The Lunar Theme for the
August 17, 2012 New Moon

Breaking Trail into Unknown Territory
An Intuitive Process

The Lunar Month of
August 17, 2012 - September 16, 2012

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Astronomical Myth is a "picture language," imagery that articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing throughout the greater heavens and through our lives. We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us, or from our beloved Earth, but are intimate parts of this dynamic, continually unfolding heavenly symphony. This entirety is our cosmic consciousness, the totality of our being. To explore the greater heavens and the heavenly cycles is to explore that which we are--our embracing consciousness and our spiritual evolution.

The stars would not be in the heavens
if we were meant to walk in darkness.

The purpose of the Lunar Planner is to learn to live in the experiential awareness of the present. Although the material below can provide philosophical context for your personal experience, the New Moon is the ideal time to experientially "tune in" to get your personalized lunar month's theme. Then, consciously participate with the changing Lunar Phase Characteristics in the unfoldment of that theme in your daily life using the Lunar Calendar and Lunar Planner Introduction (links at the bottom).

Lunar Cycle Overview

Our New Moon of Aug 17, 2012 lies upon the Leo cusp under the auspices of the Head of the Lion and the hind legs of the Great Bear. The New Moon conjoins Subra, the paw of the Lion, the stars of Pyxidis of Argo Navis, and Alpha Pictoris. These stars are of exploration and discovery, of uncovering maps and codices hidden by the sands of time, of seeking new land about to emerge from the æther and through the mist obscuring our sojourns through life.

This lunar cycle produces the second Pallas-Uranus conjunction squaring Pluto. The first occurred in late June, kicking off the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square. The three are all now retrograde as they create their tight formation once again, creating the next stimulus in this few-year long portal of revolutionary and revelatory time of change. The artistic expression of creative brilliance for radical solution beyond the crumbling old paradigm is the theme of this initial gateway heralding us into our unknown future.

Venus, still in the start of her new Earth-Venus 584-day synodic cycle, which began on the Venus Transit, continues her profound influence, now creating new cycles with Eris, influencing financial resources, and with Sedna, influencing the re-emergence and empowerment of the feminine force on Earth. The Venus-Eris theme kicks in on our First Quarter Moon’s stimulus to action. The Venus-Sedna theme engages later in the lunar cycle, on the Venus-Balsamic Moon, and at the same time as the start of the new 3.5-year Mars-Juno synodic cycle. The Mars-Juno cycle begins in Ophiuchus and under the auspices of Ras Algethi, the Head of Hercules, and the Great Attractor (a supercluster of galaxies). This is a profound and tremendously significant cycle for partnerships and relationships of all types.

Other new synodic cycles starting in this lunar cycle include Earth-Neptune, Earth-Chiron, and the new 7-year Ceres-Jupiter cycle starting in Taurus the Bull, the progenitor of life and constellation of the Venus Transit. All of these events impel adventurous creative exploration into unknown territory to discover new and radical alternatives to how we live, are nurtured and co-participate on Earth.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

"The stars would not be in the heavens if we were meant to walk in darkness."

About Synodic Cycles

Synodic Cycles are created when two (or more) planets align in their orbits around the Sun. The synodic cycle theme, defined by the planets involved and the star alignments at the time, will unfold until the two planets align again, marking the completion of the synodic cycle and the beginning of the next one.

There are many synodic cycles with unique astrological themes occurring simultaneously, creating a harmonic symphony of creative unfoldment in consciousness. Synodic cycles can be thought of as longer-term underlying currents, much like the backdrop chorus of a symphony, providing the underlying astrological context guiding our evolution.

Learn the basics about Synodic Cycles & Synodic Astrology.

New Moon Phase Characteristics

The New Moon Lunar Theme

Our cuspal Leo New Moon of Aug 17, 2012 lies under the auspices of the Head of the Lion and the hind legs of the Great Bear. The New Moon conjoins Subra, the paw of the Lion, the stars of Pyxidis of Argo Navis, Alpha Pictoris and the Owl Nebula M97 in Ursa Major. Also influencing are Rasalas and Adhafera of Leo, Alphard of Hydra, and Suhail al Muhlif on the sail of the Argo.

The Lion faces west, with its head looking over into sidereal Cancer with Algieba (the mane), Adhafera (on the crest of the mane), Rasalas (the crown), and Algenubi (the eye) all composing the Lion's head.

The stars entering this area of sidereal Cancer-Leo and those forming the Head of the Lion embody the wisdom of the Lion. They express in eloquence and beauty. Adhafera and Al Jabhah articulate the wisdom and mind of the Lion, the Lion’s persona and how the Lion thinks--perhaps with a sense of aloneness yet with audacious and undaunted confidence, and with genuine pride.

Here we find the trail-blazers, those willing to leave the comfort of mass-consensus, who are self-reliant to step forth into unexplored territory; the ones who seek a better way to live and are able to envision new horizons, those who seek to discover new possibilities waiting to be realized.

Often time the work of such adventures and trail-blazers is rarely seen until others later follow or make popular that which they have found, or until time itself brings the future into the present awareness of the masses. These way-showers are sometimes long gone, continuing over the next horizon, rarely to be seen. They may or may not be recognized for their tremendous, relentless and lonely pursuits, and they may or may not become famous, but the roads and doorways they open pave the way for others to come, and make possible future generations’ evolutionary unfoldment.

August 17, 2012 New Moon Star Chart

Subra, marking the sidereal Cancer-Leo cusp, is the paw of the Lion impressed in the desert sand. Subra is of prints, tracks, plans, codices and ancient maps--clues to hidden trails and paths obscured by the sands of time. Subra indicates a discovery process is at hand, one leading to the secret chambers, entryways, even to liftoff sites of the gods--places hidden from ordinary view. Simply, Subra asks that we dig, explore, uncover, and find a new way to navigate the passage that leads to living from the integrity and passion of out hearts, that which Regulus, the heart of the Lion, embodies.

Synthesizing with Subra is the primary star of the very southern constellation Pictoris, the Painter's Easel. Alpha Pictoris indicates a picture or scenario is emerging from the æthers. This is a picture assembling itself as we break trail in our discovery process. Alpha Pictoris asks us to see the pathway or entryway emerging out of the mist covering an abyss, in the rock of a mountain side, in the billowing clouds blown by the wind, in the leaves fallen upon the ground, or simply in our mind's inner eye. Alpha Pictoris asks us to creatively assemble the signs, to read the message, to see the coalescing spirit substance yet to become, to elicit a new picture, a new life experience, from this substance

Also conjoining Subra and friends is the Owl Nebula M97 in Ursa Major, which lies north, over the crown (Rasalas) of the Lion. The Owl Nebula is one of the largest planetary nebulas. It has a faint central star and two dark recessed regions that give the nebula its name. Nebulas in general create a type of facade or fog that colors the zodiakal theme.

The Owl Nebula M97

The Owl Nebula - just east of Merak in the Great Bear and also conjoining our New Moon
Image Credit: Gary White and Verlenne Monroe/Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF

The Owl Nebula suggest we use wisdom and night vision to see that which is obscured by the dogmatic veils that we uphold with our existing belief structures, or those created by prominent ego-based individuals and world powers. Here lies the need to see through the existing picture of our reality, and to use creative (third-eye) vision to allow alternative realms and possibilities to emerge into our awareness. Only then can we step into the apparent abyss where a hidden bridge awaits--to step upon the Path of the Lion.

Argo Navis is the ship in the mythical story of Jason and the Argonauts, a derivation of the older Sumerian story, Gilgamesh and his fifty Sirian warriors. The Argo lies reverse in the heavens, stern to the east, bow to the west, sailing along the galactic equator, in Earth’s precessional direction. The stars of the Argo are associated with evolutionary matters for the entire planetary system, and for all souls' evolutionary growth and fulfillment--the evolutionary cycle of the soul.

Pyxidis, a sub-constellation of the Argo, is the Crow's Nest (also compass) of the galactic ship, from which we scout for distant land. Alpha, Beta and Gamma Pyxidis enter the ecliptic just into sidereal Leo, conjoining Subra, the paw of the Lion, and Alpha Pictoris.

Pyxidis ask us to peer beyond what is visible, beyond the common world, and to navigate through potential problems or obstacles upon our exploration. Pyxidis inspires us to find the map obscured in the sand, to see the picture waiting to emerge from the obscuring fog into visible sight, and to take an abode, place, vantage, or perspective from which we can see and find distant lands.

Pyxidis indicates a discovery process is at had, one that requires patience, foresight, and perceptual attentiveness. Although this often is a lonely process, it is one serving our greater evolutionary journey, and as well, the journeys of our colleagues and companions. Pyxidis has little interest in the superfluous pursuits of the common world, always seeking new ground, looking forward, gazing ahead through time, to see through the present limitations into the depths of what can yet become. Pyxidis asks us to be a master observer. Present with our attention, insatiably on the lookout, we must be forever attentive to our greater journey, plotting our course and seeking the path to realize the dream of our highest potential destiny.

New Moon August 17, 2012 Sidereal Astrology Chart

New Moon - Sidereal Fagan-Bradley
Subtract 0° 14' for the Galactic Ayanamsa
©2012 Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Alphard, Alpha Hydra, is the "Solitary One." Alphard inspires us to step away from the comfort and security of the accepted and agreed upon consensus defining our known reality, to walk a lone path. It asks us to risk our reputations, our work, our lives, and our beliefs, driven by the passion within our hearts, to find new answers to the challenges that we face in our pursuits. Alphard, in conjunction with the head of the Lion, is often of those who, for one reason or another, have self-exiled themselves from the norm, who stand alone, or are willing to, yet who create new ways that the masses would not otherwise pursue.

The Suhail stars of Velorum, on the sail of the Argo, are always indicative of refined subtle energies or currents at work that function at the level of the soul's greater evolutionary journey--those transcendent to the dramatics of the terrestrial incarnational world. These are the currents those found breaking trail often attune to.

"Suhail, among the Persians, is synonymous for wisdom; as in the Al Anwar i Suhaili, the Lights of Canopus. Also a personal title taken in Arabia as a symbol for what is brilliant, glorious and beautiful." (Allen)

Suhail al Muhlif is Suhail of the Oath. Conjoining is the Pup-A Supernova Remnant of Puppis on the stern of the Argo, which enters the ecliptic just before Regulus. Both entries add a transcendent galactic (soul-level) context to the conjoining theme of Alphard of the Hydra, the solitary one, and the stars creating the head of the Lion.

Suhail al Muhlif and Pup-A are indicative of soul oaths made and set in motion long ago, of soul level missions set out upon that transcend one's incarnational sojourn--missions to open doorways and portals which allow us to reach for and achieve a greater fullness in life. The soul oaths taken are to maintain our personal integrity to our souls' directives, to see to our evolutionary fulfillment in regard to our purposes in the world--to be of the Kahi Nub of Canopus, meaning the Golden Earth--to become what is beautiful and glorious. Pup-A also provides the inspiration and motivation to demonstrably live our soul oaths, to stand forth humble yet proud in that purpose.

Our New Moon impels adventurous and ambitious exploration into new and uncharted territory. It impels us to break away from mass-consensus and to seek new ways forward, to discover paths or maps that are hidden, and to elicit a new picture or vision to emerge in our lives. This lunar cycle brings us a new sense of vitality and enthusiasm to forge ahead, to accomplish our pursuits in life, and to become all that we can be. In invites us to use and trust intuition more so than logic.

We coalesce our experience by the mental-emotional energetic we project. To elicit a new picture in our lives, we must first align our thoughts and emotions. If, for example, we are projecting positive thoughts about what we want in our lives but also have feelings of unworthiness, or resentment that we do not have what we think we deserve, than the overall energetic we are projecting is conflictual (discordant). It this case, the response from the quantum level of reality (call it sub-atomic if you like) is discordant. In other words, we have little coherent power to coalesce any coherent or sustainable formation of the life experience we think we want. The alignment within self to a state of mental-emotional coherency is prerequisite for a new picture to emerge in our lives.

The New Moon is also a few degrees from Orcus, which lies south of the ecliptic conjoining Alpha and Gamma Sextans. The Moon conjoins Orcus hours after New Moon, the first lunar conjunction in this lunar cycle.


Orcus was discovered on Feb 19, 2004. Although Orcus is a bit smaller than Pluto, Orcus has a nearly identical orbital size, orbital period (year), and orbital inclination. However, Orcus’ orbital plane’s orientation in our solar system is tilted in the opposite direction from Pluto’s. For this reason, I tend to think of Orcus as Pluto’s compliment. Just as Pluto has Charon as its primary moon, so too does Orcus have a moon, Vanth, discovered on Nov 13, 2005. Just as Pluto and Charon are considered a dual planetary system, so too is Orcus and Vanth.

Although new to the astrological world and thus with an astrological influence not yet fully apprehended, based on Orcus’ orbital parameters, Orcus seems to address how we are applying our personal will for the greater well being of all humanity; how we are contributing to human society. Orcus motivates the use of our day-to-day lives, our daily activity for our souls’ greater purpose on Earth. Orcus seems to express a quiet profundity, almost unnoticed as it serves us to get in touch with our deeper soul essence and purpose--the oaths of our souls, our soul-level agreements, what we are really doing here on Earth. More about Orcus.

Orcus’ conjunction with Alpha Sextans impels us to reassess our current position and to plot the next leg of our journeys through life with consideration for our soul-level purpose on Earth and how we are contributing to the collective of life on Earth.

Crescent Moon Phase Characteristics

The Crescent Moon
Expanding on the Theme

Crescent Moon

The hours before the Crescent Moon provide a time when we relinquish patterns of the past that would limit our creative ability to expand on the lunar theme now unfolding. The Crescent Moon is the time when the sprouting seedling sloughs off its protective coat of the past and emerges in a new expression. As the Crescent Moon unfolds, the growing phase of the lunar cycle begins as we start to amalgamate our personal creativity with the original lunar theme.

The Crescent Moon occurs on August 20 in sidereal Virgo. Conjoining stars include those of Corvus: Algorab, Al Chiba and Minkar; Beta Hydra; the Sombrero Galaxy in Virgo; and the Quasar 3C279 also in Virgo.

The Sombrero Galaxy M104 in Virgo conjoining Algorab of Corvus

The Sombrero Galaxy M104 in Virgo conjoining Algorab of Corvus

"Messier 104 is the 104th object in the famous catalogue of nebulae by French astronomer Charles Messier (1730 - 1817). It was not included in the first two editions (with 45 objects in 1774; 103 in 1781), but Messier soon thereafter added it by hand in his personal copy as a "very faint nebula". The recession velocity, about 1000 km/sec, was first measured by American astronomer Vesto M. Slipher at the Lowell Observatory in 1912; he was also the first to detect the galaxy's rotation." This ESO PR Photo of the Sombrero Galaxy was obtained with FORS1 multi-mode instrument at VLT ANTU on January 30, 2000. It is a composite of three exposures in different wavebands. Image and Caption Credit: ESO

Corvus is of high intelligence, ingenuity, imagination, insight and adaptability. The brains of Ravens are among the largest of any bird species. They are problem solvers, inventors and are highly opportunistic. Corvus is the keeper of secrets and a knowledge holder, but is also a prophetic revealer--the “raven messenger bird” to those who are spiritually and physically attuned, and who ask and listen. Corvus reminds us to pay acute attention to the signs or messages naturally expressing through the world around us moment-by-moment and to adapt accordingly. The signs found in the simplest of life experience can have meaning if we are willing to be attentive to them. In fact, we can even ask to receive guidance simply by briefly holding the intent to inquire and then letting it go. It is the sincere projection of clear intent that vibrationally invokes a response from the world around us. Corvus is a protector as well, of both the animal and human worlds, and will forewarn of approaching danger to avert unnecessary mishaps, as well as to affirm fortuitous opportunities, meetings or events.

Conjoining Algorab and Kraz of Corvus is Quasar 3C279, which lies exactly on the ecliptic plane, along the spinal column of the Virgin, its spinal placement again articulating the natural mechanism or neurology of subtle energy communication.

Quasars (Quasi-Stellar-Radio-Source) are not only visible objects, but they emit a wide band of photons (light particles) throughout the electromagnetic spectra, from the infrared up through human's visible range of light, through the ultra-violet (UV), the gamma rays range, and into the radio range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Their multi-spectral emanations tend to stimulate an awareness that extends beyond or pierces our rather narrow band of visual perception, thereby offering new non-conforming possibilities of conceptual thought. They can express as images or non-conforming forms that can draw us into a transcendent perceptual exploration, which then motivates new behavior or a new expression fitting to our expanded awareness. In general, we might think of quasars as providing stimulus for alternative creative conception and expression.

Quasar 3C279 can manifest as imagery in the natural world for those perceptive enough that can be interpreted as "messages through nature," which must be listened to and acted upon, as nature’s expression is the guidance itself at this zodiakal longitude.

The Hydra, in general, is of transcendent forces, those stirring at a sub-conscious level. Beta Hydra along with Xi Hydra were the Chinese "Tsing Kew" meaning "Green Hill" (Allen). Beta Hydra, conjoining Algorab of Corvus is of warnings regarding subtle forces that may lie hidden just below the surface of our conscious awareness, or just around the bend or over the hill along our paths. Here is where we find Corvus providing messages about such potential encounters, not only for our protection and/or guidance, but also for the protection for all life in the natural world that we might injure if we are not cautious and attentive. Beta Hydra invites us to submerge into a more subtle state of perception, to be attentive to our surroundings' natural expression, to perceive that which we do not yet see.

Our Crescent Moon impels astute attentiveness to the natural world, to read the messages conveyed in the images and sounds in everyday life, and to realize the guiding intelligence expressing through the world around us and to act upon it. Attention to detail is vital.

The Neptune bio-Harmonic Audio Meditation

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, August 23-24 is an ideal time to work with the Neptune audio meditation. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

The Earth-Neptune and Earth-Chiron Synodic Cycles,
& Venus

The Earth-Neptune synod occurs on August 24, about 1.5 hours before First Quarter Moon in early sidereal Aquarius. The Earth-Chiron synod occurs a few days later, just before the Full Moon. These synods occur at the same locations as the Venus-Neptune and Venus-Chiron synods, which occurred in the previous lunar cycle. Since conjoining stars are the same, I won’t reiterate here, as the themes are similar and they can be read about in the previous lunar planner. The most important point is that the Venus-planet synods precede the Earth-planet synods. The Venus synods are about receptivity, passion, heart, art and abundance, and integrating theses synodic themes intuitively and at a feeling level. The Earth synods are about grounding these themes and living them into our every-day lives. These synodic cycles created by Venus and Earth with Neptune and Chiron are sub-cycles of the 85-year Chiron-Neptune synodic cycle that began in February of 2010, presented in the February 14, 2010 Lunar Planner. The New Moon conjoined Neptune and Chiron on the cusp of sidereal Aquarius. Thus the theme of that lunar cycle is one and the same as the theme of the Chiron-Neptune synodic cycle. Also of significance are the Jupiter-Neptune and Jupiter- Chiron synods preceding the Chiron-Neptune synod but occurring during the Chiron-Neptune conjunctions surrounding the Chiron-Neptune synod. A synopsis is present in the Saturn-Uranus Opposition 2008-2011 article, which also articulates the essence of the Chiron-Neptune synodic cycle theme, which is just beginning to engage (Chiron has separated just a little over 5° from Neptune).


Neptune is of inspiration, ideals, dreams and visions; as well as a inspiring a new visionary-based, universal consciousness. Neptune imparts a dissolving force. Neptune’s atmosphere shifts and changes continuously, looking quite different in just a few days time. This is one of the astrophysical characteristics of Neptune that reveals why Neptune tends to dissolve things into universality; it is amorphous, swirling and shifting, and thus also lends itself to the exploration of creative ideas and alternative realms of perception; and also to merge in consciousness with others and with one’s surroundings. Neptune dissolves boundaries and thus enables one to see imagery beyond the semantics of words and language.

The Centaur Chiron

The Centaurs are somewhat rogue and radical in nature, believed to have entered into the realm of our outer solar system from the outside. Since the Centaurs do not have their own strong orbital resonance, they generally have unstable orbits and are greatly influenced by the orbital resonances of the larger planets, and thus synchronize with the orbits of the larger planets, acting as unique escorts from one planetary realm to another.

Chiron classically is “The wounded Healer,” and acts as a bridge or escort between Saturn and Uranus. Chrion can express in a variety of ways depending upon its chart placement. Chiron can indicate where personal healing is required, and/or it may indicate where a bridge is to be created and crossed, either from established, structured and crystalized patterns (Saturn) to radical new possibilities (Uranus), or to bring new discoveries and new levels of consciousness into concretized form. Prominent alignments with Chiron can indicate involvement in the health-care or healing arena, or involvement with discoveries and new technologies or modalities applied in this and related areas. More about the Centaurs.

Venus - A Choice

The Earth-Neptune and Chiron synods occur on the heals of the Venus-Neptune and Chiron synods due to the recent Venus Transit, when Earth and Venus conjoined. Venus moves slightly faster than Earth around the Sun and is now about 50° into the new Earth-Venus 584-day synodic cycle.  Thus, they are entering a septile aspect (51°), which is of the 7th harmonic family. This is an interesting aspect because 7 is the spiritual and pinnacle number. The harmonic (360/7) produces an irrational number and thus impels a spiritual focus and an irrational process. Logic is abandoned here as this point is about our ability to respond to life from heart and from the feminine force in our lives. This aspect often produces a fork in the road where we must choose a path based from the heart on how to go forward, not from rational mind.

First Quarter Moon Phase Characteristics

First Quarter Moon
Initiate Action

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon of each lunar cycle draws an external stimulus to initiate action as we move from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter. Our First Quarter Moon occurs on August 24 in early sidereal Scorpio. It conjoins Dschuba and Graffias of Scorpio; Yed of Ophiuchus; Alpha Circini; and Kornephoros and Kajam of Hercules.

Dschuba (the Tree of Light / Life) and Graffias (Beta Scorpio) create the head of the Scorpion. Dschuba impels a graduation in consciousness, moving from our repetitive patterns in life that perpetuate an experience of entrapment and a sense of victim consciousness (entrapped in the clutches of the Scorpion), to taking personal responsibility for co-creating our reality and evolving out of the patterns of the past. Dschuba impels us to become responsible creators of our lives.

Close up of The Great Hercules Globular Cluster M13

The view from space - Hubble Space Telescope multicolor image of the inner 36 light years of M13. Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Yed, the hand of Ophiuchus, conjoins the Head of the Scorpion. Ophiuchus, who stands over the Scorpion, is demonstrable example of one who has attained self-mastery over the raw creative forces of life. Yed, the hand of death, does not refer to a dark sinister force out for our demise, but it does reveal that something must die--an entire modality of being, the personality-level egoic self-importance façade justifying our life experience as if we are victims of life so we can participate from the maturity a soul-awakened being, responsible for our experience, our actions, and their results. Nearby Han, the left knee of Ophiuchus, and the stars forming the left leg of Ophiuchus, articulate the actualization of this transmutational process. They impel us to actively create a new stance in life based from this level of soul-awareness and self-mastery.

Kornephoros, Beta Hercules, the shoulder of our God-man, who stands upside down in the heavens with his feet (heritage) in the realm of the gods and his hands (daily work) in the realm of man. Kornephoros embodies our Earth bound responsibility to support others through the myriad of labors encountered on the journey to claim their evolutionary freedom.

Just north of Kornephoros is The Great Hercules Globular Cluster, M13, consisting of over a million stars. This spectacular ball of fire (the most impressive cluster in the northern skies), is a very old (soul) cluster and embodies the superhuman strength of Hercules gained from the countless experiences seemingly thrown upon the God-man’s earthly path. M13 represents our soul wisdom amalgamated from innumerable human experiences that become available to draw upon as our personal power. This radiant stellar accumulation is Hercules' strength and endurance that he offers to guide and aid others in claiming their own self-mastery--their own god-hood.

Our stimulating First Quarter Moon impels us to choose to respond one way or another to whatever may arise in the moment and without hesitation, realizing that some choices lead to blunderings while others to success. Either way, taking responsibility for the road we choose is up to us alone, and whatever action we take leads to our greater self-empowerment. It is up to us to create our future independent of the life scenarios in which find ourselves.

The New Venus-Eris Synodic Cycle

Venus-Eris cycles are about the same length as the orbit period of Venus because Eris moves rather slowly, which is about 225 days (same with Earth-Eris cycles). The Venus-Eris cycles are especially significant because Eris is currently transiting the ecliptical longitude of Venus’ exaltation, which is marked by the star Revati of Pisces. Eris is also transiting Baten Kaitos of Cetus, which conjoins Revati by a couple of degrees, and the outstretched arms of Andromeda. Eris’ conjunction with Revati peaked in the first decade of 2000, and it is now more so conjoining Baten Kaitos. See “Eris, The Great Disrupter, Revati & the Global Economic Crisis

Revati, Zeta Pisces, literally means riches, money, wealth, and financial resources. Prominent alignments with Revati can indicate material wealth gained from participating in the dramatic psycho-emotional world of human affairs. This zodiakal longitude is a couple of degrees to that of Baten Kaitos, the belly of ole Cetus, where the transformative process occurs while in the whale of human emotional experience. Revati and Baten Kaitos also mark the exalted seat of Venus--bringing attention to the relation of the flow of abundance, emotional clarity, and living from the heart. Venus rules money and assets; and Venus dramatically influences economics (especially its retrogrades), as is well known in astrological financial forecasting.

Perseus and Andromeda by Giorgio Vasari

Perseus and Andromeda by Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574) Oil on Slate. On display at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Some critics think this work to be cluttered by other people in the water, confusing the theme of the chained princess. I however think it nicely depicts Andromeda's almost fatal entrapment in Cetus--the technobureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness, as indicated by many people flocking around the chained princess in the Piscian waters, unconscious of the danger of becoming devoured as well. Vasari is known for his bibliographical book, "Lives of the Artists."

Cetus, the techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness, is the whale of human emotional experience. Baten Kaitos is the belly of ole' Cetus. Further south is Fornax, the furnace and Phi Fornax, which provides the perpetual fire (digestive juices) for our transmutation while participating in the belly of ole' Cetus--in the wet, sensual, and emotional world of human affairs. Alignments with Baten Kaitos can indicate delays or setbacks, but a time needed to make an inner transformation, before rescue, emergence, or rewards can be gained. Baten can indicate the need to embrace the emotional aspects of mortal life and to emerge in transmuted form. The value here is to be able to participate from the wisdom of having been there, and to claim the abundance that life has to offer in all of its forms (Venus-Revati).

The stars forming the bound outstretched arms of the Princess Andromeda also reside at this ecliptical longitude. In the story of Andromeda and Royal Family, Andromeda was chained to the rocks by the sea to be devoured by Cetus the Sea Monster. This was due to Queen Cassiopeia's boastful and arrogant claim that her daughter was more beautiful than Poseidon's Nereids, the nymphs of the sea. Poseidon responded by sending Cetus to ravage the shores of Ethiopia, which Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus ruled. Cepheus was advised to sacrifice Andromena to appease Poseidon. Andromeda, although inheriting this unfortunate sentence, has a far greater and fortuitous destiny as articulated by the beautiful Andromeda Galaxy, which emulates the ideal potential for our Galaxy. Perseus eventually kills Cetus and frees Andromeda.

The stars forming Andromeda’s bound outstretched arms articulate not only the bound feminine, but also the bondage of humanity’s prosperous future, which adds to articulate the theme of Baten Kaitos and Revati. This also articulates the subjugation of females and the control of financial resources by the dominant patriarchal-driven bureaucracies.

Eris is a feminine force that does not put up with how things are. She overturns the apple cart so there can be a reorganization, or shall we say a redistribution of power and how things work. This had been occurring in the financial paradigm (2000-2010), and now in the very belly of collective consciousness, creating serious unrest in the human populous, which is under dominion of the techno-bureaucratic powers of the world.

Eris is currently breaking humanity’s acquiescence to remaining in a state of slumber in the belly of the techno-bureaucratic monster and living by the imposed rules and regulations primarily put in place by the patriarchal part of humanity, and that attempt to keep the feminine force in bondage and submission. When Venus and Eris are in cahoots, especially now with this being the first synod after the 2012 Venus Transit, the two strengthen each other. Eris forces us to apprehend a more fundamental and authentic truth by dismantling manmade categorizations and segregations of life. This authenticity, the truth of the heart, is the essence that Venus embodies. Venus, in turn, empowers Eris’s discordant nature. Eris and Venus arouse, awaken and impel activism of the feminine force in the world.

Gibbous Moon Phase Characteristics

The Gibbous Moon
Attraction & Involvement

Gibbous Moon

The 24-hour period just before the Gibbous Moon is a time of perseverance, of pushing through in the midst of the action quarter of the lunar cycle. The Gibbous Moon is when the pressure releases and we enter the Pollinating Phase of the lunar cycle, which begins a social and communicative time of magnetic attraction.

Our Gibbous Moon occurs on August 27 in late sidereal Sagittarius and under the auspice of Lyra. The Moon conjoins Sheliak, Sulaphat and the Starseed Ring Nebula M57 in Lyra; Deneb Al Okab and Epsilon of Aquila, and the Neutron Star, X-Ray Source SS433 also in Aquila

Lyra, in the northern heavens, articulates the nature of late Sagittarius. It is home to Vega, Alpha Lyra, the Harp-Star. The stars of Lyra embody various facets of the artsciences of harmonics in light, sound, color, and geometry--particularly the wisdom of the artsciences. They are of lofty vision, creativity, and inspire all that is of multi-media, the arts, and higher education.

Lyra is the Lyre of Hermes, originally bestowed with the qualities to invoke and communicate the messages of the gods. As the harp of the angelic messengers, its tuning and voice not only impart beauty, beneficence, eloquence, and sensibility to the Zen Archer, but specifically translate divine information into vibration that supports transmutational healing and the spiritual awakening of consciousness.

Lyra, and prominent alignments with Lyra, often indicate involvement with the music of the spheres, that is, the use of natural astronomically and resonant harmonics for healing, illumination, and for greater evolutionary purpose. Prominent alignments and aspects to Lyra are often found in musicians, artists and those involved with art and sciences behind multi-media projects--those with intent to use those art-sciences for healing and the expansion of consciousness. Lyra embodies the wisdom of the application of natural harmonics in light and sound through time in geometric proportion--all working intelligently together.

Multi-spectral Shelaik has the visible brilliance of 2000 of our suns, and is actually a dual star, a hot bright bluish star orbiting around a dimmer white cooler star in a period of about 12.9 days. Not only is this a dual star system, but due to the tilt of the stars’ orbital plane, from our view, the two stars eclipse each other. Sheliak is beautiful to view through a telescope, and is easy to spot with the naked eye being the most southwestern star in the small parallelogram that creates the body of the Lyre.

Ring Nebula M57, super nova of Lyra

The Ring Nebula M57 in Lyra
Image Credit: The Hubble Heritage Team

So massive and so close, the two stars transfer streams of matter from one to the other in an orbital disc--a dynamic not quite understood by astronomers, and which is fitting to the astrological nature of the star. Sheliak marks the strings of the Lyre, inspiring holographic visualization and attunement to heavenly realms of angelic light, and the transfer of that multi-dimensional awareness through multi-media and art-sciences incorporating light, sound, and geometry. Sheliak embodies the scientific knowledge of harmonics and music--the wisdom of the art-science. In mythological lore, the Lyre was used for divine communion and healing, and Sheliak is about our tuning and being attuned for that very reason. Sheliak inspires cosmic visualization and awareness that serves to educate and illuminate.

Lyra is also depicted as the Tortoise Lyre, with the resonant structure being the shell from which rise elegant horns upon which seven strings (of Sheliak) are stretched. Sulaphat is the tortoise shell. Sulaphat embodies the principle of resonance in the harmonics of sacred geometry and associated artsciences. Sulaphat embodies all that is of physical resonance and emotional tone. Here we find the inspiration to re-tune the physical and emotional aspects of our lives. We find support to become fully and harmoniously resonant to our spiritual truth, highest ideals and visions, and to express them into demonstrable material manifestation.

The beautiful starseed Ring Nebula M57, a super nova of Lyra, is the result from which many diversionary rays of extraterrestrial starseed races began their evolutionary journey. The Ring Nebula inspires the re-unification of all incarnational sojourns of the soul, and to reciprocate that unified wisdom through the art-sciences. M57 invites us to remember our unified stellar origins despite our many diverse expressions in form.

Deneb Al Okab (Zeta Aquila) marks the Eagle's Tail, composed of Zeta Aquila and Epsilon Aquila. Zeta Aquila is the brighter of the two and is the third brightest star in Aquila, next to Altair, Eye of the Eagle, and Tarazed, Altair's companion. Zeta Aquila shines with the brightness of 39 of our suns and has an amazing rotational speed, 165 times the equatorial speed of our sun--that is a rotational speed of about 16 hours.

SS433 in Aquila

Conjoining the tail of the Eagle (Zeta Aquila) is SS433, an exotic and dynamic binary star system similar to Cygnus x-3, but emitting twin-corkscrew shaped jets in wavelengths ranging from the optical to the X-ray. A companion star is feeding the collapsed neutron star's accretion disc (shown in the illustration). A neutron star is a super-dense nucleus of a collapsed (dead) star. A slight 20° misalignment of the planes of the binary orbit and the accretion disk causes the disc and its rapidly evolving jets to precess (wobble) over a 162.5-day period and over a large angle. The precession also causes the jets' expanding helical spray.

SS433’s primary characteristic is that it produces a dynamic and rapidly evolving expression that extends over the entire light spectrum, thus embracing all aspects of life, from the most primal to the soul/spiritual, without hesitancy and without prejudice or discrimination. It also has a consuming aspect to it, devouring the companion star’s life force.

Both the qualities of rapidly rotating Deneb Al Okab and SS433 are fitting with the Eagle’s totem and guiding tail of the Eagle. The Eagle, a lone bird, has the ability to rapidly remove itself to vast distances and height to gain an embracing perceptual (global) awareness, and then to steer itself with amazing speed and grace to snatch its target.

Our Gibbous Moon inspires passion for expansion, independence, adventure and change. It brings optimism and enthusiasm and a focus toward an all-embracing awareness and the lofty vision and high ideals common to this area of Sagittarius. It inspires the expression of the full radiance that we are through the art-sciences, media and the healing arts.

The Time of Global Change is at Hand.
What is the end of the World for some is a New World for those who realize it is.

Full Moon Phase Characteristics

The Full Moon
Vision, Enthusiasm, & Realization of the Theme

Full Moon

The Full Moon marks the culmination point in the lunar cycle, the climax, the point of excitement and celebration. The hours leading up to the Full Moon provide a time of "vision and enthusiasm." The time just after Full Moon is a one of "realization of the lunar month's theme," a time to kick back and relax, to allow our realizations to surface in consciousness.

The Full Moon of August 31 occurs in mid-sidereal Aquarius just past and conjoining Chiron by 1.5°. Chiron conjoins Sadachbia of Aquarius and Baham of Pegasus. The Full Moon conjoins Skat (Delta), Zeta, and Eta of Aquarius.

The new Earth-Chiron synodic cycle began a day before the Full Moon, mentioned above. The Full Moon star alignments are very close to the Venus-Chiron and Earth Chiron synod stars, thus bringing our awareness to and emphasizing these energetics.

Pelican Nebula Ionization Front

Pelican Nebula Ionization Front

The Pelican Nebula is located a few degrees east of Deneb in the constellation Cygnus, about 1,800 light-years distant from Earth. The Image was taken by the MOSAIC CCD camera of the Mayall 4-meter reflector telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona, USA; and was produced by NOAO Survey Program "Deep Imaging Survey of Nearby Star-Forming Clouds" Image credit: John Bally (U. Colorado), Bo Reipurth (U. Hawaii)/NOAO/AURA/NSF

Aquarius, the humanitarian waterbearer, nourishes the body of humanity. Aquarius embodies a future-oriented vision for an evolved humanitarian-based society and the essence of philanthropy. Aquarius is altruistic and inspires new ideas, technologies and pursuits in the art-sciences and in social issues of the world. It is of the flow of resources within that populous that creates a wholesome human condition.

Skat, Delta Aquarius, is "star of the foundation," marking the shinbone of the waterbearer. Skat is of humanitarian philanthropic foundations, organizations, and business vessels through which material and financial support can flow for future-oriented humanitarian focused projects and for the nourishment of an evolved human society flourishing in the arts and sciences. Skat inspires action in support this pursuit. Skat is possibly derived from the Arabic Al Sak (the shinbone) or from Al Shi'at, meaning "a wish" (Allen).

Skat conjoins Zeta Aquarius, and, along with Sadachbia, Pi (Seat), and Eta, they create a prominent asterism (to skywatchers), a 4-star "Y"--a symbol used in electronics to denote an antenna--that which transmits and receives, is expressive and receptive. The "Y" of stars is generally depicted as the Urn of Aquarius--from where the nourishing humanitarian waters flow. Sadachbia, the principle star of the “Y” is the "lucky star of hidden things." Sadachbia can indicate that a physical gift of extreme value can be discovered, revealed, claimed or given. This is one of the purest areas of resonance in the ecliptic and one of the most fortuitous--the Angel Point of the Zodiak.

Our Chiron Full Moon makes us look at the wounds that our cultural modality creates in our everyday lives and in the lives of people in general, and for all life on Earth. In so doing, it motivates us to find ways to heal the human condition especially through originality and ingenuity in the arts and sciences, through humanitarian efforts, and also by creating new systems of thought and ways of interacting in the world. It also inspires altruistic support of efforts that serve to create a wholesome and evolved human society. Our Full Moon brings context to our Leo New Moon theme, that is, as to why the impetus to break trail into new territory.

The Chiron-Full Moon also aspects the second Pallas-Uranus square Pluto. This makes this Full Moon rather potent and brings awareness and revelation to the need for radical change in our lives and in our world.

The New Ceres-Jupiter Synodic Cycle

Perseus and Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini

Perseus and Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini stands in the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence.
Bronze, 18 feet high 1545-54.
Photo Credit: © 1999 Mary Ann Sullivan

Ceres and Jupiter begin a new 7-year synodic cycle in early sidereal Taurus on August 31, hours after Full Moon. The Synod lies between the Pleiades and the Hyades, and under the auspice of Perseus. Conjoining stars include Mirphak and Menkhib of Perseus, and Zeta Perseus and the X-Perseus Neutron Star at the foot of Perseus.

Sidereal Taurus is of earthy and material matters: of building, business, construction, the home and family, property, stability and balance; is fixed in its ways, industrious, persistent, determined, laborious and enterprising.

Mirphak, Alpha Perseus, a fortuitous star, the elbow of Perseus, embodies the totality and success of all that our hero Perseus embodies. Mirphak inspires responsible action to claim the true gift from the inner refinement we have gained through our past initiatory fires. Here we must acknowledge that our trials had to precede stepping forth into a greater fulfillment and our future destiny.

Conjoining Mirphak is the right foot of Perseus created by Atik, Omi Perseus; Zeta Perseus; and the intense neutron star, X–Perseus. Zeta and X-Perseus bring a powerful capacity to infuse the spiritual power gained from our initiations in life and to manifest our longer-term purpose and destiny in the physical world. This area in the ecliptic impels bold dynamic physical action and heroic deeds. It is of undaunted strength and endurance in this pursuit.


Due to her size and spherical shape, Ceres was reclassified as a “dwarf planet” in Aug 2006, along with Pluto and Eris--appropriately honoring Ceres to be the mother of the asteroids; and now places a “planet” in the orbital location where a planet should lie--in this case along with her many children.

Ceres, the mother of the main asteroids, brings awareness to how we nurture and to that which is truly nurturing to us. Ceres embodies mothering and agricultural qualities and brings attention to our relation with the Earth, the land, agriculture, the environment and the seasons. Due to Ceres association with the land and the environment, Ceres is of particular interest in charts associated with environmental changes or events. Ceres reveals our ability to be in universal flow--the unification of giving and receiving as one flow of energy through ourselves. Ceres asks for acknowledgment of our inner needs, to have self love and self worth. Ceres is of concern and caring for others as well as for the Earth. Ceres is associated with fertility, the womb and stomach.

Potential Ceres issues are: fear of abundance, lack and material struggle; low self esteem; unworthiness; abandonment / rejection issues expressing as attachment to people and things, manipulation of loved ones, over-attachment to siblings, possessiveness, and control of siblings or of one’s creations; mother-child complexes; and barrenness. More about Ceres


Jupiter by NASA


Jupiter imparts a mobilizing and expansive force. It stimulates fluidity in movement, vitality and enthusiasm. It is of reciprocity—how we receive and re-express that which we have gained as gifts to the world. Jupiter expresses in openness and willingness to touch, palpate and embrace life, people and experience. It imparts a kinesthetic and magnetic quality; and reveals our physical fitness, strength and coordination.

Jupiter motivates us to aspire for something larger in our lives, beyond our current bounds. Jupiter will tend to magnify and expand the qualities of any other planet that it conjoins. Jupiter is often associated with money, but not as much as Venus. This is because Jupiter is a mobilizing force and money is a mobilizing agent.

Jupiter is of higher or natural law, as compared to man’s laws. It is of Spiritual Truth and stimulates action upon our greater truth. Jupiter is serendipitous, opportunistic, fortunate and lucky; with taste for and appreciation of elegance end beauty (along with Venus). It is fun loving, good natured, free and independent. Jupiter provides the ability to participate freely in the material world and in universal flow.

Jupiter governs muscle coordination and motor skills; the muscles, ligaments, the lymph, buttocks and the legs, which are the pump for the lymphatic system. Associated brain centers are: Animation / Life—cortex, psyche, soma energy centre, and hypothalamus. Sensory Locomotion—mid-cortex, the kinesthetic and sensory motor area. More about Jupiter.

This new cycle brings emphasis to creating a sustainable future, one that ensures our fundamental physical needs in life are met, primarily food, shelter and financial stability. It motivates creating abundance and freedom in these areas and it also brings attention to the land and agriculture. It may dramatize the need for heroic action to address any of these concerns, and to all issues associated with mothering, the caring for and nurturing of life. This cycle can also dramatize the resultant effects when this mothering quality is lost in society, resulting in extreme disparities, along with poverty, environmental abuse, child abuse and human trafficking, and displacement.

Disseminating Moon Phase Characteristics

The Disseminating Moon
Manifestation & Demonstration

Disseminating Moon

The hours leading up to the Disseminating Moon generally is an accelerated and busy time of last minute preparation that leads into the birth point in the lunar cycle, the time of bearing the fruit of the cycle, of claiming its gift, of living that which we have been learning.

The Disseminating Moon occurs on September 4 in early sidereal Aries. The Moon conjoins Eris and opposes Saturn. Venus, now in early sidereal Cancer, creates a T-square to the Moon-Eris Saturn opposition and is trine to Juno, asteroid of covenant relations. The Moon is also sextile to Ceres and the two create a Yod to Ceres.

The Moon conjoins Al Pherg of Pisces, Cassiopeia-A Super Nova Remnant; and the Andromeda Galaxy M31.

Al Pherg, in the upright fish that marks cuspal Aries, is held or tied to Alrisha (Katain), the knot that binds our primordial past to our future. Al Pherg articulates the desire, effort and emergence process from the tormenting emotional and psychic forces common to sidereal Pisces. Al Pherg reveals that issues that hold us back are of the emotional and physical realm and they need to be dealt with at the emotional / physical level of clearing, not from a mentalized “I’m above it all” attitude of denial. Al Pherg can indicate that one is almost there, but not quite, with a final barrier yet to be crossed before one can truly emerge. Something residual must be released or accepted, which can be from a long-established genetic, cultural or evolutionary history.

Andromeda Spiral Galaxy M31

The beautiful and nearly perfect shaped Andromeda Spiral Galaxy M31 is our largest nearby neighbor, a mer 2.5 million light yeas away. The disc spans about 260,00 light-years, compared to our own Milky Way Galaxy which spans about 100,000 light years across.
Image Credit: Bill Schoening, Vanessa Harvey/REU program/NOAO/AURA/NSF - Kitt Peak National Observatory, southern Arizona

The Super Nova Remnant Cassiopeia-A conjoins Al Pherg. Cas-A embodies the over-theme of Cassiopeia, the soul of the queen. Cas-A creates the need to see opportunity for attainment (articulated by the beautiful and conjoining Andromeda Galaxy M31) rather than opposition to it, and to have the courage to do the inner work required to claim it. In typical Cassiopeian style however, this can express as an explosive temper tantrum of outrage or anger when feeling deprived or a victim of our position or environment in which we may find ourselves; or victim to other forces attempting to manipulate and control our freedom or birthright. However, this is ultimately due to not having dealt with our own emotional issues to start with. Cas-A offers a powerful opportunity for transformation if we are willing to surrender any bitter attitudes that we deserve something or some position, and to shift our focus from why we are being denied or deprived to appreciating that which we do have and the beauty that is, which allows bestowal of beneficent grace due our greater essence of being.

The Andromeda Galaxy, M31, was first viewed as a nebulous cloud in the heavens, but with the advent of powerful telescopes, the galactic beauty became visible as our nearest galactic neighbor. This marked the time for humanity to see its own greater galactic potential, to realize we can become much more than what in the past was merely an obscure nebulous notion. Even more recently, we find that the beautiful Andromeda Galaxy, composed of hundreds of billions of stars, has two nuclei (centers of force) forming the heart of the galaxy, articulating the exquisite expression of life from the unified (Divine) spiraling Twin Flame masculine and feminine principles. Spiral type galaxies in general articulate the flow of spiritual and physical forces spiraling in evolutionary unfoldment. The Andromeda Galaxy exemplifies the ideal for humanity, the masculine and feminine polarities of life expressing in their full majesty and glory, spiraling together in beauty and perfection. Here lies our inspiration to visibly express and demonstrate our unification in its greatest potential and form.

Sept 5, 2012 Disseminating Moon Aspect Chart

This demonstrable Moon invites a relinquishment of any bitter or righteous attitudes we may hold about not having something or being in a better position to which we are entitled for us to step into the realization of our greater potential.

The Venus T-square with the Moon-Eris Saturn opposition, with Venus in early Cancer (the location of our previous New Moon) places emphasis to honor and express the uniqueness of heart, art, beauty and abundance in ways that nurture others.

The trine from Venus to Juno and the Yod from the Moon and Ceres sextile to Juno-North Luanr Node create a strong focus on relationship and partnership of all types, and the answer to how to express Venus and our demonstrable actions (whatever they may be) is through partnerships. Juno and Mars are about to start a new synodic cycle, which is extremely significant for several reasons (presented below). There has been a tremendous opportunity for growth and/or a restructuring or resorting of partnerships over the last several months. The new 3.5-year Mars-Juno synodic cycle and the next lunar cycle impel partnerships to initiate a new beginning, to go forward in new ways based upon the growth gained and resorting that has occurred during the last several months.

The Second Pallas-Uranus Pluto Square

Uranus-Pallas Pluto Square Graphic Epemeris

Section of the 2012 Graphic Epemeris

Retrograde Pallas conjoins retrograde Uranus on September 5, just after the Disseminating Moon, and just as Uranus and Pluto (also retrograde) lead into the second trigger of their 2012-2015 square, which occurs on September 18-19. The Moon also creates a Grand Trine with Pluto and Mercury inspiring open communication and perhaps a reorientation of the logistical aspects of our lives based on new information or realizations. Mercury and the Sun are about to make their superior conjunction (Mercury on the far side of the Sun), on September 10, which marks the midpoint of vision and realization in the current Earth-Mercury synodic cycle that began on July 28 presented in the previous July 19, 2012 Lunar Planner.

The first trigger and the opening to this few-year event began on June 24. See “Revolution and Revelation, The 2012-2015 Uranus-Puto Square” and the June 19, 2012 Lunar Planner.

Excerpt from the June 19 Lunar Planner

The Revolution and Revelation catalyzed by this Uranus-Pallas Pluto Square, I surmise, will be one driven by the emergence of brilliant cultural creative thinkers with vision and answers who simply will no long stand idle to the antics of an antiquated paradigm and its manipulative bureaucracies or ignorant self-focus leaders. And let us remember, as I have tried to stress in recent writings, that the power of the feminine force shall re-emerge and rise in the world—the path of compassion and justice for all life. The effect and energetic of the Venus Transit is just now engaging and Venus continues to play a prominent and very progressive role in the potent alignments at hand....


Mature Pallas expresses as the artful use of creative intelligence for solution beyond duality’s paradox. Mature Pallas expresses from the balance of the masculine and feminine principles, and from beyond the judgments of one side verses the other. Pallas invites the integration of our past experience in duality—from having been on both sides of the fence at one time or another—and to claim that experience as wisdom. It invites us to use that wisdom as a foundation to express nonjudgmental courageous solution beyond life’s paradoxes created by opposing forces.

Pallas is applier and defender of wisdom and truth; the expression of intellect in craft and inventiveness. Mature Pallas accepts personal responsibility for having co-created our experience; i.e. the resolution of victim consciousness. Pallas has the strategic capacity to link, unify and bring together; and has wonderful perceptual skills for planning and public relations. Pallas often has a prominent placement in the charts or artists. Pallas significantly effects emotional and physical equilibrium.

The Pluto and Uranus bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, the week leading into the September 5 Uranus-Pluto Square is an ideal time to work with the Pluto and Uranus audio meditations. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

Last Quarter Moon Phase Characteristics

Last Quarter Moon
Time for Change

Last Quarter Moon

The Last Quarter Moon creates our “inner need to initiate change” in the lunar cycle as we move into the cycle’s last and transitional quarter. Our Last Quarter Moon conjoins Jupiter and Vesta on September 8 in sidereal Taurus.

The Orion Nebula M42

Hubble's Sharpest View of the Orion Nebula - Image Credit: NASA,ESA, M. Robberto (Space Telescope Science Institute/ESA) and the Hubble Space Telescope Orion Treasury Project Team

The Moon conjoins Rigel of Orion; Kursa of Eridanus; and Hassaleh and Hoedus of Auriga.

Rigel, Beta Orion, is of enterprising entrepreneurialism. Orions in general are known for their architectural capacity. Prominent alignments with Rigel (and Bellatrix) bring the capacity to embody, direct and execute large, extravagant and grandiose projects; bringing good through commerce and business affairs. Kursa, conjoining Rigel, marks the beginning of Eridanus, the River of Life. Kursa is of new beginnings, new involvements, and new journeys of our lives. Although it may be time to go forth anew, into a new phases of our lives, we must be aware of the tenacious perseverance required when staring new life journeys, to move from the wars and trials of the past to the freedom of the future. Kursa is also favorable for journeys involving enterprises across water or in other parts of the world.

North of Taurus is Auriga, the Charioteer. Hassaleh is the third brightest star of the classic pentagon of stars forming Auriga. Hassaleh conjoins Rigel of Orion and Kursa of Eridanus. Marking the foot of Auriga, Hassaleh inspires innovative and persistent action; and like the essence of Auriga, to mobilize that which cannot move on its own accord. Conjoining Hoedus adds a warrior quality to Hassaleh and is action oriented.

Our Last Quarter Moon brings inner realizations to expand upon or to mobilize new enterprising ventures, projects or pursuits with a new level of clarity, focused dedication and commitment.

The Mercury and Jupiter bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, September 7 through September 10 is an ideal time to work with the Mercury and Jupiter audio meditations. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

Balsamic Moon Phase Characteristics

Balsamic Moon
Focus to the Future

Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon marks the time in lunar cycle when we coalesce the experience of the lunar cycle into its seed essence, which will then sprout through the theme of the following lunar cycle. It is when we turn our attention from this lunar cycle in anticipation of the next to come. The hours before the Balsamic Moon provide our time of coalescence while those after mark the time when we turn 180° from looking back over the past cycle and look forward toward the next cycle to come.

The Balsamic Moon occurs on September 12 in sidereal Cancer. It conjoins Venus once again, which can be seen just before sunrise in the eastern sky. See “The Elongations of Venus” to learn about the synchronizations of Venus with Crescent and Balsamic Moons.

Spiral Galaxy in the Lynx NGC2683

NGC2683 Spiral Galaxy just north of Cancer
and under the tail of the Lynx.
Image credit: Doug Matthews/Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF

The Venus-Moon conjoins Al Tarf of Cancer and the Praesepe star cluster M44; Azmidiske Puppis of Argo Navis and Talitha of the Great Bear.

Cancer, commonly the crab today, is also the Egyptian Scarabaeus, an image that articulates the theme of humanity's emergence from darkness, dogma, and delusion and its reawakening back to light. The Scarab is an appropriate mythical figure here because the beetle emerges from its snuggle in its own dung, where it matures. This theme also applies to our individual emergence from the family nest or from the collective consciousness that we co-create. The Scarab is a symbol of regeneration, transformation and re-birth, of being self-created, or self-made, to rise from itself--hence humanity's association with the beetle’s emergence. Sidereal Cancer imparts a nurturing, protective and cultivating quality, ultimately to support this emergence.

Al Tarf of Cancer marking the southern back leg of the crab, although the brightest star of the constellation, it, like the others, is unspectacular. Al Tarf suggests a mass complacency, the sluggishness for humanity to change or emerge from its slumber; and hence a desire to be cared for but actually with need to be prodded to awaken.

Praesepe, the Bee Hive star cluster, M44 (~50 stars) in mid-Cancer embodies the essence of the Scarab / Cancer theme. Praesepe is also referred to as a crib or manger, referring to a protective and nurturing environment from which a new birth emerges. Praesepe also supports our emergence out of the antiquated dogmatic entrapments we had been living in (Asellus Bor and Aus), and our migration or a new birth. In this sense, Praesepe is of new beginnings, shedding old skins, skeletons, and cocoons. It is of emerging out of the frenetic confusion of mass consciousness; finding our new path and direction; leaving behind old dwellings and the structures of consciousness they represent; and getting out of our personal or collective dogma and the darkness it creates.

Praesepe can indicate a new dwelling place is at hand or that one is in order to find. When bees leave an old hive, they appear to swarm in frenetic confusion with a scattered sense and lack of direction before identifying their new direction and migrate toward their new home. This confusion is temporary and is part of intuiting the feeling for the right direction, much like turning in a complete circle to identify the way that feels right. Praesepe asks us to trust in our magnetic sense, our inner compass, and to hone in on our new direction.

Adding to our Praesepe theme is the southern star Azmidiske, Xi Puppis of Argo Navis, the highest star on the aplustre of the stern of the ship sailing along the galactic equator and Sigma Puppis. Azmidiske, an exalted star lying exactly on the galactic equator, holds the signature of the mission of the Argo--the emblem of the mission of the soul. The ornately sculptured aplustre on ancient ships held an energetic, like a talisman, for the purpose the ship was built. Azmidiske reveals a transcendent soul purpose or mission to what occurs in the beehive, a gestating force supporting our emergence from darkness to light. Together, Praesepe, Azmidiske and Sigma Puppis ask us to trust and have faith in the subtle currents at work in our lives, currents that are leading us on the next legs of our journeys in life and toward our highest fulfillment.

The forefoot of the Great Bear, marked by Talitha (Iota) and Kappa of Ursa Major, I dub to be the protectress, guardian, and nurturer of humanity. This duo is also the Chinese "High Dignitary." Although minor stars, they should not be taken lightly, as they hold a principal office within the Bear. Of the Great Bear they are associated with the global scene and world powers. They inspire us to become a caring and nurturing force for each other, an enabling force that responsibly supports our emergence from darkness, dogma, and delusion, emergence from the limits and bounds created by selfish, fearful or controlling beliefs, a force that supports us to move into freedom and in greater personal fulfillment.

Also conjoining Talitha is the pulsar (APO 0823+26) in Cancer inspiring us to emerge from psycho-emotional issues common to collective consciousness and from our ingrained limiting thought patterns. It inspires us to be independent and free thinkers rather than co-dependant followers of dogmatic belief structures of mass-consciousness or the groups we have been participating with that limit our ability to initiate creative action that supports the manifestation of our greater personal and collective fulfillment.

Our Balsamic Moon brings us back to the heart and inspires open and visible expression from the heart, thus setting the seed to sprout in the following lunar cycle. It inspires the expression of our uniqueness in genuine, open, and honest participation, without dogma, defense or pretense. It impels us to emerge from a complacent acceptance of mass-consciousness and collective belief structures, and to awaken to a greater truth that is in the interest of our greater nourishment; to be free thinkers, and emerge into a greater light of being.

The Venus bio-Harmonic Audio Meditation

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, the day leading into the Balsamic Moon is an ideal time to work with the Venus audio meditation. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

The New Venus-Sedna Synodic Cycle

Two primary cycles engage at the end of this lunar cycle, the Venus-Sedna synodic cycle and the Mars-Juno synodic cycle.

The Venus-Sedna synodic cycle begins on September 12-13 in late sidereal Aries. Due to Venus’ rapid orbital rate and Sedna’s extremely slow rate, the synods occurring every 225 days move ever so slightly through the ecliptic, at a slow a steady pace.


A planet-like object, or planetoid, orbiting the Sun at an extreme distance, in the coldest known region of our solar system was discovered in November of 2003. The planetoid (2003 VB12), was named Sedna for an Inuit goddess who lives at the bottom of the frigid Arctic ocean. Sedna is about one-quarter to three-eighths the size of the planet Pluto; and has an extreme elliptical orbit. Cold and removed, Sedna, approaches the Sun only briefly during her ~10,800-year solar orbit. Sedna curiously has a peculiar reddish color, like that of Mars.

Mythically, their are several versions of Sedna’s story. Basically, Inuit Sedna is a beautiful but vain maiden who is quite content living at home with her parents. She refuses several potential husbands but is finally coerced to marry by her father. She ends up marring an evil bird disguised as a man and is wisped away to a distant island for a life of misery. Her father comes to rescue Sedna, but on their way back in her father’s kayak the birdman attacks the kayak. In a vicious struggle and in fear of his life, Sedna’s father either inadvertently or deliberately pushes Sedna overboard into the frigid Arctic waters while severing her frozen fingers from clutching the boat. Sedna eventually drowns in dramatic scenario of deceit, betrayal and abandonment. Sedna becomes the goddess of the sea watching over the mammals of the oceans. Sedna has the head and torso of a woman and the tail of a fish—our mermaiden.

Being recently discovered, Sedna’s astrological influence is still exploratory. Based upon an initial exploration of Sedna’s astrophysical parameters, discovery, and myth, Sedna articulates the “return of the exiled feminine principle.” Sedna’s message is that humanity must recognize the truth about the suppression, persecution, abduction and exploitation of the feminine force in the world; and the mentality perpetuating such must be addressed and changed. Although it is quite obvious of our need for female’s re-emergence and balanced reintegration with the overly dominant patriarchal world, there is still dire hesitancy for such participation due to the often awry, deceptive and exploitative use of creative power by the masculine force in the world.

Sedna’s re-emergence suggests her purpose is to bring forth that which has been hidden, exiled, latent or suppressed; and specifically supporting the emergence of the long-suppressed feminine principle in the world; and the participation of females equally with males in all walks of life; prominently, openly and without fear, abuse, prejudice or exploitation.

Sedna appears to motivate action from a mature social platform, from an open, honest and inclusive humanitarian focus, into an active focus in leadership in the world; to break trail along a new path of discovery by demonstrating that a more feminine humanitarian type of leadership can provide the answers to the challenges our wold faces.

Potential Sedna issues may include: a refusal or hesitancy to participate in fear of being hurt, or from resentment of being hurt; abduction or abandonment issues (self-exile or forced exile); or fear of commitment.

Prior to 1950-1954 Sedna was south of the Celestial Equator (CE) in late sidereal Pisces. We might say that Sedna’s reemergence into the world was gestating in human consciousness up to this time. Sedna’s role supporting the emergence of the feminine shifted significantly around that time, and for those born at this time, as Sedna moved from being submerged in psychic-emotional sidereal Pisces onto the shores of sidereal Aries. Sedna was also crossing from south of Earth’s celestial equator to north at the same time--creating a strong drive to support the feminine reemergence in the world, for that generation and those to follow. We should begin to see another significant shift in the role of the feminine force in the world starting 2011, as Sedna enters the constellation of Taurus, and then in 2014-2017, as Sedna enters sidereal Taurus, supporting a more physically active and prominent participation of females in world.

Sedna has been making passage through Cetus (and through sidereal Pisces) since about 1830--through the bowels of human consciousness and the psychic-emotional world.  In 1954 Sedna moved out of the Piscean waters onto the shores of sidereal Aries and began its passage over over the knot of the two fishes and over the head of Cetus, which lies on the shores of sidereal Aries, so it is easy to see her effect in bringing to surface that which had been long submerged in human consciousness. Sedna's role supporting the emergence of the feminine shifted significantly around 1954, and for those born in the mid-1950s, creating a strong drive to support this emergence in that generation. Sedna had cleared the head of Cetus in 2000, crossing the head (brain and jaws) of Cetus--marking another significant shift in her emergence. Sedna is about to make her passage from sidereal Aries into sidereal Taurus (~2014-2017), where we should begin to see another significant shift in the role of the feminine force in the world, supporting a more physically active and prominent participation of females in world. More about Sedna.

Think of Sedna as the feminine historical stream of consciousness on Earth, long ago suppressed and abandon. The Venus conjunctions, synods and synodic cycles with Sedona recurring regularly, support the reemergence of the feminine principle. Now, after the Venus Transits, this emergence is even more so supported, not only energetically but also by those who have and are integrating the Venusian energetics emblazoned upon the Earth through the Venus Transits.

The synods currently conjoin Zaurak of Eridanus and the Double Star Cluster NGC869 in Perseus.

Just prior to the Taurian cusp, in late sidereal Aries, is Zaurak of Eridanus, a point of pause along the initiatory river of life where we must hold and trust our own inner light because the path immediately ahead is not entirely visible. Zaurak conjoins northern Segin, the last of the principal stars of Cassiopeia, which adds an opinionated, penetrating and expressive nature to late Aries. Segin also imparts an embracing watchful perception, especially in dangerous or threatening situations.

Overall, this location in the ecliptic is of a regenerative nature--primal, sexual, erotic, creative and inventive. It can also be volatile, quickly eruptive or explosive like a volcano, penetrating, sharp-tongued, forthright in criticizing, competitive, even somewhat hostile. Thus it requires a need to channel this energy. Either way, it asks us to get grounded and trust instinct rather than reason; and to clear any fears in preparation for the physical challenges ahead. There is also a wide-spectrum sensitivity to pending or potential danger, which also creates an active and responsive nature to threats of any sort.

Sedna is cautious and sensitive to potential dangers as she makes her crossing in the physical and concretized world of Taurus, rightfully so considering her past. The Venus-Sedna Synods, now of a regenerative nature, will soon take on another energetic once moving into the Taurus-Perseus star field. Perseus boldly supports the freedom the feminine. The actual crossing, just beginning now, requires passage under Algol on the Taurian cusp, which will require the conquering of fear within self to re-emerge in full radiance in the Taurian world. Once done however, there is also an entirely new level of support for the feminine because Taurus is the progenitor of life, our primordial mother, essence of the Divine Feminine, which nourishes and fortifies; and Venus is at home and empowered in sidereal Taurus, thus its synods with Sedna will provide another level of strength to Sedna’s sojourn—the full reemergence of the feminine as an equal and empowered force in the world.

The New Juno-Mars Synodic Cycle

Juno and Mars begin their new 3.5-year synodic cycle on September 12-13 in Ophiuchus and sidereal Scorpio.


Juno, goddess of love, is the asteroid of covenant relationships, soul colleagues, and true lovers. In the astrological chart, Juno indicates the nature of the issues and opportunities in significant relations of all sorts: those that are of a personal nature to those of political leaders and nations of the world. Mature Juno is diplomatic, tactful, cooperative, and mutually trusting. Mature Juno expresses with a sense of equality within self that provides the ability to draw true partners and those of equality into one’s life. There is an acceptance of another’s truth or opinion without need to challenge or debate. There is an ability to honor and support others in their own choices and decisions. Mature Juno expresses in mutual support and unconditional love to allow each other to grow and change through whatever issues surface.

Juno’s placement in the astrological chart is one of several points that determine the types of significant relations drawn into our lives. Juno specifically is involved with drawing our true soul-mates or twin-hearts—those truly compatible. Because Juno is where we deal with our inferiority / superiority complexes, and if this issue is prominent, partnerships drawn in earlier life can be full of lessons regarding such issues and not much else. Once a certain level of clarity is attained within self regarding the asteroid issues, true soul level covenant relations begin to show up. This does not mean we still do not grow regarding Juno issues, but there are those individuals with which we may also have a mutual soul bond and mission to pursue together.

Potential Juno issues can manifest as superiority / inferiority complexes or other inequality issues. More about Juno.


Mars is an initiating creative force, of sexuality, vitality, life force, and power. In its mature expression, Mars stimulates our capacity to respond in assertive action. It is of leadership, self reliance, and victorious. It is audacious, brave, instinctual, passionate and willful. For the less mature, or when poorly placed in a chart, Mars can express as the awry or ballistic use of power, lack of self-control, abuse in all if its forms, and with selfish motive and greed that is based in the fear of not surviving or not being provided for. The Mars aspect of self (sacrum, base chakra, adrenals sexual organs) is the area generally held in most judgment by many people—due to this force having been used destructively and manipulatively in the history of the solar system resulting in aberrations and devastation of life; hence often dubbed the planet of war. Because of this, total rejection and lack of love is often projected toward the Mars quality / base chakra of self—alienating it even more.

This synod is the culmination of a series of events that began in January 2012. The period from then until now provided a series of shifts, changes and opportunities for growth, essential for individuals and relationships to engage in this rather significant 3.5-year cycle starting now.

The first of this series of events was the Mars Retrograde in sidereal Leo, during which a new 780-day Earth-Mars synodic cycle began conjoining fiery and creative Mizar of the Great Bear. The entire retrograde occurred from January 24, 2012 through April 14, 2012, with the new 780-day cycle starting in early March. The entire Mars retrograde provided opportunity to redefine how we use our creative power in our personal lives and in the world.

Excerpt from the Mars Retrograde Article:

The retrograde started out in a area of sidereal Leo more associated with diversionary currents, smoke screens, toxicity, grand spectacle, yet also with impetus to delve beyond this surface turbulence to find a greater sense of fulfillment. The new synod then ensues, imbued with the stellar characteristics of fiery Mizar and companions, motivating a new level of dynamic, high energy and explosive creative expression. The retrograde then completes in earlier Leo, impelling us to apply our creativity and leadership capacities to direct our evolutionary course in a new way, to take an entirely new tack in how we are expressing our creative power. Full Article about the Mars Retrograde and Synodic Cycle.

Starting in mid-March and continuing for several weeks, retrograde Mars then entered into a sustaining Grand Square with Juno, which was stationing on the North Lunar Node in Ophiuchus (and sidereal Scorpio) to begin its retrograde, and with Chiron in sidereal Aquarius. Venus also joined in on the South Lunar Node. This period created significant tension, motivation and challenge for relationships to change, as well as to redefine how we interrelate and how use our creativity in our relationships. Juno’s placement on the North Lunar Node made relationships and how we interrelate the focus of this Grand Square. This is an important point, because Juno is once again conjoining the North Lunar Node, creating the same focus in relationships and how we interrelate and co-participate. The dynamics of this Grand Square were presented in the February 21, 2012 Lunar Planner and the March 22, 2012 Lunar Planner.

Juno then began its retrograde on the North Lunar Node on March 24, which continued through July 16, during which a new Earth-Juno synodic cycle began on May 19, 2012. This very potent retrograde, at the hand of Ophiuchius and over the head of the Scorpion, demanded a significant maturing in relationships as well stimulating a resorting in partnerships of all types. This caused some to dissolve, new ones to start, and some well established to shift into a new octave of expression. The new Juno-Earth synodic cycle was presented in the April 21, 2012 Lunar Planner.

The Venus retrograde also began producing the Venus Transit in early June. The Venus retrograde nested within the Juno retrograde. See the 2012 Venus Transit.

The Juno-Mars synod occurring now initiates a new creative expression in partnerships. How it expresses is a product of the growth claimed and shifts that we have made during the Mars and Juno retrogrades.

Stars conjoining this synod include Ras Algethi and Sarin of Hercules, Restaban of Draco, Wei of Scorpio; and a supercluster of galaxies called The Great Attractor.

Hercules stands upside down in the northern Heavens, north above Ophiuchus, with his feet (foundation) in the Heptanomis (the seven heavens of the celestial dome), in the realm of the gods; and with his head and hands at work in the realm of humankind aiding those in the incarnate world struggling to claim their freedom from perpetuated mortal entrapment.

Ras Algethi is the lucida (brightest star) of this constellation and marks the head of Hercules. Ras Algethi embodies the wisdom of Hercules (derived partly from his heavenly heritage and partly from his challenging Earthian experience) and contributes significantly to the Ophiuchus / Scorpio theme. Hercules is one seeded from another realm but who is intimately aware of the human dilemma, the struggle and its cause (the alchemical amalgamation of those from the heavens with those of the Earth). His beauty and intelligence he gains from Alcmene his mother and his wisdom of evolutionary matters along with his shrewd sagacity he gains from Zeus is father. The motivation behind his undaunted and bold actions expresses from experiencing the human struggle and knowing the heavenly freedom possible. His presence upon the incarnational plane is of a service capacity, a mission of evolutionary proportion--to ensure our evolutionary freedom both personally and for all souls on Earth. Ras Algethi impels an accomplishment oriented drive to excel or to achieve something phenomenal, greater and freeing.

Sarin, the shoulder of Hercules, along with Kornephoros, is of strength and responsibility to aid others in their pursuit for freedom. Both Ras Algethi and Sarin lie over Ophiuchus, the illumined one who stands in self-mastery upon the Scorpion. Hercules helps and teaches others to claim their self-mastery and freedom from the dominion of others and from false beliefs placed upon them.

Restaban (Beta) and Etamin (Gamma) of Draco create the eyes of the Dragon. Draco is the constellation that encircles and guards the northern pole of our ecliptic. Both stars are of a high administrative order overseeing the initiations of the incarnate soul. They lie north of and express through Hercules and Ophiuchus.

Restaban expresses between the Head of Hercules (Ras Algethi) and the Heart of the Scorpion (Antares) into sidereal Scorpio. Etamin expresses just into sidereal Sagittarius and oversees the heart center of our Galaxy (Galactic Center).

Restaban opens portals and pathways in the physical world for those who have truly embraced and mastered their initiations in life, who have aligned with the path of soul rather than the convenient path of personality, for those who live true to self--as our Hercules exemplifies--portals that are otherwise blocked to those who have not claimed their self-mastery and demonstrated their self-responsibility in applying that mastery in a service capacity to others.

“The Great Attractor” (GA) lies between the ecliptical longitudes of Restaban of Draco and Ras Algethi of Hercules, and also conjoins Sarin of Hercules; the Globular Cluster M10 in Ophiuchus; Wei of Scorpio and Alpha Apodis. The The Great Attractor resides along the galactic plane, about 29° south of the ecliptic.

The GA is near the direction in space that our local group of galaxies is (seemingly) being pulled. The GA has been known about since the mid-80s. Since then however, and due to deeper-looking survey instruments, the Shapely Supercluster (SSC) of galaxies was found beyond the GA, a far greater attractive mass, which is a group of about 17 galactic clusters. The Great Attractor was thus revealed to have about one tenth the mass originally attributed to it. The Shapely Supercluster is the most massive structure (so far found) topping the list of about 220 known superclusters. So it is more like our local group of galaxies is being pulled past the GA toward the Shapely Supercluster. Although the SCC is behind the GA, the SSC, as viewed from our solar system, lies at a different zodiakal longitude than the GA.

Local Galactic Superclusters

Our "Local Galactic Group" of galaxies contains our Galaxy (the Milky Way), and many other galaxies, including the Andromeda Galaxy.

Our "Local Galactic Group" resides in the "Virgo Supercluster," which contains many other galactic groups and clusters, including the Virgo Cluster, the Fornax Cluster, the Eridanus Cluster, the Dorado Cluster, the Ursa Major Groups, the Leo Groups, and several others.

The "Virgo Supercluster," to which we belong, is one of many Superclusters. Our "Local Superclusters" are shown in this image.

This "Local Supercluster" group of Superclusters, each containing many galactic clusters, is but one small area nesting within an unlimited number of Galactic Superclusters in our Observable Universe--incomprehensibly endless.

I tend to think of the Great Attractor as a way station on the way to this super-cosmic mass of consciousness, the SSC. Astrologically, the GA allows or facilitates passage to new ways of being, past our limiting human mold, or patterns, opening the way to a yet greater super-consciousness, to greater possibilities of being. The GA pulls us toward a greater "cosmic awareness." It provides a unique perspective from outside our galactic space of what is not commonly seen. Significant alignments with it can impel an ability to travel in a space-time warp with the capacity to see behind or through the apparent solidified realm of matter. From a personality perspective, one with significant GA alignments might seem to be coming and going at the same time. It produces a mysteriously seductive and magnetic character (fitting to sidereal Scorpio/Ophiuchus), luring us into the future.

This New Juno-Mars synodic cycle caries with it a strong sense of responsibility to aid humanity to attain its freedom and self-empowerment. For those embracing the growth gained during the Mars and Juno retrogrades, and integrating the new level of feminine force the Venus Transit offered, this new cycle can open doorways for partnerships to participate in entirely new ways that help herald in a new paradigm on Earth. This opportunistic and passionately driven cycle starts just as we enter the initial gateway of the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square. It motivates tremendous intelligent and highly creative revolutionary change, especially through teaching and education, and through new ways of co-participating on Earth.

Our next lunar cycle occurs on September 16, 2012 (Sept 15 MST) in late sidereal Leo, a windy and fiery area of the zodiak. More to come then.

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