The Haumea Pluto Generation

And the Saturn Pluto Haumea Generation of 1947-1948
And the Uranus-Haumea Generation of 1962

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Haumea & Moons: Hi'iaka and Namaka

Haumea, believed to be compose of pure rock with an pure ice shell, has ellipsoidal shape, is about the size of Pluto in length,and has an orbital period of ~285 Earth years and spins extremely rapid end-over-end at a rate of 3.9 Earth hours. Haumea has two orbiting satellites (moons), Hi'iaka and Namaka. Haumea is the third-largest known dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt.

Illustration: Ann Feild/STScI/ESA/NASA

Haumea: Hawaiian Goddess of
Childbirth and Fertility

The Discovery of Haumea (pronounced how-MAY-ah) and its astrological considerations are presented in the article "Haumea & Makemake." You may wish to explore that article before exploring this one.

Haumea in Summary

Haumea’s propensity is to intercede with strength and dynamic motion from a state of equilibrium and poise to create a new and wholistic birth in consciousness, one in which the feminine has autonomy to act in accord with nature and the natural world, and to express a new level of awareness about what is truly life supportive, especially regarding the use of the fundamental primordial forces of life. Haumea motivates action to reorient destructive use of power, resources and patterns of behavior into a nurturing force that supports and protects life, and that aids our emergence into a spiritually and primordial aware state of being. She will not be dominated, subjugated or owned. She is a naturalist, of the wild, and impels the formation and evolution of new life. At a personal level, Haumea impels a powerful and directed application of our raw personal attributes and resources to create or recreate. She also tends to equilibrate by bringing out of balance automatic primordial patterns of behavior.

Haumea & Pluto

Haumea and Pluto aligned around Feb 4, 1955 in early sidereal Leo, on the Head of the Lion. Pluto arrived to within 1° of Haumea in Dec of 1953 and left a 1° orb in April of 1956, so those born within this period will carry a strong Haumea-Pluto energetic.

Pluto and Haumea were within a ±3° orb from 1951 through May of 1958, so those born within this extended period will still be influenced by the Haumea-Pluto energetic.

If you were born during this period, also consider that other planets you may have conjoining or aspecting your natal Pluto are also conjoining Haumea as well.

The Sun, Pluto Haumea alignment also marked the start of the Pluto-Haumea synodic cycle—a cycle that takes about 1547 years due to the very long orbital periods of Pluto and Haumea. Pluto's year is 248.02 Earth-years and Haumea's year is about 284 years. Pluto must orbit the Sun about 6.4 times before catching up to Haumea for their next synod (not to occur until about 3502 AD). We are thus looking at a very long evolutionary cycles and a recent transition in those cycles.

The sizes of Haumea & Makemake

Synodic cycles are created when two (or more) planets align in their orbits around the Sun. The synodic cycle theme, defined by the planets involved and the star alignments at the time, will unfold until the two planets align again, marking the completion of the synodic cycle and the beginning of the next one.

There are many synodic cycles with unique astrological themes occurring simultaneously creating a harmonic symphony of creative unfoldment in consciousness. Synodic cycles can be thought of as longer-term underlying currents, much like the backdrop chorus of a symphony, providing the underlying astrological context guiding our evolution.

Learn the basics about Synodic Cycles & Synodic Astrology.

Because Pluto and Haumea are relatively far from Earth's orbit, the Sun-Pluto-Haumea (heliocentric) alignment and the Earth-Pluto-Haumea (geocentric) alignment appear almost exactly at the same place in the heavens; although the Pluto-Haumea conjunction looking from the Earth occurred on Feb 14-15 1995. This is also when the new 366-day Earth-Pluto-Haumea synodic cycle began, which grounded the new Pluto-Haumea cycle's theme on Earth.

The star chart below shows a close-up of the head area of Leo the Lion; the paths of Pluto and Haumea during the 1950's; their locations at the ±3°and ±1° orbs, and the location of the synod (Sun-Pluto Haumea alignment) of Feb 1955.

The Leo stars influencing the Haumea-Pluto conjunction are Subra, the paw of the Lion, Adhafera, the crest of the mane, Eta Leo, Algieba, and Regulus. This part of the heavens is about leadership, participating on the global stage, being seen, pride, standing forth, personal integrity, wisdom, and breaking new trail.

Star Chart:Haumea Pluto Orbs

Heliocentric Star Chart
The Pluto Haumea synod (looking from the Sun) 1951-1958 (1° 38' Leo - GA)
(Regulus and Algieba reside close to 5° sidereal Leo)

Haumea & Pluto: Their Synthesis

Although the astrological community is just beginning to experientially gain insight into Haumea's astrological influence, I so far have come to view Haumea's much like a mid-wife, but in this case facilitating a new birth in consciousness for humanity. I present this in my the article Haumea & Makemake.

Pluto is an opener and will dismantle any superfluous personality issues that are not in the higher interest of the soul, stripping away self delusions to leave only that which is a raw essential core. Pluto is often associated with rebirth because we must start anew after Pluto has done its work; but it is not Pluto who does the rebirthing. Pluto teaches us about power, and to acceas the power of the soul rather than thinking power is something outside of self to aquire.

It would seem that Haumea and Pluto make a good paring. While Pluto dismantles the old, creating a void and providing an opening; Haumea is there to facilitate a healthy new birth from the remaining core essence.

There are two primary ways to consider new planetary cycles: Not only do they establish a principle energetic for those souls being born at the time (as explored in a natal chart), but they also establish a new energetic in consciousness for everyone on Earth as they engage a new cycle of growth in our solar system's ever changing planetary harmonic symphony in which we evolve.

Questions for the Haumea-Pluto Generation
Especially for those born around 1952 through 1957

Do you relate to the suggested Haumea & Pluto energetic and how?

Do you experience a continuous tearing down process and at the same time continually birth a new a new level of awareness as a result, a continual inner maturing?

Do you find yourself playing such a role in the world or in the lives of others, helping people rebirth after they have been torn down?

Do you have a strong underlying desire to see the old paradigm fall while at the same time wanting an entirely new consciousness to reign on Earth?

Do you feel you somehow have the tools or the adeptness to rise from the ashes, as the old world or your old life crumbles around you?

Do you feel the need to break new trail, to step forth into the global arena, onto the global stage as a leader in dismantling the old and heralding in a new consciousness on Earth?

Are you a rebel with a cause?

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Haumea & Pluto & the additional synods with
Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus

Haumea's discovery and naming in Coma Berenices over Virgo

Heliocentric Star Chart (looking from the Sun) showing the
additional synods created by Jupiter Saturn and Uranus.

Keep in mind that every year (about 366 days), Earth roles through this part of the heavens making synods with each of these planets—a given—as do the other faster moving planets at their orbital rates.

The Saturn Pluto-Haumea Generation of 1947-1948

Notice Saturn's arrival through this part of the heavens in the above star chart. Saturn makes its synod with Pluto in August 1947 (creating the infamous Saturn-Pluto generation) and then with Haumea a few months later in January 1948—little did anyone know at the time. This began a new ~35-year cycle between Saturn, Pluto and Haumea. It would seem that Saturn's additional synod with Haumea, conjoining Algenubi, the Eye of the Lion—which is about breaking new trail—brought a sense of responsibility to break new trail and discover new ways to support a new birth in consciousness. It seems this generation may have been key in setting the groundwork for the potent Haumea-Pluto generation to emerge just a decade later.

Jupiter's Mobilizing and Expansive influence of 1956

Just after the Haumea-Pluto synod of Feb 4, 1955 and the Earth-Haumea-Pluto synod of Feb 15, 1955, Jupiter makes is synod a year later with Earth, Haumea and Pluto in Feb 1956. This is a very significant compounded synod, with Jupiter adding its mobilizing and expanding influence. This began a ~12 year cycle with Jupiter, Haumea and Pluto. Consider the first 12 years as a child growing up from this time. A mobilizing, expansive and spiritual influence of the Haumea-Pluto theme was quietly working in the subconsciousness of these children.

The Uranus-Haumea Generation of 1962

Jupiter and Uranus first make their synod in 1955, in the first few degrees of sidereal Cancer, and at the same time as the Haumea-Pluto synod. Uranus, being a slower mover, meets up with Haumea in 1962, in the middle of sidereal Leo. Uranus and Haumea conjoin Alpha Sextans and Al Kaphra of the Great Bear. The stellar theme here about stance, position, and gaining one's bearings so as to be able to take a new tack in achieving one's goals, as well as setting and altering our evolutionary direction.

Uranus, of course, the awakener, is radical, of the unexpected, unconventional and unbounded. Uranus challenges us to break away from the conformity of the structured past and linear thinking, and to enter into unexplored territory. Here again we find another significant progression along Haumea's emergence into our conscious awareness. This Uranus-Haumea generation and this energetic on Earth then took the lead in this pursuit to herald a new birth in consciousness.

Uranus continues on its way to its synod with Pluto in 1965-1966. Uranus and Pluto lie under the auspices of fiery and creative Mizar of the Great Bear. Expression is a must here, and with Uranus and Pluto, things will no longer be the same as a radical and rebellious new consciousness emerges on Earth.

The Uranus-Haumea Opposition 2016-2018

Uranus reaches its heliocentric opposition, which marks the midpoint of vision and realization in the 1962 Uranus-Haumea cycle, on September 3, 2016. This expresses through five geocentric oppositions occurring from mid 2016 through early 2018. This occurs during the Haumea-Eris opposition which is the midpoint in the current Haumea-Eris synodic cycle, which started in mid-November 1831 CE at cuspal sidereal Aquarius (conjoining Sadr of Cygnus and Sadalsuud of Aquarius). The synodic opposition occurs on September 3, 2016, expressing through several Haumea-Eris oppositions occurring from late 2014 through late 2018. Uranus conjoins Eris (in opposition to Haumea) in mid 2016 through early 2018—no doubt to produce an unprecedented experience and transition for humanity, and for those born into the Uranus-Haumea cycle.

See the movie: "The Paths of Haumea & Makemake."

In Summary: The key Haumea related Evolutionary Shifts

1947-48 : The birth of the Saturn-Pluto / Saturn-Haumea Generation and this energetic on Earth

1953-1957 : The birth of the Haumea-Pluto, Earth and Jupiter Generation and this energetic on Earth

1962 : The birth of the Uranus-Haumea Generation and this energetic on Earth

1965-66 : The birth of the Uranus-Pluto Generation and this energetic on Earth

Here we may also find a resonance, via Haumea, between those born in 1946-47 with those born in 1953-57, and with those born in 1962.

2014-2018 : Midpoint in the Uranus-Haumea cycle that began in 1962.

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