Why Live in Attunement to the Lunar Cycles
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Living in Attunement to the Lunar Cycles

Living in attunement to the Lunar Cycles cultivates a body-mind awareness that allows us to participate with an inner emotional peace and a level of trust that our moment-by-moment experience—no matter what it is—is unfolding within a natural spiral of experiential growth. Rather than being tossed to and fro in our life experience without understanding it and merely reacting to it, we come to understand our daily experience in the context of this natural underlying rhythm, and thus participate in harmony with it.

Each lunar cycle unfolds in a natural progression, much like a seedling grows into a plant that flowers and bears fruit. The progression of one lunar cycle to the next creates a natural and continuing spiral of personal growth and evolutionary opportunity. As we learn to consciously participate within this spiral of growth, we come to experience our lives unfolding like a musical score and learn to comfortably breathe in time and in tune within the natural unfoldment of our life experience. Rather than living in grief over the past and worry about the future, attempting to control and force outcomes in an endless struggle, we find ourselves relaxing into and living in the power of the present. Cultivating our capacity to live in the present brings us the sensitivity to intimately trust in the natural tides working in our lives, and to embrace our experience in the unconditional acceptance that makes true inner change possible. It cultivates our capacity to embrace, with true compassion, the powerful transitions occurring in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

Progression of the Lunar Phases by Nick Anthony Fiorenza

How to learn to live attuned to the Lunar Cycle

Simply download the "Lunar Planner Introduction" and each month's "Lunar Calendar" and use them together on a daily basis. Both are FREE to all visitors.

The Lunar Planner Introduction is a several page document that explains how the Lunar Cycle works. It reveals the characteristics of each lunar phase and how each of the eight lunar phases shift from one to the next. The Lunar Planner Introduction will teach you how to participate in harmony with this natural cycle. Here you will learn about the natural progression of growth and opportunity each lunar cycle offers. You will learn when it is a time to allow a new cycle's theme to emerge; when to allow an inspirational process to occur regarding it; when to engage in creative action based upon our inspiration; when it is a time for social activity and communication; when it is a time of realization about the current lunar cycle; when it is time to manifest the fruit of the lunar cycle, to embody its gift; when it is a time to make life changes based upon the realizations gained in the cycle; and when it is time to surrender to allow the next cycle to engage.

Referring to the "Lunar Phase Characteristics Chart" in the introduction while using each month's Lunar Calendar will experiential teach you to live in attunement to the Lunar Cycles, which will soon become a natural process.

Download the Lunar Planner Introduction & current Lunar Calendar.

The Monthly Lunar Planner Commentary

Although not required to learn to live in attunement to the Lunar Cycles, complimenting the monthly Lunar Calendar is the Monthly Lunar Planner Commentary, which is available by subscription. The Month Lunar Planner Commentary is an in-depth astrological exploration of each lunar cycle based in star-level astronomical astrology.

The Art-Science of Sidereal Astronomical Astrology

The Thousand-Ruby Galaxy

M83 - The Thousand-Ruby Galaxy in Centaurus
Image Credit: European Southern Observatory
ESO (2 Sept 2008)

On each New Moon, the Sun and Moon align with specific stars in the heavens that provide unique cosmic qualities that express throughout the lunar cycle. The New Moon alignments reveal the theme of each lunar cycle. As the lunar cycle unfolds, the Moon creates new stellar alignments at each lunar phase transition. These stellar alignments as well as those occurring with all of the planets, reveal a detailed picture of the unfolding Lunar Cycle.

Observing the Sun, Moon and planetary alignments to specific stars and to the astronomical constellations of the entire heavens, beyond the bounds of the modern day astrological signs, reveals the transcendent currents and evolutionary themes that guide our experience. Astronomical Astrology is the interpretive exploration of these alignments as they are experienced and seen as if we were looking directly into the Heavens.

The tapestry of spiraling lunar themes, along with the themes of interweaving planetary alignments, eloquently reveals the greater story line that directs the evolutionary unfoldment of human consciousness and that molds our daily experience. Month by month, lunar chapter by lunar chapter, we come to see our experiences in a new light and clarity, as part of a grand divine symphony.

Astronomical Astrology and the Lunar Calendar are fundamental to the natural, experiential world. Because they are observances of that which is occurring in the natural world, they serve as wonderful tools to get ourselves in touch and in tune with the opportunity for the inner metamorphosis possible in our personal lives and in collective consciousness.

Living in conscious awareness with the unfolding lunar phases and with awareness of the monthly lunar themes supports us to embrace our profound personal experiences and the global transitions occurring for all of humanity with far greater understanding and compassion. In this awareness, we find ourselves making conscious and responsible choices that help facilitate our personal transformation self-empowerment and spiritual awakening.

The Language of the Heavens

Astronomical Mythology is a "picture language" of the Greater Heavens, the language of Astronomical Astrology. This imagery articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing throughout the greater heavens and throughout our lives. I use mythological star lore to articulate our human experience from within the greater perspective that we are evolving souls participating in the unfoldment of an embracing Creative Intelligence. Our daily experiences are seen in the context of this unfolding Intelligence supporting nothing less than our highest attainment and realization of Universal Love.

Modern astronomical and cosmological language is also a picture language. Terms like black hole, quasar, pulsar, etc., are simply names that convey conceptual images in our minds about the phenomena we observe. We often mistake these terms, the pictures they may formulate in our minds, and the cosmological concepts we formulate with them, to be factual descriptions of reality when in fact they are merely descriptions of that which we do not fully comprehend, descriptions of transcendent forces at work in our lives.

Modern astronomical and cosmological language continually becomes obsolete as we expand our awareness because the terms like black hole or gravity no longer adequately describe the more embracing awareness we gain. Whether we use the old Newtonian physics, which defines a gravity-driven universe, or newer cosmological models like a plasma-based universe that may better describe that there is no empty space between ourselves or between that which we observe in the heavens, they are still merely "descriptions" fitting to our current level of comprehension. However, these descriptions, the mythical language of the heavens, is a tool, like any language, that can be used to artfully explore the nature of our experiential evolution in consciousness.

"Within the province of the mind, what I believe to be true is true or becomes true within the limits to be found experientially or experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended."
Timothy Leary

We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us, or from our beloved Earth, but are intimate parts of this dynamic, continually unfolding heavenly symphony. This entirety is our cosmic consciousness, the totality of our being, a living intelligent inclusive substance to which we belong. To explore the greater heavens in any language is to explore that which we are—our embracing consciousness and our spiritual awakening.

To intellectually explore the heavens is one thing. To live and breath in harmony with the heavenly cycles is to return from being stretched/stressed out in time to experience health and wholeness in time.

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