The Full Moon Saturn-Pluto Finale

Saturday Evening, May 25, 2002

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

All that we have experienced since the lunar cycle of Aug-Sept 2001 (through now, May 2002) has served to reflect deep-seated patterns carried within self (even of a karmic / past-life nature) that we have needed to release (let die). Those patterns are unique to each individual but often center around Saturn-Pluto type issues: our need to control, judgment of self and others (self worth, rejection, abandonment issues), our self-destructive tendencies, taking responsibly for creating our own experience--to name just a few.

Endless astrological material regarding this event has been circulating throughout this period, including the Lunar Planner themes and snippets posted on the Lunar Planner WEB site, so I will forego expounding further.

We have all co-created our experiences over this period by the patterns carried within each of us and that have been surfacing. The Saturn-Pluto opposition occurring over the last many months has simply stirred the patterns so they would surface to our conscious awareness in the form of manifest experience so we could see them, addressed them, and put them to rest. To contemplate our individual experiences, and to look at the reflections they have provided, is to own our capacity as co-creators and our capacity to change--to experience our metamorphosis into butterflies that are free to fly.

There is tremendous support from the other heavenly bodies to accomplish this feat simply with the POWER of unconditional love--to accept in non-judgment that which we have experienced, felt, and deeply feel now in our mental, emotional and physical lives.

The nature of the Saturn-Pluto alignment would escort us through hell if need be to accomplish this, but the deep-seated change to result in our consciousness is unprecedented and is one truly supporting out greatest fulfillment. It brings us to yet a greater capacity to express the beauty that we are and love that we hold.
To make passage through this portal is to return to our truer selves--a journey to the cardinality (purity) of soul that existed before all of the aberrations incurred throughout our incarnate experience but with the wisdom that our experience provided. To take this step now allows us the opportunity to continue to pursue our highest dreams and aspirations. It allows us to keep up with the accelerating and unprecedented change in human consciousness that the astrophysical Holy Cross is creating--a change that is made possible only now in the ~25,000-year cycle that governs the spiritual evolutionary unfoldment of souls on Earth.

This Full Moon supports the "breakthrough" that will allow us all to co-participate in an entirely new octave of experience beginning in the following lunar cycle marked by the NEW MOON Eclipse of June 10, 2002.

The Triggers

SATURN PLUTO FINALE Sunday May 26, 02:26 GMT, Saturday May 25, 7:27 PM MST
FULL MOON Sunday May 26, 11:51 GMT, Sunday May 26, 4:51 AM MST
NEW MOON ECLIPSE Monday June 10, 23:46 GMT Monday June 10, 4:46 PM MST

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