Making Passage through the April 2014
Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Square

Excerpts from the March 30, 2014 Lunar Planner


May 25, 2013 Full Moon Ecipse Aspects

The March 30, 2014 New Moon catalyzes an unprecedented lunar cycle providing opportunity for revolutionary change in many facets of our personal lives and in the world. The main event occurring in this lunar month is the Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Square. This Grand Square gateway is intense, challenging and deeply cathartic. It is a doorway that requires a decisive choice to leave one way of being, to live the wisdom gained from the past, and to morph into a new way of being yet to unfold throughout the remainder of the 2010s.

The Sun, Juno, Eris & Relationships

The Sun-Juno conjunction occurs on April 11, hours before the Gibbous Moon, also as Venus conjoins Neptune. This marks the mid-point of vision and realization in the current Earth-Juno synodic cycle that began on August 3, 2013, presented in the July 8, 2013 Lunar Planner. The Sun then conjoins Eris hours later on April 12, just after the Gibbous Moon. Slitely later, on April 13, Juno conjoins Eris.


This new Juno synodic cycle theme can express in a variety of ways. It can impel the formation of new bonds and partnerships in business. It can impel partnerships in the areas of publication of information and of a social nature. It can inspire the concretization of ideas and thoughts from multi-disciplines in the fields of science and history. It motivates partnerships of all types to work for a greater common good, and to become responsible to provide the prosperity and security required for a nurturing environment for home and families. This is a shift from the exclusive self-focused survival of the fittest mentality (what can I get from another) to one that is inclusive where the thought becomes what can we mutually provide for one another.

Also of pertinence is the new and recent Juno-Uranus 4.5-year synodic cycle (and their conjunction) that began in the previous lunar cycle.


A Juno-Uranus synthesis in general can be about making radical if not spontaneous changes in relationships and partnerships of all types. It may be about partnerships breaking apart and new ones forming, or it may be about existing partnerships breaking away from the conformity of the past and exploring new territory and new frontiers. It may motivate partnerships to evolve in new or unconventional ways and that create innovative ways forward.

Here in sidereal Pisces, this can be of an emotional or spiritual nature, but may also involve new technologies or modalities that make our experience more humanly palpable and intuitive. With these stars, it may motivate revolutionary breakthroughs through past restrictions to achieve a greater level of freedom from any variety of dependencies, also those of a financial nature. This may involve much inner work in our relations, learning to interrelate in new and innovative ways, which can ultimately be quite rewarding.

The Time of Global Change is at Hand.
What is the end of the World for some is a New World for those who realize it is—,
for those who make the inner changes required to externalize a new world paradigm.

The New Juno-Eris Synodic Cycle and the New Vesta and Ceres Synodic Cycles

April 15, 2014 Full Moon Eclipse Sidereal Astrology Chart

Full Moon Eclipse - Sidereal Fagan-Bradley
Subtract 0° 14' for the Galactic Ayanamsa
©2014 Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Juno conjoins Eris on April 13. Juno and Eris also make their heliocentric conjunction several hours later on April 14, starting a new 4.4-year Juno-Eris synodic cycle. On the opposite side of the heavens, Earth and Vesta make their synod also on April 13, with the Earth-Ceres synod to follow on April 14-15, on the Full Moon eclipse. During this time, on April 14, the Moon conjoins Mars, Haumea, Vesta and Ceres as it climaxes into the lunar eclipse conjoining Ceres, which are opposite Juno, Eris and the Sun (shown in the Full Moon Astrology Chart).


Juno is the asteroid of covenant relationships, soul colleagues, and true lovers. Juno is not only of personal relations, but also those of a business nature to those of political leaders and nations of the world. In the astrological chart, Juno indicates the nature of the issues and opportunities in significant relations of all sorts. Mature Juno is diplomatic, tactful, cooperative, and mutually trusting. Mature Juno expresses with a sense of equality within self that provides the ability to draw true partners and those of equality into one’s life. There is an acceptance of another’s truth or opinion without need to challenge or debate. There is an ability to honor and support others in their own choices and decisions. Mature Juno expresses in mutual support and unconditional love to allow each other to grow and change through whatever issues surface.

At a personal level, Juno’s placement in the astrological chart is one of several points that determine the types of significant relations drawn into our lives and the nature of issues we may face in those relations. Juno's placement specifically reveals the nature of the compatibility we seek, that is, what is important to us regarding our partners. Because Juno is where we deal with our inferiority / superiority complexes, and if this issue is prominent, partnerships drawn in earlier life can be full of lessons regarding such issues and not much else. Once a certain level of emotional maturity is attained within self regarding any related issues, we draw partners that are more compatible or true soul level covenant partners. This does not mean we still do not grow regarding Juno issues, but there are those individuals with which we may also have a mutual soul bond and mission to pursue together.

Potential Juno issues (an immature Juno expression) can manifest as superiority / inferiority complexes, power struggles, control issues, jealousy and possessiveness, betrayal, contention and standoffs, one-up-man-ship, invalidating others, lack of self confidence, dictating behavior, and a variety of other inequality issues. More about Juno.

Eris and Dysnomia

NASA Artist's impression of Eris and Dysnomia: Eris is the main object, Dysnomia the smaller disk just above it. The object top-left is the Sun.


Eris, the Great Disruptor, has a radical and interceding nature, overturning our current perception, but with purpose, so we may expand and redefine our perceptual view of the reality in which we live. Eris, discovered in 2005 in Cetus, was responsible for the formation of the new “Dwarf Planet” classification and the reclassification of Pluto to Dwarf Planet status, the family to which Eris, Pluto and the asteroid Ceres now belong. This caused quite a commotion in both the astronomical and astrological communities. However, this proved to be appropriate as additional new Dwarf Planets were discovered shortly afterward.

Mythologically, Eris is the Greek god of strife. Eris’ daughter, Dysnomia, is the name given to the moon of Eris. Dysnomia is said to be the “spirit of lawlessness”—disruptor of civil order. Eris, however, had two daughters, Dysnomia and the opposite and peaceable one, Eunomia, who ends strife. Dysnomia is also the name given to a nominal recall (dys) disorder—a memory problem associated with naming (nouns); the inability to retrieve names when needed—”its on the tip of my tongue.”

Eris demonstrated, right from the start, her no-nonsense astrological role as the great disruptor. Although the discovery of Eris created discord at first, a new order followed with the new classification of Dwarf Planets (fitting to the theme of her daughter Eunomia). This is significant when considering Eris’ astrological character.

Discordant Eris provokes change by upsetting the status quo, by upsetting the apple cart. Although Eris can create a disrupting commotion, upsetting our existing, limiting and antiquated structures of consciousness. She opens us to see beyond the finite bounds of our current perception, beyond the bounds we place upon ourselves by arousing and challenging our egoic defenses. In doing so, we are left to redefine and reorganize our world view to embrace a far vaster reality—a view more fitting to our rapidly expanding awareness.

Eris’ discovery in Cetus, the Technobureaucratic Monster of Collective Human Consciousness, indicates Eris is disrupting the fear-driven bureaucratic world of mass consensus to help our emergence from the belly of the ole’ whale into a new world paradigm. Being a very slow mover, Eris is still making its passage through the gut of Cetus—continuing to disrupt fear-based collective human consciousness and the technobureaucratic monster driving it. Eris’ influence has been working, for the most part, at sub-conscious emotional level—perhaps continuing to increase the unrest with the status quo in the human populous.

The last Juno-Eris Synod occurred in late November of 2009 (conjoining Revati PIsces, Baten Kaitos Cetus, etc.), with the geocentric conjunction occurring a bit later in early February of 2010. This was after the series of banking failures (2008) that led to the global recession; e.g., the covert purchase of Washington Mutual by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Long drawn out discordant lawsuit battles dramatically peaked between financial institutions in early 2010 as Juno-conjoined Eris; e.g., the lawsuits between Washington Mutual, Inc., the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and JPMorgan Chase. More about Eris, Revati and the Global Economic Crisis.

The Juno-Eris conjunction, following the recent Juno-Uranus conjunction and synod occurring in the previous lunar cycle, may actualize discordance, restructuring or partings in relationships if those changes were already brewing in the previous lunar cycle—catalyzed by the Juno-Uranus synthesis. This can be about emotional issues or differences surrounding financial matters. It may also catalyze the same on the global scene, in political and business relations. If new partnerships recently formed or existing relations were willing to change and explore new possibilities, then those relations were strengthen in their uniqueness and any discordance occurring now may merely be a bump in the road ahead. Whatever occurs in relationships now brings perspective to the more important issues surrounding the Mars, Ceres and Vesta retrogrades—the opportunity to redefine these areas of our lives. That is, to redefine how we are using our creative energy, leadership capacity and power in the world, along with getting clear and focused on what is truly nourishing in our lives. It is more important to recognize this redefining and reassessment process unfolding over these few months rather than to overly react to what may seem as irresolvable differences. This of course promptly leads into the Grand Square, which may be the calling card, where we all grow and make safe and harmonious passage into a new level of empowerment, or for those unwilling to grow or who adamantly adhere to antiquated ways of being, the consequences may take an opposite turn.

The Earth-Ceres and Earth-Vesta Synodic Cycles

The Vesta synodic cycle is ~1.5-years. The Ceres synodic cycle is ~1.3-years. The Ceres and Vesta synods conjoin Spica of Virgo; Archturus and Nekar of Bootes (shown in the heliocentric movie below).


Vesta is the asteroid of Focus, Dedication & Commitment; of physical, emotional, and mental clarity; and of self-respect. Vesta brings a capacity to be pure within self at all levels for the expression of one’s highest potential and true Essence. Vesta is of strength, purity, and perfection—of total dedication to purpose. Vesta brings attention to that which is of true importance to us and will ignite and burn away that which is not so we can become clear. Vesta is keeper of the sacred flame within self. Vesta asks us to examine our inner values, our passion in life, to become clear on it, and to use our creativity to keep that fire alive.

Potential Vesta issues are: scatteredness, with an inability to focus, commit or carry through; and avoidance of one’s true purpose. Vesta can express as denials to address the mental, emotional and physical purification to support being a pure bio-logical vessel for the expression of Spirit—the requirements to express our true soul intent and purpose. This can manifest as fear of commitment, fear of sex and intimacy in all of its forms, and an invalidation of the emotional and physical aspects of self.

Vesta was discovered on 29 March 1807 by the German physician Heinrich Wilhelm Matthaus Olbers (1758-1840), He named the asteroid for the Roman goddess of virtue at the suggestion of Carl Friedrich Gauss. Vesta was near the Super Galactic Center, the spiritual mother center of the Heavens, in sidereal Virgo—a placement quite fitting to Vesta’s relationship to the Virgin principle.

In mythical language, Vesta is the revered goddess of the Vestal Virgins, the daughter of Rhea and Saturn, the eldest sister of Jupiter, and is keeper of the sacred fire on Mt. Olympus—meaning keeper of the eternal flame (truth) of the soul within self. Fire, the element of Vesta, is purifying for the soul—serving to enlighten and enliven. Vesta and the Vestal Virgins were highly valued and trusted for speaking the truth. They kept and protected all important documents and records. Vesta is also the Roman goddess of the hearth, home and family. More about Vesta.

The Vestal Virgin Rhea Silvia

One of the largest mountains in the solar system resides in Vesta's southern hemisphere. At 20 km (~13 miles high), the mountain at the center of the largest south pole crater, Rheasilvia, is close to four times larger than Earth's largest mountain, the island of Hawaii (measured from the ocean floor), two and a half times higher than Mount Everest.

The Vestal Virgin Rhea Silvia (Rea Silvia) was the mother of the twins Pollux and Castor or Romulus and Remus, founders and guardians of Rome; the immortal and mortal sons of Zeus in Greek mythology, who, along with Hercules, were part of the crew of the Argo--seeing to the fulfillment of the evolutionary mission of the soul.


Due to her size and spherical shape, Ceres was reclassified as a “dwarf planet” in Aug 2006, along with Pluto and Eris—appropriately honoring Ceres to be the mother of the asteroids; and now places a “planet” in the orbital location where a planet should lie—in this case along with her many children.

Ceres, the mother of the main asteroids, brings awareness to how we nurture and to that which is truly nurturing to us. Ceres embodies mothering and agricultural qualities and brings attention to our relation with the Earth, the land, agriculture, the environment and the seasons. Due to Ceres association with the land and the environment, Ceres is of particular interest in charts associated with environmental changes or events. Ceres reveals our ability to be in universal flow—the unification of giving and receiving as one flow of energy through ourselves. Ceres asks for acknowledgment of our inner needs, to have self love and self worth. Ceres is of concern and caring for others as well as for the Earth. Ceres is associated with fertility, the womb and stomach.

Potential Ceres issues are: fear of abundance, lack and material struggle; low self esteem; unworthiness; abandonment / rejection issues expressing as attachment to people and things, manipulation of loved ones, over-attachment to siblings, possessiveness, and control of siblings or of one’s creations; mother-child complexes; and barrenness. More about Ceres.

Eta Carina Nebula

Arcthurus, the primary (Alpha) star of Boötes, is a red giant, about 25 times the diameter of our Sun. It is an old (soul) star and is unique in that it has a large proper motion (movement amongst other stars), moving at a tremendous rate of speed relative to our solar system. Only Alpha Centauri has a higher proper motion. Another unique feature is that Arcthurus is not moving with the stars along the disk of our Milky Way galaxy but is cutting perpendicularly through it. It moves in a group of at least 50 other stars in what is known as the Arcturus Stream. Archturus is easy to see in the night sky, appearing orange to unaided eye.

Archturus is the administrative seat responsible for the safe evolutionary unfoldment and ascension of Earth and humanity—supporting the pure birth and a healthy and harmonious incarnate life of the soul. Archturus embodies the essence or seed of Boötes (the adom of man), and is the provider for and protector of the Virgin (Divine Feminine) principle, and Mother Earth. Nekkar, Beta Boötes, the head / intelligence of Boötes, lies north of and conjoins Archturus. Nekkar impels wise leadership from spiritual wisdom. Prominent alignments with Nekkar and Archturus can make a spiritually wise teacher, leader, sage, advisor, or custodian. They understand the deeper transcendent currents at work and often work behind the scenes.

Nekkar and Archturus lie directly over and conjoin Spica, the base chakra (Vesica Pisces) of the Virgin (in our modern rendering of a supine Virgin), which marks the sidereal Virgo-Libra cusp. Predating our current rendering of a supine Virgin, the Virgin was shown standing, only occupying sidereal Virgo, not Libra as well, with Spica being an ear or sheaf of wheat held in her right hand. In Egypt, this was Isis, also with a sheaf of wheat, and sometimes holding the infant Horus, which later became the image of the Christian Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus. Isis embodied the principles of a Virgin (a pure vessel) and that of a Mother (to give birth), not a Virgin-Mother. Isis embodied the capacity to birth a soul in its highest potential, a total or soul-infused awakened being, and to care for and ensure souls’ expression into their highest potential. Isis / Virgo embodies the exalted feminine principle, and all facets of this principle including the unconditional caring for all life, including the animal kingdom and the Earth (ecology, agriculture, etc).

As the sheaf of wheat in Virgin’s right hand, Spica articulates that which is produced or offered. This is bounty and prosperity, that produced by a healthy crop, and this applies agriculturally and well as biologically—not that there is a separation, but a synergy. In our modern rendering, as the base chakra of the Virgin, Spica articulates that from which a physical birth occurs, and ensuring the healthy genetic lineage or bloodline. We can consider two fundamental things we are doing as incarnating souls, aside from our own personal evolution, one is supporting the evolution of our soul lineage or soul-stream of consciousness, the other is supporting the genetic evolutionary stream into which we birthed. Thus by evolving self we reciprocate that growth through resonance into both the soul-stream and genetic-stream.

Spica has a constructive and bountiful influence, inspiring to bring forth the best or highest potential. Spica impels the practical application of the Archturian intent of purpose to steer and guide incarnating souls toward their evolutionary fulfillment—to have loyalty and fidelity to the Archturian directive. Spica is of purity and perfection and impels the need to be pure within self for the unadulterated expression of the soul. Spica inspires education regarding the gestation and formation of life, and to be pro-active to ensure life's continuation and evolutionary fulfillment.

The new Earth-Vesta and Earth Ceres synodic cycles impel us to get very clear about what is essential to ensure our safe and harmonious evolutionary experience and fulfillment on Earth, and to ensure souls birthing into this experience in the future will also have this opportunity. The quality of our environment and of our biological condition must become a priority over amassing power and resources to dominate and control life based upon personal motive. Our very values must change to become focused and dedicated to ensure this quality rather than to unconsciously consume the very quality of life to amass quantity. If we do not have quality in our world and in our lives, how much we have, even life itself, becomes meaningless.

Progression through the Grand Square

The Archturus-Spica longitude (at the Virgo-Libra cusp) defines the overall directive of this area of the zodiak, specifically Archturus. It is about the ensuring the safe evolutionary experience of souls on Earth. The area just before this longitude (late sidereal Virgo) is about responsibility to ensure proper environmental conditions exist for the safe and harmonious gestation and formation of life. This is about both our geological environment as well as our internal biological terrain. This precedes moving across the Archturus-Spica longitude into early sidereal Libra, which is about the birth of new life, intimate relations and mutual and intimate support. Thus we can see how the outer manifestation and expression of new life births from and is dependent upon the proper environmental conditions in which life formulates.

Notice in the movie below, that the Earth-Mars, Earth Haumea and Mars-Haumea Synods occur in the area before the Archturus-Spica eclipitcal longitude, in later sidereal Virgo. The Earth-Vesta and Earth-Ceres synods occur at and immediately after the Archturus-Spica longitude. The compounded Mars-Ceres-Vesta synods, occurring after the Grand Square, on the following New Moon Annular Eclipse (April 29-May 1), occur after the Archturus-Spica longitude, in early sidereal Libra. The Mars-Ceres-Vesta synodic cycles impel the demonstrable action in our relations, and how we use our creative power and leadership in the world. This is dependent upon how we redefine and realign ourselves during the retrogrades and by how we embrace the new currents set in motion by the synods occurring before the Grand Square. Thus, the Grand Square is not only a gateway but it also serves as a demonstrable test to reveal how we will move forward into the years to come. Keep in mind, that although this event, the Grand Square (along with the synchronous retrogrades and the slew of synods), is merely one of many events in a progression of far more embracing currents; i.e., the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square and the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square; and that we have now made passage across the actual heliocentric Uranus-Pluto Square, the Jupiter-Uranus Square and the Jupiter-Pluto Opposition, the actual shifts in their respective synodic cycles, which occurred back in November 2013. Thus we are now at a time to demonstrably actualize these transitions occurring in these much longer cycles. This Grand Square is that actualization, setting in motion these currents in our externalized world over the years ahead.

Heliocentric Star Chart Movie (same as the one above) showing the Earth, Mars, Haumea, Ceres and Vesta Synods. The Earth-Ceres and Earth-Vesta Synods occur leading into the April Grand Square. The compounded Mars-Ceres, Mars-Vesta and Ceres-Vesta synods occur as we emerge from the Grand Square and surrounding the New Moon Solar Eclipse of April 29, a lunar cycle that impels a fresh new start. These latter synods occur in early sidereal Libra. (Spica marks the sidereal Virgo-Libra cusp.)

Pluto Retrograde & The Grand Square

Another dynamic occurring during this Grand Square is Pluto's retrograde station, which occurs on April 14. Stations of Pluto (and other slow moving planets) are felt for a couple of weeks surrounding the station, mostly leading into it. In the case of this Pluto station, this is about finalities, endings, of becoming aware of our mortality, the finite nature of human life, and about things and people that leave us or need to be released. It is especially about releasing false beliefs and false gods. It is this release that makes way for new life. This station creates an opening into the deep subconscious realms of life where metamorphosis occurs. It is also common for political or high profile events to occur during theses times, even more so with the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square in play....

Geocenttic Star Chart Movie showing the Synchronous Retrogrades
of Mars, Ceres, Vesta and Haumea

Mars Retrograde

Keep in mind that Mars is retrograde during this Grand Square, not to return direct until late May. The point of importance here is that this time is about looking at and redefining how we are using our own creative power and getting clear on that which is truly nourishing and of relevance in our live, an inward process, rather than projecting this energetic outward in frustration or conflict with others. We will move into an outward and accelerated expression of the inner changes we are now making in the May 28, 2014 lunar cycle, which is the first lunar cycle after the completion of the Mars, Vesta and Ceres synchronous retrogrades.

Excerpts are from the March 30, 2014 Lunar Cycle: Actualizing Revolutionary Change, The Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Square.

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