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Professional Reviews
Personal Reviews

These reviews are by therapists and other professionals who have the "Professional Licensing & Support Package" and who incorprate the audios in their work with clients. Their reviews may include their personal experiences as well as those of their clients. Notes in highlighted boxes are mine.

Professional Reviews

V.J. Astrology for Human Development:
Melbourne, Australia

2008 07 27

This describes very objectively an experience with the audio meditations, written by someone who for some years gives me the privilege of sharing her deeper thoughts and emotions.

For privacy reasons, I'll call her Isabel. Isabel was going through relationship issues that brought some insecurities of her own, giving her difficulties in communication and dealing with feelings of anger. Although she was going through outer planet transits, i suggested the personal planets meditations.

Beside the matters directly related to those (outer) planetary energies, I also think that we are able to access and work with the personal (although it's quite difficult or blocked sometimes) rather than with the transpersonal which puts us in contact with realms that we are not equipped to deal unless when having guided training. A well supported Venus helps when going through a Uranus transit to Venus, as an example, so if we can promote the wellbeing of that personal energy which is more accessible we are helping the dynamics already—I believe.

As well as the astrological reflections and the meditations, I suggested some specific flower remedies.

And here are her words:

"Here I am with my reports on using the astro meditations. Unfortunately I see that I didn’t note the exact times so I will give approximate times below.

First time: Earth/Moon - 1 June 2008 around 8pm

Initially my upper torso and upper arms quivered for awhile. Then I became relaxed. Then my mind got caught up thinking about this and that… When the birds & ocean sounds arrived I smiled and felt very happy.

I had been angry and after this meditation I had calmed down considerably and wrote about the source of the anger.  My feelings were clear but (upon rereading these journal writings) I think I was still confused and making the situation complicated.

I then did the Venus meditation.

After a minute or so, some quivers throughout upper half of my torso. Then a sensation in the centre - heart area - accompanied by deep breathing, an expanding quality. About mid-way through I felt a strong desire to cry and had a definite sense of being an infant or very young child and crying with sadness, deeply yet simply hurt. There was no sense of complexity or confusion about this tearful sadness. Towards the end of the meditation I felt very happy, gently relieved and an easy feeling.

Second time: Earth/Moon - 6 June 2008 around 8pm

Initially, extensive twitching throughout legs and feet, especially feet. Under right foot, a strong pain briefly. Then a sense of being solid and solidly present where I sat physically. Mind wandered a bit. The music (piano) startled me, like I’d been asleep. Then felt very relaxed and quite peaceful at the end. (I was very tired that evening.)

I then repeated this meditation immediately. Felt calm, more awake and less distracted by mental wandering. Toward the end, a strong pain in my left hand where a nerve had been badly damaged about 2.5 years ago (and only recently was seemingly almost fully healed).

Third time: Mercury (twice) - 18 June 2008 around 8pm  (After Earth/Moon once, with no noticeable effect.)

Both times, initially was stimulated mentally - excited somewhat, then became anxious somewhat. No physical effects.

Fourth time: Earth/Moon - 21 June 2008 - approx. mid-morning

Some tingling in lower legs/feet. Relaxing. Not a strong response.

Then, Mars - nothing noticeable."

Isabel's says she's being "much less attached and feeling stronger in my mind" as well as in her body. Isabel is a very aware person and does a lot of inner work along with meditation and study. I believe the "healing tools" as the planetary meditations are a great help specially for those who practice their intentions.

I personally find the Earth/Moon meditation to be very grounding and makes one feel present and in harmony with the environment. I suggest to always listen it along with the other meditations, serving as a good frame-work especially after an emotional catharsis or simply to integrate our awareness to the space and time we are in for our daily rhythm.

D.V.M. Research and Development:
Quantum field medical technology. Europe

2008 03 06

I just have to tell you some effects we've noticed in our treatment center.

Our head therapist (amongst other things is a kinesthesiologist and the best one I've ever met bar none) tested out a meditation with a woman - playing in the background - while he went to work with her and bam.... she went berserk. A clear indication your meditation works! In fact it was spot on. No worries though, as this was a woman which considers herself to be very paranormal and special. It seems your meditation pierced one (or a few) bubble. Just what the doctor ordered, so to speak...

I'm convinced the meditations, when applied at the right moment, can serve as a energetic correction, clearing blockages so to speak. One woman with several problems (physical, emotional and sleeping problems), had an emotional release which was huge. The next day she felt better than she did in a long time. Slept great also.

So these are a few initial results. My personal experiences are that they are really powerful. Will keep you posted on further progress and my own experiences.

2008 03 10

I've used the Uranus meditation several times on 6/7/8 March (Uranus New Moon) and it has profound effects. Sometimes even unsettling. I can cleary feel it working at the gut-level. And it does shake things loose. On a very basic level, I noticed that the Uranus meditation strengthened my need for freedom and zest for a new start. Of course the reading of your lunar planner will have influenced my consciousness.

Lunar Planner Excerpt: Our New Moon of March 7, 2008 also conjoins Uranus, which is in its home domicile, sidereal Aquarius, and which adds a key component to this lunar cycle's theme.

Uranus inspires new frontiers in experience and consciousness, and is the true pioneer and humanitarian. Uranus supports us to break from tradition—from the conformation of our past life scenarios. Uranus honors and expresses uniqueness in radical self-confidence. Uranus produces uninhibited spontaneity and individuality and brings the unexpected. Uranus provides a future focus and orientation; and embodies quickness and alertness of consciousness with a lightning like mind. Uranus provides an ability to work with higher orders and principles, providing a higher-mind prowess for telepathy and all super-consciousness functions and mechanisms. Uranus brings appreciation of excellence and perfection; is super-consciousness in creative expression; is applier of the higher sciences in technology; is electrical and of light impulses. Uranus is of global mind and global communication.

2008 03 26

Hi Nick, Why I wanted to write you is that I've had an insight/experience about your Planetary Harmonics. I asked myself what has using them frequently (once a day) brought me. First and foremost a lessening of distractions. It is as if it's much easier to stay focussed. You don't get side-tracked so easily. That would mean that normally we're constantly bombarded with diversionary input, which is one of they key concepts in Kabbalah (and of course astrology). The effect of your bio-harmonics is therefore profound and should help people to lead a much more authentic and creative life.

2008 06 08

Hi Nick,

A great addition (Lunar Cycle Timing Chart). People really need two things in order to start using your harmonic meditations on a frequent basis:
1. recognizing the importance and value of them
2. knowing when to use what

With your list (as of course your pointers in the LP) point 2 has been taken care of. As to point 1. hopefully more and more people will start realizing the importance. Especially now (what an exciting Lunar Month we're having!) it helps to really integrate the cosmic influences, we're experiencing. You've used that term (integrate) in the last LP and it is a concept on which people may need clarification.

From my personal experiences with your Harmonics I can say that they defintely help me to integrate (not just experience) cosmic frequencies/information in my system. As the American expression goes, it helps you to stay ahead of the game. I certainly feel more at one, than I did half a year ago.

Thanks and keep up the important and good work.


Nancy DeYoung. Reiki Practitioner,
Essential Oils & Etheric Clearing
Rapid City, South Dakota. U.S.

Nancy DeYoung, Reiki Practitioner

2008 03 06 Mercury Venus Earth & Saturn

I did Reiki with a friend on Sunday which had some interesting results. She wanted to try Saturn, so we did. I was going to do Reiki as she listened but I felt I needed to just let her have her experience and then do the Reiki, as the movement of my hands would draw her attention to what I was doing - I thought it might take her out of that space.

Anyway, I just sat and watched her etheric body. She rose up out of her physical body and started working on her solar plexus. Then she was at a glass wall that was a huge computer screen (like in that Tom Cruise movie) and she was moving things around on the screen. It felt like she was rearranging her life experiences or putting them in some order. After she did that, she went off somewhere and was totally gone for awhile. She came back a while after the mediatation ended. All she was aware of, she said, it felt her body was bouncing back and forth.

I am loving the audios I have done so far. Personally I have also been having some interesting things happen.

I used Mercury first. I felt the vibration in all of my torso and had some head pressure. I have been meaning to write some articles and get some book reviews out and after this meditation I did that - I felt this meditation helped me get going on it.

Then I listened to Venus. I had pressure in my lower left jaw and in my head. This brought up some Lemurian memories - I have never had any before. So I have been doing some research on Lemuria.

Then I did Earth. I felt the vibration clear down to my feet. Had some dreams - can't remember what at this moment - and the next day had new ideas coming I hadn't thought of or really considered before.

Then I did Saturn. I felt the vibration in lower abdominal area. In the physical world, I got a clogged sink pipe and the plumber came and spent a long time getting it unclogged. Felt that was a releasing of some blockage.

I have been doing a ton of stuff to move forward so there are many things helping me here, but I absolutely feel the meditations are moving the energy. I like them because I can tell my mind to take a break - it doesn't like doing that - it feels it has to be going all the time. But I think the meditations are helping that too.

2008 03 29 Update - Earth & Saturn N.D.Y.

For the first 15 minutes of a clearing session I have been having the client put on the headphones and listen to one of the meditations, while I do Reiki. So far I have worked mostly with Earth, Saturn and some with Venus. I am finding in my personal work that each planet has a different effect and I am getting familiar enough with them I can pull out the one that will do the job best. But for the time being I wanted to test the results of these three planets with clients. For me I always see the benefits of the meditation within 24 hours. I am loving working with the meditations and feel they are very beneficial.

EARTH brings a calmness to people that gets them ready for me to go in and do the clearing. It is a gentle loving energy. SATURN has been awesome, this one really blasts through stagnant energy and gets things moving so my work is faster, easier and more effective. I haven't used it with clients much, but I was guided to use VENUS for a lady with heart wounds and for a child because I was shown she has connections with Venus.

SATURN - 3/17/08 2:30 p.m. - SG has had some awesome plans but he had not done anything to get them off the ground. After the session he said he had a dream that night that a bunch of gunky, sticky stuff was coming out of him. I had told him it would take 24 hours to integrate the work we had done in his clearing session. After that he took an unexpected trip to Mpls where he met with a friend who told him to get the dreams out of his head and do something about them. He said between that and the work we did, he is now laying out plans for how he can move forward to manifest the visions. Besides the sound, I used Reiki, essential oils and etheric clearing.

EARTH and SATURN - 3/25/08 9:30 a.m. - KN is another person who has been sitting on her hands seeing her visions but not acting on them. When I was at her house, she, another lady and I did a little group thing where we listened to EARTH. The next day I did a session with KN using SATURN. She later called to say she is seeing how to move forward and is taking steps in that direction. I also used essential oils, Reiki, and the etheric clearing.

EARTH - 3/24/08 4:30 p.m. - BF never gets a good night's sleep. After her Reiki and sound session she slept. I used Reiki, essential oils and etheric clearing.

EARTH - 3/23/08 7:00 p.m. - I did a little sound workshop for two ladies. We listened to it once and then talked a bit and then they listened again. They each wrote a little bit about their experience, which follows:

Client GW - I really don't know what I experienced listening to the audio. I could feel the sound going around my head and then it would go back and forth. Listening to it the 2nd time at one point it was going around in one direction then turned and went the other way for a bit then stopped. For any feeling I did not know what to look for. (I didn't tell them what to look for. I did not want to influence their experience) I have a hard time making my thoughts clear and not chatter.

Client KN (same KN as above) - I remember releasing quite a bit through the yawning or deep breaths. Also I could feel a shift part way through and after that I relaxed more. The second time I didn't feel as many releases but was very relaxed and more at peace when we finished.

The funny thing is they didn't see the connection between this and changes in their thinking or in their lives. GW wrote a long email and at the end she said, "I ordered the book the 7 secrets of sound healing. It has a meditating CD with it. The sound is a lot like the Earths audio that we listened to. Its sounds of water flowing, birds singing, flute sounds. I really enjoy the sound. I tried listening to it while I was reading the book and I could actually read without other thoughts coming and going in my brain."

Client CK SATURN - 3/18/08 4:30 p.m.
CK was sort of thinking about a coffee shop. After we did the work, she felt empowered to go forward with it so she pulled out a half completed business proposal and finished that. She is looking at space and going forward with her plans.I used Reiki, essential oils, etheric clearing.

Client Al VENUS - 3/20/08 6:00 p.m.
AI is Native American. Don't remember why I chose Venus to do with her clearing. She had a very powerful session and said she would spread the word - which means more Natives will be coming for work. This will be a huge step forward for the suppressed Native women! Besides the sound I used Reiki, essential oils and etheric clearing.


As I see it there are three major components at work in what a person experiences during a session. First is the person being open and willing to do their work. Second is the vibration of the sound meditations and the essential oils, and the third is the Reiki and clearing work. Since I had been doing the clearings without the aid of the meditations, I can say that by using them I am seeing them as keys that unlock the door for the work. The meditation helps them get into doing the clearing work more quickly and it makes my work easier. I am loving them!


I have been through all of the audios now. In my personal work I am seeing that the audios work quite well by themselves, without the Reiki, etc. I have not used my other tools while listening to them. Though I did have to use the clearing work to fully integrate URANUS and NEPTUNE as they brought up stuff.

MERCURY ongoing -every time I go back and do Mercury, I find it easier to write or prepare for a workshop - things involving communication flow easier. So now I listen to the audio when I know I have something like that coming up.

EARTH 3/5/08 - I wrote about the first time in my last email. The second time I listened to this an overwhelming love for this planet flooded through me. I do this when I need to recenter.

URANUS 3/5/08 - This one was tough. As I listened I saw someone coming at me with a huge knife to cut out my solar plexus. I had to listen with my eyes open and after it finished I couldn't get up for awhile. The vibration moved as I listened - ear canal seemed to vibrate and upper torso, then down right side. Lots in lower head and below ears.
3/7/08 The second time someone was trying to choke me. Did some clearing work on me and found these were areas of blockage.

PLUTO - 3/7/08 and 3/9/08 - I felt the vibes in my body wherever I put my attention. Told Pluto I had been through the Pluto cleansing for the last 12 years and now I wanted the good stuff. After the 3/7 listening, a friend came over and shared his vision with me, which will include me. Much was similar to my vision - the difference is he is great at manifesting things into 3-D so we may just get it off the ground. After the 3/9 session, I went with him to check out some sites for the project. That is still moving forward tho not as quickly as I would hope. I guess Pluto doesn't work that fast unless it is tearing your life apart. :)

NEPTUNE 3/13/08 - Felt vibration at base of spine. This one brought up stuff I had to clear. Like me giving my work away or it being taken. Also met a guy right after listening to it who brought up some relationship fears.

Thanks Nick for making these available! They are indeed a blessing!

Mercury (During Mercury Retrograde)
2008 06 18 N.D.Y.

(I started a workshop where we are using one audio every two weeks.

I met with the small group to do the Earth meditation, but we first discussed their experiences over the last two weeks after listening to the Mercury audio. (Choose Mercury because it was retrograde.)

At the Mercury Class (eve of June 3)

Client VD (Natal Sept 2, 1953) As VD listened to the Mercury audio in class she had a burst of anger. She got half way through the audio and threw the headphones. After I talked to her she put them back on and finished it. She said old anger issues came up, irritable. Said it sounded like a rubber band in her head, also a race track. Running around the block. Heart and blood racing. Gave it a name and it went away but still didn't like the "noise." Got a headache - high pitches bothered her the most. The deep sounds grounded her then she surrendered to it. She said she flashed on a house she lived in as a child. Her five year old had temper tantrums. The ringing in her head overrode the tones.

The next day after class I talked to her and she said that she had knots of crystallized energy on two knuckles. After we talked one went away and the other was mostly gone by last night.

This week she reported that she had had two major conflicts come up over the two week period where she had to speak her truth. One went very well and the other not so good, but she did speak up without blowing up.

Client BS (Natal Sept 11, 1962) As she listened to the Mercury audio she said her throat vibrated and then it went to the sinuses above the eyebrows. Her right hand had pressure at the tips of the writing fingers and the lower lobe of brain opened up.

This week she reported that her throat had been scratchy - then perfectly open. Did a business deal and stood her ground and it ended a win/win for both, but she didn't back down. She went on vacation and her employees took care of everything at the store and didn't call her even once. Had a confrontation with her husband and he tried to make her upset about her decision, but she didn't play into it and he later apologized. She just didn't feel bad and her throat never closed up on her.

Client CD - As she listened to the Mercury audio she had a vibration like a tuning fork. Felt peace and calm and fell asleep for part of it. She wasn't here last night so didn't get feedback on her two weeks.

Well that is what our little group experienced. VD is not a client of mine. BS is, and CD has had only one session with me, but she is getting Reiki.

My 2Cents
Mercury - A few points worth noting: First, notice the issues and suppressed emotions brought to surface awareness in the above clients were about self-expression and anger. Mercury's Bio-harmonic resonances are with the Thyroid / Throat Chakra, the seat of self-expression / living and speaking our truth, and the emotional tone of Anger. (See the Planetary Correspondences Chart and the Emotional Tone Scale Chart.)

During a Healing Crisis, the emotional tone of anger is one of the most challenging to move through until one is more adept at applying the principles of the Healing Crisis. This is due to the potency of the emotion of anger, and the tendency to first project anger outside of self (the reactive state). The key is being willing to unconditionally feel the anger, and embrace it. Doing so then results with the associated memories tied to it surfacing to conscious awareness (as the pituitary opens - the seat of suppressed memory), as described in the case with client VD recalling her childhood tantrums. The resultant shift was her ability to respond to a situation that previously would result in anger but now with the ability to speak her truth without blowing up. This is a major step in re-claiming self-empowerment and moving from a re-active mode based on past suppressed patterns to the conscious action mode—the thyroid resonance—with the ability to respond from clarity of truth, rather than from a re-active emotional defence.

The time of the Mercury Class (eve of June 3) was just after the New Moon with the very significant Solstice-Pluto aspect. The Moon, just past the Sun was approaching retrograde Mercury (within a degree). This was an optimal time for Mercurial resonances to occur—in the crescendo of the aspect. Although the class was not consciously planned for the Moon-Mercury alignment specifically, this is an example of how we naturally participate in attunement to the planetary cycles. It also demonstrates the value of using specific audios during specific planetary alignments and in concert with the lunar cycles.

Example: Transits occurring for Client BS:
The Sun created a Grand Trine to natal Mercury and natal Moon, which are natally trine. This opens a personal portal re: Mercury-Moon issues: this is the thyroid-solar plexus tie-in (anger/grief - expression/emotion). See the Emotional Tone Scale Chart regarding chakra tie-ins.

Moon-Retrograde Mercury created an approaching square to natal Sun (within a degree) creating a "challenge to change" sense of self / place in the world. Transiting Moon-Merc also sextiles a natal Vesta-Juno conjunction. This 60° aspect is one "providing strength" to clear any inferiority-superiority / self worth issues in partnerships. BS's natal Juno-Vesta 30° aspect to natal Sun, in general, provides an opportunity for growth regarding any (Sun / Vesta Juno) issues in this lifetime— all fitting to the client's reported experiences.

M.L.P. Applied Kinesiology, Tibetan Bonpo Medicine, Astrology
Coffs Harbour, Australia

2008 03 19

I love what i have heard so far. I have already begun to create and road tested a few. I am doing mudras with the harmonics that relate to the planet and find it increases the connection.

Also, an amazing 13 year old listened to the harmonics and her mother was telling me of her experience which include her rocking to one harmonic circular and another back and forth and goose bumps on her body and her pupils dilated.

So looking forward to see what the harmonics have to reveal.
Great timing!

C.B. Massotherapist, Massage Therapy, Detoxification Procedures,
Electromagnetic Balancing, & Spiritual Coaching
Avon, Ohio, U.S.

2008 03 25

March 18 7:30PM
I chose the Harmonics by an intuitive feeling. The initial experience using the Earth Harmonics was very interesting. The sound almost made me feel queasy and a little unsettled. The feeling lasted about 2 hours. I feel this helped me with relieving constipation that I have been troubled with since my trip to Peru. This was a pleasant surprise.

March 19 6:30PM
Listened to the Earth Harmonics for the second time. This time the experience was very different from the day prior. I even noticed that for some reason my eye sight seemed to be different. My vision was sharper and there was a "lucidness" that made things more alive. I have had the same clarity of sight when I have been through a fasting of 3 days.

March 21 5:00PM
This time I chose Mars Harmonics. There was no particular experience other than a feeling of being serene.

March 24 6:30 PM
Venus Harmonics really seems resonate with me, hearing the tones is very reminiscent to me. Almost like calling me home. I was really intrigued by this. I then asked my sister to listen to it and she said,"it's calling me home." ????

I look forward to choosing the others as they come to me, but if you have any other suggestions as to how to use them, please feel free to inform me. My Sister was wondering if these sounds could be used to improve the crops in a greenhouse on a commerical level? Have you done any studies on this?

2008 04 04 - Update

The Harmonics are very subtle and I am listening without trying to have an outcome. I have noticed that I need to give myself time to digest my food before engaging in the experience.

March 25 Mercury
I think I may have already reported this one ?

March 27 Neptune 7:40:pm - a neutral experience

March 28 Uranus 6:30PM
I incorporated it into my art meditation. There is always a sense of peacefullness when I am creating, but I must say that I seemed to go into a deeper place while listening.

March 30 Uranus 7:00 PM
Here I tried it again and felt the same sense of depth.

April 2 Neptune 8:30PM
These harmonics really worked on my pineal gland. I felt the vibrations so pronounced in that area. Then the vibration seemed to eminate throughout.
I look forward to listening to the Neptune harmonics again.

A.N. Colorpuncture Therapy
Prior Lake, Minnesota, U.S.

2008 03 27 Uranus

I listened to the Uranus audio and I must say it was very powerful!

The visual I saw was something ripping through my galaxy—the words that came to me. I was at peace and just observing, like watching a shooting star. I then got a bit depressed as it seemed all the things in my life that need to change were all up at once and heavy for attention now! Not sure if its related, but I then caught the flu and did some good processing, quickly followed by too many hours of work and did a number on my back.

All is well, and I view this as A GOOD THING! now that I have recovered. Still have this weird spot in my eye that is making a blurry spot? Something I'm not seeing clear, I'm thinking? I'm ready for the next audio. I'm glad I'm going thru these before I start working with others.

A.G. Esoteric & Sound Healing
Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom

2008 04 07 Mercury & Uranus

0945 Monday 7th April
No additional therapies or technologiues used.

Mercury & Uranus Audios used in succession with 10 minute gap in between.

Lunar Planner Excerpt: Mercury and Uranus, the paradigm breaker, begin a new 88-day synodic cycle in late sidereal Aquarius on April 8, 2008. This marks the start of a new 3-month period about exploring and developing new logistics that support the radical changes commencing in our lives, which the last lunar cycle had inspired us to make....

Synodic cycles create our underlying cycles of growth in human consciousness, thus we can think of them as the subtle background music in a symphony whereas aspects as seen from Earth, planetary conjunctions, etc., create more of the punctual music that stands out in the musical score....

This is a dynamic duo and the two work quite well together. Mercury and Uranus are also of higher mental faculties and neurology. They motivate intellectual exploration, to break new ground and move us from our limiting mental constructs of the past. They motivate us to translate our discoveries through communication and the intellectual realm into a logistical expression that is applicable in the daily world of human affairs.

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonics Audio Meditations, this time (April 7 and 8), in the crescendo or this alignment, is ideal to work with both the Mercury and Uranus audio mediations in conjunction.

Mercury - 0945 - during meditation felt effects of relaxation and a feeling of integration from the head downwards. Had a very calming effect. Have been having trouble with my neck & gradually felt tension loosen and neck readjusting itself.

Uranus - 1010- at the beginning saw and felt energy being swirled in a clockwise direction around my head - like somebody stirring a bowl of liquid. Middle section felt like disuruptive force down through the now swirling energy. Experienced whole top of body shaking as though to free itself. Last section was back to a stirring again - a calming stir.

Effects over the past 2 days:
I immediately felt the urge to get on with my writing which I had been avoiding for quite some time. Was also quickly & easily able to see immediately I started avoidance tactics and shift back to creating again. My resolve to get on with my book and finish it has certainly been much stronger over the past couple of days.

Physically my body, which had been holding quite a bit of pain and stiffness, especially my neck, has been feeling a lot freer and a lot less painful.

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