Natal Transits, Timing & Triggers
to Consider when using BioHarmonic Audio Meditations
or other Therapeutic and Healing Modalities

There are many additional factors you can consider when choosing audio meditations or other therapies to work with during personal transits.

For example, if your are in the midst of your Jupiter Return (occurring once every 12 years), your Saturn Return (occurring once every 29 years), or are experiencing a transit to one of your natal planets or points by one of the slower moving planets, the transiting planet is often in a retrograde cycle while it is making its transit. In such a case there are exact conjunctions to the natal planet or point. In the case of very slow moving planets, like Neptune, Pluto, Eris, etc, their can be even more exact conjunctions.

Using Jupiter transiting natal Jupiter as an example, there are three triggers as shown in the Graphic Ephemeris below. Although these triggers are many months apart, the bio-harmonic process of shifting from the previous 12-year Jupiter cycle into the next 12-year cycle is continuous throughout this time period. Thus you can work with the Jupiter BioHarmonic audio throughout this entire period, not just at the times of the three primary conjunctions, including the Jupiter stations, which are also times of significance. You can also use the Earth and Jupiter audios during the Jupiter synod (Sun-Earth-Jupiter alignment), an annual cycle that would be extra significant for you.

Sample Jupiter Return Graphic Ephemeris

Planetary Triggers to Longer-term Transits

In addition, there are always many other triggers made by the faster moving planets that occur throughout this time period. Generally, these are quite significant and they can be very catalytic opportunities. For example, Mars may come along and conjoin, oppose or square, etc. both transiting Jupiter and your natal Jupiter. Venus may trine your Jupiter during this process. Mercury may create a retrograde cycle aspecting Jupiter. These are just a few possible scenarios out of many.

Thus, you can work with these additional corresponding audios during these time as well. For example work with Mars and Jupiter audios during the Mars triggers and the Mercury and Jupiter audios during the Mercury triggers.

The above ephemeris is of course just isolating a few events. Most often transiting Jupiter would also be aspecting other natal planets in a variety of ways, that is, your natal Jupiter may also aspect other natal planets, bringing them into the energetic. There could also be many other transiting planets creating aspects to transiting Jupiter.

Lunar Triggers

The Moon, of course, makes its way around the ecliptic once every lunar cycle, thus triggering everything involved. The lunar triggers are extremely significant, especially those occurring at the times of other aspects. For example, in the above scenario, when the Moon aspects transiting Mars, transiting Jupiter, and your natal Jupiter during the Mars-Jupiter triggers. Other considerations include where in the current lunar cycle these lunar triggers occur, the phases of the Moon, etc. These triggers internalize and effect our emotional and experiential world, they make everything very palpable.

There is a tremendous and continuous sequence of personal planetary events occurring in our lives that create a " bio-harmonic symphony"—expressing in all aspects of our lives, both within self (physical-emotional-mental-spiritual) and in our outer experience in the world.

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