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2014-2020 Annual Graphic Ephemerides

Solar Cycles

Solar Cycles

Astronomical News

Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping

Astronomical location-specific mapping on the Earth; with Seismic Examples demonstrating a hierarchy of planetary configurations that result in seismicity.

Interplanetary Communication with Gravity Wave Scanning

Sidereal Astrology and Astronomy

Earth's Precessional Cycle & the Precessional Cross

The cross in a circle, is not only a spiritual symbol, it is also the astronomical symbol for planet Earth. The cosmic significance of this symbol is that it marks the timing of a primary transition or turning in the natural evolutionary cycle of the Earth. Hidden within this symbol is a map referring to a unique occurrence of a specific geometric relationship between Earth, the solar system, and our galaxy—an astrophysical event occurring NOW, within Earth's ~25,000 year, precessional cycle. The precessional movement of Earth's pole governs the evolutionary unfoldment of consciousness on Earth. This portal of evolutionary change, occurring now in Earth's Precessional Cycle of the Precessional Cross, begins our journey back into Galactic (Unified Field) Awareness. Earth's Precessional Cross WEB page has its own Table of Contents. Also see 3-D movies of Earth's Precessional Cross.

Sidereal Astrology: Earth's Precession and the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiaks

Learn about Earth's Precession; the relationship between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs; the astrological ages, the intercession of the Precessional Cross; measurement of the precessional rate, and introducing the Galactic Ayanamsa: Reckoning of the sidereal zodiak to the galactic axis of the Precessional Cross. This approach is based on the sacred geometry of astrophysical spheres nesting within spheres (Earth's precessional orientation in the solar system and our solar system's current location and orientation in the galaxy), rather than merely on star locations as seen from Earth.

View the Sidereal Heavens: Under the Stars

Getting to know the heavens: This is a sky map of the heavens that shows the stars, constellations, and the sidereal signs. Visually learn how the stars and constellations interrelate and blend to create each sidereal sign. This is a wonderful tool for the novice or seasoned sidereal astrologer, for the astronomer, for the casual sky watcher, or simply for those wishing to know more of the Greater Heavens under which we live. The Sky Chart is also a wonderful reference for the material presented in each month's Lunar Planner.

Constellation Boundaries and their Precessional Skew

About Constellation Boundaries with video showing thier Precessional Skew.

The Asteroids, Centaurs & Dwarf Planets

Learn about the astrological characteristics of the primary asteroids - Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas; the Centaurs - Chiron, Phollus, Asbolus and Nessus; and of the recently discovered Dwarf Planets and "Asteroids of the Kuiper Belt" - Pluto, Orcus, Eris, Quaoar, Ixion, Varuna, Haumea, Makemake and Sedna.

Pluto & Orcus: A new & extensive exploration into the nature of Pluto and Orcus, Pluto's Compliment

Lunar Perigee & Apogee

The Full Moon's Passage Through Earth's Magnetotail

Learn about another of several reasons for the high-emotional and sometimes erratic energy people often feel around the Full Moon, and even why some Full Moons are more intense than others. In addition, solar storms and solar flairs coinciding with the Full Moon would certainly intensify our lunacy.

Your Natal Cross & Clockwise House Rotation in Soul-level Sidereal Astrology

The Great Circles and Personal Points in your Astrology Chart

Solunar-Precessional Cross Activations: 1980 - 2022

A llisting of New Moon activations of Earth's Precessional Cross (those occuring on a solstice or equinox).

Synodic Astrology and Astronomy

Synodic Astrology
Synodic Cycles & Planetary Retrogrades

A retrograde period of a planet marks the time when we disengage from a planet's previous synodic cycle and engage in its next one. Learn more about these underlying cycles of growth—the musical score creating the symphony upon which we evolve. In addition to an introduction to Synodic Cycles, there are links to several articles about specific synodic cycles with the main planets as well as with the newly discover dwarf planets: Eris, Quaoar, Ixion, Orcus, etc.

Earth-Planet Synodic Cycles Timeline

Outer-Planet Synodic Cycles Timeline (1940-2040)

Jupiter through Pluto & Eris
Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune • Saturn-Uranus-Neptune Synchronization
Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Neptune Synods Movie

The Synods of Pluto, Ixion, & Quaoar

The Synods of Eris

Jupiter: The Astronomy and Astrology

This article explores Jupiter's synodic cycles; Earth-Jupiter Mandalas, The astrophysical aspects of Jupiter, Jupiter's moons; Jupiter's Orbital Cross star alignments and Jupiter's astrological nature.

Jupiter's Trojans & The Lagrange Points

Saturn: The Astronomy and Astrology

This article explores Saturn's synodic cycles, Saturn's closest approach; the rings of Saturn; Saturn's Super Ring; and Saturn's Hex.

The 32-year Saturn Orcus Synod & Venus

Mars: the Astronomy & Astrology - and the 2003 Close Encounter

This article explores the synodic cycles of Mars; the 2003 close encounter; and the psychophysiology (mental-emotional-physical facets) of Mars.

Venus Cycles and the Venus Transits (2004 / 2012)

Learn about the two Venus Transits occurring in this millennium. The Venus Transit presently upon us comes in a pair, with two transits spaced eight years apart. There is one transit on June 8, 2004 and one on June 6, 2012. This is a rare once in a life time event. The last Venus Transit (pair) occurred 129.5 years ago in 1874 and 1882. The next Venus Transit pair will occur 113.5 years from this one, in 2117 and 2125.

This article explores the eight-year pentagonal cycle of Venus; how the retrogrades of Venus are created; the 243-year Venus Passage cycle; why the transits in this cycle come in pairs for a while and why they then become singular; the drift of this cycle through the zodiak; the star alignments of the 2004/2012 transits in the sidereal zodiak; the psychophysiology (mental-emotional-physical facets) of Venus in our lives; and the astrophysical resonances of Venus in light (color), sound, and brain wave frequencies.

E-Motions of the Heart: Venus Elongations & the Crescent Moon

Learn about the Venus Elongations and their correspondences with the Crescent and Balsamic Moons.

Planetary Bio-Harmonics

Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations

Designed for our Attunement, Transformation & the Evolution of Consciousness

Planetary Mental Emotional & Physical Correspondences

Planetary - Mental Emotional Physical Correspondences. You can use this chart to help identify which Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audios you may wish to use based on specific mental, emotional & physical characteristics.

The Emotional Tone Scale

This chart shows the primary endocrine system and the corresponding emotional tones. The concepts I present regarding the awakening of the neurological system, the integration of soul awareness, etc. explore this chart in the context of the evolution of human consciousness.

Lunar Cycle Timing

Ideal times to listen to a specific planetary audios based upon planetary alignments occurring in each Lunar Cycle. Updated on each New Moon.

Planetary Harmonics

Learn about light, color, and sound; how light is measured; how to convert sound to color, the musical notes in color; the color keyboard and guitar fretboard; and about Planetary Harmonics. Pythog The complex astrophysical parameters of a planet are that which creates its astrological characteristic (psychophysiological resonance). Learn how planets are composed of many frequencies that resonate in color, sound and brain wave rhythms. Earth's astrophysical parameters are shown translated to their corresponding brain wave frequencies, audio frequencies, and light (color) wavelengths. Includes a new updated section explained the often miss-understood "Schumann Resonances." For musicians, light-sound healers, and researchers. Learn how to tune a musical scale to the Venus Resonance. Sound-Color Scales: Standard Scale vs Pythagorean Scale.

Misc Reference

Divine Union in the Cycle of the Precessional Cross

Re-emergence of the Divine Feminine
Divine Reunion of the Masculine and Feminine
A call for Wayshowers. The role of Venus and Mars

The Unfoldment of Number

Learn about the quality of individual numbers and how they unfold in consciousness. We are a division of the Whole of All That Is—a part of, not separate from. From this wholeness, or nothingness—Zero—a spark ignites a flame—"One" is born.

Books on the Fixed Stars & Sidereal Astrology

A reference list of books on Star Names, Star Lore, Sidereal Astrology, and Associated Topics.

Lunar Months

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Earth's Precessional Cycle & Precessional Cross
The Sacred Geometry of Global Change

Holy Cross

The Cross in a circle is not only a spiritual symbol, it is also the astronomical symbol for planet Earth. The cosmic significance of this symbol is that it marks the timing of a primary transition or turning in the natural evolutionary cycle of the Earth. Hidden within this symbol is a map referring to a unique occurrence of a specific geometric relationship between Earth, the solar system, and our galaxy—an astrophysical event occurring now, within Earth's ~25,000 year, precessional cycle.

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