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July 4, 2005

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

The Deep Impact / Comet Tempel mission is a study to expand our understanding of the formation of our solar system. Although producing a crater in comet Tempel 1, it was more like a pesky little gnat (the Deep Impact probe) hitting a jet liner (the comet moving at about 23,000 mph, which is over 6 miles a second). The encounter was planned when the comet was at perihelion and crossing the ecliptic plane, the easiest place to intercept it, as can be seen in the illustration below. Note the tail of a comet always points away from the sun. Event time: July 4, 5:52 AM GMT / July 3, 10:52 PM MST/PDT.

Deep Impact / Comet Tempel Orbits

The above illustration shows the orbits of the inner planets of our solar system; the orbit of comet Tempel 1, which is tilled at 10.53° to the ecliptic plane; and the intercept orbit of the Deep Impact spacecraft (the white arc), all nesting on Earth's Precessional Cross (5° Sag, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo).

The sidereal chart below shows the location of the comet at the time of impact looking from the Earth. Also notice Jupiter nearby conjoining Porima of Virgo. The Deep Impact occurs just past the longitude of Spica, base chakra of the Virgin, and Archturus of Bootes; just across the sidereal Libra cusp, and "under the skirt of the Virgin"—at her upper thighs. To learn of the astrolgocial significance of the Virgin giving birth into the clutches of the Scorpion, and the essence of Spica and Archturus, please visit "The Astronomical Truth of the Virgin."

Deep Impact / Comet Tempel Sky Chart

The sidereal signs (not tropical signs) are shown in the above illustration.
To learn of the difference between the sidereal and tropical zodiaks, and their
intimate relationship, please explore the Sidereal Astrology WEB page.

At the Thighs of the Virgin

The environment of early sidereal Libra is defined by the psychophysiology of the Virgin's thighs: The back of our thighs represent past support; the outside of our thighs, external support from friends, others, and from our environment; the inside of our thighs, intimate support; and the front of the thighs: future support.

The few degree area of early sidereal Libra (within the thighs of the Virgin) is about creating and ensuring a proper environment that supports the birth and expression of the soul in the world and the harmonious evolutionary unfoldment of consciousness. Environmental support is the key phrase here, This includes the environmental conditions of the Earth, our personal living environments, and the environments created by the people around us. The resonance of a harmonious environment is essential for our psychophysiological wellbeing and evolutionary fulfillment. Environmental resonance, art, intimacy, and beauty are of significance here. This also includes ensuring harmony in the design of the art and architecture that creates our environment. Living at or traveling to the right locations at various times in our lives is also of importance—to be in the proper (space-time) resonance.

Boötes, the Virgin's consort and protector, who stands over the Virgin, holds the responsibility to provide a safe environment for the Virgin, and for the birth, evolution, and evolutionary fulfillment of souls. In one articulation of the Bootes-Virgin theme, we have a threatening and destructive scenario that forces the twosome away in a pilgrimage to find a safe and appropriate place for a new birth (the story of the birth of Jesus). Under the Virgin's legs lies the benevolent Centaur, teacher of the right way to live, protector of, and leader to, the original cardinal virtues (embodied by the Southern Cross)—the original purity of soul's intent and purpose before any incursions taken on throughout the reincarnational process. Further south lies the keel of Argo Navis—the ship sailing along the galactic equator, which embodies matters related to ensuring a safe incarnational sojourn for the durative soul, that which exists before and after this lifetime.

Deep Impact

Deep Impact (from my perspective) is a positive event, not one disruptive to our natural harmony in any way whatsoever. From an astrophysical harmonic perspective, this event established a subtle energy resonance between Earth and this cosmological energetic articulated by the thighs of the Virgin—as if we, having initiated the event, were asking for such support; activating, in a sense, a resonance between this Virgin principle and our dis-harmonious human folly. Hopefully this event will bring a deeper understanding about our solar system (as expected), and our relationship to all life; and stimulate our need to establish harmonious relations and supportive environments.

Note to astrologers: Deep Impact was square Saturn and sextile Pluto; also sesquiquadrate to Moon-Vesta and to Uranus (which were square). Moon-Vesta is a key trigger to this event. To learn of the astrological significance of Vesta, please visit The Asteroids#Vesta. The square with Uranus: a challenge to act from our clarity in focused commitment (Vesta) in non-conforming radical spontaneous action (Uranus).

Tempel 1 was discoverd by Ernst Wilhelm Leberecht Tempel of Marseilles France on April 3, 1867. Tempel 1's orbital period varies due to gravitational infulences caused by it close approach to Jupiter—currently its orbital period is about 5.5 years.*

Deep Impact Lunar Activation

In the following Lunar Month (New Moon July 6), on July 15, 2005, a Lunar Activation of Deep Impact-Comet Tempel will occur, as the Moon directly occults and conjoins the asteroid. Details to come in the July 6 Lunar Planner.

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