Pluto's First Synod in Sidereal Sagittarius
June 16, 2006

Revelation of the Gate of God

Nick Anthony Fiorenza


Pluto's role in our lives takes a primary turning starting in 2006. The 367-day cycles created by the orbits of Earth and Pluto around the Sun (called Pluto's Synodic Cycles) had been occurring in sidereal Scorpio for many years, but start to occur in sidereal Sagittarius in 2006, and continue in Sagittarius over many years to come. This year (2006), centering around June 16, marks the time where Pluto demands we step forth from the trials (sting of the Scorpion) of past events in our lives, claim the wisdom from our past experiences, and shift octaves into living a greater truth and awareness about who we truly are, and to undauntedly pursue our greater dreams and passions individually held and collectively destined as a species. Pluto is an opener, and will now clear the way for this transition by dismantling that which is not supportive of this higher truth to reign in our lives. The time leading up to June 16, 2006 is the crescendo of Pluto's last cycle in sidereal Scorpio, a time that may result in abrupt endings of scenarios that had been long standing in our lives. In the time ahead, Pluto will continue to open the way, but now in a different way, by clearing away attitudes of ignorance so a greater truth and intelligence can begin to shine in our lives and on Earth. Pluto becomes the Revealer of a Greater Truth as it makes passage through sidereal Sagittarius.

The last eleven Pluto Synodic Cycles occurred in sidereal Scorpio, from 1995 through 2006. Actually, Pluto entered the karmic-dharmic Chelae of the Scorpion in 1989 (the scales of Libra). Pluto's 367-day synodic cycle starting now, on June 16, 2006, is the first to occur in sidereal Sagittarius. Pluto will remain in sidereal Sag throughout 2020 with a total of fifteen synodic cycles occurring throughout this period.

About Synodic Cycles

Synodic cycles are created when two (or more) planets align in their orbits around the Sun. The synodic cycle theme, defined by the planets involved and the star alignments at the time, will unfold until the two planets align again, marking the completion of the synodic cycle and the beginning of the next one.

There are many synodic cycles with unique astrological themes occurring simultaneously creating a harmonic symphony of creative unfoldment in consciousness. Synodic cycles can be thought of as longer-term underlying currents, much like the backdrop chorus of a symphony, providing the underlying astrological context guiding our evolution.

Learn the basics about Synodic Cycles & Synodic Astrology.

For History Buffs:

Pluto made passage through sidereal Scorpio from 1745 through 1758. The last Pluto Synod occurring in the first degree of Sag occurred in 1758. Pluto then made passage through sidereal Sag from 1758 through 1772. Please realize although a planet, in this case Pluto, "apparently" returns to cover the same ground in a cyclic cycle, when it does, all of the other planets are in different phases of their cycles (creating an entirely different harmonic environment); we are in a different point in Earth's precessional cycle (a different point in the evolutionary cycle of Earth's soul collective); and consider also that from 1758 to 2006, our sun (and solar system) was speeding through space at 8,200 miles per minute (I'll forgo the math), thus placing us in an entirely different interstellar field (environment) of cosmic energy.

Pluto's Psychophysiology

Pluto: Agostino Carracci

Pluto ensures Soul Integrity prevails: Pluto will destruct personality alliances and personality driven motivations to ensure soul's mission is attained, even at the cost of the personality life. This implies a need for letting go. The nature of the alliances destructed is a function of the location of Pluto in the astrological chart. Pluto is independent, individual, autonomous, the revolutionist, and the extremist. Pluto is of isolation and aloneness. Pluto fears not battle, war, or death. Pluto is also where, generationally, unacceptability occurs, where the antiquated must be destroyed--in the genetic / cellular patterns carried in ourselves and so in those expressed in the world.

Image of Pluto by Agostino Carracci, 1592 / Galleria Estense, Modena, Italy

Pluto works at a cellular and primordial level, with pre-birth and past lifetime issues. Pluto can invoke cellular level stored fear regarding death, transmutation, and survival issues; as well as all early childhood programming. Pluto is an "opener" and a "deprogrammer" that provides doorways for new growth and unfoldment. Pluto, lord of the underworld, brings to conscious awareness that which is hidden in the subconscious by removing that which is hiding it. Pluto-type experiences (those seemingly destructive) when worked with from this perspective can support tremendous spiritual growth.

Pluto is actually a dual planet: the Pluto-Charon System, two bodies rotating around a common point (barrycenter), in spin orbit synchronicity. Pluto has an extreme eccentric orbit and an ecliptic (orbital inclination) that is tilted 17.2° with respect to Earth's--partly why it cuts through the incarnational issues. Its rotational tilt is ~122°. The diameters of Pluto and Charon (not to be confused with Chiron) create a very slow beat frequency--part of its multifaceted astrophysical parameters responsible for undermining cellular patterning.

Added info: Two additional moons were discovered orbiting Pluto in 2005 and named Nix and Hydra in June of 2006--expounding upon Pluto's astrological influence. More about Pluto, Nix and Hydra.

Pluto's transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius

The key theme of sidereal Scorpio

Teaching the responsible use of creative power that governs life and death by cleaving in conflict. This is not without wounds, as the sting of the Scorpion (the harsh lessons of life) creates the transmutational elixir which falls upon the Altar of the Centaur where we make our metamorphosis (burning away our judgments, our lesser selves) and rise in a greater wisdom about our role to use the forces of life and death responsibly as co-creators of our reality; i.e., to take responsibility for our reality rather than placing blame outside of self as if we are bestowed either blessings or curses.

Consider Scorpio's theme and the Pluto-type events occurring over the last several years and what they may have been teaching humanity.

The key theme of sidereal Sagittarius

Sagittarius is defender and deliverer of Divine Truth (the Word) going forth with the swiftness of a Zen arrow undauntedly able to hit its mark. But let us note the Zen archer's arrow points to Galactic Center, the Throne of God, hence undoubtedly the archer is intently focused on revealing Divine Truth--the meaning of the mythical image of the Sagittarian Centaur. This archer is willing to live and die for that Truth, called the true Messiah by some, an by others as being "the man with the bow sitting on the white horse" in Revelation 6:2 (this man mistakenly assumed to be the Antichrist by some in later times). The Sagittarian Centaur is clearly on a galactic mission (soul-sun-son-mission sanctioned by God), being the principal constellation and sign on the Galactic Equator, home of the "Gate of God" of Earth's Precessional Cross.

Revelation of The Gate of God

Sagittarius is stargate to Galactic Center, commonly referred to as the Zen Archer, or the First Horseman whose arrow points toward Galactic Center. From Allen (Star Names): "the Strong One, and Illuminator of the Great City (i.e., galactic center); Light of the White Face; and on the stones of Sippara (the Sepharvaim of the Old Testament)--a solar city Sagittarius, 'appears sculptured in full glory'."

The First Horseman, the Sagittarian Centaur, is where the First and Highest Spiritual Light is found. Sagittarius is Galactic City of Light, gateway to the High Council or Throne referring to our Galactic Center and is responsible for our higher spiritual education. Overhead is the constellation Scutum, Galactic shield of the Holy Cross, which is emblazoned with the symbol of the Holy Cross (the cross in a circle). Sagittarius is supreme defender of the High Truth of Earth's Precessional Cross--the greater truth of our origins and evolutionary journey, of the spiritual fulfillment of humankind. The Sagittarian Zen Archer is one who is willing to live, fight, and die for this Greater Truth.

Predating our recent association of the Sphinx with Leo the Lion, we find Sagittarius to be a Sphinx, except with the double head of Shu and Tefnut in Egyptian Myth (picture language), as is shown in the Zodiac of Esné. This is the image of the Sagittarian centaur, but on the lion instead of the horse, with the human face of Shu facing forward (retrograde / west) overlooking Galactic Center and the face of Tefnut, his twin sister the Lioness, behind facing east (Massey: Ancient Egypt). Appropriately, this compounded, back-to-back face depicts the principle galactic equatorial division of the zodiac--the prime reference point of the cycle of Earth's Precessional Cross, the galactic equatorial node (GEN), the "Gate of God" at 5° sidereal Sag. This is where the ecliptic divides the Great Waters of the Milky Way.

Shu and Tefnut were produced by Tem (without intercourse). This name is from the root tem, or temem which means "to be complete," and "to make an end of." This mythically articulates the division into two polarities of what was one complete or undivided consciousness. Shu, associated with air and breath, dry, and empty, and Tefnut with moisture, wet, with the dew or manna of heaven, embody two primary timestreams of consciousness and also reflect the separation of unity awareness into the masculine / feminine dual timestreams of consciousness that occurs at this point in the precessional cycle; i.e., when Earth's pole had passed over the Gate of God creating the first erect precessional cross about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. This was the time of the Great Flood.

This is also called "the Fall" in the precessional cycle because at this time Earth's pole leans away from the galactic plane, "falls from light," from unified awareness. This is when atomic hydrogen's angle of incidence no longer conducts light and the DNA dims. Here we enter the 12,000-year temporal half of the precessional cycle--the separation from source (galactic awareness). Consequently the DNA functions in its "off" state (not superconducting consciousness and illuminating), in a bio-logical mode of reasoning, comparing opposites in a perceptual dual-stranded labyrinth of shadow and reflection. Here, the full polarization of the feminine and masculine time-streams begins. This also marked the fall of humankind into original "sin." To sin simply means to experience (in)carnality, to have entered the last 12,000-year precessional phase of temporal darkness.

Shu and Tefnut are working together for righteousness at first (the essence of Sag), "Tefnut, the sister of Shu joined him in his battles on behalf of Horus, 'She is like fire against the wicked ones, ...thundering against those who are to be annihilated for ever...' " (Gerald Massey: the magical texts). However as the precessional cycle continues through the zodiak, we reach the epitome of polarity on Earth.

Shu and Tefnut also exemplify archtypical Enlil and Enki, the two Annunaki responsible for the genetic half-breeding of those of the Earth (humans) with "those of the sky (the Annunaki) as presented in the Sumerian texts from which the Biblical Genesis is derived. Enlil and Enki are also fitting to articulate the Gate of God, At the time of the Flood, the two became strongly polarized, Enlil, of the air, (sky command), was intent on dominating, controlling, and allowing the annihilation of humankind, Enki, of the moisture (Earth-based command) was supportive of the evolutionary fulfilment of humankind, their education and well-being.

The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (ETCSL)
is based at the University of Oxford:

About 5000 to 6000 years ago (at the 180° point in the cycle), when Earth's pole leans furthest away from the galactic plane. As the waters recede on Earth, we find the settlements of lower fertile lands, one of which is the Egyptian Delta, Here we find the timestreams of the twin-flamed soul of Shu and Tefnut, Enki and Enlil, expressing as Miriam and Moses, and finally the domination by the Enlil-timestream of consciousness and the submission of the Enki-timestream.

Miriam and Mosses articulate the further separation and degradation of the feminine and masculine principles in the midst of the dark temporal period, during dynastic Egypt. Moses, as he treks the Mountain of Horeb in the Sinai Peninsula (later and confusingly changed to Mount Sinai) is presented with the Hebrew Canaanites' fear-instilling patriarchal laws by the vengeful people suppressor Jethro the El Shaddai (Enlil) (later transposed to be Jehovah and confused as the Hebrew God giving Moses Ten Commandments) who supported dominion over, rather than the enlightenment of, humankind. Miriam, the sister of Moses and the true spiritual leader of the two, intent on continuing to lead the people under the benevolent people supportive principles of the "Lord" (Aton or Aten) (Enki) of the Israelites of Egypt, who supported the evolutionary freedom of humankind, is ultimately silenced and imprisoned. This set the seed for the personification of God as a fear instilling totalitarian male prototype which reigns to this day. Yet neither of these beings were God to start with, but people, opposing brothers / forces for that matter (as the the Petrie expedition through the Sinai and the archaeological excavation of the Egyptian temple complex atop the Horeb mountain of Serâbît reveals (Genesis Of The Grail Kings" Lawrence Gardner).

"Only during the past 150 years or so, and more specifically during the past 80 years, have the great storehouses of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Syrian and Canaanite record been unearthed from beneath the desert sands. First-hand documentary evidence from before Bible times has now emerged on stone, clay, parchment and papyrus - tens of thousands of documents which bear witness to a far more exciting history than we were ever told." (Genesis Of The Grail Kings" Lawrence Gardner)

A few excerpted pages of Genesis of The Grail Kings can be found here: and here:

Note: To read the entire 6 pages, you may have to type in "genesis.html, genesis1.html, genesis2.html, etc., in the url, as the links on the bottoms of these pages were not working at the time of this writing.

The distinction of these two deities, Enlil and Enki, articulating two polarized timestreams of consciousness, is later ignored and their titles (Lord, Jehovah, etc. confusingly become one God, Yet this is not referring to a God that embodies all of creation, all stellar civilizations, a true Divine Intelligence expressing of the mansion universes. Humanity has been merely left with the personification of forces expressing from a greater Divine Intelligence as a Patriarchal God, an awry and dominating masculine principle (Enlil timestream) using "the fear of God" to perpetuate the suppression and subsequent passive submission of the feminine principle (Enki timestream)--and all of the modern-day religions that support such.

Only now at the second (270°) erect precessional cross, as Earth's pole crosses the "Gate of Man," it begins to lean back toward the plane of galactic light allowing the DNA to begin its re-illumination process, as galactic level awareness (galactic light) begins to avalanche through the DNA, superconducting consciousness, allowing it to illuminate (See the Holy Cross--DNA and the orientation of atomic hydrogen in the spherical geometry of Earth's Precessional Cross). This, in turn, is when the feminine and masculine principles can "start" to become whole individually and express in harmony / unity awareness together again. Here marks the time when the feminine can emerge from passive submission under the masculine dominion, and the masculine can mature to support the evolutionary freedom of the whole. And this begins the return or re-awakening of soul-level (Christ) consciousness / Galactic Unified Field Awareness on Earth--our deliverance from sin (meaning to experience temporal incarnality).

Pluto - A Revelatory Progression in Consciousness Begins

Pluto's Last Synod in Sidereal Scorpio
Upon the Sting of the Scorpion

Presented in the June 6, 2005 Lunar Planner

Pluto's Synodic Cycle of June 16, 2006
Pluto Enter's Sidereal Sagittarius

This first Pluto-Sag synodic cycle staring in June of 2006 marks a major shift of Pluto's role in our lives. It occurs curiously and appropriately in the Hyades Lunar Cycle--a theme of its own. Hyades indicates having been immersed, even potentially lost, in roles, scenarios, or concepts of self that if continued, would divert us from our greater visions, purpose, growth, and fulfilment in life. Here lies the need to wake up from a long induced slumber and live the truth of who we truly are.

Occurring in the very first degree of sidereal Sag, this Pluto synodic theme embodies the entire essence of Sagittarius. As such, this first synodic cycle can be thought of as the embodiment or the seed cycle embracing all of the Pluto-Sag synodic cycles about to unfold over the years ahead. Pluto's passage through Sag over the upcoming years may destroy abounding false truths, the uspurpers, and the unjust as Sag stands for righteousness and freedom, and abhors the false beliefs created by men that separate men. During this time we my find the crumbling of the false beliefs that keep the truth obscured about our origins, about our true purpose and evolutionary process, who we truly are--let us hope at least. The Zen archer pierces the veils, allowing the falsified, all that is not of essence, to dissolve, to see only his target and realize (reveal) its heavenly truth. Pluto will return direct on Sept 4, fully commencing this first new 367-day Sagittaraius synodic theme.

Pluto's Synodic Cycle of June 18, 2007 - Galactic Center

This Earth-Pluto synod of June 18, the second in sidereal Sagittarius, conjoins our Galactic Core. The last Pluto synodic cycle starting in June of 2006 was the first in sidereal Sagittarius. It started a primary turning in the role of Pluto in our lives. This previous synodic theme, as well as Pluto's astrological infuence, and the nature of early sidereal Sagittarius (is discussed above).

The previous cycle merely opened the many-year passage of Pluto through sidereal Sagittarius. It marked the shift from the harsh lessons regarding use of power provided by sidereal Scorpio into the greater revelation sidereal Sagittarius has to offer.

Now in June of 2007 we shift into the second of the Sagittarian Pluto synodic cycles in revelatory Sagittarius. Here conjoining Galactic Center, Pluto will continue to destruct lower resonance veils of illusion to reveal a greater Galactic (soul-level) Truth, as well as open a more refined vibrational resonance for humanity. I would expect that more of those who are desperately holding on to lower-resonance forms, ideas, and beliefs about life will find less and less support for such illusions and more crumbling of the false realities around them. Those who are surrendering their egoic selves to the greater and accelerating evolutionary cosmic forces may find a greater flow and acceleration of consciousness--perhaps with the chasm between the two widening as Pluto approaches the "parting of the waters" at the "Gate of God" over these next few years.

Galactic Center, this stillness, eye of the vortex, or heart center of our galaxy is the zeropoint spacetime reference for our evolutionary system. The Galaxy (from galacto se. milk; that which provides a greater nourishment--hence the “Milky Way”): specifically Galactic Center, and the galactic plane radiating from the core of our Galaxy, is and provides the greater evolutionary context for souls participating in our galaxy. The soul (solar) plane for our planet in this solar system lies at a 60° geometric harmonic orientation to the Galactic Plane, and it is through the nodal axis of these intersecting planes that allows a transference of galactic awareness with soul-plane consciousness. This occurs at the Gate of God, the Galactic Equatorial Node (GEN) at ~5° sidereal Sagittarius. Pluto opens that gate in 2008.

The core of our galaxy is the source from which springs the spiraling arms upon which nest all of the stars and life in our galaxy. Alignments with our Galactic Core invite us to enter the pure essence of galactic awareness; to allow a re-assemblage of our consciousness and to subsequently re-emerge with a new wisdom and greater truth, which we must then apply with conscious and responsible deliberation in our lives. Typically this is an all or nothing deal, no in-betweens. Here we must strip ourselves of false facades and false gods, and relinquish lesser vibrational modes of being and ways of participating in the manifest world and pull forth the totality of our soul essence and express this greater maturity into a higher-order expression throughout our incarnational sojourns. Galactic Core offers opportunity for re-instatement into soul awareness.

Our ability to perform such a maneuver is a function of whether we have embraced our earlier initiations in life, of our spiritual adeptness and the level of discipline and personal power we have claimed in life, and to go within and to turn inside-out, to allow a disintegration of all that we hold ourselves to be, and to reemerge only with our true essence of self.

If the maneuver is pursued in fullness, than we are forever redefined into a higher-order expression. If attempts are haphazardly made, one at best is left only with an unyielding need to surrender what yet must die along with the inability to live in the totality of their greater potential, which beckons relentlessly from within as a tormenting vortex that eventually must be faced.

Overseeing Galactic Center is Etamin of Draco, one of the eyes of the Dragon. Draco in general seems to get bad press in some new-age / ET-focused communities due to comments about the so called Draconian ET species over the last few years. Realize Draco is a vast constellation surrounding the North Ecliptic Pole with many stars that have a myriad of stellar themes. Both Restaban and Etamin, the eyes of the Dragon, are of a high administrative order overseeing the initiations of the incarnate soul.

Etamin oversees the high altar of the Centaur upon which the Heart Center of our Galaxy resides. This is where reinstatement of the evolving soul occurs after having been through the initiations and completions occurring in Scorpio. Etamin opens the Galactic Center portal for those who have claimed the wisdom and empowerment by embracing the initiatory lessons of life (who drank the transmutational elixir provided by the sting of the scorpion--the sting of life's lessons), and who are now prepared for a greater mission, a greater revelation and vibrational attunement to ensue. We could call this Divine Dispensation.

Pluto's arrival here and this Earth-Pluto synodic cycle occurring over the next 367 days opens access to this next shift into galactic awareness for those who have been doing their inner Earth-work.

Pluto's Synodic Cycle of June 20, 2008 - The Gate of God
The Full Moon Pluto Solstice Portal

The Earth-Pluto synod of June 20, 2008 conjoins The Gate of God (5° sidereal Sag). This means the Sun is on the Gate of Man (5° sidereal Gemini) (on the solstice) creating a primary activation of Earth's Precessional Cross
The complete alignment: Gate of Man-Sun-Earth-Full Moon-Pluto-Gate of God
Presented in the June 3, 2008 Lunar Planner: Matters of the Heart:
A Separating of the Ways (The Full Moon Pluto Solstice Portal)

Pluto's Synodic Cycle of June 23, 2009 - The Solar Apex
The Full Moon Pluto Solstice Portal

This Earth-Pluto synod conjoins The Solar Apex (7° sidereal Sag) on the New Moon.

Excerpt from the June 22, 2009 Lunar Planner:

This Earth-Pluto synodic cycle theme is defined by the Solar Apex (~7° sidereal Sagittarius). The Solar Apex ( also called the Sun's Way) marks the unique location in the heavens toward which our Sun is "currently" traveling. We often think of the stars in our galaxy as being stationary, and in short periods of Earth time, they appear to move little, hence why they are referred to as "fixed stars"--fixed in their location as we observe the planets moving amongst the stellar backdrop. However, the stars in our Galaxy including our Sun, are moving at tremendous speeds through space--through a continually change interstellar environment. This is also a significant reason for our sun's continually changing behavior, as well as being one of the reasons for changes occurring in the evolutionary environment in which souls on Earth evolve.

Relative to the other nearby stars in our "local inter-stellar neighborhood," our Sun is traveling at about 16.5 kilometers per second. In more expansive terms, this is nearly 50 light-years every million years. In addition, our Sun along with our entire local inter-stellar neighborhood orbits the center our galaxy at a speed of about 217 kilometers per second (about 485,400 miles per hour). Astronomers estimate that one orbit takes about 220–250 million years, which is referred to as one "galactic year." A star's movement is called its "Proper Motion."

Astronomical research also suggests that our Sun harmonically oscillates above and below the plane of our Galaxy during its galactic sojourn. Our Sun's oscillation (cycle) through the galactic plane has an amplitude of about 230 light-years, crossing the galactic plane every 27 to 33 million years. Some research suggests periodic mass extinctions correlate with the Sun's oscillation about the galactic plane--known as the Shiva Hypothesis.

Shiva Hypothesis Summary:
Shiva Hypothesis Update:

Our Sun's current path (the solar apex) is currently inclined about 25° to the galactic plane, and pointing slightly southwest of the star Vega, near the border of the constellations Lyra and Hercules.

In our stellar mythical imaging, the Solar Apex is held open by the outstretched hand of the god–man, Hercules, who stands upside-down in the heavens with feet (soul purpose) in the realm of the Gods and hands (daily work) in the realm of incarnate souls. The Solar Apex embodies the unique and majestic path of the soul. At personal level, the Solar Apex invites us to realize that we each have a soul path that is totally unique to ourselves, a path which is beyond what others may see or even relate to. The Solar Apex invites us to honor and to walk our very unique sole/soul/solar path's in the world--daring us to take a stand for our personal truths--no matter what those paths may look like to others or how they may or may not fit in with mass-consensus. The Solar Apex's alignment with Vega invites us to realize there is a multiplicity of opportunistic paths for every soul's evolutionary fulfillment.

The themes of the Solar Apex, The Gate of God, the tip of the Zen Archer's arrow, and the dazzling surrounding nebulas all amalgamate. Here we are asked to take aim and undauntingly pursue our ideals and dreams in total trust. To believe, to know, there is a way! This amalgamate asks us to focus without hesitancy or doubt upon our soul purpose in life and to know that our unique paths, although often obscured, nest within the greater directive and in the spacetiming of the evolutionary cycle of the soul collective on Earth. Here we are asked to live with a moment-to-moment Zen focus, undaunted in the zeropoint power of Zen Archer.

Pluto's synodic cycle conjoining the Solar Apex, unfolding over the year ahead, invites us to relinquish limiting beliefs and associated patterns of behavior that keep us from realizing and embracing the myriad of potential paths for our evolutionary fulfillment. Pluto addresses issues regarding our entrapment in the world and our responsibility to deal with the longer-term ramifications of our actions and life scenarios, our karma, extending beyond a mere lifetime. Pluto demands we address how we co-participate and cooperate with humankind in our daily lives. As the opener, Pluto makes way for the potentialities the Solar Apex offers by destructing the antiquated in our lives.

Pluto will play a more significant role in demanding change as Saturn squares (270°) Pluto from mid-November 2009 through August 2010.

Presented in the June 22, 2009 Lunar Planner

2012 - Pluto Infuses the Essence of Orcus

The Relationship of Pluto & Orcus

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