The Lunar Theme for the
July 11, 2010 New Moon
Total Solar Eclipse

Cooperation & Co-participation
For Solution

The Lunar Month of
July 11, 2010 - August 10, 2010

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Astronomical Myth is a "picture language," imagery that articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing throughout the greater heavens and through our lives. We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us, or from our beloved Earth, but are intimate parts of this dynamic, continually unfolding heavenly symphony. This entirety is our cosmic consciousness, the totality of our being. To explore the greater heavens and the heavenly cycles is to explore that which we are--our embracing consciousness and our spiritual evolution.

The stars would not be in the heavens
if we were meant to walk in darkness.

The purpose of the Lunar Planner is to learn to live in the experiential awareness of the present. Although the material below can provide philosophical context for your personal experience, the New Moon is the ideal time to experientially "tune in" to get your personalized lunar month's theme. Then, consciously participate with the changing Lunar Phase Characteristics in the unfoldment of that theme in your daily life using the Lunar Calendar and Lunar Planner Introduction (links at the bottom).

Lunar Cycle Overview

Our New Moon of July 11, 2010 produces a Total Solar Eclipse occurring in late sidereal Gemini and which conjoins Castor of the Gemini Twins. The path of totality crosses Easter Island in the South Pacific.

"The Twins" are marked by the two principal stars: Pollux, the immortal extraterrestrial one, and Castor the mortal terrestrial one, the extraterrestrial incarnate. These two stars, which mark the Twins' heads, lie in the last few degrees of sidereal Gemini. The Twins stand upon the galactic equator at a 60° angle to the ecliptic plane, with the "Feet of the Twins" lying in earlier Gemini, upon the "Gate of Man". Thus, Gemini is a galactic constellation and an ecliptical constellation, which inspires the expression of sol / soul purpose through the daily activity of humankind--the theme of the Gate of Man. Sidereal Gemini is of high intensity intellectual communication, information, commerce, goods and services, and of their exchange. Castor is the liaison in the world of daily human affairs, and is of partnerships and cooperation. Castor brings resources and people together that serve to get logistics accomplished in the world of business and commerce.

This New Moon Eclipse also conjoins Juno, asteroid of partnerships and interrelating, and the recently discovered planet Varuna.

This Lunar Month and the following are of extreme significance due to the Grand Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn T-square. This is a powerhouse planetary configuration that begins early in this lunar cycle with Jupiter and Pluto maintaining a perfect square for a few weeks. It extends into the following lunar cycle, at which time Saturn joins in to create the potent Grand T-square. The T-square continues for several days leading into the following Full Moon in mid-August. This two-month event will create a major turning in our current few-year planetary timeline, and in our life experience on Earth.

Stimulating Mars moves into position to create a T-square with Jupiter and Pluto in this lunar cycle, on the Last Quarter Moon, which precedes the Grand T-square of August. This entire time (now through August) may seem similar to a "healing crisis," during which we will be shot through a portal into a new octave of experience.

The fifth and final Saturn-Uranus opposition also occurs in this lunar cycle, during the Jupiter-Pluto square. The Saturn-Uranus opposition began on November 4, 2008. Dynamic Mars will act as a primary trigger to the Saturn-Uranus opposition as well as to the Jupiter-Pluto square. This entire several-week event creates a primary shift in our current few-year timeline of planetary cycles; during which the emphasis will shift from Saturn's restrictive and oppressive nature (in opposition to Uranus) to the expansive and mobilizing nature of Jupiter (in conjunction with Uranus), which continues into early 2011.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this very dynamic lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events and more, based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

About Synodic Cycles

Synodic Cycles are created when two (or more) planets align in their orbits around the Sun. The synodic cycle theme, defined by the planets involved and the star alignments at the time, will unfold until the two planets align again, marking the completion of the synodic cycle and the beginning of the next one.

There are many synodic cycles with unique astrological themes occurring simultaneously, creating a harmonic symphony of creative unfoldment in consciousness. Synodic cycles can be thought of as longer-term underlying currents, much like the backdrop chorus of a symphony, providing the underlying astrological context guiding our evolution.

Learn the basics about Synodic Cycles & Synodic Astrology.

New Moon Phase Characteristics

The New Moon Lunar Theme

At the time of the New Moon Eclipse, Jupiter and Pluto are already within 1/2 of a degree to their exact square, which occurs on the Last Quarter Moon. They will remain within 1/2 of a degree well into the following lunar cycle when Saturn joins in to create the Grand Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn T-square.

The New Moon Total Eclipse of July 11, 2010 resides in late sidereal Gemini and conjoins Castor, Wasat and Alkibash of Gemini; Delta Monoceros; and Muliphein of Canis Major. This is also the location of Pluto's North Node.

Castor is the liaison in the world of daily human affairs, and is of partnerships and cooperation. Castor brings resources and people together that serve to get logistics accomplished in the world of business and commerce; whereas Pollux is more of the ambassador and counselor, bringing a greater awareness to the efforts of Castor, and uniting individuals, groups and factions with concern for the greater evolutionary fulfillment of all parties.

Wasat, the umbilical cord, articulates the essence of sidereal Gemini. Wasat is the link and liaison that unites and acts as a catalyst. Wasat brings the logistical pieces together. Wasat is of planning, coordination, assemblage of diversity into a workable functional model; the mechanics of creating the means in physical logistics. Castor / Wasat is the engineer, the technician, the artist, the constructor, and coordinator.

New Moon Star Chart, July 11, 2010 Total Solar Eclipse

Conjoining Castor and Wasat from the south is Muliphen (Mirza) of Canis Major inspiring people, partners, and soul mates that have disappeared or withdrawn to re-emerge as a steady and dependable presence. Also conjoining is Delta Monoceros, a star of the Unicorn, inviting us to embrace the unique gifts and talents of all participants.

Public relations and liaison articulate the nature of the Twins--linking individuals together in larger groups or organizations that can serve a purpose far greater than the separate parties can accomplish alone. Here we find motivation for the coordination and exchange of resources and information between individuals and groups, and the planning of more encompassing joint ventures.

Pluto's North Node conjoins Castor. Although the Twins (Castor and Pollux) are of communication and human betterment, they have in some legend been at odds with each other, a bit argumentative. Here is the Gemini trait of competitiveness, debate, arbitration, and negotiation, but ultimately leading to agreement and solution. This is where we find Pluto's influence actively at work--in this case ensuring we cooperate for the betterment of all, and destructing or dismantling our lives if we do not. This articulates why Pluto is an opener, disassembling what is not working and thus providing an opportunity to rebuild in a better way.

IC 405 is the red/blue nebula to the left of center. It is being illuminated by the energetic star AE Aurigae

V838 in Monoceros, The Unicorn
In January 2002, a deceptively ordinary star suddenly flashed to at least 4,000 times its previous brightness. For several weeks, the red supergiant star was the most brilliant star in the Milky Way. Image & Caption Credit: NASA, ESA and H.E. Bond (STScI)

The resonances of Juno and Varuna's synthesize with our New Moon Eclipse. Juno is the asteroid of covenant relations and partnerships of all types. In the astrological chart, Juno indicates the nature of the issues and opportunities in significant relations of all sorts: those that are of a personal nature to those of political leaders and nations of the world. Mature Juno is diplomatic, tactful, cooperative, and mutually trusting. Mature Juno expresses with a sense of equality within self that provides the ability to draw true partners and those of equality into one's life. There is an acceptance of another's truth or opinion without need to challenge or debate. There is an ability to honor and support others in their own choices and decisions. Mature Juno expresses self-confidence in humbleness and without defense.

Juno can also raise issues in relationships of inequality or non-compatibility, and issues about how we interrelate in such relationships. More about Juno.

Varuna was discovered in 2000 conjoining the foot of Pollux. Based up Varuna's discovery chart, its orbital parameters and its mythology, Varuna appears to motive decisive action to attune to nature's way and to live in harmony with natural (not manmade) law. The importance of this certainly has become more mainstream since 2000. Varuna's influence seems to express as an underlying but firm director of humanity's evolutionary course. However Varuna can express with severity when natural law is violated and may teach us the ramifications of nature's way taking its course due to our disrespect for natural law--often water and wind related. More about Varuna.

Considering the Solar eclipse; the strong and lasting Jupiter-Pluto square, and the final Saturn-Uranus opposition, this may prove to show more of Varuna's dynamic side. The Twins Solar Eclipse, along with Juno and Varuna, may precipitate environmental conditions or events that motivate a drastic maturing in relationships, including those between countries, a move toward co-participation amongst all people as one world--to realize we are all interdependent.

Motu Nui at Easter Island

"Motu Nui at Easter Island"
Motu Nui, with the smaller Motu Iti (Rapa Nui) in front and the isolated sea stack of Motu Kau Kau in the foreground. Viewed from the top of a 250 meter (820 feet) sea cliff at Orongo.
Image by Aurbina, Public Domain

Generally, eclipse lunar cycles mark a time of shifting into a new octave in the lunar spiral of growth. They offer a time to resynchronize ourselves with the ever-changing cosmic currents supporting our evolutionary progression in consciousness.

Solar eclipses offer opportunity to redefine concepts of self and the roles we play, or how we articulate ourselves, in the world. They are about shifting octaves in the nature of our self-perception and self-expression. They often mark a new beginning, way of life, or new way of participating in life.

The path of totality of this eclipse occurs in the South Pacific with the umbral shadow crossing Easter Island. Record numbers of visitors are expected to visit this remote isle. This is also of significance due to the strategic location of Easter Island within the Earthgrid. Easter Island is also home to our newly discovered Makemake, bringing an energetic emphasis to this Dwarf Planet's influence and its role in the 2008-2011 Timeline.

Due to the Solar Eclipse, the theme of this lunar cycle, along with the added influence of Juno and Varuna, will continue to provide an undercurrent throughout the following six lunar months. I would expect this all to mark a primary turning in the global economy; its administration; and to motivate a cooperative atmosphere amongst humankind. This is not to say it is free sailing from here, as potential crisis events catalyzed by the Grand Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn T-square may serve as part of this motivation. In the long run however, this turning certainly seems to be of a beneficent nature; one continuing to stimulate radical change, but now change that will become more expansive rather than oppressive.

For more information about the July 11, 2010 Total Solar Eclipse, see:

Press Release

Technical Info



The Sun conjoins Varuna on July 13-14, which marks the mid-point of vision and realization in the current Earth-Varuna synodic cycle that began on January 10, 2010. Varuna, with a somewhat slow orbital period (~282 years) was near the same location as it is now, slightly past Castor; and thus with a synodic theme similar to this lunar cycle--inspiring cooperation and ingenuity amongst humanity to live attuned to natural law. Thus, this New Moon, the Sun-Varuna conjunction, and this lunar cycle can bring tremendous insight and revelation into the nature of Varuna's astrological influence.

Varuna, slighty past Castor, also conjoins Adhara, a part of the hind quarter of Canis Major; Gomeisa of Canis Minor; and Saturn's North Node (which is slightly past Pluto's North Node). These stars lie between Castor and Pollux in ecliptical longitude. Adhara conjoins Castor and Gomeisa conjoins Pollux--but they all synthesize. The Arabic Adhara means virgins (and should not be confused with Aludra, the pure one of the breed, which is nearby in longitude but not in distance). Adhara is the aid, assistant or manager, those in a liaison position in larger cooperative groups or organizations. Adhara inspires co-participation and the emergence of colleagues and friends to lend a hand to Castor's efforts.

Gomeisa is assistant to the principal star of Canis Minor, Procyon, which also conjoins Pollux and which marks the sidereal Gemini-Cancer cusp. Procyon is of larger groups and organizations working for the betterment humanity in business and commerce. Gomeisa can indicate those with special expertise in the area of negotiation and communication, sometimes those that assist such efforts behind the scenes.

So again, in this more embracing Varuna synodic cycle we have motivation for the coordination and exchange of resources and information between individuals and groups for more encompassing joint ventures that serve Varuna's directive--to get ourselves attuned to nature and to nature's laws.

It is interesting to note that on the date (April 20, 2010) of the explosion of British Petroleum's Deepwater Horizon, which resulted in the Gulf Oil Spill, the pre-First Quarter Moon conjoined Varuna, which also was square Eris, the Great Disruptor; and was conjunct the lunar nodes (~5°). It would be interesting to explore Varuna's placement in BP's pertinent charts--for those with the time for such research.

Crescent Moon Phase Characteristics

The Crescent Moon
Expanding on the Theme

Crescent Moon

The hours before the Crescent Moon provide a time when we relinquish patterns of the past that would limit our creative ability to expand on the lunar theme now unfolding. The Crescent Moon is the time when the sprouting seedling sloughs off its protective coat of the past and emerges in a new expression. As the Crescent Moon unfolds, the growing phase of the lunar cycle begins as we start to amalgamate our personal creativity with the original lunar theme.

The Crescent Moon of July 14-15 conjoins Venus and resides in mid-sidereal Leo. We are entering one of the Crescent Moon-Venus synchronization periods, which will continue for the next few lunar cycles. (See: Venus Elongations & the Crescent Moon.)

Venus Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonics Audio Meditations, the days leading into Crescent Moon is an ideal time to work with the Venus audio meditation. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

Venus conjoins Alpha Sextans and The Crescent Moon conjoins Thuban, Alpha Draco; and the Vela X-1 Neutron Star of Argo Navis.

The sextant is a navigational instrument used to determine the "vertical" position (angular distance) of the sun, moon or stars from the horizon. The sextant reveals the need to reorient self so we know our position so we can plot our course, and take a new tack on our journeys in life. On a greater scale, this can be in regard to changing allegiance of our energies from the outer world, self-sacrificing to diversionary forces or currents in the world around us, to the vertical integrity of our inner soul / source directive and truth. On a mundane level this can be in regard to changing our fundamental approach or path in life, to establish our position so we can plot or take a new tack toward our goals.

Thuban, in the far northern heavens, was Earth’s pole star circa 2600 BC near the "tear of the Bear," a point in Earth’s ~25,000-year "evolutionary cycle of the soul" at which a turning and fractioning occurred in the hierarchical powers governing Earth. This dramatized the separation between those choosing to fight for a greater evolutionary vision and those wanting to maintain totalitarian control of the Earth with their antics to do so.

The 180° point in the "Cycle of the Holy Cross," which occurred about 4880 BC, marked the epitome of darkness in the last temporal 12,000-year period in the precessionally driven, evolutionary cycle of the soul. Dark manipulative forces were specifically dominant from around 4800 BC to 2600 BC in Earth's evolutionary cycle of the soul.

Alignments with Thuban indicate a responsibility for having altered the direction of evolutionary affairs for life on Earth in a negative way with repercussions incurred at soul level, and with responsibility to ensure evolutionary fulfillment now. Thuban is not about the punctual moment, but more about the backdrop, the durative time-stream in which we find ourselves. Thuban's eminence in our celestial sphere demands we take responsibility for our past-future experience throughout our sojourn on Earth, especially for the destructive or disrupting use of force.

Conjoining Thuban from the southern heavens is Vela X-1, a potent neutron star in the sail of the Argo that creates a relentless wind driving us to respond to life. It engages us to participate in creating our long-term evolutionary destiny. This is an all or nothing deal, as that which we set in course now affects the nature of our evolutionary future. If we take no stance we are merely destined to chance and blown in the forever changing winds.

Argo Navis classically is the ship in the story of Jason and the Argonauts, a version of Gilgamesh and his fifty Sirian warriors. The Argo lies reverse in the heavens, stern to the east, bow to the west, along the galactic equator, thus associated with that which moves retrograde in the heavens, the greater precessional process on Earth, the evolutionary cycle of the soul. The stars of the Argo generally are associated with evolutionary matters for the entire planetary system, and for all souls' evolutionary growth and fulfillment.

Saturn-Uranus & Jupiter-Pluto Lunar Trigger

On July 16 the Moon triggers the Saturn-Uranus opposition by conjoining Saturn. Immediately following it triggers the Jupiter-Pluto square by creating a brief T-square with Jupiter and Pluto. This is one of many triggers to occur to both of these planetary aspects.

First Quarter Moon Phase Characteristics

First Quarter Moon
Initiate Action

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon of each lunar cycle draws an external stimulus to initiate action as we move from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter. Our First Quarter Moon occurs on July 18 on the cusp of sidereal Libra. It conjoins Spica of Virgo and Archturus of Boötes. This cusp is also the cusp of the third of seven evolutionary epochs occurring in Earth's 25,000-year precessional cycle, which also creates a primary energetic shift in the zodiak. See: The Heptanomis.

Although the constellation of Virgo begins at start of the sidereal sign of Virgo, it extends through the first half of the sidereal sign of Libra. The constellation of Virgo embraces ~46° of the zodiak. The Virgin lies supine with her head at the beginning of Virgo--with Coma Berenices, the Halo of the Virgin just above. The Virgin’s base chakra (Spica, Alpha Virgo) marks the cusp of Virgo / Libra, while the Virgin’s legs extend well into Libra, with the "feet of the Virgin" marking the center (15°) of sidereal Libra. The Virgin lies supine upon the ecliptic giving birth of a new soul into the reincarnational clutches of the Scorpion (the balance of Libra). To learn more about this imagery, see The Astronomical truth of the Virgin.

Bootes, the Virgin's consort and protector, stands over the Virgin giving birth, over the cusp of Virgo-Libra. Above and below the Chelae, are the constellations of the Northern Crown, Centaurus, and the Southern Cross, all articulating the means for evolutionary freedom from the perpetuated incarnational dilemma of biological degeneration, death, and rebirth.

This embracing mythical image, and the individual star themes creating the qualities of sidereal Virgo and Libra, (obscured and now hidden--under the skirt of the Virgin), reveal the truth of that which is required to ensure a pure birth and ascension. This image articulates how to support attainment of evolutionary freedom from perpetual reincarnational entrapment in the Clutches of the Scorpion.

Archturus compared to our Sun

Archturus, the forth brightest star in our heavens, is an old soul star. It is the closest giant star to Earth. In visible light, its luminosity is 113 times our Sun's, and its diameter is 25 times our Sun's. As a giant old soul, it no longer fuses hydrogen at its core, it is a stable helium fusing star, and it is suspected that it may have begun fusing helium to carbon. Stars as this are not suspected not have the radical magnetic activity as our Sun, they are much more at peace. Another interesting thing about this old soul star is that it moves upon its own unique course and rather fast in our galaxy; estimated to have a proper motion of ~1/2 degree in the past thousand years. Compared to surrounding stars, which orbit around Galactic Center in a somewhat circular fashion, Archturus lags along another path, as do several of its companions of the "Arcturus Group." This lagging movement suggests that it comes from a much older galactic population; and some astronomers suggest it may not be native to our galaxy at all, but may have come from a small migrating galaxy that merged with ours in the far distant past.

Archturus is very easy to spot in the night sky. Find the Great Bear (Big Dipper) and follow the handle along the same arc that the handle creates, and you will come to Archturus, the bright orange star. If you continue along the same arc, you come to Spica of Virgo, which lies on the ecliptic plane.

Archturus, the primary star of Boötes, is the administrative seat responsible for the safe evolutionary unfoldment and ascension of Earth and humanity--supporting the pure birth and a healthy and harmonious incarnate life of the soul. Archturus embodies the essence or seed of Boötes, the provider for and protector of the Virgin principle. Archturus lies directly over, and conjoins Spica, the base chakra (Vesica Pisces) of the Virgin. This conjunction indicates a destined, sanctified, and perfect Divine Union. This ecliptical location and early Libra is also about creating a proper and harmonious environmental resonance for such a union and its eloquent creative manifestation and expression.

Boötes stands against the fallen corrupt (Benatnasch) totalitarian world powers that have demonstrated the inability over and again to ensure evolutionary fulfillment, with the continual destruction of the peoples of the Earth and typical catastrophic outcomes. The body of Boötes stands between the pure lucida of the Virgin (Spica) blocking the attempted manipulations of corrupt (Benatnasch) world powers. Boötes ensures the proper use of creative and reproductive energies and all that is involved in creating the proper environment for our harmonious evolutionary unfoldment.

Spica, Alpha Virgo is a rotating binary star with a period of 4.015 days. Spica is of "loyalty and fidelity"--to Boötes, her divine compliment, or in more embracing terms, to the Archturian directive--to see to the safe ascension of Earth and humanity. Spica embodies knowledge about the use of body fluids, of herbs and elixirs, and of our sexual and reproductive energies; and their proper use in the art of lovemaking or sacred sex. Spica holds the secrets for the need to be pure within self.

Boötes and the Virgin, in simple terms, can exemplify a truly intended soul couple, the twin flamed soul made manifest, living in compatibility, in harmony and balance, and able to express, birth, and manifest creativity in its highest potential.

This image also exemplifies the means to properly birth a soul into its own Christhood or Christos (soul awareness) so it can express its highest potential and attain its evolutionary freedom from the Scorpion's re-incarnational clutches--that is, to emerge from repetitive karmic patterns as a means of soul growth.

Archturus and Spica reveal the importance and inseparable nature between a compatible and harmonious personal relationship and a proper and harmonious external environment. Without a harmonious environmental resonance, life does not evolve in harmony, but in dissonance and disease.

Thus our stimulus to action Moon may motivate us establish this purity and harmony in our lives, in our relations, in the environments in which we live and work, and in our world.

Gibbous Moon Phase Characteristics

The Gibbous Moon
Attraction & Involvement

Gibbous Moon

The 24-hour period just before the Gibbous Moon is a time of perseverance, of pushing through in the midst of the action quarter of the lunar cycle. The Gibbous Moon is when the pressure releases and we enter the Pollinating Phase of the lunar cycle, which begins a social and communicative time of magnetic attraction. This Gibbous Moon occurs on July 21-22 in sidereal Scorpio, in the constellation Ophiuchus, and conjoins the Centaur Pholus. The Gibbous Moon and Pholus conjoin Restaban of Draco; Alpha Apodis; and Sarin and Ras Algethi of Hercules.

Just as Chiron embraces the orbits of Saturn and Uranus and is consider a key or bridge between the two planets due to their harmonic orbital resonances, Pholus' aphelion also synchronizes with Saturn's orbit, but it extends beyond the orbit of Uranus, crosses that of Neptune, and harmonically resonates with Orcus orbit--Pluto's compliment. Pholus thus links the realms of Saturn and Orcus while passing through Uranus and Neptune.

In light of the above, Pholus may help to lead us from the conforming bounds and limitations of our past, to make the radical changes in our lives, to pierce the veils obscuring our more transcendent soul purpose, and to awaken to that purpose and live it. Conversely, Pholus may also help us to then ground and concretize that purpose in the world. Pholus would seem to help us refine our sense of responsibility to one living true to soul's oath. Upon this journey, guided by Pholus, we may also confront the fear and loneliness encountered when leaving the apparent safety of our past established karmic patterns and choosing to live true to soul's greater purpose in the world.

Based upon the myth of Pholus along with its orbital cross-resonances with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Orcus and Pluto, it would seem that Pholus offers healing aid, through unexpected events (Uranus) or in a shroud of confusion or commotion perhaps involving drugs (Neptune) and / or helping one to make passage through veils and illusions (Neptune) to fulfill their soul oath, or greater life purpose (Orcus); and if need be, to ultimately discard that which is superfluous to one's greater purpose or life journey (Pluto). Pholus may also suggest seemingly fated events, but with reasons obscured until after they occur, one's that may yield a greater revelation. More about Pholus.

Hercules stands upside down in the northern Heavens, north above Ophiuchus, with his feet (foundation) in the celestial dome (seven Heavens), in the realm of the gods, and with his head and hands at work in the realm of humankind aiding those in the incarnate world struggling to claim their freedom from perpetuated mortal entrapment.

Ras Algethi is the lucida (brightest star) of this constellation and marks the head of Hercules. Ras Algethi embodies the wisdom of Hercules (derived partly from his heavenly heritage and partly from his challenging Earthian experience) and contributes significantly to the Ophiuchus / Scorpio theme. Hercules is one seeded from another realm but who is intimately aware of the human dilemma, the struggle and its cause (the alchemical amalgamation of those from the heavens with those of the Earth). His beauty and intelligence he gains from Alcmene his mother and his wisdom of evolutionary matters along with his shrewd sagacity he gains from Zeus is father. The motivation behind his undaunted and bold actions expresses from experiencing the human struggle and knowing the heavenly freedom possible. His presence upon the incarnational plane is of a service capacity, a mission of evolutionary proportion--to ensure our evolutionary freedom both personally and for all souls on Earth.

Sarin, the shoulder of Hercules, along with Kornephoros, is of strength and responsibility to aid others in their pursuit for freedom. Both Ras Algethi and Sarin lie over Ophiuchus, the illumined one who stands in self-mastery upon the Scorpion.

Hercules helps and teaches others to claim their self-mastery and freedom from the dominion of others and from false beliefs placed upon them.

Restaban (Beta) and Etamin (Gamma) of Draco create the eyes of the Dragon. Draco is the constellation that encircles and guards the northern pole of our ecliptic. Both stars are of a high administrative order overseeing the initiations of the incarnate soul. They lie north of and express through Hercules and Ophiuchus. Restaban expresses between the Head of Hercules (Ras Algethi) and the Heart of the Scorpion (Antares) into sidereal Scorpio. Etamin expresses just into sidereal Sagittarius and oversees the heart center of our Galaxy (Galactic Center).

Restaban, overseeing the initiations and evolutionary progression occurring in this part of sidereal Scorpio, opens portals and pathways in the physical world for those who have truly embraced the initiations of life, who have aligned with the path of soul rather than the convenient path of personality gratification, and who demonstrate their self mastery and responsibility live true to self and in service to others, as our Hercules exemplifies--portals that are otherwise blocked to those of immature selfish intent or who are resistant to or in denial of the initiations of life.

Our Pholus Gibbous Moon may open mysterious doorways if we are attentive to grasp them.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter begins its retrograde on July 23, and is now within 0° 02' to its square with retrograde Pluto. The Moon also conjoins Pluto at this time and squares Jupiter, creating another of many triggers to the Jupiter-Pluto square.

Note added July 27:
The three +7.3 Phillipines Earthqukes occurred exactly at the time of the Jupiter Station square Pluto with classic lunar aspects triggering the event. Several after shocks >6.0 continued through the Full Moon. Presented in the Lunar Planner Forum.

Pluto & Jupiter Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonics Audio Meditations,this entire lunar cycle is an ideal time to work with the Pluto and Jupiter audio meditations. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

The Time of Global Change is at Hand.
What is the end of the World for some is a New World for those who realize it is.

Full Moon Phase Characteristics

The Full Moon
Vision, Enthusiasm, & Realization of the Theme

Full Moon

The Full Moon marks the culmination point in the lunar cycle, the climax, the point of excitement and celebration. The hours leading up to the Full Moon provide a time of "vision and enthusiasm." The time just after Full Moon is a one of "realization of the lunar month's theme," a time to kick back and relax, to allow our realizations to surface in consciousness.

Chart: The final Saturn-Uranus oppostion occurs just after the Full Moon

The Full Moon occurs on July 25-26 in sidereal Capricorn. The Sun and Full Moon also aspect the Jupiter-Pluto square (Moon is sextile to Jupiter; Sun is trine to Jupiter and inconjunct to Pluto). The Full Moon conjoins Altair and Alshain of Aquila; Algedi and Dabih of Capricorn; and Theta Indus. The final Saturn-Uranus oppostion occurs just after the Full Moon.

The first decan of sidereal Capricorn can involve a diversely-intented group of individuals and levels of consciousness, those either covert, manipulative and driven from self-interest (as the character of the old business & military paradigms), and those spiritually aware, of integrity, and who are attuned to the land and environment, including shamans and keepers of sacred knowledge and sacred ways. Here we find native indigenous peoples, often ornately dressed or adorned. This is the world of the shamanistic, the ceremonial, fanaticism, obsession, and passion. Although seemingly driven from personal motive, it is often of those with global vision and interest. Either way, surface appearances, cloaks and facades often shroud who is who in an aura of mystery.

This several degree area of the zodiak is of personal motive and secrecy, of esoteric knowledge, religion, higher education, and science; as well as the secret places and orders associated with such, or merely places of personal retreat and seclusion--but places strategic to one's purpose. Here we find locations such as military-scientific-extraterrestrial bases, hermitages, exclusive retreats, or isolated places with a spiritual focus--sacred sites or places of power under the care of their mysterious stewards. We also find an arsenal of strategic tools (technological or magikal), to either aid or control humanity as well as the skill to use them; and this includes our personal arsenals of strategic tools--how we use what we have is up to us.

This is also where an eloquent and artful play of seduction and consent co-exists; but also one that can be insidiously cunning or even voraciously violent. Hear lies the nature of the tools of business and war: the interplay of people in their sexy disguises, whether cloaked in the eloquent and sleek stealth jet, particle beam laser based satellites; or merely dressed in seductive leather and lace. Microscopic discernment is required to see through the alluring facades inherent in this world of mystery, esoteric knowledge, personal motive, and covert maneuvers, to identify what is truly nurturing verses what just tantalizingly appears to be so.

Algedi is of covert and secret places: caves, spiritual or exclusive retreats and sanctuaries--isolated places with a spiritual focus--sacred sites or our places of power. Algedi is also of places of unique purpose: scientific or medical centers, even military / extraterrestrial bases or outposts. Although such places may seem to be isolated, lying helter-skelter upon the Earth, they are strategically and naturally distributed upon Earth’s energy grid. That which occurs at these locations is of significance in the greater evolutionary process for all souls and for the Earth herself because the energy at these points radiates throughout the Earth's energy matrix. Algedi can also be of covert operations, manipulative maneuvers, and all that is secret or hidden behind the scenes. Algedi specifically brings attention to the importance of our personal locations (bases/domiciles)--the resonance of which influences greatly the nature of our experience and the fulfillment of our pursuits.

Indus, classically the desert Persian, is the native indigenous person, much like the Native American, the Aboriginal, the Desert Arab, or the Mountain Shaman--sometimes ornately dressed or adorned, and sometimes totally inconspicuous and unassuming. Indus articulates the steward of a special place, a keeper of sacred knowledge and sacred ways.

Aquila, the northern Eagle, perched high above the Earth, is of removed stillness and astute observation; is of equilibrium and poise, with global vision and local purpose. As Eagle sits high upon its perch, with eyes capable of focusing on the most minute detail (conjoining Microscopium), it assesses, examines, and awaits its opportunity. Removed and alone, Eagle embodies the willingness to examine our deepest emotions and hidden but true feelings; to pin-point our objectives from objective balance, and to then dive into the world with surety and boldness.

Altair, eye of the eagle, and Alshain, Beta Aquila, are of global and extraterrestrial vision; of strategic locations to achieve our purpose, also of military sites as well as Earth's sacred sites. Altair inspires us to perceive from a global, even extraterrestrial perspective; and not merely from a local, isolated view, but with a focus of precision detail. In classical astrology, Altair is of assertive authoritarian militaristic leadership, of military force and power. Friend and siderealist Andrés Takra adds: "Altair has been associated with kings, emperors, conquerors, tyrants, politicians, but also with mystics, occultists, and wise spiritual hierophants of mystery-religions."

Saturn-Uranus Opposition #5

The Final Saturn-Uranus Opposition occurs on July 26, hours after the Full Moon and on our day of realization of the lunar theme. The Saturn-Uranus opposition began on November 4, 2008. The five Saturn-Uranus oppositions (November 4, 2008 through July 26, 2010) embrace the synodic mid-point in the current 44-year Saturn-Uranus synodic cycle, which began in 1988.

This final opposition releases the tension and stalemates we have all been experiencing over the last couple of years, although serving humanity to realize the changes required in our societal structure. Revelations will continue regarding the orginal Saturn-Uranus synodic theme as we enter the second half of this cycle. The theme of the entire 44-yeaar synodic cycle and current synodic opposition was discussed in detail in the 2008 - 2011 Timeline article: 44-year Saturn-Uranus synodic cycle.

Now as we move through the upcoming Grand T-square, the Jupiter-Uranus synthesis will begin to dominate; mobilizing and expanding upon the radical changes occurring in our world--which should have a more beneficent character, especially as we move into the end of this year and into 2011.

Disseminating Moon Phase Characteristics

The Disseminating Moon
Manifestation & Demonstration

Disseminating Moon

The hours leading up to the Disseminating Moon generally is an accelerated and busy time of last minute preparation that leads into the birth point in the lunar cycle, the time of bearing the fruit of the cycle, of claiming its gift, of living that which we have been learning.

The Disseminating Moon occurs on July 29-30 in late sidereal Aquarius. The Moon lies in the circlet of stars creating the western Piscean fish and conjoins Beta Reticuli and Markab of Pegasus.

Markab, Alpha Pegasus, the primary star of Pegasus, is the first of four very principal stars creating the Great Square of Pegasus. The principles and qualities embodied in each of these four stars reveal the requirements for our psycho-physiological preparation to become free from the bounds limiting us from participating in a more fulfilling and purposeful expression in the world. This "refinement of self" allows us to rise above the bounds of the psychic-emotional entrapments common to collective human consciousness in accomplishment of soul's greater mission. These four stars have long been associated with the feet of a table or stand, thus a supporting foundation or stage upon which something else transpires, is supported, or rises from.

Markab is the saddle or the physical vehicle upon which soul rides or through which soul expresses: literally the corporeal physical body. Markab brings attention to the physical condition of our bodies at the genetic and cellular level. Markab is the vehicle through which soul accomplishes its greater mission--the physical cellular aspect of the Merkabah, one's body of light. Markab not only brings attention to our physical body and its health--the body being the temple / vessel of the soul--but to the physical aspects of our lives and of our relations, how we interrelate in our human physicality. This includes the physical means or forms through which we participate in life from the professional structures that make our nourishment possible, especially the functional aspects of humanitarian-focused organizations, to the physical logistics of our personal lives. Markab asks us to honor the physical needs of the human body and to fully embrace the physical aspects of our lives.

Conjoining Markab is Delta Phoenix. The Phoenix embodies the theme of rising from the ashes or trials of the past, to achieve a renewal or re-birth along our journeys in life--a fresh start.

Also conjoining Markab and the head of the fish is Beta Reticuli. Alpha and Beta Reticuli embody the purer aspects of the reticule--the ability to see things where they truly are in the greater evolutionary context--providing holographic awareness literally in the DNA--to allow the soul to manifest and express in its undistorted perfection. Alpha is the foci of the Reticule and is the sacred geometry of the DNA refined to crystal clarity. Beta Reticuli embodies the science of genetics, the administration of genetic refinement, and inspires us to take action to ensure we are physically, emotionally and mentally clear for the expression of our greatest potential.

Thus our Disseminating Moon invites us to demonstrate that which we have learned and cultivated in this lunar in a very physical and palpable way, with clarity and conviction of intent.

The Disseminating Moon also creates a Moon-Ceres-Venus T-square, which places attention on Ceres and its expression from the heart. Ceres, now appropriately recognized as a Dwarf Planet, is the mother of the inner asteroids. Ceres, currently retrograde in sidereal Scorpio, brings attention to how we nurture and to that which is truly nurturing to us. Ceres embodies mothering and agricultural qualities and brings attention to our relation with the Earth, the land, and the seasons. Due to Ceres association with the land, agriculture, the environment, and the seasons, Ceres is of particular interest in charts associated with environmental changes or events. Ceres reveals our ability to be in universal flow--the unification of giving and receiving as one flow of energy through ourselves. Ceres asks for acknowledgment of our inner needs, to have self love and self worth. Ceres is of concern and caring for others as well as for the Earth. Ceres is associated with fertility, the womb and stomach. More about Ceres.

Three Minute Astrological Annimation of the July Saturn-Uranus opposition; the Mars-Pluto-Jupter T-square and the August 2010 Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn T-square.

Three Minute Astrological Animation

Mars Stimulates Dynamic Action in Leadership

Following the Disseminating Moon, Mars and the Moon make several aspects triggering the Saturn-Uranus opposition and then the Jupiter Pluto square, the latter occurs after the Last Quarter Moon, which forms a T-square with Jupiter and Pluto.

On July 30 and July 31, Mars first opposes Uranus while the Moon conjoins Uranus, triggering the Saturn-Uranus opposition. The Moon then conjoins Jupiter, triggering the Jupiter-Pluto square. Mars then conjoins Saturn, motivating responsible creative action.

Three Minute Astrological Animation of the July Saturn-Uranus opposition; the Mars-Pluto-Jupter T-square; and the August 2010 Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn T-square.
(Movie opens in a new window)

Last Quarter Moon Phase Characteristics

Last Quarter Moon
Time for Change

Last Quarter Moon

The Last Quarter Moon creates our "inner need to initiate change" in the lunar cycle as we move into the cycle's last and transitional quarter. Our Last Quarter Moon occurs on August 2-3 in mid-sidereal Aries. The pre-Last Quarter Moon of August 2 (on the day of "Inner Need"), triggers the Mars-Pluto-Jupiter T-square, which peaks just after Last Quarter Moon (discussed below).

The Moon conjoins Achird of Cassiopeia; Beta Triangulum; and Tycho’s Super Nova Remnant of 1572 A.D., an x–ray source in Cassiopeia.

Achird asks us to realize that we create and perpetuate the very things that we perceive as trying to detour or devour us. Achird brings attention to the fact that the monsters and the entrapments in which we find ourselves become manifest by our own righteous and arrogant attitudes of self-importance.

Tycho’s Super Nova Remnant of 1572 A.D.

Tycho’s Super Nova Remnant of 1572 A.D.
Credit: NASA/CXC/Rutgers/J.Warren & J.Hughes et al.

Tycho’s Super Nova Remnant of 1572 A.D., an x-ray source in Cassiopeia lies between the ecliptical longitudes of Beta and Gamma Triangulum. Triangulum teaches us to see beyond the judgments of fear-based dualistic mind and the dramatics it produces--the apparent monster of the human condition trying to entrap us--an image upheld by the fear we buy into. Here is the statement "let thine eye become single"--to see from unity consciousness, which in turn makes it possible to rise above and beyond the "controlling verses being controlled" mentality and its subsequent entrapment.

Tycho’s Super Nova Remnant was discovered by Tycho Brache in 1572 AD in Denmark. Supernovas play a significant role in the awakening of human consciousness. Brache (Born: 5/16/1571; Died: 11/15/1630) revealed the nova was located beyond the moon and was also the first to produce a modern star guide, inspiring the movement from personality-egoic centered reality, one separate from Source (purported by the dark-age church to control the masses) to that of the durative soul consciousness which transcends the sphere of incarnate self (Earth). It certainly was a time requiring external catalyst to help awaken humanity from a dark period. For example: On August 23 and 24, 1572, 50,000 Huguenonts (French Protestants considered "heretics" by the Roman Catholic Church) in Paris and surrounding provinces were killed by Catholics in France. The massacre was called for by the queen mother Catherine de Medici and was applauded by Pope Gregory XIII--dubbed "St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre." This was during the time of the Renaissance, just after Copernicus published his heliocentric theory of the solar system in Poland (1543 AD), and just before Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar in Italy (1582). It was within one year of when Johannes Kepler was born (1571). Kepler later revealed the sacred geometry (Phi progression) natural to the organization of our solar system--the music of the spheres. Kepler played a significant role in bringing to light the long-lost art-sciences.

Prior to the dark ages, planetary measurement was always referenced to the fixed stars (sidereal) as was the astrology of the ancients. Astronomy and astrology were always one and the same until the dark-age church-state astronomers began to record planetary ephemerides referenced to the moving vernal point rather than to the fixed stars, while maintaining that all other heavenly bodies rotated around the Earth--a statement certainly affirming true egoic consciousness. (This was due in part to Claudius Ptolemaeus who was employed by the church. Ptolemaeus was a mathematician, not an astronomer. Some assert he never even looked into the heavens as an astronomer would look (according to R.H. Allen: Star Names their Lore and Meaning).) To say otherwise was heresy, so only those willing to sell out to the manipulative ploys of the church-state, and perpetuate the asserted geocentric dogma of western Christendom, stayed on the pay-role and kept their heads (Actually, if you believed anything other than Earth was center, you were burned at the stake!). Here was planted the bastardization of true soul level astronomical astrology, and here began the Hellenistic tropical astrology of the dark ages which is still in vogue today. This manipulation also affirmed that people had a finite life at the end of which they would either be saved or punished depending if they followed the dictums of the controlling political-religious faction thus squelching any desire for individuals to spiritually aspire and awaken to the greater truth that they were durative, continually evolving souls; part of, not separate from a greater unified intelligence. The true and greater art-sciences including astronomical astrology, Pythagorean sacred geometry, harmonic math, and other such art-sciences, were forced underground until the later time of Nicolaus Copernicus in the 1500’s who finally triumphed in eradicating the perpetuated dogma that Earth was the center around which all other heavenly bodies rotated--the egoic head-trip of the puppet-masters of the time. From here, others would follow: Tycho Brahe, Johann Bayer, and later yet, Johann Kepler (December 27, 1571 - November 15, 1630), who, in the early 1600’s, brought forth the truth of the occulted astronomical and mathematical wisdom based in harmonic measure that had been long lost. Kepler's most famous book is "Harmonia Mundi" (Harmony of the Worlds). Kepler was a mathematician, astronomer AND astrologer (responsible for revealing the affect of many astrological aspects / harmonics). He is sometimes referred to as "the first theoretical astrophysicist." Among many prominent positions, Kepler was assistant to Tycho Brahe.

Tycho's supernova remnant inspires the expansion from egoic / victim consciousness, where we believe we are victims of other beings, ones that are responsible for our condition and ones that must come to save us from it (or devour us as food as some people believe), to realizing that we are not separate from all that is, that we are intimate and inseparable parts of this great symphonic expression of consciousness. Here we are inspired to realize we create our reality and to become responsible co-creators. Here in the "Initiatory Gate of sidereal Aries," we learn to become responsible for our human condition as well as to claim our freedom from its apparent bondage, bondage that we ourselves create.

The Jupiter-Pluto Square & the Jupiter-Pluto Synod Cycle

Due to Jupiter's station, this first Jupiter-Pluto square remains in a tight aspect for several weeks, however the exact square occurs on the August 2-3 Last Quarter Moon, within an hour after the lunar phase shift. Jupiter and Pluto will make their final square on March 28, 2011. The actual synodic square, which is determined from the Sun's perspective (heliocentric), occurs on December 2, 2010. This event marks the first 90° square in the current Jupiter-Pluto 12.7-year synodic cycle that began on November 23, 2007 and which will continue through July 31, 2020.

2010 Graphic Ephemeris of Jupiter Uranus Saturn Pluto & Makemake

It is important to note the difference between the Saturn-Pluto square and the Jupiter-Pluto square. The Saturn-Pluto square, which already began with its first two geocentric oppositions, occurring on November 15, 2009 and January 31, 2010, and which will finalize with the third and final square, which forms the August 2010 Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn T-square, is a 270° square. this means that it marks the 3/4 point (or second square) in the Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle. The Jupiter-Pluto square is a 90° square, which is the first square in the Jupiter-Pluto synodic cycle.

A 90° square and a 270° square have unique characteristics, as they mark entirely different phase changes in a cycle. Similar to the squares occurring in a lunar cycle, a 90° square (like a First Quarter Moon) creates an external stimulus to engage in action, as we move from the inspirational first quarter of the cycle into the second creative action quarter of the cycle. The 270° square (like a Last Quarter Moon) creates an internal stimulus to create change, as we move from the demonstrable third quarter of the cycle into the last quarter of the cycle, which is a time for change where we plow under the crops, or dismantle the stage setting that served the lunar cycle; also a time of discarding the costumes worn on stage to reveal the true identities of the performers.

Thus, as we enter the last quarter in the Saturn-Pluto cycle, we enter the first quarter in Jupiter-Pluto cycle. The Saturn-Pluto 270° synodic square occurred on June 11, 2010; and the Jupiter-Pluto 90° synodic square occurs on December 2, 2010. However, we experience an overlap of these two events on Earth due to planetary retrogrades--with the climax of this overlap occurring now as the Grand Jupiter-Pluto forms through July and August, 2010. So we can see the shift of emphasis from the Saturn-Pluto square to the Jupiter-Pluto square.

This is one main reason why I tend to speak optimistically about this entire shift occurring now in the 2008-2011 timeline of planetary cycles even though it may seem intense. The other reasons are of course due to the Saturn-Uranus opposition ending while the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction begins (with a similar geocentric overlap occurring for those two events).

The last couple of years (staring in late 2008) were, in part, characterized by the mid-point of realization in the current Saturn-Uranus synodic cycle, and the last few months about the 270° Saturn-Pluto square stimulating an inner need to change regarding the theme of that cycle. The following several months, into early 2011 will be characterized by the new Jupiter-Uranus synodic cycle and its new synodic theme emerging in our lives; and the 90° Jupiter-Pluto square stimulating action on the orginal Jupiter-Pluto synodic cycle's theme. Again, we can see how our two current lunar cycles are quite pivotal.

An underlying an longer transition is created by the Dwarf Planet Makemake, which is a very prominent and key player in the 2008-2011 timeline, primarily with Uranus remaining in opposition to Makemake from June of 2008 through January of 2011; and also with the Jupiter (now conjoined Uranus) lying in opposition to Makemake from April 2010 through January 2011.

I have discussed all of these events as they occurred in their respective lunar planners; and in the 2008-2011 timeline article; with the exception of the Jupiter-Pluto synodic cycle and the 90° Jupiter-Pluto square now engaging. So let us explore the nature of our current "stimulus to action" that these two planets are now starting to produce.

The Jupiter-Pluto 12.7-year synodic cycle began on November 23, 2007. I presented the theme of this cycle in the November 9, 2007 Lunar Planner. I also presented it in a broader context in the article: "The Synodic Cycles of Pluto, Ixion & Quaoar with Jupiter, Saturn, and Nessus: A Historical Timeline & Astrological Exploration 1982 - 2020."

I'll recap the theme here in brief:

The 2007 Jupiter-Pluto synod occurred in early sidereal Sagittarius between Galactic Center and the Gate of God. This was the first Jupiter-Pluto synod in this area of zodiak since 1758. The 1758 synod actually occurred a few degrees earlier, on cusp of sidereal Scorpio-Sagittarius, conjoining the Sting of the Scorpion, of course producing quite a different theme. The following synod, ~13 years later (May 1771), occurred in later Sagittarius and under the auspices of Aquila the Eagle; Lyra, and the Phoenix. This cycle was also quite significant because it was very close to Pluto's South Node, and thus Jupiter was occulting Pluto, because Pluto was crossing the ecliptic plane and the orbit of Jupiter. I mention this specifically for anyone wishing to research historical events occurring during those times.

Our recent Jupiter-Pluto synod, of November 2007, lying between Galactic Center and the Gate of God, was an extremely significant placement. A theme I suggest stimulating and expansive opening in consciousness--into galactic awareness (meaning into soul-level awareness, and as well as movement and expansion into unified global consciousness--recognizing all life as One). Of course this is also synchronized with Earth's Precessional Holy Cross, making the Jupiter-Pluto synods in Sag more significant, whereas the synods of 18th century were not: and the one now occurs quite near the Gate of God, which is also of extra significance.

This synod would also motivate the revelation of a greater truth; as the Zen archer tends to expose and destroy false truths and false gods--in essence producing a climatic opening and a parting of the waters; sort of removing the wheat from the chaff.

The current 2010 90° synodic square (December 2, 2010), stimulating action upon this synodic theme, occurs with Pluto now conjoining the stars forming the bow of the Zen Archer: Kaus Borealis, Kaus Media, and Kaus Australis; as well as Alpha Telescopium; and Eta Serpentis.

The Zen Archer’s arrow points toward Galactic Cente--the Heart of our Galaxy--and brings the ability to hold undaunted focus upon the goal in the higher spiritual interest of the soul. Al Nasl, the tip of the arrow conjoing the "Gate of God" of Earth's precessional Cross, brings one the ability to pierce the veils of illusion, and hit the mark of their highest ideals and dreams.

The Bow of the Archer brings attention to our "Zen stance" in the world, and to the undaunted stability and power driving the Zen Archer's arrow--how to hit the target of our ideals, aspirations and dreams, which is an all or nothing deal. Athletes know the principle of the Zen archer's bow well. Only if the archer is firmly grounded and holding the bow as if it is an integrated part of the body, and with undaunted focus, will the arrow hit the target. Here there is no separation between on body awareness and our environmental awareness--merged as one consciousness--expressed from the core of our being.

Telescopium, underlying the centaur, reveals an additional facet of the Sagittarian theme, of having a Zen stance, and the stability and strength of the Zen Archer's bow. Telescopium articulates our long-range soul purpose seen with penetrating vision, which is common to the Zen Archer's approach in life. Alpha Telescopium suggests that we look past or through the distractions around us to focus in upon only the target of our highest ideals and dreams.

Jupiter, 90 degrees further along in the ecliptic, resides just past and conjoining Uranus and the Vernal Point of Earth's Precessional Cross, in early sidereal Pisces. Jupiter lies in the western fish of Pisces; under the auspices of the Great Square of Pegasus; and significantly conjoins the stars of Lacerta the Lizard. This area of the zodiak embodies a very primordial, palpable and emotional energetic. Jupiter's stimulus to action, in general, is to mobilize and expand upon the opening Pluto creates, and upon the original synodic Sagittarian theme--stimulating vast and sweeping action to move into a far greater unified truth of being, with undaunted focus of conviction, and in a very palpable and passionate way-- and with empathic awareness for all of humanity. This is about actively infusing through demonstrable action the high-spiritual truths, principles, undaunted focus and long-term vision of the Zen Archer into our primal carnal corporeal selves and into mass consciousness.

Lacerta embodies the pure unadulterated reptilian essence--primordial self--the Akka guardians of Mu. The Lacerta mediate between the benevolent loving intent and tenderness of who Abraham Merrit (The Moon Pool. Liveright Publishing Corp., New York, 1919) calls the "Silent Ones" who emanate "Holiness," they who have full understanding, mastery and experiential knowledge of primordial and elemental forces which mold consciousness itself into organic form; awareness that precedes even telepathy or for that matter thought itself. Merrit brings us through the entry-way to Muria, our sub-merged mother land Mu, through the ruins of Nan Madol of the Micronesian island Pohnpei to meet our inner-Earth friends. From their gaze, in Merit’s words "streamed a current of reassurance, of good will--nay, of intense spiritual strength. I saw that they were not fierce, not ruthless, nor inhuman, despite their strangeness; no they were kindly; in some unmistakable way, benign and sorrowful--so sorrowful!" Merrit continues referring to the inner-Earth Lizard beings as those who ally for the Silent Ones as " evolution of highly intelligent beings from ancestral sources radically removed from those through which mankind ascended. These half-human highly developed batrachians they call the Akka...." The Polynesian also refer to their ancestral origins, though as the Mo’o, again as an inter-extraterrestrial origin of high-vibrational light-being pure spiritual reptilian essence. The Lacerta are the guardians to the Primordial Origin of Earth's Precessional Cycle--the "Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul"; the keepers of the ancient wisdom regarding the primordial origins of the Earthian race.

The Moai at Rano Raraku, Easter Island

The Moai at Rano Raraku, Easter Island
Image by Aurbina / January 2004
Public Domain

Churchward also reveals that Pohnpei, Hawaii, Cook and Easter Island, among others, are peak Earthgrid centers, "standing today as sentinels to a silent grave" of now submerged Mu, the Motherland--which is most directly related in essence to the Polar Origin Point--fitting to our Solar Eclipse Easter Island path of totality.

The Chinese appropriately combined the stars of Lacerta with the early portion of Cygnus as their "Flying Serpent" (or I would suggest, more appropriately, the "Flying Dragon") again representing the pure unadulterated essence of the Dragon--the Chinese seem to have an understanding of the Dragon energy as a quality of pure unadulterated reptilian consciousness, seemingly lost to most other cultures.

Lacerta the Lizard, a sub-order, along with Serpentis, belongs to the order Squamata of the class Reptilia. On Earth’s surface, lizards can range in size from the tiny Geckos of a couple inches to the giant monitors of Komodo Island (the Dragon Lizard), which can be 10 ft. in length. Iguanas (also called the "Chinese Dragon") of the American tropics, can reach 6 ft. in length. In Hawaii, the spiritual significance of the Gecko is honored: Their presence in one’s home is certainly welcomed an appreciated. The tiny Gecko’s chirp is often taken as an affirmation of significance. The Gecko is one of the seven infraorders of Lacerta. The seven infraorders is one indicator of the various genetics streams through which consciousness expresses on Earth.

Now in Earth's ~25,000-year precessional cycle, the vernal point resides at ~5° sidereal Pisces, creating the erect Holy Cross. Thus the vernal point aligns in ecliptical longitude with our Primordial Origin. This reveals our need (the human race) to embrace our humanness, our primal essence, to have respect for the origins of life, and to amalgamate our true primordial nature with the wisdom gained throughout our entire sojourn on Earth--to fully infuse our spiritual soul awareness into the depths of our primal origins--to illumine the very genetic vessel through which soul expresses--to become one unified spiritually awakened spiral of light--which the Great Square of Pegasus reveals. The vernal point's placement here also reveals our need to realize the importance of water and all of life's fluids--as water is the sacred sex of life, and it reveals our need to embrace the integral and entwined roles of the masculine and feminine.

Chart: Last Quarter Moon: Mars-Jupiter-Pluto T-square

Last Quarter Moon: Mars-Jupiter-Pluto T-square

The Mars-Pluto-Jupiter T-square

Mars triggers the Jupiter-Pluto square on August 3-4, on the day of "Initiate Change" in the lunar cycle. Mars lying opposite Jupiter, creates a Mars-Pluto-Jupiter T-square, creating emphasis to change with dynamic, assertive and expansive creative action.

However, the pre-Last Quarter Moon triggers this T-square on August 2, which adds significantly to the force of our Last Quarter Moon.

This T-square precedes the Grand Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn T-square, already forming, but which peaks in the following lunar cycle.

Balsamic Moon Phase Characteristics

Balsamic Moon
Focus to the Future

Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon marks the time in lunar cycle when we coalesce the experience of the lunar cycle into its seed essence, which will then sprout through the theme of the following lunar cycle. It is when we turn our attention from this lunar cycle in anticipation of the next to come. The hours before the Balsamic Moon provide our time of coalescence while those after mark the time when we turn 180° from looking back over the past cycle and look forward toward the next cycle to come.

The Balsamic Moon of August 6 occurs on the Gate of Man," at the feet of the Gemini Twins. The Moon and Gate of Man conjoin Polaris, our current pole star; Betelgeuse of Orion; and Menkalinan and Theta of Auriga.

Betelgeuse compared to our Solar System

Betelgeuse compared to our Solar System

Sharpest views of Betelgeuse reveal how supergiant stars lose mass
Unveiling the true face of a behemoth

Using different state-of-the-art techniques on ESO's Very Large Telescope, two independent teams of astronomers have obtained the sharpest ever views of the supergiant star Betelgeuse. They show that the star has a vast plume of gas almost as large as our Solar System and a gigantic bubble boiling on its surface. These discoveries provide important clues to help explain how these mammoths shed material at such a tremendous rate.

Betelgeuse -- the second brightest star in the constellation of Orion (the Hunter) -- is a red supergiant, one of the biggest stars known, and almost 1000 times larger than our Sun. It is also one of the most luminous stars known, emitting more light than 100000 Suns. Such extreme properties foretell the demise of a short-lived stellar king. With an age of only a few million years, Betelgeuse is already nearing the end of its life and is soon doomed to explode as a supernova. When it does, the supernova should be seen easily from Earth, even in broad daylight.

Image and Caption Credit: ESO

The two principle stars articulating the foundational aspect (feet) of the twins and the theme of the Gate of Man are Menkalinan, Beta Auriga the Charioteer and Betelgeuse of Orion the impious one. Menkalinan is associate to Capella, Auriga's lucida the Starseed Messenger of Light.

Betelgeuse marks Orion's right shoulder, from which he holds the upraised sword just under the gate of Man. Betelgeuse embodies the theme of a male warrior, is of a kingly nature, authoritative and is of human resourcefulness in action. Betelgeuse inspires a sense of responsibility to dynamically response to whatever is occurring in the moment. Betelgeuse will challenge existing systems or authorities to cut through whatever is in the way of solution. Physical constructive response is the hallmark of Betelgeuse.

Menkalinan, the right shoulder of Auriga the Charioteer, conjoins Betelgeuse, the right shoulder of Orion, and the "Gate of Man." Menkalinan is of mutual support amongst colleagues with a responsibility to assist each other in the world of daily human affairs. Menkalinan is also a polarizer that will show indecision by bringing experience of the opposite side of an issue to make clear the choices and to reveal one's hesitancy to respond to life in the moment. Menkalinan will dramatize and create graphic illustration to elucidate one's hesitancies for those not abiding to the more subtle messages within. Menkalinan's helps to cut through the confusion, to make things plain and clear.

Menkalinan and Betelgeuse conjunction with the Gate of Man articulates the essence of sidereal Gemini, the role of responding to aid our colleagues and the needs of our fellow humans--serving their greater fulfillment. The North Celestial Pole (NCP) making passage over this longitude at this time in Earth's precessional cycle marks the time of the erect Precessional Cross and the transition point for humanity to unite and link together as one world as we make this evolutionary crossing now at hand.

Thus, the seed coalesces for this lunar cycle, which will sprout anew in the following lunar cycle when we will experience the full force of the Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn T-square. Our next New Moon occurs on August 10, 2010 (GMT) in sidereal Cancer and under the auspices of the Great Bear. More to come then.

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To learn how one lunar phase shifts and changes into the next, and to learn how to live in attunement to the lunar cycles, in the experiential empowerment doing so offers, download the Lunar Planner Introduction and each monthly Lunar Calendar, and use them daily (PDF file links below)--its all a gift.

We need not live in endless struggle, overwhelmed by the surface turbulence of our growth and awakening process. We can establish an inner peace instead, with life becoming a graceful dance when we attune ourselves to the natural spiral of growth that is guiding our lives. Living in attunement to the natural Lunar Cycles is an effective and empowering way to do this. Living in attunement to the natural astronomical cycles of life is living in faith and trust in the Divine Creative Intelligence expressing throughout our lives.

The Lunar Planner is an experiential tool teaching us how to live in attunement to the natural lunar cycles. Astronomical Sidereal Astrology and Star Lore reveal each lunar month's theme, and the planetary themes unfolding throughout the year. Each lunar month's theme weaves a continuing story line of the patterns of growth unfolding in our lives.

Download this month's Lunar Calendar PDF File (journal version)

Download the Lunar Planner Introduction PDF File