The Pouring Waters of the Water Man
Uranus, Pluto, and Hurricane Katrina

August 30, 2005

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

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Rescue workers evacuated people stranded by Hurricane Katrina.

Rescue workers evacuated people stranded by Hurricane Katrina.
Vincent Laforet / The New York Times

Whenever we experience the radical and unexpected, whether of a beneficent or disruptive nature, in the astrological world, we wonder what's up with Uranus. Uranian events break us from the conformity of the past, from tradition, convention and establishment. Uranus creates change, opening new frontiers in experience and consciousness--currently in mid-sidereal Aquarius--helping us to pioneer a new humanitarian focus.

As I attempt with the Lunar Planner material, the focus here is to explore how our human experience is serving the greater evolutionary growth and unfoldment of human consciousness.

Uranus, centering around Aug 31, in the midst of its retrograde, ends its previous 370-day synodic cycle and beings its next in mid-sidereal Aquarius (its domicile) conjoining Zeta Aquarius, On the Urn of the gushing waters, and Skat, Delta Aquarius, the shin bone of the Waternan, star of the (humanitarian) foundation.

The Uranus synodic cycle transition occurs when the Sun and Uranus are opposite as seen from Earth. From the Sun's perspective, this is when Earth catches up with Uranus in their respective orbits. Thus, the Sun, Earth, and Uranus align. Click here to learn more of Planetary Synodic Cycles.

The new Uranus 370-day synodic cycle theme is set by the stars conjoining the Earth-Uranus alignment as seen from the Sun. Both stars, Skat and On the Urn, from which the waters flow, are of humanitarian philanthropic foundations, organizations, and vessels through which material and financial support can flow for future oriented humanitarian focused projects in the artsciences. This Uranus cycle is catalyzing radical change to motivate us to move our society in this direction.

Downtown New Orleans Flood

Floodwaters fill the streets near downtown New Orleans.

In addition, Pluto is in its potent few-day stationing period, about to complete its retrograde on Sept 2, just before our upcoming New Moon of Sept 3. This is the point of full commencement for Pluto's new 367-day Synodic Theme, which was set in mid-June (discussed in the June 6, Lunar Planner).

A quote from the June 2005 issue:

"During this time, opposite the sun, retrograde Pluto, the destroyer and opener, begins its new 357-day synodic cycle. The theme of this new year-long synodic cycle is defined by the stellar field that Pluto and Earth lie within when looking from the Sun. Pluto and Earth lie in Ophiuchus and just over Lesath, the sting of the Scorpion, in the last couple of degrees of sidereal Scorpio, which lies over the Ara in the last degree of sidereal Scorpio.

Ara is the Altar of the Centaur. On the low altar, the Centaur places Lupus the Beast (our lower-order personality-based patterns of self-importance, and associated emotional baggage) with conscious deliberation to be consumed in the Centaur's transmutational pyre. Venom from Lesath, the sting of the Scorpion--the often harsh but required lessons incurred while incarnate--dripping on the altar serves as the required transmutational elixir. Over the high altar lies Galactic Centre where reinstatement into our souls' destined fulfillment occurs. The sting (marking the end of Scorpio) precedes movement across the cusp of Scorpio into Sag where Galactic Center resides.

Here we have powerful forces to move us from that which has died or is being dismantled in our lives, to embrace the sting of its experience as the transmutational elixir required for us to change and to step forth through the doorways death creates, into new octaves of participation, into new phases of our lives."

At the least, like many natural disasters, Katrina is catalyzing our movement toward a humanitarian-based society, where we set aside our differences and realize our commonality and equality, that life is precious, and the need to unconditionally help all that are in need of help. Here again, as was the case with the Dec 2004 Stellar Explosion-9.1 Quake-Asia Tsunami, we are motivated, through the destruction of the old, to create a humanitarian-based foundation on Earth. The efforts of thousands of individuals, agencies, organizations, and private companies continue for months if not years developing systems of support due to events such as Katrina--more importantly, teaching us all how to work and live together for the betterment of all.

Copyright © 2005 Nick Anthony Fiorenza, All Rights Reserved

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