Venus Retrograde &
the New Venus Synodic Cycle

An excerpt from the July, 2015 Lunar Planner

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

About Synodic Cycles

Synodic Cycles are created when two (or more) planets align in their orbits around the Sun. The synodic cycle theme, defined by the planets involved and the star alignments at the time, will unfold until the two planets align again, marking the completion of the synodic cycle and the beginning of the next one.

There are many synodic cycles with unique astrological themes occurring simultaneously, creating a harmonic symphony of creative unfoldment in consciousness. Synodic cycles can be thought of as longer-term underlying currents, much like the backdrop chorus of a symphony, providing the underlying astrological context guiding our evolution as a collective.

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Venus Retrograde & the New Venus Synodic Cycle

Regulus and the Sun

Venus is the Roman name for the Greek Aphrodite, goddess of love, grace, beauty and sexual rapture. Venus has also been called the "jewel of the sky"; "Eosphorus as the morning star and Hesperus as the evening star"; from a modern day astronomer's view, "Earth's sister planet"; and from an astrologer's view, the "compliment to Mars."

Other cultural names for Venus include: the Babylonian Ishtar; the Syro-Palestinian goddess Ashtart; the Aztec: Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli (meaning "Lord of the House of Dawn."), an apparition of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent; the Maya: Kukulcan (Venus was the Mayan patron of warfare, with several battles coinciding with significant Venus alignments); and the Norse Sif, noted for her "conjugal fidelity."

Image: Aphrodite (circa 100 BC): Found on the Aegean island of Melos in 1820.


The astrophysical resonances of Venus govern the heart bio-energy centre (chakra), and the thymus, which is the neurological control center for the immune system. Like the thyroid (governed by Mercury) is reflexed to the liver, the thymus is reflexed to the spleen. The heart chakra is our centre of intuitive knowing, harmony, magnetic attraction, that which we value, love, romance, and sexual rapture. It is where we find our capacity for compassion and appreciation of beauty. Venus manifests in our lives as a force of attraction and receptivity. Our heart resonance defines the nature of what we allow into our lives. The more we radiate a clear, open and truthful heart resonance, the clearer our force of attraction becomes, thus naturally drawing into our lives that which fulfills the heart. The heart chakra and thymus resonate to the emotional tone of fear and judgment. It is fear that shuts the heart down and causes all immune related problems as well as conditions of lack and need. We defend our fear with judgment, which is the wall that keeps us separate from being fulfilled. The astrophysical resonances of Venus also govern heart musculature and firing, lungs, bronchiole, and breasts.

Venus (and the heart chakra), when mature and clear, expresses love in art and beauty, with a wonderful capacity for unconditional acceptance of all conditions—true, non-judgmental love. The unconditionally open heart receives and expresses love that is harmoniously balanced. Mature Venus is open to new experience, is courageous, optimistic, and aware of soul intent and purpose—as the unconditionally open heart is where soul fully radiates its light. Mature Venus is also sociable, fashionable, artistic, good willed, benevolent, diplomatic, and magnetically sensuous. Venus is also of what we value, thus influencing wealth and resources in our lives and she can play an influential role in financial matters and the flow of money.

Venus stations to begin its retrograde conjoining Regulus of Leo on July 25, at the same time as the Ceres synod. The entire Venus retrograde occurs under the auspices of the Head of the Lion and over the paw of the Lion. The retrograde continues through September 6, during which a new 1.6-year Earth-Venus synodic cycle begins, also with an 8-year sub-cycle due to the pentagonal pattern that Venus creates with Earth. The new Venus cycle begins on August 15, just after the next New Moon, contributing significantly to the next lunar month's theme. The retrograde of Venus impels an inward journey of the heart. It is a time of reassessing and redefining our values, of evaluating what is of true worth in our lives, materially, spiritually, and in our relationships. It is a time of shifting from the previous Venus cycle into the next. The previous Venus synodic cycle was presented in the January 1, 2014 Lunar Planner. This previous synod conjoined Castor and Pollux, exactly 2° before the location of our current New Moon.

In addition, this Venus retrograde cycle is extra magnanimous and provides an exceptional opportunity for tremendous growth to expand and elevate our values, our capacity to be receptive, and to break trail into new realms of love and compassion, due to its triple conjunction with Jupiter. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction began on July 1, in the previous lunar cycle. The second conjunction occurs during its retrograde on August 4, and it completes, after Venus returns direct, with its third conjunction occurring on October 25, 2015. This is when we will be impelled to fully externalize and mobilize the growth gained during the retrograde in our lives and in our world.


Jupiter by NASA's Cassini spacecraft

Key points of the retrograde:

• Retrograde station conjoining Regulus
• Sun-Venus conjunction (anti-synod) conjoining Rasalas, Algenubi and Subra, and Tania of the Great Bear
• Retrograde loop around Subra, paw of the Lion
• Direct station conjoining Zeta Hydra and Acubens of Cancer
• All overseen by Dubhe (Alpha) and Merak (Beta) of the Great Bear

The Lion faces west, with its head looking over into sidereal Cancer, with Algieba (the mane), Adhafera (on the crest of the mane), Rasalas (the crown), and Algenubi (the eye) all composing the Lion's head. The star Subra, just south of the ecliptic and on the Cancer-Leo cusp, is the Lion's paw buried in the desert sand. Regulus (at 5° Leo) is considered the Heart or Essence of the Lion, which conjoins Algieba.

The stars forming the Head of the Lion embody the wisdom of the Lion. They express in eloquence, beauty and nobleness. Adhafera and Al Jabhah articulate the wisdom and mind of the Lion, the Lion’s persona and how the Lion thinks—perhaps with a sense of aloneness yet with audacious and undaunted confidence, and with genuine pride.

Algenubi, Eye of the Lion, is of vision to break new trail. Rasalas, the crown imparts extraordinary accomplishment. These are stars of visionaries, explorers, pioneers, and adventurers with little interest or contentment to merely fit in with those performing on the worldly stage. These people seek to go beyond the norm in accomplishment. They are undaunted in the face of perilous explorations and are proud to demonstrate it. These are trailblazers, those willing to leave the comfort of mass-consensus, who are self-reliant to step forth into unexplored territory, the ones who seek a better way to live and are able to envision new horizons, those who seek to discover new possibilities waiting to be realized.

Often time the work of these adventures and trailblazers is rarely seen until others later follow or make popular that which they have found, or until time itself brings the future into the present awareness of the masses. These way-showers are sometimes long gone, continuing over the next horizon, rarely to be seen. They may or may not be recognized for their tremendous, relentless and lonely pursuits, and they may or may not become famous, but the roads and doorways they open pave the way for others to come, and make possible future generations’ evolutionary unfoldment.

The Retrograde Station

Regulus, Alpha Leo, is "Chief or King of the Four Royal Stars" (Regulus Fomalhaut, Aldebaran, and Antares). Throughout antiquity Regulus was associated with royalty and kings (the colors royal blue and gold).

Copernicus named Alpha Leo Regulus, which is Latin for "prince" or "little king." The Babylonians knew it as the "Lion's Heart" and as the "Kingly Star." It was know to the earlier Akkadians of Mesopotamia as the "King of the Celestial Sphere," who ruled before the Great Flood. (Jim Kaler)4

Regulus and the Sun

This computer model shows Regulus (left) and the Sun as they would appear side by side. Here, Regulus is tilted so that its axis, denoted by the dotted line, is near horizontal. Credit: CHARA/GSU/H.McAllister

Its name is also given as "The Regulus" or "The Rex," meaning the "Law Giver." Regulus is considered the governing king of the four royals for several reasons. It lies almost exactly upon the ecliptic, thus, once a year around Aug 22-23, during Earth's orbit around the Sun, the Sun occults Regulus. Residing at 5° sidereal Leo, Regulus is the only one of the four royal stars prominently aspecting the fixed axis of Earth's Precessional Cross (the Gate of God at 5° Sag and the Gate of Man at 5° Gemini), both in longitude and in latitude. The Rex is therefore a foundational star insuring integrity and order.

On a personal level, Regulus is about our inner "vertical integrity," that is, living true to self, openly on the world stage. This means walking in confidence and with self-respect, aligned with the truth in our hearts, in thought, word, and deed. Our personal integrity, our inner vertical attunement, must precede any horizontal, humanitarian participation in the world (Leo's opposite Aquarian pole). Without this inner integrity we become self-sacrificing, entrapped in a sympathetic resonance of dance, giving self away at the cost of our hearts' truth. This perpetuates discord and dysfunction for self and for others because we are simply living a lie. Only by living from our personal integrity and true to heart do we provide opportunity for others to also stand in their integrity and live their truth. On the other side of coin, without the maturity of acknowledging the Aquarian polarity, we can become ego-driven, where it is all about “I” without caring or concern for others.

Regulus is of prominence, eminence, nobility, royalty, pride, courage, pioneering pursuits, self-reliance, independence, and influential leadership. Regulus impels the desire to create order and a dynamic pursuit to win, to be on top. Significant alignments with Regulus often indicate those with a prominent role in the global arena or who are in the limelight upon stage.

Conjoining Regulus is the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 3227 of Leo, which lies next to Algieba, the mane of the Lion, and expresses the power and wisdom of the Lion—from the passion of an integrated head and heart. This Seyfert produce a dynamic and outgoing expression, common to those prominently on stage and of people who demonstrably live their passion.

The Retrograde Loop

Subra, marking the sidereal Cancer-Leo cusp, is the paw of the Lion impressed in the desert sand. Subra is of prints, tracks, plans, codices and ancient maps—clues to hidden trails and paths obscured by the sands of time. Subra indicates a discovery process is at hand, one leading to the secret chambers, entryways, even to liftoff sites of the gods—places hidden from ordinary view. Simply, Subra asks that we dig, explore, uncover, and find a new way to navigate the passage that leads to living from the integrity and passion of out hearts, that which Regulus, the essence of the Lion, embodies.

Additional stars contributing to Subra's theme include Al Sumut and the additional stars of Pyxis; and the very southern Alpha Pictoris. Also influencing are Alphard of Hydra and Suhail al Muhlif of Vela, Argo Navis.

Pyxis, a sub-constellation of the Argo, means the compass, but more so articulates the Crow's Nest the mast of the Argo. The stellar qualities of Pyxidis ask us to peer far beyond the common world to navigate through potential problems or obstacles upon our exploration. Pyxis inspires us to take an abode, place, vantage, or perspective from which we can see and find distant lands. Pyxis indicates a process, one that requires patience, foresight, and perceptual attentiveness. Although this often is a lonely process, it is one serving our greater evolutionary journey, and as well, the journeys of our colleagues and companions. The Pyxis oriented person has little interest in superfluous pursuits of the common world, always seeking new ground, looking forward, gazing ahead through time, to see through the present limitations into the distance for what can yet become.

Also synthesizing with Subra and the stars of Pyxis is the primary star of the very southern constellation Pictoris, the Painter's Easel. Alpha Pictoris articulates a picture or scenario emerging from the æthers. This is a picture assembling itself as we break trail in our discovery process. Alpha Pictoris asks us to see the pathway or entryway emerging out of the mist covering an abyss, in the rock of a mountain side, in the billowing clouds blown by the wind, in the leaves fallen upon the ground, or simply in our mind's inner eye. Alpha Pictoris asks us to creatively assemble the signs, to read the message, to see the coalescing spirit substance yet to become, to elicit a new picture, a new life experience, from this substance.

We coalesce our experience by the mental-emotional energetic we project. To elicit a new picture in our lives, we must first align our thoughts and emotions. If, for example, we are projecting positive thoughts about what we want in our lives but also have feelings of unworthiness, or resentment that we do not have what we think we deserve, than the overall energetic we are projecting is conflictual (discordant). It this case, the response from the quantum (sub-atomic) level of reality is discordant. In other words, we have little coherent power to coalesce the sustainable life experience we want. The alignment within self to a state of mental-emotional coherency is prerequisite for a new picture to emerge in our lives—in this case bringing all aspects of ourselves into alignment with heart (Venus).

Our mental-emotional alignment is also prerequisite to bring the physical aspect of ourselves into alignment. This is the action or behavioral part of our selves. If our mental-emotional energetic is discordant then it is very difficult to change our actions, our behavior, or our physical conditions.

Alphard, Alpha Hydra, is the "Solitary One." Alphard inspires us to step away from the comfort and security of the accepted and agreed upon consensus defining our known reality, to walk a lone path. It asks us to risk our reputations, our work, our lives, and our beliefs, driven by the passion within our hearts, to find new answers to the challenges that we face in our pursuits. Alphard, in conjunction with the head of the Lion, is often of those who, for one reason or another, have self-exiled themselves from the norm, who stand alone, or are willing to, yet who create new ways that the masses would not otherwise pursue.

And finally but not least, conjoining Alphard is the very significant star Suhail al Muhlif on the sail of the Argo. The Suhail stars of Valorem, on the sail of the Argo, are always indicative of refined subtle energies or currents at work that function at the level of the soul's greater evolutionary journey—those transcendent to the dramatics of the terrestrial incarnate world. "Suhail, among the Persians, is synonymous for wisdom; as in the Al Anwar i Suhaili, the Lights of Canopus. Also a personal title taken in Arabia as a symbol for what is brilliant, glorious and beautiful." (Richard Hinckley Allen)

Suhail al Muhlif is Suhail of the Oath. Conjoining is the Pup-A Supernova Remnant of Puppis on the stern of the Argo, which enters the ecliptic just before Regulus. Both entries add a transcendent galactic (soul-level) context to the conjoining theme of Alphard of the Hydra, the solitary one, and the stars under the auspices of the head of the Lion.

Suhail al Muhlif and Pup-A are indicative of soul oaths made and set in motion long ago, of soul level missions set out upon that transcend one's incarnational sojourn—missions to open doorways and portals which allow us to reach for and achieve a greater fullness in life. The soul oaths taken are to maintain our personal integrity to our souls' directives, to see to our evolutionary fulfillment in regard to our purposes in the world—to be of the Kahi Nub of Canopus, meaning the Golden Earth—to become what is beautiful and glorious. Pup-A also provides the inspiration and motivation to demonstrably live our soul oaths and soul wisdom, to stand forth humble yet proud in that purpose.

Venus Retrograde 2015

The Venus Retrograde Opportunity

We are impelled to take this entire energetic, from Regulus, at the retrograde station, through the retrograde loop, back to redefine or re-express the energetic at the direct station.

The Direct Station

Acubens, Alpha Cancer lies next to the open star cluster M67, composed of about 500 stars, one of most ancient star clusters known (~10 billion years). Acubens and M67 expresses as a long established heritage, lineage, inheritance, birthright, or something passed down through generations. Acubens impels a need to protect, collect and nurture, also to hide and shelter, the essence of the Crab. Acubens can also articulate our entrapment in dogma. This can be the current political / religious beliefs of the times, as well as that created by our personal belief structures—the ideas we hold about our lives and the experiences we have in our lives—often inherited. Acubens can impel a tenacious and stubborn resistance to release the patterns we hold that keep us entrapped in limiting life scenarios.

Zeta Hydra lies immediately south of Acubens. Delta through Zeta Hydra and Pulsar CP0834 create Hydra's head. Zeta Hydra and surrounding stars indicate a multifarious undermining source of destruction (every time Hercules took off one the Hydra's heads, it immediately grew another). The conjunction of Acubens with the stars forming Hydra's head articulates that the repetitive undermining experiences in our lives are manifest from our own tenacious belief structures, and they are not easily eradicated, much like pealing the layers of an onion to get to its core.

Overseeing are Dubhe (Alpha) and Merak (Beta) of Ursa Major, The Great Bear. Ursa Major lies north of the Scarab (Crab) and the Lion. Ursa Major extends west over sidereal Cancer, and slightly east just into the cusp of sidereal Virgo. Ursa Major’s wide variety of stars express into the ecliptic throughout these two signs, Leo and Cancer. The Stars of the Great Bear are often associated with the global scene and world powers. They reveal the diverse dynamic of primary governing forces in our lives and provide lessons as well as inspiration for all of humanity.

Dubhe and Merak are the pointers to Earth’s current North Star, Polaris of the Little Bear, Ursa Minor. This alignment brings attention to caring for the young and impel us to seek a greater vision for future generations to come.

Dubhe, the primary (Alpha) star of the Great Bear, is the principal and overseeing star in this area of the heavens. Dubhe impels us to pursue a greater vision beyond the accepted political-religious-big-business dogmas of the human world that keep humanity in darkness and delusion. Dhube impels those whose interest is the greater welfare and nourishment of the people to take a stand against the totalitarian elite whose intent is in dominating, suppressing and controlling humanity.

At a personal level, Dubhe impels us to emerge from our own personal belief structures and limiting life patterns that keep us bound in life scenarios that are less than those we truly want. Dubhe inspires us to do all we can to achieve the greater vision that we hold for our lives—for the true nourishment, fulfillment, and freedom we seek. Dubhe supports us to strive for a new and better future rather than merely staying reactive to the limitations we have already created and reinforce with our existing beliefs.

Merak inspires the administration of Dubhe's theme—to assertively pursue the manifestation of a greater vision for Earth and humanity. Merak impels dynamic action, simply, to get on with it. Also conjoining Merak is the hind-foot of the Great Bear composed of Tania Bor. and Tania Aus., which brings a strong sense of the power of conviction—that which propels us beyond our current, accepted stance in life, beyond what has been achieved before. This is a power point in the zodiak; a place to leave the comforts of our existing reality behind and to confidently surge into new and unexplored territory.

Our Venus retrograde impels us first to redefine our values and realign ourselves to heart. It then impels to do all we can to achieve a greater vision for the evolutionary freedom and fulfillment that we seek—freedom from the dogmas, both collective and personal, that keep us entrapped in our patterns of the past and in an old world paradigm. On the global scene, this can stimulate action toward governments by the people living from the courage, personal integrity and conviction of the heart to evolve a new vision that is truly nurturing to the people, one that supports their greater freedom and wellbeing rather than tenaciously adhering to methods of government bureaucracies and big business that serve special interests and clandestine plans to control and manipulate the masses.

The Venus Synod and the new Venus 1.6-year Synodic Cycle

Planetary Synods are seen looking from the Sun. For the inner planets, Venus and Mercury, this means the synods star alignments are in the opposite side of the ecliptic from where we see the Sun-Venus or Sun-Mercury conjunctions looking from Earth. The theme of the Venus synod brings perspective to and compliments the entire Venus retrograde, and it imparts the underlying current set in motion throughout the new Venus 1.6-year synodic cycle.

The synod occurs in the midst of the retrograde on August 15, 2015, on the following New Moon. The synodic theme begins to engage as Venus returns direct on September 6, 2015, and fully engages as it passes the location of the Sun-Venus conjunction.

Earth-Venus Synod 2015 Star Chart

This synod occurs in very late sidereal Capricorn, at the cusp of sidereal Aquarius. The pentagonal pattern of Venus synods repeat every 8 years, regressing (moving westward) through the ecliptic ever so slightly, by about 2°. The primary conjoining stars include Nashira and Deneb Algedi of Capricorn; Sadalsuud of Aquarius; Beta, Delta and Gruis. This is also the exalted location for Mars in the ecliptic. Also of influence is the supergiant star Sadr of northern Cygnus (not shown), which marks the cusp of sidereal Aquarius.

The stars of the constellation of Aquarius overlap those of late sidereal Capricorn, which start to create the shift from the covert and personal interest of earlier Capricorn toward the expanded humanitarian interest we experience in Aquarius. This shift fully occurs under the auspices of Sadr,. The Aquarian cusp is marked by the wings of Cygnus the Swan. The southern wing extends from Sadr, the heart or breast of the Swan, to Gienah, to Zeta, in early Aquarius. Surrounding Sadr is the Gamma Cygni Nebula; and the beautiful Lacework Nebula, which resides upon the wing, near Gienah. The northern wing extends from Sadr to Delta and Kappa Cygnus, in latter Capricorn.

This location is where we are motivated to strip off the cloaks of personality-based facades and shenanigans to reveal true heart-level self and to live from our deeper hearts' truth for the greater nourishment of all. Sadr and the wings of Cygnus brings inspiration to elevate our selves from a self-centered exclusive focus to a more embracing and inclusive level of participation and expression.

The last decan of Capricorn, the Capricorn-Aquarius overlap, is an expressive and articulate area of the zodiak, with gregarious and loquacious qualities. It is of libraries, courts, congresses, publishing houses, literary agencies, or where any legalities are formulated, agreed upon and concretized. Here lies the constructive character of Saturn, which is at home in sidereal Capricorn.

Nashira is the bringer of good news, especially regarding legalities, business dealings, and constitutional matters, as well as sanctioned matters of the soul. Beta Gruis inspires the verbal expression of related wisdom (Alpha Gruis). As the stork, Gruis is carrier of bodies of knowledge, information, and news associated with new life and new beginnings. Prominent alignments with Beta Gruis and Nashira are exemplary of carriers of good tidings, especially associated with legalities.

The fortuitous influence of Sadalsuud, Beta Aquarius, which conjoins Deneb Algedi, tail of the fish-goat, marks the end of sidereal Capricorn. Sadalsuud expands our interests and concerns to our greater human family. Sadalsuud, marking the shoulder of the waterbearer is the luckiest in the kingdom of worldly affairs. Alignments with fortuitous Sadalsuud and Deneb Algedi produce genuinely wise, articulate, unique, and beneficent leadership. Sadalsuud is also of fortuitous outcomes, rewards bestowed, and can indicate a fortunate destiny, but also imparts a sense of responsibility inherent to a person in such a position.

Mars' exaltation brings stimulus for creative action and audacious leadership. This 1.6-year Venus cycle impels creative action and leadership based from the heart. It impels us to bring an open, receptive, heart-centered expression (all Venusian qualities) into structure and form, into business and legalities, into formal communications. It imparts a sense of responsibility to do so. This is the underlying current that compliments and brings perspective to our Venus retrograde theme of breaking new trail, to bring forth a greater vision that serves the true nourishment and freedom of humanity, and that breaks us free from the dogmas and our antiquated old world paradigm driven by manipulative and controlling bureaucracies.


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