Jupiter & Sirius
The Great World Teacher
September 11, 2001 - The World Trade Towers

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Jupiter & Sirius

Jupiter was about 2° to its retrograde station, which occurs conjoining Sirius and Canopus, also conjoining in the U.S. Sun (Declaration of Independence chart) at the time of the Fall of the World Trade Towers. This Jupiter retrograde period, to begin on Nov 2, 2001, conjoining Sirius and Canopus, provides opportunity to redefine how we apply our resources on a global scale, and interpersonally in our daily lives, as well as to become a responsible force in directing our evolutionary outcome. The essence of sidereal Gemini, the Twins, is that of a link and liaison to assemble a diversity of human logistics into a workable, functional whole. It is of commerce, logistics and communication amongst humanity. This Jupiter retrograde cycle supports us all to unite and bring together peoples, factions, and means for the betterment of human kind.

Sirius is the impetuous and blazing World Teacher. Sirius enters the ecliptic in latter sidereal Gemini. Significant alignments with Sirius often bring teachings / lessons of a global proportion. And that is exactly what we have found with the fall of the Twins in New York (the World Trade Center), and that which they represent: businesses and government agencies involved in foreign trade and global commerce—the essence of Castor and Polux—the Twins. (Jupiter associated with global resources because money is a mobilizing agent, and Jupiter's quality mobilizes and expands.) Jupiter's aspect to the Saturn-Pluto opposition, and its near retrograde conjunction with Sirius and Canopus, occurred in mid-September.

In the science of "Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping," the larger, slower moving planets set up the resonant conditions, while the faster moving planets—in this case (on Sept 11, 2001) Mercury aspecting Saturn-Pluto—act as event triggers.

The World Trade Center's demise catalyzes lessons for us all regarding global economy and responsible use of global wealth (by all parties involved) in a way more fitting to the needs of the world as a whole, rather than forcefully for self-advantage. Jupiter is of higher law—spiritual law, not man's law. It catalyse a massive change in the fundamental workings of social structure, world powers and foreign relations.

Due to Jupiter's retrograde, its aspect with Saturn-Pluto, and its conjunction with Sirius and Canopus, continue through November. Quincunx Jupiter lies in a 30° aspect (semi-sextile) with Saturn, providing an "opportunity for growth" regarding global administration and how it used in the world. Jupiter lies in a 150° aspect (inconjunct) to Pluto, requiring a "creative solution" to the destructive forces at play, and demands the responsible use of wealth resources. This opportunity will continue through May of 2002, when the Jupiter aspect to the Saturn-Pluto opposition completes.

Significant alignments with Sirius can bring teachings / lessons / or events of a global proportion that can catalyze tremendous evolutionary change. Sirius can convey a tremendous sense of responsibility to see to the evolutionary fulfillment of others. However, they can be so head-strong in their need for accomplishment that they can ignore the rights of others and the need to allow others to be self-responsible. Being a knowledge-holder and teacher of ancient wisdom, the Sirian influenced person often thinks they know what is right for others, but a Sirian lesson is to release their siblings and creations to their own destinies. This can be a (Gemini) paradox of grand proportion—but the need is to set things free so they can take their own course rather than forcefully manipulating a scenario for some mentalized evolutionary outcome from a sense of righteousness or self-importance—a miss-placed sense of responsibility. So here, we have the lesson to apply resources responsibly in a way that empowers, rather than controls, soul's evolutionary freedom.

Jupiter embodies the final letter in Qabalistic Numerology, 22, the number of reciprocity. Jupiter's theme is to gift back to humanity the totality of all that we have gained from being incarnate, something perhaps only a wise old soul might fully comprehend. This applies to the wealth that we are as individuals. We can to offer the gifts that we are to the world as a mobilizing force that makes possible the evolutionary fulfillment of human life. We all have the responsibility to use our gifts, what ever they may be, for the evolutionary fulfillment of the whole. This can be a hard realization to embrace in today's world where most humans struggle for their own survival while a manipulative governing system pulls the purse strings.

Canopus, Alpha Carina of Argo Navis, is the second brightest star in the heavens after Sirius, and conjoins Sirius from the south. Sirius is relatively close to us at 8.6 light years. Canopus, of another galactic sector altogether, is over 312 light years distant. Canopus is a galactic equatorial star and is director / navigator of the Argo—of the greater galactic mission of souls in our solar system. Canopus holds responsibility for greater evolutionary matters of planetary systems, directing evolutionary currents and ensuring proper evolutionary outcomes. Canopus is concerned with repercussions of souls affecting the greater the surrounding cosmology. An older derivation of Canopus is the Egyptian Kahi Nub, "Golden Earth," representative of the vision held for Earth.

Sirius and Canopus are both significantly associated with evolutionary affairs of Earth and Humanity, and so herald potent global experience. Canopus holding evolutionary responsibility of entire planetary systems; and Sirius holding Earth's ancient wisdom as a global teacher for Earthian souls.

The artscience of astrology also works with triangles. To look at the Saturn-Pluto opposition without the triangular corridors made by other aspecting planets, is to miss the embracing portal of opportunity opened. Hence we have the assistance of powerful and significant stellar forces of Sirius and Canopus, working through Jupiter to aid us through the portal of the challenging Saturn-Pluto opposition.

* * *