Eris, The Great Disrupter,
Revati & the Global Economic Crisis

With the October 2008 Sun-Earth-Full Moon-Eris alignment;
and the tri-fold Venus cycles starting with-Pluto, Juno and Jupiter

Nick Anthony Fiorenza


The following is an astrological exploration about the Global Financial Crisis of October 2008. Why now? And the underlying positive purpose of this crisis.

Eris, The Great Disrupter

Eris, Pluto & the Dwarf Planets

Illustration: NASA

Eris (pronounced "ee-ris") is a recently discovered Dwarf Planet in the realm of Pluto and friends. Eris was discovered on Jan 5, 2005 by Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David Rabinowitz (Caltech) from images taken on October 21, 2003. The discovery was announced on July 29, 2005.

Methane covered Eris was discovered in Cetus, the fear-based technobureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness (in sidereal Pisces / 15° south ecliptical latitude). Being a very slow mover with an orbital period equal to 560 Earth years, Eris has moved little through the heavens and still resides in belly of ole' Cetus. Eris, is larger than Pluto and has a more extreme orbital inclination than that of Pluto's, as well as a greater eccentric orbit—suggesting it may cut through personality-level issues in a sharper, more intense, and dramatic way than Pluto.

Eris had dramatic repercussions surrounding its discovery, heralding the total re-classification of planets and the resultant formation of the Dwarf Planet class in which Pluto now resides. Mythologically, Eris is the Greek god of strife. Astrologically, Eris can be thought of as the Great Disrupter, disclosing what is hidden. Eris serves as a disrupting force, but with a purpose, so a greater re-organization can eventually follow, one more fitting to our accelerating and expanding evolutionary transition in consciousness. More about Eris.

The Stellar Backdrop

Eris currently aligns with Revati of Pisces and Baten Kaitos of Cetus, which conjoin in sidereal Pisces.

Eris conjoins Revati and Baten Kaitos

Geocentric Chart (looking from Earth) showing the retrograde paths of Eris
from 2000-2020; and the principal Eris star alignments (Revati and Baten Kaitos).
This chart is a blowup of the red box in the star chart below.

The Path of Eris through Cetus

The Path of Eris through Cetus in Sidereal Pisces

The Belly of Cetus

Cetus the sea monster is the Kraken in the story of Andromeda, Perseus, and the Royal Family. Cetus is the fear-instilling technobureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness. Cetus demonstrates a strong emotional turbulence and provides the dramatics of the intense psycho-emotional forces of the human world. The stars of Cetus comprise a principal part of the theme of sidereal Pisces.

In the greater scheme of things, emerging from the depths of watery Pisces, up through the bowels of Cetus, Eris, the Great Disrupter, is serving our greater evolutionary freedom by disrupting the forces driving our fear-based collective consciousness by disclosing clandestine affairs.

South of the whale of human emotional experience is Fornax, the furnace (not shown), which provides the perpetual fire (digestive juices) for our transmutation while participating in the belly of ole' Cetus—in the wet, sensual, and emotional world of human affairs. Alignments with the belly of ole Cetus, marked by the star Baten Kaitos, indicate our need to embrace the emotional aspects of mortal life and to emerge in transmuted form. The value here is to be able to participate from the wisdom of having been there, and to claim the potential rewards, the abundance that life has to offer in all of its forms.

Revati of Pisces

Eris also conjoins Revati, Zeta Pisces, which lies above Baten Kaitos on the ecliptic. Revati literally means riches, money, wealth, and financial resources. Prominent alignments with Revati can indicate material wealth gained from participating in the dramatic psycho-emotional world of human affairs. This zodiacal longitude is a couple of degrees to that of Baten Kaitos, the belly of ole Cetus, where the transformative process occurs while in the whale of human emotional experience. Revati also marks the exalted seat of Venus—bringing attention to our values, financial affairs, the flow of abundance, emotional clarity, and living from the heart. Venus rules money and assets; and Venus dramatically influences economics (especially its retrogrades), as is well known in astrological financial forecasting.


The stars forming the bound outstretched arms of the Princess Andromeda also reside at this ecliptical longitude. In the story of Andromeda and Royal Family, Andromeda was chained to the rocks by the sea to be devoured by Cetus the Sea Monster. This was due to Queen Cassiopeia's boastful and arrogant claim that her daughter was more beautiful than Poseidon's Nereids, the nymphs of the sea. Poseidon responded by sending Cetus to ravage the shores of Ethiopia, which Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus ruled. Cepheus was advised to sacrifice Andromeda to Cetus to appease Poseidon. Andromeda, although inheriting this unfortunate sentence, has a far greater and fortuitous destiny awaiting her, as articulated by the beautiful Andromeda Galaxy, which emulates the ideal potential for our Galaxy. Perseus eventually kills Cetus and frees Andromeda. Perseus and Andromeda marry and they go on to create a city and rule a kingdom that bores the Persian world. He and Andromeda bore a family as well. Hercules was descendent of Perseus and Andromeda through their son Electryon.

Andromeda is forced to face the sea (her emotions) and Cetus, the sea-monster (the fear-based monster of collective consciousness), which is buried deep beneath the water (in the subconscious mind) only to reveal its menacing head and thrashing tail at the surface shore.

The stars forming Andromeda’s bound outstretched arms articulate not only the bound feminine, but also the bondage of humanity’s prosperous future, which adds to articulate the theme of Baten Kaitos and Revati. This also articulates the subjugation of females and the control of financial resources by the dominant patriarchal-driven bureaucracies.

This zodiacal longitude also brings our attention to financial resources in general and the courage to release fear about not having or surviving, or losing what we do have, both of which drive the tormenting forces of Cetus and the bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness. Prominent alignments with Revati can also indicate an inherited fortune, or success with wealth and resources in the world.

Buried deep in the subconscious, Upsilon Ceti (conjoining Revati and Baten) supports opportunity for emergence from the belly of ole’ Cetus, that is to emerge from the struggles and fear common to the 3-d bureaucratic realmspace of our current collective consciousness; which in essence produces the mirror image or inversion in consciousness, the revelation of freedom produced from the inside-out, into heartspace. Upsilon Ceti reveals, for those that submerge deep enough within self, well beyond the turbulent psycho-drama of mind, the key to the chains of fear that bind.

Why October 2008
The Eris Full Moon of October 2008 & the Global Economy

Noting the Eris-Revati-Baten Kaitos conjunction, it is not at all surprising we are experiencing a dramatic disruption of the Global Economy—a disruption which I believe is essential for a reorganization of our financial paradigm and the political-business arena. Clearly, many people have been experiencing a continually expanding chasm in the financial aspects of their lives. Our financial system and the way we do business simply is not working for the majority of people in the world. It requires a structural reorganization if not a total re-design to meet the demanding changes as we cross the threshold from a world of duality, through a paradoxical crisis, and return into a field of unified awareness.

Global Financial Crisis in the October 2008 News:

"The world economy is now entering a major downturn in the face of the most dangerous shock in mature financial markets since the 1930s," the IMF (International Monetary Fund) said in its latest World Economic Outlook report, released Oct 8, 2008. (IPS News)

"The financial meltdown on Wall Street and elsewhere is not simply endangering investments, payrolls, consumer purchases, and business transactions in America. It is also triggering predictions—especially from overseas—that the era of American financial primacy is coming to a dramatic end."
(US News & World Report October 10, 2008)

Fear grips global stock markets: The global economic crisis has sent stock indexes plunging around the world. In the U.S., Wall Street has lost a fifth of its value in the past 10 trading days, suffering one of its biggest weekly falls since the Dow Jones index was created 112 years ago (Oct 11). "European Shares Plunge Over Impending Global Recession: European sharemarkets fell for a fifth straight day on Friday to cap off a disastrous trading week that saw the major indexes lose nearly a quarter of their value and Britain's FTSE close at its' lowest level in five years" (newsroomamerica). Markets in France, Germany and Britain plunged to end Friday between seven and nine percent lower. As panic mounted, there were trading suspensions in several countries including Russia, Austria, Iceland, Romania, Ukraine, Brazil and Indonesia. (BBC News)

"They were calling it Black Friday. But yesterday was an ocean of red; the colour of blood, anger, apprehension. What exactly is the colour of fear? For it is FEAR that has gripped financial markets. Sharemarkets, currency markets, credit markets across the globe are running for cover." (Sydney Morning Herald

During the October 2008 lunar cycle, we have reports from all over the world about an accelerating global economic crisis. The Eris conjunction with Revati and Baten Kaitos is rather long-term, occuring over many years, and thus can be thought of as an underlying brewing theme. So why the dramatic shift now? There are several significant and related events occuring in the October 2008 lunar cycle adding potent catalyst for this economic disruption.

They all center around the climatic Revati-Baten Kaitos-Eris-Full Moon, which occurs in the October 2008 lunar cycle. The complete alignment is: Sun-Earth-Full Moon-Eris. This also heralds the start of a new Earth-Eris 366-day synodic cycle. Occurring on the Full Moon emotionally embellishes this new Earth-Eris cycle, making it extra significant.

In this same lunar cycle we also have the start of a new Venus-Pluto synodic cycle occurring on the Gate of God in sidereal Sagittarius. This very significant synod, I surmise, is also a primary culprit for the turn in the global economy. Venus is very much resonant with wealth and resources, and Pluto with global resources and power. This occurrence on the Gate of God is of extreme significance as presented below. There are several other significant and related events occuring in this lunar Cycle as well, which reveal the opportunity for growth this global financial crisis offers.

A few excerpts from the October 2008 Lunar Planner
with additional notes and a few News quotes.

The Venus-Pluto & Earth-Mercury Synodic Cycles

A new 225-day Venus-Pluto- Gate of God (5° sidereal Sag) synodic cycle begins on Oct 5-6 in sidereal Sagittarius. At the same time a new 116-day Earth-Mercury synodic cycle begins on Oct 6 in sidereal Pisces (approaching Eris).

Pluto's extremely significant passage over the Gate of God is best presented in the June 3, 2008 Lunar Planner: The Full Moon Solstice Pluto Portal.


This Venus-Pluto synodic cycle starting on Oct 6, 2008 begins a very significant 225-day period catalyzing transformation of the heart and of personal relationships. It may also mark a significant change regarding all Venus-Pluto matters, especially fear-based issues surrounding abundance, wealth and resources. It may provide a separating of ways for individuals not in integrity and functioning from fear, that is, for those who may not be living true to their heart's passion and desire. On the other hand, it can provide a profound opening for those living from their heart's truth. The Venus-Pluto Gate of God placement occurring now, as the evolutionary portal created by Earth's Precessional Cross is active, provides a primary transformational force in the structure of matter, energy and consciousness that drives a deeply driven inner need to initiate personal change regarding all matters of the heart (especially the surrendering of fear and opening of heart). This is the first of three overlapping Venus synods to occur in this lunar cycle. The other two are with Juno (the asteroid of covenant relations, mutual respect and compatibility), occurring just before the Full Moon; and then with Jupiter, occurring after Last Quarter Moon.

The Venus-Pluto synod on the Gate of God first provides a separating of the ways for individuals and relationships not living true to heart, who are not mutually aligned in their heart's desire and for those with fear to change. The Venus-Juno Nunki synod (also in Sag) motivates new relationships of mutual compatibility to form and for those already existing to address and refine any issues of incompatibility. The Venus-Jupiter synod (on the cusp of Sag-Capricorn) sets it all in motion with a powerful expansion of heart; to move into a greater flow in the manifestation of purpose.

This tri-fold progression of Venus synodic cycles, unfolding over the next few hundred days, is quite significant in this lunar cycle, in our evolutionary cycle of growth, and it helps to reveal the beneficial nature underlying this global economic crisis.

It starts with Venus-Pluto, the opener and revealer's intercession, laying the cards on the table; and this is a heart / fear /monetary issue. It then invites new solution by forming new partnerships working together with mutual respect and equality (Venus-Juno). Juno is not only of intimate and personal relationships, but is of all significant relations, thus between world leaders as well. Juno raises inequality and superiority / inferiority issues. Mature Juno (relations) are those of mutual compatibility, respect and trust. This energetic is key in serving to establish a unified effort for solution to our Global Economy. Finally, the Venus-Jupiter cycle overlays its energetic of vast movement and expansion to manifest this re-segregation of cooperation.

Venus Pluto Juno Jupiter Eris Synods October 2008

We can clearly see the purpose of this crisis is driving "relationships" between people and countries to mature and unite in efforts as one world. Additionally it is serving us to restructure the architecture of our economic, business and political systems—to change with our accelerating evolutionary transition. And it is serving the masses, at the very least, to emerge from the fear-based monster of collective human consciousness—from reacting in fear of change.

The World Coming Together - Quotes from the News:

"Faced with a global recession, those demanding change from the rulers of the global economy appear to be on the inside as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank hold annual talks. "We need a better group for a different time." - Global Bank's President Robert Zoellick - "calling for a new "steering group" made up of Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and G7 members Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States. Membership would be fluid and open to up-and-coming powers, "especially if their rising influence is matched by a willingness to help shoulder responsibilities" and to find the trick of financial and economic cooperation." (IPS News)

G7 Meeting with World Bank president: Finance ministers from leading industrialized (G7) nations have pledged to work together and take action to restore stability and growth to the global economy. (BBC -

European leaders are to gather in Paris (Oct 12) to draw up a joint plan to cope with the financial crisis. (BBC -

Earth-Mercury / Venus-Pluto and the Jupiter First Quarter Moon

Mercury's Message: The new 116-day Earth-Mercury synodic cycle starts on Oct 6 just hours after the Venus-Pluto synod and in the crescendo of the mobilizing and expansive Jupiter-First Quarter Moon. This occurs when retrograde Mercury conjoins the Sun in sidereal Virgo. Retrograde Mercury and Sun conjoin Algorab of Corvus the Raven, the messenger bird...with need to heed the signs provided through the natural world around us.... Corvus is a protector as well, of both the animal and human worlds, and will forewarn of approaching danger as well as affirm fortuitous opportunities or events so we may prepare and participate accordingly.

Eris, Pluto & the Dwarf Planets

Note added Oct 12

It is also worth noting that Mercury's Retrograde and Solar conjunction occurs in sidereal Virgo. As most astrological stockmarket forecasters know, Mercury's passage through sidereal Virgo (its exalted sign) is extra significant, especially effecting agricultural commodities when there are significant aspects and lunar phase changes. Mercury is not just making passage through Virgo but its entire retrograde cycle occurs in sidereal Virgo along with Mercury's solar conjunction occurring at the same time as the Sun-Venus-Pluto synod—a potent dynamic. This occurred on Monday, October 6, the day the Market took its first dramatic plunge. The retrograde Mercury-Sun conjunction is also in an "approaching square" (270°) aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius creating an" inner drive to initiate change" regarding (Sun-Mercury-Jupiter) dynamics; e.g. daily logistical Virgo related thoughts and actions regarding Jupiter related issues, certainly (along with Venus-Pluto) resonant with the application and flow of monetary funds.

Jupiter is a mobilizing and expansive force and (along with Venus) has a significant role in financial matters—as money (the mobilizing media we use) is the agent of Jupiter.

For astrologers: In the heliocentric configuration (looking from the Sun), several significant aspects occur. The primary ones are: Mars and Saturn create a YOD (finger of God) pointing to the Mercury Earth synod; and a bi-septile (division of 7) occurs between the Venus-Pluto synod and the Mercury-Earth synod.

Oct 6 2008 Heliocentric Chart

NASA artist illustration

Haumea, a recently discovered Dwarf Planet (Dec 28, 2004), also conjoins the Sun and Mercury. Haumea was just formally named (a significant acknowledgement and primary astrological event) in our last lunar cycle on Sept 17, 2008. Haumea is the "Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth and Fertility." Haumea also plays a very key role in this alignment—Haumea-Sun-Mercury-Earth. Haumea provides impetus for a "new birth in consciousness." The Earth-Sun-Haumea alignment also marks the mid-point in the current Earth-Haumea synodic cycle, bringing vision and realization regarding Haumea's astrological role to our awareness.

For more about Haumea, see: "The Astrology of the Dwarf Planets: Haumea & Makemake."

Haumea's presence motivating a "new birth in consciousness" provides another key insight about how this economic crisis is serving humanity in a positive way.

The Earth-Mercury synod occurs (looking form the Sun) in sidereal Pisces (opposite Virgo). Our new Earth-Mercury 116-day theme is defined by Alpheratz, the head of Andromeda, and Alderamin, the head of King Cepheus. Also conjoining is the Irregular Galaxy C1613 in Cetus, and Nodus Secundus of Draco (the second node or fold of the Dragon).

...Our new 116-day Mercury Synodic Cycle provides opportunity to get clear on issues of entrapment and denial and to redefine the daily logistical aspects of our lives accordingly. This theme will fully commence as Mercury completes its retrograde on October 15, just after the Full Moon. Any messages we may be getting through the natural world around us regarding any psycho-emotional entrapping life scenarios also serve as part of our "external stimulus to action"...

The First Quarter Moon: In the geocentric configuration (looking from the Earth), the trigger for this event occurs in the 24-hour crescendo of the First Quarter Moon, which occurred on Oct 7, 2008. The time leading into the "first square" in a cycle creates in "external stimulus to action" to move into the action quarter of the cycle. It is typical for fears or hesitancies to arise in the crescendo and this event was a classical example of this—with the majority of the financial community re-acting in fear causing the resultant radical stock-market drop. This in turn served as an external stimulus for many other people—creating a snow-ball effect globally. There are a few additional culprits shown in the chart below.

Oct 6 2008 Geocentric Chart

The main aspect, as mentioned, is the First Quarter Moon (Moon-Jupiter square Mercury-Sun-Haumea). Notice also Venus is T-square to the lunar nodes. In a lunar nodes T-square, the squaring planet is an "issue to be resolved." In this case, issues of the heart (which is the seat of fear)—to either function from clear and open heart or to make judgments based from fear. A few other of the principal aspects are also shown.

The Eris Full Moon & the new Earth-Eris Synodic Cycle

This Full Moon conjoins Eris and occurs on October 14 in late sidereal Pisces. It also marks the start of the New Earth-Eris 366-day synodic cycle. This occurs when the Sun, Earth and Eris align, which occurs just hours before the Full Moon, in the high-energy crescendo leading into the Full Moon.

Our Eris Full Moon in sidereal Pisces conjoins Baten Kaitos, the Belly of ole' Cetus; Revati of Pisces; and Acamar of the river Eridanus....

...In terms of this lunar cycle, our Eris Full Moon indicates there are powerful forces catalyzing a significant reorganization of our lives. Our Full Moon's Vision, Enthusiasm and Realization (about this lunar cycle) may surround a radical disruption of plans or an upsetting of the status quo in the world or in our personal lives. This does not mean change in a bad way, although perhaps any disruptions may seem so in the moment, they eventually will be for the better and serve our capacity to live more in concert with theme of this lunar cycle....

...Our Eris Full Moon realizations regarding this month's lunar theme suggests deep stirring emotions, matters of the heart, money and resources may all be involved in catalyzing a re-organization of how we participate in life.

The Earth-Eris Synodic Cycle

The theme of this new Earth-Eris 366-day synodic cycle is the same as that of our Full Moon, effecting the year ahead—need I say more—all providing significant impetus to change the nature of how we participate on Earth.

The Earth-Eris Synodic Cycles

During each of the retrograde loops (shown in the above illustration) a new Earth-Eris (~366-day) synodic cycle begins. The sequential progression of the Earth-Eris cycles create the underlying current of the emerging force of Eris in our lives—in this case, about disrupting the status quo by disclosing what lies hidden in belly of the technobureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness.

To learn about the Eris synodic cycles with Earth and the other planets see:
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Presented in this article are the primary Planetary Synodic Cycles occurring with Eris from 2003 through 2014; and an exploration of the historical path of Eris, from the 1900's, as Eris moves from Sculptor in late sidereal Aquarius, deep in the subconscious realm of consciousness, and then upward under the tail and through the bowels of Cetus later in the century—gathering momentum to actively embark upon its mission now as the Great Disrupter, disclosing what is hidden. This exploration brings greater insight into the current role of Eris in our lives. In 2016 Uranus and Eris start a new synodic cycle, the last having started in 1927. The Uranus -Eris synodic cycle is also explored in this article.

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