The Lunar Theme for the
October 1, 2016 New Moon

Expect the Unexpected & The Right Use of Will

The Lunar Month of
October 1, 2016 - October 30, 2016

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Astronomical Myth is a "picture language," imagery that articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing throughout the greater heavens and through our lives. We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us, or from our beloved Earth, but are intimate parts of this dynamic, continually unfolding heavenly symphony. This entirety is our cosmic consciousness, the totality of our being. To explore the greater heavens and the heavenly cycles is to explore that which we are—our embracing consciousness and our spiritual evolution.

The stars would not be in the heavens
if we were meant to walk in darkness.

The purpose of the Lunar Planner is to learn to live in the experiential awareness of the present. Although the material below can provide philosophical context for your personal experience, the New Moon is the ideal time to experientially "tune in" to get your personalized lunar month's theme. Then, consciously participate with the changing Lunar Phase Characteristics in the unfoldment of that theme in your daily life using the Lunar Calendar and Lunar Planner Introduction (links at the bottom).

About Synodic Cycles

Synodic Cycles are created when two (or more) planets align in their orbits around the Sun. The synodic cycle theme, defined by the planets involved and the star alignments at the time, will unfold until the two planets align again, marking the completion of the synodic cycle and the beginning of the next one.

There are many synodic cycles with unique astrological themes occurring simultaneously, creating a harmonic symphony of creative unfoldment in consciousness. Synodic cycles can be thought of as longer-term underlying currents, much like the backdrop chorus of a symphony, providing the underlying astrological context guiding our evolution as a collective.

Learn about Synodic Cycles & Synodic Astrology.

Moon Phase CharacteristicsNew Moon New Moon
Characteristic just BEFORE the New Moon
Ending the Seeding Phase of the previous Lunar Cycle
Surrender & Play

The end of this phase is also the end of the entire Lunar Cycle. It leads into the next New Moon. The day before the New Moon is a time to surrender in order to allow the next Lunar Theme to sprout in its purity. Let go of all fears, worries, and self-judgment. Become empty. This is a great time to just play and have fun.
Characteristic just AFTER the New Moon.
Beginning the Sprouting Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Expressing a New Theme

A new theme emerges. A new idea, a new concept sprouts forth. This is an inner message, an impulse expressing from a field of all possibilities deep within the unconscious mind. Often this process is one of discovery, slowly revealing a simple theme over a day or two, or it may be quite clear and specific, a spontaneous message, even suggesting a major life change. The New Moon is a perfect time for meditation or a quite walk—to go within self and listen. A simple word or phrase may pop into your mind during this quite time describing the new lunar theme in a way that is unique to you, or perhaps a simple feeling or knowing will come over you. The ability to listen, honor and trust the inner is all that is required at this time. The ideal time to attune to your New Moon theme is exactly as the New Moon occurs, or at sunrise after the New Moon if the New Moon occurred during the night.

The New Moon & Lunar Cycle Overview

October 1, 2016 New Moon with Jupiter and Zaniah

This October 1, 2016 (Sept 30 PM MST) New Moon occurs slightly past Jupiter amongst the stars of the Virgin. The Moon, having crossed its north node in the last eclipse lunar cycle, is now a little over 2° north of the ecliptic (and the Sun) nesting exactly between Zaniah and Porrima of Virgo. Jupiter conjoins Zaniah within a fraction of a degree in both elliptical longitude and latitude. This marks a progressive transition in Jupiter's movement during the Mercury-Jupiter-Makemake synthesis occurring in the last lunar month and its expression into this lunar month. Jupiter is of higher law, that is, natural law over our man-made laws that violate fundamental human rights. The Jupiter-Makemake synthesis had been, in part, illuminating issues surrounding the use of raw creative power by those in leadership positions at the cost of people's freedom and wellbeing, and at the cost of natural resources. We are now at a point in the progression of these planetary cycles that impels a reestablishment of natural law over man-made oligarchical powers that manipulate and control freedom and justice.

Zaniah, Eta Virgo, is an ecliptical star, less than 2° north in ecliptical latitude. Zaniah is also the Chinese "Left-hand Maintainer of Law" (Allen). Zaniah inspires the "right use of will" directed by soul-level impulses and unadulterated by personality or egoic-level influences. Zaniah impels right action and participation in the here and now, moment-by-moment. Zaniah embodies the essence of the Virgin's purity—to become a clear vessel and to know right action. Zaniah imparts a feminine quality. Coma Berenices (Berenice's hair) stands alone in this area of the heavens, slightly north of and over early sidereal Virgo. Coma Berenices is a recent name, but Diadem, the Alpha Star of Coma, articulates the essence of this grouping of stars in a galaxy rich area of the heavens.

Coma Berenices (Berenice's hair) stands alone in this area of the heavens, slightly north of and over early sidereal Virgo. Coma Berenices is a recent name, but Diadem, the Alpha Star of Coma, articulates the essence of this grouping of stars in a galaxy rich area of the heavens.

New Moon Star Chart

Diadem and The Antennae (of the Ark), the Spiral Galaxy NGC 4038/9 in Corvus the Raven messenger bird, which lies just south of the ecliptic, work intimately together. Diadem is the jeweled crown above Virgin's head. Ornate Crowns in antiquity were designed with specific metals, jewels, and geometries to accentuate the wearer's telepathic and clairvoyant capacities, and for their communion with transcendent realms of consciousness. Diadem accentuates our capacity to attune to our spiritual / soul guidance which communicates through the magnetic forces of nature, through the world around us, as articulated by the stars of southern Corvus the messenger bird and the Antennae Galaxy of Corvus (NGC 4038/9). Diadem and the Antennae of Corvus reveal the importance of being grounded and attuned to the natural world to clearly discern our guidance.

Conjoining Zaniah in the southern heavens is Turais Carina and Phi Velorum, both of Argo Navis, which lie along the galactic equator, and thus are more associated with our longer-term soul-level sojourn and evolutionary course.

Turais (Aspidiske) of the Argo is a rather rare white supergiant star that shines with a luminosity of 4900 times our Sun, with a radius estimated to be about 40 times that of our Sun. Phi Velorum and the adjoining Pulsar P 0950 reside exactly on the Galactic Equator in the Sail (Velorum) of the Argo. Pulsars in general are beacons for the soul, and in this case, inspiring our attunement to the evolutionary currents beyond our incarnational moment, those of the greater evolutionary process itself.

Galactic Turais and Phi Velorum puts ecliptical Zaniah's "right use of will" into a greater evolutionary context, one with cosmic ramifications that extend throughout spacetime. Our acts of will are not isolated, cut off and limited to the moment itself, but extend into the past-future time-stream of the soul influencing the continuous cosmic currents in soul's greater evolutionary journey in ways that are unseen in the action moment.

Turais asks us to extend our awareness into this time-stream, while Zaniah inspires clear action in the moment from soul's and nature's guiding influence. Thus each action moment is one punctual droplet of many composing a continuous time-stream that formulates the path or wave upon which soul travels. Turais invites us to recognize our actions extend into and influence not only the nature of our own lives, but also the lives of others, effecting the meandering currents in an ocean of being. They set up resonances in spacetime that define the nature of experiences yet to come for our selves and in the evolutionary journey of all involved.

New Moon Sidereal Astrology Chart

New Moon - Sidereal Fagan-Bradley
Subtract 0° 16' for the Galactic Ayanamsa

This is not to be confused with attempting to be responsible for others or to define their experience—which is a miss-use of will. The responsibility is for our active and conscious participation from the clarity of our spiritual soul-level guidance expressed in action. Turais demands we act from the awareness of our greater evolutionary journey and adds a sense of "cosmic responsibility" for what is "put into motion" through Zaniah's "right use of will."

The stars Porrima and Videmiatrix of Virgo also influence the expression of this New Moon and the energetic of this lunar cycle. Vindemiatrix and Porrima mark the centre of sidereal Virgo and embody the essence of sidereal Virgo. This is also the exalted seat of our winged messenger Mercury, significantly adding perspective and understanding to the nature of the stars at this ecliptical longitude. Mercury is the vessel by which these stars function in their highest expression, that is, through the neurology of communication and logistics, and all that Mercury characterizes.

The famous "Antennae Galaxies" (NGC 4038/9)

The Antennae Galaxies in Corvus conjoining this New Moon. "One of the first images from the new VIMOS facility, obtained right after the moment of "first light" on February 26, 2002. It shows the famous "Antennae Galaxies" (NGC 4038/9), the result of a recent collision between two galaxies. As an immediate outcome of this dramatic event, stars are born within massive complexes that appear blue in this composite photo, based on exposures through green, orange and red optical filters." Image & Caption Credit: ESO

Porrima, just two degrees north of the ecliptic expresses through the more transcendent nature of the mind—our higher brain centers that activate a greater perceptual capacity, often associated with clairvoyance and telepathy. Porrima impels us to have foresight to see future or remote probabilities. Vindemiatrix, just north of Porrima, classically the Harvester, brings emphasis to the importance of timing. "This star is said to confer great powers of thought and an exacting, severe nature" (friend and siderealist Andrés Takra). Both stars lie over Corvus the Raven, the messenger bird. Corvus communicates through all of nature, and asks us to read the natural world, to listen to the subtle impulses and observe the signs expressed in daily life from the world around us.

Mercury, Jupiter & GB174

Mercury, having completed its retrograde, begins its movement to make its third and final conjunction with Jupiter, which will occur several days into this lunar cycle, near the location of the New Moon, also between Zaniah and Porrima. Mercury's retrograde and its conjunctions with Jupiter occurring in the last lunar cycle impelled a redefining period to expand how we think and to align our thoughts with the higher principals of Jupiter's massive force. Now, amongst these stars of the Virgin, we have impetus to actualized this energetic through the use of personal will, and in attunement to societal justice, higher intellectual principals and to the natural world. It is also worthy to note that Mercury will arrive to its exalted location in the ecliptic, which conjoins Porrima and Zaniah. This too impels the refined or exalted expression of Mercurial qualities, that is, expressing morally righteous and integrous intellectual capacities, and also of heightened mental capacities.

Jupiter's North Pole

Jupiter's North Pole Unlike Anything Encountered in the Solar System"
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS
Jupiter's North Pole - Juno Mission Website

The New Moon also conjoins the distant planet 2010 GB174, which is a member of what I call The Transcultural Planets along with Sedna and several other recently discovered planets. All of these planets lie in the far distant region of our solar system, and all have very long orbital periods, in the thousands of years, that is, nesting in the time span of Earth's Precessional Cycle. GB174 has an orbital period of 6344 years. Thus, the transcultural planets are more associated with the greater evolutionary process occurring on Earth. GB174 has not been given a name nor do we have much if any comprehension of its astrological character, so perhaps adding somewhat of a wildcard dynamic to this lunar cycle. GB174 was discovered in April of 2010 conjoining the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies (Super Galactic Center). Thus, events occuring in this lunar cycle may have longer-term ramifications in our evolutionary progression.

Mercury conjoins GB174 on October 11-12 (Oct-12 03:16 UT), just after the final Mercury-Jupiter conjunction occurring on Oct 11. Jupiter will conjoin GB174 on October 17 (Oct-17 17:45 UT), the day after the Full Moon. Perhaps this New Moon, this lunar cycle, and the Mercury-Jupiter-GB174 conjunction will bring some insight into the astrological nature of GB174.

Our New Moon emphasizes premonition, foresight, timing and guidance. It impels us to attune to natural law, to listen to the messages expressing through the world around us, and to heed and act upon those messages. It impels us to trust and follow our intuition and guidance, however we may perceive it. Expect the unexpected in this lunar cycle.

Uranus, Eris and Haumea

Highlighting this lunar cycle is the Uranus-Eris-Haumea alignment, with Ceres approaching its second conjunction with Uranus and Eris. The Moon conjoins Haumea opposite the Uranus-Eris conjunction hours after the New Moon, initiating this dynamic lunar month.

Uranus and Eris, both in the midst of their retrogrades, just made the second of their three conjunctions toward the end of the last lunar cycle. Uranus and Eris will now make their oppositions to Haumea, which lies in late sidereal Virgo conjoining massive Eta Carinae of Argo Navis, foreteller of impending evolutionary change. These planets move rather slowly so their aspects remain active far longer than those made by faster moving planets. This second Uranus-Eris conjunction marks a dramatic turning point in the Uranus-Eris-Haumea 2016-2017 energetic, which I suspect will unleash an avalanche of radical, unexpected, illuminating disclosures and exposures that will ultimately support a rebirth in consciousness and the reestablishment of what is right and just. The Uranus-Eris-Haumea alignment creates a significant energetic throughout this lunar cycle.

A dynamic and revelatory Full Moon occurs on October 16 UT (Oct 15 MST) due to the Haumea-Sun-Earth-Moon-Uranus-Eris alignment. This also marks the midpoint of the annual Earth-Haumea cycle and initiates the new compounded Earth-Uranus and Earth-Eris cycles. Mars makes a climatic and potent T-square with the alignment at the end of this lunar cycle.

Do not expect the intensity from the last lunar cycle to abate in this lunar cycle, but do expect unexpected events, perhaps of a disruptive nature, but also providing opportunity for progressive change. (See the Full Moon for more.)

The Uranus bio-harmonic audio meditation

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, this entire lunar cycle is an ideal time to work with the Uranus audio meditation. See this Month's Lunar Calendar for exact aspect times; or the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

Moon Phase CharacteristicsCrescent Moon Crescent Moon
Characteristic just BEFORE the Crescent Moon
Ending the Sprouting Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Releasing Restricting Patterns

Just prior to the first Crescent Moon, we can realize the opportunity for growth that the Lunar Cycle has to offer. What surfaces now is: How I would have done this in the past, the old or established ways, based on past experience. Here we have the opportunity to let go of any limiting or restricting thought patterns, much like sluffing off the protective sheath of a seed now beginning to sprout, as that sheath would only limit the unfoldment of the new theme and our own growth. The Crescent Moon marks the time when the theme would like to grow into a more expansive form. By consciously honoring, accepting in love, and letting go of our old concepts, we allow ourselves to move forth into the expansive growing phase of the Lunar Cycle.
Characteristic just AFTER the Crescent Moon.
Beginning the Growing Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Expanding upon the Theme

This is a time when the currently held vision begins to expand into a greater form. New possibilities of unfoldment would like to grow—possibilities not realized before. This 3 1/2 day Growing Phase is a time of engaging our creativity and integrating it with the original theme, identifying its unique and full potential. It is a time of allowing a realistic and achievable plan of action to evolve, a time of inspiration, and a time to have faith in ours creative process.

The Crescent Moon
Expanding on the Theme

Crescent Moon

The hours before the Crescent Moon provide a time when we relinquish patterns of the past that would limit our creative ability to expand on the lunar theme now unfolding. The Crescent Moon is the time when the sprouting seedling sloughs off its protective coat of the past and emerges in a new expression. As the Crescent Moon unfolds, the growing phase of the lunar cycle begins as we start to amalgamate our personal creativity with the original lunar theme.

The Crescent Moon occurs on October 5 (Oct 4 MST) in early sidereal Scorpio. The Moon conjoins Zuben Elakrab and Zuben Hakrabi of the Scorpion's claws. South are the prominent stars Alpha and Beta Centauri.

Early sidereal Scorpio teaches us how to graduate from the clutches of the Scorpion, that is, from falling prey as victims to the entrapping forces around us, fighting in struggle to live, and to realize that we experience a wide dynamic of forces that mold our experience; and that it is up to us to claim our mastery in the midst of these forces.

The first few degrees of sidereal Scorpio, approaching the head of the Scorpion, resides in the domain the Centaur. The benevolent and wise Centaurians are teachers, leaders back to the original cardinal virtues embodied by the Southern Cross, which the Centaur stands over and protects. The benevolent Centaur teaches the right way to live to attain our self-mastery in the physical world and to subsequently claim our evolutionary freedom from entrapment in the karmic-based reincarnational process of soul growth.

The image here is of the Centaur placing Lupus the beast on the Centaur's Altar (Ara) in a transmutational ceremony. Lupus articulates our lower-order egoic-based human mold (who we pretend to be). It is this sacrificial rite of surrendering our human mold to claim our greater self-mastery in life and our subsequent ascension / evolutionary freedom.

The Centaurian training is not merely an intellectual understanding of these principles but is learned through an experiential journey moment-by-moment that leads us to true inner wisdom and knowledge on an energetic neurological level, resulting in the inner realization that makes self-mastery of the primal forces of life actualized and right action crystal clear.

Alpha Centauri Rising

Alpha Centauri Rising as viewed from southern Australia.

Alpha Centauri articulates the master Centaur, a wise teacher and benevolent shower of the way to self-mastery in the world. It embodies the wisdom of the Centaur and impels one to demonstrably live in mastery of self. Beta Centauri, on the cusp of sidereal Scorpio, articulates the process itself, the way. Beta Centauri impels is to do whatever is required in the physical world, with assertive action, to achieve our paths of self-mastery in the world—exemplified by Ophiuchus, who stands over the Scorpion and holds the serpent, with the neck and head of the Serpent reaching for the Northern Crown, an image that articulates attaining freedom from entrapment in the cyclic re-incarnational process of soul growth and from our karmic-based patterns of the past.

Alpha Centauri is a binary star system, with two suns in close orbit. It is known as the “Alpha Centauri AB” system. Alpha Centauri is the fourth brightest star in the sky but it is the closest star to our star system. Although not confirmed by astronomical observation, it is believed, given the similarities to our Sun and through computer modeling, that Alpha Centauri harbors terrestrial planets, orbiting around either of its suns that compose binary Alpha Centauri, or perhaps in larger orbits around the entire binary system. It is also suggested by some astronomers that Alpha Centauri is one of the best possibilities for harboring extraterrestrial life on a potential orbiting planet.

It is proposed by some people that extraterrestrials from Alpha Centauri have already visited Earth, and more so that they are currently in our solar system's vicinity, waiting for us to be ready for open communication and co-participation. These beings are believed to be highly intelligent, spiritually mature, and hold a great love for Earth and Earth's evolving race. Perhaps when we are no longer self-quarantined from such open communion due to perpetual warring amongst our selves, our rampant governmental corruption, and the suppression of extraterrestrial-related information, we will soon graduate into galactic awareness and be able to openly participate with our extraterrestrial friends. How it must sadden them to watch such pain ensue on Earth while they have to wait for humanity to open their eyes to see.

Our Crescent Moon expands upon our Virgo lunar theme and inspires passionate physical involvement in the world, to do what it takes to spiritually awaken in self-mastery and ensure our freedom and fulfillment in life.

Uranus makes its exact opposition to Haumea on October 5, just after the Crescent Moon.

Saturn Square to the Lunar Nodes

Saturn, now just a couple of degrees past its alignment with Antares, makes its exact square to the Lunar Nodes on October 8 (Oct 7 MST), although this alignment is quite active for weeks surrounding this date. Neptune will make its exact conjunction to the Lunar Nodes in mid-November of 2016. Saturn and Neptune have recently made their final geocentric square in the previous lunar cycle propelling us fully into the last quarter of their 36.4-year synodic cycle, discussed at length in the article "Sociopolitical & Personal Explorations 2016-2020." The emphasis here is the relinquishment of antiquated sociopolitical ideologies and the societal structures built around those ideologies.

October, 2016 Saturn-Lunar Nodes T-square

Planets forming a T-square to the Lunar Nodes reveal something that must be addressed in order to make passage in our evolutionary progression, that is, to move from the past to the future. In a natal chart, such a planet reveals a soul-level issue or pattern that must be addressed. In this case, we have Saturn in the context of the Saturn-Neptune square, that is, as we enter into the last quarter of the Saturn-Neptune cycle, we come to a time in that cycle to plow under crops or to dismantle the stage setting that served the growth gained and fruit born in the past cycle. The star alignments of course reveal the energetic of consciousness in which the planetary force expresses. In this case, Antares and the Antares-Aldebaran axis is most significant, as are those of the Urn of Aquarius conjoining Neptune. The Saturn-Antares alignment was presented in the article "Mars and Saturn in Ophiuchus conjoining Antares, Heart of the Scorpion."

This Saturn Lunar Nodes T-square brings a strong emphasis to change the structure and functionality of long-standing sociopolitical bureaucracies and their agents, which include clandestine orders, big business, political factions and syndicated media, to mention just a few. This is especially true if they do not serve the new sociopolitical ideals forming (Neptune's passage through Aquarius)—a mature and evolved humanitarian-based society that truly nourishes all people and all life. This Saturn Lunar Nodes T-square may express as a last gasp for those structures to change, as well as stimulating authoritarian revolutionary action to change them.

In our personal lives this T-square impels us to look at our own resistances to change and to examine that which we have established in our lives that holds us back in our evolutionary progression. This is a powerful karmic configuration that can accentuate deep-seated patterns of the past as well as the manifestations of those patterns in our lives, in addition to the karmic-based patterns of authoritarian establishments in the world.

Moon Phase CharacteristicsFirst Quarter Moon First Quarter Moon
Characteristic just BEFORE the First Quarter Moon
Ending the Growing Phase of the Lunar Cycle
External Stimulus

Just before first-quarter moon, we draw an external stimulus to ourselves. This is some event outside of self occurring in our lives or in the world that impels a challenge to act on the creative ideas we have been evolving. The external stimulus provides the impetus to move forth from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter. This is a time when any fears or doubts hidden within may surface to be embraced. To move forward through the I can'ts and the reasons why not is to move through our own limitations into a new level of self-empowerment. Not stepping into action results in opportunity lost and no growth. Many people drop the ball at this point in the lunar cycle. Don't be one.
Characteristic just AFTER the First Quarter Moon.
Beginning the Flowering Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Initiate Action

Now is the time to drop all hesitation and take the steps to move forth on what you were inspired about. The inspiration is now gone, it is time to now participate in trust and knowing. Remember, the flower that is about to burst forth from the bud is not yet visible. Trust in the process. Demonstrate this trust in physical action and you will be supported. The creative tension brought forth by the external stimulus now shifts into opportunity and unfoldment. This is a time for practical application of your talents. This time is stressful or traumatic only if action is ignored. What you are putting together now is the groundwork for the manifestation of the theme. Simply, this phase is a time to work.

First Quarter Moon
Initiate Action

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon of each lunar cycle draws an external stimulus to initiate action as we move from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter. Our First Quarter Moon occurs on October 9 (Oct 8 MST) conjoining Pluto in sidereal Sagittarius, as Mars approaches Pluto, which occurs later in the lunar cycle on the Disseminating Moon. The Moon and Pluto conjoin Arkab, Alrami and Albaldah of Sagittarius. Earth and Pluto recently began their new annual cycle on July 7, presented in the July 4, 2016 Lunar Planner, where the nature of these stars is also presented.

First Quarter Moon Sidereal Astrology Chart

First Quarter Moon - Sidereal Fagan-Bradley


Pluto's conjunction with Arkab, Alrami and Albaldah reveals the core truth in one's own consciousness by destructing self-originating illusions, thus allowing one to establish a new zen stance and level of vision required to manifest one's deeper soul aspirations. Pluto's placement amongst these stellar energetics impels us to bring forth a new ideal of awareness of self as the creative force in the world, recognizing power is something within to realize and express in the world. Pluto relentlessly strips away behavioral patterns that keep us from living true to that which we are and have come here on Earth to be. It impels us to intentionally act from this higher realm of self to manifest soul-awareness in our lives and a unified consciousness in the world.

This First Quarter Moon impels action as a creative force in the world, realizing our power within to manifest our aspirations and higher ideals. It can also stimulate the use of power in the world to dismantle that which keeps higher ideals from being realized, or conversely, in an attempt to dismantle that which is trying to establish those ideals.

Mercury & Jupiter

Mercury and Jupiter make their final conjunction on October 11 followed by the Mercury-GB174 conjunction, presented above. At the same time Venus conjoins Juno in late sidereal Libra and in the claws of the Scorpion.

Moon Phase CharacteristicsGibbous Moon Gibbous Moon
Characteristic just BEFORE the Gibbous Moon
Ending the Flowering Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Pushing Through

The latter part of the Flowering Phase, leading into the Pollinating Phase, requires perseverance to push through, to push open. Consistent application of your energies is a demonstration of your inner commitment to self. You are pushing through past limitations of self into a new level of self-confidence and integrating your greater potential with personal will. The flower bursts open on the Gibbous Moon.
Characteristic just AFTER the Gibbous Moon
Beginning the Pollinating Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Attraction & Involvement

This phase brings a strong desire to connect and involve with others. The outer and opposite is alluring. It is a time of exploration and involvement with others. Flowers not only blossom to reveal their beauty, but their functional purpose is to provide the pollination required to bear fruit. This interaction brings clarity of purpose and builds into the enthusiastic energy required for fulfillment. Communication and intermixing of energies is highlighted. The purpose is to be of value to each other, stimulating creativity. Share your vision and direction, what you have been working on. The 3 1/2-day Pollinating Phase is a social time, which will culminate on the Full Moon.

The Gibbous Moon
Attraction & Involvement

Gibbous Moon

The 24-hour period just before the Gibbous Moon is a time of perseverance, of pushing through in the midst of the action quarter of the lunar cycle. The Gibbous Moon is when the pressure releases and we enter the Pollinating Phase of the lunar cycle, which begins a social and communicative time of magnetic attraction.

The Gibbous Moon occurs on October 12 in Aquarius. The Moon conjoins Sadalmelik and Sadachbia of Aquarius. South is Fomalhaut of Piscis Australis, and in the northern heavens is the prominent star Deneb of Cygnus.

Aquarius, the humanitarian waterbearer, nourishes the body of humanity. Piscis Australis (the southern fish), lying south of Aquarius, articulates the body of humanity, human society. Fomalhaut, of Piscis Aus. is the fish's mouth into which the nourishing Aquarian waters flow, and through which humanity speaks. Fomalhaut is the voice of humanity. One of the "Four Royal Architects," Fomalhaut is the administrative seat of the aquatic quadrant of the heavens. Fomalhaut embodies the essence of sidereal Aquarius—inspiring a future vision for an evolved humanitarian-based society and is the essence of philanthropy. Fomalhaut inspires new ideas and pursuits in the art-sciences and in social issues of the world. It is of the human populous and the flow of resources within that populous that creates a wholesome human condition. People with prominent Fomalhaut placements have a need to speak for humanity as a whole and about humanity's fundamental needs. They seek ways to sculpt an evolved human society, one free from segregations.

The word 'social' is derived from the Old French or the Latin 'socialis', meaning 'allied', or from 'socius' meaning 'friend'— good words to describe the essence of Fomalhaut and Aquarius. Here all are recognized as allied friends, as one human family.

Aquarius Star Chart

Sadalmelik, the "lucky one of the kingdom," is from where the humanitarian waters flow and is the directing force of this flow. Sadalmelik along with Sadachbia (Gamma), Seat (Pi), and Eta Aquarius, with Zeta Aquarius lying in their midst, form the Urn of Aquarius. Sadalmelik creates an air of recognition and acceptance in the kingdom of human affairs—especially for those supporting the arts and sciences. Sadalmelik brings fortuitous opportunity for those with humanitarian interest, and who are in those arenas where such interest can be expressed. Sadalmelik imparts leadership abilities and prominent alignments with it inspire visionary administration of humanitarian efforts and resources. All of these stars impel an altruistic and humanitarian expression.

Cygnus Star Chart

Lying in the northern heavens upon the galactic equator we find Cygnus the Swan, also called the Northern Galactic Cross. Deneb, tail of the swan, is the principal star of Cygnus and marks the top (head) of the northern galactic cross. Deneb is about two hundred times the diameter of our Sun, with a very high luminosity, estimated to be about one quarter million times that of our Sun.

Deneb is the first primary star that Earth's pole encounters in Earth's Precessional Cycle, thus governing the first of the seven heavens (evolutionary epochs) in the Earth's precessional cycle—our pole star about 18,000 years ago. It is the messianic head of the Cycle of Earth's Precessional Cross—of the evolutionary cycle of the soul—and it is the overseeing administrative seat for this area of the zodiak.

Deneb embodies our unadulterated androgynous pure soul essence before fragmentation into race, sex, or creed. Deneb inspires us to stand in the awareness of our wholeness and to participate from the maturity of unity consciousness, unbiased and beyond the segregations and categorizations common to incarnate life and those common to mass-consciousness.

Our Gibbous Moon brings our attention to the needs of humanity and human society. It emphasizes altruism and humanitarian efforts to evolve the human condition spiritually and physically. It is favorable for pursuits in philosophy and the art-sciences, those that support progressive movement, flow and change, and that tend to equalize and dissolve boundaries.

The Time of Global Change is at Hand.
What is the end of the World for some
is a New World for those who realize it is.

Moon Phase CharacteristicsFull Moon Full Moon
Characteristic just BEFORE the Full Moon
Ending the Pollinating Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Vision & Enthusiasm

The latter part of this phase, building up to the Full Moon, matures our efforts into vision and enthusiasm. It is the intermixing of opposites that creates the magic to bear the fruit of our passions. The day and night just before the Full Moon is the most potent, exhilarating energy—a dynamic social and alchemical time. The Full Moon marks the point of coition in the lunar cycle, the climax, the point of excitement, a time of celebration.
Characteristic just AFTER the Full Moon
Beginning the Fruit Bearing Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Realization of the Theme

The day just after the Full Moon is a time to kick back and relax. This phase begins as if waking from a sleep. It is a time for the realization of the theme to emerge, of what the activities of the first half of the lunar cycle, culminating into the enthusiasm of the Full Moon, are really about. Relax and allow this realization to occur. There is no need to force it as it surfaces on its own.

The Full Moon
Vision, Enthusiasm, & Realization of the Theme
Uranus Eris & Haumea

Full Moon

The Full Moon marks the culmination point in the lunar cycle, the climax, the point of excitement and celebration. The hours leading up to the Full Moon provide a time of “vision and enthusiasm.” The time just after Full Moon is a one of “realization of the lunar month's theme,” a time to kick back and relax, to allow our realizations to surface in consciousness.

Full Moon Sidereal Astrology Chart

Full Moon - Sidereal Fagan-Bradley
Subtract 0° 16' for the Galactic Ayanamsa

Eris makes its opposition to Haumea on October 13. The Uranus synod (Sun-Earth-Uranus alignment) follows. The Eris synod occurs on October 15, followed by the Sun-Haumea alignment and the Moon-Uranus and Moon-Eris conjunctions. All of this leads into the Full Moon of October 16 (Oct 15 PM MST).

The Full Moon Uranus-Eris alignment conjoins Baten Kaitos, the belly of ole' Cetus, the fear-instilling techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness, and the bound outstretched arms of Princess Andromeda.

The Uranus-Eris-Haumea alignment and the stars involved are presented in detail in the article "New Frontiers in Consciousness 2016-2017 Disclosure & Discovery Possibilities."


Eris, the great disrupter, dramatically exposes a truth deliberately kept hidden by dark secrets, or merely by naive assumptions we make about reality that we uphold and reinforce with a lexicon that merely describes that which we do not know, ultimately opening our eyes to see a greater reality. Eris' passage through Cetus and conjoining Baten Kaitos and the additional stars expressing through late sidereal Pisces exposes the ruling oligarchies' designs to subjugate and exploit humanity through the manipulation of the monetary system, and the use of psychological propaganda through mainstream media to engineer social agendas. Progressive Uranus quickens this process of exposure and disclosure. Uranus stimulates unexpected lightning-like radical events that break us from the conforming bounds of the established order, awakening higher mind and inspiring new discoveries.

Haumea impels us to reinvent ourselves, and the way we live and participate in the world, to create a rebirth in consciousness that is healthy and life-supportive. Haumea's passage through Boötes and conjunction with the stars expressing through late sidereal Virgo brings emphasis to our personal and environmental attunement. Haumea impels us to participate with integrity, attuned to the natural world in sustainable ways that avert self-annihilation and ensure the harmonious and healthy continuation and evolution of all life.

This Full Moon brings the Uranus-Eris-Haumea energetic to a revelatory climax, as well as bringing realization to our Virgo lunar cycle. It may excite radical, revolutionary, unexpected and illuminating events, disclosures, exposures or realizations, perhaps of an unprecedented nature.

The new synodic cycles, created by the Sun-Earth-Uranus-Eris alignment, establishes the Uranus-Eris theme as an underlying current that will continue to express throughout the year ahead, into late 2017, so do not mistake what occurs now as a momentary event that will come and go. The third Uranus-Eris conjunction occurs after the Uranus and Eris retrogrades, in March of 2017, with the Uranus-Haumea opposition and the Eris-Haumea opposition continuing throughout 2017. In addition, Jupiter will add its mobilizing and expansive force as it conjoins Haumea in opposition to Uranus and Eris starting in late December of 2016, while maintaining a tight aspect through March of 2017.

Uranus-Eris-Haumea Graphic Emphemeris

Pallas Direct & the Jupiter-GB174 Conjunction

Jupiter conjoins GB174 on October 17 just as Pallas completes its retrograde in late sidereal Capricorn, under the auspices of the Head of the Dolphin. The Sun moves into sidereal Libra a few hours later (Oct 18 UT). This engages the new Pallas synodic cycle that began in the midst of Pallas' retrograde on August 20, presented in the August 2, 2016 Lunar Planner. This new Pallas cycle impels a humanitarian focus with emphasis on establishing social justice.

Moon Phase CharacteristicsDisseminating Moon Disseminating Moon
Characteristic just BEFORE the Disseminating Moon
Ending the Fruit Bearing Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Movement & Participation

The latter part of this phase shifts rapidly. A sense of urgency is felt. It is a time to bring forth the fruits of our actions. On the day before the Disseminating Moon, it is as if there is more to do than there is time for. It is a time of much commotion with last minute details seeming to appear from nowhere. Keep cool and accelerate, making those last-minute preparations. A birthing is at hand.
Characteristic just AFTER the Disseminating Moon
Beginning the Harvesting Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Manifestation & Demonstration

This is a time for the fruits of our labors to manifest and for lessons to become tangible. Whether the fruit of this cycle is in the form of inner growth or outer manifestation, it is that which will support the true nourishment of ourselves and others. Share your fruit. This is a time to give forth that which was learned or created, and to receive the same from others. Demonstrable expression and the imparting of our gifts anchors into the structure of our consciousness the self-empowerment gained from this Lunar Cycle.

The Disseminating Moon
Manifestation & Demonstration

Disseminating Moon

The hours leading up to the Disseminating Moon generally is an accelerated and busy time of last minute preparation that leads into the birth point in the lunar cycle, the time of bearing the fruit of the cycle, of claiming its gift, of living that which we have been learning.

The Disseminating Moon occurs on October 19 conjoining Aldebaran of Taurus. The Moon fills the Saturn Lunar Nodes T-square, forming a brief Grand Square.

Aldebaran, an orange giant, is not a supergiant star like Antares or Betelgeuse, but is still 44 times our Sun's diameter and shines with a luminosity of 425 times that of our Sun. It thus has significant influence throughout central sidereal Taurus. Aldebaran lies exactly opposite Antares, marking the centers of their respective signs. The Aldebaran-Antares axis was the primary fiducial (reference point) for the Babylonian zodiak (Robert Powell “History of the Zodiak”).

Aldebaran, Eye of the Bull and one of the Four Royals Architects, is the vision holder for physical logistics and an infrastructure designed to support humanity and families in fundamental material ways. Aldebaran can impel involvement with enterprises supportive of our physical wellbeing—the essence of sidereal Taurus. Aldebaran is fixed in its ways. Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran / Antares axis can express into the big-business and political arenas. Aldebaran inspires physical action in a leadership capacity. It imparts the virtue of social morality and challenges us to uphold it. At a personal level, Aldebaran impels initiative to take constructive action for our physical wellbeing and the protection of home and family.

The Hyades

The Hyades in Taurus

The Hyades asterism adds to the Aldebaran theme. The Hyades, primarily marked by Theta Taurus, is the second asterism in Taurus after the Pleiades, and much older. It forms the V-shape of stars between Aldebaran and Ain. The Hyades are said to be five of the fifteen daughters of Atlas and Aethra, daughter of Oceanus; and named after Hyas, meaning rain, the son of Aethra, who preceded her daughters. The Hyades are thus half sisters of the Pleiades. The Greeks new them as Uades, which some say is from the Latin uein (to rain); referring to their reputation for bringing rain attending their helical rising and setting in latter May and November (at the time).

Although Taurus is of the fruits of the Earth, and generally has a peaceful and stable nature, it does have areas that are more disruptive in nature, with the Hyades being associated with thunder, lighting and storms, creating upset, sorrow or commotion. They have a watery and tempestuous nature although they nest within an Earth sign They can be associated with civil disruption with afflicted alignments, but with Aldebaran's nearby influence, there is the capacity for strong leadership to emerge from such disruptive or chaotic scenarios. Either way, the disruptive nature of the Hyades can be diversionary or entrapping to those without the vision and stamina the eye of the bull exemplifies.

The Disseminating Moon opposite Saturn-Antares in Scorpio can impart somewhat of a conflictual or paradoxical energetic, especially square the Lunar Nodes. It may bring conflict to surface regarding what is long established but not supportive of the wellbeing of home and family, and thus impels demonstrable action to address this paradox. This can also create impetus for people to become responsible for their own living conditions rather than depending upon the big business of politics to do so.

The Orionid meteor shower peaks on October 20-22 as Earth's passes through the remnants of Halley's comet. Look toward Orion, the location of the radiant (where they appear). Meteor Shower Guide

Mars & Pluto

Mars conjoins Pluto on our Demonstrable Moon (just a few hours after). The Moon then moves just a bit further to form an inconjunct (quincunx) aspect to the Mars-Pluto conjunction. This aspect impels action to a challenge requiring a creative solution. The Disseminating Moon Mars-Pluto conjunction and this aspect can impart an assertive drive to use force to make things happen, backed by strength, stamina and determination. Mars is still "Out of Bounds" at -24° 42' Declination, thus exagerating and intensifying its energetic.

Pluto has been making passage through sidereal Sagittarius for some time now, since December 2005, and is currently under the auspices of Lyra. Pluto crosses its South Node in October of 2018 and its passage through Sagittarius will continue into 2020. Sagittarius brings inspiration to quest for greater meaning or a greater purpose in life, to pursue our greater ideals and visions. Generally, Pluto in Sagittarius becomes a revealer of truth, and reveals the corrupt quest for the pursuit of power. Mars, after making its conjunction with Saturn and Antares recently in August, entered Sagittarius in mid-September. Mars continues is passage through the stars of the Zen Archer through October. Mars, is strong in Sagittarius, both fiery, meaning Mars impels assertive action from a place of autonomy and strength. It impels a passionate pursuit for a higher meaning, purpose, vision or truth. It impels action in leadership to enthusiastically fight for our principles or ideals. Conjoining Pluto, Mars can impel the pursuit of power for a greater vision or ideal, but also impels audacious action to deconstruct that which is in power or believed to be corrupt powers impeding a greater truth, freedom and justice.

October 18 Update

The NATO-Russia millitary tension escalates.
Putin Issues an Ultimatum to the United States

See Lunar Planner Excerpt for more.

The New Ceres Synodic Cycle

The Sun, Earth and Ceres align on October 21 (Oct 20 MST), initiating a new Ceres synodic cycle. Ceres, in the midst of its retrograde in early sidereal Aries plays a role in the Uranus-Eris synthesis. Ceres made its first conjunction with the two in June of 2016, during the first Uranus-Eris conjunction, discussed in the Uranus-Eris article.

The Andromeda Spiral Galaxy in UV

The beautiful and nearly perfect shaped Andromeda Spiral Galaxy.
This mosaic of M31 merges 330 individual images taken by the Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope aboard NASA's Swift spacecraft. It is the highest-resolution image of the galaxy ever recorded in the ultraviolet. M31 is more than 220,000 light-years across and lies 2.5 million light-years away. On a clear, dark night, the galaxy is faintly visible as a misty patch to the naked eye. The irregular shape of the image results when the more than 300 images were assembled to make the final image. Image Credit: NASA/Swift/Stefan Immler (GSFC) and Erin Grand (UMCP)

Ceres will make its retrograde conjunction with Eris in November, will then station conjoining Uranus within a fraction of a degree on December 9, and then make its third conjunction with Eris on December 31.

In the context of the Uranus-Eris opposite Haumea energetic, Ceres brings emphasis to geological, ecological and agricultural issues, as well as issues surrounding our fundamental nourishment, if not issues regarding humanity's fundamental survival.

This Ceres synod, occurring just upon the shores of sidereal Aries, conjoins the stars of the upright fish of Pisces, the Cassiopeia-A Super Nova Remnant, and the Andromeda Galaxy, imparting inspiration to aspire for greater fulfillment than the past has provided.

The Super Nova Remnant Cassiopeia-A embodies the over-theme of Cassiopeia, the soul of the queen. Cas-A creates the need to see opportunity for attainment (articulated by the beautiful and conjoining Andromeda Galaxy M31) rather than opposition impeding it, and to have the courage to do the inner work required to claim it. In typical Cassiopeian style however, this can express as an explosive temper tantrum of outrage, judgement or anger when feeling deprived or a victim of our position or environment in which we may find ourselves, or feeling victim to other forces attempting to manipulate and control our freedom or birthright, thereby placing blame for our experience outside of self. However, this is ultimately due to not having dealt with our own emotional issues to start with. Cas-A offers a powerful opportunity for transformation if we are willing to surrender any bitter attitudes that we deserve something or some position, and to shift our focus from why we are being denied or deprived to appreciating that which we do have and the beauty that is. This acceptance is that which allows bestowal of the beneficence due our greater essence of being. Cas-A is the strongest radio source in the sky. The multi-spectral forces of Cas-A create a sub-conscious drive to seek attainment beyond the limits we currently experience, to become more of our potential.

Moon Phase CharacteristicsLast Quarter Moon Last Quarter Moon
Characteristic just BEFORE the Last Quarter Moon
Ending the Harvesting Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Inner Need

This phase completes with our Inner Needs surfacing to consciousness, to become aware of what is important to self and what is not. A sense of completion comes forth with a recognition that the past scenario has served its purpose and it is time to leave what is antiquated behind. Essentially a lesser self is what we will be shedding. Acknowledging the needs we feel surfacing on the inner is essential to create the changes in our lives on the outer. This inner recognition provides the challenge to do so. There is impetus to withdraw from the activity of this entire cycle, to emerge from the stage setting that served our intended growth. Remember that others are having their inner needs as well! Demanding others change is not the solution to our well being. This is a good day for quite time. Allowing mutual space and sharing our realizations with mutual respect supports all parties.
Characteristic just AFTER the Last Quarter Moon
Beginning the Cultivating Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Initiate Change

It is now time to plow under the crops so they may become the fertilizer for the next cycle. It is time to let go of any vested interest or attachment to the experience of the Lunar Cycle and to the stage props that served our growth. This is a transformational time, a time for personal change. Step forth from old facades, and free yourself from past ways of participating in life. This is a time of departure, of walking away from that which is no longer nourishing and to prepare the soil of our lives for that which is. Knowing now what our Truth is, it is time to consciously live it. Doing so provides a choice for others to also live theirs. Not making the realized changes keeps ourselves bound in a circle of old patterns of growth; changing allows us to spiral to a new octave of experience—one that will eventually sprout in the next lunar cycle to come.

Last Quarter Moon
Time for Change

Last Quarter Moon

The Last Quarter Moon creates our “inner need to initiate change” in the lunar cycle as we move into the cycle's last and transitional quarter. Our Last Quarter Moon occurs on October 22 conjoining Vesta and Varuna in early sidereal Cancer. Conjoining stars include Samoht (Alpha) Monoceros, Aludra of Canis Major, Alsciaukat of the Lynx, Ahadi of Puppis; and the minor star Tegmine of Cancer.

Last Quarter Moon Sidereal Astrology Chart

Last Quarter Moon - Sidereal Fagan-Bradley


Vesta is the asteroid of focus, dedication and commitment; of physical, emotional, and mental clarity; and of self-respect. Vesta brings a capacity to be pure within self at all levels for the expression of one's highest potential and true Essence. Vesta is of strength, purity, and perfection—of total dedication to purpose. Vesta brings attention to that which is of true importance to us and will ignite and burn away that which is not so we can become clear. Vesta is keeper of the sacred flame within self. Vesta asks us to examine our inner values, our passion in life, to become clear on it, and to use our creativity to keep that fire alive. More about Vesta.


Varuna was recently discovered in 2000 at the foot of Castor in sidereal Gemini. As a recently discovered planet, its astrological influence is still exploratory. Varuna may impel a desire to return to natural law and to allow nature's way to take its course. Varuna may support us to surrender the forced ways and laws of man that are not attuned to the natural flow of life. Varuna imparts a matter-of-fact sense of equality and order but based on cosmic and natural law not that imposed by man, and may demonstrate that which is unjust through public spectacle. Varuna may bring attention to ecological issues of life and impel us to take a stand for and to be heard regarding such issues. Mythological Varuna is pro-creative, an activist supportive of life; and is a protector of the people. More about Varuna.

Aludra, Wezen, and Adhara, a triangle of stars known as the Virgins, lie under latter sidereal Gemini and early Cancer. They create the hindquarter of the Canis Major. Although of this Sirian constellation, Aludra and Wezen are a pair of their own class. They lie much further in distance than the other stars, thus being of their own realm.

Aludra served Hipparchus to make his famous astronomical reckoning about the precession of the equinoxes. Aludra is also the only star of the constellation that lies across the Gemini-Cancer cusp (mid first decan). Aludra is the singular of Al Adhara, the Virgins—hence, a pure one of the breed. This is the white stallion, the black sheep, a unique person that does not fit in. Aludra, a supergiant star, often time manifests as a person who appears through unexpected space-time portals or fleeting moments in time, with the magik provided by conjoining Alpha Monoceros. An Aludra-type individual seems strikingly unique in some way—out of the ordinary, and old wise soul, an exceptionally unique person, often with an unearthly beauty or very attractive, and warm-hearted.

Monoceros, the Unicorn, is of a species not common to earth—one magikal and mystical. Samoht, Alpha Monoceros, is an Egyptian star name, actually older than the constellation Monoceros. Samoht means "one who has traveled from afar." Alpha Monoceros brings fortuitous situations, experiences or involvements quite out of the ordinary, which often appear unexpectedly. They may manifest while traveling or appear to come from another time or from a distant location. The spiral of the Unicorn's horn embodies its magic, but for it to manifest in our lives, we must live in the power of our uniqueness, not in denial of it. Alpha Monoceros invites us to be open to the unexpected and unique; and to relate to such experience without need to fit the experience into mass consensus or the norm. The synthesis of Samoht and Aludra can manifest as unexpected opportunistic meetings with very unique people, often fleeting opportunities that must be seized in the moment.

Conjoining Aludra and Samoht is Ahadi of Puppis in the southern hemisphere, a supergiant star, which shines with the luminosity of 19,200 suns and with a radius estimated to be about 290 times our Sun. Ahadi is orange in color and contrasts beautifully with surrounding blue stars, all of which compose the open star cluster called “Collinder 135.” Ahadi means “having much promise,” and being of the Argo, this is in reference to our greater evolutionary journey and its fulfillment. Ahadi imparts a soft yet powerfully optimistic demeanor.

The outstretched Lynx lies just north of Cancer. The boundaries of the Lynx are obscure, as are its stars, appropriately as the Lynx merges between seen and unseen worlds—capable of transiting the bridge between the two realms. The Lynx is known for its extraordinarily effortless ability to quietly move through the physical world, and to see without being seen or without physically looking, as in remote viewing. The Lynx is of intuition and of secrets shared or revealed. It is symbolic of the ability to see the hidden mystery and secrets of life; to see the spirit moving or expressing through matter. To have this perceptive and sensitive ability is to see where doorways become accessible in what otherwise may seem to be just a repetitive and mundane world.

Alsciaukat, the thorn in the Lynx, reminds us to not be deluded by what is or is not happening at the apparent level or in what things look like on the surface, but to intimately trust while being in "forever alertness" to that which is occurring around us. It is a matter of spacetiming in which doorways coincide between the physical time dependent light realms and the non–physical realms governed by superluminal forces of nature, portals that can appear at any moment and any place.

Our Last Quarter Moon impels the need to become a clear open vessel and to be attentive to unique or fleeting opportunities without prejudice, without getting in our own way. It impels us to follow nature's way and to be in the natural flow of life. It also impels a need to stand up for what is morally right independent of man-made controls placed upon life.

Moon Phase CharacteristicsBalsamic Moon Balsamic Moon
Characteristic just BEFORE the Balsamic Moon
Ending the Cultivating Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Coalescence into Essence

The latter part of this phase results in coalescing all that was experienced in the cycle into its essence, into its seed form. It is a reflective time looking back over the past, of extracting and assembling what was learned from the cycle, claiming its true wealth and wisdom. This is a great time to explore what we learned in the context of the new moon theme. It is this seed essence which is of true value to our greater growth. This seed will sprout in the next Lunar Cycle of growth and unfoldment, and morph into the next Lunar Cycle's theme.
Characteristic just AFTER the Balsamic Moon
Beginning the Seeding Phase of the Lunar Cycle
Focus to the Future

Our focus now turns toward the future. We now turn away from looking back over the past cycle completely and begin to look ahead, preparing for and anticipating the future cycle to come, to a new step to emerge in our Lunar Path of Fulfillment. The seed is planted. It is time to let it germinate. Completing any lose ends is appropriate, or to move into a new position for the next cycle to unfold. Here we make the field of all possibilities smooth and clear, ready for the new sprouting to occur.

Balsamic Moon
Focus to the Future

Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon marks the time in the lunar cycle when we coalesce the experience of the lunar cycle into its seed essence, which will then sprout through the theme of the following lunar cycle. It is when we turn our attention from this lunar cycle in anticipation of the next to come. The hours before the Balsamic Moon provide our time of coalescence while those after mark the time when we turn 180° from looking back over the past cycle and look forward toward the next cycle to come.

The Balsamic Moon occurs on October 26 in late Leo. The Moon conjoins Asterion and the Seyfert Galaxy NGC4151 of the Canes Venatici and Delta Velorum of Argo Navis. Overseeing this part of the heavens is Mizar of the Great Bear. This is a windy and fiery area of the zodiak, one that can stimulate dynamic creative expression.

Mizar of the Great Bear, Zeta Ursa Major, is the overseeing and predominant star of this area of the zodiak. Mizar, and its companion Alcor, articulates raw fiery energy that must express one way or another. Mizar must have a creative outlet, but for its proper expression, we must apply it with clear creative vision. Mizar brings attention to the use of our creative energies, our creative and destructive tendencies, and the fear to create lest it may result in destruction. Here we learn the nature of such volatile forces. Mizar, with averted alignments, is also known for catastrophic fires or massacres. Mizar can however express quite artistically—just as gunpowder can express as beautiful fireworks or devastating explosions. Mizar tends to express in a grand way, in character with showy and dramatic Leo. Mizar imparts a dynamic, action-oriented creative artistic expression.

The Eye of Sauron NGC 4151 spiral galaxy

The Eye of Sauron NGC 4151 is a spiral galaxy with an actively growing supermassive black hole at its center. This composite image of NGC 4151 contains X-rays from Chandra (blue), optical data (yellow), and radio emission (red). The structure has been dubbed "The Eye of Sauron" by astronomers due to its resemblance to the character in "The Lord of the Rings" movies. Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/CfA/J.Wang et al.; Optical: Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, La Palma/Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope, Radio: NSF/NRAO/VLA

Asterion and the conjoining Seyfert Galaxy NGC4151, both of the barking hounds, Canes Venatici, conjoin Mizar. Seyfert galaxies are spiral galaxies that have very dense and bright cores (nuclei) that express a broad spectrum of emission lines, which suggests extremely hot gases in violent motion. In general, Seyfert galaxies tend to stimulate dynamic, powerful and directed action.

Although of a dynamic, outgoing, artistic creative character, Mizar, Asterion and Chort, at the hind of the Lion, can also produce a lot of dramatic racket and fiery commotion due to toxic conditions or an unrefined awareness. This can also be a part of the often diversionary tactics intended to distract the unsuspecting from the real issues or path at hand, a theme common to late Leo.

The conjoining Pulsar CP1133 in Leo provides impulses to act upon our intuition and upon the more subtle evolutionary and guiding currents articulated by the stars of Velorum, the sail of the Argo, in this case Psi, Omi and Delta Velorum, which lies below in the southern heavens. Delta Velorum provides and opening or way through the diversionary dramatics in the global arena for those who are able to function on more refined evolutionary currents.

Our Balsamic Moon coalesces into essence the experience of this lunar cycle, which becomes the seed to express anew into the following lunar cycle. It brings emphasis to diversionary dramatics occurring in the world, impelling discernment see the real issues those dramatics obscure. Stronger transcendent winds are blowing, impelling evolutionary change. Attuning to those may be wise.

The Mars T-square to the Uranus-Eris-Ceres opposition to Haumea

October, 2016 Mars-Eris-Haumea T-square

Mars moves into position to produce a climatic finale to this lunar cycle. Occurring on October 28 and 29. Mars, in the last few degrees of Sagittarius, creates a T-square to the Uranus-Eris-Ceres opposition to Haumea, with Mars separating in square from Haumea (action upon Haumea theme) and approaching square to Uranus-Eris-Ceres (to effect change). This occurs as the Moon conjoins Haumea in opposition to Uranus, Eris and Ceres, providing a potent lunar stimulus. Ceres is approaching its second conjunction with Eris and Uranus, which occurs in November. This configuration along with the Saturn-Neptune-Lunar Nodes configuration can create strong geophysical resonances along with environmental upsets.

Needless to say this T-square can be quite intense. However, Mars is well placed under the auspices of the stars of Lyra in late Sagittarius. For the older soul, Mars in Sagittarius/Lyra impels its refined mature expression, that is, impelling assertive audacious leadership based from consciously aware ideals for a higher philosophical cause, and in this case, to overturn the apple cart to radically expose (Uranus-Eris) with purpose to recreate a new condition, a rebirth (Haumea). For those who may be provoked, it can impel explosive aggressive re-active behavior.

The following New Moon occurs on October 30 in sidereal Libra, conjoining the Temple of the Centaur and the stars of the Southern Cross. More to come then.

Balsamic Moon and Jupiter Rising

The last lunar conjunction occurring in this lunar month.

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