The Saturn-Neptune Synodic Cycle
July 17, 1989 - Dec 12, 2025


The Realization
Sept 2006 through June 2007

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

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SaturnNeptune Our current Saturn-Neptune Synodic Cycle began on July 17, 1989 at 16° 15' sidereal Sagittarius.

The synodic cycle's first quarter point (much like the First Quarter Moon's "stimulus to action" in a lunar cycle) occurred on Dec 2, 1998.

The synodic cycle's midway point (much like the Full Moon's "realization point" in a lunar cycle) occurs on Dec 2, 2006 with Saturn at 24° 01' sidereal Cancer and with Neptune at 24° 01' sidereal Capricorn.

Due to planetary retrograde cycles (when observing planetary positions from Earth), we experience three triggers of the mid-way point (the geocentric Saturn-Neptune oppositiosn). These occur on Aug 31, 2006; Feb 28, 2007; and Jun 25, 2007. These three triggers nest around Dec 2, 2006--the actual midway point of the synodic cycle.

The synodic cycle's last quarter point (much like the Last Quarter Moon's "inner need to change" in a lunar cycle) occurs on Jan 30, 2016.

The cycle completes on Dec 12, 2025 at 5° 54' sidereal Pisces (when the next synod occurs). This occurs very close to the "primordial origin" in Earth's ~25,2000-year precessional cycle (also near the current location of the moving vernal point).

Neptune The Saturn-Neptune synodic theme, that began in July of 1989 in mid-sidereal Sag, also included the asteroid Vesta--conjoining the twosome by a half-degree, adding Vesta's energetic to the cycle's theme.

In general, Neptune is of hopes, dreams and ideals; a dissolver into the mysterious or misty. Saturn asks us to concretize, to define, and establish. Working together this twosome may ask us to concretize our dreams and visions. Yet, on the other hand, it may act to dissolve that which is established or solidified in our lives so we may pursue our greater dreams and ideals. Vesta inspires us to get clear and focused about it all.

The synodic theme articulating this "cycle of growth" is revealed by the stars at mid-sidereal Sag. These include Nunki of Sagittarius; and Beta Scutum of the Galactic Shield.

Nunki, Sigma Sag, is star of the "Proclamation of the Sea." Sagittarius resides where the galactic plane or river (Milky Way) flows into the incarnate plane of the soul (the ecliptic). The galactic plane provides the greater nourishing context for the incarnating soul--the field of unified creative substance from which our world is manifest. Nunki inspires us to function from the underlying power of the galactic ocean of divine love, to trust in the flowing waters of Source. Nunki "on the vane of the arrow at the Archer's hand" provides a guiding and stabilizing force used to ensure the Zen Archer hits his target--to invoke and access the power and confidence of divine love that enables our intent of purpose to undauntingly manifest in the material world. Nunki teaches us to steer our intent with love, as it is the intended focus of love that manifests our heart's truth from the unified field of creative intelligence. Nunki is of optimism and openness and requires we trust in this greater universal force and demonstrate our ability to direct it.

Just above the Zen Archer, lying along the Galactic equator, is Scutum, Galactic Shield of the Holy Cross, emblazoned with the Holy Cross symbol (the cross in a circle). Scutum is "Defender of the Holy Cross"--the greater evolutionary fulfillment of the soul--that which the Zen Archer undauntingly lives, stands, and is willing to die for. In personal and practical terms, here is inspiration to live for, claim, and defend that which supports our greater fulfillment.

Now, at the mid-point of the cycle, throughout the three triggers of it (Aug 31, 2006; Feb 28, 2007; and Jun 25, 2007), we come to realize the meaning of this cycle in our lives: perhaps reflecting upon how or if we are concretizing our dreams and visions; if we have the focus and dedication to direct our intent to do so; to live in the greater universal flow available to us; to take a stand for our greater truths and live them. Perhaps we are also looking at our patterns and our established life scenarios, and if they have limited our capacity to live our hopes and dreams; perhaps realizing the limits or bounds we have placed upon our selves that we need to let dissolve into universality.

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