A Snippet

Asteroid Fly-By
2002 NY40
Nearly Missing the Earth


August 14 - 20, 2002

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

The (near miss) asteroid (2002 NY40) is passing quite close to Earth during the first two weeks of August. The asteroid passes nearly as close to Earth as the moon is from Earth (about 1.3 times the distance). The passing occurs after the First Quarter Moon of Aug 14-15 and just before the Gibbous Moon of Aug 21-22 (centering on Aug 18). This creates a period of neurological intensity and astrological opportunity.

An Astrological Perspective

Just before its closest approach, during the First Quarter Moon of Aug 14, the asteroid conjoins Pallas in sidereal Capricorn (in the constellation of Aquarius). Then, from August 14 through August 19, as the asteroid zips by Earth, as it moves (from Earth's perspective) in a maniac retrograde motion through six signs of the zodiak--ripping through our consciousness. From its conjunction with Pallas in late sidereal Capricorn, just as it passes Earth, it quickly conjoins Venus (a change of heart), then Mercury (mind), then slows its movement through the zodiak and ends up in the opposite part of the heavens to conjoin with the Sun and Mars in sidereal Leo--just as the Sun conjoins Regulus, the heart of the Lion, on Aug 23.

The above illustration shows the orbits of Earth, Veuns, and Mercury. The asteroid (2002 NW40) lies slightly above the ecliptic plane (purple grid). As it passes Earth, it moves slightly below the ecliptic plane, which is not noticleable in the illustration. The animation shown occurs over a several day period.

A line drawn from the Earth through the asteroid reveals the alignment of the Earth and the asteroid in the solar system. As the asteroid moves past the Earth that alignment rapidly changes (the moving dotted line). Thus, the asteroid, from Earth's view, moves rapidly around the ecliptic (through the signs of the zodiak). The line passes through Venus, then Mercury, and ends up pointing toward Mars. (The Sun and Mars not shown. Mars is to the right, on the other side of the solar system). When the Earth, the asteroid, and another planet are aligned, they are conjoined, which creates a synthesis of their cosmic qualities.

Asteroid fly-bys like this create rather intense and very quick astrological shifts. From and astrological perspective, our visitor is linking the Pallas aspect of our consciousness and the current Pallas theme with that of Mars--surgically ripping open a new neurological channel within ourselves--opening a flow of energy within ourselves that heretofore had been unavailable. Because the asteroid conjoins Venus as it passes the Earth, we may find opportunity to experience a realignment to live our Heart's Truth. Although this may feel intense, in the greater scheme of our evolutionary unfoldment, it is a good thing.

Pallas in this mix asks us to look at how we spitefully withdraw and push away the very thing we desire due to our judgments of the all to human world. Pallas asks us to creatively co-participate from the maturity gained only through experience of having been on both sides of the fence at one time or another. Retrograde Pallas (in the overlap area of sidereal Capricorn and Aquarius) has been asking us to learn too apply our creative wisdom in the interest of all parties involved, rather than from righteous attitudes that excluding others and validate only self.

Mars governs the base chakra (the seat of survival and unconsciousness) and our sexual capacity and function. Mars governs our creative force and our capacity to use our creative power to initiate action and response. Mars in its clear expression is creativity assertively applied with power, strength, and confidence. Mars embodies abilities of leadership, is self-reliant, victorious, audacious, brave, instinctual, passionate, erotic and willful.

Mars creates a primary part of the August--September lunar month's theme. To learn of the current Mars and Pallas themes see August 8, 2002 Lunar Theme.

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Synchronicities of the Heart

Saturday night through Sunday night (Aug 17-18, 2002), just as the near-hit asteroid (2002 NY40) zips past Earth, we can expect the arrival of a coronal mass ejection that is headed directly toward Earth from the sun's giant "
Heart Shaped" sunspot.

NOAA reports: Twisting magnetic fields near the giant sunspot #69 erupted on Friday, Aug 16th. The explosion sparked an M5-class solar flare and hurled a coronal mass ejection toward Earth. NOAA forecasters estimate a 25-30% chance of severe geomagnetic storms when the cloud arrives--probably on Sunday, Aug. 18th. Sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

Sunspot 69 is not only big (it spans an area equal to thirty-two Pacific Oceans), it also looks remarkably like a heart. See for yourself, but never look directly at the Sun. Use safe solar projection techniques instead

At the same time we receive this blast from our "Sun's Heart," the asteroid, while passing Earth, will also conjoin with Venus, supporting a major heart opening within ourselves. Our golden sun embodies our Sol / soul -level awareness, whereas the Earth (and Planets) provide the experiential sphere of consciousness for the incarnating soul. This corridor of the Heart can only be one quite special.

REMEMBER: The astronomical events occurring now, during the many-year portal of the astronomical Holy Cross, supports our awakening to soul awareness. The intense solar emanations occurring are very much a part of this support, catalyzing a resonance in consciousness--the Illumination of the DNA. To integrate these energies is in our highest interest. The best way to integrate the intense cosmic energies impacting Earth at this time is to live in attunement to Earth and her natural cycles--in an awakened, high-vibrational modality of life. Things that affect our bio-logical attunement include the types of food and water we ingest, the quality of air we breathe, what we put on our skin, the types of clothes we ware, the types of materials we surround ourselves with, the types of structures we live in, and the nature of the man-made energies we are exposed to.

A very basic rule of thumb: Organic (nature-made) materials, foods, and supplements are life-supportive. They have a molecular spin that builds life-force in the human organism and allows our bodies to resonate with natural earth energies that are essential for our well-being. Synthetic materials, foods and drugs have a reverse-molecular spin that suppresses our life force and that is life-degenerative. Synthetics block and distort natural resonances and rhythms--and a harmonious life process. Man-made electromagnetic frequencies block the Earth's natural bio-logical resonances and the Cosmic Intelligence created by the heavenly cycles and that are essential for our well-being and spiritual evolutionary fulfillment.

To live in attunement to Earth is to also live in time with her and with the natural astronomical cycles of life, cycles that are one with our very own bio-logical cycles--hence the value of the Lunar Planner. The astronomical cycles of life create a symphonic musical score orchestrating our evolutionary unfoldment. The strong intensification of cosmic activity that is transpiring now at the crescendo of the cross is leading us into an entirely new phase of evolutionary experience. How prepared we are for it, how attuned we are through it, and how well we play our parts—participating as individuals and as a collective whole in the spacetiming of it--whether we play in time and in tune, or out of tune and out of time--determines whether we experience this symphony in pain and tragedy or in harmony and beauty. The choice to manifest our highest intended destiny, as always, is ours.

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We need not live in endless struggle, overwhelmed by the
surface turbulence of our growth and awakening process.
We can establish an inner peace instead, with life
becoming a graceful dance when we attune ourselves to the
natural spiral of growth that is guiding our lives.
Living in attunement to the natural Lunar Cycles
is an effective and empowering way to do this.

The Lunar Planner is an experiential tool teaching us
how to live in attunement to the natural Lunar Cycles.
Astronomical-Astrology and Star Lore reveal each
Lunar Month's Theme, and the planetary
themes unfolding throughout the year.
Each issue weaves a continuing story line
of the patterns of growth unfolding in our lives.

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