Out of Bounds Mars & Pluto Synods 2003-2018

Mars & Pluto in the October 2016 Lunar Cycle
• A Lunar Planner Excerpt •

The NATO-Russia military tension escalates as Vladimir Putin issues an Ultimatum to the U.S. and deploys Russia's largest fleet of warships to Syria.

Nick Anthony Fiorenza


Mars moves "Out of Bounds" twice a year during its orbit due to the tilt of its orbital plane with respect to Earth's rotational inclination, and subsequently to Earth's celestial equator. This means that during those times, Mars has a declination above and below ±23° 26', which are the tropical boundaries above and below the celestial equator. See "Planets Out of Bounds."

Pluto is currently, for a many-year period, in the area of the ecliptic where Mars can be out of bounds. This means that the Mars-Pluto synods, which initiate the Mars-Pluto cycles, and the Mars-Pluto geocentric conjunctions, occur when Mars is out of bounds. The energetic with planets that are out of bounds and people with out of bounds planets tend to express in an exaggerated or extreme way, with little concern for fitting into the bounds of mass consensus or into accepted societal structures.

Planetary forces are not inherently benevolent or malevolent. How people express planetary forces are a function of many factors, some of which can be seen in an astrological chart, and others which include soul-level experience, spiritual awareness and emotional maturity. Mars can express as assertive courageous audacious creative action in a leadership capacity. It can also expressive as aggressive malicious war like behavior driven by self-centeredness, a fear of survival or desire to dominate and control. Mars very much resonates with our repletion brain, that is, with our primal autonomic processes, our fight or flight response. Thus when we feel threatened or accosted, we often fight, freeze or leave. An out of bounds Mars tends to exaggerate all of these extremes.

The Following illustration shows the Mars-Pluto synods from 2000 through 2026. Mars-Pluto cycles are currently about two years in duration. The illustration also shows when Mars is Out of Bounds, revealed when Mars lies south of the tropical (green) band, a declination greater than –23° 26'. Pluto is currently approaching it south node (where its orbit crosses from north to south of the ecliptic). Pluto's influence with Earth's orbit, and the Mars-Pluto synods and conjunctions intensify during this time (shown as the red highlight). A second order intensification occurs slightly after, as Mars and Pluto approach their orbital plane crossing (shown as the second red highlight).

Out of Bounds Mars Pluto Synods

The geocentric conjunctions occur close to the time of the synods. For example, the 2016 synod occurs on August 10. Mars is still out of bounds with a declination of –23° 56'. The geocentric conjunction, discussed below, occurs on October 19, 2016.

Out of Bounds Mars Retrograde 2001

Mars is not necessarily out of bounds from a geocentric perspective (looking from Earth) for the duration it is from a heliocentric perspective. In addition, it could be further out of bounds and for a longer period of time during a Mars retrograde, when the retrograde path extends much further in declination from Earth's Celestial Equator. This occurred in 2001 during the Mars retrograde over the leg of Ophiuchus, shown in this geocentric star chart. The Mars Direct Station occurred at a declination of about –27°. Thus, in this case, even though the Mars-Pluto synod and their geocentric conjunction occurred with Mars in bounds, Mars remained out of bounds for a longer period of time due to its retrograde.

Out of Bounds Mars Retrograde 2018

In 2018, although the Mars-Pluto synod occurs with Mars still out of bounds, although slightly, the geocentric conjunction occurs with Mars in bounds. Mars then begins its retrograde on June 26, 2018, and in the process moves out of bounds. The Mars Direct Station of August 27 occurs at a declination of about –26°. Also to keep in mind is that in the midst of a Mars retrograde, a new Earth-Mars synodic cycle begins, this one with Mars out of bounds, thus being a part of the energetic throughout the Earth-Mars 780-day cycle ahead.

Context for the 2016 Mars-Pluto Conjunction

The October 19, 2016 Mars-Pluto conjunction occurred on the Disseminating Moon in the October 1, 2016 lunar cycle. This lunar cycle provides context for the conjunction (as does the synodic theme set in motion by the 2016 Mars-Pluto synod).

Significant events occuring during this time include Vladimir Putin's ultimatum to the US and NATO, and the subsequent deployment of Russia's largest fleet of warships since the Cold War, including the impressive Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, to the coast of Syria (presented below).

Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov

Vladimir Putin, born on Oct 7, 1952, has Mars "out of bounds" in his natal chart at Dec –25° 20', conjoining the Galactic Center in early sidereal Sag. His Moon is also out of bounds, amongst the stars of the Bull, at about Dec +27°. He also has Pluto conjoined the South Lunar Node. The current out of bounds Mars-Pluto conjunction and his natal out of bounds Mars and Moon is certainly fitting to his recent show of bravado, and all of these placements articulate his assertive confidence regarding the use of power based from a soul-level history in military leadership.

The arrival of the Russian fleet down the Norway coast to the English Channel occurred at the time of the third and last U.S. presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, also occuring on the Mars-Pluto conjunction. Trump has Mercury out of bounds in a loose conjunction with Makemake (also out of bounds) in the Gemini Twins, which says a lot about his pursuits for leadership at all costs with his maverick method of communication, as of course does his Mars-Head of the Lion ASC, and the exact conjunction of his pre-Full Moon with the South Lunar Node, conjoining the sting of the Scorpion, opposite his Sun-North Lunar Node-Uranus conjunction in the horns of the Bull. Trump's out of bounds Mercury-Makemake certainly articulates his verbose reviling of Clinton during the second U.S. presidential debate (Oct 9), which occurred at the finale of the Mercury-Jupiter-Makemake synthesis as Mercury made its conjunction with Makemake (Oct 9) and then Jupiter and GB174 (Oct 11). (See Makemake Out of Bounds.)

LP Excerpts

This October 1, 2016 (Sept 30 PM MST) New Moon occurs slightly past Jupiter amongst the stars of the Virgin. The Moon, having crossed its north node in the last eclipse lunar cycle, is now a little over 2° north of the ecliptic (and the Sun) nesting exactly between Zaniah and Porrima of Virgo. Jupiter conjoins Zaniah within a fraction of a degree in both elliptical longitude and latitude. This marks a progressive transition in Jupiter's movement during the Mercury-Jupiter-Makemake synthesis occurring in the last lunar month and its expression into this lunar month. Jupiter is of higher law, that is, natural law over our man-made laws that violate fundamental human rights. The Jupiter-Makemake synthesis had been, in part, illuminating issues surrounding the use of raw creative power by those in leadership positions at the cost of people's freedom and wellbeing, and at the cost of natural resources. We are now at a point in the progression of these planetary cycles that impels a reestablishment of natural law over man-made oligarchical powers that manipulate and control freedom and justice....

October 1, 2016 New Moon

The New Moon also conjoins the distant planet 2010 GB174, which is a member of what I call The Transcultural Planets along with Sedna and several other recently discovered planets. All of these planets lie in the far distant region of our solar system, and all have very long orbital periods, in the thousands of years, that is, nesting in the time span of Earth's Precessional Cycle. GB174 has an orbital period of 6344 years. Thus, the transcultural planets are more associated with the greater evolutionary process occurring on Earth. GB174 has not been given a name nor do we have much if any comprehension of its astrological character, so perhaps adding somewhat of a wildcard dynamic to this lunar cycle. GB174 was discovered in April of 2010 conjoining the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies (Super Galactic Center). Thus, events occuring in this lunar cycle may have longer-term ramifications in our evolutionary progression.

Our New Moon emphasizes premonition, foresight, timing and guidance. It impels us to attune to natural law, to listen to the messages expressing through the world around us, and to heed and act upon those messages. It impels us to trust and follow our intuition and guidance, however we may perceive it. Expect the unexpected in this lunar cycle.

Uranus, Eris and Haumea

Highlighting this lunar cycle is the Uranus-Eris-Haumea alignment, with Ceres approaching its second conjunction with Uranus and Eris. The Moon conjoins Haumea opposite the Uranus-Eris conjunction hours after the New Moon, initiating this dynamic lunar month.

Uranus and Eris, both in the midst of their retrogrades, just made the second of their three conjunctions toward the end of the last lunar cycle. Uranus and Eris will now make their oppositions to Haumea, which lies in late sidereal Virgo conjoining massive Eta Carinae of Argo Navis, foreteller of impending evolutionary change. These planets move rather slowly so their aspects remain active far longer than those made by faster moving planets. This second Uranus-Eris conjunction marks a dramatic turning point in the Uranus-Eris-Haumea 2016-2017 energetic, which I suspect will unleash an avalanche of radical, unexpected, illuminating disclosures and exposures that will ultimately support a rebirth in consciousness and the reestablishment of what is right and just. The Uranus-Eris-Haumea alignment creates a significant energetic throughout this lunar cycle....

The Disseminating Moon
Manifestation & Demonstration

...The Disseminating (Demonstrable) Moon occurs on October 19 conjoining Aldebaran of Taurus, opposite Saturn. The Moon fills the Saturn Lunar Nodes T-square, forming a brief Grand Square.

Saturn-Lunar Nodes T-Square

Aldebaran, an orange giant, is not a supergiant star like Antares or Betelgeuse, but is still 44 times our Sun's diameter and shines with a luminosity of 425 times that of our Sun. It thus has significant influence throughout central sidereal Taurus. Aldebaran lies exactly opposite Antares, marking the centers of their respective sidereal signs. The Aldebaran-Antares axis was the primary fiducial (reference point) for the Babylonian zodiak.

Aldebaran, Eye of the Bull and one of the Four Royals Architects, is the vision holder for physical logistics and an infrastructure designed to support humanity and families in fundamental material ways. Aldebaran can impel involvement with enterprises supportive of our physical wellbeing—the essence of sidereal Taurus. Aldebaran is fixed in its ways. Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran / Antares axis can express into the big-business and political arenas. Aldebaran inspires physical action in a leadership capacity. It imparts the virtue of social morality and challenges us to uphold it. At a personal level, Aldebaran impels initiative to take constructive action for our physical wellbeing and the protection of home and family.

The Hyades

The Hyades in Taurus

The Hyades asterism adds to the Aldebaran theme. The Hyades, primarily marked by Theta Taurus, is the second asterism in Taurus after the Pleiades, and much older. It forms the V-shape of stars between Aldebaran and Ain. The Hyades are said to be five of the fifteen daughters of Atlas and Aethra, daughter of Oceanus; and named after Hyas, meaning rain, the son of Aethra, who preceded her daughters. The Hyades are thus half sisters of the Pleiades. The Greeks new them as Uades, which some say is from the Latin uein (to rain); referring to their reputation for bringing rain attending their helical rising and setting in latter May and November (at the time).

Although Taurus is of the fruits of the Earth, and generally has a peaceful and stable nature, it does have areas that are more disruptive in nature, with the Hyades being associated with thunder, lighting and storms, creating upset, sorrow or commotion. They have a watery and tempestuous nature although they nest within an Earth sign. They can be associated with civil disruption with afflicted alignments, but with Aldebaran's nearby influence, there is the capacity for strong leadership to emerge from such disruptive or chaotic scenarios. Either way, the disruptive nature of the Hyades can be diversionary or entrapping to those without the vision and stamina the eye of the bull exemplifies.

The Disseminating Moon opposite Saturn-Antares in Scorpio can impart somewhat of a conflictual or paradoxical energetic, especially square the Lunar Nodes. It may bring conflict to surface regarding what is long established but not supportive of the wellbeing of the people, and thus impels demonstrable action to address this paradox. This can also create impetus for people to become responsible for their own living conditions rather than depending upon the big business of politics to do so.

2016 Mars-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius

Pluto's conjunction with Arkab, Alrami and Albaldah reveals the core truth in one's own consciousness by destructing self-originating illusions, thus allowing one to establish a new zen stance and level of vision required to manifest one's deeper soul aspirations. Pluto's placement amongst these stellar energetics impels us to bring forth a new ideal of awareness of self as the creative force in the world, recognizing power is something within to realize and express in the world. Pluto relentlessly strips away behavioral patterns that keep us from living true to that which we are and have come here on Earth to be. It impels us to intentionally act from this higher realm of self to manifest soul-awareness in our lives and a unified consciousness in the world.

Mars & Pluto

Mars conjoins Pluto on our Demonstrable Moon (just a few hours after). The Moon then moves just a bit further to form an inconjunct (quincunx) aspect to the Mars-Pluto conjunction. This aspect impels action to a challenge requiring a creative solution. The Disseminating Moon Mars-Pluto conjunction and this aspect can impart an assertive drive to use force to make things happen, backed by strength, stamina and determination. Mars is still "Out of Bounds" at -24° 42' Declination, thus exagerating and intensifying its energetic.

Mars is out of bounds from August 8 through October 29.

Pluto has been making passage through sidereal Sagittarius for some time now, since December 2005, and is currently under the auspices of Lyra. Pluto crosses its South Node in October of 2018 and its passage through Sagittarius will continue into 2020. Sagittarius brings inspiration to quest for greater meaning or a greater purpose in life, to pursue our greater ideals and visions. Generally, Pluto in Sagittarius becomes a revealer of truth and reveals the corrupt quest for the pursuit of power. Mars, after making its conjunction with Saturn and Antares recently in August, entered Sagittarius in mid-September. Mars continues is passage through the stars of the Zen Archer through October. Mars, is strong in Sagittarius, both fiery, meaning Mars impels assertive action from a place of autonomy and strength. It impels a passionate pursuit for a higher meaning, purpose, vision or truth. It impels action in leadership to enthusiastically fight for our principles or ideals. Conjoining Pluto, Mars can impel the pursuit of power for a greater vision or ideal, but also impels audacious action to deconstruct that which is in power or believed to be corrupt powers impeding a greater truth, freedom and justice.

The NATO-Russia military tension escalates
NATO Must Stand Down in Eastern Europe

Vladimir Putin's ultimatum comes on October 4, just into the October 1 Lunar Cycle, just after the Sun-Jupiter-Makemake conjunction, just as the Uranus-Eris opposition to Haumea occurs. (Uranus made its exact opposition to Haumea on October 5, just after the Crescent Moon.), and just days before Saturn squares the Lunar Nodes.

The October 1, 2016 Lunar Planner
"Expect the Unexpected &
the Right Use of Will"

Oct 7 "Vladimir Putin issues Ultimatum to the United States to leave Eastern Europe" Breaking News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tgOSU8bwrE

Oct 14 "Putin Issues an Ultimatum to the United States"
Russia Insider with english captions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL0jwhgJ4bw

Russian war ships deployed to Syria

Russian war ships deployed to Syria.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on 3 October on suspension of agreement with the US on disposition of weapons-grade plutonium because of unfriendly acts of Washington. The agreement may be restored under fulfillment of several conditions by the US.

According to presidential draft resolution, which was published in the data base of the State Duma (Oct 3), Washington should abolish the Magnitsky Act*, lift all the sanctions against Russia, as well as compensate Russia for losses because of these restrictions including imposing of counter measures regarding the US. The US is also to reduce its military infrastructure and number of troops in the territory of the NATO countries, which joined the Alliance after 2000. (Synopsis translation from www.pravda.ru)

* Sergei Magnitsky was working for British-American financier Bill Browder in 2008 when he accused law enforcement and tax officials of involvement in a scam that used Browder’s investment company, Hermitage Capital, to defraud the Russian treasury out of an estimated $230m. Magnitsky was later arrested and jailed in a Moscow prison, which led to his death for blowing the whistle on the tax scam. Magnitsky’s death led to the US launching sanctions against a host of Russian officials.

Oct 20 "BBC: UK warships shadowing Russian naval task force"

Last U.S.Presidential Debate - Trump/Clinton in Las Vegas

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