The November 2008 US Presidential Election
& the Uranus-Saturn Opposition

An excerpt from the
October 28, 2008 Lunar Planner

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Astronomical Myth is a "picture language," imagery that articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing throughout the greater heavens and through our lives. We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us, or from our beloved Earth, but are intimate parts of this dynamic, continually unfolding heavenly symphony. This entirety is our cosmic consciousness, the totality of our being. To explore the greater heavens and the heavenly cycles is to explore that which we are—our embracing consciousness and our spiritual evolution.

The stars would not be in the heavens
if we were meant to walk in darkness.

John McCain & Barack Obama

One might think Saturn represents John McCain and Uranus represents Barack Obama, but not so simple. Saturn and Uranus reveal an energetic in dynamic opposition, and the two candidates must address both sides. However, the one who can express the higher octave of Pallas and hit the "Hearts of the America people" will be the winner.

Pallas, Venus & the Saturn Uranus Opposition

The Saturn Uranus Opposition

Saturn opposes retrograde Uranus on Nov 4 while retrograde Pallas opposing Venus create a Grand Square with the opposition. Because Venus is the faster mover, a potent Pallas-Uranus-Saturn T-square remains active for days surrounding the Uranus-Saturn opposition.

Interestingly, the US Presidential election 2008 will be held on November 4, 2008—the day Venus makes its passage in front of the Pallas-Uranus-Saturn T-square. T-squares are like a loaded cross-bows, they must fire, and in this case, right to Venus—the heart of the matter.

The new, radical, unconventional and higher-intelligence wanting to re-define what is established (Uranus) stands in opposition to the long-established, conventional, and stoic (Saturn). Uranus is empowered in this scenario residing in its domicile, humanitarian sidereal Aquarius, while Saturn resides in later sidereal Leo, at the hind of the Lion, in somewhat of a toxic area filled with hot air and foul breezes that could fuel a fire. Not to be fooled! Saturn has however just made a very significant encounter with Orcus, one of our new Dwarf Planets, together they started an entirely new 32-year cycle—producing a "new breed of leaders."

The real issue here is revealed by Pallas, the energetic of the T-square—that must express one way or another. Immature Pallas will fall into spiteful side-taking and lashing out, or will spitefully withdraw altogether—and while the Grand Square is active, Pallas opposing Venus challenges the feminine principle and those living from heart to stand strong. Mature Pallas expresses artistic creative intelligence beyond the righteous opposing forces and judgmental side-taking of the dualist world and will only provide solution by honoring both sides of the coin. More about the asteroid Pallas.

Venus in Context

The energetic that Venus is currently holding, and issues it brought to this scenario, as it moved into position to manifest the "Grand Square" can be observed by its recent tri-fold synodic cycles with Pluto, Juno and Jupiter, all of which began in the October Lunar Cycle (New Moon of Sept 29, 2008).

In brief:

• The Venus-Pluto-Gate of God 225-day synodic cycle theme starting on Oct , 2008 begins a separating of the ways for those with fear-based issues about trusting heart and issues surrounding abundance and other Venus/heart-related matters.

• The Venus-Juno 260-day synodic cycle in sidereal Sagittarius on October 12-13 (nesting in the Venus-Pluto cycle): a transition and re-organizational period begins for significant relationships: issues of mutual compatibility based upon the Venus Pluto theme; i.e., relationships re-group depending on the how individual parties moved through the Venus-Pluto Gate (Juno resonances effect how we interrelate, thus effects are seen in all types of significant relationships (those intimate and personal as well as those between authoritarian figures in business and politics—thus in the relations between countries).

• The Venus Jupiter synodic cycle starting on Oct 22 just across the cusp of sidereal Sag-Capricorn: Mobilization and expansion of visions and ideals (late Sag/Lyra) into concretized form (early Cap) based in the context of the Venus-Pluto-Juno themes / in the reorganization of relations.

An Excerpt from the October 28, 2008 Lunar Cycle:

This Venus-Pluto synodic cycle starting on Oct 6, 2008 begins a very significant 225-day period catalyzing transformation of the heart and of personal relationships. It may also mark a significant change regarding all Venus-Pluto matters, especially fear-based issues surrounding abundance, wealth and resources. It may provide a separating of ways for individuals and relations not in integrity and functioning from fear, that is, for those who may not be living true to their heart's passion and desire. On the other hand, it can provide a profound opening for those living from their heart's truth. The Venus-Pluto Gate of God placement occurring now, as the evolutionary portal created by Earth's Precessional Cycle Holy Cross is active, provides a primary transformational force in the structure of matter, energy and consciousness that drives a deeply driven inner need to initiate personal change regarding all matters of the heart. It may also mark a significant change regarding all Venus Pluto matters, including global wealth and personal resources. This is the first of three overlapping Venus synods to occur in this lunar cycle. (The other two are with Juno and Jupiter....) (The Sept 29, 2008 Lunar Cycle)


Let us take a closer look at Pallas and what she is up to: Retrograde Pallas, currently in sidereal Taurus, is ending her previous synodic cycle with Earth that began in September of 2007 on the Last Quarter Moon of the lunar cycle at time. Pallas will begin a new synodic cycle in early December of 2008. The previous Pallas-Earth synod occurred in mid-sidereal Aquarius nesting between the North Lunar Node and Uranus. The theme of the Pallas cycle was defined by Urn of the humanitarian waterman—the arts, sciences and altruistic societal models that provide nourishment for humanity. So the Pallas synodic theme, which is of significance here, is about finding artistically creative and humanitarian solutions beyond the tendency for judgmental side-taking.

Synodic cycles are created when two (or more) planets align in their orbits around the Sun. The synodic cycle theme, defined by the planets involved and the star alignments at the time, will unfold until the two planets align again, marking the completion of the synodic cycle and the beginning of the next one.

There are many synodic cycles with unique astrological themes occurring simultaneously creating a harmonic symphony of creative unfoldment in consciousness. Synodic cycles can be thought of as longer-term underlying currents, much like the backdrop chorus of a symphony, providing the underlying astrological context guiding our evolution.

Learn the basics about Synodic Cycles & Synodic Astrology

The Flaming Star Nebula C405 in Auriga

The Flaming Star Nebula C405 in Auriga
Image Credit: Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF

Pallas, at the time of this T-square with Uranus and Saturn, currently resides in later sidereal Taurus, the sign of home and business, and resides in the domain of enterprising and entrepreneurial Rigel of Orion, and Bellatrix, the female warrior, the strategic planner and administrator. Pallas is currently quite south of the ecliptic as it makes a rather large retrograde loop due to its extreme orbital inclination (~34.8°) and its close orbital proximity to Earth. Pallas lies just south of Nihal and Arneb of Lepus, the hare, which lies under the feet of Orion and is a totem of creativity and pro-creation. Although quite south, Pallas specifically conjoins Haedus, Al Anz, and the energetic star AE Auriga in the Flaming Star Nebula, both of Auriga the charioteer, which lie just north of the horns of the Bull. These stars of Auriga are of camaraderie and mutual support amongst colleagues.

An interesting observation about the energetic star AE Auriga in the Flaming Star Nebula is that it came from the same location as Mu of Columba the Dove, emblem of divine dispensation—both from the Great Orion Nebula. It appears as if the two stars had a very close encounter only to be expelled from the Orion Nebula, and now reside in different parts of the heavens. This suggests a renegade or outcast quality, one who lives outside the beliefs and conventions of its group, a free and highly creative thinker moving on its own, even with its own agenda, which is quite fitting to this longitude of Taurus, and typical to impious but highly creative and enterprising Orion.

All of this suggests a highly creative force expressing though Pallas during this T-square, one that motivates unique and unconventional solution that serve the very physical and generative Taurian world of the physical body, home, sustenance, commerce, business, and accomplishment through tenacity.



Uranus, currently retrograde in sidereal Aquarius is about to station and return direct on Nov 27, 2008, at which time the new Earth-Uranus synodic cycle which started in the midst of its retrograde on the Full Moon of Sept 13, 2008 will fully engage. The theme of this new 370-day Earth-Uranus synodic cycle was defined by the Mouth of the Fish; Markab of the Great Pegasus Square and Beta Reticuli. In short this cycle is about our very physical needs being met.

"Markab of Pegasus not only brings attention to our physical body and its health—the body being the temple / vessel of the soul—but to the physical aspects of our lives and of our relations, how we interrelate in our human physicality. This includes the physical means or forms through which we participate in life from the professional structures that make our nourishment possible, especially the functional aspects of humanitarian-focused organizations, to the physical logistics of our personal lives. Markab asks us to honor the palpable, the physical needs of the human body."

The Earth-Uranus synodic cycle theme can be found in full in the Aug 30, 2008 Lunar Planner.



Saturn, presently moving through sidereal Leo, began its current synodic cycle in earlier Leo on February 24, 2008. The Earth-Saturn synod occurred along with the Earth-Orcus synod, linking these two cycles much like a conjunction of planets. In addition, these two synodic cycles nest in the very significant 32-year Saturn-Orcus synodic cycle that began in August of 2007.

• The New Earth-Orcus Synodic Cycle: A New Breed of Leaders

"Orcus, moving much slower than Saturn, resides south of the ecliptic in the constellation Hydra. Because of its slow movement, the Earth-Orcus star alignments, which define this Earth-Orcus synodic cycle, are the same as those defining the original Orcus-Saturn synodic cycle that began in Aug of 2007.

The passage of Orcus through Hydra, the underwater snake, suggests that powerful transcendent currents are stirring and awakening the human family from its slumber, and as well those stepping into leadership positions (under the Head of the Lion).

The association of Orcus with living our "soul oaths" and its power being equivalent to that of Pluto, although perhaps working in a more subtle way, suggest the emergence of those destined as the trail-breakers and leaders to emerge on the global stage, however, those who are aligned, or shall we say more aware at a soul-level of their roles on Earth, and who are in tune with the accelerating evolutionary currents awakening humanity.

Earth and Orcus also reside on the Lunar South Node while the Sun and Vesta conjoin on the Lunar North Node in Aquarius indicating a humanitarian soul-level purpose of those breaking trail and of this new breed of leaders. Here is impetus to clearly focus, dedicate and commit their leadership capacities in the interest of humanitarian freedom. This alignment initiates the same motivation within ourselves—to break trail new in our lives for the benefit of our freedom of being and the freedom of others."

• The New Earth-Saturn Synodic Cycle

"Conjoining Thuban from the southern heavens is Vela X-1, a potent neutron star that creates a relentless drive to apply personal will responsibly to affect long-term evolutionary change, and to become responsible for the ramifications of using personal will. In typical black hole fashion, this is an all or nothing deal, as that which we set in course now, dramatically affects our evolutionary outcome....

This new 378-day Earth-Saturn theme starting now(Feb 24, 2008) brings to conscious awareness our responsibility to navigate our evolutionary course with the understanding of the long-term ramifications involved. In addition, we find the need to shift what was perhaps a long-standing momentum established in the patriarchal-based bureaucratic structures governing our world, as well as our need to take a new approach regarding those long-standing but now out-dated established life scenarios or modalities of being within our own lives...."

The full text for the themes of the Saturn and Orcus synodic cycles can be found in the February 6, 2008 Lunar Planner, an eclipse lunar cycle.

The 32-year Saturn Orcus Synodic Cycle can be found in the article "The New 32-year Saturn-Orcus Synodic Cycle & The New Earth-Venus Cycle" (available to non-subscribers).

In the Context of the Oct 28, 2008 Lunar Planner

There are several strong triggers activating this Pallas-Uranus-Saturn T-square throughout this lunar cycle: The Moon creates a Grand square with the other three on November 1, just after its conjunction with Venus and before the apogee Crescent Moon. Venus takes over, creating the Grand Square on November 3-4. The Moon conjoins Uranus on November 8, just after the exact Uranus-Saturn opposition but still while the Pallas T-square is active. Then, as the T-square starts to dissipate, the Moon conjoins Pallas on November 14-15; and then Saturn on November 21 just as Jupiter and Saturn create their trine—the mobilizing force for the entire dynamic.

The US Presidential Election occurs in the "external stimulus to action" crescendo leading into the First Quarter Moon—during a "Moon Wobble." There are many other significant planetary dynamics occurring in this lunar cycle creating the context for the Uranus-Saturn opposition.

The entire presentation for the Lunar Cycle starting on the New Moon of Oct 28, 2008 is available to Lunar Planner Subscribers. Check it out.

New Moon - Oct 28: "This month's New Lunar Theme Emerges"
First Quarter Moon - Nov 5: "External Stimulus to Action"
Full Moon - Nov 12-13: "Vision, Enthusiasm & Realization of the Theme"
Last Quarter Moon - Nov 19: "Inner Need to Initiate Change"
New Moon Nov 27 - "Next month's New Lunar Theme Emerges"

The Saturn-Uranus Opposition
& the new few Years Ahead

Note: There are five Saturn-Uranus Oppositions, this was the first (Nov 4, 2008), the last occurs on July 26, 2010.

Geocentric Oppositions

November 4, 2008
February 5, 2009
September 15-17, 2009 (Synodic Opposition - Uranus-Earth-Sun-Saturn)
April 26, 2010
July 26, 2010

This suggests that the Saturn-Uranus Opposition theme plays a key role in the presidential elects term in office.

This series of "5" Saturn-Uranus Oppositions surround the key date of September 2, 2009, which is the mid-point of "Realization of the Theme" in the 44-year Saturn-Uranus Synodic Cycle that began on June 9, 1988 at a very significant point in sidereal Sagittarius—on the "Gate of God."

IN addition to the Saturn-Uranus Opposition, exploring the theme of the June 9, 1988 Saturn-Uranus 44-year Synodic Cycle will thus provide embracing context and bring far greater insight about all of this occurring now, but this exploration will have to wait for another article.

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