Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

I have been drawn to the heavens, the Earth and to the unseen forces of nature since childhood. Spending a great deal of time under the heavens for extended periods throughout my life led me to realize how all life unfolds in attunement to the natural lunar, planetary and cosmic cycles, and how we are not separate from but are an integral part of this grand cosmic symphony.

I have a background in research, development, engineering and production of diagnostic medical instrumentation, including Underwater Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound, Analog & Digital Video Imaging, and Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Data Systems. I have worked with alternative healing modalities, light and sound technologies and bioenergetics. I evolved bodies of work I call “Astrophysical-Bio-Harmonic Resonances" and "Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping. I consulted in a variety of areas including addressing subtle energy concerns, specifying materials, power systems, geometries astronomical / geological alignments in architectural development, including the energetic nature of and proper handling of geothermal spring water.

All of this led to teaching classes and retreats about meditation techniques, soul infusion, nutritional cleansing intensives, how to live in attunement to the lunar cycles, sidereal astrology, and related topics. I published an article in 1995 in a New Sciences Conference proceedings about Earth's Precessional Cycle and the evolutionary transition occurring now in that cycle revealed by Earth's Precessional Cross. This led to authoring - an amalgamation of astronomy, sidereal and synodic astrology, esoteric science, and philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of living in attunement to the natural cosmic cycles of life and to Mother Earth.

I also do all phases of construction, home remodeling and repair, landscaping and property maintenance. I have an interest in music, architecture, organic agriculture, technical writing, and graphic design. To me, art and science are inseparable as is consciousness and physical reality.

I really hate talking about myself - so this is a very abbreviated synopsis.

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