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Ideal Times to use specific
Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations
In Each Lunar Cycle

This web page is updated on each New Moon

The Lunar Cycle Timing Chart

You an use this chart as a guide to help choose ideal times to listen to a specific planetary audio based upon planetary alignments occurring in each Lunar Cycle. The best times occur in the crescendo of a planetary alignment. The crescendo of a planetary alignment occurs while the harmonic (aspect) is building, just before the actual alignment occurs. Generally this window occurs within the 24 hour period before the actual alignment (the posted time). The eve before any alignment is always optimal.

Also see the Planetary Mental Emotional & Physical Correspondences Chart to help identify which Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audios you may wish to use based on specific mental, emotional & physical characteristics.

Keep in mind that the Earth audio meditation incorporates both Earth and Moon harmonics, thus it can be used during any Moon aspect, or anytime to help get grounded and centered.

This Lunar Month (July 16, 2015 August 14, 2015)

Alignments are discussed in detail in each month's Lunar Planner
(for Lunar Planner Subscribers)

Extra Significant Alignments Highlighted

Time (GMT) Time (-07) (MST) Alignment Recommended Audios
Thu, Jul 16, 01:24 GMT Wed, Jul 15, 6:24 PM MST NEW MOON Mercury Mars
Thu, Jul 16, 04:13 GMT Wed, Jul 15, 9:13 PM MST Mercury-Mars Mercury Mars
Sat, Jul 18, 14:50 GMT Sat, Jul 18, 7:50 AM MST Mn-Jupiter Jupiter
Sun, Jul 19, 00:49 GMT Sat, Jul 18, 5:49 PM MST Mn-Venus Venus
Mon, Jul 20, 00:54 GMT Sun, Jul 19, 5:54 PM MST CRESCENT Earth
Fri, Jul 24, 04:03 GMT Thu, Jul 23, 9:03 PM MST FIRST QUAR. (Sun-Merc) Mercury
Sat, Jul 25, 07:53 GMT Sat, Jul 25, 12:53 AM MST Ceres Synod Earth
Sat, Jul 25, 09:28 GMT Sat, Jul 25, 2:28 AM MST Venus Ret Venus
Sun, Jul 26, 09:14 GMT Sun, Jul 26, 2:14 AM MST Mn-Saturn Saturn
Sun, Jul 26, 10:20 GMT Sun, Jul 26, 3:20 AM MST Uranus Ret Uranus
Tue, Jul 28, 00:29 GMT Mon, Jul 27, 5:29 PM MST GIBBOUS Earth Uranus
Wed, Jul 29, 18:23 GMT Wed, Jul 29, 11:23 AM MST Mn-Pluto Pluto
Fri, Jul 31, 10:42 GMT Fri, Jul 31, 3:42 AM MST FULL MOON Earth
Sun, Aug 2, 05:38 GMT Sat, Aug 1, 10:38 PM MST Saturn Direct Saturn
Sun, Aug 2, 13:27 GMT Sun, Aug 2, 6:27 AM MST Mn-Neptune Neptune
Mon, Aug 3, 16:55 GMT Mon, Aug 3, 9:55 AM MST DISSEMINATING Earth Mars
Tue, Aug 4, 21:47 GMT Tue, Aug 4, 2:47 PM MST Venus-Jupiter Venus Jupiter
Wed, Aug 5, 09:21 GMT Wed, Aug 5, 2:21 AM MST Mn-Uranus Uranus
Thu, Aug 6, 14:24 GMT Thu, Aug 6, 7:24 AM MST Mercury-Venus Mercury Venus Jupiter
Fri, Aug 7, 02:02 GMT Thu, Aug 6, 7:02 PM MST LAST QUARTER Earth Pluto
Fri, Aug 7, 07:08 GMT Fri, Aug 7, 12:08 AM MST Mercury-Jupiter Mercury Venus Jupiter
Mon, Aug 10, 17:16 GMT Mon, Aug 10, 10:16 AM MST BALSAMIC Earth
Thu, Aug 13, 01:59 GMT Wed, Aug 12, 6:59 PM MST Mn-Mars Mars
Fri, Aug 14, 14:53 GMT Fri, Aug 14, 7:53 AM MST NEW MOON (Venus) Venus