The Lunar Theme for the
June 3, 2008 New Moon

Matters of the Heart
A Separating of the Ways

The Lunar Month of
June 3, 2008 - July 2, 2008

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Astronomical Myth is a "picture language," imagery that articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing throughout the greater heavens and through our lives. We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us, or from our beloved Earth, but are intimate parts of this dynamic, continually unfolding heavenly symphony. This entirety is our cosmic consciousness, the totality of our being. To explore the greater heavens and the heavenly cycles is to explore that which we are--our embracing consciousness and our spiritual evolution.

The stars would not be in the heavens
if we were meant to walk in darkness

New Moon Phase Characteristics

The New Moon

Venus and the Crescent Moon

Venus and the Crescent Moon

For those using the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audios, this New Moon (June 2-3) is an ideal time to use the Venus and Earth audios.

This is a extraordinary and powerful Lunar Cycle starting with a significant New Moon-Venus-Comet Temple-Ixion planetary alignment, which then culminates with a Full Moon Solstice Galactic Portal which is opened by autonomous Pluto, who currently stands as sentinel to the galactic "Gate of God." This Lunar Cycle marks a significant acceleration of consciousness on Earth.

The New Moon planetary alignment: Looking from Earth toward the Sun, we have the Moon, Sun, Venus, Comet Temple-1 in sidereal Taurus. Looking from the Sun, toward the Earth is Earth and Ixion in sidereal Scorpio. This alignment also marks the start of a new Earth-Ixion synodic cycle.

Our New Moon of June 3, 2008 resides in sidereal Taurus and lies just past Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull, and above the Shield of Orion. It conjoins Venus and the comet Tempel-1, bringing us to "Matters of the Heart."

The Shield of Orion is a sub-constellation of Orion formed by several stars: Pi, Pi1, Pi2, Pi3 (Tabit), Pi4, Pi5; Omi and Omi2.

The theme of the Shield is of providing protection in the physical world of human affairs. This is the guarding and nurturing nature of Orion and Taurus. The Shield also supports endurance and victory in this pursuit.

Thus our lunar theme is one of providing protection and support for that which we hold true to heart in a very physical way, and is also about protection and support for the feminine principle. This theme lies in the context of the Vision of Aldebaran, enterprising Orion, and the start of the River of Life, marked by Kursa of Eridanus.

Taurus New Moon Star Chart

Aldebaran, Eye of the Bull, is one of the "Four Royal Architects." Directly opposite Aldebaran is Antares, Heart of the Scorpion. Both of these stars mark the centers of their respective sidereal signs. The other Royals are Regulus, Heart of the Lion (Leo), the law-giver; and Fomalhaut (in sidereal Aquarius); which inspires future vision for an evolved humanitarian-based society.

Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers inspiring the administrative planning specifically for physical logistics and a global infrastructure designed to support humanity through evolutionary unfoldment and global change. Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran / Antares axis can express into the business, political and global arenas. The visions that many people attune to regarding alternative living centers, educational centers, emergency preparedness programs, etc., are parts of the inspiration from this star’s emanations. At a personal level, Aldebaran can indicate involvement with physical places, infrastructures, and enterprises supportive of our physical wellbeing and families. Aldebaran and the essence of sidereal Taurus inspire us to take the physical action required to manifest our visions.

Sidereal Taurus can also be of conflicts, stalemates and standoffs, while its constructive side expresses as tenacious perseverance for achievement, especially in business and commerce that supports our physical well-being.

The Witchhead Nebula in Orion

The Witchhead Nebula IC 2118 in Orion glows from the light of Rigel which shines upon it.

Image Credit: NASA - Digitized Sky Survey

Near by in longitude is Rigel of Orion and Kursa of Eridanus, both providing additional context for our lunar theme. Rigel is enterprising and entrepreneurial. Orions in general are known for their architectural capacity. Prominent alignments with Rigel (and Bellatrix) bring the capacity to embody, direct and execute large, extravagant and grandiose projects; bringing good through commerce and business affairs. Kursa marks the beginning of Eridanus, the River of Life. Kursa is of new beginnings, new journeys, new involvements, and new legs of our lives. Although it may be time to go forth anew, into a new phases of our lives, we must be aware of the tenacious perseverance required when starting new life journeys, to move from the wars and trials of the past to the freedom of the future.

Quite north, but not shown in the above star chart, is the Camel (Camelopardalis), which articulates a significant aspect of the quality of sidereal Taurus: The Camel spreads wealth around the world through commerce and business, is a resilient, enduring, hard working and intelligent beast of burden with the ability to go for days without water before becoming distressed, one suited for long and arduous journeys.

Comet Tempel-1 Deep Impact

Comet Tempel-1 (9P-Tempel) was discovered on April 3, 1867 by astronomer Ernst Wilhelm Leberecht Tempel in Marseille. Tempel 1 was the target of the Nasa Deep Impact probe, which made contact with the comet on July 4, 2005. Tempel 1 has an orbital period of about 5.5 years and swings from near the Sun (at its perihelion) out to the orbit of Jupiter, sometimes coming quite close to Jupiter, which often alters its arrival time back around the Sun.

Comet Tempel 1, perhaps a messenger for Jupiter, adds a stimulating, dynamic, mobilizing, and expansive force to our Venus New Moon theme.

Comet Tempel-1, 67 seconds after it collided with Deep Impact, taken by the high-resolution camera on the flyby spacecraft. The image reveals ridges, scalloped edges and possibly impact craters formed long ago. Image and Caption Credit: NASA

Earth-Ixion Synod

Ixion lies opposite our Venus-Comet Tempel-New Moon. This means that Earth and Ixion align when looking from the Sun in Sidereal Scorpio. This alignment marks the start of a new year-long Earth-Ixion synodic cycle. Ixion was recently discovered in July 2001 in sidereal Scorpio, thus research about Ixion's astrological role is just beginning to be explored by the astrological community. Ixion may reveal our need to take responsibility for our life and death scenarios; and seems to lend insight into malicious and deceptive power plays between authoritarian figureheads and the tyrants of the world. More on Ixion. Ixion is also discussed in a greater context in the article: "The Synodic Cycles of Pluto, Ixion & Quaoar - a Historical Timeline & Astrological Exploration from 1982 through 2020."

Ixion moves quite slowly, so it remains in sidereal Scorpio, and now (opposite our Venus New Moon) aligns with Sarin of Hercules and Alpha Apodis (Apus) the Bird of Paradise, the swift messenger. The theme of Sarin, one of the shoulders of Hercules, is of responsibility to ensure freedom--perhaps in this case suggesting freedom from the manipulative and controlling tyrants of the world.

Ixion's opposition to our Venus New Moon may bring perspective in this lunar cycle regarding the suppression and manipulation of the feminine principle and regarding the suppression of heart in the world. It may also bring rise to those attempting to maintain dominance over the feminine principle.

Crescent Moon Phase Characteristics

Expanding on the Theme

Crescent Moon

The hours before the Crescent Moon provide a time when we relinquish patterns of the past that would limit our creative ability to expand on the lunar theme now unfolding. The Crescent Moon is the time when the sprouting seedling sloughs off its protective coat of the past and emerges in its new expression. As the Crescent Moon unfolds, the growing phase of the lunar cycle begins as we start to amalgamate our personal creativity with the original lunar theme.

This Crescent Moon occurs on June 6-7 in early sidereal Cancer and conjoins Talitha, the forefoot of the Great Bear created by Iota and Kappa of Ursa Major. Also of influence is Aludra of Canis major and Alpha Monoceris of the Unicorn.

Aludra, Wezen, and Adhara lie under latter sidereal Gemini and early Cancer, and create the hindquarter of Canis Major. Although of this Sirian constellation, Aludra and Wezen are a pair of their own class. They lie much further in distance than the other stars thus being of their own realm. Aludra served Hipparchus to make his famous astronomical reckoning. Aludra is also the only star of the constellation that lies across the Gemini-Cancer cusp. Aludra is the singular of Al Adhara, the Virgins--hence, a pure one of the breed. This is the white stallion, the black sheep, the unique person who does not fit in. Aludra most often time manifests as a person who appears through unexpected space-time portals, with the magik provided by Alsciaukat (of the Lynx) and Alpha Monoceris, the Unicorn. An Aludra type individual seems strikingly unique in some way--out of the ordinary.

Starburst Galaxy M82 in Ursa Major

A unique view of the very unique
Starburst Galaxy M82 in Ursa Major
"M82 shows intense star formation packed in dense star clusters. This powers plumes of hot gas that extend for tens of thousands of light-years above and below the starry plane of the galaxy. This cosmic hurricane is traveling at more than a million miles an hour into intergalactic space." (Dr. Linda Smith, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London)
Image credits: Mark Westmoquette (UCL), Jay Gallagher (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Linda Smith (UCL), WIYN/NSF, NASA/ESA.

The forefoot of the Great Bear, Talitha (Iota) and Kappa of Ursa Major, I dub to be the protectress, guardian, and nurturer of humanity. This duo is also the Chinese "High Dignitary." Although minor stars, they should not be taken lightly, as they hold a principal office within the Bear. Of the Great Bear they are associated with the global scene and world powers. They inspire us to become a caring and nurturing force for each other, an enabling force that responsibly supports our emergence from darkness, dogma, and delusion, emergence from the limits and bounds created by selfish, fearful or controlling beliefs, a force that supports us to move into freedom and greater personal fulfillment.

Also conjoining Talitha is the pulsar (APO 0823+26) in Cancer inspiring us to emerge from psycho-emotional issues common to collective consciousness and from our ingrained limiting thought patterns. It inspires us to be independent and free thinkers rather than codependent followers of dogmatic belief structures of mass-consciousness, or of the groups we have been participating with that limit our ability to initiate creative action that supports the manifestation of our greater personal and collective fulfillment.

Pulsars are navigational beacons for the soul, guiding us if we listen. Generally pulsars lie along the galactic plane, but because this pulsar has a non-galactic orientation, one must watch the propensity to turn one's action into yet more human dogma, creating merely another blind ceremonial pattern. For the less aware, it may even reinforce behavior driven from such dogmatic consciousness, creating monotonous drone-like creatures of habit.

At this zodiakal longitude we find the ideal ambassador between countries, races, species and world--the morph. This individual empowered, can allow to dissolve all differences into a unified truth that embraces all life, form and color. They must, however, embody the soul maturity combined with a humble self-acceptance of their own oddity to do so.

Our Crescent Moon inspires acknowledgement of our uniqueness and to do that which supports our true nourishment (remember our Venus theme) rather then acquiescing to our dogmatic beliefs that we need to fit into the norm. It may also bring forth those of unique character with a genuinely nurturing intent.

Mercury's New Synodic Cycle

In the midst of its retrograde, Mercury begins its new 116-day synodic cycle on June 7, 2008. Mercury's last synodic cycle began on Feb 6, 2008 and its theme, inspiring us to break new trail in our lives, was presented in the Jan 8, 2008 Lunar Planner.

This Mercury Earth conjunction (looking from the Sun) resides in sidereal Scorpio and conjoins Ras Algethi of Hercules; Sabik of Ophiuchus; and the Nova of 1977, V2107, also in Ophiuchus.

Ras Algethi, the head of Hercules, is the lucida (brightest star) of this constellation. Ras Algethi embodies the wisdom of Hercules (derived partly from his heavenly heritage and partly from his challenging Earthian experience) and contributes significantly to the Ophiuchus / Scorpio theme. Hercules is one seeded from another realm, one who is intimately aware of the human dilemma, the struggle and its cause (the alchemical amalgamation of those from the heavens with those of the Earth). His beauty and intelligence he gains from Alcmene his mother and his wisdom of evolutionary matters along with his shrewd sagacity he gains from Zeus is father. The motivation behind his undaunted and bold actions expresses from experiencing the human struggle and knowing the heavenly freedom possible. His presence upon the incarnational plane is of a service capacity, a mission of evolutionary proportion--to ensure our evolutionary freedom both personally and for all souls on Earth.

Sabik, on the right thigh of Opiuchus, closely conjoining Ras Algethi, the Head of Hercules, reveals a powerfully transformative location in sidereal Scorpio, one offering a significant transmutational experience due to the alchemical intermixing of elements, often of a sexual, genetic, biological or botanical nature. Sabik is also of medicine, healing, medical research and the art-science of alchemy. Conjoining Sabik are several potent entries: V2107, the Nova of 1977 also in Ophiuchus; a dynamic X-ray eclipsing binary star in the tail of the Scorpion, one of the brightest identified X-ray sources.

Sabik of Ophiuchus conjoining the Nova of 1977 (V2107) also in Ophiuchus, and the 3U1700-37 black hole, which lies just under the tail of the Scorpion along the galactic equator, may stimulate new creative ideas or personal involvements that lead to our greater bio-logical well-being and illumination--especially regarding transmutation of our experience and our human condition from a lower-order to a more refined state of being. This level of transmutation in our lives requires full unconditional acceptance and integration of our past experience, so the bio-energetic patterning we hold within can be inverted to re-express its compliment--thus allowing a new expression that subsequently draws new fulfilling experience. This process in esoteric science and physics is called time-reversal or phase-conjugation. In advanced healing and meditative techniques, this is a means of producing the opposite but properly phased cellular pattern or signature within self that cancels (fulfills) the existing pattern we embody. In typical black hole fashion this is an all-or-nothing deal requiring our unconditional willingness embrace the healing process. The choice is ours, to live our heart's truth or live lies. One will create health and set us free, the other will perpetuate the symptoms of our inner discord. Seems a popular misuse of this energetic is seen in the synthetic drug movement that further suppresses our neurology or artificially and temporarily stimulates it--which only causes further cellular degeneration and neurobiological atrophy, but no real healing.

Our new Earth-Mercury 116-day synodic cycle is about creating the conditions and logistics in our lives that lead to our healing and personal transmutation so we may embody a more refined vibrational level of consciousness and experience a greater freedom of being. This theme will fully engage as Mercury returns direct in the climax of this lunar cycle, between the Full Moon and Solstice.

Planetary Bio-Harmonics Audio Meditations

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonics Audio Meditations, June 7, at the time of the Mercury synod is an ideal time to work with the Mercury audio mediation.

June 8-9, at the time of the Venus-Sun conjunction is an ideal time to work with the Venus audio mediation to stimulate revelations of the heart. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times.

Sun-Venus - Revelation of the Heart

Venus makes its crossing from the west to the east side of the Sun on June 8-9. Its superior conjunction (on the far side of the Sun) marks the mid-way point of vision and realization regarding the current Earth-Venus synodic cycle. The theme of this cycle, which started on Aug 17-18, 2007 was presented in the August 2007 Lunar Planner. It was set by the Heart of the Swan on the cusp of sidereal Aquarius and was a compounded cycle with Earth Venus and Neptune in late Capricorn--all about dissolving any fear-driven facades covering our true hearts' desire and its expression.

First Quarter Moon Phase Characteristics

Initiate Action

First Quarter  Moon

The First Quarter Moon of each lunar cycle draws an external stimulus to initiate action as we move from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter.

This First Quarter Moon occurs on June 10 in late sidereal Leo conjoining Asterion of Canes Venatici, the barking dogs; Denebola, the tail of the Lion; and Delta Velourm of Argo Navis. This is a commotional point in the ecliptic that can be of a diversionary nature. It can be of smoke screens and foul breezes provided by egoic-based forces intent on controlling the lives of others.

Our First Quarter Moon may be filled with diversionary distractions. However, that's the challenge to action. It may bring up any hesitancies or fears to continue forth into action. The issue here is recognize the distractions for what they are and to step through the them to move forward with the unfolding lunar theme. Transcendent to any commotional distractions are also subtle currents provided by the southern Vela of Argo Navis that will support our actions if we trust.

Gibbous Moon Phase Characteristics

Attraction & Involvement

Gibbous Moon

The 24-hour period just before the Gibbous Moon is a time of perseverance, of pushing through in the midst of the action quarter of the lunar cycle. The Gibbous Moon is when the pressure releases and we enter the Pollinating Phase of the lunar cycle, which begins a social and communicative time of magnetic attraction.

This Gibbous Moon occurs on June 14 in mid-sidereal Libra, at the feet of the Virgin. South lies the Centaurus-A galaxy NGC5128, and the Southern Cross.

The Jewel Box in the Southern Cross

The Jewel Box in the Southern Cross

Image Credit: NOAO/AURA/NSF

The Feet of the Virgin, marking the Virgin point (~15° Libra) are of souls' original pure intent and purpose. South is Centaurus who stands on the galactic equator over the Southern Cross. The Centaur is protector of the Southern Cross and benevolent teacher of its principles. The four stars of the Southern Cross (Cruces) embody the original cardinal virtues seemly lost to most of humanity. This is the cardinality (pure intent) of the soul--embodied by the Kappa Crucis Cluster, the Jewel Box. The Southern Cross embodies the pure intent of the soul before the aberrations, confusions, attitudes, and beliefs incurred by the soul throughout its entire incarnational sojourn.

The Centaur teaches the right use of will, the right way to live to attain self-mastery and evolutionary freedom. The Centaur teaches that it is essential to seek the original cardinality of the soul and live it. This is to claim that cardinality as our foundation as prerequisite to reach beyond the entrapments we find our selves in, the entrapments of duality-based experience--to claim the Northern Crown, which lies north of the Virgin's feet and the Chelae of the Scorpion, which reaches from the Scorpion into sidereal Libra. The Northern Crown articulates the embodiment of attaining our evolutionary freedom and greater fulfillment.

Centaurs-A is the "Temple of the Centaur," a place so unique that it seems oblivious to and undaunted by its surrounding cosmology. It nests within a very unusual galaxy (NGC 5128) not fitting into any galactic class, thus, unique as the Centaur is, it is unclassified. It is the closest active galaxy to Earth.

Centaurs-A (Cen-A) invites us to create a contemplative meditative harmonious sacred space or environment from which to access our inner cardinal soul wisdom, our original and unique purpose and intent before the aberrations, false beliefs, and restricting concepts we have placed upon ourselves.

Cen-A fits into what some astrophysicists call the Black Hole model. This can be thought of as a very deep pool of consciousness, a place we can enter if we dare, and return (or not) forever changed. There is an all or nothing nature to this excursion that requires relinquishment of lesser modes of being, of the attachments associated with our existing lives. It requires the willingness and personal integrity to go deep within our consciousness and allow a disintegration of the constructs of self we hold, of what we think ourselves to be, and to emerge with a far deeper sense of our true selves, the inner knowing of our souls. We must then bring that pure intent back into our life expression. The successful feat can result in an inversion or flip in consciousness--with a revelation of great magnitude, one that may change our lives forever.

Our lunar theme so far had us first getting clear about matters of the heart; acknowledging of our uniqueness and to do that which supports our true nourishment rather then acquiescing to antiquated dogmatic beliefs; and stepping through any diversionary tactics attempting to keep us from action upon our heart light's truth. Now, preceding the portal about to open on the Full Moon / Solstice, we are drawn together in the magnetic force of the Gibbous Libra Moon at a place in equipoise, beauty, and harmony to access our true inner purpose and desire. This stance from a place of pure intent, unencumbered by the falsities we have assigned to ourselves over time, is essential to make passage through this portal at hand, to shift into a new octave of being, lest we fall back into perpetuating the entrappings of our past patterns of growth.

Sun enters Gemini
Mars on the Lunar South Node

Mars conjoins the Lunar South Node in late sidereal Cancer on June 14-15, while
the Sun moves into sidereal Gemini.

The Mars South Lunar Node lies opposite Chiron on the North Lunar Node (also closely conjoining Neptune) in sidereal Capricorn. This alignment can create potent gravitational forces if there are other personal or locational aspects to the lunar nodal axis, especially square to the nodes. This can be especially potent starting when the Moon conjoins Mars on June 7 (on the Mercury Synod / Sun Venus), and then during pre-Gibbous Moon through when the Moon squares the Lunar Nodes (Jun 13-15). Activity can be dynamically catalystic to change old patterns that are Mars related--how we are using our creative power and capacity to act.

This alignment also creates a magnetic force to use our creative power to cross a bridge, perhaps one not entirely visible, but eventually into our dreams and visions--appropriately preceding the Full Moon Pluto-Gate of God-Solstice Portal.

Full Moon Phase Characteristics

Vision, Enthusiasm, & Realization of the Theme
The Galactic Portal Opens

Full Moon

The Full Moon marks the culmination point in the lunar cycle, the climax, the point of excitement and celebration. The hours leading up to the Full Moon provide a time of "vision and enthusiasm." The time just after Full Moon is a one of "realization of the lunar month's theme," a time to kick back and relax, to allow our realizations to surface in consciousness.

Heart of the Lagoon Nebula

Into the heart of the Lagoon Nebula
at the Gate of God

Image Credit: A. Caulet (ST-ECF, ESA) and NASA NASA Hubble Space Telescope

Starting with the pre-Full Moon occurring on June 17 through the Solstice of June 20 an unprecedented portal opens into a new realm of consciousness created by several coinciding and compounding events:

The Full Moon

The Full Moon occurs in early sidereal Sag conjoining Galactic Center (~2° sidereal Sag) on June 18.

Galactic Center, the heart center of our galaxy, is the zeropoint spacetime reference for our evolutionary system--the center of the soul. Galactic Center embodies soul's greater incarnational mission, beyond any given lifetime. The term Galaxy is from galacto, se. milk--meaning that which is mothering and nourishing, hence being our "Milky Way." Our galaxy, specifically Galactic Center, and the galactic plane spinning outward from Galactic Center, provides the greater evolutionary context and nourishment for souls participating in this galaxy. Galactic Center lies just south of the Gate of God (GEN) along the galactic equator, entering sidereal Sag between the cusp of Sag and the GEN, at about 2° sidereal Sag (shown in the star chart below).

The Moon then conjoins autonomous Pluto immediately after the Full Moon, on the day of "realization of the theme." Pluto stands guard on the "Gate of God" (5° sidereal Sag)-- the primary galactic node of Earth's precessionally driven "Cycle of the Holy Cross"--the Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul.

Mercury completes its retrograde on June 19, marking the full commencement of Mercury's new 116-day synodic theme (presented above).

The Moon then conjoins mobilizing and expansive Jupiter in mid-sidereal Sag on June 20.

Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonics Audio Meditations, The Full Moon through the Solstice is an ideal time to work with the Pluto, Mercury and Earth audio meditations. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times.

The Solstice Pluto Portal

The Sun then moves to the Gate of Man at 5° sidereal Gemini directly opposite Pluto on the Gate of God at 5° sidereal Sag on June 20. Because the moving vernal axis is currently square to the galactic axis (creating the erect Holy Cross) at this time in Earth's precessional cycle, this also occurs on the Solstice.

Not only is the Solstice Pluto alignment occurring on the primary axis of the Holy Cross, this also defines the start of a new Earth-Pluto synodic cycle; i.e. from the Sun's view, Earth and Pluto align on the Gate of God. This creates a principle galactic activation, an opening into galactic-level awareness, in Earth's precessional Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul.

Pluto & Earth on the Gae of God

A Separating of the Ways

Pluto however, standing as sentry upon the Gate of God, is in charge of those making passage through this galactic portal. Pluto ensures we do not take any antiquated baggage along. Pluto will destruct any lesser levels of self not attuned to the resonance of this galactic level of consciousness. This implies that a tremendous letting go is required to make passage, to shift along with the evolutionary acceleration. It also implies a parting of the (galactic) waters for those willing to "let go" and a blockage for those insistently holding onto the antiquated. Perhaps this may even be the start of a more sever anarchic process for those unwilling to change and shift with the evolutionary acceleration upon us. I see this event to mark a primary turning in our evolutionary acceleration--a separating of the ways. This also sets the theme for the following 360-day Earth-Pluto synodic cycle. Thus this theme will continue to unfold throughout the year ahead.

The Gate of God

Sagittarius, stargate to Galactic Center, is commonly referred to as the Sagittarian Centaur, Zen Archer, or the First Horseman whose arrow points toward Galactic Center. From R.H. Allen (Star Names: Their Lore & Meaning): "the Strong One, and Illuminator of the Great City (i.e., galactic center); Light of the White Face; and on the stones of Sippara (the Sepharvaim of the Old Testament)--a solar city Sagittarius, 'appears sculptured in full glory.'" Sagittarius is the Galactic City of Light responsible for the higher spiritual education about our galactic heritage.

Predating our recent association of the Sphinx with Leo the Lion, we find Sagittarius to depict an earlier Sphinx, except with the double head of Shu and Tefnut in Egyptian Myth (picture language), as is shown in the Zodiac of Esné. This is the image of the Sagittarian centaur, but on the lion instead of the horse, with the human face of Shu facing forward (retrograde / west) overlooking Galactic Center and the face of Tefnut, his twin sister the Lioness, behind facing east (Massey, Ancient Egypt).

The Trifid Nebula

The Trifid Nebula (m20) at the Gate of God

This spectacular false-color view is courtesy of the Spitzer Space Telescope. Astronomers have used the Spitzer infrared image data to count newborn and embryonic stars that otherwise lie hidden in the natal dust and glowing clouds of this intriguing stellar nursery.

Image credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, J. Rho (SSC/Caltech)

Appropriately, this compounded, back-to-back face depicts the principle galactic equatorial division of the zodiac--the prime reference point of the Holy Cross, the galactic equatorial node (GEN), the Gate of God. This is where the ecliptic divides the Great Waters of the Milky Way. (Some people may surmise Shu-Tefnut was the head on the Egyptian Sphinx and that its face was re-carved after the great flood, which occurred when Earth's pole was crossing the Gate of God in its precessional cycle, creating the first 90° Erect Holy Cross.) This image of twin-flamed soul of Shu and Tefnut can also depict that of Moses and Miriam who also part the Waters. "Tefnut, the sister of Shu joined him in his battles on behalf of Horus (the moving vernal point), 'She is like fire against the wicked ones, ...thundering against those who are to be annihilated for ever...' (Massey - the magical texts)."

Shu, associated with air and breath, and Tefnut with moisture, the dew or manna of heaven, embody two primary timestreams of consciousness and the original separation of unity awareness into the masculine / feminine dual timestreams of consciousness with a role to start the sexual creative cycle between man and woman. Miriam and Mosses depict the further separation and degradation of the feminine and masculine principles. Miriam, intent on leading the people under the benevolent principles of the formless God becomes passive and submissive in this polarization, while Moses, as he treks the Mountain of Horeb in the Sinai Peninsula (later and confusingly called Mount Sinai) takes on the Canaanite's fear-instilling patriarchal laws, making those the Law (Commandments) of God, and the personification of God into a totalitarian male (as the archaeological excavation of the mountain reveals. presented by Laurence Gardner).

Shu and Tefnut / Miriam and Moses upon the Gate of God articulates that which occurred at this point in the precessional cycle, at the first Holy Cross, also called "the Fall." The Fall refers the point in the precessional cycle when Earth's pole crosses the 90° point in the cycle (creating the First Holy Cross) and leans away from the galactic plane - this is when atomic hydrogen's angle of incidence no longer conducts light and the DNA dims, here we enter the ~12,000-year temporal darkness in the precessional cycle--the separation from source (galactic awareness) and consequently the full polarization of the feminine and masculine time-streams begins.

Only now, at the second (270°) Holy Cross as Earth's pole crosses the "Gate of Man" it begins to lean back toward the plane of galactic light allowing the DNA to begin to re-illuminate as galactic level awareness (galactic light) begins to avalanche through the DNA causing it to superconduct consciousness and illuminate (See the Holy Cross--DNA and the orientation of atomic hydrogen in the spherical geometry of the Holy Cross). This, in turn, is when the feminine principle re-emerges, and this is when the feminine and masculine can also "start" to become whole individually and experience harmony and unity awareness again. This marks the return of Christ (soul level) Consciousness on Earth.

Conjoining the "Gate of God" is the "tip of the arrow" of the Zen Archer, marked by the star Al Nasl of Sagittarius, which points toward the Heart Center of our Galaxy. Al Nasl inspires us to hold an undaunted Zen focus upon our goals in the higher spiritual interest of our souls.

Overhead, lying north along the galactic equator is the constellation Scutum, Galactic shield of the Holy Cross, which is emblazoned with the symbol of the Holy Cross. Sagittarius is supreme defender of the High Truth of the Holy Cross--of the spiritual fulfillment of humankind governed by Earth's precessional cycle--that which the Zen Archer stands for.

Disseminating Moon Phase Characteristics

Manifestation & Demonstration

Disseminating Moon

The hours leading up to the Disseminating Moon generally is an accelerated and busy time of last minute preparation that leads into the birth point in the lunar cycle, the time of bearing the fruit of the cycle, of claiming its gift.

Our Manifesting Moon of June 22 resides in late sidereal Capricorn under the auspices of Sualocin and Rotanev of Delphinus, the Dolphin star system.

Sualocin, Alpha Delphinus, and Rotanev, Beta Delphinus, express through the last decan of sidereal Capricorn, merging the primary essence of these heavenly angelic guides with the future-oriented visionary Aquarian influence that permeates later sidereal Capricorn.

Delphinus offers guidance for those willing to trust in greater forces than their personal efforts can generate alone. The Dolphins, an expression of angelic dominion, are guides for the wayward, as old salts know well. They reveal the way to make safe passage to our destination, to our greater nourishment and fulfillment, provided we listen to and participate in the serendipity of life.

To experience in the serendipity of life requires we surrender the pre-occupations of reasoning mind, those of worry and our need to define and control, of what we "think" we "should" be doing. It instead requires us to be attentive to and trust any subtle impulses we may feel at any given moment--to move with the Divine Intelligence that permeates and fluidly guides our lives. Here lies the art of getting out of our own way to allow creative solutions that lead us from the conforming bounds of limited mind.

Now, after our Pluto Solstice portal, this may become even more important--to demonstrate a new way of living on Earth.

Last Quarter Moon Phase Characteristics

Time for Change

Last Quarter Moon

The Last Quarter Moon creates our "inner need to initiate change" in the lunar cycle as we move into the cycle's last and transitional quarter.

The Moon conjoins Uranus on June 25, which is stationing, about to begin its retrograde, just before Last Quarter Moon, adding an element of "radical spontaneity" to our "inner need to initiate change."

Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonics Audio Meditations, pre-Last Quarter Moon (June 25) is an ideal time to work with the Uranus audio meditation. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs on June 26 in sidereal Pisces. It lies just past Diphda, the thrashing tail of Cetus, the fear-based monster of collective human consciousness; and just before Alpha Lacerta and Alpha Reticulum which conjoin.

Diphda creates a strong emotional turbulence, bringing the potential to get knocked down and thrashed around due to the inability to lift self above the dramatics of the intense Piscian psycho-emotional forces of the human world. The stars of Cetus comprise a principal part of the theme of sidereal Pisces.

Lying over the first half of sidereal Pisces is the Great Square of Pegasus. The Great Square holds the mystery of the metamorphosis of the physical body into light body--from bio-logical to bio-luminescent . Above the Great Square, lying along the most northern point of the galactic equator and expressing in early sidereal Pisces is Lacerta, the primordial Lizard. Lacerta is gate-keeper protecting the entry-way to our "Primordial Origin." This northern location along the galactic equator marks the beginning point in Earth's precessional cycle. (See the Holy Cross Movies.)

Alpha Lacerta conjoins Alpha Reticuli, which resides in the very southern heavens. Unlike the mentalized and emotionally detached Zetas of Reticuli (the name is plural because there are two zeta stars), which lie quite distant and separate from the four primary stars of Reticuli, Alpha Reticuli is the foci of the reticule, the sacred geometry of the DNA refined to crystal clarity, the underlying rhomboid or diamond. To illuminate this human vessel, to make carbon into diamond, we must fully embrace the primordial aspects of life, to infuse the high spiritual awareness of soul in and through our entwined genetics of physicality to become the glistening diamonds we can become. The real "secret" revealed here is that this is not a mere mind trip, something we do in the head, in just how we think, but requires a surrender of the emotional tension of resistance we hold and embrace our primal carnal experience unconditionally, without resistance, with love and compassion, so we can relinquish the stored e-motion we hold and allow the true gift of Spirit substance to manifest into and through our lives. (For more on our neurology, soul infusion and the illumination process see "The Emotional Tone Scale.")

Our Last Quarter Moon inspiring our need to change based on the growth provide in this lunar cycle invites us to relinquish and shed an old human mold, a façade no long appropriate, and to integrate a new level of awareness in and through our physical bodies that is now available--through the DNA, the vessel through which soul expresses. We are now invited to participate in a new vibrational modality of being, above and beyond the tormenting forces of those who remain lost in the fear-based dramatics of ole' Cetus.

The Opening Behind the Scenes

Starting on June 28 and continuing through the New Moon to come on July 3 is the formation and dissolution of a Grand Trine between Pluto, Mars and the asteroid Vesta. I've said plenty about Pluto, but it now plays a significant role with Mars and Vesta--with the threesome creating a subtle opening behind the scenes. Pluto of course is at 5° sidereal Sag on the Gate of God. Mars is at 5° Leo conjoining Regulus, another significant point in the zodiak, and Vesta resides at 5° sidereal Aries.

Regulus, Alpha Leo, is "Chief or King of the Four Royal Stars" (Regulus Fomalhaut, Aldebaran, and Antares). Throughout antiquity Regulus was associated with royalty and kings (the colors royal blue and gold). Its name is given as "the Regulus" or "the Rex," meaning the "Law Giver." Regulus is considered the governing king of the four royals for several reasons. It lies almost exactly upon the ecliptic, thus, once a year around Aug 22-23, during Earth's orbit around the sun, the sun occults Regulus. Residing at about 5 degrees sidereal Leo, Regulus is the only one of the four royal stars prominently aspecting the Holy Cross (the Gate of God at 5° Sag and the Gate of Man at 5° Gemini), both in longitude and in latitude. The Rex is therefore an administrative seat, a foundational star insuring integrity and order.

On the personal level, Regulus is about our inner "vertical integrity," that is, living true to self. This means walking in confidence and with self-respect, aligned with the truth in our hearts, in thought, word, and deed. Our personal integrity, our inner vertical attunement, must precede any horizontal, humanitarian participation in the world (Leo's opposite Aquarian pole). Without this inner integrity we become self-sacrificing, entrapped in a sympathetic resonance of dance, giving self away at the cost of our hearts' truth. This perpetuates discord and dysfunction for self and for others because we are simply living a lie. Only by living our hearts' truths do we provide opportunity for others to also live theirs.

The Andromeda Galaxy

The beautiful Andromeda Spiral Galaxy M31 is our largest nearby neighbor, a mer 2.5 million light yeas away. The disc spans about 260,00 light-years, compared to our own Milky Way Galaxy which spans about 100,000 light years across.

Image Credit: Bill Schoening, Vanessa Harvey/REU program/NOAO/AURA/NSF - Kitt Peak National Observatory, southern Arizona

Thus the Mars-Regulus aspect of this Grand Trine asks for our creative use of power in demonstrable action from our inner integrity and our hearts' truth.

Vesta in early Aires conjoins Kaitain, Alpha Pisces, the knot that ties the two fishes together; and Mirach, Beta Andromeda, the sash of the princess, which lies just north of Kaitain.

Kaitain (Alrisha) is the knot of emotional attachment in the mortal world, of being tied together. Mirach, the belt, sash, or chord of Andromeda the Princess signifies a bond of strength. Mirach indicates betrothal of those destined to be together, and specifically is the declaration of commitment uniting them. Mirach is of the bonds in partnership that make it possible to live our highest potential and divine destiny. Mirach can literally imply tying the knot in matrimony, but more specifically it is about bonds of the soul, a star of union and of soul mates, of making it possible, through committed union, for two to be or do something greater than either can be or do alone.

Although Mirach conjoins Kaitain, the knot based on emotional affection and sometimes entanglement, Mirach, being a bond of strength, does not imply a union in any negative sense, although their combined energy can express--and sometimes confusingly--as entanglement.

Vesta being of clarity in focus of purpose asks us to get clear about our involvements, commitments or attachments with others, their appropriateness or inappropriateness.

These three dynamics applied together form this opening in space and time. Pluto requires we relinquish that which keeps us from stepping into a higher octave of being, of truth, of consciousness. Mars requires we act and use our creative power in alignment to our inner truths. And Vesta requires we clear any emotional attachments or entanglements and create bonds of clarity, strength, purpose and commitment. Thus, we have the formula to walk through this gate.

Balsamic Moon Phase Characteristics

Focus to the Future

Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon marks the time in lunar cycle when we coalesce the experience of the lunar cycle into its seed essence, which will then sprout through the theme of the following lunar cycle. It is when we turn our attention from this lunar cycle in anticipation of the next to come. The hours before the Balsamic Moon provide our time of coalescence while those after mark the time when we turn 180° from looking back over the past cycle and look forward toward the next cycle to come.

The Balsamic Moon occurs on Jun 29 in late sidereal Aries. It conjoins Zaurak of Eridanus, the river of life. This part of the heavens lies under the auspices of the story of the Royal Family. This is where Andromeda's fate is now out of the hands of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia and is being transferred to her beloved Perseus. Perseus is about to slay Medusa to claim his self-mastery prior to being able to step into his intended soul destiny to be capable of helping anyone else. Zaurak of Eridanus is a point along the initiatory river of life where we must hold our own light because the path is dark. Tension and anticipation mounts. Perseus must slay Medusa (his inner fears), lest he will turn to stone (become frozen in fear). Here we must trust our inner heart light and follow through despite the path may not be entirely visible.

The theme of Zaurak is fitting, as passing through our Pluto portal can leave one feeling a bit alone, but Zaurak's message brands the seed of this lunar cycle. Our next lunar cycle occurs in the midst of the busy activity of sidereal Gemini and marks a time of commencement. It starts on the New Moon of July 2-3, 2008. More to come then.

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