in order to release these limiting patterns and shift to a new vibrational mode of being.

"Vibrational Shift" is a term I prefer to describe what may also be called a Healing Crisis. This is a process where we create a nurturing vibrational condition within self that promotes a quantum shift in the resonance of our entire psycho-physiology. As we move toward the peak of this process, the crisis point, we experience a sorting where only that which is phase-coherent (in harmony with life) may pass and that which is discordant, not able to resonate in coherence, is thrown off—the suppressed memories and the emotional and physical symptoms surfacing to conscious awareness. The actual vibrational shift, the crisis point, is a point of stillness where a new phase coherence begins in the vibrational mode of our being. At this time, our heart and breath rates, and our meridians all come into coherence. This new resonance results in a new level of clarity and harmonious biological functioning. It is where we have our realizations, our epiphanies. Learning to allow this process to naturally occur is key to true healing and to the evolution of consciousness.

Using the audios with adjunct therapies can also be quite effective. See some of the feedback from some therapists.

Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations:

Download the Entire Set of 9 audio files (Discounted Price) or download individual files of your choice.

Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations
Earth - Moon System
Mars Planetary System
Jupiter Planetary System
Saturn Planetary System
Uranus Planetary System
Neptune Planetary System
Pluto - Charon System


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