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December 16, 2009 New Moon Theme
Transmutation & the Sting of the Scorpion

This New Moon, the last of 2009, occurs at the sting of the Scorpion, which enters the zodiak at the sidereal Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp, and which lies over the Altar of the Centaur. Venom from the sting of the Scorpion--the often harsh but required lessons incurred while incarnate--dripping upon the Centaur's altar, serves as our required transmutational elixir. Here we have opportunity to unconditionally embrace our harsh lessons in life, and in doing so, transmute them into true wisdom integrated into our neurology, a prerequisite to graduate into a higher office, that is, into the next and more accelerated cycle of experience.

On the December Solstice, Jupiter and Neptune will make their third and final conjunction, with the Moon conjoining this event as well. This fully engages our new 12.7-year Jupiter-Neptune cycle. This third conjunction creates the motivation to mobilize and expand upon the visions and ideals we have been formulating over these last several months.

Also in this lunar cycle, and toward the end of 2009, we will experience a grand finale event in the recent several-month period of "restructuring of relationships"--a radical transition that has been occurring in relationships of all types, those of a personal nature, and those of business and political partnerships. The grand finale occurs due to a dynamic T-square created by the asteroid Juno and the already occurring Saturn-Pluto square, which recently began in November 2009. The T-square will be initially triggered on the First Quarter Moon as the Sun conjoins Pluto and the Moon conjoins Juno opposite Saturn. This will create a dynamic "external stimulus to action." The T-square will continue through the Gibbous Moon as Venus conjoins Pluto, and then through the Full Moon eclipse of December 31 and into the "day of realization," which occurs just after the Full Moon, on January 1, 2010. A "T-square" is like a cross-bow, one that must fire. In this case it is Pluto that is firing right through the already occurring "restructuring of relationships." This finale creates an opening, one that demands we let go and live true to heart. With this heart-driven momentum, relationships will then move into a new octave of experience. Some will end, while others, more appropriate for the future, will begin; and some may just transform into a new octave of experience.

This Full Moon will be extra dynamic, not only due to the coinciding planetary alignments and the lunar eclipse, but also because it occurs within hours of the Lunar Perigee (when the Moon is closest to the Earth during its orbit around the Earth). On every Full Moon, the Moon becomes extra charged because it passes through Earth's Magnetotail, which is formed by the solar wind blowing against Earth's magnetic sphere. This Full Moon will be even more submersed in Earth's magnetic force. It will also make for an extra-ordinarily large and beautiful Full Moon eclipse, especially as the Moon rises in the east at sunset. In addition, this Full Moon eclipse also occurs within a few days of Earth's perihelion (Jan 3) (when the Earth is closest to the Sun in its annual orbit)--a time when Earth is closest to the Solar Fire. Thus, the Moon is extra close to the Earth while the Earth is extra close to the Sun. Lunar eclipses, in general, offer an emotional and experiential fresh start, and this is certainly fitting for the Juno-Pluto-Saturn grand finale T-square effecting relationships.

Mercury and Earth begin an extra significant 116-day synodic cycle defined by the very principle stars, Sirius of Canis Major, and Canopus of Argo Navis. Sirius is the great world teacher and often portends events of a global proportion. Canopus, the helmsman of the Argo, directs such affairs and sets our evolutionary course.

The Dwarf Planet Eris, the great disruptor, and which is larger than Pluto, maintains a principle T-square with the Lunar Nodes throughout that latter part of this lunar cycle. Slow moving Eris resides in belly of ole Cetus, and conjoins Revati of Pisces and Baten Kaitos of Cetus--very much an active force in our global economic upheaval.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle, one that leads us into a dynamic and transformative new year.

November 16, 2009 New Moon Theme
Spiritual Mastery of Primal Forces

This New Moon occurs on the cups of sidereal Scorpio, nesting within the clutches of the Scorpion and approaching the Scorpion's head. It conjoins several potent stars including Beta Centauri, and the Nuclear Galaxy AP Libra.

The theme in this few degree band of the zodiak is about doing what ever it takes in assertive physical action to claim our mastery over the powerful forces governing life and death; to ensure our evolutionary freedom from perpetual entrapment in these forces. It demands that we mature in consciousness and take responsibility for our lives and for any entrapments in which we may find ourselves.

This is an intense lunar cycle, one that kicks off a potent year ahead, yet it leads us eloquently through a positive transmutational process. In this lunar cycle, we enter the start of the Saturn-Pluto Square, which continues through August 21, 2010. The first trigger to this square began the day before this New Moon, on November 15, 2009. From this time through the second trigger of three, which occurs on January 31, 2009, Saturn and Pluto maintain a very tight orb, of about 1°. This creates a very potent and relentless aspect--one demanding profound "change" in the very structure of consciousness.

The Gibbous Moon, which starts the pollinating lunar phase, conjoins Eris, while at the same time Juno, the asteroid of relationships and relating, begins a new many-year (synodic) cycle with Eris. Eris, a newly discovered planet is the "great disruptor." Eris, larger than Pluto, was responsible for the entire reclassification of planets and the formation of the new Dwarf Planet category to which Pluto now belongs. Eris forced us to relinquish limiting construct about our reality and to embrace our rapidly expanding consciousness.

As the Sun moves through the Scorpion, and under the auspices of Ophiuchus throughout this lunar cycle, it will conjoin Pholus, Ixion and Quaoar, all of which reside in sidereal Scorpio. This will provide opportunity to learn more about the nature of these newly discovered forces in our lives; and gain more insight into issues surrounding use of power.

Uranus, currently in opposition to Saturn and Makemake, completes its retrograde in this lunar cycle just before the Full Moon. The Full Moon conjoins Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull, which marks the center of sidereal Taurus, and which reveals the purpose of this lunar cycle. Uranus' direct station marks the time for radical change to accelerate in our yearly cycle, a time to break away from the conforming bounds of that past; and it catalyzes another shift in our very dynamic few-year timeline.

Jupiter and Chiron conjoin later in the lunar cycle as Jupiter makes its way for its final conjunction with Neptune on the December solstice. The final conjunctions of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune fully engage a new visionary energetic that will aid us to cross what seems to be a vast abyss still ahead.

The entwining cycles of Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter will continue to play a very significant role in the tremendous change occurring in our societal paradigm well into 2011. Uranus and Pluto will then take over for a lengthy square extending well into 2015.

October 18, 2009 New Moon Theme
Ensuring a New Consciousness Reigns on Earth

This New Moon occurs on the cups of sidereal Libra. It conjoins Archturus of Boötes and Spica of Virgo. Our previous lunar cycle was defined by Benatnasch--of totalitarian self-proclaimed leaders, political religious figureheads and gurus, and destructive use of power--and by Zavijava, of the blind followers of that directive. In contrast, this lunar cycle shifts to a focus for an administration that supports the safe and harmonious evolution of consciousness and of life on Earth (Archturus) and to participants with the conscious clarity of intent to manifest an unadulterated consciousness on Earth.

Our New Moon also squares the Lunar Nodes, producing what has been called a Moon Wobble, not referring to an actual wobble of the Moon, but to the emotional instability of people and subsequent poor judgment often accompanying that instability, an observation of human behavior associated with this planetary configuration.

Upon the Gibbous Moon, and occurring in the Pollinating Phase of the lunar cycle, Venus moves into alignment with the Sun, Uranus, Saturn and Makemake (one of our newly discovered planets). This marks the start of a new Venus-Saturn-Makemake (synodic) cycle; and the midpoint of vision and realization in the already existing Venus-Uranus (synodic) cycle. This event is one of many creating the shifts and changes in the few-year timeline involving the Makemake & Saturn-Uranus opposition that we are in the midst of. (See the article "In Search of the Golden Egg 2008-2011."

Our Full Moon of November 2, 2009, resides in mid-sidereal Aries and conjoins Kaffaljidhma of Cetus, the brain of the fear-instilling techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness. Also joining our Full Moon is the Centaur seer Asbolus, and this location in the ecliptic is also that of Asbolus' Perihelion.

Juno (and Neptune) complete their retrogrades just after Full Moon. Juno's direct station marks the full commencement of the new Earth-Juno cycle that began in September (presented in the previous lunar planner); and for the radical reorganization and new opportunities occurring in all types of relationships and partnerships that also began to occur over the previous few months.

Around the Balsamic Moon, Venus and Haumea start a beautiful new cycle in sidereal Virgo; and then, toward the end of this lunar cycle, the first Saturn-Pluto square occurs--a square which maintains a very tight and intense window through January 2010 and continues well into 2010. This window catalyzes a rather dynamic many month period ahead.

September 18, 2009 New Moon Theme
The Administration of Our Lives

This New Moon occurs on the cusp of sidereal Virgo and conjoins Saturn and recently discovered Makemake (pronounced MAH-keh MAH-keh). Occurring within this lunar cycle is the start of the new 32-year Saturn-Makemake cycle. The theme of this lunar cycle and the theme of the new 32-year Saturn-Makemake cycle are quite similar. The Saturn-Makemake cycle is defined by the alignment (synod) of Saturn and Makemake looking from the Sun. The New Moon occurs just a degree past the Saturn. The New Moon alignment is: Earth-Moon-Sun-Saturn-Makemake. The primary New Moon stars are Benatnasch of the Great Bear (Ursa Major); Zavijava of Virgo; and Cor Caroli and the Giant Whirlpool Galaxy M51 of the Barking Hounds. Benatnasch is of the old totalitarian governing stream of consciousness and Zavijava is of naïve followers of this stream of consciousness.

Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have been conjoining in the latter few degrees of sidereal Capricorn, at the cusp of sidereal Capricorn-Aquarius since April of 2009. Now, in the midst of their retrogrades, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune begin new and compounded synodic cycles. The new Jupiter-Chiron cycle began in the previous lunar cycle and a new Jupiter-Neptune 12.7-year cycle begins immediately following the New Moon. The theme of this compounded cycle is defined by the cuspal stars of sidereal Aquarius--primarily Sadr, heart the Swan, Cygnus.

Mercury and Juno, both in the midst of their retrogrades, begin new and compounded cycles with Earth on Sept 20-21. The Mercury retrograde period is when we disengage from the previous 116-day Mercury-Earth cycle and engage in the new 116-day cycle. The few week retrograde period itself provides opportunity to re-define or re-synchronize the logistical aspects of our lives. A new Juno-Uranus 4.5-year cycle began in the previous lunar cycle marking a principal and radical transition point for relationships and partnerships of all types. The new Mercury-Earth-Juno cycle starting now is a part of this transition and will tend to actualize the changes occurring in our relationships, especially in the logistical aspects of our lives. Our new Mercury-Earth-Juno cycle's theme is defined by the stars seen looking from the Sun toward the Mercury-Earth-Juno alignment (synod), which lie within the first two degrees of the wet sensual emotional waters of Pisces.

All of these events, the Saturn-Makemake New Moon (and lunar cycle); the start of the new 12.7-year Jupiter-Neptune cycle; the start of the new Mercury-Juno-Earth cycle; and the start of the new 32-year Saturn-Makemake cycle, which occurs just after the First Quarter Moon (a time to initiate action in the lunar cycle) are a parts of the dynamic set of planetary alignments occurring throughout September 2009; and that are responsible for the "September 2009 Turning" in the very significant 2008-2011 timeline presented in the article: In Search of the Golden Egg: Makemake, Saturn, Uranus & the Global Economy. This lunar month should provide further and significant insight in the Makemake's astrological influence.

August 20, 2009 New Moon Theme
Across the Threshold

Our New Moon occurs in early sidereal Leo, under the auspices of the "Head of Lion." This lunar cycle is one of exploration and it invites us to break trail into new territory. Most importantly, it embodies the "Makemake-Saturn Uranus Synodic Opposition"--the point of "Transition" in the Makemake-Uranus-Saturn 2008-2011 timeline. Makemake, a newly discovered planet, is pronounced MAH-keh MAH-keh. This entire timeline is explored in the article "In Search of the Golden Egg 2008-2011" (available to non-subscribers). The September 2009 transition point occurring in this few-year timeline nests within the context of this dynamic lunar month--explored in this month's Lunar Planner. This lunar cycle starts with a series of lunar-planet triggers and ends with more of the same, including the "Makemake-Saturn-Uranus Synodic Opposition," all making for a catalytic lunar month that propels us--"Across the Threshold." This lunar cycle also embodies the Juno-Uranus synod, which marks the start of new emotionally-based cycle in the "Restructuring of Partnerships" currently underway, and which will explode into a new formation at the end of this year. Also contributing to this unprecedented month of transition, we begin a new Jupiter-Chiron many year cycle on the cusp of sidereal Aquarius, the humanitarian waterbearer and with a theme defined by the principle star, Sadr of Cygnus, heart of the Swan. And of utmost significance, this lunar month also embodies the mid-point of vision and realization in the current 44-year Saturn-Uranus cycle. Consider what you may have initiated 22-years ago and what was occurring in our world at that time, as this lunar month marks the epitome of realization regarding it. All in all, this lunar cycle marks a primary turning where we now begin a rather intense many month acceleration of change, yet ultimately leading to our emergence into a new world paradigm.

July 22, 2009 New Moon Theme
Expect the Unexpeccted

Our New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of July 21-22, 2009 occurs in early sidereal Cancer and conjoins the stars of the magical Unicorn; the Thorn in the Lynx; and Aludra, the pure one of the breed. Expect the unexpected. This lunar cycle can also bring our attention to our personal needs, home, family and friends; and to ensuring our personal environments are nourishing and support our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This is the longest total solar eclipse of century.

Our Manifestation and Demonstration Moon of August 9-10 conjoins Juno, which stations to begin its retrograde in watery Pisces. Juno is the asteroid of covenant relationships and partnerships of all types. Juno invites us to look at issues of mutual compatibility and respect in our relations. Juno began a very significant conjunction with Uranus in mid-June 2009, which continues through November. This few month period catalyzes transition and opportunity for relationships, and the August 9 Disseminating Moon marks another key shift for relationships. Juno's very significant role during mid to late 2009 (and its ramifications for partnerships) will culminate with a potent Juno-Pluto-Saturn T-square occurring on Dec 28, 2009 through Jan 1, 2010.

Surrounding the August 16-17 Balsamic Moon, which closes this lunar cycle, Earth begins new synodic cycles with Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune. This compounded event marks a primary turning in the Jupiter-Neptune (Chiron) conjunction, which began on May 27 2009 and which continues through December 21, 2009. More importantly, this synodic cycle starting now and unfolding over the months ahead embraces the start of a new Jupiter-Neptune 12.7-year synodic cycle occurring on September 19, 2009, a cycle that continues into 2022. The September Jupiter-Neptune synod is a primary event occurring along with two other very significant events--the midpoint of the 44-year Saturn-Uranus synodic cycle and the Uranus-Earth-Sun-Saturn-Makemake alignment. The September 2009 events create "the transition" in the planetary cycles occurring from late 2008 through early 2011.

June 22, 2009 New Moon Theme
Leaving the Past Behind
Focus to a New Future

Our New Moon of June 22, 2009 occurs in early sidereal Gemini just past the "Gate of Man." Also in the mix is Pluto and the asteroid Vesta. Vesta conjoins the Sun; while Vesta, the Sun, Moon and Earth also align with transformative Pluto, creating a dynamic opening throughout this lunar month with inspiration to leave the past behind. Clarity, focus and commitment are required to walk through the opening Pluto provides. Venus and Juno, the asteroid of covenant partnerships, begin a new 286-day cycle in a very fortuitous area of sidereal Aquarius--conjoining Sadalmelik of Aquarius (lucky one of the kingdom) and several other significant stars. Venus and Mars maintain their close conjunction throughout this lunar cycle, continuing to inspire dynamic and assertive action from the heart. Just after First Quarter Moon, as we enter the action phase of the lunar cycle, Uranus stations to begin its retrograde, while Pallas and Orcus (Pluto's compliment), and Mars and Eris, begin new synodic cycles.

Jupiter and Neptune make their second conjunction of three in this lunar cycle, with the final occurring on the December solstice of 2009. The Jupiter-Neptune several month conjunction surrounds the start of a new Jupiter-Neptune 12.7-year cycle occurring in September, which continues into 2022. This few month period, through December, inspires us to mobilize and expand upon our visions and ideals. Also synthesizing with Chiron, this period invites us to leave the conforming limits of the past and make a crossing into a new world view.

The Manifestation Moon, which creates the birth point in the lunar cycle, occurs at the same location as the Venus-Juno synod in Aquarius, the fortuitous humanitarian waterbearer. Our Last Quarter Moon arrouses our inner need to change. It conjoins Eris the great disrupter and harbinger of change. The Balsamic Moon conjoins Aldebaran of Taurus bringing our attention home and to the infrastructures supporting our lives, as we enter the completion phase of this lunar cycle; when the asteroid Ceres and newly discovered Makemake conjoin bringing attention to financial resources, the environment, and that which is truly nourishing to lead us into the future.

May 24, 2009 New Moon Theme
Dynamic Embracing Action

Our New Moon of May 24, 2009 occurs in sidereal Taurus and conjoins the stars of dynamic Perseus. There are several catalytic planetary configurations occurring in this lunar month. Jupiter and Neptune make their first conjunction of three, with the final occurring on the December solstice of 2009. The Jupiter-Neptune several month conjunction surrounds the start of a new Jupiter-Neptune 12.7-year cycle occurring in September, which continues into 2022. The few month period ahead, from June through December inspires expansive visions and ideals, and brings the mobilizing force to bring them into fulfillment. Also synthesizing with Chiron, this is just what we need to cross the vast abyss that our world faces. Juno and Uranus make their first of three conjunctions, triggered on the Last Quarter Moon, which kicks off a period of radical unexpected changes and unique opportunities for relationships and partnerships of all types. This period continues through November 2009. Juno's arrival to join Uranus in opposition to Saturn is one of several significant events occurring in the few year long Saturn-Uranus Opposition. New year-long cycles with Earth, the Centaur Pholus, and recently discovered Ixion and Quaoar begin in sidereal Scorpio. Venus and Mars conjoin along with the Centaur Asbolus. Like Chiron bridges the realms of Saturn and Uranus, and is of extra significance now due to the Saturn-Uranus opposition, Asbolus bridges the realms of Jupiter and Neptune and is of extra significance throughout the several month Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.

April 25, 2009 New Moon Theme
The Crossing Begins

Our New Moon of April 25, 2009 (GMT) (April 24 MST) occurs in sidereal Aries. It invites us to see beyond the raging dramatics occurring around us and beyond our judgments of them, to instead see opportunities for change, new beginnings, adventure, transmutation and its rewards. In this lunar month, several new longer-term planetary cycles begin. The "crossing for relationships" opens as a new 4.5-year Juno-Chiron cycle and a new Juno-Neptune cycle begin. These cycles inspire relationships of a personal nature and partnerships of professional or political nature to begin to make their crossings upon the new bridges emerging out of an obscuring midst that lead us from the conforming bounds of the past into new opportunities of the future. A Mercury retrograde cycle begins near the time of the Full Moon, along with the start of a new Earth-Mercury 116-day cycle. The retrograde itself, a few week period, provides opportunity to re-define the logistical aspects of our lives, and the ensuing cycle motivates us to take personal responsibility for our entrapments and for the lives we want. Venus and Pluto begin a new cycle, which continues through the end of 2009. This Venus-Pluto cycle, defined by the Solar Apex in Sagittarius, brings opportunity and motivation to live the unique paths of our hearts, true to our hearts' desire, and in the zeropoint of heart's power. Mars and Uranus begin a new cycle in this lunar month as well, on the cusp of sidereal Aquarius-Pisces, a two-year cycle that inspires passionate, radical and dynamic creative action that leads to new frontiers in consciousness. Our Last Quarter Moon conjoins Chiron, Juno and Neptune, and marks a key turning point of change for relationships--the dissolution of some, and the forming of others more ideal. By lunar cycle's end, we come to the first of the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunctions, which continue over the several months ahead. Starting at this time, Jupiter's expansive and mobilizing force brings tremendous support and optimism to cross what may appear as a massive abyss. What seemed to be in stasis, will now begin to move as Jupiter accelerates and expands our evolutionary transition.

March 26, 2009 New Moon Theme
Intercession of a Pure Heart
A New Birth in Consciousness

Our New Moon of March 26, 2009 occurs in sidereal Pisces and conjoins retrograde Venus. This lunar cycle also embodies the start of a new Earth-Venus cycle, a new Earth-Haumea cycle, and a new Venus-Haumea cycle. The Earth-Venus-Haumea theme is thus of special significance. Haumea is one of our newly discovered Dwarf Planets. This lunar cycle supports an emotional and physical clearing so we may return to or re-engage upon our true heart's path. It brings clarity about the radical changes required in our lives or that we are in the midst of making (if we do our required clearing), and a sense of optimism to continue forth from what may have seemed to have been a diversionary leg along our life journeys.

February 25, 2009 New Moon Theme
Fortuity, Optimism & Trust
- Humanitarianism -

Our New Moon of Feb 25, 2009 occurs in a very auspicious area of sidereal Aquarius producing a fortuitous lunar cycle--one of a humanitarian focus. Ceres, the mother of the primary asteroids, now appropriately classified as a Dwarf Planet, begins a new 470-day (synodic) cycle with Earth, also on the New Moon. Abundant Ceres, of Mother Nature, the cycles of life, and protectress of the collective, brings perspective to this lunar cycle about our environments, concern and caring for the land, agriculture, and of all that is nurturing, fertile, and of the womb.

Relationships become a key theme in this lunar cycle due to the interaction between Jupiter, Mars, Chiron, Neptune and Juno, the asteroid of interpersonal relating, diplomacy, mutual compatibility, and self-worth. This lunar cycle kicks off this relations-related theme with inspiration for expansive mobilization and creative action in partnerships. Relationships must emotionally mature, veils of denial must lift, and new visionary ways of interrelating must form.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition comes into play once again, this time surrounding the Full Moon, with the start of a new 378-day Earth-Saturn cycle occurring just before the Full Moon, and a Sun-Uranian revelation just after. Our previous lunar cycle propelled us through the second of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions and left us perched upon a threshold looking over an expansive abyss, but pointing toward the key required to cross that abyss, thanks to Chiron, albeit a path yet to fully precipitate into palpable form. This Lunar cycle begins our journey to create and cross that bridge into new realms of co-participation--with attention turning toward relationships, where we must first turn Chiron's Key. Mutual compatibility and cooperation in partnerships (Juno) is a primary pre-requisite that we must establish before we can start to structure a bridge through the times ahead. Issues surrounding relationships will become increasingly more significant throughout the year as Juno moves to join forces with Uranus over the month's ahead. Relationships will radically shift and change as we move through the middle of 2009. This interpersonal healing work and reorganization of partnerships is the prerequisite in order to lay the foundation for a new bridge required to move through "the challenge, the transition, and the mobilization of change" occurring over the next few years as outlined in the article "The Saturn Uranus Opposition" (link below).

Several new planetary cycles begin in this lunar cycle, each with their own unique themes, but that will all interweave and unfold over the months ahead. These include Mars, Juno and Jupiter; Venus and Ceres; and Earth and Makemake (pronounced MAH-keh MAH-keh) the third largest Dwarf Planet. Venus beings its retrograde in this lunar cycle as well, which precedes the new Earth-Venus 584-day cycle that will commence on the following March 25, 2009 New Moon, where a new cycle of the heart begins.

January 26, 2009 New Moon Theme
To Cross a Threshold

Lunar Planner Excerpt: The New Moon eclipse occurs in the midst of a stellium (grouping) of planets in sidereal Capricorn, including retrograde Mercury, Mars, Juno, the Centuars Nessus and Chiron, and Neptune--all centering on the Lunar North Node. These planets synthesize their forces as if they were one massive planet--and in this case, creating a powerful force or wave that will sweep through our lives and carry us forward into a dynamic year of accelerated change and new realms of experience. This stellium's placement on the North Lunar Node creates a magnetic force that pulls us into the future. In addition, the New Moon conjoins Jupiter, bringing a vast mobilizing and expansive force to this lunar cycle, as well as creating a revelatory one....

This Jupiter solar eclipse energetic will culminate on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Feb 9, 2009, which is a part of a dynamic planetary geometric gateway. This gateway is created by the second of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions, along with Eris, Sedna, Varuna and Quaoar, and Chiron. The event starts on Feb 5 with a Moon-Saturn-Uranus-Quaoar Grand Square, along with three Yods. It continues through the Gibbous Moon and to the Feb 9 Lunar Eclipse with a revelatory conjunction of the Sun and Chiron.

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"The stars would not be in the Heavens
if we were meant to walk in darkness."

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