The Lunar Theme for the
May 20, 2012 New Moon

Seeding a New Tone on Earth
The Pleiades-Perseus Annular Solar Eclipse
& the 2012 Venus Transit

The Lunar Month of
May 20, 2012 - June 19, 2012

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Astronomical Myth is a "picture language," imagery that articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing throughout the greater heavens and through our lives. We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us, or from our beloved Earth, but are intimate parts of this dynamic, continually unfolding heavenly symphony. This entirety is our cosmic consciousness, the totality of our being. To explore the greater heavens and the heavenly cycles is to explore that which we are--our embracing consciousness and our spiritual evolution.

The stars would not be in the heavens
if we were meant to walk in darkness.

The purpose of the Lunar Planner is to learn to live in the experiential awareness of the present. Although the material below can provide philosophical context for your personal experience, the New Moon is the ideal time to experientially "tune in" to get your personalized lunar month's theme. Then, consciously participate with the changing Lunar Phase Characteristics in the unfoldment of that theme in your daily life using the Lunar Calendar and Lunar Planner Introduction (links at the bottom).

Lunar Cycle Overview

The May 20, 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse Path

Local Times and Detailed Maps for:
Japan, California, Utah, Arizona,
New Mexico, Texas and Alaska.

Our New Moon of May 20, 2012 produces an Annular Solar Eclipse conjoining the Pleiades in the early sidereal Taurus. It lies under the auspices of Perseus. This lunar cycle also produces a partial Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon of June 4. This is a pivotal and power-house packed lunar cycle with a plethora of astronomical events including the pinnacle and prominent Venus Transit occurring on June 5 (June 6 GMT).

The Annular Eclipse, a spectacular event, will be seen at sunrise in Japan and at sunset throughout most of the north-west American continent, with the path of the Eclipse moving up the coast of Japan, across the Aleutian islands of Alaska, and into northern California, across Nevada, southern Utah, northern Arizona, New Mexico and western Texas.

The eclipse begins around 5:30 pm PDT in the United States. Greatest coverage occurs around 6:30 pm PDT.

An eclipse of this nature creates a relaxation and re-stimulation both in Earth’s energy grid and in our neurobiological resonance providing an opportunity to release the past and engage in a fresh start. Although occurring in the Taurus constellation and sidereal sign, which is somewhat stabilizing, it lies in one of a few tempestuous areas of Taurus, in this case produced by the nebulous Pleiades star asterism. The Pleiades and the conjoining stars of Perseus, in part, stimulate physical heroic action to seed new paths forward in our lives and to create infrastructures that support our fundamental nourishment and domestic wellbeing. This Ecilpse New Moon also conjoins a recently discovered minor planet, 2009 YE7, perhaps bringing a transcendent surprise.

The long awaited 2012 Venus Transit, occurring just after the Full Moon Eclipse, is due to a direct alignment between the Sun, Venus and Earth. This creates energetic corridor that emblazes the astrophysical resonances of Venus into Earth’s energy matrix and into our lives. This alignment also begins a new and very significant 584-day Earth-Venus synodic cycle. This is not an isolated event that merely comes and goes. The energetic nature of this event is composed of many planetary alignments occurring before and after this event, and it nests within many other planetary cycles that uniquely augment the tone of this transit, including this very significant Eclipse Lunar Cycle, one of several key events that makes this Transit extra significant compared to the first Venus Transit of this pair, which occurred in June 2004.

Juno, the asteroid of covenant relations, continues to play a significant role. Venus and Juno also begin a new synodic cycle in Ophiuchus earlier in the lunar cycle, creating an entirely new energetic for partnerships of all types.

In addition, there are several compounding planetary events directly involving Venus that uniquely define the energetic nature of this transit and the Earth-Venus cycle to follow. A Venus-Mars square occurs at the time of the transit, with Mars being the focus of a Sun-Venus Mars Pholus-Ixion Full Moon T-square. This impels an action-oriented stimulus to creatively apply the feminine principle in audacious leadership. This sets the tone for many years to come.

Venus and Earth not only align and begin a new syndic cycle, but Earth and Venus also align with the Centaur Pholus and the recently discovered planets Ixion and Quaoar in a few-day period surrounding the transit. Thus, several compounded synodic cycles all begin at this time. All of this leads into the first and very potent Uranus-Pluto square, which occurs just after the following Solstice New Moon of June 19, 2012.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

"The stars would not be in the heavens if we were meant to walk in darkness."

Link to the Mauna Kea live videocast. See the Venus Transit in many different wavelengths of light—
a collaboration between NASA and the University of Hawaii.

This webcast will also emphasize the history and importance of Hawaiian astronomy and its connections to NASA space science. It will use the backdrop of Mauna Kea, combined with world class University of Hawaii (UH), NASA scientists and Hawaiian cultural leaders to weave multigenerational stories combining ancient ways of knowing with modern scientific discoveries. The University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy is a premier astronomical research facility and host to the Mauna Kea Observatory, one of the most important observational astronomy sites in the world. Mauna Kea is a unique astronomical research facility, emphasizing respect for Hawaiian cultural beliefs, as well as protection of environmentally sensitive habitats. The exceptional stability of the atmosphere above Mauna Kea permits more detailed studies than are possible elsewhere, while its distance from city lights and a strong island-wide lighting ordinance ensure an extremely dark sky, allowing observation of the faintest galaxies that lie at the very edge of the observable Universe.

About Synodic Cycles

Synodic Cycles are created when two (or more) planets align in their orbits around the Sun. The synodic cycle theme, defined by the planets involved and the star alignments at the time, will unfold until the two planets align again, marking the completion of the synodic cycle and the beginning of the next one.

There are many synodic cycles with unique astrological themes occurring simultaneously, creating a harmonic symphony of creative unfoldment in consciousness. Synodic cycles can be thought of as longer-term underlying currents, much like the backdrop chorus of a symphony, providing the underlying astrological context guiding our evolution.

Learn the basics about Synodic Cycles & Synodic Astrology.

May 20, 2012 Eclipse Path

The eclipse starts in Asia, near Hong Kong at 20:56 UT on May 20, 2012, and ends in the US at 02:49 UT on May 21, 2012. The eclipse path crosses the Northern Pacific Ocean and aligns with the Ring of Fire at three key places. It moves along the coast of Japan, over Tokyo, and crosses the Japan Trench. It then follows along the Aleutian Trench along the Alaska Aleutian Islands at greatest eclipse (GE). It then crosses the Cascadia subduction zone in Northern California between Crescent City and Eureka. The path continues across Mt. Shasta and the Lassen Volcano (the southern-most volcano in the Cascade Range), across Nevada, southwest Utah, northeast Arizona over Canyon De Chelly, central New Mexico over Albuquerque, and ends near Lubbock Texas. Detailed Maps.

Eclipses in Our Lives

Generally, eclipse lunar cycles mark a time of shifting into a new octave of experience. They offer a time to resynchronize our selves with the ever-changing cosmic currents supporting our evolutionary progression in consciousness. Eclipses tend to bring about endings and new beginnings. How dramatic these changes can be is a function of star alignments (where in the zodiak they occur) and other aspecting planets occurring at the time of the eclipse. Although eclipses effect the entire Earth, they are more influential along the eclipse path. Eclipse influences generally last about six months, until the next eclipse occurs.

At a personal level, solar eclipses offer opportunity to redefine concepts of self and the roles we play in the world, or how we articulate ourselves in life. They are about shifting octaves in the nature of our self-perception and self-expression. They often mark a new beginning, way of life, or new way of participating in life.

Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotionally palpable in nature, how we feel about things on the inner. They are about releasing the emotional bonds within ourselves that glue us to involvements that are less than we truly want or deserve. They are also about the emotional and experiential aspects of our relations with others and with the world. Lunar eclipses provide opportunity for an emotional release.

The area of our personal lives in which eclipses bring about change is a function of where they occur in the natal (or relocated) chart. They can also have a far greater effect in our lives when they conjoin other natal planets and personal points. Eclipses can be stressful or create upheaval if change is resisted. Eclipses bring emphasis to issues related to the chart area and can bring them to a crisis point, which creates a need to work on these areas of life over the months ahead.

You can also create a chart for your geographical area at the time of an eclipse to gain understanding about what areas of life are being stimulated for your area.

New Moon Phase Characteristics

The New Moon Lunar Theme

Taurus New Moon Star Chart for May 20, 2012

Our Pleiades New Moon Annular Eclipse resides in early sidereal Taurus under the auspices of Perseus. Additional conjoining stars include Mirphak, Miram, Atik and Gamma Perseus, and the Perseus-A Seyfert Galaxy; Elthor (Lambda) of Taurus; Theemin and the Quasar 3C110 of Eridanus; Beta Caelum; and Alrai (Errai) of Cepheus, which will become Earth’s new pole star in about 2000 years from now. This ecliptical longitude is also the location of the Galactic Super-Galactic Node, which lies at the Head of Perseus (where the Galactic Plane and the Super Galactic Plane intersect).

Sidereal Taurus is of earthy and material matters: of building, business, construction, the home and family, property, stability and balance; is fixed in its ways, industrious, persistent, determined, laborious and enterprising. There are however a few very tempestuous areas in Taurus.

Perseus expresses through the cusp and first decan (10 degrees) of sidereal Taurus. Perseus, in the story of Andromeda and Royal Family, is the hero who slays Medusa, the Gorgon with seven snakes for hair, and then frees the princess Andromeda. Andromeda was chained to the rocks by the sea to be devoured by Cetus the Sea Monster. Poseidon sentenced Andromeda to her death due to Queen Cassiopeia's boastful and arrogant claim that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than Poseidon's Neriads, the nymphs of the sea.

Perseus was born of immortal Zeus and the mortal princess Danae, whose father, King Acrisius of Argos, locked her in a dungeon in fear of a prophecy that if Danae bore a son, he would kill the King. Zeus enters the dungeon in a golden shower of light impregnating beautiful Danae. When King Acrisius finds Danae with her baby Perseus, he locks them in a wooden chest and puts it out to sea. The chest drifts to the island of Seriphos and is found by Dictys while fishing, the brother of the island's king, Polydectes. Dictys takes them in and raises Perseus to become a strong, honorable and intelligent man.

Perseus and Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini

Perseus and Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini stands in the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence.
Bronze, 18 feet high 1545-54.
Photo Credit: © 1999 Mary Ann Sullivan

Polydectes had designs to marry Danae, but she refused and he would have by force if it had not been for Perseus protecting her. Thus, Polydectes devises a plan to get rid of Perseus coercing him on a diversionary mission to slay the Gorgon Medusa and to bring her head back to Polydectes, thinking that Perseus would never return.

During a long and arduous journey, Hermes, the winged-footed herald of the gods (Mercury) and Athena, who were also born of Zeus, visit Perseus. Perseus learns of his divine heritage. He also learns that the Gorgons have snakes for hair and that anyone looking directly at a gorgon would turn to stone. Hermes gives Perseus his winged sandals and explains how to find the Hesperides where he could get weapons designed to slay Medusa. Athena gives him her polished shield so he could use it to look at the reflection of Medusa rather than looking directly at her to avoid turning to stone.

Despite Polydectes’ design to get rid of Perseus, in what becomes an initiatory journey, Perseus instead overcomes his fears and claims his personal power by beheading Medusa. This articulates Perseus slaying his own fear, as it is fear that freezes us in our own tracks.

Pegasus, the magical horse with wings (and Chrysaor) sprang from the neck of Medusa. Perseus befriends Pegasus and learns to fly upon Pegasus, demonstrating his capacity to rise above the tormenting emotional fear-based world confident in his self-mastery.

On his way back to Seriphos, Perseus stops in Ethiopia, the kingdom ruled by King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia where he learns of the Andromeda’s entrapment. In one version he flies over Cetus upon Pegasus, in another using his winged sandals. Either way he has the head of slain Medusa in his hand (Algol at cuspal Taurus), which he reveals to Cetus. Seeing Medusa’s head, Cetus turns to stone and shatters into the sea. He then frees Andromeda, returning her safely to the gracious appreciation of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. Perseus marries Princess Andromeda.

New Moon May 20, 2012 Sidereal Astrology Chart

New Moon - Sidereal Fagan-Bradley
©2012 Nick Anthony Fiorenza

During his journey, he also accidentally kills his grandfather King Acrisius, fulfilling Acrisius's fate. Perseus also returns to protect his mother Danae from the forced marriage with Polydectes, the Seriphos king, to whom he also shows the head of Medusa. Polydectes turns to stone, and Perseus makes Dictys, now consort of his mother Danae, the new king of Seriphos.

Perseus creates the city and rules a kingdom that bores the Persian world. He and Andromeda bore a family as well, two daughters and seven sons. Hercules was descendent of Perseus and Andromeda through one of their sons. (Robert Graves, et. al.)

Miram, Eta Perseus, and the Per-A Seyfert Galaxy NGC1275, which resides in the Perseus Cluster of galaxies, lies between the longitudes of Algol and the Pleiades. Seyfert galaxies have a dense explosive core that emits a high level of radio waves and x-rays. Astrologically, seyferts express as an intensely focused inner purpose that is undaunted by external affairs of the human world. Seyfert NGC 1275 and Miram embody the wisdom, undaunted focus and endurance of Perseus in his mission, and hence his ability to take the steps at hand in the physical world to overcome its obstacles, to overcome his fears (to conquer Medusa), to manifest his purpose and to live his greater soul destiny. For the younger soul, this can be felt as a relentless drive without reason. For the mature soul, there can be a sense of a mission behind the drive, and although perhaps not entirely clear, there may be a desire to discover it and learn to direct this force for accomplishment. For an old soul, it can express with clarity of purpose with an ability to consciously direct this force in dynamic physical action.

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Mirphak, Alpha Perseus, a fortuitous star, the elbow of Perseus, embodies the totality and success of all that our hero Perseus embodies. Mirphak inspires responsible action to claim the true gift from the inner refinement we have gained through our past initiatory fires. Here we must acknowledge that our trials had to precede stepping forth into a greater fulfillment and our future destiny.

South of Mirphak is right leg of Perseus, consisting of Nu, Menkhib, and Adid. Conjoining Mirphak is the right foot of Perseus created by Atik, Omi Perseus; Zeta Perseus; and the intense neutron star, X–Perseus. Zeta and X-Perseus bring a powerful capacity to infuse the spiritual power gained from our initiations in life and to manifest our longer-term purpose and destiny in the physical world. This area in the ecliptic impels bold dynamic physical action and heroic deeds. It is of undaunted strength and endurance in this pursuit.

Alrai of Cepheus impels those with greater means or authority to bring aid that can help transform or facilitate what may otherwise be a struggle in the physical world, much like Hermes and Athena came to aid Perseus at a time of dire need.

Also adding to this theme is Quasar 3C110 of Eridanus, the River of Life, conjoining Theemin and Beid of Eridanus. Quasar 3C110 also conjoining Mirphak, Miram, and the foot of Perseus, inspires ingenuity to remold what may have been a physical barrier into the very means to accomplish our greater purpose.

The Pleiades

The primary star of the Pleiades, Alcyone, is Eta Taurus. There are over 1000 stars in the cluster dominated by young hot blue stars. The nebulosity obscuring the cluster is created by dust reflecting the blue light of the hot stars. The modern name for the cluster and for its stars are of Greek origin, although the cluster was well known with a variety of names and meanings to many ancient cultures.

Caelum, the sculptor's chisel, contributes to the theme of early Taurus. Caelum articulates our need to forge through matter, the laborious methodical experiential process required in the physical world to overcome our trials and manifest our visions. Caelum articulates our need to sculpt our lives, chiseled away at a bit at a time just as the sculptor chisels rock to reveal the sculpture waiting to emerge.

Early sidereal Taurus also marks the Moon’s exalted location in the sidereal zodiak, thus creating and extra-significant lunar resonance. It is here where we must realize that our experience unfolds in time with the natural cycles (the lunar spiral) of life and that we must participate in time and in tune with the experiential process of life. This is also the zodiakal area of "reflection." Like the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, our experience reflects the energetic we project. Perseus could behead Medusa (slay his fear) only by looking at her as a refection in his own shield--the reflection of self.

The Pleiades impart an initiating quality, that of seeding, of getting things going, of initiating action in the physical and business world specifically regarding the administrative and physical logistics that support our personal lives--the “Vision of Aldebaran.”

In classical astrology, poor alignments with the Pleiades are said to produce catastrophic events or blunderings--a part of the nebulosity surrounding the Pleiades, obscuring one’s vision. Although in stable earthy Taurus, like the Hyades, they can also impart a somewhat tempestuous quality.

Reflection Nebula in the Pleiades IC 394

Reflection Nebula in the Pleiades IC 394
This ghostly apparition is actually an interstellar cloud caught in the process of destruction by strong radiation from a nearby hot star. This haunting picture, snapped by the Hubble telescope, shows a cloud illuminated by light from the bright star Merope. Located in the Pleiades star cluster, the cloud is called IC 349 or Barnard's Merope Nebula.

Alignments with the Pleiades can produce somewhat of a naiveté in foreign or new environments or a nebulosity to see what is actually required. There can be a tendency to act based upon idealism or surface appearances without grounded pragmatism when an alternative perspective and new approach is instead required due to fundamental energetic differences encountered in new environments. Without deliberate alternative action, experience can become repetitive or leave one floundering in a quandary about how to accomplish something in the physical world. What may have been started with naive excitement can later lead to a sobering realization that one is stuck in the mud and must now find their way out, let alone accomplish what they originally set out to do.

This articulates the progression from the Pleiades into the Hyades asterism, the second tempestuous pond in sidereal Taurus. The Pleiades impart more of an innocent fresh optimism, whereas the Hyades are more about having become lost in the trenches of the human dilemma, having forgotten one’s innocent optimism and original purpose, or even starseed origin.

Because of the nebulosity in both the Pleiades and Hyades, one can be extremely slow to change, sometimes attempting change when it is too late or when the door of opportunity has closed. Action is essential to manifest one’s vision.

Our Annular Eclipse New Moon brings attention to our fundamental physical domestic needs and to the infrastructures (both physical and financial) in our lives and in our world that support the fulfillment of those needs. It impels us to relinquish past modalities of participation and infrastructures that no longer work. The Pleiades and the conjoining stars of Perseus stimulate dynamic heroic action to seed new paths forward in our lives and to create new infrastructures that support our fundamental nourishment and domestic wellbeing. It impels methodical tenacious perseverance in this pursuit. This theme is set in motion on this New Moon and it will carry through into the months ahead.

The Minor planet 2009 YE7 adds somewhat of an unknown factor to our eclipse New Moon and this lunar cycle. Mike Brown (Eris, Haumea and Makemake) has strong suspicion this planet is in the same class as Haumea, and is perhaps another offspring of Haumea, due to very similar astrophysical parameters, including a near similar orbital inclination. Haumea seems to have a dynamic pro-life quality, supporting a new birth in consciousness. More about 2009 YE7.

The True Ascendant

The New Moon stars, defined above, reveal the theme or focus of this New Moon. If we cast a conventional astrology chart using the physical location of the New Moon when it is exactly overhead (at the astronomical Zenith), we would see the Pleiades Sun and Moon exactly on the midheaven.

The "True Ascendent" (True-ASC) is found using the "Cartesian Coordinate System," which is used for spacecraft telemetry. This is the same as creating a "Horizon Chart," which reveals the actual stars and constellations that are rising due east; i.e., on the East Point, which is where the horizon plane and Earth's equator intersect.

NOTE: Cartesian coordinates make the East Point on the horizon plane the ASC, the West Point the DSC, the MC the North Point and IC the South Point. The stars and constellation at these points are "experiential," much like one would use to design and orient a Temple, prayer circle or extraterrestrial communication system (or the like) to access the actual stellar energies occurring at a specific time and place.

Observing true planetary-star alignments referenced to true geographical coordinates is "Visual-Based, Real-Sky, Astronomical Astrology"--what we actually experience. The "True ASC" can include many different constellations other than the conventional zodiacal twelve because the horizon plane of a location can be tilted and any angle to the ecliptic plane, thus North, South, East and West generally do not lie upon the ecliptic.

Note: You can try this method to define your ASC (rising stars) in your natal chart, which may reveal more about your experiential soul-level expression and purpose on Earth than a conventional ecliptic-based ASC can reveal alone. You can also derive house delineations using this system as well.

The New Moon stars (also Zenith stars) in this type of chart define the "theme" or "focus" of the New Moon. The True ASC stars define the "new expression" or "impelled action" of the Lunar Theme.

New Moon Zenith occurs at 177° 36' West / 20° 13 North, which is in the Pacific Ocean west of Hawaii.

The True ASC resides in Sextans, between Alpha Sextans and Ioto Hydra. The Horizon-Meridian (meridian perpendicular to the horizon plane) conjoins Alpha and Delta Sextans and the stars forming the Head of Hydra, the Water Serpent (Lernaean Hydra), which is rearing its heads above the ocean surface—an interesting image to consider. These stars define the "new expression" or "impelled action" of this New Moon.

Delta through Zeta Hydra and the Pulsar CP0834 create Hydra's head. Hydra's head articulates a multifarious undermining source of destruction (every time Hercules took off one the Hydra's heads, it immediately grew another).

We might consider Pulsar CP0834 to be the brain of Hydra. This pulsar does not lie along the galactic plane as most pulsars, and so may influence our biological personality workings and primordial response more so than being a guiding beacon for the soul. It may reinforce our repetitive, monotonous, subconscious patterns that perpetuate stasis--that part of ourselves that undermines our ability to change. However, it can also make visible those patterns that we need to change. Either way it is a constant reminder that the repetitive undermining experiences in our lives are manifest from our own tenacious belief structures; and that we need to apply conscious deliberate effort to change the underlying cause, not treat the rearing symptoms.

The stars of the Sextant impel us to gain our bearings / our current position, and to take a new tack in addressing the Hydra in our lives.

Juno & Relationships

Retrograde Juno lies opposite the New Moon thus adding a significant dynamic to the lunar cycle. Earth and Juno just began a new synodic cycle before the New Moon on May 19 in early sidereal Scorpio, presented in the previous Lunar Planner.

In review: “Juno’s new synodic cycle demands a significant maturing in our relationships and in how we co-participate, in how we use and express our raw creative power in the world and amongst ourselves. It also impels a sorting in relationships that invites those who are choosing the higher path of the soul, who are more self-empowered and functioning beyond a victim mentality, and who are responsible leaders and teachers to come together to create a new world paradigm beyond the turbulence we as a world are moving through.”

Our Eclipse New Moon compliments Juno’s synodic theme. Our partnerships and how we interrelate become key to the issues and need for change arising on this New Moon. They both challenge and provide perspective for each other as polarities.

Our New Moon (at about 5° sidereal Taurus) also aspects Earth’s Precessional Cross, with Pallas on the Vernal Point of the cross, making this eclipse and lunar cycle even more significant and potent. Pallas stimulates the artful use of our creative intelligence for solution beyond judgment and beyond duality’s paradox. This eclipse is a key event continuing to catalyze progressive evolutionary change for our entire planet.

The New Mars-Haumea 690-day Synodic Cycle

Mars and the Dwarf Planet Haumea begin a new 690-day synodic cycle on May 21, a day after the New Moon. The synod occurs in sidereal Virgo. The Mars-Haumea synods currently moves about 2° through the zodiak due to Haumea’s slow movement. Haumea currently conjoins and lies just under Muphrid, the right foot of Bootes. Mars and Haumea conjoin Muphrid and Seginus of Bootes, and Kraz of Corvus.

A Winding Tributary on Mars

A Winding Tributary on Mars
Image and Caption Credit:
NASA/JPL/University of Arizona


Mars is an initiating creative force, of sexuality, vitality, life force, and power. In its mature expression, Mars stimulates our capacity to respond in assertive action. It is of leadership, self reliance, and victorious. It is audacious, brave, instinctual, passionate and willful. For the less mature, or when poorly placed in a chart, Mars can express as the awry or ballistic use of power, lack of self-control, abuse in all if its forms, and with selfish motive and greed that is based in the fear of not surviving or not being provided for. The Mars aspect of self (sacrum, base chakra, adrenals sexual organs) is the area generally held in most judgment by many people--due to this force having been used destructively and manipulatively in the history of the solar system resulting in aberrations and devastation of life; hence often dubbed the planet of war. Because of this, total rejection and lack of love is often projected toward the Mars quality / base chakra of self--alienating it even more.

Haumea and her Moons

Haumea artists conception

Haumea, believed to be composed of pure rock with a pure ice shell, has an ellipsoidal shape, is about the size of Pluto in length,and has an orbital period of 285 Earth years. It spins extremely rapid end-over-end at a rate of 3.9 Earth hours. Haumea maintains a state of equilibrium due to its rapid rotation. Although not round, this why it is classified as a Dwarf Planet.

Ann Field / Space Telescope Science Institute / ESA/NASA


The Dwarf Planet Haumea (pronounced how-MAY-ah) was discovered on Dec 28, 2004. Haumea has two moons, Hi’iaka (pronounced HEE-’ee-AH-kah) and Namaka (pronounced nah-MAH-kah).

Haumea is the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Hawaiian mythology. Her many children sprang from different parts of her body. She takes many different forms and has experienced many different rebirths. Martha Warren Beckworth suggests the name Haumea more naturally comes from Hanaumea, meaning “sacred birth.” Hence we have an essence of “purity” or a birth of specialness, the ability to produce a fresh or clear state of consciousness.

Haumea’s propensity is to intercede with dynamic motion from a state of equilibrium and poise to support a new birth in consciousness, especially the use of the fundamental primordial forces of life. Haumea also appears to motivate action to reorient world powers’ militaristic destructive use of power and resources into a nurturing force that supports and protects life, home and family; and that aids humanity’s emergence into a spiritually and primordial aware state of being. At a personal level, Haumea inspires the application of our personal attributes and resources for these same principles. More about Haumea.

Boötes, the Virgin’s consort and protector, stands over the Virgin giving birth, over the Virgo-Libra cusp, ensuring a safe and unadulterated birth from the Virgin. Boötes stands against the fallen corrupt totalitarian world powers that have demonstrated the inability over and again to ensure evolutionary fulfillment, with the continual destruction of the peoples of the Earth and typical catastrophic outcomes.

Boötes is of strength and responsibility. Boötes functions not by outward force but by spiritual awareness and astute intuitive prowess in the application of the knowledge about environmental issues and transcendent subtle forces. Boötes' action is based from a place of receptivity and sensitivity to the situation at hand, action associated with planning, preparation, and strategy.

Seginus, the left shoulder of Boötes, the Virgin’s consort and protector, is of strength and responsibility. It along with the stars forming the upraised arm and hand, Gamma, Theta, Iota and Kappa, impel rebellious stance against manipulative or medaling totalitarian authorities attempting to interfere with the healthy birth and expression of soul consciousness on Earth. Seginus conjoins Muphrid, the left foot of Boötes, which impels confident non-hesitant action to provide personal and intimate support by making possible and ensuring proper energetic environments are created so that souls have the opportunity to birth, evolve and express in their highest potential and achieve evolutionary fulfillment.

Muphrid and Seginus lie over the lower spinal sacrum (sanctum) of the Virgin and the Virgin's womb--protecting the Virgin's principles, its purity, and that of gestation, birth, and life itself.

The Sombrero Galaxy in Corvus M104

The Sombrero Galaxy in Corvus M104

Lying between Muphrid and Seginus (in ecliptical latitude) is the seyfert galaxy NGC 5548. The seyfert galaxy NGC 5548 in Bootes express as an intensely focused purpose. It impels us to be confident on our inner convictions undaunted by external affairs of the human world. It provides an explosive power to overcome obstacles we may encounter and to ensure our safe passage and new birth.

The stars of Corvus are of high intelligence, ingenuity, imagination, insight and adaptability. The brains of Ravens are among the largest of any bird species. They are problem solvers, inventors and are highly opportunistic. Corvus is the keeper of secrets and a knowledge holder, but is also a prophetic revealer--the “raven messenger bird” to those who are spiritually and physically attuned, and who ask and listen. Corvus reminds us to pay acute attention to the signs or messages naturally expressing through the world around us moment-by-moment and to adapt accordingly. The signs found in the simplest of life experience can have meaning if we are willing to be attentive to them. In fact, we can even ask to receive guidance simply by briefly holding the intent to inquire and then letting it go. It is the sincere projection of clear intent that vibrationally invokes a response from the world around us. Corvus is a protector as well, of both the animal and human worlds, and will forewarn of approaching danger to avert unnecessary mishaps, as well as to affirm fortuitous opportunities, meetings or events.

The Mars-Haumea synodic cycle impels creative action in leadership that supports a new birth in consciousness in areas associated with the environment, the natural world and its resources, and education. It impels creative action based-from personal attunement and astute attentiveness to the natural world to create a nurturing and harmonious environment for all life on Earth.

Crescent Moon Phase Characteristics

The Crescent Moon
Expanding on the Theme

Crescent Moon

The hours before the Crescent Moon provide a time when we relinquish patterns of the past that would limit our creative ability to expand on the lunar theme now unfolding. The Crescent Moon is the time when the sprouting seedling sloughs off its protective coat of the past and emerges in a new expression. As the Crescent Moon unfolds, the growing phase of the lunar cycle begins as we start to amalgamate our personal creativity with the original lunar theme.

The Crescent Moon occurs on May 24-25 in late sidereal Gemini. The Moon conjoins Castor and Wasat of Gemini; Adhara and Muliphein of Canis Major; and Delta Monoceros.

The Gemini Twins are marked by the two principal stars: Pollux, the immortal extraterrestrial one, and Castor the mortal terrestrial one, the extraterrestrial incarnate. These two stars, which mark the Twins' heads, lie in the last few degrees of sidereal Gemini. The Twins stand upon the galactic equator at a 60° angle to the ecliptic plane, with the "Feet of the Twins" lying in earlier Gemini, upon the "Gate of Man". Thus, Gemini is a galactic constellation and an ecliptical constellation, which inspires the expression of soul purpose through the daily activity of humankind--the theme of the Gate of Man. Sidereal Gemini is of high intensity intellectual communication, information, commerce, goods and services, and of their exchange. The Twins are of partnerships in mutual cooperation participating in the human world, one of linking and uniting through our daily affairs in the world. The Twins work hand-in-hand for the betterment and evolutionary fulfillment of humankind.

Castor, the liaison in the world of daily human affairs, is more of a manager working with resources and people that serve to get logistics accomplished in the world of business and commerce. Conjoining Castor is Wasat of Gemini. Wasat, the umbilical cord, embodies the essence of sidereal Gemini. Wasat is the link and liaison that unites and acts as a catalyst. Wasat brings the logistical pieces together. Wasat is of planning, coordination, assemblage of diversity into a workable functional model; the mechanics of creating the means in physical logistics. Castor and Wasat impel this quality. Castor / Wasat is the engineer, the technician, the artist, the constructor, and coordinator (whereas opposite Sagittarius is the architect, inspirationalist, and vision holder).

Conjoining Castor and Wasat from the south is Adhara and Muliphein (Mirza) of Canis Major. Adhara and Muliphein conjoin Castor and impel the capacity to create a synthesis of a wide range of people and expertise to make easy that which otherwise would be difficult to accomplish if working alone. Adhara is the aid, assistant or manager, those in a liaison position in larger cooperative groups or organizations. Adhara inspires co-participation and the emergence of colleagues and friends to lend a hand to Castor’s efforts. Muliphein (Mirza) of Canis Major impels people, partners, and soul mates that have disappeared or withdrawn to re-emerge as a steady and dependable presence.

Also conjoining is Delta Monoceros, a star of the Unicorn, inviting us to embrace the unique gifts and talents of all participants. In January 2002, a deceptively ordinary star (V838) suddenly flashed to at least 4,000 times its previous brightness. For several weeks, the red supergiant star was the most brilliant star in the Milky Way. V838 of the Unicorn brings us another urgent message of our need to participate in mutual cooperation to address the issues we face and to provide solution for the human populous.

Our Crescent Moons brings our New Moon focus to communication, planning and to the daily logistics in our lives. It inspires mutual cooperation especially in areas associated with business and commerce. It invites us to bring people, expertise and resources together in coordinated efforts to expand upon our original lunar cycle theme.

The New Venus-Juno Synodic Cycle

Venus and Juno begin a new synodic cycle in early sidereal Scorpio, at the same location as the Earth-Juno synod that occurred just before the New Moon, thus with the same stellar theme. Venus and Juno make a great pair. Their synthesis is commonly known to inspire the formation of partnerships, perhaps romantic. Generally they impel diplomacy, mutual respect and harmony in relationships. In this area of sidereal Scorpio they indicate the forming of strong, intense, loyal and passionate relations. For the mature soul this can be quite empowering because there is the capacity to allow freedom and independence in relationships along with the capacity to accept personal responsibility for one’s experience in relationships. For the less mature, this placement can bring up issues of possessiveness, one-upmanship, control and victim consciousness.

The Juno retrograde along with the near compounded synods between Earth-Juno and Venus-Juno support a shifting and resorting process in relationships. Those mutually compatible can strengthen their bonds tremendously, while other relationships may fly apart due to unresolved emotionally-based inequalities and issues. New relationships forming and those already strong and enduring will engage in a new level of passionate expression when Juno returns direct in mid-July.

The Venus bio-Harmonic Audio Meditation

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, This entire lunar cycle is an ideal time to work with the Venus audio meditation. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

Sun & Mercury

The Sun and Mercury conjoin on May 27. Mercury is on the far side of the Sun (called a superior conjunction). It marks the mid-point of vision and realization in the current 116-day Earth-Mercury Synodic Cycle presented in the February 21, 2012 Lunar Planner.

First Quarter Moon Phase Characteristics

First Quarter Moon
Initiate Action

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon of each lunar cycle draws an external stimulus to initiate action as we move from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter. Our First Quarter Moon occurs on May 28 in sidereal Leo, nesting between Orcus and Mars.

The Moon conjoins Thuban of Draco; Alioth, Alula and the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 4051 of Ursa Major; The Vela X-1 Neutron Star on the sail of the Argo; and Beta Sextans.

Thuban of Draco, in the far northern heavens, just north of Alioth of the Great Bear, was Earth’s pole star circa 2600 BC, near the “tear of the Bear,” a point in Earth’s ~25,000-year “evolutionary cycle of the soul” at which time a turning and fractioning occurred in the hierarchical powers governing Earth. This dramatized the separation between those choosing to fight for a greater evolutionary vision and those wanting to maintain totalitarian control of the Earth.

This was near the 180° point in Earth’s Precessional Cycle, which occurred about 4880 BC. It marked the epitome of darkness in the last temporal 12,000-year period in the precessionally driven, evolutionary cycle of the soul. Dark manipulative forces were specifically dominant from around 4800 BC to 2600 BC in Earth's evolutionary cycle. It was a time in the cycle of the passage from a matriarchal to a patriarchal dominant society. (We are now (circa 2000 A.D.) moving into a time in the cycle impelling a balanced re-unification of the matriarchal and patriarchal forces.

The seyfert galaxy NGC 4051 in Ursa Major

The potent seyfert galaxy NGC 4051 in Ursa Major conjoins Alioth. Image Credit: George Seitz/Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF

Note the dense galactic core. Astrologically, seyferts impel an expression driven from an intensely focused inner purpose that is undaunted by external affairs.

Alignments with Thuban impel the need to take responsibility for the direction of evolutionary affairs for life on Earth, with repercussions incurred at soul level, and with responsibility to ensure evolutionary fulfillment now. Thuban is not about the punctual moment, but more about the backdrop, the durative time-stream in which we find ourselves. Thuban's eminence in our celestial sphere demands we take responsibility for our past-future experience throughout our sojourn on Earth, especially for the destructive or disrupting use of force.

Conjoining Thuban is Alioth of Ursa Major, the star of personal will. Alignments with Alioth teach us that our personal actions can alter the evolutionary currents that create our souls' evolutionary destiny. Alioth stimulates the use of personal will and our need to initiate personal action. Alioth is one of the classical seven rays of the Great Bear teaching incarnating souls the ramifications of the use of personal power.

The adjoining Seyfert Galaxy NGC4051 in Ursa Major adds a potent underlying force driving dynamic action. Thus, Alioth can express as forceful and manipulative use of power merely for personal gain, or when mastered, it can express as personal will attuned to Divine Will in phenomenal accomplishment that responsibly steers our evolutionary course.

Alula Borealis and Alula Australis, and Tania Borealis and Tania Australis form the hind feet of the Bear. Both extend from Al Kaphrah of Ursa Major, which in turn extends from Megrez and Phecda (Phad). Al Kaphrah and Alula impart a long-standing and established power, expressed as an assertive and powerful creative force applied to steer and protect. They are of stability, enduring strength and established authority. Al Kaphrah also impels the balanced distribution or delegation of power and authority. Alioth and Alula synthesize with the theme of Thuban of Northern Draco and the Vela X–1 Neutron Star in Velorum, the sail of the Argo.

The neutron star Vela X-1creates a relentless wind driving us to respond to life. It engages us to participate in creating our long-term evolutionary destiny. This is an all or nothing deal, as that which we set in course in the present affects the nature of our evolutionary future. If we take no stance we are merely destined to chance and are blown in the forever changing winds.

May 28, 2012 First Quarter Moon with aspects

The Sextant, a navigational instrument, reveals our need to determine our present position / situation, to set our bearings, and to take a new tack toward the direction we wish to move with conscious consideration for the changing evolutionary winds and currents upon which we must navigate. The stars of the Sextant impel responsible administration to navigate our evolutionary journey safely and effectively.

Our dynamic action-oriented First Quarter Moon, with these significant star alignments, also directly aspects Chiron and the Uranus-Pluto Square. Uranus and Pluto are now 1° 17’ to their exact square.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction lies in the Hyades, just before the significant Aldebaran-Antares axis. The Sun-Mercury conjunction square Chiron, is sextile to Uranus and is inconjunct to Pluto. The Moon is opposite Chiron, trines Pluto and is inconjunct to Uranus. Thus the Moon, Sun and Chiron also create a T-square, all which create a powerfully intense planetary configuration.

Our First Quarter Moon inspires intensely focused and undaunted action to achieve our goals, which may require a new approach. Action set in motion now can significantly effect our evolutionary course, both personally and globally. Action with consideration for the long-term ramifications is essential.

Gibbous Moon Phase Characteristics

The Gibbous Moon
Attraction & Involvement

Gibbous Moon

The 24-hour period just before the Gibbous Moon is a time of perseverance, of pushing through in the midst of the action quarter of the lunar cycle. The Gibbous Moon is when the pressure releases and we enter the Pollinating Phase of the lunar cycle, which begins a social and communicative time of magnetic attraction.

The Carina Nebula shown in colourful detail.

Strong Winds over the Keel of the Argo
The Carina Nebula shown in colourful detail.

The latest ESO image reveals amazing detail in the intricate structures of one of the largest and brightest nebulae in the sky, the Carina Nebula (NGC 3372), where strong winds and powerful radiation from an armada of massive stars are creating havoc in the large cloud of dust and gas from which the stars were born.

The large and beautiful image displays the full variety of this impressive skyscape, spattered with clusters of young stars, large nebulae of dust and gas, dust pillars, globules, and adorned by one of the Universe's most impressive binary stars. It was produced by combining exposures through six different filters from the Wide Field Imager (WFI), attached to the 2.2 m ESO/MPG telescope at ESO's La Silla Observatory, in Chile.

Image & Caption Credit: ESO's La Silla Observatory

Our Gibbous Moon occurs on May 31-June 1. It conjoins retrograde Saturn by 3° on the cusp of sidereal Libra. Conjoining stars include: Spica of Virgo; and Archturus and Nekkar of Bootes. Saturn conjoins Eta Carina of Argo Navis by 1°.

Boötes ensures the proper use of creative energies and all that is involved in creating the proper harmonic environment or resonance for a harmonious evolutionary unfoldment.

Archturus, the primary (Alpha) star of Boötes, is the administrative seat responsible for the safe evolutionary unfoldment and ascension of Earth and humanity--supporting the pure birth and a healthy and harmonious incarnate life of the soul. Archturus embodies the essence or seed of Boötes (the adom of man), and is the provider for and protector of the Virgin (Divine Feminine) principle, and Mother Earth. Nekkar, Beta Boötes, the head / intelligence of Boötes, lies north of and conjoins Archturus. Nekkar impels wise leadership from spiritual wisdom. Prominent alignments with Nekkar and Archturus can make a spiritually wise teacher, leader, sage, advisor, or custodian. They understand the deeper transcendant currents at work and are often behind the scenes.

Nekkar and Archturus lie directly over and conjoin Spica, the base chakra (Vesica Pisces) of the Virgin, which marks the sidereal Virgo-Libra cusp. Predating our current rendering of a supine Virgin, the Virgin was shown standing, only occupying sidereal Virgo, not Libra as well, with Spica being an ear or sheaf of wheat held in her right hand. In Egypt, this was Isis (a Greek derivation of the Egyptian hieroglyphs), also with a sheaf of wheat, and sometimes holding the infant Horus, which later became the image of the Christian Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus. Isis embodied the principles of a Virgin (a pure vessel) and that of a Mother (to give birth), not a Virgin-Mother. Isis embodied the capacity to birth a soul in its full potential, a total or soul-infused awakened being, and to care for and ensure souls’ expression into their highest potential. Isis / Virgo embodies the exalted feminine principle, and all facets of this principle including the unconditional caring for all life, including the animal kingdom and the Earth (ecology, agriculture, etc).

Spica impels the enterprising practical application of the Archturian intent of purpose to steer and guide Earth and humanity in its evolutionary process. Spica embodies the wholeness of the divine feminine principle. Spica impels the need to be pure within self for this unadulterated expression. Spica also embodies knowledge about the proper use of one’s chi, of our sexual and reproductive energies, of body fluids, of herbs and elixirs, of sacred sex; and all that is related. Spica inspires education regarding the fundaments of life and is pro-active in ensuring its continuation and evolutionary fulfillment.

The Archturus-Spica (Boötes-Virgo) synthesis also exemplifies the masculine and feminine in their unadulterated Divine Union, able to express, birth, and manifest the purest expressions of Unity Consciousness. The Archturus-Spica synthesis articulates the entwined masculine and feminine forces spiraling into their full potential, free from entrapment in a karmic-based path of soul growth, or from incurring such repercussions. It also embodies these two forces working in an entwined balance and unity on Earth.

Explosive Eta Carina

Explosive Eta Carina
Image Credit: Chandra X-Ray Observatory / Harvard
NASA/HST - J. Morse/K. Davidson

Eta Carina enters the ecliptic in late sidereal Virgo and due to its massive and extremely active nature, it significantly and prominently influences the latter part of Virgo; the womb (inner sanctum) of the Virgin, and the themes of Spica and Archturus and of Muphrid and Seginus; and the Virgo-Libra cusp.

Eta Carina is the most luminous, massive, and energetic star known in our galaxy--estimated to be 100 times the mass of our Sun, and to radiate five million times more energy than our Sun. A gas shell surrounding Eta extends 4000 times the size of our solar system. Eta is highly unstable and prone to violent outbursts. Eta was seen to erupt in 1840 A.D., then making it the second brightest star in the sky. Eta recently doubled its X-ray emissions in a four-month period sometime between 1992 to 1994, indicating an intensified influence of the Eta Carina theme. Eta then doubled in brightness in 1998--perhaps Eta's warnings. Current observations indicate that Eta Carinae remains highly unstable and may explode as a supernova at any time!

Eta Carina is Lord of the Waves (the Akkadian Ea (Ia), the Sumerian Enki, chief god of the city Eridhu--he who warned Noah), generally is considered the foreteller of impending catastrophe, but also the instructor of the way through such evolutionary transitions. Eta is also associated with the Sirian amphibious fish-man "Oannes," who taught the Chaldaeans, both esoteric science and that which would civilize their lives, from building cities and temples to agricultural technique (Robert Temple, "The Sirius Mystery" / Blavatsky, "Isis Unveiled"). Eta embodies the esoteric Gnostic wisdom behind what to most is merely the mystery of life or unfathomable acts of God. Oannes is the emblem of priestly, esoteric wisdom; he comes out from the sea, because the 'great deep', the water, typifies...the secret doctrine." (Blavatsky, "Isis Unveiled")

Archeologist suspect the Mesopotamian city of Eridu was occupied between about 5000 and 2000 BC. Eridu is south of Nasiriya in Iraq (currently called Tell Abu Shahrain).

Due to Eta’s strong X-ray spectrum and galactic equatorial orientation, it expresses significantly at the soul level--stimulating an awakening on Earth to our greater purpose as sentient souls responsible for Earth's safe evolutionary outcome. As a part of Argo Navis and the Argo's keel, Eta is of navigational matters regarding the evolution of the entire soul collective on Earth.

Eta Carina's impending Super Nova explosion, is a portent of evolutionary change and impels environmental preparation for such change. It also indicates that something with far greater potential and magnitude can and will birth through the human form--a far greater expression of consciousness. Eta stimulates our need to prepare for and to become capable of this greater expression of consciousness, to create an inner bio-logical environment that is capable of a higher expression of consciousness as well as one that can support such a physical birth.

Our Saturn Gibbous Moon in this area of the Zodiak brings somewhat of a sobering no-nonsense energetic. It especially brings attention to our responsibility to life, to all life, and to ensuring Earth and humanity's continuance, survival, and evolutionary fulfillment. In the context of our lunar cycle theme, it brings attention to establishing structures in our lives that support us through evolutionary change.

The Saturn bio-Harmonic Audio Meditation

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, This dya leading into the Gibbous Moon is an ideal time to work with the Saturn audio meditation. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

The Time of Global Change is at Hand.
What is the end of the World for some is a New World for those who realize it is.

Full Moon Phase Characteristics

The Full Moon Partial Eclipse
Vision, Enthusiasm, & Realization of the Theme

The Venus Transit
& The New 584-day Earth-Venus Synodic Cycle

Full Moon

The Full Moon marks the culmination point in the lunar cycle, the climax, the point of excitement and celebration. The hours leading up to the Full Moon provide a time of "vision and enthusiasm." The time just after Full Moon is a one of "realization of the lunar month's theme," a time to kick back and relax, to allow our realizations to surface in consciousness.

The June 4, 2012 lunar eclipse occurs at the Moon's ascending node in southern Ophiuchus. The eclipse rises over eastern Asia, is visible over Australia and the Pacific, and sets over western North America. It is visible in the western United States and Canada, but moonset will occur before the eclipse ends.
Full Moon: 4:11:33 AM PDT (11:11:33 UT)

* Penumbral eclipse starts – 08:48:09 UT
* Partial eclipse starts – 09:59:53 UT
* Greatest eclipse – 11:03:13 UT
* Partial eclipse ends – 12:06:30 UT
* Penumbral eclipse ends – 13:18:17 UT

NASA: June 4, 2012 Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon eclipse of June 4 occurs in sidereal Scorpio and in the constellation Ophiuchus. It loosely conjoins the Centaur Pholus and the minor planet Ixion by about 4°. The Sun conjoins retrograde Venus by 2.5°, slightly preceding the Venus Transit. Thus, the Venus-Sun conjunction is opposite the Moon-Pholus-Ixion conjunction.

This Full Moon is of special significance because the Moon’s placement is near the exact same location of the new Earth-Venus synodic cycle, thus with the same theme. The Full Moon, culminating the Pleiades-Perseus lunar cycle, also brings our awareness directly to the longer 584-day Earth-Venus synodic cycle starting in Ophiuchus.

The Venus Transit occurs 1.5 days after the Full Moon, on June 6, 2012, 1:09:33 GMT (June 5, 6:09 PM-MST). Retrograde Venus squares Mars between the Full Moon and the Venus Transit. Neptune also stations to begin its retrograde. Thus all of these events happen together, although by the time of the exact transit, the Moon will have moved several degrees further in the zodiac to conjoin Pluto and trigger the Uranus-Pluto Square—another significant dynamic. All of this creates a powerful and unique energetic for this Venus Transit. Thus I will present the Full Moon and the new Earth-Venus Synodic Cycle together, and then the actual Venus Transit in Taurus.

The Full Moon and the New 584-day Earth-Venus Synodic Cycle

The Venus transit is of course seen from the Earth as we look toward the Venus-Sun conjunction in the constellation and sidereal sign of Taurus. A synod however is defined looking from the Sun toward the two or more planets that are aligning. Thus, the Earth-Venus synod is seen in the exact opposite part of the zodiak, in this case in sidereal Scorpio and in the constellation of Ophiuchus. It is also what you would see looking from Venus, seeing Earth nesting in this stellar backdrop.

The Venus-Earth-Pholus-Ixion-Ophiuchus Synod

The Earth-Venus synod lies about 1.5 degrees further in ecliptical longitude than the Full Moon. The stars expressing through this few-degree area define the nature of our Full Moon theme and the new Earth-Venus Synodic Cycle.

The Full Moon and the synod lie between the legs of Ophiuchus. Conjoining stars include: Restaban of Draco; the Globular Cluster M10 in Ophiuchus; a Super-Galactic cluster of galaxies called The Great Attractor; Alpha Apodis; Sarin of Hercules; Wei in the body of the Scorpion; and Ras Algethi of Hercules. The Moon exactly conjoins the Great Attractor and the Earth-Venus synod exactly conjoins Ras Algethi of Hercules, although all of these stellar forces synthesize.

Ophiuchus lies north of (above) and on the ecliptic, standing over the Scorpion. The body of the Scorpion swings south of the ecliptic, under the legs and feet of Ophiuchus. Antares, heart of the Scorpion, defines the center of the sidereal sign of Scorpio, the Serpent Point, and embodies the essence of the Scorpio constellation. Antares lies below the ecliptic as well, in the body of the Scorpion. Only the head of the Scorpion crosses the ecliptic (Dschuba), in the earlier part of the sign. Because Ophiuchus actually crosses the ecliptic, it is the thirteenth ecliptical constellation (not sign), but it lies in the sidereal sign of Scorpio.

In our stellar image, Ophiuchus stands confidently holding the serpent (Serpentis) coiled around his body. The neck and head of the serpent point toward the Northern Crown (Corona Borealis), which lies above the Chelae (claws) of the Scorpion (the scales of Libra). In Greek myth, Aesculapius (Aesclepius or Asculapius) the mediciner of the ship Argo, is also imaged as Ophiuchus, knowledgeable of advanced healing processes beyond the cycle of life and death. Aesculapius is the Greek version of Imhotep of Dynastic Egypt. Imhotep is considered to be the father of medicine and author of a medical treatise (the Edwin Smith papyrus) thought to have been written about 1700 BC, but also believed to be a compilation of documents a thousand years older. Ophiuchus also articulates the theme embodied by the Christian resurrected Jesus (or Jeshu).

Ophiuchus is knowledge holder over the raw creative forces governing life and death--one who has attained ascension from the lower-order forces that perpetuate our scenarios of (re-incarnational) entrapment. Ophiuchus is exemplar of one who has mastered the initiatory forces of life and who has brought the interplay of these forces to a greater spiritual fulfillment. The astronomical symbol of Ophiuchus is the caduceus--the entwined double serpent upon a staff--representing both the double helix of the DNA and the fully active and awakened kundalini rising along the spinal column.

Ophiuchus and the sidereal sign of Scorpio are associated with our education regarding the use of primal creative forces and raw creative power. The entire image of Ophiuchus standing upon the scorpion with this magnificent snake reaching for the Northern Crown (Corona Borealis) represents the process of claiming our self-mastery to attain evolutionary fulfillment beyond of the karmic-dharmic based reincarnational process of soul growth, the balancing of human experience in the polarity of duality. This is to become ascended in vibrational resonance, an illumined being free from perpetuated entrapment--literally the illumination of the double-banned lattice of the DNA (the urn of the soul) into the one radiant spiral of light. This is to live in a unified awareness beyond the entrapments inherent to a limited perception of a dualistic world.

The legs of Ophiuchus articulate emotional equilibrium, the stance from which he expresses his mastery. They also reveal a balance between the left and right, the feminine and masculine. This is reflected in the second chakra of the human body, the balance between the splenic and hepatic organs of the body (a gyroscopic chakra). Without clearing emotional issues held in this area of self and establishing this inner equilibrium there is not a capacity to unify and balance the masculine and feminine in our selves and in our outer experience, let alone in our world. This inner emotional equilibrium is a prerequisite to the spiritual and physical mastery that Ophiuchus exemplifies.

The M10 Globular Cluster of stars in Ophiuchus

The M10 Globular Cluster of stars in Ophiuchus.
The Centuar Pholus is 19° north of the ecliptic passing directly over the cluster.

Image credit: Michael and Michael McGuiggan/Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF

The Globular Cluster M10, along with the globular M12, expresses the heart of Ophiuchus. Globular star clusters are densely packed spheres of stars, often containing many millions of stars. They impart an inner core strength and sense of self-conviction that can be drawn upon. These two globular clusters articulate the powerful force expressed from the heart of Ophiuchus; and for one in self-mastery, they impart a powerful light and passion expressing from the heart and from the integration of the dualistic forces of our reality, as well as the integration of the physical and spiritual.

Hercules stands upside down in the northern Heavens, north above Ophiuchus, with his feet (foundation) in the Heptanomis (the seven heavens of the celestial dome), in the realm of the gods; and with his head and hands at work in the realm of humankind aiding those in the incarnate world struggling to claim their freedom from perpetuated mortal entrapment.

Ras Algethi is the lucida (brightest star) of this constellation and marks the head of Hercules. Ras Algethi embodies the wisdom of Hercules (derived partly from his heavenly heritage and partly from his challenging Earthian experience) and contributes significantly to the Ophiuchus / Scorpio theme. Hercules is one seeded from another realm but who is intimately aware of the human dilemma, the struggle and its cause (the alchemical amalgamation of those from the heavens with those of the Earth). His beauty and intelligence he gains from Alcmene his mother and his wisdom of evolutionary matters along with his shrewd sagacity he gains from Zeus is father. The motivation behind his undaunted and bold actions expresses from experiencing the human struggle and knowing the heavenly freedom possible. His presence upon the incarnational plane is of a service capacity, a mission of evolutionary proportion--to ensure our evolutionary freedom both personally and for all souls on Earth. Ras Algethi impels an accomplishment oriented drive to excel or to achieve something phenomenal, greater and freeing.

Sarin, the shoulder of Hercules, along with Kornephoros, is of strength and responsibility to aid others in their pursuit for freedom. Both Ras Algethi and Sarin lie over Ophiuchus, the illumined one who stands in self-mastery upon the Scorpion. Hercules helps and teaches others to claim their self-mastery and freedom from the dominion of others and from false beliefs placed upon them.

Restaban (Beta) and Etamin (Gamma) of Draco create the eyes of the Dragon. Draco is the constellation that encircles and guards the northern pole of our ecliptic. Both stars are of a high administrative order overseeing the initiations of the incarnate soul. They lie north of and express through Hercules and Ophiuchus.

Restaban expresses between the Head of Hercules (Ras Algethi) and the Heart of the Scorpion (Antares) into sidereal Scorpio. Etamin expresses just into sidereal Sagittarius and oversees the heart center of our Galaxy (Galactic Center).

Restaban opens portals and pathways in the physical world for those who have truly embraced and mastered their initiations in life, who have aligned with the path of soul rather than the convenient path of personality, for those who live true to self--as our Hercules exemplifies--portals that are otherwise blocked to those who have not claimed their self-mastery and demonstrated their self-responsibility in applying that mastery in a service capacity to others.

“The Great Attractor” (GA), a super-cliuster of galaxies, lies between the ecliptical longitudes of Restaban of Draco and Ras Algethi of Hercules. It also conjoins Sarin of Hercules; the Globular Cluster M10 in Ophiuchus; Wei of Scorpio and Alpha Apodis. The The Great Attractor resides along the galactic plane, about 29° south of the ecliptic. The Great Attractor complements the nature of Ras Algethi of Hercules, Restaban of Draco and the Heart of Ophiuchus.

The GA is near the direction in space that our local group of galaxies is (seemingly) being pulled. The GA has been known about since the mid-80s. Since then however, and due to deeper-looking survey instruments, the Shapely Supercluster (SSC) of galaxies was found beyond the GA, a far greater attractive mass, which is a group of about 17 galactic clusters. The Great Attractor was thus revealed to have about one tenth the mass originally attributed to it. The Shapely Supercluster is the most massive structure (so far found) topping the list of about 220 known superclusters. So it is more like our local group of galaxies is being pulled past the GA toward the Shapely Supercluster. Although the SCC is behind the GA, the SSC, as viewed from our solar system, falls into early sidereal Libra, a different zodiakal longitude than the GA, which falls into sidereal Scorpio. Both are astrologically significant of course.

I tend to think of the Great Attractor as a way station on the way to this super-cosmic mass of consciousness, the SSC. Astrologically, the GA allows or facilitates passage to new ways of being, past our limiting human mold, or patterns, opening the way to a yet greater super-consciousness, to greater possibilities of being. The GA pulls us toward a greater "cosmic awareness." It provides a unique perspective from outside our galactic space of what is not commonly seen. Significant alignments with it can impel an ability to travel in a space-time warp with the capacity to see behind or through the apparent solidified realm of matter. From a personality perspective, one with significant GA alignments might seem to be coming and going at the same time. It produces a mysteriously seductive and magnetic character (fitting to sidereal Scorpio/Ophiuchus), luring us into the future.

Local Galactic Superclusters

Our "Local Galactic Group" of galaxies contains our Galaxy (the Milky Way), and many other galaxies, including the Andromeda Galaxy.

Our "Local Galactic Group" resides in the "Virgo Supercluster," which contains many other galactic groups and clusters, including the Virgo Cluster, the Fornax Cluster, the Eridanus Cluster, the Dorado Cluster, the Ursa Major Groups, the Leo Groups, and several others.

The "Virgo Supercluster," to which we belong, is one of many Superclusters. Our "Local Superclusters" are shown in this image.

This "Local Supercluster" group of Superclusters, each containing many galactic clusters, is but one small area nesting within an unlimited number of Galactic Superclusters in our Observable Universe--incomprehensibly endless.

Our Full Moon eclipse brings us from our original Perseus-Pleiades Eclipse New Moon theme to the perspective provided by Ophiuchus and Hercules. The Lunar Partial Eclipse is the second stage of our eclipse lunar cycle. It provides an opportune time to surrender emotionally as well as any need to be in control. It invites us to surrender our very human mold, that sense of self that we hold together with the tension of our thoughts and beliefs. It invites us to become energetically wide open to breathe in the infusion of feminine energy about to emblazon the Earth through the Venus Transit. It brings us to the realization that this lunar cycle is about establishing a greater equilibrium between the masculine and feminine principles with in ourselves, and to claim a greater level of self mastery by doing so, which we can then express throughout our lives and into the world.

This too is the theme that will express through the new 584-day Earth-Venus cycle—surrender to the Divine Feminine Essence in life—to allow it to bring the abundance, beauty, and love we all seek to have in our lives and in our world. It is a major shift for much of humanity to surrender the modality of fighting to survive, of having a focus on self and personal gain, especially when struggling to survive. Yet this surrender is the only way to alleviate that struggle. It is by embracing the unconditional compassion to express love in all areas of our lives and to care for all life that will change our world.

So remember, when you gaze at the Full Moon in Ophiuchus, you are gazing into this powerful theme and this Full Moon message. And remember during the Venus Transit occurring the day after, whether visually watching it or not, that it is the power of Ophiuchus, where the Earth-Venus fusion occurs, that stands behind you in support for you to open your Heart wider than you ever have before.

This new Earth-Venus synodic cycle theme will fully engage when Venus returns direct on June 27, 2012, on the First Quarter Moon in the following lunar cycle.

Venus Unveiled


The astrophysical resonances of Venus govern the heart bio-energy centre (chakra), and the thymus, which is the neurological control center for the immune system. Like the thyroid (governed by Mercury) is reflexed to the liver, the thymus is reflexed to the spleen. The heart chakra is our centre of intuitive knowing, harmony, magnetic attraction, that which we value, love, romance, and sexual rapture. It is where we find our capacity for compassion and appreciation of beauty. The heart chakra and thymus resonate to the emotional tone of fear and judgment. It is fear that shuts the heart down and causes all immune related problems. We defend our fear with judgment.

Venus (and the heart chakra), when mature and clear, expresses love in art and beauty, with a wonderful capacity for unconditional acceptance of all conditions--true, non-judgmental love. The unconditionally open heart receives and expresses love that is harmoniously balanced. Mature Venus is open to new experience, is courageous, optimistic, and aware of soul intent and purpose--as the unconditionally open heart is where soul fully radiates its light. Mature Venus is also sociable, fashionable, artistic, good willed, benevolent, diplomatic, and magnetically sensuous. Venus is also of wealth and resources and plays a prominent role in financial matters and the flow of money.

The Venus Transit

Animation of the 2012
Venus Transit path across the Sun

The passage of Venus across the sun will occur for about 5 hours centered around the time of the Sun-Venus conjunction occurring June 6, 2012, 1:09:33 GMT (June 5, 6:09 PM-MST/PDT).

For an in-depth astronomical exploration about the Venus Transit visit the Venus Transit Web pages. There you can learn about the eight-year pentagonal cycle of Venus; how the retrogrades of Venus are created; the 243-year Venus Passage cycle; why the transits in this cycle come in pairs for a while and why they then become singular; the drift of this cycle through the zodiak; the star alignments of the 2004/2012 transits in the sidereal zodiak; the psychophysiology (mental-emotional-physical facets) of Venus in our lives; and the astrophysical resonances of Venus in light (color), sound, and brain wave frequencies. There is additional material on the 2012 transit and viewing information on the additional Venus 2012 page.

If you are not in an area to see the transit (and even if you are) NASA EDGE has teamed up with the Sun Earth Day Team to air a live 'remote' webcast from Mauna Kea, Hawaii on June 5, through their partnership with the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy.


The Venus Transit Stars in Taurus

The transit conjoins Kursa of Eridanus (the exact alignment); Rigel (Beta) of Orion; the stars forming the Shield of Orion; Hassaleh of Auriga; and Gamma Camelopardalis (the Camel). Rigel is the primary star in this zodiacal band.

Retrograde Path of Venus in Taurus 2012

Rigel, Beta Orion, is a supergiant star about 30 times the size of our Sun and with a mass about 17 times the mass of our Sun. It shines about 40,000 times our Sun’s luminosity and is the seventh brightest star in the heavens. It lies south of the red giant Betelgeuse, also of Orion. Rigel has a faint dwarf companion but it is hard to see in small telescopes due to Rigel’s brilliance.

Rigel is of enterprising entrepreneurialism. Orions in general are known for their architectural capacity. Prominent alignments with Rigel (and Bellatrix) bring the capacity to embody, direct and execute large, extravagant and grandiose projects; bringing good through commerce and business affairs.

Orion's Belt Stars

Orion's Belt Stars

Kursa, conjoining Rigel, marks the beginning of Eridanus, the River of Life. Kursa is of new beginnings, new journeys, new involvements, and new legs of our lives. Although it may be time to go forth anew, into a new phases of our lives, we must be aware of the tenacious perseverance required when staring new life journeys, to move from the wars and trials of the past to the freedom of the future. Kursa is also favorable for journeys involving enterprises across water or in other parts of the world.

North of Taurus is Auriga, the Charioteer. Capella, the messenger of light, is the primary star of this constellation. Hassaleh is the third brightest star of the classic pentagon of stars forming Auriga. Hassaleh conjoins Rigel of Orion and Kursa of Eridanus. Marking the foot of Auriga, Hassaleh inspires innovative and persistent action; and like the essence of Auriga, to mobilize that which cannot move on its own accord. Conjoining Hoedus adds a warrior quality to Hassaleh and is action oriented.

The northern Camel articulates the nature of this zodiakal band in Taurus well. (Alpha and Beta conjoin Bellatrix; and Gamma conjoins Kursa of Eridanus). The Camel spreads wealth around the world through commerce and business, is a resilient, enduring, hard working and intelligent beast of burden with the ability to go for days without water before becoming distressed, one suited for long and arduous journeys. This also articulates the planning and administrative nature of Bellatrix and the plodding and enduring nature of Taurus in general.

In concert with our Taurus Lunar Cycle, we find inspiration for an enterprising fresh start, to engage in a new journey in life. Enterprises of the Heart and Art are especially favored. The transit inspires us to create the means to move forward in a new heart-centered way that supports the fundamental physical needs for people, home and family—a key quality of Taurus.

Venus also has a primary influence in the flow and use of financial resources. This transit, especially as the retrograde completes on June 27, 2012, may stimulate a change in focus for the application of resources as well as stimulate a turning in the global financial scene. Venus and her retrogrades are extremely significant in astrological financial forecasting. (See the work of Raymond Merriman, Revati of Pisces is Venus’ exalted star. Revati means money, financial resources. Venus is also at home sidereal Taurus, which produces a clear, feminine and empowered expression.

Additional Dynamics of the Venus Transit

The Sun-Venus Mars Square & The Venus Mars Pholus-Ixion T-square

Venus Transit Mars T-Square Astrology Chart

Venus squares Mars a day before the Venus Transit, on June 4. Mars, in sidereal Leo, conjoins Mizar of Ursa Major; and Asterion and the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 4151 of Canes Venatici. This is just a couple of degrees to the Earth-Mars synod of March 3, 2012 that occurred during the Mars retrograde, still very much under the auspices of Mizar.

Mizar of the Great Bear, Zeta Ursa Major, is the overseeing and predominant star of this area of the zodiak. Mizar, and its companion Alcor, articulates raw fiery energy that must express one way or another. Mizar must have a creative outlet, but for its proper expression, we must apply it with creative vision. Mizar brings attention to use of our creative energies; creative and destructive tendencies, and the fear to create lest it may result in destruction. Here we learn the nature of such volatile forces. Mizar, with averted alignments is also known for catastrophic fires or massacres. Mizar can however express quite artistically--just as gunpowder can express as beautiful fireworks or devastating explosions. Mizar tends to express in a grand way, in character with showy and dramatic Leo. Mizar imparts a dynamic, action oriented creative artistic expression.

Asterion and the conjoining Seyfert Galaxy NGC4151, both of the barking hounds, Canes Venatici, conjoin Mizar. Seyfert galaxies are spiral galaxies that have very dense and bright cores (nuclei) that express a broad spectrum of emission lines, which suggests extremely hot gases in violent motion. In general, Seyfert galaxies tend to stimulate dynamic, powerful and directed action.

Although of a dynamic, outgoing, artistic creative character, Mizar, Asterion and Chort, on the hind of the Lion, can also produce a lot of dramatic racket and fiery commotion due to toxic conditions or an unrefined awareness. This can also be a part of the often diversionary tactics intended to distract the unsuspecting from the real issues or path at hand, a theme common to late Leo.

The conjoining Pulsar CP1133 in Leo provides impulses to act upon our intuition and upon the more subtle evolutionary and guiding currents articulated by the stars of Velorum, the sail of the Argo, in this case Delta Velorum, which lies below in the southern heavens. Delta Velorum provides and opening or way through the diversionary dramatics in the global arena for those who are able to function on more refined evolutionary currents.

Mars squaring the Venus Transit stimulates dynamic creative action in leadership based from the Venus Transit theme. In addition there is a T-square occurring with Venus opposite the Centaur Pholus (and the minor planet Ixion), square to Mars. The Pholus-Ixion conjunction, which is long standing, is influencing a metamorphic transformation and healing regarding issues surrounding the tyrannical and exploitative use of power.

This T-square is an a significant facet of our Venus Transit and the years following. It places extra emphasis on the expression of Mars, but in an entirely new way. The Venus Transit in Taurus and the Ophiuchus Venus synodic theme invite the empowered and masterful expression of the feminine principle into the physical infrastructures of our lives, and in an enterprising capacity. This includes solution through intuition, art, abundance, beauty and unconditional compassion. Pholus-Ixion impels a transformational catalyst in the masculine, perhaps unseen yet mysteriously present. This entirety feeds into Mars, the foci of the T-square, which impels the externalized expression of this Sun-Venus-Earth / Pholus-Ixion energetic. It motivates us to ACTIVELY EXPRESS Mars, the masculine force in our lives and in our world, in an entirely NEW WAY. It impels audacious creative leadership based from the feminine principle that catalyzes a paradigm metamorphosis into harmony, solution, abundance and beauty, one that is compassionate, respectful and caring for all life.

Neptune Station

Neptune also stations to begin its retrograde on June 4. This begins a shifting period from the previous Earth-Neptune synodic cycle into the next, which begins in the midst of its retrograde on August 24, 2012. This begins a period of redefining our dreams and visions, to envision new ways forward into the future. Neptune’s station occurs in sidereal Aquarius conjoining several very fortuitous stars including Fomalhaut of Pisces Australis; Sadalmelik and Ancha of Aquarius; Enif of Pegasus; and Zeta Cygnus (tip of the wing).

Aquarius, the humanitarian waterbearer, nourishes the body of humanity. Aquarius embodies a future-oriented vision for an evolved humanitarian-based society and the essence of philanthropy. Aquarius is altruistic and inspires new ideas, technologies and pursuits in the art-sciences and in social issues of the world. It is of the flow of resources within that populous that creates a wholesome human condition.

Pisces Australis (the southern fish) lying south of Aquarius, articulates the body of humanity, human society. Fomalhaut, one of the "Four Royal Architects," is the administrative seat of the aquatic quadrant of the heavens. Fomalhaut is the fishes mouth, both through which the Aquarian waterman pours its nourishment, and through which humanity speaks. Fomalhaut is the voice of humanity. Those with prominent Fomalhaut placements have a need to speak for humanity as a whole and about humanity's fundamental needs. They seek ways to create an evolved universal human society, one free from segregations.

Sadalmelik, Alpha Aquarius, is one the stars creating the Diamond of the Aquarian Waterbearer. Sadalmelik, the "lucky one of the kingdom" is the directing force of this flow. Sadalmelik creates an air of recognition and acceptance in the kingdom of human affairs--especially for those involved in the arts and sciences. Sadalmelik brings fortuitous opportunity for those with humanitarian interest, and who are in those arenas where such interest can be expressed. Sadalmelik is of leadership and prominent alignments with it inspire visionary administration of humanitarian efforts.

Ancha, Theta Aquarius, south of and conjoining Sadalmelik is the Waterbearer's talisman on his belt or thigh and articulates this fortuitous capacity for fulfillment. It is of one who “holds the vision” of the Aquarian Waterbearer. Ancha is also of knowledge, secrets, science, research, writing, scribes, teachers, record-keepers and mediators, and the articulation of this intelligence.

Pegasus, in general, is of strength and support, that which lifts humanity above the entrapping forces and scenarios common to a less than socially mature world. Enif, Baham and Homam are a group of fortuitous stars that lie over the Aquarian waterbearer, forming the head of Pegasus.

Enif of Pegasus, the nose of the magical flying horse, brings intuitiveness and sensitivity to the humanitarian / Aquarian pursuit. Enif is characteristic of altruistic people, those with the intuitive awareness to recognize what is of essence, of value, and worthy of humanitarian support. Enif is often of people who are capable of providing material and financial support and who have the sensitivity to do so. A fortuitous star, Enif asks us to follow our intuition to do what is truly supportive to our greater wellbeing and to those around us. Enif and Baham, lying over the Diamond of Aquarius, impel us to lift and elevate, to make possible that which otherwise would not be without such altruistic support.

This is one of the purest points of resonance in the ecliptic and one of the most fortuitous.

The Moon triggers the Uranus-Pluto Square

Moon conjoins Pluto at the time of the Venus Transit triggering the Uranus-Pluto Square. Uranus and Pluto are now about 1° to their exact square. The Uranus-Pluto square, which continues from 2012 though 2015, consists of seven exact squares (triggers), the first of which occurs on the following New Moon. This Venus Transit, along with its dynamic planetary aspects, creates significant energetic as we enter into what should be a powerfully transformative few year period. More about the Uranus-Pluto Square.

Disseminating Moon Phase Characteristics

The Disseminating Moon
Manifestation & Demonstration

Disseminating Moon

The hours leading up to the Disseminating Moon generally is an accelerated and busy time of last minute preparation that leads into the birth point in the lunar cycle, the time of bearing the fruit of the cycle, of claiming its gift, of living that which we have been learning.

The Disseminating Moon occurs on June 7 in sidereal Capricorn. The Sun, Venus and Pholus align just before the Disseminating Moon and the Sun, Venus and Ixion align just after. Earth follows, creating its synods with Pholus and Ixion on June 8. This produces the start of a compounded Earth-Venus-Pholus-Ixion synodic cycle, and it significantly augments the nature of the Earth-Venus synodic cycle, which began on the Venus Transit.

The Centaur Pholus

Just as Chiron embraces the orbits of Saturn and Uranus and is consider a key or bridge between the two planets due to their harmonic orbital resonances, Pholus’ aphelion also synchronizes with Saturn’s orbit, but it extends beyond the orbit of Uranus, crosses that of Neptune, and harmonically resonates with Orcus’ orbit—Pluto’s compliment. Pholus thus links the realms of Saturn and Orcus while passing through Uranus and Neptune.

Pholus may help to lead us from the conforming bounds and limitations of our past, to make the radical changes in our lives, to pierce the veils obscuring our more transcendent soul purpose, and to awaken to that purpose and live it. Conversely, Pholus may also help us to ground and concretize that purpose in the world. Pholus seems to help us refine our sense of responsibility to living true to soul’s oath.

Pholus can manifest as unusual ability or an unexpected experience that can catalyze profound change. Pholus often works in a mysterious or shrouded way, and often manifests in a whirlwind of confusion as some type of catalyzing agent, sometimes medicinal, that makes possible a transition or passage that otherwise would not occur. More about the Centaurs.


Ixion was discovered in May of 2001. As a newly discovered planet, Ixion’s astrological role is exploratory. Based upon Ixion’s myth (with minimal astrological verification), Ixion seems to related to conflict amongst leaders; more specifically about those in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, especially women, as well as the the tyrannical destruction of people for one’s own end. Ixion may also be prominent in malicious and deceptive power-plays between authoritarian figureheads, drawn out in long karmic-based scenarios.

Ixion may include issues of trust and betrayal, where miss-deeds are forgiven, but which occur again, perhaps in vicious cycle, much like a woman who forgives an abusive husband only to be abused again the following day. It may also express as lust and desire for wealth and power.

Ixion in the natal astrological chart can indicate were we must own up for our deeds. It can indicate where we must confront and resolve the internal conflict we feel between our less-than ideal actions and what we know we should ideally do. More about Ixion.

The Earth-Venus-Pholus-Ixion-Quaoar Synods in Ophiuchus
June 6 - June 13

Earth-Juno (May 19); Venus-Juno (May 27); Earth-Venus Transit (June 6); Venus-Pholus-Ixion (June 7-); Earth-Pholus-Ixion (June 8); Venus-Quaoar (June 10); Earth-Quaoar (June 13); Venus-Pluto (June 20); Earth-Pluto (June 29)

The compounded synod occurs in latter sidereal Scorpio, slightly past the Ras Algethi Earth-Venus synod. It lies between Ras Algethi (the head of Hercules) and Ras Alhaugue (the head of Ophiuchus), drawing the qualities of both of these significant stars. This synod conjoins Sabik of Ophiuchus; the 1977 Nova V2107 in Ophiuchus; Zeta Scorpio; and Eta Ara and the Ara Black Hole X-ray source V821.

This area of sidereal Scorpio is catalytic of a powerful inner transmutational process.

Sabik is the second brightest star in Ophiuchus after Ras Alhaugue. It is a binary star system with one star rotating around the other in an 88-year cycle. Sabik, on the right thigh or loin of Ophiuchus, closely conjoining Ras Algethi, the Head of Hercules, reveals a powerfully transformative location in sidereal Scorpio, one offering a significant transmutational experience due to the alchemical intermixing of elements, often of a sexual, genetic, biological or botanical nature. Sabik is also of medicine, healing, medical research and the art-science of alchemy. Conjoining Sabik are the potent entries: V2107, the Nova of 1977, also in Ophiuchus; and a dynamic X-ray eclipsing binary star in the tail of the Scorpion, 3U1700-37, one of the brightest identified X-ray sources.

Sabik of Ophiuchus, and surrounding entries, can stimulate involvements that lead to our greater biological well-being and illumination--especially regarding transmutation of our experience and our human condition from a lower-order to a more refined state of being. This level of transmutation in our lives requires full unconditional acceptance and integration of our past experience, so the bio-energetic patterning we hold within can be inverted to re-express its compliment--thus allowing a new expression that subsequently draws new fulfilling experience. This process in esoteric science and physics is called time-reversal or phase-conjugation. In advanced healing and meditative techniques, this is a means of producing the opposite but properly phased cellular pattern or signature within self that cancels (actually fulfills) the existing pattern we embody. Generally, this is an all-or-nothing deal requiring our unconditional willingness to embrace the healing / transmutational process. The choice is ours.

Sabik also can simply indicate a threshold to cross or transition to make, generally regarding a change in our neurology, how we act, or in our capacity to take action to change and evolve.

May 28, 2012 First Quarter Moon with aspects

A bronze statue of a centaur,
after the Furietti Centaurs.

Ara is the Altar of the Centaur. The mythical image here is of the Centaur placing Lupus the beast with conscious deliberation upon the Centaur's sacrificial altar. V821 in Ara is an x-ray emitting & fluctuating binary star. This is a collapsed object (like a old neutron star) that accretes matter, and thus had been placed in the old Black Hole category by astronomers and is commonly called the Ara Black Hole. V821 accretes emotion for consummation in the Centaur's Pyre. Here we must place, with conscious deliberation, any long standing grief, guilt, anger, and any other emotion (especially self-judgment related) that we are holding upon the Altar of the Centaur for our transmutation. North from the Sting of the Scorpion drips the transmuting elixir (the often harsh lessons of life), upon the Altar.

This act is essential to experience the actual neurological transmutation made possible here, and that leads to our greater self-mastery; the mastery of the creative and carnal forces of life exemplified by Ophiuchus, who stands over the Scorpion and this entire scene, and the wisdom from our experience articulated the Ras Alhaugue, the head of Ophiuchus. If we are not ready to surrender and relinquish our antiquated emotional baggage, we are held back or sidetracked, and continue to experience upsets, diversions and even traumatic and catastrophic events in our lives because we are not truly ready to step into a greater self-empowerment and accomplish something of value.

The Earth-Venus-Pholus-Ixion synodic cycles inspire a cathartic transformation, perhaps one mysteriously catalyzed, especially regarding issues associated with the tyrannical exploitation of females of the feminine principle in general. Allowing a new level of the feminine force to express in our selves and in our world is not up to the Venus Transit alone. We must also do the inner work to allow its manifestation in our lives and in our world. The point of the Venus Transit is that a new level of this Venusian energy is now expressing through Earth’s core energy matrix and throughout the Earthgrid directly effecting our genetic resonance. How we integrate it and express it is up to us, and this is a function of our own inner resonance, which is determined by the amount of emotional tension we hold regarding such issues.

The Disseminating Moon

The Disseminating Moon, lying in the first decan of sidereal Capricorn, prominently conjoins Altair and Alshain of Aquila. Also of influence are Algedi of Capricorn; Albiero of Cygnus; and Sham of Sagitta; and the stars of southern Indus.

The first decan of sidereal Capricorn can involve a diversely-intented group of individuals and levels of consciousness, those either covert, manipulative and driven from self-interest (as the character of the old business & military paradigms), and those spiritually aware, of integrity, and who are attuned to the land and environment, including shamans and keepers of sacred knowledge and sacred ways.

Here we find native indigenous peoples, often ornately dressed or adorned. This is the world of the shamanistic, the ceremonial, fanaticism, obsession, and passion. Although seemingly driven from personal motive, it is often of those with global vision and interest. Either way, surface appearances, cloaks and facades often shroud who is who in an aura of mystery; or they can be used as strategic tools to serve one’s motive and achieve one’s purpose.

This several degree area of the zodiak is of personal motive and secrecy, of esoteric knowledge, religion, higher education, and science; as well as the secret places and orders associated with such, or merely places of personal retreat and seclusion--but places strategic to one's purpose. Here we find locations such as military-scientific-extraterrestrial bases, hermitages, exclusive retreats, or isolated places with a spiritual focus--sacred sites or places of power under the care of their mysterious stewards. We also find an arsenal of strategic tools (technological or magikal), to either aid or control humanity as well as the skill to use them; and this includes our personal arsenals of strategic tools.

This is also where an eloquent and artful play of seduction and consent co-exists; but also one that can be insidiously cunning or even voraciously violent. Hear lies the nature of the tools of business and war: the interplay of people in their sexy disguises, whether cloaked in the eloquent and sleek stealth jet, particle beam laser based satellites; or merely dressed in seductive leather and lace. Microscopic discernment is required to see through the alluring facades inherent in this world of mystery, esoteric knowledge, personal motive, and covert maneuvers, to identify what is truly nurturing verses what just tantalizingly appears to be so.

Algedi, Alpha Capricorn, and conjoining Dabih, Beta Capricorn, are of covert and secret places: caves, spiritual or exclusive retreats and sanctuaries--isolated places with a spiritual focus--sacred sites or our places of power. Algedi is also of places of unique purpose: scientific or medical centers, even military / extraterrestrial bases or outposts. Although such places may seem to be isolated, lying helter-skelter upon the Earth, they are strategically and naturally distributed upon Earth’s energy grid. That which occurs at these locations is of significance in the greater evolutionary process for all souls and for the Earth herself because the energy at these points radiates throughout the Earth's energy matrix. Algedi can also be of covert operations, manipulative maneuvers, and all that is secret or hidden behind the scenes.

This area in sidereal Capricorn brings our attention to the importance of the places in which we reside or sojourn to, special places strategic to our purpose. Different places on the Earth resonate in unique ways with our bio-harmonic makeup. The unique resonances occurring when we are at different places on Earth's energy grid can be supportive or debilitating in very unique ways. Conscious choice of, with sensitivity and respect for, the places we reside are essential to our life purpose.

Aquila, the northern Eagle, perched high above the Earth, is of removed stillness and has astute observation too detail. The Eagle is of equilibrium and poise, with global vision and local purpose. As Eagle sits high upon its perch, with eyes capable of focusing on the most minute detail (conjoining Alpha Microscopium), it assesses, examines, and awaits its opportunity. Removed and alone, Eagle embodies the willingness to examine our deepest emotions and hidden but true feelings; to pin-point our pursuits from objective balance, and to then dive into the world with surety and boldness. Generally the stars of Aquila are of applied personal force and power expressed with fierce eloquence and graceful beauty.

Altair, eye of the eagle, Alshain (Beta) and Tarazed (Gamma), are of global and extraterrestrial vision. Altair inspires us to perceive from a global or extraterrestrial perspective; not merely from a local, isolated view, but with a focus of precision detail. In classical astrology, Altair is of assertive authoritarian militaristic leadership, of military force and power. In more esoteric terms, Altair is also of extraterrestrial Earth-based operations and involvement--administer of the “Earth-based Eagle Command.”

Altair and Alshain conjoin Algedi of Capricorn and Albireo of Cygnus. Thus all of these stellar themes amalgamate.

Albireo, the beak of Cygnus the Swan, reaches down toward the ecliptic (into the incarnate world) from Sadr, the heart of the Swan, which lies further north in the heavens on the galactic equator (and at the cusp of sidereal Capricorn-Aquarius). Sadr is of soul-level self and relations, whereas Albireo refers to the physical and sexual bodies we ware--the facades of soul common to the material world. Albireo is of sexy and alluring disguises, cloaks, facades, appearances, masks, makeup, costumes, those that are unconsciously or deliberately used to get what we think is nourishing to personality-level self. Albireo is of egoic incarnate self, often unaware that personality-self is but the cloak of the soul.

Albireo is about sexuality-based pursuits and personality-level relations; of our mutual compatibilities in everyday life and our agreements about them. Albireo is also about how our incompatibilities, when we have denials about them, can lead to covert or forceful actions that sacrifice the needs of one party or the other. Here we must look behind the sexy, alluring and seductive disguises, cloaks, facades, appearances, masks, makeup, costumes of the incarnate form, those that we deliberately or unconsciously use to express self. Here we may ask: are we hiding behind the masks we wear, living a lie, or are our costumes expressions of our true selves.

Sagitta, the missile of Zeus, extends over the first decan of sidereal Capricorn. Sagitta embodies our strategic arsenal of tools--whether applied for war or peace--this includes our personal tools to accomplish our goals in the material world.

Our Disseminating Moon seems to cut to the chase—almost like a test. It succinctly brings us to the application of our newly realized shift in energy gained throughout this lunar cycle, especially regarding the Venus Mars Phlolus-Ixion T-square. Mars is also exalted in sidereal Capricorn. A planet in an exalted sign is like a welcomed visitor. It is where this planets force expresses independently and dynamically. Although Mars is in Leo, its resonance is enforced here.

Demonstrable action with global vision is highlighted. Our opportunity is to apply that which we gained in this lunar cycle with the newly infused Venusian qualities. Open-hearted overt compassion is not the norm here, so let us see how we all respond, especially regarding militaristic use of power at a global scale. Moving into our Uranus-Pluto square is also of significance as it motivates revolutionary action—perhaps of a new type, one based from the power of the feminine.

The New Mars-Saturn Synodic Cycle

Yet another prominent shift occurs in this lunar cycle. Mars and Saturn begin their new ~2-year synodic cycle in early sidereal Libra. This is the first Mars-Saturn synod after the Mars retrograde occurring earlier this year and the first in sidereal Libra. The last synodic cycle began on June 1, of 2012 in early sidereal Virgo, presented in the May 14, 2010 Lunar Planner.

Giant stellar nursery surrounding NGC 3603

European Southern Observatory (ESO) released this magnificent VLT image of the giant stellar nursery surrounding NGC 3603, in which stars are continuously being born. Embedded in this scenic nebula is one of the most luminous and most compact clusters of young, massive stars in our Milky Way, which therefore serves as an excellent “local” analogue of very active star-forming regions in other galaxies. The cluster also hosts the most massive star to be “weighed” so far.

In our modern illustration of a supine Virgin, the Virgin’s legs extend from Spica, on the cusp of Virgo-Libra, throughout the first half of Libra, although severed from our this image when considering only signs. I refer to this area of Libra as “Under the Skirt of the Virgin” to articulate the obscuration of wisdom that this part of the Virgin offers and certainly that predating the supine Virgin, when the image was that of a figure known as the Balance Holder, an upright figure holding the scales of Libra. In Egyptian myth, this was Ma'at, who would weigh the human heart / soul at the time of death, with the soul in one scale and an ostrich feather (feather of Truth) in the other. If the heart / soul was heavier than the feather, the soul would need to reincarnate--needing to release its excess weight, or karma--the need to balance its incarnational experience.

The Egyptian Ma'at, although rendered as a woman with an ostrich feather in her hair, was not a deity passing judgment (as some scholars interpret this rendering), but a universal force expressing as balance and order, a natural justice based upon the law of basic equilibrium inherent to the universe. This natural force or principle, later got personified, as was common during the translation of hieroglyphics by Greco-Roman scholars, from which externalized religion was formulated, by those who did not understand that Egyptian imagery was a picture language conveying concepts and ideas, not beings that were worshiped of feared. Ma'at embodies the principle that the relationship between constituent parts must function in balance and as a unified whole—a principle theme of sidereal Libra.

Maat wearing feather of truth

Maat wearing feather of truth

In Greek myth, Ma'at transposes into the seer Themis, goddess of Mount Olympus, holding the scales in one hand and double-edged sword in the other. Themis was of divine order and law--often called upon to evoked social order, proper procedure and custom. Thesis was shown blindfolded, conveying judgment made with impartiality. In Christian imagery, Themis becomes Archangel Michael holding his double-edged sword of righteousness in one hand and the scales in the other. Note the shift from female figures to male! However, in all cases, Libra was depicted as a divine figure weighing the equanimity of a soul's incarnational experience.

The first half of sidereal Libra, Under the Skirt of the Virgin, deals with issues about intimacy, support, compatibility, and environmental harmony. It is about creating and ensuring harmonious environments, mutually compatible relations, and about the processes and procedures in our personal lives that support our psychophysiological (mental-emotional-physical) wellbeing--a healthy incarnate experience of life that leads to the illumination (ascension) of consciousness.

Environmental support is a key phrase here, this includes the environmental conditions of the Earth, of our personal living environments, and a harmonious environment (resonance) in our relations. Thus, art, intimacy and beauty are all of significance in creating a nurturing environmental resonance in our lives. Living at or traveling to the right locations at various times in our lives is also of importance--to be in proper (space-time) harmony.

Early sidereal Libra, at the thighs of the Virgin, is about intimacy and mutual support. Thighs in general are about support: the back of the thighs are of past support; the front of the thighs are of future support; the outer thighs are of peer and friends' support; and the inner thighs are of intimate support. Overall they are about environmental conditions that support and ensure a pure and safe birth.

The Mars-Saturn synod conjoins Izar of Bootes and the Theta Carina Star Cluster.

Theta Carina "Vathorz Posterior" (of old Norse-Latin origin), means "Succeeding One of the Waterline" referring to the Galactic Equator upon which the Argo sails. Theta Carina lies in the Theta Carina Cluster, a bright open cluster of about 60 stars. The Theta Carina Cluster is sometimes referred to as the Southern Pleiades. Slightly north of Theta Carina is a giant stellar nursery surrounding the nebula NGC 3603, one of most compact clusters of young, massive stars in our Milky Way.

Theta Carina and the Theta Carina Star Cluster are specifically about establishing the proper environment for a pure birth in consciousness and of a soul into incarnate form. They are of knowledge, secrets, record-keeping, writing, and the articulation of intelligence regarding these environmental and evolutionary matters.

Theta Carina is a part of the Diamond Cross of Argo Navis, formed and headed by the supergiant star Miaplacidus (Beta), along with Theta, Upsilon and Omega Carina. It, like the Southern Cross, does not have a central star in the center, thus forming a diamond more so than a cross. You must be south of 20° north latitude on Earth to see it. The Diamond forms the keel and hold of the Argo. These stars inspire designing and establishing the structural stability in our lives that support our evolutionary fulfillment. The Diamond also inspires mapping for special places, sites, centers, as well as the proper timing for this effort.

Theta Carina also conjoin Izar, Epsilon of Bootes, at the waist or middle of Bootes. Izar impels us to become perfectly centered to take a leap of faith through a portal that can lead to a place of far greater beauty and fulfillment than we had known before.

This is an interesting placement for our new Mars-Saturn synod considering it is occurring after the Venus Transit, with Libra being the domicile for Venus, where it is most at home. Mars and Saturn, in general, create an interesting resonance. Mars is of externalized expression and wants to create. Saturn wants to compress and solidify into concretized form. This synthesis supports us to use our energy constructively with conscious and responsible consideration for its ramifications. The expression here in early Libra impels the creation of environmental structures that provide a harmonious and nurturing resonance that support the evolutionary well-being for incarnating souls and for all life. It also inspires identification of places that are environmentally suitable for our pursuits.

We have a two-year period to watch how we do with this one. This theme is also quite fitting with our Taurus lunar cycle theme, considering its has to do with infrastructures that support home, family and personal livelihoods—people’s basic needs.

The New Venus-Quaoar and Earth-Quaoar Synodic Cycles.

Venus and Quaoar begin a new synodic cycle in late sidereal Scorpio on June 10, just before Last Quarter Moon. Earth and Quaoar follow on June 13, after Last Quarter Moon. Once again these synods contribute to the nature of our new Earth-Venus cycle.


The minor planet Quaoar (pronounced kwah-whar) was discovered in June of 2002. Quaoar was the name given to the “creation force” by the Native American Tongva tribe who were the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles basin in Southern California. Quaoar is about one-tenth the diameter of Earth, about half the size of Pluto, and larger than the four primary asteroids combined. Quaoar has an orbital period of 288 years. (Pluto orbits the sun in 248 years). Quaoar lies a bit further out than Pluto. Quaoar’s orbit is remarkably circular compared to Pluto and the other new planets, which have highly elliptical orbits. Quaoar’s orbit is tilted only slightly to the ecliptic plane. This suggests that Quaoar has a gentle and well balanced astrological influence.

The following is presented acknowledging we are just beginning to apprehend Quaoar’s astrological nature. Considering its name, Quaoar may have relation to what may equated with indigenous people’s perceptual abilities, those who live attuned to Earth and nature’s cycles (i.e., with natural world, animal kingdom, and shaman type perceptions). Quaoar was discovered in Ophiuchus, conjoining Antares. Based upon initial explorations surrounding its discovery and its astrophysical nature, Quaoar may be motivating us to challenge existing political structural systems to re-align with the laws of the natural world—but not to fall into battle from mere malevolence, hatred, vengeance, or undermining spite, but to take a stand from wisdom and self-mastery, articulated by Ophiuchus. Quaoar’s near circular orbit and mild orbital inclination suggests a more gentle and harmonious approach, perhaps one inspiring the need to bring harmony and balance into that which is chaotically scattered and in conflict. As a Kuiper Belt planet, like Pluto and others, Quaoar resonates more with the transcendent workings of our lives, demanding we surrender egoic consciousness and align ourselves to the natural forces governing life, rather than to man’s attempted dictatorial reign over them.

Quaoar seems to have a character supporting a “harmonious revolution”-- to help us surrender to the natural order of life. In addition, Quaoar inspires our return to the “sacredness of life”; to realize all things in life are sacred; and that it is our responsibility to have respect for natural order and to live in harmony with nature; without this we do not have respect for our selves. More about Quaoar.

These synods conjoin Ras Alhaugue of Ophiuchus; and the Terzan 2, Globular Cluster, X–Ray Burster in Scorpio. Also of influence is Lesath of the Scorpion.

Cat's Paw Nebula by the European Southern Observatory

The Cat's Paw Nebula near Lesath in Scoprio

This new portrait of NGC 6334 was created from images taken with the Wide Field Imager instrument at the 2.2-metre MPG/ESO telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile. Image Credit: ESO (European Southern Observatory)

Ras Alhague, Alpha Ophiuchus, the principal lucida of Ophiuchus, is head of the Serpent Holder. This star, high in the northern heavens, embodies the essence of the constellation--the wise sage, teacher, knowledge and wisdom. Ras Alhague expresses the wisdom of one who has attained their self-mastery and lives from that maturity and awareness. Ras Alhague is also the embodiment of physical health and vitality--one who knows how to heal thyself.

Ras Alhague lies over and conjoins the stars forming the right leg of Ophiuchus, which includes Theta Ophiuchus, and which extends south from Sabik to the right foot, which lies over the Sting of the Scorpion and Ara, Altar of the Centaur.

Theta Ophiuchus and the stars forming the leg and foot of Ophiuchus impart the capacity to act upon one’s inner wisdom and long-term soul purpose in the world in order to allow a lesser self to die for a greater to emerge. Standing over the Sting of the Scorpion and Ara, Altar of the Centaur, they articulate the capacity to confidently stand in the transmutational elixir created by life’s often harsh lessons (provided by Lesath, the sting of the Scorpio); and to allow a metamorphosis into a higher office of self-mastery that occurs upon the Centaur’s altar.

Terzan 2 in Scorpio lies along a line drawn between Theta Ophiuchus and Lesath. Terzan 2 is one of several Globular Clusters which express in the infrared area of the light spectrum, discovered by French astronomer Agop Terzan and published in 1968. Terzan 2 embodies an X–Ray Burster (XBR) at its center. Although there are hundreds of globulars (a spherical grouping of stars surrounding a dense galactic center), only a few exhibit a Burster quality. The Burster itself is a neutron binary star system that emits persistent but irregular blasts of high-energy x-rays. Astrologically, globular clusters exhibit a compacted inner core sense of strength based in self-contained beliefs. Burster type globulars provide unexpected flashes of illumination, even brilliant revelations that can propel us on entirely new creative journeys or courses in our lives. It is up to us to draw upon the inner strength the globular offers and have the conviction to act upon the inspiration as the initial flash subsides. Terzan 2 in Scorpio may produce tremendous bursts of passion, sensual rapture, or raw power that motivate us to access and live a path or greater truth in self-mastery that lies beyond the natural forces assumed to be governing our lives. Terzan 2 can ignite the flame at the base chakra that allows the transmutation of crystallize cellular patterns if we are willing to surrender lower order self for a refined vibrational resonance and to live in the greater truth awaiting us.

The Venus-Quaoar and Earth Quaoar synodic cycles impel us to embrace our past trials and harsh lessons we all have gone through without judgment, with unconditional acceptance, individually and collectively, and to create a harmonious and mature revolution based from the wisdom we have gained from our past experiences; and now in the context of the energetic made manifest by the Venus Transit.

Last Quarter Moon Phase Characteristics

Last Quarter Moon
Time for Change

Last Quarter Moon

The Last Quarter Moon creates our “inner need to initiate change” in the lunar cycle as we move into the cycle’s last and transitional quarter. Our Last Quarter Moon occurs on May 12 in late sidereal Capricorn. The constellations Aquarius and Capricorn overlap in the latter part of sidereal Capricorn, creating a very different quality than earlier Capricorn.

The Last Quarter Moon creates our “inner need to initiate change” in the lunar cycle as we move into the cycle’s last and transitional quarter. Our Last Quarter Moon occurs on June 11 in late sidereal Aquarius.

The Moon conjoins Beta and Gamma of Pisces; Beta Reticuli; and the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 7469 in Pegasus. Also of influence is Markab of the Great Square of Pegasus.

Markab, Alpha Pegasus, the primary star of Pegasus, is the first of four very principal stars creating the Great Square of Pegasus. Markab is the only star of the Great Square in sidereal Aquarius.

The principles and qualities embodied in each of these four stars reveal the requirements for our psycho-physiological preparation to become free from the bounds limiting us from participating in a more fulfilling and purposeful expression in the world. This "refinement of self" allows us to rise above the bounds of the psychic-emotional entrapments common to collective human consciousness in accomplishment of soul's greater mission. These four stars have long been associated with the feet of a table or stand, thus a supporting foundation or stage upon which something else transpires, is supported, or rises from.

Markab is the saddle or the physical vehicle upon which soul rides or through which soul expresses: literally the corporeal physical body. Markab brings attention to the physical condition of our bodies at the genetic and cellular level. Markab is the vehicle through which soul accomplishes its greater mission--the physical cellular aspect of the Merkabah, one's body of light. Markab not only brings attention to our physical body and its health--the body being the temple / vessel of the soul--but to the physical aspects of our lives and of our relations, how we interrelate in our human physicality. This includes the physical means or forms through which we participate in life from the professional structures that make our nourishment possible, especially the functional aspects of humanitarian-focused organizations, to the physical logistics of our personal lives. Markab asks us to honor the physical needs of the human body and to fully embrace the physical aspects of our lives.

Also conjoining Markab is the seyfert galaxy NGC7469 in Pegasus. This explosive force provides an intense inner drive to find a solution to the address our fundamental human needs, and to break through the apparent paradoxes in our lives.

Beta Reticuli conjoins Markab and the head of the fish. Reticuli, the rhomboid or diamond, embodies the essence of our DNA, that of carbon based-life forms, which we are. Reticuli is sometimes referred to as "the net"--which we might also consider to be our neural-net. Beta Reticuli impels exploration in the sciences of genetics, health and healing. It inspires us to take action to ensure we are physically, emotionally and mentally clear for the expression of our greatest potential.

Alpha and Beta Reticuli embody the purer aspects of the reticule. They articulate the sacred geometry of the DNA refined to crystal clarity--like carbon can become a diamond--our potential--providing holographic awareness literally in our DNA. This makes it possible for the soul to manifest and express in its undistorted perfection. Such refinement produces a refined state of awareness with the ability to live above any psychic-emotional entrapments.

Beta Reticuli impels exploration in the sciences of genetics, health and healing. It inspires us to take action to ensure we are physically, emotionally and mentally clear for the expression of our greatest potential.

"The Circlet" of stars marking the head of the Western Fish of Pisces lies upon the Aquarian-Pisces cusp, with part of the Circlet and Beta Pisces residing in late sidereal Aquarius. The Circlet and Beta Pisces, "Enter the Mouth of the Fish," impels movement from the high-mental activity common to late Aquarius into the palpable and emotional realm of life (Pisces). They impel the practical application of the art-sciences developed in Aquarius in a way that makes a difference to support humanity’s emergence from the psychic and emotional turmoil and entrapment. They remind us what science is for.

Our Last Quarter Moon brings attention to our physical wellbeing, to the physical vessels through which we express, including our bodies. It inspires us to make changes in our lives that support our greatest potential and the expression of a refined vibrational resonance in our lives and in our world.

Balsamic Moon Phase Characteristics

Balsamic Moon
Focus to the Future

Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon marks the time in lunar cycle when we coalesce the experience of the lunar cycle into its seed essence, which will then sprout through the theme of the following lunar cycle. It is when we turn our attention from this lunar cycle in anticipation of the next to come. The hours before the Balsamic Moon provide our time of coalescence while those after mark the time when we turn 180° from looking back over the past cycle and look forward toward the next cycle to come.

The Balsamic Moon occurs on June 15 in mid-sidereal Aries, just as the Sun moves into sidereal Gemini. The Moon conjoins Kaffaljidhma of Cetus; Achrid of Cassiopeia; and Azha of Eridanus.

Cetus is the fear-instilling techno-bureaucratic monster created and maintained by collective human consciousness. Menkar (the jaws) and Kaffaljidhma are the primary stars of the head. Kaffaljidhma is the brain of the fear-instilling techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness. The brain of Cetus? Who is it that creates this central intelligencia? Many would like to blame the monster on every thing and every one outside of self, a victim mentality perpetuating our human condition and the entrapments we find ourselves in. However, the key phrase here is “human consciousness.” This implies each of us is responsible for the collective consciousness we find ourselves in--the reality of our personal lives and that of our world we uphold by consensus.

Azha of Eridanus provides a stopping point along the river of life where we can encounter the fear-instilling images or experiences that appear to be coming at us from outside of self but that are psychic projections of our greatest fears reflected to us by the brain of collective consciousness. Azha impels us to pause to consider who and what creates the intelligence of ole’ Cetus, to reverse our perspective from outside of self to inside of self, to becomes self-responsible for our journeys through life.

Achird of Cassiopeia asks us to realize that we create and perpetuate the very things that we perceive as trying to detour or devour us. Achird brings attention to the fact that the monsters and the entrapments in which we find ourselves become manifest by our own righteous and arrogant attitudes of self-importance.

Thus our Lunar Cycle comes to close. Experience we have gained coalesces into the seed that will sprout in the following lunar cycle. It brings us to reflect on the events and growth we have gained in this lunar cycle and shifts our attention toward the next cycle to come. Taking responsibility for our evolutionary destiny is the hallmark here, it lies in our hearts and the actions we now take.

One final reminder is provided as the Moon conjoins Venus and the outstretch right hand of Perseus on June 17. They conjoin the Hyades and Aldebaran of Taurus.

Aldebaran is a star of pioneering leadership. Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran / Antares axis can express into the business and political arenas, and is of those who take the lead in these matters. Aldebaran is a vision holder that inspires the administrative planning of world affairs, specifically for physical logistics and a global infrastructure designed to support ourselves, our families and humanity through evolutionary growth and change. Aldebaran is of business and the home. Aldebaran inspires us to take the physical action to manifest our visions in the physical world that support our fundamental wellbeing. Aldebaran inspires involvement with physical places, business and projects supportive of our modalities of living.

Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We're part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day

"The Story In Your Eyes" by Justin Hayward (Moody Blues)

Our next New Moon occurs on June 19, 2012 in early sidereal Gemini. More to come then.

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