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December 3, 2013 Antares New Moon Theme

This lunar cycle is the first occurring in the action quarter of the 138-year Uranus-Pluto cycle of Revolution and Revelation that began in the mid-1960s. That transition occurred in the last November 3, 2013 Hybrid Solar Lunar Cycle. As such, it impels some what a fresh start in an entirely new energetic and octave of evolutionary currents. This new action oriented phase of this Uranus-Pluto cycle will emerge over many lunar cycles ahead, as Uranus separates very slowly from its square to Pluto.

This New Moon lies in the constellation of Ophiuchus and in the midst of the sidereal sign of Scorpio. It is of passion and power. The New Moon conjoins Antares, Heart of the Scorpion, which lies opposite of Aldebaran of Taurus. Both mark the middle of their respective sidereal signs and thus were the primary fiducials of the Babylonian Zodiak of antiquity. They are two of the Four Royal Architects of the Heavens. Also conjoining are the stars forming the shoulder and left foot of Ophiuchus, and Restaban, the eye of the overseeing Dragon.

Prominent alignments with the Antares-Aldebaran axis bring emphasis to leadership in the business and political arenas. Antares ensures we involve to evolve. It invites us to take a stand against infrastructures that have become outmoded and no longer serve life and humankind. For the younger soul, Antares can stimulate antagonistic rebellious warlike behavior to fight or destroy what one still perceives as opposing forces outside of self. For the mature and older soul, Antares marks a point of immanence for those who have graduated from playing the victim in life to a predetermined fate, and who have learned to take responsibility for their experience and their destiny. The Heart of the Scorpion teaches us to realize the inseparable nature of life, to reconcile the forces within and without, those of life and death, to know of the oneness and inseparable permeability of the Creation Force—a wisdom exemplified by Ophiuchus, who demonstrably stands over the Scorpion. Antares impels us to take responsibility for our reality, for the lives we create, and to "take a stand" for wholeness and to demonstrably and passionately live from that wholeness.

Chiron and Juno, asteroid of covenant relations and partnerships of all types, including those intimately personal and those of business and politics, as well as those between countries, begin a new 4.5-year synodic cycle in sidereal Aquarius. This cycle brings emphasis to social and humanitarian issues and efforts, to healing in our relations, and most importantly, to create a bridge through cooperative partnerships to a more sustainable future.

Mercury and Saturn begin a new and significant synodic cycle just after Mercury's retrograde conjunction occurring through October and November of 2013, a period that may have contributed to a rather somber heavy feeling for many people, even impelling a negative or pessimistic way of thinking about life. It also provided a period of time to re-think our strategies in life and to reassess the infrastructures in our lives, as well as redefining our relationships. This current synod's very key placement conjoining Zubenelgenubi of Libra, which marks Saturn's exalted location in the ecliptic, initiates a several month completion period or a letting go period, especially of karmic-based life experiences or involvements.

Venus begins its retrograde on the Solstice, which will continue through January of 2014. This retrograde occurs under Altair, the Eagle, under Lyra, and over the stars of latter Sagittarius initiating an inward journey of the heart, a reassessment of our values with inspiration to pursue greater visions and ideals. Earth and Venus will begin their new 1.6-year synodic cycle in the midst of the retrograde in early January, just a few days after the start of the next Earth-Jupiter cycle, both bringing a focus to partnerships, communication, commerce and cooperative efforts for the betterment of humankind. This inward reassessment of heart and values will be followed by a sequence of several other retrogrades, including the synchronous retrogrades of Mars, Vesta and Ceres, all occurring throughout the first part of 2014, thus creating in inward focus and reassessment in many areas of our lives. This will result in an entirely new and revolutionary outward expression starting in April and May of 2014.

These are but a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

November 3, 2013 Hybrid Solar Eclipse New Moon Theme
A Revolutionary Turning

This lunar cycle is pivotal, one of the most potent in years. It is exceptionally inspirational for profound personal transformation. It starts with our New Moon of November 3, 2013, which produces a rare and dramatic "Hybrid Solar Eclipse." A Hybrid Solar Eclipse is a combination of an Annular Eclipse and a Total Eclipse. An Annular Solar Eclipse is when we see a ring of the Sun surrounding the Moon's shadow. A Total Solar Eclipse is when the Moon's shadow covers the entire disc of the Sun.

This eclipse begins as an Annular Eclipse over the eastern Atlantic Ocean. The eclipse can be seen at sunrise on the eastern coast of the United States and northern South America (Venezuela and Brazil). It transitions rather quickly into a Total Eclipse as it makes its way over the Atlantic and then over Africa. It passes just off the cost of Liberia where the peak eclipse occurs. It then crosses Gabon, Congo, the Dominican Republic of Congo, Uganda, northern Kenya, and ends in southern Ethiopia and western Somalia. Totality is seen only over a narrow path across the Atlantic and Africa. A partial eclipse can be seen north and south of the eclipse path.

The last Hybrid Solar Eclipse occurred in April of 2005. It began and ended as an Annular Eclipse with the Total Eclipse occurring in-between. This eclipse begins as an annular event but completes as a Total Eclipse.

The New Moon Eclipse, occurring in mid-sidereal Libra, conjoins the stars of the Southern Cross and those of the Northern Crown, inviting us to live from the equipoise of the pure intent of our souls, before any aberrations and confusions commonly incurred throughout our incarnate sojourn on Earth, and to reach for a greater evolutionary freedom and fulfillment.

There is a confluence of several planetary placements occurring on and around the Solar Eclipse that make this event extremely significant, dynamic and intense. These include the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and the Lunar Nodes, all of which conjoin; the Uranus-Pluto Square; Mars opposite Chiron; and with Juno squaring the Lunar Nodes, bringing emphasis to relationships and partnerships of all types. Venus also plays a key role throughout this lunar cycle as well, and reveals, along with our New Moon Eclipse lunar theme, the way through the passage at hand.

There are several extremely significant events occurring within this eclipse lunar cycle that create a primary turning in the month of November. The primary one is the Uranus-Pluto synodic square. Although the Uranus-Pluto geocentric square (seen from Earth's view) occurs from 2012 through 2015 with seven exact squares, the synodic (heliocentric) square (seen from the Sun) is a one-time event. It is the actual first quarter transition point in the 138-year Uranus-Pluto cycle that began in the mid-1960s. The synodic square creates a principle shift in the harmonic resonance within this cycle and a primary shift in Earth's geological resonance, which subsequently changes the currents driving Earth's collective consciousness. November 2013 marks the transition from external stimulus motivating action, into the several-year period ahead, one of demonstrable action catalyzing revolutionary change in many facets of human society.

November 2013 Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Heliocentric T-square

In addition to the Uranus-Pluto Synodic Square, massive and mobilizing Jupiter also moves into position at the same time to create its synodic opposition to Pluto, and its synodic square to Uranus. This means that we have a very powerful heliocentric T-square creating an expansive mobilizing resonance throughout our Solar System.

The Jupiter-Pluto opposition marks the mid-point of vision and realization in the 13-year Jupiter-Pluto synodic cycle that began in November of 2007. The Jupiter-Pluto synod occurring then, at the Gate of God of Earth's Precessional Cross in early sidereal Sagittarius, initiated a principal cycle stimulating an expansive mobilization of a catabolic process to deconstruct antiquated behavioral patterns, false beliefs and cover-ups obscuring a greater truth destined to emerge.

The Jupiter-Uranus synodic square is the first square (much like the first square occurring now in the much longer Uranus-Pluto cycle) of the 13.5-year Jupiter-Uranus synodic cycle that began in September of 2010. The Jupiter-Uranus synod occurring then, at the Vernal Point of Earth's Precessional Cross in early sidereal Pisces, initiated another principal cycle stimulating an awakening in the human populous to create and prepare for wide sweeping revolutionary change.

The 2008 Jupiter-Pluto synod and the 2010 Jupiter-Uranus synod, due to these events occurring upon principle nodes of Earth's Precessional Cross, were blatant astrological heralds indicative of primary evolutionary change to occur throughout their respective 13-year cycles. These two cycles also nest within the theme and energetic of the longer Uranus-Pluto cycle. The November 2013 confluence of the Uranus-Pluto Synodic Square, the Jupiter-Pluto Synodic Opposition, and the Jupiter-Uranus Synodic Square, forming this T-square, actualize the start of an avalanche of evolutionary change to accelerate over the months and years ahead, especially when this energetic fully engages with the geocentric Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Square occurring in April 2014.

The heliocentric T-square along with the Solar Eclipse occurring near the lunar perigee indicates a potential increase of seismic resonances, tidal forces, and a potential increase in solar flare activity throughout this lunar cycle.

These are but a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

October 5, 2013 New Moon Theme
Intuition & Premonition

Our New Moon of October 4, 2013 (Oct 5, 0:34 GMT) lies in sidereal Virgo and over Corvus, the Raven Messenger. The New Moon conjoins Vindemiatrix and Porrima of Virgo, and the stars of Corvus. The stars of this area of the zodiak excite higher mental capacities such as clairvoyance and telepathic awareness. They bring emphasis to our need to have astute moment-by moment attentiveness to messages expressing through the natural and every-day world around us. The purpose of this fore-vision is so we may act accordingly in the present so we can meet, in preparedness and at the right time, future events that are already precipitating into our reality from the realm of probabilities.

This lunar month continues our intensifying crescendo into the November pivotal Uranus-Pluto turning while at the same time bringing emphasis to living from heart and in attunement to the magnetic forces that guide our intuitive process—perhaps more important now than ever. This is due in part to the Crescent Moon's synchronization with Venus in passionate Scorpio (seen in the western sky at sunset) along with new synodic cycles beginning with Mercury, Venus, Juno, Neptune and Chrion in the flowing waters of the Aquarian Waterbearer. Theses compounded synodic cycles set several humanitarian-focused currents in motion that will continue through the years ahead.

Mercury begins an extra-significant retrograde period in this lunar cycle conjoining Saturn and the Lunar Nodes, to climax with and aspecting the forth Uranus-Pluto square as it makes is synod (Sun-Mercury-Earth alignment), both occurring on November 1. This leads into the extremely significant Hybrid Solar Eclipse occurring on November 3, 2013. Mars, Juno and Chiron also aspect this potent confluence of events, impelling dynamic stimulus to action for relationships of all types, those personal and those of politics and business.

Mars continues its stimulating conjunction with comet ISON under the auspices of the Lion through the Full Moon Eclipse, which occurs on October 18. This Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse will be visible in its entirety in Eastern Canada. The rest of Canada and the US will see the Moon rise with the eclipse in progress. The entire eclipse will also be visible in Europe and Africa.

These are but a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

September 5, 2013 New Moon Theme
Grand Spectacle & Transcendent Evolutionary Currents
Mars & Comet ISON

Our New Moon of September 5, 2013 lies in sidereal Leo, at the Hind of the Lion. The New Moon conjoins Chort and Zosma of Leo, Suhail Velorum of Argo Navis, and it lies under the auspices of Mizar of the Great Bear. This area of the zodiac is about creative motive, that which is behind and driving our creative expressions. It is also of global-level grand spectacle, often time of a diversionary nature created by world powers with hidden agenda. At a personal level, it invites us to look beyond these diversionary smoke screens and to attune to and act upon more transcendent evolutionary currents guiding our lives. Mizar is of fiery energy that must express in a grand way. It is also conducive for developing new creative projects, and the preparatory work behind those projects, especially those intended for public presentation, or in the case of world affairs, events of a grand scale.

This lunar cycle engages a crescendo of intensity, much like a massive wave starting to build in the ocean, one leading into the November pivotal point in the Uranus-Pluto Square, which in turn leads into a greater turning in April of 2014, due in part to the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto-Retrograde Mars Grand Square occurring then. Actions taken now, over these immediate few months, both personally and globally, can be critical, as they set up significant currents that can define our course over many years ahead.

Pluto completes its retrograde in this lunar cycle as Saturn conjoins the North Lunar Node in a sextile to Pluto, forming a Yod to the star Aldebaran, Eye of the Bull, in mid-sidereal Taurus. Activating the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Yod set in motion in early 2013, this brings significant attention to the domestic infrastructures of our lives and ensuring they support us through the climatic times ahead.

Juno, asteroid of partnerships and relationships of all types, those personal, and those professional and political, completes its few month retrograde later in this lunar cycle, now to fully engage partnerships in the new Earth-Juno synodic cycle. The changes we are making in our relationships and in the nature of how we interrelate (both personally and internationally) occurring throughout the months upon us, are extremely significant for the climatic November transition point when we formally enter the Action Quarter of Revolution and Revelation in the 138-year Uranus-Pluto cycle that began in the mid-60s. Juno's direct station (September 24) under the auspices of the Eagle engages partnerships in a new expression, especially those with global vision, and also those of militaristic allegiances.

Pallas Athene and Jupiter begin a new 7-year synodic cycle in sidereal Gemini, at the feet of the Twins. All Pallas-Jupiter cycles are extremely significant, mobilizing a new area of creative expression for the human collective.

Mars and the herald Comet ISON conjoin on the Equinox of September 22 and maintain their conjunction for an entire month, providing dynamic stimulus to already hot and eruptive Mars, which is significantly positioned. This conjunction should NOT be taken lightly. It is also a powerful portent of events to come. Mars and Comet ISON will be seen rising in the eastern sky just before sunrise near the star Regulus of Leo as ISON makes its passage past Mars and heads toward the Sun, growing brighter each day throughout the months of October and November.

Theses are but a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

August 6, 2013 New Moon Theme
Pursuing a Greater Vision and the Acceleration of Revolutionary Change

Our New Moon of August 6, 2013 lies in sidereal Cancer. The Sun and Moon conjoin Vesta, asteroid of focus, dedication and commitment, which all lie opposite retrograde Juno, asteroid of covenant relationships, mutual equality and respect. Conjoining stars include Dubhe of the Great Bear, Acubens of Cancer and Zeta Hydra.

The Stars of the Great Bear are associated with the global scene and world powers; and reveal the diverse dynamic of these ruling forces in general. Dubhe is the overseeing star of this area of the zodiak. Dubhe and conjoining stars impel us to strive for a greater vision beyond the accepted political-religious dogmas of the human world that keep humanity in darkness and delusion; and against the controlling global forces perpetuating that dogmatic rule. At a personal level, they impel us to do all we can to achieve the greater vision that we hold for the unfoldment of our lives—for the true nourishment, fulfillment, and freedom we seek. These stars invite us to emerge from our own personal belief structures and limiting life patterns that keep us bound in life scenarios that are less than those we truly want. They impel us to strive for a new and better future rather than merely staying reactive to the limitations we have already created and reinforce with our existing beliefs.

This is another potent lunar cycle bringing attention to our focus and commitment to emerge into a new light of being and it invites us to shift octaves regarding how we interrelate in partnerships of all types, those of an intimate nature, and those political and of business. It invites innovative, progressive and radical change.

Kicking off this lunar cycle is the start of the very significant and dynamic Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square, along with a new Mars-Jupiter 2-year synodic cycle. This stimulates the start of a dramatic turn in the energetics formulating the nature of our experience over the many months ahead. It continues throughout the primary Uranus-Pluto climatic turning in November, and through April of 2014 when this T-square climaxes with retrograde Mars joining the threesome to form an exact and potent Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Square. Jupiter incites a tremendous mobilizing and expansive energetic to our Uranus-Pluto Square theme: Revolution and Revelation.

Earth and Neptune, and Earth and Chiron, begin new synodic cycles in sidereal Aquarius in this lunar cycle. The Neptune synod conjoins the very principle star Fomalhaut of Pisces Australis, the mouth of humanity, a very fortuitous location in the zodiak. The Chiron synod occurs several degrees further in mid-Aquarius and in the flowing stream of the waterbearer. This initiates another progressive step in creating a new bridge into a humanitarian based society, in a cycle that began with the Chiron-Neptune synod occurring on the cusp of sidereal Aquarius on February 14, 2010, and which began a new 85-year Chiron-Neptune synodic cycle. The progressive unfoldment of this cycle, year by year, provides a primary stimulus to create a new world paradigm in the midst of the dramatically crumbling old world.

These are but a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

July 8, 2013 New Moon Theme
Responsibility for our Destiny

Our New Moon of July 8, 2013 lies in sidereal Gemini prominently conjoining Sirius of Canis Major and Canopus of Argo Navis. Sidereal Gemini is of intellectual communication, commerce and the exchange of information, goods and services. The Gemini Twins work in mutual cooperation, linking and uniting their efforts for the betterment and evolutionary fulfillment of humankind. Sirius, The Great World Teacher, and Canopus, Helmsman of the Argo, bring our attention to events of a global proportion that can change our evolutionary course. This should be a dynamic and catalytic lunar cycle, stimulating much activity for humankind.

Mercury in the midst of its retrograde in sidereal Gemini begins its new 116-day synodic cycle, which will fully engages as Mercury completes its retrograde on July 20 square to Uranus. The Sun, Moon and Mercury also conjoining the herald Comet ISON in this lunar cycle, adding extra stimulus to evolve a new paradigm of thinking, and perhaps inciting a message to the world.

The main event in this lunar cycle is the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine, which peaks in the action quarter of this lunar cycle, between the First Quarter Moon and Gibbous Moon. Occurring in the midst of the potent Uranus-Pluto Square, and triggered by Mars conjoining Jupiter at the feet of the Gemini Twins, this opportunistic Grand Trine inspires action to mobilize humanitarian-based ideals that will help to establish new growth and balance in our existing world paradigm and in our personal relations. This Grand Trine leads into the stimulating Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square, which begins on the following New Moon of August 6, 2013, and which creates a new level of stimulus for revolutionary change occurring throughout the 2012-1015 Uranus-Pluto Square.

Juno, asteroid of covenant relationships, in the midst of its retrograde, begins its new synodic cycle with Earth in sidereal Capricorn later in the lunar cycle. Juno continues its square with the lunar nodes. The Sun also conjoins Vesta, asteroid of focus, dedication and commitment. Thus, the alignment is Vesta-Sun-Earth-Juno square to the lunar nodes. This sets a new evolutionary dynamic in motion for relationships of all types. Juno continues to play a significant role throughout the year and in aspect to the Uranus-Pluto Square.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

June 8, 2013 New Moon Theme
On the Home Front: Preparation for Greater Changes to Come

Our New Moon of June 8, 2013 lies in sidereal Taurus. It lies over Orion and conjoins supergiant Rigel of Orion. Also influencing is AE Auriga the Flaming Star Nebula. Sidereal Taurus is of earthy and material matters: of building, business, construction, the home and family, property, stability and balance. It is fixed in its ways, industrious, persistent, determined and laborious. Rigel of Orion inspires enterprising entrepreneurial action in a grand way. This lunar cycle may bring somewhat of a reprieve from the intensity of the previous cycle, but this does not diminish in anyway its significance. That which we establish now in our physical lives, and the changes we make throughout this cycle are “preparatory” for more dynamic changes to come.

Jupiter enters sidereal Gemini on the New Moon, where it will transit through June of 2014. The mobilizing and expansive force of Jupiter will become a significant factor throughout this period. Jupiter prominently aspects the Uranus-Pluto Square, creating a Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square starting in August 2013 and completing in April 2014. Preceding this, Jupiter creates a one time Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine in mid-July—an opening doorway. In this lunar cycle, Jupiter makes its début in Gemini on the Gibbous Moon through the Solstice Full Moon as it conjoins the Gate or Man impelling mobilization and expansion in communication, commerce, the exchange of information, goods and services, and of getting things done in our daily affairs—an energetic which continues through mid-2014. The Solstice occurs on June 21 (5:03:57 UT / June 20 in the Americas).

Juno, asteroid of covenant relations, partnerships of all types, and of mutual equality and compatibility, begins its retrograde on June 14, just after the Crescent Moon. Juno and Earth will begin their new synodic cycle in the midst of Juno’s retrograde on August 4, 2013 in mid-sidereal Capricorn, setting a new theme for partnerships. Juno completes its retrograde on September 24, 2013. The entire retrograde period is a time for relationships to shift gears from Juno’s previous synodic cycle theme into the next. Juno makes many significant aspects with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto throughout the year and into the culminating Uranus-Pluto Synodic Square occurring in November, which continues to catalyze changes in relationships of all types.

Our First Quarter Moon’s stimulus to action brings attention to the old-world paradigm of big-business, world powers and their administration. Conjoining the Dwarf Planet Makemake in early sidereal Virgo, it impels action regarding the administration of resources in ways that support the greater wellbeing of the people.

Our Full Moon in sidereal Sagittarius occurs as the Moon is at its perigee (closet to Earth in its orbit around the Earth), thus producing the larget and brightest Full Moon rise in the year—not to be missed. The Sagittarian Full Moon brings our attention to honoring pursuing our unique paths, ideals and goals in the world with undaunted conviction and focus.

Mercury also begins its retrograde in this lunar cycle, just after the Full Moon. Mercury’s retrograde occurs in sidereal Gemini where it is very much empowered and at home. Comet ISON will conjoin Mercury three times during its retrograde adding dynamic stimulus to Mercury’s expression in our lives, and to the new ~116-days Earth-Mercury synodic cycle that will begin on the following New Moon, just as Saturn completes its retrograde.

May 10, 2013 New Moon Theme
Transformation & Regeneration
Partnerships: Entering New Territory

Our New Moon of May 10, 2013 produces an Annular Solar Eclipse, the middle eclipse of our threesome—the previous Full Moon’s Partial Lunar Eclipse and this Full Moon’s Penumbral Eclipse. The annular part of this eclipse is visible in an extraordinarily wide swath through Australia—a double treat for those in Australia. The eclipse path begins in western Australia over the Collier Range and traverses over the northern territory. It continues over eastern Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and the Gilbert Islands. A partial eclipse is seen in the much wider Penumbral shadow, which also includes Indonesia, the central Pacific Ocean and Hawaii.

Our New Moon lies in late sidereal Aries at the hind of the Ram, also conjoining the asteroid Pallas, which lies about 20° south of the ecliptic traversing Eridanus, the River of Life. Conjoining stars include: Ruchbah of Cassiopeia; the Quasar 3C66A in Andromeda; and Botein of Aries.

This area of sidereal Aries is of transformation and regeneration. It is primal, creative and inventive, but can also be volatile and eruptive, with need to channel our energy. It requires that we surrender the very attitude about what we want, to attain what we want.

Be prepared for another intense and catalytic lunar cycle. Two major events occur throughout this lunar cycle. One event is the third of seven exact squares in the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square. This square, and following, occurring in November, brings us into a tight squeeze, intensifying the stimulus to create radical change in our lives and in our world. Jupiter will arrive midway between these two triggers, in August, to begin the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square. This entire period, and these two Uranus-Pluto squares, precede the actual synodic square occurring on November 24, 2013 in the current 138-year Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle that began on January 7, 1966. The time leading into the synodic square is / has been one of experiencing external stimulus to initiate creative action. The time following is when we shift into taking that action in this greater cycle. Uranus and Pluto tighten their orbital (synodic) orb to within 1° on the trigger occurring in this lunar cycle as they approach their exact square in November. Stimulus to initiate radical action to live a greater truth intensifies.

The asteroid Vesta and Comet ISON move into position to create a Vesta-ISON-Uranus-Pluto T-Square, adding to this dynamic. Aside from the unique energetic created by the T-Square and Comet ISON's stimulus and message, Vesta brings attention to our focus, dedication and commitment to achieve the changes we want in our lives—do we have it?

The second prominent event is the Juno Lunar Nodes T-Square. This brings an emphasis and focus to relationships of all types, or should I say, to the resonance created by the issues and ideals within self that formulate the relations we draw and the nature of our experience in our relationships. It impels a need to address these issues in order to move forth into more fulfilling experience. This T-Square’s energetic is a direct part of this eclipse theme stimulating relationships to break ground into new territory and to claim a new level of mutual freedom and fulfillment.

There are many triggers throughout this lunar cycle to both of the above events that continue to emphasize and catalyze their effects. There are several other dynamic events occurring in this lunar cycle as well. For example, the Crescent Moon’s conjunction with Comet ISON; Comet ISON prominent aspects with the Uranus-Pluto Square from the Crescent Moon through First Quarter Moon; and a "Triple T-Square Full Moon Eclipse." Take hold as things accelerate into a greater climatic transition over the months ahead.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

April 10, 2013 New Moon Theme
Money & the Rebalancing of the Expressive & Receptive

Our New Moon of April 10, 2013 lies in late sidereal Pisces conjoining Revati of Pisces. Also conjoining are Eris, Mars, and Venus, and the star Baten Kaitos of Cetus, and the stars forming the outstretched bound arms of Princess Andromeda. This is the location of the Venus-Mar-Eris Synchronization that occurred at the end of the previous lunar cycle. This lunar cycle fully engages the theme of that rare event. It brings attention to issues surrounding money and resources and it inspires action from the heart regarding financial matters. Eris may continue to upset the Venus and Mars energetics—as discordance in relationships, between the masculine and feminine, or between the receptive and expressive aspects of self—ultimately so a greater equilibrium can result.

Pluto begins its retrograde in this lunar cycle, tightening its orb in square to Uranus, which leads into the third of seven triggers in the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square. Mercury conjoins Uranus, which adds stimulus for radical non-conforming action to break away from the conformity of past.

Our Full Moon of April 25 produces a Partial Lunar Eclipse visible primarily from the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia). The Moon conjoins Saturn in sidereal Libra, and it conjoins the Temple of the Centaur and the stars of the Southern Cross.

Venus and Sedna synergistically begin their new synodic cycle in late sidereal Aries also just after Full Moon. Earth and Saturn begin their new annual synodic cycle in mid-sidereal Libra a few days later.

The Last Quarter Moon of May 3 conjoins Juno, asteroid of covenant partnerships, impelling change in relationships of all types.

Comet ISON, now inside the orbit of Jupiter and heading toward the inner solar system begins its approach with several initial events. The first occurs in this lunar cycle as Ceres conjoins ISON in mid-sidereal Gemini on May 3, just after Last Quarter Moon—bringing stimulus to issues regarding the flow of resources, how we nurture and are nurtured, and to environmental issues.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

March 11, 2013 New Moon Theme
Corporeal Clarity & Physical Action

Our New Moon of March 11, 2013 lies in late sidereal Aquarius. Conjoining stars include Markab of Pegasus, Beta Reticuli, and the stars forming the head of the western fish of Pisces. This area of the zodiak brings our attention to our physical and emotional clarity, to our physical health, and to our cellular and genetic capacity to express our soul essence/higher self-awareness into and through physical self in our greatest potential. It of course expresses uniquely for each person depending on where this new moon occurs in the natal chart.

Mercury completes its retrograde before First Quarter Moon, adding to our stimulus to action. This engages the new Earth-Mercury 116-day syndic cycle presented in the previous lunar planner. The Equinox occurs just after First Quarter Moon, which marks the time of stimulus to action in our annual solar cycle. The Quarter Moon creates a T-square with the Sun and the Dwarf Planet Makemake, which lies opposite the Sun, on Earth's Precessional Cross—also starting the annual Earth-Makemake synodic cycle.

Venus and Mars also join forces in this lunar cycle. The Sun, Venus and Mars all conjoin Uranus in sidereal Pisces and square Pluto in sidereal Sagittarius, activating the Uranus-Pluto Square, creating a dynamic stimulus for heart-centered action and leadership. All of this impels a very action-oriented and progressive lunar cycle. Venus and Mars also initiate a new 322-day synodic cycle in sidereal Pisces.

Jupiter returns to the mid-point of sidereal Taurus conjoining Aldebaran culminating the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Yod, which began in December of 2012. Mars Venus and Uranus create another Yod with Jupiter to Saturn. These two interlocking Yods, also aspecting Chiron, provide opportunity for creative solution to mobilize and expand upon the physical aspects of our lives, to break new trail.

Venus, Mars and the Dwarf Planet Eris conjoin toward the end of this lunar cycle, and they both begin new synodic cycles with Eris as well—creating the grad finale. This is rare a Venus-Mars-Eris Synodic Synchronization.

This is a powerhouse lunar cycle that is packed full of relentless potent planetary aspects stimulating audacious action to create profound change in our lives, as well as providing opportunity to demonstrably live and express a greater level of self-empowerment.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

February 10, 2013 New Moon Theme

Our New Moon of February 10, 2013 lies in late sidereal Capricorn where the constellations Aquarius and Capricorn overlap. Conjoining stars include Nashira of Capricorn, Beta Gruis and Sadalsuud of Aquarius. These stars express a progressive and fortuitous energetic, often associated with good tidings, especially regarding business dealings and legalities. They impel articulate expression and are action oriented.

The New Moon squares the Lunar Nodes, creating a T-square. This adds an additional and very potent dynamic to this lunar cycle, inviting movement from patterns of the past, revealed by the South Node stars, toward a new focus revealed by the North Node stars. The South Node also conjoins recently discovered Sedna—marking a very significant lunar cycle for the emergence of the feminine force in the world, and all that the feminine exemplifies and embodies, including bountifulness and abundance expressed from and claimed by the Heart.

Several planetary aspects occur in the first few days of the lunar cycle. Many more continue throughout the lunar month, making for a dynamic lunar cycle, one that is mobilizing and that impels progressive and wide sweeping change.

The Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter-Vesta Yod continues to play a dynamic role throughout this lunar cycle, and is triggered by several aspecting planets, including the Pallas-Pluto square and the Venus-Saturn square. Mighty Jupiter and the asteroid Vesta have completed their retrogrades impelling expansive mobilization regarding the Yod’s Aldebaran theme.

Several other events also occur in this lunar cycle. Mercury, Venus and Mars conjoin Chiron in sidereal Aquarius. Mercury also begins its retrograde and a new Earth-Mercury 116-day synodic cycle. Saturn stations to begin its retrograde in sidereal Libra just after First Quarter Moon—creating another dynamic to the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Yod, which continues to the March Equinox. Dreamtime can be extra-revelatory in this lunar cycle. Our Last Quarter Moon can motivate a life-changing turn.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

January 11, 2013 New Moon Theme
Visionary Inspiration with Global Vision - Mobilization & Expansion

Our New Moon of January 11, 2013 lies in late sidereal Sagittarius under the auspices of the stars of Lyra, Harp of the Angels. Conjoining entries include Sulphat and the Starseed Ring Nebula of Lyra; Delta and the SS433 Neutron star of Aquila the Eagle; and Alpha Pavo. This area of the heavens is of lofty ideals, multi-spectral inspiration and extraterrestrial vision. It inspires creative action from passion and enthusiasm for our greater ideals and long-term vision.

Venus and Juno, asteroid of covenant partners, mutual respect and compatibility, both join the Pluto leg of the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Yod that began in December, and which continues through the March equinox of 2013. Vesta, asteroid of focus, dedication and commitment, now joins Jupiter on the Yod’s apex, conjoining Aldebaran of sidereal Taurus. The Juno-Venus-Pluto synthesis is key for partnerships of all types. It may catalyze a deep and honest re-examination of our relations, demanding we live with greater integrity to the naked truth revealed. Vesta and Jupiter, both retrograde, magnify and mobilize the need to either refocus our commitment in partnerships or to honor incompatibility and to part ways. Vesta stations (completes its retrograde) exactly on the Aldebaran-Yod Apex, mid-way in the lunar cycle. Jupiter completes its retrograde slightly later, just before the Disseminating Moon, the birth point in the lunar cycle. Both stimulate a new level of focus and commitment and an expansive outward demonstrable expression of that commitment, especially in ventures that establish a nurturing physical infrastructure that supports us through the ever-changing times ahead.

Pallas joins Eris to begin a new 4.6-year synodic cycle in sidereal Pisces, and Mars joins Neptune to begin a new 2-year synodic cycle in sidereal Aquarius. The Pallas-Eris cycle continues to arouse unrest about social injustice in the collective populous, especially regarding financial issues. Pallas also makes its final conjunction with Uranus at the same time, inspiring radical and highly intelligent creative solution for that unrest. The first Pallas-Uranus conjunction kicked off the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square in June 2011.

The Dwarf Planet Ceres, mother of the asteroids, also completes its retrograde in this lunar cycle, conjoining the stars of enterprising Orion, fully engaging the new Earth-Ceres synodic cycle presented in the previous Lunar Planner. It also creates a significant Yod with Eris to the North Lunar Node conjoining Unakalhai, the neck of the Serpent reaching toward the Northern Crown, a Yod which sustains its formation throughout the first half of the following lunar cycle.

This lunar cycle is highly inspirational and progressive. It should bring welcomed relief from the intense last several lunar cycles, which were more catalytic of personal change and impelling us to claim a greater level of self-empowerment. Now we are motivated to apply that which we have realized over the last many months in ways that move us forward from the turmoil of past upsets. This lunar cycle is one inspiring, providing opportunity for, and motivating tremendous movement and expansion.

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"The stars would not be in the Heavens
if we were meant to walk in darkness."

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