The Astronomy and Astrology of Dwarf Planet 2007 OR10

Will 2007 OR10 finaly get a Name?

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Size comparison of 2007 OR10, Pluto, Eris, Haumea and Makemake.

New K2 results peg 2007 OR10 as the largest unnamed body in our solar system and the third largest of the current roster of about half a dozen dwarf planets. The dwarf planet Haumea has an oblong shape that is wider on its long axis than 2007 OR10, but its overall volume is smaller. Credits: Konkoly Observatory/András Pál, Hungarian Astronomical Association/Iván Éder, NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI


"2007 OR10 is the largest unnamed world in our solar system and the third largest of the current roster of about half a dozen dwarf planets. The recent study also found that the object is quite dark and rotating more slowly than almost any other body orbiting our sun, taking close to 45 hours to complete its daily spin. The revised measurement of the planet's diameter, 955 miles (1,535 kilometers), is about 60 miles (100 kilometers) greater than the next largest dwarf planet, Makemake, or about one-third smaller than Pluto." JPL News May 11, 2016

Astronomers Meg Schwamb, Mike Brown and David Rabinowitz discovered 2007 OR10 on July 17, 2007. Mike Brown expects to give it a name in 2017.

The Orbit of 2007 OR10

2007 OR10 orbit north view.
2007 OR10 orbit side view.

2007 OR10Orbital Views

2007 OR10
Orbital Period: 552.47 years
Inclination: 30.9038°
Ecentricity: 0.506490
Perihelion: Sep 30, 1856 at 33.680 AU
Aphelion: 2130 (100.66 AU)

Orbital Period: 558.76 years
Inclination: 44.1980°
Ecentricity: 0.442174
Perihelion: Apr 15, 1700 / Jan 21, 2259 at 38.16 AU

Last Data Update: Minor Planet Center January 2017
(Orbital Elements change as data is refined over time, which can also effect locations and dates of placements.)

2007 OR10 / Eris Inclinations
2007 OR10 / Eris Planetary Nodes
2007 OR10 Perihelion

Perihelion occurs in Crater and conjoins Super Galactic Center. The Vernal Axis (anti-vernal point) at the time of the 1856 perihelion was also conjoining.

Discovery and Path of 2007 OR10

Discovery and path of 2007 OR10 Star Chart.

2007 OR10 is currently (January 2017) in Aquarius, about 2° south ecliptic lattitude, conjoining Ancha and Sadalmelik, and approaching its North Node conjoining Sadachbia, which it will reach in April 2031.

Discovery of 2007 OR10 Sidereal Astrology Chart.

Primary synods with 2007 OR10 (in Aquarius)

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2007 OR10: Largest Unnamed World in the Solar System