- The Heptanomis -
Earth's Precession & the Seven Evolutionary Epochs

The Heptanomis

Introduction to the Heptanomis

Earth's ~25000-year polar precessional circle inscribed in the heavens, also called the polar arc, is naturally divided into seven evolutionary epochs called the Heptanomis also referred to as the seven heavens, mansions, and the seven days of creation. This is the celestial dome centered around the north ecliptic pole (NEP).

The Pentagonal division shown in the illustration nests within the Heptanomis from which the Mayan period is derived. The precessional movement of Earth's pole through the Heptanomis is the timepiece governing the evolutionary unfoldment of human consciousness, the evolutionary cycle of the soul on Earth.

Earth's Precessional Cross forms within the ecliptic plane due to the changing relationship of Earth's equatorial plane with respect to the ecliptic plane and galactic plane. (See Earth's Precessional Cycle.) The soul incarnates upon Earth's Precessional Cross and evolves through its cycle as Earth's north celestial pole (or god-head) moves through the seven heavenly epochs of time.

Earth's Primodial Origin

The origin point of Earth's precessional cycle occurs when Earth's north pole lies most parallel to the galactic plane. At that time, it lies submersed in and is imbued with Galactic Light unified within the plane of galactic awareness. This polar position (the Polarian Ingress of the Heptanomis) marks the natural beginning and ending of Earth's precessional cycle. This is also the most northern point along the galactic plane in ecliptical latitude and it resides at 5° sidereal Pisces our watery origin. Water is primordial, far older than our Earth and our Sun. Water precipitates from the substance from which stars are born. Primordial Origin, at 5° sidereal Pisces, also conjoins the star Scheat of the Great Square of Pegasus. Scheat is of the lymph, which means "living water of life." This is our life fluid through which intercellular communication occurs. As Earth's precessional cycle begins, Earth's pole lifts itself from the galactic waters of life and the evolutionary cycle of the soul begins.

Earth's seven precessional epochs in the zodiak

Because Earth's precessional rate is NOT a constant, dates in the above illustration are approximate. It is proper to say the last erect cross occurred 180° ago in the precessional cycle, but to assign an exact date to that arc degree is merely academic. Dates shown are based upon a constant precessional rate of 1° per 72 years (a 25,920-year cycle). Earth's precessional rate has been estimated to vary between 24,000 and 26,000 years. More about Earth's Precessional rate can be found on the Sidereal Astrology web page.

Reference: More about the Heptanomis can be found in "Ancient Egypt, the Light of the World" Volumes I and II by Gerald Massey (1828-1907).