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Broadband high-speed recommended
Stereo headphones are required for full audio effect.

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Eclipse-of-the-Heart Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio-Video Meditation

Eclipse of the Heart

Video Duration: 00:06:00 (HD Size: 1280 max)
Video Duration: 00:06:00 (SD Size 640 max)
Use the 640 Video for mobile devices.

This six-minute meditational video incorporates Earth, Venus and the Sun Planetary Bioharmonics, and Atomic Hydrogen and brainwave resonances using Isochronic recording techniques.

Blending Edge Fractal Graphics by Marius Giurgi.
Video Animation and Bioharmonics by Nick Anthony Fiorenza

The Moon & Mars Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio-Video

The Moon & Mars

Video Duration: 00:03:33 (Size 640 x 360 max)

This short video takes you on a meditative journey from the Moon to Mars. Incorporating the Moon, Mars and its Moon's Planetary Bioharmonics; and featuring NASA images of the surface of Mars.
Produced by Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Why Stereo Headphones?

The Planetary Bioharmonics audios-videos incorporate left and right audio transitions as well as very low audio frequencies in the brainwave region. The lower audio frequencies cannot be heard on most built-in computer speakers. Stereo headphones will allow you to hear the full dynamic range of the audio and will provide the best stereo separation. In addition, these audio videos incorporate Isochronic and/or Binaural Sound, which require headphones to experience.

Binaural sound

Binaural sound refers to process that occurs in the head and brain when two independent sounds are heard through each ear, producing a 3-dimensional sound experience. This produces internal ILTs (interaural time differences) and ILDs (interaural level differences). Headphones are required to experience binaural sound. Stereo speakers do not produce this internally generated sound process. Binaural recording was originally developed to create the sensation of being in the room with the performers. This technique of recording is also applied in areas of brainwave training and enhancement, and other medical technologies.

Binaural audio can also incorporate slightly different frequencies or phase differences between frequencies that produce low frequencies in the brain wave region, which again are only experienced when listening through headphones. The planetary bioharmonic frequencies incorporated in these audio-video meditations also produce a binaural sound experience that not only resonates with specific neurological processes but also various brainwave frequencies.

Iscochronic Sound

Iscochronic sound is generated by modulating (encapsulating) sound in pulsating envelopes. In this case, these envelopes or packets of sound encase planetary bioharmonic frequencies, The envelopes are then pulsed at very low frequencies, in the various brainwave regions. Generally, Iscochronic sound does not necessarily require headphones.

The unique composition and progression of frequencies and colors used in each bioharmonic audio-video mediation are designed to effect different neurological and brainwave responses, different areas of the body, and to bring the listener through a meditative process.

There is a great deal of scientific research demonstrating the efficacy of both binaural and isochronic audio for brainwave entrainment (easily found by searching the internet). For example, they are effective tools to help one learn how to maintain conscious awareness while decreasing brainwaves from waking thought to a transcendent level of universal consciousness beyond the brain itself and even beyond the human body.

What if I don't have a broadband high-speed internet connection?

You can still play the videos. However, you may have to wait a while for them to download. "Streaming videos," such as these, begin to play as they are downloading. If the streaming speed is limited, the video will still start to play, but because the play speed is faster than the streaming speed, the video will stop until the stream catches up. To avoid jerky start-stop play, wait until most of a video or audio has downloaded before playing the video. Another factor limiting smooth play can be a computer's video processor. Large High-Def movies require a video processor that can keep up with their higher data rate.