The Lunar Theme for the
November 13, 2012 New Moon

Self Mastery
The Serpent & The Northern Crown

The Lunar Month of
November 13, 2012 - December 13, 2012

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Astronomical Myth is a "picture language," imagery that articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing throughout the greater heavens and through our lives. We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us, or from our beloved Earth, but are intimate parts of this dynamic, continually unfolding heavenly symphony. This entirety is our cosmic consciousness, the totality of our being. To explore the greater heavens and the heavenly cycles is to explore that which we are—our embracing consciousness and our spiritual evolution.

The stars would not be in the heavens
if we were meant to walk in darkness.

The purpose of the Lunar Planner is to learn to live in the experiential awareness of the present. Although the material below can provide philosophical context for your personal experience, the New Moon is the ideal time to experientially "tune in" to get your personalized lunar month's theme. Then, consciously participate with the changing Lunar Phase Characteristics in the unfoldment of that theme in your daily life using the Lunar Calendar and Lunar Planner Introduction (links at the bottom).

Lunar Cycle Overview

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This Lunar Cycle produces a Total Solar Eclipse (Saros 133) and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse begins in Northern Australia near Darwin. It creates a southward arc, moving along the Great Barrier Reef, then just off the coast of Aukland, New Zealand, across the South Pacific, and completes just off the coast of Chile. Greatest Eclipse occurs east of New Zealand (Long: 161.3322° W Lat: 39.9565° S at 22:11:47 UT on November 13). The eclipse occurs on the morning of November 14 local time for those in NE Australia (Great Barrier Reef area). This Southern Hemisphere Eclipse geographically compliments the Northern Hemisphere May 20 Annular Eclipse (Saros 128). This solar eclipse sets this energetic in motion not only for this lunar cycle but also as an underlying current for the next six months.

NASA Eclipse Page

November 13, 2012 Eclipse Map

Chiron completes its retrograde in sidereal Aquarius a day after the New Moon, with the Moon approaching square to Chiron, stimulating a need to radically change our strategies to cross the bridges we face in our lives.

Juno, asteroid of covenant partnerships, plays a key role in this lunar cycle, one that engages early in the lunar cycle as Juno conjoins the Centaur Pholus, and the recently discovered planets, tyrannical Ixion, and then Quaoar, all in late sidereal Scorpio.

Mercury, in the midst of its retrograde in early sidereal Scorpio, begins its new 116-day synodic cycle with Earth, setting in motion a new current in the logistical aspects of our lives. Mercury completes its retrograde in this lunar cycle as well.

Venus and Saturn conjoin, and Mars and Pluto conjoin. The two conjunctions are sextile (a 60° aspect). The Saturn-Pluto sextile is a part of a forming Yod (Finger of God) to Jupiter, which culminates just after the 2012 December Solstice occurring in the following lunar cycle. The two conjunctions occurring now are pre-triggers to this event, and they set up underlying dynamics to the focus of this forming Yod. This Yod becomes a part of the energetic for the ensuing new year of 2013, which engages on the 2012 December Solstice. Jupiter and Earth also begin their new 399-day synodic cycle conjoining Aldebaran of Taurus later in the lunar cycle.

The Full Moon Eclipse of November 28 occurs in mid-sidereal Taurus conjoining the tempestuous Hyades star asterism in Taurus. The Full Moon eclipse activates the forming Yod as the Full Moon Sun arrives to the mid-point of the Venus-Saturn / Mars Pluto sextile, and the Hyades Full Moon and Jupiter converge upon Aldebaran—the apex of the Yod. This Full Moon Eclipse Yod also aspects and triggers the Uranus-Pluto square creating an extremely potent and significant event. This Lunar Cycle can produce strong geo-physical resonances, especially around the Full Moon Eclipse.

Venus and recently discovered Haumea begin their new synodic cycle in sidereal Virgo toward the end of this lunar cycle, setting in motion a new and dynamic expression of the feminine force in the world.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

"The stars would not be in the heavens if we were meant to walk in darkness."

About Synodic Cycles

Synodic Cycles are created when two (or more) planets align in their orbits around the Sun. The synodic cycle theme, defined by the planets involved and the star alignments at the time, will unfold until the two planets align again, marking the completion of the synodic cycle and the beginning of the next one.

There are many synodic cycles with unique astrological themes occurring simultaneously, creating a harmonic symphony of creative unfoldment in consciousness. Synodic cycles can be thought of as longer-term underlying currents, much like the backdrop chorus of a symphony, providing the underlying astrological context guiding our evolution.

Learn the basics about Synodic Cycles & Synodic Astrology.

About Eclipse Lunar Cycles

Generally, eclipse lunar cycles mark a time of shifting into a new octave of experience. They offer a time to resynchronize our selves with the ever-changing cosmic currents supporting our evolutionary progression in consciousness. Eclipses tend to bring about endings and new beginnings. How dramatic these changes can be is a function of star alignments (where in the zodiak they occur) and other aspecting planets occurring at the time of the eclipse. Although eclipses effect the entire Earth, they are more influential along the eclipse path. Eclipse influences generally last about six months, until the next eclipse occurs. Eclipse paths upon the Earth effect the paramagnetic lei lines, or Serpent Lines, interrupting and augmenting them due to changes in the solar and lunar forces occurring along the eclipse paths.

At a personal level, solar eclipses offer opportunity to redefine concepts of self and the roles we play in the world, or how we articulate ourselves in life. They are about shifting octaves in the nature of our self-perception and self-expression. They often mark a new beginning, way of life, or new way of participating in life.

Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotionally palpable in nature, how we feel about things on the inner. They are about releasing the emotional bonds within ourselves that glue us to involvements that are less than we truly want or deserve. They are also about the emotional and experiential aspects of our relations with others and with the world. Lunar eclipses provide opportunity for an emotional release.

The area of our personal lives in which eclipses bring about change is a function of where they occur in the natal (or relocated) chart. They can have a far greater effect in our lives when they conjoin other natal planets and personal points. Eclipses can be stressful or create upheaval if change is resisted. Eclipses bring emphasis to issues related to the chart area and can bring them to a crisis point, which creates the need to work on these areas of life over the time ahead.

You can also create a chart for your geographical area at the time of an eclipse to gain understanding about what areas of life are being stimulated for your area.

New Moon Phase Characteristics

The New Moon Lunar Theme

Our late sidereal Libra New Moon Eclipse lies with the clutches of the Scorpion, just past Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali. The New Moon conjoins Unukalhai of Serpens; Alpha Lupus; and Beta Centauri (Hadar). Also of influence are Brachium of Libra, on the southern claw of the Scorpion; and Sigma Hercules, on the leg of Hercules.

In modern illustration, the Virgin is shown lying supine, with her head at the beginning of sidereal Virgo. The Virgin’s base chakra (Spica, Alpha Virgo) marks the cusp of Virgo / Libra, while the Virgin’s legs extend well into Libra, with her feet marking the center of sidereal Libra. The two primary stars of Libra, Zubenelgenubi (Alpha Libra) and Zubeneschamali (Beta Libra), are shown as the scales or balance of Libra, which lie in later Libra, respectively at about 20° and 24° sidereal Libra, merely hanging in mid air.

November 13, 2012 New Moon Star Chart

Predating our current rendering of a supine Virgin, the Virgin was shown standing, only occupying sidereal Virgo, not Libra as well. In Egyptian myth this was Isis, as presented in the previous lunar planner. Sidereal Libra was illustrated as another personification, known as the Balance Holder; also an upright figure holding the scales of Libra. In Egyptian myth, this was Ma'at, who would weigh the human heart / soul at the time of death, with the soul in one scale and an ostrich feather (feather of Truth) in the other. If the heart / soul was heavier than the feather, the soul would need to reincarnate—needing to release its excess weight, or karma—the need to balance its incarnational experience.

The Egyptian Ma'at, although rendered as a woman with an ostrich feather in her hair, was not a deity passing judgment (as some scholars interpret this rendering), but a universal force expressing as balance and order, a natural justice based upon the law of basic equilibrium inherent to the universe. This natural force or principle, later got personified, as was common during the translation of hieroglyphics by Greco-Roman scholars, from which externalized religion was formulated, by those who did not understand that Egyptian imagery was a picture language conveying concepts and ideas, not beings that were worshiped or feared. Ma'at embodies the principle that the relationship between constituent parts must function in balance and as a unified whole.

In Greek myth, Ma'at transposes into the seer Themis, goddess of Mount Olympus, holding the scales in one hand and double-edged sword in the other. Themis was of divine order and law--often called upon to evoked social order, proper procedure and custom. Themis was shown blindfolded, conveying judgment made with impartiality.

Egyptian Book of the Dead. Weighing the Heart with the feather of Maat.

A section of the Egyptian Book of the Dead written on papyrus showing the Weighing of the Heart in the Duat using the feather of Maat as the measure in balance.

In Christian imagery, Themis becomes Archangel Michael holding his double-edged sword of righteousness in one hand and the scales in the other. Note the shift from female figures to male! However, in all cases, Libra was depicted as a divine figure weighing the equanimity of a soul's incarnational experience.

Claudius Ptolemy (AD 90 – AD 168) is attributed to bastardizing this imagery of Virgo and Libra by changing the Virgin's upright position to one lying supine, and by removing the image of anyone holding the scales altogether, leaving only the scales--totally obscuring the revelation that Virgo and Libra, as the Balance Holder, had to offer, especially about reincarnation and the natural balance of experience. The symbol of the scales, as they are used today, thus became merely about social order, leaving the question: Order imposed by whom? This would seem to become the Roman church-state in power at the time, under which Ptolemy lived and worked. The "lady of justice" was then used on the Roman Coin, without blindfold; and today she is now merely a metaphorical image used by many judicial systems that dictate proper procedure and social order.

This mythical articulation is of course destroyed when considering just individual signs, as if the scales of Libra stands alone, thus severing both the Scorpion’s Chelae and the Virgin’s legs from our stellar mythos, and so too its profound significance.

This embracing image brings greater context to our modern image of Libra as the scales of justice—implying the need to experience both sides (a balance) of human experience in order to gain self-mastery as an incarnating soul. It does not imply the guilt trip laden idea of paying for misdeeds deemed by a mediating and governing church-state that pretends to stand between an incarnate soul and God—a ploy used by the antiquated church-state puppet-masters of the times to control and manipulate the masses. Nor does it refer to paying for past deeds done in a prior incarnation, payment imposed by some deity. Here, in the reincarnational clutches of the Scorpion (or the scales of Libra), the incarnating soul gains true wisdom by embracing the duality of life, naturally finding equipoise in the dualistic forces of life and death, and subsequently gaining the true freedom from the Chelae of the Scorpion.

In addition to indicating the need for the incarnating soul to grow through the balance of experience, Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali can also be considered the karmic and dharmic seats for humanity, the former about our past experience and patterns of growth, and the latter about our future path of experience and growth, that which we have yet to do, our capacity, or duty in a sense, to do it differently; by choosing to move from the patterns and scenarios of the past and to participate in a new way, to step into a new way of being, upon a new path of experience—in essence to complete our destiny or incarnational purpose of soul growth.

Hence, as the scales of Libra, we can see how the two energetics work in balance for the growth of the soul. We must pursue new experience while completing or integrating our past experience. If we do not choose new experience we stay entrapped in our past patterns. If we remain in denial of our past experience and avoid accepting responsibility for it, our past patterns pull on us relentlessly, making it quite difficult to experience the lives we truly seek. Either way, we stay entrapped in the Scorpion’s clutches. Thus, the “art of (Libra) living,” living in balance, takes on an expounded meaning.

Ophiuchus Vel Serpentis From Johannes Kepler 'De Stella Nova'

Ophiuchus Vel Serpentis
From Johannes Kepler 'De Stella Nova' (Prague, 1606).
Courtesy of the Archives, California Institute of Technology

Further articulating this theme is the neck and head of the serpent, held in the hand of Ophiuchus, reaching for the Northern Crown (Corona Borealis), which lies north of the Scorpion’s chelae and over the feet of the Virgin. Ophiuchus, standing upon the Scorpion, is demonstrable example of one who has achieved this equilibrium and who has attained this evolutionary freedom. Ophiuchus holding the serpent reaching (or pointing) to the Northern Crown articulates the ideal, the goal to ultimately free self from entrapment in the clutches of the Scorpion, and by stepping from our past (karmic) patterns (fate) into our (dharmic) future (destiny)—in full demonstrable mastery over the forces governing life and death.

Our New Moon star Unukalhai (Alpha Serpens), along with Beta Serpens, which form the neck and head of the serpent, impel us to demonstrate our true self-mastery by reaching beyond our past patterns and the entrapments of our incarnational experience to claim our evolutionary freedom, to create the destiny we seek.

Centaurus lies south of the ecliptic. The benevolent and wise Centaurians are teachers or leaders back to the original cardinal virtues embodied by the Southern Cross, which the Centaur stands over and protects. The benevolent Centaur teaches the right way to live to attain one's self-mastery in the physical world and subsequently to claim one's evolutionary freedom from entrapment in the karmic re-incarnational process of soul growth.

New Moon November 13, 2012 Sidereal Astrology Chart

New Moon - Sidereal Fagan-Bradley
Subtract 0° 14' for the Galactic Ayanamsa
©2012 Nick Anthony Fiorenza

In our mythical image, the Centaur is firmly clutching Lupus the beast, or is shown in mythical images of the 1700-1800s (Uranographia of Johann Bode; et. al.) as holding impaled Lupus upon a long spear. Either way, the Centaur is bringing Lupus with conscious deliberation to Ara, the sacrificial Altar of the Centaur, to be consumed in the Centaur's pyre. This articulates the slaying or sacrificing of lower-self personality desires / egoic self and related patterns of behavior. This relinquishment is required to claim the profound level of self-mastery implied and embodied by that which is above the ecliptic—Unukalhai, the neck of the Serpent whose head reaches for the Northern Crown. The meaning of the word "sacrifice" as used here is important to understand. To sacrifice means to give up something of a lower nature for a higher office—not self-sacrifice. This image articulates this process of the "sacrifice" of the lower self-pursuits (even the human form or mold) for the attainment of one's higher self-mastery and subsequent ascended mastery in the world—the power and wisdom embodied by Ophiuchus holding the Serpent.

Arabic astronomers had this constellation (Lupus) as Al Fahd, a Leopard or Panther; the Greeks merely having a wild animal. Richard Hinkley Allen (Star Names Their Lore and Meaning) points out the various depictions of the now current Lupus, among which are Zibu the beast of Euphhratean cylinders; Urbat, the Beast of Death, and even the star of the Dead Fathers from the Akkadians.

The sacrifice of Lupus is not a light matter, merely a blind act executed on a whim, but is a seriously sober and conscious act that will change one forever. To accomplish such a profound life-changing step, one must have cultivated the inner preparedness for such an initiation. An undaunted inner conviction of purpose must be clearly established in consciousness to be willing to sacrifice what is a powerful, and most often time, an automatic behavioral way of life, that which at one time may even have been held quite dear.

Our New Moon stars, Beta Centauri, Alpha Lupus and Unakalhai, motivate us to surrender lesser modalities of being and patterns of behavior, and to do whatever is required in the physical world, with primal passion, inner conviction and assertive action to achieve our paths of self-mastery in the world. This lunar cycle impels us to trust instinct and to draw upon a greater inner strength to overcome our limits so we can ensure our future wellbeing and survival. It brings us to realize the power is within and it is that which we must confidently express in our lives to achieve the greater evolutionary freedom and fulfillment we seek.

This lunar cycle can produce a powerhouse of primal and carnal forces that resonate through the root chakra—from what could be considered the controlling, carnal, sexual, survival-based realms of life. They can lure us into intense life scenarios. However, such experiences provide the transmutational force that serves us to claim our self-mastery in the incarnate world, to free ourselves from lower-order patterns of behavior and from our past karmic entrapments. Our New Moon also highlights communication and leadership in the world. It is highly energetic, outgoing, progressive, and enterprising, with a world focus.

Chiron Direct

Chiron completes its retrograde in sidereal Aquarius, on November 14 in sidereal Aquarius, a day after the New Moon. The Moon’s approaching square to Chiron stimulates a need to radically change our strategies to cross the bridges we face in our lives. It fully engages the new Earth-Chiron synodic cycle discussed in the August 2012 Lunar Planner. This cycle inspires the application of innovative creativity that is future-focused and progressive, and that transcends the segregations of society, to support the freedom of all sentient life on Earth.

Juno, Pholus & Ixion

The Moon, Juno, Pholus and Ixion all conjoin on November 15 through November 16 adding to the energetic of this emerging lunar cycle.


Juno, goddess of love, is the asteroid of covenant relationships, soul colleagues, and true lovers. In the astrological chart, Juno indicates the nature of the issues and opportunities in significant relations of all sorts: those that are of a personal nature to those of political leaders and nations of the world. Mature Juno is diplomatic, tactful, cooperative, and mutually trusting. Mature Juno expresses with a sense of equality within self that provides the ability to draw true partners and those of equality into one’s life. There is an acceptance of another’s truth or opinion without need to challenge or debate. There is an ability to honor and support others in their own choices and decisions. Mature Juno expresses in mutual support and unconditional love to allow each other to grow and change through whatever issues surface. More about Juno.


The Centaurs are somewhat rogue and radical in nature, believed to have entered into the realm of our outer solar system from the outside. Since the Centaurs do not have their own strong orbital resonance, they generally have unstable orbits and are greatly influenced by the orbital resonances of the larger planets, and thus synchronize with the orbits of the larger planets, acting as unique escorts from one planetary realm to another.

Just as Chiron embraces the orbits of Saturn and Uranus and is consider a key or bridge between the two planets due to their harmonic orbital resonances, Pholus’ aphelion also synchronizes with Saturn’s orbit, but it extends beyond the orbit of Uranus, crosses that of Neptune, and harmonically resonates with Orcus’ orbit—Pluto’s compliment. Pholus thus links the realms of Saturn and Orcus while passing through Uranus and Neptune.

Pholus may help to lead us from the conforming bounds and limitations of our past, to make the radical changes in our lives, to pierce the veils obscuring our more transcendent soul purpose, and to awaken to that purpose and live it. Conversely, Pholus may also help us to ground and concretize that purpose in the world. Pholus seems to help us refine our sense of responsibility to living true to soul’s oath.

Pholus can manifest as unusual ability or an unexpected experience that can catalyze profound change. Pholus often works in a mysterious or shrouded way, and often manifests in a whirlwind of confusion as some type of catalyzing agent, sometimes medicinal, that makes possible a transition or passage that otherwise would not occur. Pholus can trigger an avalanche of events that leads to a transformation of a long standing condition that should have already been addressed, even one that transcends generations or lifetimes. More about Pholus and the Centaurs.


Ixion was discovered in May of 2001. As a newly discovered planet, Ixion’s astrological role is exploratory. Based upon Ixion’s myth (with minimal astrological verification), Ixion seems to related to conflict amongst leaders; more specifically about those in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, especially women, as well as the the tyrannical destruction of people for one’s own end. Ixion may also be prominent in malicious and deceptive power-plays between authoritarian figureheads, drawn out in long karmic-based scenarios.

Ixion may include issues of trust and betrayal, where miss-deeds are forgiven, but which occur again, perhaps in vicious cycle, much like a woman who forgives an abusive husband only to be abused again the following day. It may also express as lust and desire for wealth and power.

Ixion in the natal astrological chart can indicate were we must own up for our deeds. It can indicate where we must confront and resolve the internal conflict we feel between our less-than ideal actions and what we know we should ideally do. More about Ixion.

Planetary Nebula NGC 6369 in Ophiuchus

NGC 6369 on the right foot of Ophiuchus. "A dying star expels its outer layers, creating a Planetary Nebula—so called because it resembles a planet when seen with a small telescope. NGC 6369's blue-green ring marks the location where energetic ultraviolet light has stripped electrons from oxygen atoms in the gas." Image & Caption credit: Credit: NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

This conjunction occurs in later sidereal Scorpio under auspices of the Head of the Dragon and over the Altar of the Centaur. Juno and Ixion lie north of the ecliptic in Ophiuchus, just north of Sabik. Conjoining stars include Sabik of Ophiuchus and 1977 Nova V2107 in Ophiuchus; the X-ray eclipsing star HD153919 in Scorpio; Eta, Zeta and Epsilon Ara, and the Ara X-ray source V821. Overseeing this energetic is Ras Algethi, the head of Hercules, and further north is the Head of Dragon (Etamin and Rastaban of Draco).

The mythical image here is of the Centaur placing Lupus the beast with conscious deliberation upon the Centaur's sacrificial altar. V821 in Ara is an x-ray emitting & fluctuating binary star. This is a collapsed object (like a old neutron star) that accretes matter, and thus had been placed in the old Black Hole category by astronomers and is commonly called the Ara Black Hole. V821 accretes emotion for consummation in the Centaur's Pyre. Here we must place, with conscious deliberation, any long standing grief, guilt, anger, and any other emotion (especially self-judgment related) that we are holding upon the Altar of the Centaur for our transmutation. North from the Sting of the Scorpion drips the transmuting elixir (the often harsh lessons of life), upon the Altar. This act is essential to experience the actual neurological transmutation made possible here, and that leads to our greater self-mastery; the mastery of the creative and carnal forces of life exemplified by Ophiuchus, who stands over the Scorpion and this entire scene. If we are not ready to surrender and relinquish our antiquated emotional baggage, we are held back or sidetracked, and continue to experience upsets, diversions and even traumatic and catastrophic events in our lives because we are not truly ready to step into a greater self-empowerment and accomplish something of value.

Ara, Altar of the Centaur, has also been imaged as the Altar of Dionysus, son of Zeus and Semele, god of wine and fertility, this was before the creation of Norma the square which is oddly placed between Lupus and Ara. Here was a censer in which perfumes were burned before the dead, also a brazier, both of which were associated with Vesta, goddess of the Hearth. Ara also represents the altars on the summits of temple towers, serving as lighthouses for the ancients, with the Alexandrian Pharos being the great example. The illustrations of Hyginus (1488-1535) show an altar from which flames ascended with demons on either side. Poetically it was described with flames rising northward through the Milky Way—along the starry stream and through galactic centre (Allen). Dionysus, god of ecstasy and wine, a mystic and lover, is known in part for rescuing women (descending to Helle—mortality—to save is mother) and restoring their office to Goddess—to their immortality. All of this refers to the purification process, the surrendering, or casting out that which is degenerative (the accumulations of judgments that bind us to mortality (judge ye not lest ye be judged) so we may attain our divine birthright, awakened to the illumined durative (immortal) souls that we are. In this light we have the principles underlying healing and the transmutation process, for which our northern illumined Ophiuchus stands. Pholus was the keeper and protector of the sacred wine of Dionysus.

The nature of this alignment is somewhat speculative. Ixion brings up issues of deceit and betrayal, especially amongst those in authoritarian positions, and also issues of exploitation, sexual abuse, and misuse of power, and their subsequent punishments that may as well be of an amoral nature (think of George Bush Sn. and Saddam Hussein). This can involve long-standing issues of this nature that transcend lifetimes. Pholus imparts a healing force, often through some mysterious catalyst. Pholus can catalyze the transformation of issues or conditions that should have been addressed in the past or that have been passed on through generations, often through an avalanche of events. Juno is of partnerships and relationships of all types, those personal as well as those political or of a business nature. Juno can also bring up issues of inequality, such as inferiority / superiority complexes, or a lack of respect for one another, and how we interrelate in general.

This conjunction may bring us to look as some of these issues in our relationships, especial regarding the amoral use of power and corruption. However, this is also an opportunity for healing, forgiveness and self-forgiveness at a very deep level, if not soul-level. It is supportive for relationships to release the conflicts of past and to work together at a new level of maturity for the common good. This may be especially significant amongst leaders involved in politics and business.

Crescent Moon Phase Characteristics

The Crescent Moon
Expanding on the Theme - with Mars and Juno

Crescent Moon

The hours before the Crescent Moon provide a time when we relinquish patterns of the past that would limit our creative ability to expand on the lunar theme now unfolding. The Crescent Moon is the time when the sprouting seedling sloughs off its protective coat of the past and emerges in a new expression. As the Crescent Moon unfolds, the growing phase of the lunar cycle begins as we start to amalgamate our personal creativity with the original lunar theme.

Inside the Facies Globular Cluster M22 in Sagittarius

Inside Facies, the Globular Cluster M22 in Sagittarius
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and K. Sahu (STScI)

The Crescent Moon occurs on November 16-17 in mid-sidereal Sagittarius conjoining Pluto. The Moon and Pluto conjoin Alpha and Gamma Scuttum, the Facies Globular Cluster M22 in Sagittarius; and AM Hercules X-ray source.

Facies, M22, is considered to be one of the finest globular cluster of stars in the heavens. It is elliptical in form and contains approximately 500,000 stars. It lies less than one degree north of the ecliptic, thus the planets frequently conjoin and synthesize with its essence. M22 marks the face of the Zen Archer and looks over the bow and hand of the Zen Archer. Facies brings undaunted conviction, stability and confidence to create and manifest our highest aspirations. The theme here is one of total honesty with self. Facies asks us to face our naked truth, focus our intent, and manifest it. To live in that honesty creates the strength and undaunted focus of the Zen Archer and his ability live for and defend his truth, and to hit the target of his ideals and dreams.

Often described as exotic and enigmatic, northern AM Hercules expresses a powerful magnetic synchronizing force capable of assembling spirit substance into exquisite order in form. Here is a spiraling but directed force to funnel our intent into ordered achievement.

Just above the Zen Archer bow, lying along the Galactic equator, north from the Gate of God, is Scutum, Galactic Shield of Earth Precessional Cross. Scutum is "Defender of the Holy Cross” (Earth’s Precessional Cycle)"—the greater evolutionary fulfillment of the soul—that which the Zen Archer undauntedly lives, stands, and is willing to die for. In personal and practical terms, here is inspiration to live for, claim, and defend that which supports our greater evolutionary fulfillment.

Pluto in sidereal Sagittarius is revealer of a greater truth. Pluto destructs the false beliefs and structures of consciousness that obscure it. Our Pluto Crescent Moon impels us to align ourselves with a greater universal truth or philosophy. It inspires us to get rid of all that is not of essence, to focus upon that which really matters and to pursue our highest aspirations—lest we will merely blow in the increasing and accelerating winds of change.

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As an opener and dismantler in sidereal Sagittarius, Pluto serves to break the spatial bounds created by false beliefs that separate humankind. Pluto thus opens us to a greater Universal Truth, to an omniscient awareness by tearing down these limiting walls. We can no longer hide in anarchic ignorance and denial of our wholeness as one interactive world.

The Pluto and Uranus bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, the day leading into the Crescent Moon is an ideal time to work with the Pluto and Uranus audio meditations. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

The New Mercury Synodic Cycle

Retrograde Mercury and Sun conjoin on the North Lunar Node just into early sidereal Scorpio on November 17 initiating the new 116-day Mercury synodic cycle. The synod, looking from the Sun toward the Mercury-Earth alignment is in early sidereal Taurus, conjoining the South Lunar Node. The synodic stars include Algol of Persesus; Alpha Caelum; Segin of Cassiopeia.

Inside the Facies Globular Cluster M22 in Sagittarius

Perseus and Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini stands in the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence.
Bronze, 18 feet high 1545-54.
Photo Credit: © 1999 Mary Ann Sullivan

Algol, Beta Persei, marking the cusp of sidereal Taurus, is the head of slain Medusa held in the hand of Perseus, also the Arabic Demon Star. Of the Gorgons, Medusa, who is crowned with seven snakes for hair, represents the chaotic and aberated self-defeating forces within self, driven by fear. It is fear that freezes us in our tracks, the force that turns us to stone. Perseus cannot look at Medusa directly lest he will turn to stone. He instead uses his shield to see her reflection. This mythically articulates our need to look at that which we hide behind to see the demon apparently outside of self, created by our own fear.

Algol indicates an initiatory and experiential process is required or is at hand. This process begins by slaying our deepest fears to claim our true personal power, or be forever frozen in our tracks unable to claim our fulfillment and complete our greater purpose on Earth. Alignments with Algol can draw a relentless assault of experience that can block or divert us from our purpose until we realize the monster is within—the fear based reflection of self. Algol forces us to look at self rather than at the apparent monsters in the outer world—to recognize they are of our own projection, to own and embrace the demon within. Slaying our fear establishes an inner neurological order that in turn allows us to take empowered action in the physical world. Perseus, the hero, embodies the essence of establishing order.

Conjoining Algol from the south and also contributing to the cusp of sidereal Taurus is Caelum, the sculptor's chisel. Caelum articulates our need to forge through matter, the laborious methodical experiential process required in the physical world to overcome our trials and manifest our visions. Caelum articulates our need to sculpt our lives, chiseled away at a bit at a time just as the sculptor chisels rock to reveal the sculpture waiting to emerge.

Just prior to the Taurian cusp, but also conjoining, is Zaurak of Eridanus, a point of pause along the initiatory river of life where we must hold and trust our own inner light because the path immediately ahead is not entirely visible. Zaurak conjoins northern Segin, the last of the principal stars of Cassiopeia, which adds an opinionated, penetrating and expressive nature to late Aries. Segin also imparts an embracing watchful perception, especially in dangerous or threatening situations.

Late sidereal Aries and cuspal Taurus can be penetrating, sharp and cutting, forthright and criticizing in its expression. There is a wide-spectrum sensitivity to pending or potential danger, which impels an active and responsive nature.

This new 116-day synodic cycle is unique and extra-significant due to the Sun-Mercury-Earth alignment conjoining the Lunar Nodal axis. Fitting with the theme of this lunar cycle, it impels us to confront and break any fear-based patterns of the past and to express a new level of self-empowerment in the logistical areas of our lives. It impels us to be decisive using all of our senses, through intuition, and to put them into practical concretized action. This synodic cycle will fully engage as Mercury completes its retrograde on November 26.

The Mercury bio-Harmonic Audio Meditation

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, November 17 is an ideal time to work with the Mercury audio meditation. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

First Quarter Moon Phase Characteristics

First Quarter Moon
Initiate Action

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon of each lunar cycle draws an external stimulus to initiate action as we move from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter. Our First Quarter Moon occurs on November 20 conjoining Neptune in early sidereal Aquarius.

The Moon and Neptune conjoin Gienah, the wing tip of Cygnus; The Cygnus X-3 Eclipsing X-ray source; the Globular Cluster M15 in Pegasus; and the Helix Nebula in Aquarius. Also of influence is Enif of Pegasus.

This location in early sidereal Aquarius is where we are motivated to strip off the cloaks of personality-based facades and shenanigans to reveal true heart-level self and to live from our deeper hearts' truth for the greater nourishment of all. Sadr, heart of the Swan, on the cusp, through the tip of the wing of Cygnus, Gienah, lifts us from a self-centered exclusive focus to a more embracing and inclusive level of participation. This marks the start of the revolutionary, visionary and humanitarian facet of the zodiak.

The Veil Nebula on the wing of Cygnus

Detail Views by Hubble of the Veil Nebula
on the wing of Cygnus

Cygnus X-3 resides in a unique galactic equatorial area, one of the galactic "sacks of coal," a dark void along the galactic plane (easily detected between Sadr and Deneb on a dark starry night). Cygnus X-3 is an X-ray binary star system similar to Cygnus X-1 except its period is extraordinarily rapid at 4.8 hours, compared to the 5.6-day period of Cygnus X-1 (in later Capricorn), which is more common for binary star systems. The periodic rate of Cygnus X-3 is almost five octaves up from Cygnus X-1 and harmonically translates into the visible spectrum at 5615.40323 Angstroms, the color Yellow–Lemon. Cygnus X-3 is a dynamic, accelerating force, lifting mind to a higher or more embracing awareness.

Cygnus X-3 enters the ecliptic, along with Gienah, the binary star Epsilon Cygnus, the right outstretch wing tip of the Swan, and also with M15, a fainter globular star cluster in Pegasus. Cygnus X-3 is a principal force expressing in early sidereal Aquarius.

Cygnus X-3 invites us to surrender our preconceptions of self and our descriptive judgments of others that uphold our isolationist way of being. Cygnus X-3 invites us to participate beyond our segregated ways based on gender, race, creed, or culture and open ourselves to new experience only available when we are willing to embrace the uniqueness of all life. Here we must shed the mortal facades we ware and participate from our true essence and to see the same in others. Mutually exclusive attractions create factions amongst our true soul-level friends and families. Here lies the embracing aspect of the Aquarian Waterman, to participate in the inclusiveness of universal (Uranian) love. The conjoining Globular Cluster of very old stars (old souls), M15 in Pegasus, inspires active and focused participation as mature, consciously awake individuals. M15 is one of the most densely packed globular star clusters in our Galaxy.

Pegasus, in general, is of strength and support, that which lifts humanity above the entrapping forces and scenarios common to a less than socially mature world. Enif, Baham and Homam are a group of fortuitous stars that lie over the Aquarian waterbearer, forming the head of Pegasus.

Enif of Pegasus, the nose of the magical flying horse, brings intuitiveness and sensitivity to the humanitarian / Aquarian pursuit. Enif is characteristic of altruistic people, those with the intuitive awareness to recognize what is of essence, of value, and worthy of humanitarian support. Enif is often of people who are capable of providing material and financial support and who have the sensitivity to do so. A fortuitous star, Enif asks us to follow our intuition to do what is truly supportive to our greater wellbeing and to those around us. Enif and Baham, lying over the Diamond of Aquarius, impel us to lift and elevate, to make possible that which otherwise would not be without such altruistic support.

Our First Quarter Moon brings visionary inspiration to act upon our dreams and visions. A creative outlet for our imagination is essential. It inspires us to pursue something greater than the mundane, that which serves the greater good and society in general or that is of a spiritual nature. Empathic or psychic perception may be accentuated and should be trusted and acted upon. This includes philanthropic or altruistic pursuits and gestures of support toward others.

The Moon is also in a separating trine with Venus in early sidereal Libra. This adds a fortuitous quality to actions taken at this time, both with relationships and with money. It impels the expression of a peaceful positive heart-centered feminine quality that attracts fortuity and synchronicity. Inclusive rather than exclusive love toward all of humanity and helping others are highlighted.

The Neptune bio-Harmonic Audio Meditation

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, First Quarter Moon is an ideal time to work with the Neptune and Venus audio meditations. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

Pallas Direct

Pallas completes its retrograde in early sidereal Pisces on November 22 as it makes it way toward its final conjunction with Uranus (square Pluto), which will occur on January 28, 2013. The first Uranus-Pallas conjunction occurred during the first Uranus-Pluto Square on June 25, presented in the June 19, 2012 Lunar Planner.

This also fully engages the Earth-Pallas synodic cycle that began on September 25, 2012, presented in the September 16, 2012 Lunar Planner.

Gibbous Moon Phase Characteristics

The Gibbous Moon
Attraction & Involvement

Gibbous Moon

The 24-hour period just before the Gibbous Moon is a time of perseverance, of pushing through in the midst of the action quarter of the lunar cycle. The Gibbous Moon is when the pressure releases and we enter the Pollinating Phase of the lunar cycle, which begins a social and communicative time of magnetic attraction.

Our Gibbous Moon occurs on November 22 in late sidereal Pisces, a few degrees before conjoining Eris. Conjoining stars include Revati of Pisces; Tau and Upsilon of Cetus; and Nodus Secondus of Draco.

In the far northern heavens is Nodus Secundus of Draco, the second node or fold in the ever-watchful Dragon, who guards the atlas of the heavens (North Ecliptic Pole). This is the Delta star of Draco, also called Altais, and also Aldib. Altais lies about 4° from the North Ecliptic Pole. Altais reminds us to be watchful from a place of emotionally removed clarity in order to have perspective about the worldly drama lest we may fall into a sense of perpetual helplessness in what appears to be an irresolvable situation.

Here we are asked to become attentive to the fact that our intent of purpose can be diverted and dispersed by psychic-emotional forces that congest us when toxic physical conditions exist either in ourselves or in our environments, or when we are naive to such forces, or simply in mental-emotional denial about them. Our psychic-emotional fog can then perpetuate confused life scenarios, antiquated involvements, or entrapments that are no longer in our highest interest or serving our greater wellbeing. This initiatory gate of the Dragon provides an opening once emotional clarity is gained—to escape entrapment in the fear-based monster of collective consciousness.

Also conjoining Altais is Tau Cetus, a sign or mark of strength that indicates the emotional strength gained from our trials stimulates our expulsion from what may have been a tormenting and entrapping scenario.

Aspect Chart Nov 24 2012 Gibbous Moon

Revati, Zeta Pisces, literally means riches, money, wealth, and financial resources. Prominent alignments with Revati can indicate material wealth gained from participating in the dramatic psycho-emotional world of human affairs. This zodiakal longitude is a couple of degrees to that of Baten Kaitos, the belly of ole Cetus, where the transformative process occurs while in the whale of human emotional experience. Revati and Baten Kaitos also mark the exalted seat of Venus—bringing attention to the relation of the flow of abundance, emotional clarity, and living from the heart. Venus rules money and assets; and Venus dramatically influences economics (especially its retrogrades), as is well known in astrological financial forecasting.

Eris, the Great Disruptor, had been conjoining Revati over the last several years (1999-2009).
See Eris, Revati and the G lobal Economic Crisis.

Our Gibbous Moon brings our focus to financial resources, and issues of emotional clarity surrounding such. The Moon-Eris conjunction is also trine the now separating Juno-Pholus conjunction. Vesta lies opposite Juno in sidereal Taurus with Pallas creating a T-square to the Juno-Vesta opposition. We also have a Yod from Moon-Eris sextile Vesta to retrograde Mercury.

Overall, Our Gibbous Moon brings emphasis to the application of creative intelligence for enterprising solution in our relationships regarding financial matters.

Forming Yod Saturn Pluto Jupiter

Venus-Saturn, Mars-Pluto and forming Yod to Jupiter

Mercury returns direct in late sidereal Libra on November 26 just as Venus conjoins Saturn in sidereal Libra. Mars conjoins Pluto in sidereal Sagittarius shortly after, on November 27. These two conjunctions (Venus-Saturn and Mars-Pluto) are pre-triggers to a forming Yod to Jupiter. The Yod, forming in this lunar cycle, will tighten its aspects in this lunar cycle and throughout December. It will culminate slightly after the 2012 December Solstice, when Venus moves to the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, opposing Jupiter on December 22-23. This occurs between the dynamic First Quarter Moon on Earth’s Precessional Cross (Sun-Juno on the Gate of God) and the Gibbous Moon in the following lunar cycle. There are however very significant activations of this Yod occurring in this lunar cycle, starting now and presented throughout the rest of this material.

The pre-triggers occurring now set up additional and significant energetics to the base of the forming Yod, which is the Saturn-Pluto sextile. These two energetics will focus through retrograde Jupiter, the apex of the Yod, which will soon conjoin Aldebaran in mid-sidereal Taurus.

Venus & Saturn


The astrophysical resonances of Venus govern the heart bio-energy centre (chakra), and the thymus, which is the neurological control center for the immune system. Like the thyroid (governed by Mercury) is reflexed to the liver, the thymus is reflexed to the spleen. The heart chakra is our centre of intuitive knowing, harmony, magnetic attraction, that which we value, love, romance, and sexual rapture. It is where we find our capacity for compassion and appreciation of beauty. The heart chakra and thymus resonate to the emotional tone of fear and judgment. It is fear that shuts the heart down and causes all immune related problems. We defend our fear with judgment.

Venus (and the heart chakra), when mature and clear, expresses love in art and beauty, with a wonderful capacity for unconditional acceptance of all conditions—true, non-judgmental love. The unconditionally open heart receives and expresses love that is harmoniously balanced. Mature Venus is open to new experience, is courageous, optimistic, and aware of soul intent and purpose—as the unconditionally open heart is where soul fully radiates its light. Mature Venus is also sociable, fashionable, artistic, good willed, benevolent, diplomatic, and magnetically sensuous. Venus is also of wealth and resources and plays a prominent role in financial matters and the flow of money.


Saturn is of structure, form and time. Saturn’s force tends to solidify and concretize, to halt that which is moving. Saturn is slow and methodical. It imparts a need to be responsible, accountable, dependable and stable. Saturn also forces us to confront our fears and address our karmic issues.

Saturn, in its clear and evolved expression, provides the ability to create a solid foundation and stable form. It brings the capacity for concentration and moderation and the ability to apply past principles and knowledge constructively. Saturn instills confidence in one’s knowledge; and honors family and soul heritage.

Saturn in its diminished expression can be controlling, wanting to own others and dictate behavior for them. It can be oppressive, righteous and jealous; fearful of casual intimacy, touching and embracing, which instead must be controlled. It can produce an inability to be self-responsible and own up to life experience as being one’s own creation; thus resulting in victim consciousness where we blame life or others for our life experience. It can express a denial or avoidance of genetic and family heritage, such as fear or resistance use one’s birth or family name. It can produce an inability to ground, concretize and structure life; or produce difficulty with physical things, as well as well as with structure, organizations, legalities, and bureaucracies.

Saturn when acute or hyper can be obsessive, especially with the past, dogma, and belief structures. It is rigid, inflexible and can result in paralysis, broken bones, and physical deformations. It can be an inflictor of bondage, pain and injustices.

Primary associated bio-energy centers: Brain centers: Inherent Mental—brain stem and mid-brain. Skeletal structure, the hips, teeth, nails and hair—all calcium based organs.
More about Saturn and its cycles.

Centaurus-A Temple of the Centaur

"The jets and lobes emanating from Centaurus A (NGC 5128) have been imaged at sub-millimeter wavelengths for the first time. The new data, from the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) telescope in Chile, which is operated by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), have been combined with visible and X-ray wavelengths to produce this striking new image."
Image & caption credit: ESO

A Venus-Saturn conjunction in classical astrology is generally not considered one of the best, however it can have positive attributes, especially in mid-sidereal Libra where Venus expresses in clarity and empowerment. Venus and Saturn conjoin the stars of the Southern Cross, Delta and Gamma; The Centaurus-A Galaxy; Syrma of Virgo; and the Quasar OQ 172 in Boötes.

Centaurus-A is the "Temple of the Centaur," a place so unique that it seems oblivious to and undaunted by its surrounding cosmology. It nests within a very unusual galaxy (NGC 5128) not fitting into any galactic class, thus, unique as the Centaur is, it is unclassified. It is the closest active galaxy to Earth. Centaurus-A is a very deep pool of consciousness, the essence of pure consciousness. It is of quality, beauty, harmony, and perfection.

South of Centaurus-A are the stars of the Southern Cross. The Centaur is protector of the Southern Cross and benevolent teacher of its principles. The four stars of the Southern Cross (Cruces) embody the original cardinal virtues seemly lost to most of humanity. This is the cardinality (pure intent) of the soul—embodied by the Kappa Crucis Cluster, the Jewel Box. The Southern Cross embodies the pure intent of the soul before the aberrations, confusions, attitudes, and beliefs incurred by the soul throughout its entire incarnational sojourn.

Centaurus-A invites us to create a contemplative or meditative harmonious space or environment from which to access our inner cardinal soul wisdom, our original and unique purpose and intent, which underlie the aberrations, false beliefs, and restricting concepts we may have placed upon ourselves. Centaurus-A invites us to enter a place of inner stillness, to relinquish the concepts of thought we associate with our existing lives. This inner excursion requires a willingness to go deep within and to allow a disintegration of the constructs of self we hold, our human mold, of what we think ourselves to be, and to emerge with a far deeper awareness of our true selves, the inner knowing of our true essence. We can then bring that pure essence, that intent, back into our life expression without the need to mold ourselves into mass consensus. The successful feat can result in an inversion or flip in consciousness—with a revelation of great magnitude, one that can change our lives forever.

The Southern Cross

Even the darkest patches of sky can shine brightly to Herschel. This previously bland cloud of dust reveals itself to be a place of intense star formation with filaments and condensations of dust cocooning newly forming stars. It hints that our Galaxy is a tireless place, actively forging new stars.

The swirling patterns of gas in this image came as a complete surprise to astronomers. They are located thousands of light years away from Earth in the constellation Crux, the Southern Cross. Crux is such a prominent constellation in the southern sky that it features on the flags of seven countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

Despite the distance of this gas pattern, it still covers a patch of sky large enough that four full moons would fit along each side of the picture. When astronomers look at this region of the Galaxy with an ordinary telescope they see nothing, just a black patch of sky.

Image & Caption Credit: ESA and the SPIRE & PACS consortium

Syrma, Star of Atlantis, lies under the skirt of the Virgin and marks the knee of the Virgin—in the modern supine imaging of the Virgin. Syrma embodies issues relating to frozen genetic coding and the resultant crystallized emotional patterning incurred due to devastating or cataclysmic events of the past. Syrma provides inspiration for personal change and transformation, and articulates our need to unlock our frozen genetic coding and crystallized cellular makeup that keeps us stretched out of the present. Syrma alignments can bring deep-seated emotional patterning, especially suppressed grief, to surface awareness so we may clear it. Syrma also inspires the application of art-sciences that can aid in this process, freeing ourselves from biological conditions and behavioral patterns that keep us frozen or stretched in a past-future time stream so we may enter the zero-point portal of now, which is the doorway to step forth into our evolutionary fulfillment.

Conjoining Syrma is Delta and Zeta Boötes and the Quasar OQ 172 of Boötes, lying just north of the Virgin’s legs. All of these entries inspire transcendence into our inner-core awareness or “near-field” to unlock the bounds of being frozen or stretched in space-time, in a mode of trying to release the past to get to the future, which keeps us looking outside of self (in a light-speed limited mode of perception) to acquire what we do not have in order to attain our fulfillment.

Venus and Saturn, in general, can be somewhat oppressive to the expression of Venus; i.e., the expression of love, heart, etc. However Venus is especially empowered due to the recent Venus Transit and her subsequent conjunctions and synods with several other planets, including Haumea (impelling a new birth of the feminine force); and also due to her placement in mid-sidereal Libra, where she is at home. This conjunction can stimulate the emergence of the purer aspects of the feminine into the existing structures of our lives. It could help to establish the feminine force into the workings of society and bring stability to relationships in general. It is supportive of commitments and long-term bonds for working relations. It can impart a balancing and stabilizing effect in the financial paradigm as well. This conjunction can support a maturing of relationships, inspiring a more refined, cooperative and diplomatic expression of the (Saturnian) masculine and patriarchal forces in the world. Planets expressing through mid-sidereal Libra also inspires somewhat of humanitarian expression, which is more innovative, progressive, embracing, open and supportive of evolved human relations.

Mars & Pluto

A Winding Tributary on Mars

A Winding Tributary on Mars
Image and Caption Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona


Mars is an initiating creative force, of sexuality, vitality, life force, and power. In its mature expression, Mars stimulates our capacity to respond in assertive action. It is of leadership, self reliance, and victorious. It is audacious, brave, instinctual, passionate and willful. For the less mature, or when poorly placed in a chart, Mars can express as the awry or ballistic use of power, lack of self-control, abuse in all if its forms, and with selfish motive and greed that is based in the fear of not surviving or not being provided for. The Mars aspect of self (sacrum, base chakra, adrenals sexual organs) is the area generally held in most judgment by many people—due to this force having been used destructively and manipulatively in the history of the solar system resulting in aberrations and devastation of life; hence often dubbed the planet of war. Because of this, total rejection and lack of love is often projected toward the Mars quality / base chakra of self—alienating it even more. More about Mars.


Pluto is a freeing and opening force; a pattern disrupter and deprogrammer. Pluto is independent, individual, and autonomous; an extremist, isolationist and loner; a revolutionist, and is non-accepting of limiting conditions. For a younger immature soul, Pluto can express as a controlling arbiter, however Pluto will ultimately make one face their own controlling issues. For an older mature soul, Pluto can be a valuable ally when worked with consciously, freeing us from antiquated behavioral patterns. Pluto's chart placement can indicate where we need to let go or surrender programmed patterns from early childhood and from previous incarnations. Pluto can bring up fears associated with survival, death and transformation; the fear to be alone, to let go, to release or to let die. Pluto brings attention to our attitude and issues we hold about authoritarian control and use of power, how we attempt to control and how we respond such control.

Pluto demands that we take responsibility for our entrapments in life and deal with the longer-term ramifications of our actions and life scenarios—and our karmic responsibility, extending beyond a mere lifetime. Pluto also demands that we address how we co-participate and cooperate with humankind in our daily lives from an all-embracing global perspective. More about Pluto.

The stars conjoining Mars and Pluto are the same as our Pluto Crescent Moon, presented above.

Mars and Pluto make a potent and empowering pair. They impel the expression of tremendous strength and determination for accomplishment. In mid-sidereal Sagittarius Mars is especially active. Here they both impel the independent assertion of power in audacious and brave leadership based upon higher principles of truth and philosophy. This is an energy that must find and expression.

The key here is that the Venus-Saturn energetic wants to work in strength with the Pluto-Mars energetic, and these two energetics will get focused or directed as a creative force through retrograde Jupiter in Taurus as the Yod tightens throughout December. Jupiter is of higher law and wants to elevate this expression. Of course if these two conjunctions express in their more ideal forms or lower octaves is a function of soul maturity.

We will explore the Jupiter facet of the Yod conjoining Aldebaran below in the New Earth-Jupiter Synodic Cycle, which occurs on the Disseminating Moon. For now, we are establishing the foundation for this Yod and building the Venus-Saturn / Mars-Pluto allegiance / relationship.

The Time of Global Change is at Hand.
What is the end of the World for some is a New World for those who realize it is.

Full Moon Phase Characteristics

The Full Moon
Vision, Enthusiasm, & Realization of the Theme

Full Moon

The Full Moon marks the culmination point in the lunar cycle, the climax, the point of excitement and celebration. The hours leading up to the Full Moon provide a time of "vision and enthusiasm." The time just after Full Moon is a one of "realization of the lunar month's theme," a time to kick back and relax, to allow our realizations to surface in consciousness.

The Full Moon occurs on November 28 and produces a Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse will be visible in Alaska, Hawaii, Austrailia and East Asia. The eclipse will occur at Moonset (pre-Sunrise) in western Canada and the western US.

Eclipse info:

Full Moon Eclipse Yod Saturn Pluto Jupiter

The Full Moon Eclipse of November 28 occurs in mid-sidereal Taurus conjoining the tempestuous Hyades star asterism in Taurus. The Full Moon eclipse activates the forming Yod as the Full Moon Sun arrives to the mid-point of the Venus-Saturn / Mars Pluto sextile, and the Full Moon and Jupiter converge on Aldebaran—the apex of the Yod. This Full Moon eclipse Yod also aspects and triggers the Uranus-Pluto square. A second Yod also forms to Venus-Saturn.

This Full Moon Eclipse can produce strong geophysical resonances resulting in seismic activity or other related phenomena.

The Moon in the Hyades is a little over 3° to Aldebaran and about 5° to Jupiter—all fulfilling the Yod's apex. Also conjoining are Ain, Epsilon of Taurus; and Menkhib and Epsilon of Perseus.

The Hyades, primarily marked by Theta Taurus, is the second asterism in Taurus after the Pleiades. It forms the V-shape of stars between Aldebaran and Ain. The Hyades are said to be five of the fifteen daughters of Atlas and Aethra, daughter of Oceanus; and named after Hyas, meaning rain, the son of Aethra, who preceded her daughters. The Hyades are thus half sisters of the Pleiades. The Greeks new them as Uades, which some say is from the Latin uein (to rain); referring to their reputation for bringing rain attending their helically rising and setting in latter May and November. Ovid, the Roman poet, writes that the sisters were grief-stricken at the death of their beloved brother, and their tears fall on us as rain.

Hyades Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus with Jupiter

The Hyades are considered to have a watery and tempestuous nature although they nest within an Earth sign, and are associated with tempests and storms; and thus also of emotional release of grief when morning. Although Taurus is of the fruits of the Earth, and generally has a peaceful nature, it does have areas that are more disruptive in nature, with the Hyades being associated with thunder, lighting and storms; creating upset, sorrow or commotion. They can be associated with civil disruption with afflicted alignments, but when Aldebaran is prominently aspected; there is the capacity for strong leadership to emerge from such disruptive or chaotic scenarios. Either way, the disruptive nature of the Hyades can be diversionary or entrapping to those without the vision and stamina Aldebaran offers.

Another articulation of the Hyades is provided by the mythical story of the starseeds journey from the Pleiades, through Hyades to Aldebaran. In this galactic myth, Alcyone of the Pleiades (~5° sidereal Taurus) is administrative seat for a group of starseeds incarnate on Earth who, in order to graduate into the "Office of the Christos or Khristos” (from Krestos to Khristos; i.e., into soul awareness), are responsible for the seeding of the Vision of Aldebaran on Earth. This is to demonstrate responsible aid supporting Earthian souls though a monumental evolutionary transition, helping to establish the awakening of human consciousness to galactic / unified awareness in a regenerated world, and in so doing they do it for themselves as well. The fall of the starseeds from awareness of the mission upon which they were sanctioned to Earth is articulated by the journey through the first half of sidereal Taurus, specifically through the Hyades asterism. The Hyades lie between the Pleiades and Aldebaran, not only in ecliptical longitude, but also in distance (Alcyone is ~450 light-years from Earth, the Hyades ~150 light-years, & Aldebaran ~68 light-years). As the journey goes from Alcyone to Aldebaran, Hyades represents the diversionary fall of the starseeds: having become lost in the carnal lure human life—all leading to a genetic mess: perpetuating genetic weakness: degeneration, death, and rebirth into the human evolutionary stream—although perhaps part the plan to start with. In this process, the emissaries lost the vision of which they were to manifest, faced instead with a sobering reawakening that they got stuck in the chaos and must now find their way out, let alone remembering their original covenant with their soul families and accomplishing their greater soul mission. In this stellar mythos, alignments to Hyades can be indicative of those who forgot their greater soul heritage and purpose, who carry issues of having been lured and lost in human involvement, lost in Hell in a sense, and resultantly confused about their true identity. In Hyades, one can be extremely slow to change or act, sometimes only when it is too late, or when the door of opportunity literally has passed.

Ain, Epsilon Taurus, conjoining the Hyades and Aldebaran inspires one to have the vision to see beyond the confusion and commotion common to the Hyades, and the means to slip by or through it.

Although an orange giant, Aldebaran is not a supergiant star like Antares or Betelgeuse, but is still 44 times our Sun’s diameter and shines with a luminosity of 425 times that of our Sun. It thus has significant influence throughout central sidereal Taurus. Aldebaran, Light of the Bull, embodies the principle theme of Taurus.

Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers inspiring the administrative planning of world affairs, specifically for physical logistics and a global infrastructure designed to support humanity through evolutionary growth and change. Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran / Antares axis can express into the business and political arenas, and is of their leaders.

Aldebaran is a star of pioneering leadership. At a personal level, Aldebaran is of business and the home. It inspires vision and impels initiative to act for our physical wellbeing. Aldebaran inspires involvement with physical places, business and projects supportive of our modalities of living for self, family and friends. Aldebaran inspires us to take the physical action to manifest our visions in the physical world.

This Lunar Eclipse brings realization to our Beta Centauri Lunar Cycle. It reveals the need to step forth as leaders and pioneers while standing in the midst of chaos and the diversionary conditions of human life. It brings attention to the physical infrastructures in our lives and if and how they are supporting our fundamental physical needs. It reveals our need to take the action in self-mastery to manifest the visions we hold for our lives. One of the most common things forgotten of Taurus is the need to take action, without it, our visions do not manifest and we remain entrapped in the chaos and confusion of stormy Hyades. Physical action is essential.

Juno & Quaoar

The Moon conjoins Jupiter and Vesta the day after the eclipse, and then opposes Juno’s conjunction with Quaoar on November 29—adding additional character to our day of realization.


The minor planet Quaoar (pronounced kwah-whar) was discovered in June of 2002. Quaoar was the name given to the “creation force” by the Native American Tongva tribe who were the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles basin in Southern California. Quaoar is about one-tenth the diameter of Earth, about half the size of Pluto, and larger than the four primary asteroids combined. Quaoar has an orbital period of 288 years. (Pluto orbits the sun in 248 years). Quaoar lies a bit further out than Pluto. Quaoar’s orbit is remarkably circular compared to Pluto and the other new planets, which have highly elliptical orbits. Quaoar’s orbit is tilted only slightly to the ecliptic plane. This suggests that Quaoar has a gentle and well balanced astrological influence.

The following is presented acknowledging we are just beginning to apprehend Quaoar’s astrological nature. Considering its name, Quaoar may have relation to what may equated with indigenous people’s perceptual abilities, those who live attuned to Earth and nature’s cycles (i.e., with natural world, animal kingdom, and shaman type perceptions). Quaoar was discovered in Ophiuchus, conjoining Antares. Based upon initial explorations surrounding its discovery and its astrophysical nature, Quaoar may be motivating us to challenge existing political structural systems to re-align with the laws of the natural world—but not to fall into battle from mere malevolence, hatred, vengeance, or undermining spite, but to take a stand from wisdom and self-mastery, articulated by Ophiuchus. Quaoar’s near circular orbit and mild orbital inclination suggests a more gentle and harmonious approach, perhaps one inspiring the need to bring harmony and balance into that which is chaotically scattered and in conflict. As a Kuiper Belt planet, like Pluto and others, Quaoar resonates more with the transcendent workings of our lives, demanding we surrender egoic consciousness and align ourselves to the natural forces governing life, rather than to man’s attempted dictatorial reign over them.

Quaoar seems to have a character supporting a “harmonious revolution”— to help us surrender to the natural order of life. In addition, Quaoar inspires our return to the “sacredness of life”; to realize all things in life are sacred; and that it is our responsibility to have respect for natural order and to live in harmony with nature; without this we do not have respect for our selves. More about Quaoar.

The Juno-Quaoar conjunction occurs toward the end of sidereal Scorpio, conjoining the stars forming the sting of the Scorpion—the location of our next New Moon.

The Juno-Quaoar conjunction / lunar opposition inspires partnerships or all types, including political and business relations to co-participate in ways that are more attuned to the natural world and to life itself. It impels us to find more harmonious ways of interrelating and reveals our responsibility to honor the sacredness of all life if we are going to be able to respond the needs demanded by our rapidly changing world. It inspires us to accept and transmute the harsh lessons and conflicts of the past, and to demonstrate a greater mastery in our partnerships, to work together with compassion in ways that overcome the challenges we face in life.

Disseminating Moon Phase Characteristics

The Disseminating Moon
Manifestation & Demonstration

Disseminating Moon

The hours leading up to the Disseminating Moon generally is an accelerated and busy time of last minute preparation that leads into the birth point in the lunar cycle, the time of bearing the fruit of the cycle, of claiming its gift, of living that which we have been learning.

The Disseminating Moon occurs on December 2 just into sidereal Cancer conjoining recently discovered Varuna. Procyon of Canis Minor is our primary conjoining star. Also of influence are Pollux of Gemini; and Wezen of Canis Major. Varuna lies slightly north of the ecliptic near Pollux.


Varuna was recently discovered in 2000 at the foot of Castor in sidereal Gemini. As a newly discovered planet, its astrological influence is still exploratory. Varuna may impel a desire to return to natural law and to allow nature’s way to take its course. Varuna may support us to surrender the forced ways and laws of man that are not attuned to the natural flow of life. Varuna imparts a matter-of-fact sense of equality and order but based on cosmic and natural law not that imposed by man, and may demonstrate that which is unjust through public spectacle. Varuna may bring attention to ecological issues of life and impel us to take and stand and to be heard regarding such issues. Mythological Varuna is pro-creative, an activist supportive of life; and is a protector of the people. More about Varuna.

Pollux of Gemini marks the end of sidereal Gemini, and Procyon, south of the ecliptic, lies just across the cusp of sidereal Cancer. The energetics of these two stars work hand in hand. Pollux is an emissary or ambassador, one who links people and groups together. Pollux impels diplomacy and mutual cooperation amongst people and groups and imparts motivation to champion, support or promote others.

The Egyptian X

Prcoyon is sometimes called the faithful hound of Pollux. In classical astrology, Procyon portends wealth, renown and good fortune. More specifically, Procyon impels such success through the allegiance to a greater cause, purpose or faction. This allegiance is in support of the efforts of the Twins, Pollux and Castor, who are liaisons that champion human betterment and mutual cooperation.

As the Babylonian “Kakkab Paldara,” Procyon is “Star of the Crossing”—of the Water Dog. Procyon also impels one to extend their diplomacy to other cultures and countries. Procyon is also one of the five stars creating the “Egyptian X”—with Betelgeuse, Naos Zeta Puppis of the Argo, and Phaet Alpha Columba the Dove; with the central star being Sirius. In relation to Sirius, the Dog Star, of Canis Major, Procyon is the Little Dog Star. The desert Arabs knew them both as Al Ahawat al Suhail—the sisters of Canopus: thus recognizing their association with greater evolutionary matters including extraterrestrial co-participation and support, which is overseen and directed by Canopus, the helmsman of the Argo. Canopus is administrative seat responsible for the evolutionary fulfillment of entire planetary systems.

Aludra, Wezen, and Adhara, a triangle of stars known as the Virgins, lie under latter sidereal Gemini and early Cancer. They create the hindquarter of the Canis Major. Although of this Sirian constellation, Aludra and Wezen are a pair of their own class. They lie much further in distance than the other stars, thus being of their own realm.

Aludra served Hipparchus to make his famous astronomical reckoning about the precession of the equinoxes. Aludra is also the only star of the constellation that lies across the Gemini-Cancer cusp (mid first decan). Aludra is the singular of Al Adhara, the Virgins—hence, a pure one of the breed. This is the white stallion, the black sheep, the unique person that does not fit in. Aludra, a supergiant star, most often time manifests as a person who appears through unexpected space-time portals or fleeting moments in time, with the magik provided by conjoining Alpha Monoceros. An Aludra-type individual seems strikingly unique in some way—out of the ordinary, and old wise soul, often with an unearthly beauty or very attractive, and warm-hearted.

Wezen (Delta) is the third brightest star in Canis Major. It lies at the cusp, conjoining Pollux of Gemini. Wezen is a rare supergiant star, one of the most massive stars visible to the naked eye. It is also one of the most distant visible stars. Its luminosity is about 50,000 times that of our Sun, with a radius about 195 times, and with a mass of about 17 times that of our Sun. Wezen, similar in character to Aludra, imparts the energetic of a very old, wise and very unique soul. It, synthesizing with Pollux, imparts the qualities of an interstellar ambassador. Wezen brings one the capacity to see all sides of very diverse groups, who is able to take a neutral stance, and thus one who is able to help establish a greater level of cooperation amongst younger souls who do not have such an embracing vision.

Our Vauna Disseminating Moon brings our attention to natural law, once again, to that governed by nature, and to that which transcends the man-made boundaries, segregations and divisions amongst life. It impels ambassador-type leadership to step forward to support all life and all peoples as one global family.

The New Earth-Jupiter Synodic Cycle

The Sun, Earth and Jupiter align on December 2-3, just after the Disseminating Moon. Conjoining stars include Aldebaran of Taurus and the stars forming the Shield of Orion.

Jupiter's Moons - Europa and Ganymede

Jupiter's Moons - Europa and Ganymede
Carina - Nick Anthony Fiorenza


Jupiter imparts a mobilizing and expansive force. It stimulates fluidity in movement, vitality and enthusiasm. It is of reciprocity—how we receive and re-express that which we have gained as gifts to the world. Jupiter expresses in openness and willingness to touch, palpate and embrace life, people and experience. It imparts a kinesthetic and magnetic quality; and reveals our physical fitness, strength and coordination.

Jupiter motivates us to aspire for something larger in our lives, beyond our current bounds. Jupiter will tend to magnify and expand the qualities of any other planet that it conjoins. Jupiter is often associated with money, but not as much as Venus. This is because Jupiter is a mobilizing force and money is a mobilizing agent.

Jupiter is of higher or natural law, as compared to man’s laws. It is of Spiritual Truth and stimulates action upon our greater truth. Jupiter is serendipitous, opportunistic, fortunate and lucky; with taste for and appreciation of elegance end beauty (along with Venus). It is fun loving, good natured, free and independent. Jupiter provides the ability to participate freely in the material world and in universal flow.

Debilitated Jupiter can express as a fear of travel, movement or expansion. It can express a fear of loss or lack, thus hoarding in nature. It can be spiritually shallow. In its acute expression, Jupiter can be gluttonous, zealous, exaggerated, showy, and hypocritical.

Jupiter governs muscle coordination and motor skills; the muscles, ligaments, the lymph, buttocks and the legs, which are the pump for the lymphatic system. Associated brain centers are: Animation / Life—cortex, psyche, soma energy centre, and hypothalamus. Sensory Locomotion—mid-cortex, the kinesthetic and sensory motor area. More about Jupiter.

Aldebaran is the principle star here, presented above with the Full Moon Eclipse / Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Yod. Just past Aldebaran in ecliptical longitude and also conjoining are Tabit of Orion and several other minor stars forming the Shield of Orion. Both Aldebaran and the Shield bring attention to the physical infrastructures supporting our lives. The theme of the Shield is one of providing protection in the world of human affairs, especially of establishing a protective environment when starting new business ventures or enterprises when in their formative or planning stages, yet to become self-sustaining. Associated with the essence of Aldebaran, this is also in regard to our physical abodes and daily sustenance, of ensuring the care for self and for others. The stars of the Shield impel endurance and victory in this pursuit.

This synodic cycle (also the nature of the apex of Yod) impels wide-sweeping visionary action that establishes a sustainable and protective infrastructure for all people and all life. It impels the practical and well-grounded application of wealth and resources in an enterprising capacity to ensure this protection, and to support the fundamental well-being of all life.

Keep in mind that this is the apex of Saturn-Pluto Yod, and that the Venus-Saturn and the Mars Pluto energetics, presented above, are to be creatively applied through this Jupitarian action for solution.

Jupiter, in the midst of its retrograde, impels an inward focused expansion, an attunement to a higher natural law, beyond man-made law, both within personal consciousness and within the form of leadership supporting life on Earth. Jupiter returns direct on January 30, 2013, when it again aspects the Uranus-Pluto square, which is also when the theme of this new synodic cycle will fully engage.

The Jupiter bio-Harmonic Audio Meditation

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, November 2 and 3 is an ideal time to work with the Jupiter audio meditation. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

Last Quarter Moon Phase Characteristics

Last Quarter Moon
Time for Change

Last Quarter Moon

The Last Quarter Moon creates our “inner need to initiate change” in the lunar cycle as we move into the cycle’s last and transitional quarter. Our Last Quarter Moon occurs on December 6 in sidereal Leo. The Moon conjoins Mizar and Alcor of Ursa Major; the Seyfert Galaxy NGC4151; and Chort of Leo.

This is a windy and fiery area of the zodiak, one that can stimulate dynamic creative expression.

Mizar of the Great Bear, Zeta Ursa Major, is the overseeing and predominant star of this area of the zodiak. Mizar, and its companion Alcor, articulates raw fiery energy that must express one way or another. Mizar must have a creative outlet, but for its proper expression, we must apply it with creative vision. Mizar brings attention to use of our creative energies; creative and destructive tendencies, and the fear to create lest it may result in destruction. Here we learn the nature of such volatile forces. Mizar, with averted alignments is also known for catastrophic fires or massacres. Mizar can however express quite artistically—just as gunpowder can express as beautiful fireworks or devastating explosions. Mizar tends to express in a grand way, in character with showy and dramatic Leo. Mizar inspires a dynamic action oriented creative artistic expression.

Asterion and the conjoining Seyfert Galaxy NGC4151, both of the barking hounds, Canes Venatici, conjoin Mizar. Seyfert galaxies are spiral galaxies that have very dense and bright cores (nuclei) that express a broad spectrum of emission lines, which suggests extremely hot gases in violent motion. In general, Seyfert galaxies tend to stimulate dynamic, powerful and directed action.

Although of a dynamic, outgoing, artistic creative character, Mizar, Asterion and Chort, on the hind of the Lion, can also produce a lot of dramatic racket and fiery commotion due to toxic conditions or an unrefined awareness. This can also be a part of the often diversionary tactics intended to distract the unsuspecting from the real issues or path at hand, a theme common to late Leo.

Our Last Quarter Moon inspires dramatic creative action to change the condition in our lives and in our world, and to live according to an embracing and expansive world view. The Moon is also trine to Mars in Sagittarius, and is quincunx to Uranus in Pisces, with the Sun trine Uranus. Mizar also set the theme of the current Earth-Mars synod cycle that began in March 2012.

Our new 780-day Earth-Mars synodic cycle impels dynamic creative expression that requires clear and focused applied force. It invites us to transcend the on-stage global dramatics and superfluff, and to attune to the more subtle evolutionary currents guiding our lives. It impels creative and audacious leadership in a way that will make a significant shift in altering our evolutionary course.

The New Earth-Vesta Synodic Cycle

The Sun, Earth and Vesta align on December 9 in sidereal Taurus. This is a bit further from the Earth-Jupiter synod. Vesta conjoins Rigel of Orion; and Hassaleh and Hoedus of Auriga.

Landslides on Vesta - NASA's DAWN Spacecraft

Landslides on Vesta - NASA's DAWN Spacecraft


Vesta is the asteroid of Focus, Dedication & Commitment; of physical, emotional, and mental clarity; and of self-respect. Vesta brings a capacity to be pure within self at all levels for the expression of one’s highest potential and true Essence. Vesta is of strength, purity, and perfection—of total dedication to purpose. Vesta brings attention to that which is of true importance to us and will ignite and burn away that which is not so we can become clear. Vesta is keeper of the sacred flame within self. Vesta asks us to examine our inner values, our passion in life, to become clear on it, and to use our creativity to keep that fire alive.

Potential Vesta issues are: scatteredness, with an inability to focus, commit or carry through; and avoidance of one’s true purpose. Vesta can express as denials to address the mental, emotional and physical purification to support being a pure bio-logical vessel for the expression of Spirit—the requirements to express our true soul intent and purpose. This can manifest as fear of commitment, fear of sex and intimacy in all of its forms, and an invalidation of the emotional and physical aspects of self.

Vesta was discovered on 29 March 1807 by the German physician Heinrich Wilhelm Matthaus Olbers (1758-1840), He named the asteroid for the Roman goddess of virtue at the suggestion of Carl Friedrich Gauss. Vesta was near the Super Galactic Center, the spiritual mother center of the Heavens, in sidereal Virgo—a placement quite fitting to Vesta’s relationship to the Virgin principle.

In mythical language, Vesta is the revered goddess of the Vestal Virgins, the daughter of Rhea and Saturn, the eldest sister of Jupiter, and is keeper of the sacred fire on Mt. Olympus—meaning keeper of the eternal flame (truth) of the soul within self. Fire, the element of Vesta, is purifying for the soul—serving to enlighten and enliven. Vesta and the Vestal Virgins were highly valued and trusted for speaking the truth. They kept and protected all important documents and records. Vesta is also the Roman goddess of the hearth, home and family. More about Vesta.

Rigel, Beta Orion, is a supergiant star about 30 times the size of our Sun and with a mass about 17 times the mass of our Sun. It shines about 40,000 times our Sun’s luminosity and is the seventh brightest star in the heavens. Rigel has a faint dwarf companion but it is hard to see in small telescopes due to Rigel’s brilliance.

Rigel, Beta Orion, is of enterprising entrepreneurialism. Orions in general are known for their architectural capacity. Prominent alignments with Rigel (and Bellatrix) bring the capacity to embody, direct and execute large, extravagant and grandiose projects; bringing good through commerce and business affairs. Kursa, conjoining Rigel, marks the beginning of Eridanus, the River of Life. Kursa is of new beginnings, new involvements, and new journeys of our lives. Although it may be time to go forth anew, into a new phases of our lives, we must be aware of the tenacious perseverance required when staring new life journeys, to move from the wars and trials of the past to the freedom of the future. Kursa is also favorable for journeys involving enterprises across water or in other parts of the world.

North of Taurus is Auriga, the Charioteer. Capella, the messenger of light, is the primary star of this constellation. Hassaleh is the third brightest star of the classic pentagon of stars forming Auriga. Hassaleh conjoins Rigel of Orion and Kursa of Eridanus. Marking the foot of Auriga, Hassaleh inspires innovative and persistent action; and like the essence of Auriga, to mobilize that which cannot move on its own accord. Conjoining Hoedus adds a warrior quality to Hassaleh and is action oriented.

This cycle invites focused and directed entrepreneurial action. It favorable for all physical and business enterprises, especially those that support regeneration, physical well being, bountifulness and prosperity. In this part of sidereal Taurus, Vesta supports the focused application of knowledge for the greater well being of humanity and to evolve human society.

Balsamic Moon Phase Characteristics

Balsamic Moon
Focus to the Future

Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon marks the time in lunar cycle when we coalesce the experience of the lunar cycle into its seed essence, which will then sprout through the theme of the following lunar cycle. It is when we turn our attention from this lunar cycle in anticipation of the next to come. The hours before the Balsamic Moon provide our time of coalescence while those after mark the time when we turn 180° from looking back over the past cycle and look forward toward the next cycle to come.

The Purple Rose of Virgo

The Purple Rose of Virgo NGC 5584 / Super Nova 2007 / ESO ESO PR Photo 16/07 is a colour-composite of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 5584. It is based on data collected by the Paranal Science Team with the FORS1 instrument on Kueyen, the second 8.2-m Unit Telescope of ESO's Very Large Telescope. The supernova SN 2007af is the bright object seen slightly below and to the right of the galaxy's centre. The galaxy and its bright supernova were observed on the nights of 16, 19 and 22 March 2007 through a B, V, R, H-alpha and OII filter. The total exposure time is about 28 minutes. The observers are Susana Randall, Claudio Melo and Swetlana Hubrig, and the day astronomer was Dominique Naef (all ESO). Henri Boffin (ESO) processed the data and made the colour-composite, and Haennes Heyer (ESO) made the final adjustments.

The Balsamic Moon occurs on December 9-10 in sidereal Libra, a few degrees from Saturn. The Moon conjoins Miaplacidus Carina of Argo Navis; Mulifain Centauri; Delta Boötes; and the Purple Rose of Virgo.

Miaplacidus, Beta Carina, is the second most important star of the Argo, after Canopus. "Mia" is of greater universal flowing waters of Source and "Placidus" is of grid-navigational-mapping. Miaplacidus involves the navigational mapping of cosmic evolutionary currents—evolutionary intelligence and how it expresses in time and space. Miaplacidus is of Astronomical-Earthgrid mapping, navigation, inner-dimensional travel, and related art-sciences and environments that support our greater evolutionary journeys in life. Living at or traveling to the right locations at the proper times in our lives is of significance to be in proper (space-time) harmony. The purpose of sacred geometry, naturally tuned architecture, and the art-sciences involving harmonics and resonance are all of significance here—many of the art-sciences that have been obscured, suppressed or lost to humanity—including the integrated knowledge of astronomy and astrology and its application in cartographical mapping on the Earth in space and time.

Miaplacidus also synthesizes with Syrma of Virgo, Delta Boötes and the Quasar OQ 172 of Boötes, which all amalgamate—the stars of the Venus-Saturn conjunction.

Our Balsamic Moon brings our attention to the importance of our environments, perhaps to find and ensure a harmonious environment in space and time (where to be when) for the pursuit of our life purpose and our greater evolutionary fulfillment and wellbeing. A part of living in self-mastery is living in attunement with our environment, creating the proper resonance between who we are and how and where we live so we can express our greatest potential. Our Balsamic Moon coalesces the experience of this lunar cycle into seed form, which will sprout anew on the following New Moon.

The New Venus-Haumea Synodic Cycle

Venus conjoined Haumea from Earth’s perspective toward the end of the previous Lunar Cycle. Now, the Sun, Venus and Haumea align in sidereal Virgo on December 12, a day before New Moon, initiating the new 226-day new Venus-Haumea synodic cycle. Venus and Haumea conjoin Muphid and Seginus of Boötes; the Recent Gamma Ray Burst in Boötes; and Theta Virgo.

Haumea is north of the ecliptic and is currently passing through the foot of Boötes. Muprid (Eta), Tau and Upsilon create the left foot of Boötes. Haumea conjoined Tau in late 2011. It conjoins Muprid and Upsilon in late 2012 - early 2013, lying just south of Muphrid by less than 1/2° in ecliptical latitude. Haumea will conjoin southern Eta Carinae of Argo Navis in mid-2016, and Archturus and Spica in late-2017. Because Venus moves relatively fast and Haumea relatively slow, the Venus-Haumea synods progress through the zodiac at a very slow rate, currently a little over 1/2° in ecliptical longitude.


The Dwarf Planet Haumea (pronounced how-MAY-ah) was discovered on Dec 28, 2004. Haumea has two moons, Hi’iaka (pronounced HEE-’ee-AH-kah) and Namaka (pronounced nah-MAH-kah).

Haumea is the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Hawaiian mythology. Her many children sprang from different parts of her body. She takes many different forms and has experienced many different rebirths. Martha Warren Beckworth suggests the name Haumea more naturally comes from Hanaumea, meaning “sacred birth.” Hence we have an essence of “purity” or a birth of specialness, the ability to produce a fresh or clear state of consciousness.

Haumea’s propensity is to intercede with dynamic motion from a state of equilibrium and poise to support a new birth in consciousness, especially the use of the fundamental primordial forces of life. Haumea also appears to motivate action to reorient world powers’ militaristic destructive use of power and resources into a nurturing force that supports and protects life, home and family; and that aids humanity’s emergence into a spiritually and primordial aware state of being. At a personal level, Haumea inspires the application of our personal attributes and resources for these same principles.
More about Haumea.

Boötes, the Virgin’s consort and protector, stands over the Virgin giving birth, over the Virgo-Libra cusp, ensuring a safe and unadulterated birth from the Virgin. Boötes stands against the fallen corrupt totalitarian world powers that have demonstrated the inability over and again to ensure evolutionary fulfillment, with the continual destruction of the peoples of the Earth and typical catastrophic outcomes. The body of Boötes stands between the pure lucida of the Virgin (Spica) blocking the attempted manipulations of corrupt world powers. He also stands protecting the Northern Crown and its principle (a soul's attainment of ascension).

Boötes is of strength and responsibility. Boötes functions not by outward force but by spiritual awareness and astute intuitive prowess in the application of the knowledge about environmental issues and transcendent subtle forces. Boötes' action is based from a place of receptivity and sensitivity to the situation at hand, action associated with planning, preparation, and strategy.

Seginus, the left shoulder of Boötes, the Virgin’s consort and protector, is of strength and responsibility. It along with the stars forming the upraised arm and hand, Gamma, Theta, Iota and Kappa, impel rebellious stance against manipulative or medaling totalitarian authorities attempting to interfere with the healthy birth and expression of soul consciousness on Earth. Seginus conjoins Muphrid, the left foot of Boötes, which impels confident non-hesitant action to provide personal and intimate support by making possible and ensuring proper energetic environments are created so that souls have the opportunity to birth, evolve and express in their highest potential and achieve evolutionary fulfillment.

Gamma-ray burst in Bootes 2008

GRB 080319B in Boötes - Artist's Impression
ESO PR Photo 28/06 (10 Sept 2008)

Lying between Muphrid and Seginus (in ecliptical latitude) is the seyfert galaxy NGC 5548. The seyfert galaxy NGC 5548 in Boötes express as an intensely focused purpose and it imparts a dynamic action-oriented drive serving this purpose. It impels us to be confident on our inner convictions undaunted by external affairs of the human world. It provides an explosive power to overcome obstacles we may encounter and to ensure our safe passage and new birth.

Muphrid and Seginus lie over the lower spinal sacrum (sanctum) of the Virgin and the Virgin's womb, conjoining Theta Virgo—protecting the Virgin's principles, its purity, and that of gestation, birth, and life itself.

One of the brightest stellar explosions ever seen occurred in March of 2008—called a gamma-ray burst (GRB 080319B). It conjoined Seginus and Muphrid in Boötes, and was just south of Seginus. This explosion energized and emphasized the theme of Seginus of Boötes for humanity in 2008. Its is also interesting to note that this is the ecliptical longitude of Makemake’s aphelion; and it was slightly later that year that began the avalanche of events catalyzing the restructuring of the financial banking arena and the exposure of massive fraudulent activity in that arena. This also began with the Uranus opposition to Makemake and Saturn starting in the latter half of 2008, with the Uranus-Makemake opposition continuing into early 2011.

This is also the location of Saturn (conjoined Juno) in the US July 4, 1776
Declaration of Independence chart.

The current Venus-Haumea synodic cycles support a new birth of the feminine principle in human consciousness. They bring emphasis to environmental issues and to ensuring the environmental conditions in our world support the greater freedom and harmonious evolution of human consciousness.

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Our next New Moon occurs on December 13, 2012 in late sidereal Scorpio conjoining Quaoar and Ras Alhauge, the head of Ophiuchus. More to come then.

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We need not live in endless struggle, overwhelmed by the surface turbulence of our growth and awakening process. We can establish an inner peace instead, with life becoming a graceful dance when we attune ourselves to the natural spiral of growth that is guiding our lives. Living in attunement to the natural Lunar Cycles is an effective and empowering way to do this. Living in attunement to the natural astronomical cycles of life is living in faith and trust in the Divine Creative Intelligence expressing throughout our lives.

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