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Sun-Jupiter & the Jupiter Synodic Cycle

Oct 21-22, 2005

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

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As most people in the astrological world know, the Sun and Jupiter conjoined Oct 21-22--making for a very fortuitous event. Even more significant is that this conjunction occurred in the midst of our Eclipse Lunar Cycle.

In and of itself, a Sun-Jupiter conjunction is quite fortuitous--mobilizing, expansive, abundant (sometimes quite festive, even gluttonous).

Jupiter's Psychophysiology:

Jupiter is of wealth and reciprocity: Jupiter embodies the totality of the wealth that the soul has gained throughout soul's entire incarnational journey; and the reciprocation of that wealth / gift back to the world. Jupiter's force is mobilizing and expansive. This is why on a mundane level Jupiter governs money and finance (along with Venus), simply because money is a mobilizing agent. Jupiter is sociable, governing travel and finance, is of fulfillment, and is future oriented. Jupiter is the Spiritual Law Giver (beyond the laws of man), supporting us to mobilize and live our greater Spiritual Truth. Jupiter expresses as fluidity in movement, vitality, and enthusiasm. Jupiter expresses openness and willingness to palpate and embrace life, people, and experience. Jupiter holds a kinesthetic and magnetic quality; is of physical fitness, strength, and coordination. Jupiter is serendipitous, opportunistic, fortunate, and lucky; with taste for an appreciation of elegance and beauty (along with Venus). Fun loving, good natured, free, and independent Jupiter provides the ability to participate freely in the world and to live in universal flow.

During the Sun-Jupiter conjunction, Jupiter is emblazoned but the Sun, bringing Jupiter's qualities into radiance, brilliance, and fulfillment.

Our eclipse lunar cycle (Oct 3 through Nov 2) creates an opening, a time of shifting gears, where we have opportunity to relinquish an entire octave of being and way of participation so we can allow a new octave to begin in our lives, a new octave in our endeavors, in our roles in life, in the way forward. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction also occurs in the "Manifestation and Demonstration" phase of this Lunar Cycle (just after the Disseminating Moon), emphasizing its time to live the transition (eclipse), to concretize and make it real.

In yet a greater context, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction marks the climax point in the 399-day Jupiter Synodic Cycle. It is the halfway point in this cycle, much like the full moon is the climax point in the lunar cycle--the point of coition. This is the point of "Vision and Enthusiasm" and "Realization of the Theme" within this 399-day cycle.

Our current Jupiter Synodic Cycle began on April 3, 2005 when the Earth and Jupiter conjoined (looking from the Sun) at 19° sidereal Virgo. The theme of the Jupiter cycle can be divined by the star alignments at this location in the heavens: it being of foresight and premonition, of following the signs in the world around us, of acting in the present upon those signs and premonitions so we may ride the currents that we have already set into motion and arrive in the proper space-timing to meet the potential events already precipitating from the etheric realm into manifestation. The current Jupiter-Synodic theme was presented in detail in the March 10, 2005 Lunar Cycle text.

Our climax point in the Jupiter Synodic Cycle, occurring now (Oct 21-22), occurs a bit further along in the ecliptic, at about 4° sidereal Libra--under the Skirt of the Virgin, nesting at the upper thighs of the Virgin. Here our original Jupiter Synodic theme reaches its climax here, at a place of intimate personal relations, those of harmony and beauty, it is a place of new births in the perfect place and time. Jupiter's climax also conjoins the potent Centaurs X-3, a neutron star, black hole--indicating this climax involves an all or nothing deal with no in-betweens.

The Centaurs X-3 black hole lies exactly on the galactic equator, just above the Theta Carina open star cluster of Argo Navis. Both align closely with Miaplacidus, the Beta star of the Argo. Cen X-3 contributes significantly to the theme of early sidereal Libra, accessing galactic evolutionary currents, which provides a greater evolutionary context for us evolving souls that transcend this mere lifetime. The events occurring here extend far beyond the mere present moment. Here we are involved with spacetime navigation and the opening of portals in our lives that can change our evolutionary course.

Prominent alignments with Cen X-3 provide us the capacity to function from a encompassing transcendent vision and perspective that encompasses or straddles the events of the visible world. Here perception embraces far more than the space of any given moment, thus providing us the opportunity to act in the moment with an almost certainty of how it will unfold. It allows us the opportunity to walk away from the mundane, from what is established in our lives, from what seems to make sense to onlookers, and to leap into the void knowing there are subtle but greater currents supporting the move. Here we can gain access to soul-level currents and participate in harmony with those currents that can lead us to our greater fulfillment. Like with all black, holes, this requires and all or nothing act with no in-betweens. To delve deep, liking jumping into an abyss, such action, a leap of faith, can yield a place of far greater beauty than we had known before.

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Copyright © 2005 Nick Anthony Fiorenza, All Rights Reserved

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