The Astronomy and Astrology of Ixion

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Latest Update: August 30, 2017


Cerro Tololo Observatory, La Serena, Chili

Ixion was discovered on May 22, 2001, by James L. Elliot (MIT) and Lawrence H. Wasserman (Lowell), who are part of a group of American astronomers lead by Robert L. Millis of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. It was the brightest of the Kuiper objects discovered as of 2001. Ixion has an approximate diameter of about ~850 -220/+260 kilometers. Ixion is near the size of Ceres. Ixion's orbital period is 250 years and it has a 19.58° orbital inclination. The naming of Ixion was published on 28 March 2002 (MPC 45236).

Discovery Location: Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, La Serena, Chili
Latitude: -30° 10' 5.40" S, Longitude: -70° 48' 12.59" W

Discovery Images: 2001 05 22.22320, RA 16 16 06.12, DEC -19 13 45.6 (MPS 31817)
2001 05 22.30447, RA 16 16 05.71, DEC -19 13 44.8 (MPS 31817)

The orbit of Ixion

Ixion, in Greek mythology, was a descendent of (the firey god) Ares and was king of the Lapiths (a race) in Thessaly (late 14th Century B.C. ). Ixion deliberately renigged on his agreement to pay King Eioneus of Thrace for his daughter, the princess Dia's hand in marriage. In lieu of payment, Eioneus stole Ixion's mares. Ixion, in his rage and retaliation, plotted against his father-in-law, King Eioneus, inviting him to a feast at Larissa and killing him by pushing him into a pit of burning coals. From this, it is said that Ixion was the first human to shed kindred blood. Ixion was then exiled for his deed.

Thrace (Balkan Peninsula) evolved into a nation with a powerful military and an advanced governmental system led by King Rhesus, son of King Eioneus, which fought with the Trojans. Due to the rich mineral deposits in Balkan mountains, the Thracians were responsible for trade's transition from barter into coin-based commercialism. Thrace is now split between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

Zeus later invites exiled Ixion to Olympus as his guest, but with Ixion only to pursue Hera, the wife of his host. To deliberately deceive and divert Ixion, Zeus disguised a cloud to look like Hera (or the cloud-goddess Nephele / Greek: nephos means "cloud"), leaving Ixion, in his delusion, to have intercourse with the nephos instead. Centaurus was the result of this delusory union. Centaurus later mated with the mares of Mt. Pelion creating the race of the Centaurs, excluding Chiron.) And from Pindar's Pythian Odes: In punishment, Zeus then bound Ixion to a winged, flailing or flaming spinning wheel upon which Ixion was forced to continuously repent: "show gratitude to your benefactor." I take this to mean bound to the zodiakal karmic wheel of reincarnational life.

I find the theme here diverse, with twists of financial and sexual exploitation, deceit, delusion, and karmic retribution. This is one of uncontrolled righteous rage carried from a long standing warring and arrogant time-stream of consciousness (Ixion being a descendent of Ares). It is of deliberate deception and retaliation between two authoritarian figures (King Ixion of the Lapiths verses King Eioneus of Thrace). It has an element of deliberately causing death (through fire). It has an element of a female (princess Dia) being treated as property, owned and stolen; i.e., feminine or sexual exploitation. It reveals a long drawn-out karmic scenario: Ixion takes Eioneus' daughter Dia and then deceives and kills Eioneus with the karmic payback provided by Zeus after Ixion once again demonstrates his deliberately deceptive intent. But this time Ixion is lost in his own deception to pursue only an illusory image of Hera.

It is also interesting to note that the Lapiths are kindred with the Centaurs through Ixion's genealogy, yet the two were often at battle with one another. The most famous account being the battle between the Lapiths and the Centaurs at the wedding feast of Pirithous (the Centauromachy). So here again is the underlying theme of a battle with those of kindred blood. More specifically this may indicate a battle within the genealogical stream of the ruling "civilized" mortal ways (of the Lapiths) with the wild or natural ways (of the Centaurs).

In this light, the Lapith-Centaur relationship is suggested by some to embody themes of this inner struggle—between the tamed and civilized verses the wild and natural (Wikipedia; et, al.). Thus, Ixion may bring to surface issues and experiences reflecting this inner conflict—to do that which is considered civilized (dictated by man's laws) or that which is more natural to the wild and free (renegade). In either case the paradox may arise for the civilized patriarch, now quite at odds with the wilder natural world, to take responsibility for doing that which is natural (whether for good or bad) especially when matters of fatality are involved.

We can certainly see this theme prominent in the medical community with allopathic verses naturopathic methods; i.e., prolonging life through artificial means despite the lost of the quality of life, verses using natural means to facilitate the capacity for the body to heal itself. This is fitting to Ixion's discovery in and current passage through Ophiuchus in sidereal Scorpio.

Ixion's Discovery

Ixion's Discovery Star Chart

Ixion's discovery location is significant in revealing the nature of Ixion's arrival into humanity's conscious awareness. A discovery chart reveals a newly discovered planet's role for humanity. Ixion was discovered in sidereal Scorpio approaching its south node, at the left leg and foot of Ophiuchus. It resides between the head of the Scorpion (Dschuba of Scorpio) and Yed Ophiuchus, and Al Niyat (σ) and Antares of Scorpio. Three potent binary neutron star X-ray sources express into this few degree area of the ecliptic, Hercules X-1, Scorpio X-1, and Circini X-1. Their intense X-ray emissions excite a high-vibrational resonance beyond the visible realm of light that supports personal transmutation into a greater level of self-awareness. Also conjoining are Cerberus of Lupus, the stars of Circini and the Circini Pulsar, and Beta and Delta of the Chameleon (the latter, in the far southern heavens, is not shown).

Moving through the ecliptic across the Head of the Scorpion (Dschuba) impels a graduation in consciousness by impelling us to take responsibility for creating our life experience rather than blaming our experience outside of self and perpetuating entrapment in the karmic path of soul growth articulated by the claws of the Scorpion. The several degree area following, through which the three x-ray sources express at the leg of Ophiuchus, and through Al Niyat of Scorpio (approaching Antares), incites an intense passionate carnal force. This can express as sensual desire and a passionate magnetic attraction impelling unconscious abandon in pursuit for external experience that fulfills such desire, or for one more emotionally mature, as a healthy passionate sensuality and altered ecstatic experience. It can also incite a relentless emotional agitation with insatiable carnal desire if motive to act is for personal gratification alone. For the less mature soul, this can express as a squirming avoidance to pursue a path of self-mastery, merely changing colors to fit in. Changing colors is a trait common to the first half of sidereal Scorpio, where a person's appearance or expression seems to be entirely different at different times. This is exemplified by the southern Chameleon, generally a symbol of adaptability, change and new beginnings. The Chameleon articulates the ability to adjust to any situation, but not through subservience, avoidance, acquiescence or desire for acceptance, but in mastery of self and with intuitive sensitivity to one's surroundings. For one in full mastery of this inner transmutational process, it imparts a capacity to morph into alternative forms, literally, as in shapeshifting.

For those on a transcendental path seeking greater conscious awareness, the energetics expressing here provide tremendous opportunity for neurological transformation. They impell the conscious use of our primal energy to physically and emotionally demonstrate the pursuit for self-mastery and self-responsibility, and to embody this capacity at an experiential-cellular level such that this becomes unquestionably natural. This inspires the amalgamation of our creative forces to achieve a greater awareness, rapture, and freedom of being, a desire for knowledge and spiritual prowess regarding the primal and carnal forces of life, and becoming consciously adept in altered shamanistic states of awareness. This may also impel the disciplined application of metamorphic and psychotropic elements or ritualistic practices that support transmutational or regenerative processes and the development of advanced states of perceptual awareness. These stellar forces excite the resonance between the base chakra and the pineal gland or epiphysis, the epiphany center of the brain. This is the activation of the central conduit from the base chakra to the pineal, which can result in a powerful metamorphic process.

Ixion's Path of Redemption

Ixion's path through the heavens from its time of discovery is also revealing. From its discovery location, it conjoins the stars forming the left leg of Ophiuchus as it crosses the left foot of Ophiuchus (directly across Psi Ψ and Omega ω). Ixion then arrives to its South Node, which resides just slightly past Antares, conjoining it and Al Niyat (τ) of Scorpio. Now lightly south of the ecliptic it moves through Ophiuchus to the right leg of Ophiuchus and over the sting of the Scorpion and the Altar of the Centaur, conjoining Ras Algethi of Hercules and Ras Alhauge of Ophiuchus in the process. Ixion then heads directly across Galactic Center, in making this passage in 2018 through 2019. This path is one of impelling the pursuit for metamorphic transforation to claim one's greater self mastery and reinstatement into unified awareness (the path to Galactic Center). In context of Ixion's mythical delineation, it seem's the intent is total redemption of past deeds, surrendering and old mold of self, the remorse, grief and guilt carried for being lost in deceit and manipulation driven from carnal desires (occuring in latter Scorpio over Ara and at the sting of the Scorpion). Of course, whether people do this with Ixion's archetype embodied within self is another story, but Ixion's sojourn along this path provides impetus and opportunity to do so. In the process, it should also intensify this expression in the world for those who do not have any intent to change their tyrannical ways, bringing authoritarian or tyrannical figureheads into the limelight of mass consciousness. As always, that which is exemplified openly on the global stage reflectively reveals issues to be addressed within ourselves.

Ixion-Saturn-Quaoar 1984 Synods

Ixion & Saturn

Ixion was opposite Saturn in sidereal Taurus at the time of discovery, with the Sun approaching Saturn. Saturn was conjoining Mirfak of Perseus and the stars forming the leg and foot of Perseus. This (2001) was the time of the midpoint of the Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle, which began in October of 1984. This was a compounded synod with Quaoar, with the three nesting in the karmic claws of the Scorpion, between Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali, the former marking Saturn's exalted location in the ecliptic. The placement of this synod emphasizes "karmic responsibility" with the 2001 mid-point bringing this theme to its climax of vision and realization about the nature of the cycle.

Ixion in Summary

As a recently discovered planet, Ixion's astrological role is somewhat exploratory. In addition, although we can project back in time, we are only consciously aware of Ixion's passage through sidereal Scorpio, not to enter sidereal Sagittarius until late 2017, along with its Saturn conjunction, which occurs throughout all of 2017 in the last few degrees of sidereal Scorpio.

The Saturn-Ixion synod occuring in 2017 (over the sting of the Scorpion) marks the completion of the 33-year Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle that began in 1984, and of course, it marks the start of the next Saturn-Ixion cycle.

Ixion brings emphasis to the exposure for misdeeds driven from personal gratification or carnal lust at the cost of others wellbeing, and for disrespect or betrayal of others, especially for deceptively taking advantage of a host or benefactor.

Ixion impels us to take responsibility for our life scenarios rather than perpetuating entrapment on the karmic wheel as if victim to a self-created history of deception.

Ixion also seems to exemplify people in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for tyrannical deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, especially women, as well as the destruction of people for one's own end. Ixion may also be prominent in malicious and deceptive power-plays between authoritarian figureheads, drawn out in long karmic-based scenarios. (Bush Senior and Sadam Husain is an example.)

I see this theme in what I suspect was a karmic scenario that had to play out between the U.S. president George Bush and Saddam Hussein—as I allude to in the related article (Historical Timeline...). It should be noted however that Ixion conjoined Pluto at the time (1995), and Saturn and Ixion (along with Quaoar) began their synodic cycle in 1984 in the karmic claws of the Scorpion, thus being 10 years into the Saturn-Ixion cycle (mentioned above) and emphasizing not only the Saturn-Ixion theme of karmic responsibility, but also the ending (Pluto-Ixion) of a tyrannical figurehead and of the karmic scenario. More research about Ixion's role in their charts may be insightful should anyone be motivated.

Ixion may include issues of trust and betrayal, where miss-deeds are forgiven, but which occur again, perhaps in vicious cycle, much like a woman who forgives an abusive husband only to be abused again the following day. It may also express as lust and desire for wealth and power, or draw situations involving wealth and power where one must confront issues of morality.

Ixion in the natal astrological chart may indicate were we must own up for our own deeds. Ixion may bring attention to any internal conflict regarding the nature of our actions and if they reflect the type of person we really want to be, thus raising issues about self-deception or how we may be in denial. Ixion may raise issues about our morals, if we are presenting one persona to the world while our less-than ideal actions are demonstrating something else entirely, something other than what we know we should ideally demonstrate. Ixion may be related to where or how we may compromise our morals for personal gratification, or draw experience where we may be tempted to do so, and how we must deal with the karmic ramifications of doing so.

Keep in mind, Ixion's role is just beginning to be explored in the astrological community. Myth and astrological placements at the time of discovery only lend insight into the true nature of a newly discovered planet or asteroid. Only time-tested research will refine Ixion's true astrological influence.

Ixion, Pluto & Neptune

Ixion, like Pluto, has a 2:3 mean-motion resonance with Neptune, which means that for every two orbits that Ixion makes, Neptune makes three orbits. This also means that Ixion and Pluto have the same orbital resonance (1:1), meaning they both orbit one time between their synods. The Neptune-Ixion synodic cycle is about 491 years. The last cycle began in 1949 in sidereal Virgo.

Ixion & Neptune: Deceptive Appearances

I added this section due to a question I received asking if Ixion crosses inside Neptune's orbit.

Ixion and Neptune orbital planes.

One astronomical unit (AU) is the mean distance between the Earth and our Sun, approximately 93 million miles (150 million km).

Ixion and Neptune orbits side view.

Ixion's "apparent entry into Neptune's orbit" is fitting to an Ixion-Neptune trait of creating "deceptive appearances."

Ixion appears to cross into Neptune's orbit around 2040 CE and appears to leave in about 2086 CE, but only when looking down upon the solar system. However, Ixion is actually still further from the Sun then Neptune's orbital distance during this time, at about 34 AU in 2040. Neptune's orbital distance is ~29.8 AU at perihelion and ~30.4 AU at aphelion (30.1 AU average). This is due to Ixion's high 19.6° orbital inclination (the tilt of its orbit) with respect to Neptune's mild 1.7° orbital inclination. Ixion is about 15° south of the ecliptic in 2040. Ixion reaches its perihelion (closest distance to the Sun) in 2070 at about 30 AU. Ixion is about 17° south of the ecliptic at this time (in Cetus, and conjoining Alderamin of King Cepheus / mid-sidereal Pisces). This is the only time it creates an Ixion-Neptune orbital distance resonance. Its distance then increases from the Sun, although still appearing to be inside Neptune's orbit when looking down upon the solar system. It is about 34 AU in 2086 when it appears to leave, and is about 8° south of the ecliptic, then moving northward toward Neptune's orbital plane. Ixion's Aphelion is about 50 AU, not to arrive until about 2195 CE (in mid-sidereal Virgo).

Ixion & Saturn 2017

Ixion and Saturn conjoin throughout 2017 with three geocentric conjunctions occurring on February 15, June 6 (while retrograde) and October 30. The Saturn-Ixion synod occurs on July 4, 2017, which completes the Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle that began in 1984 and initiates the new 35-year Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle, which continues through 2052 (occurring in Aquarius). The 2017 synod lies in late sidereal Scorpio, close to the Sagittarius cusp (shown in the above star chart). It conjoins Lesath, the sting of the Scorpion, Alpha, Beta and Gamma of Ara, Cebalrai and Nehushtan of Ophiuchus, Mu of Hercules, and M14, a bright globular cluster in Ophiuchus containing several hundred thousand stars. The retrogrades occur in the latter part of sidereal Scorpio, conjoining Ras Alhague, the head of Ophiuchus, and the leg of Ophiuchus which stands over the sting of the Scorpion and Ara, Altar of the Centaur.

Saturn and Ixion's conjunction brings emphasis to long-established karmic-based tyrannical authoritarian scenarios, generally involving people in strong leadership positions. At a soul level, the players in such scenarios are fulfilling underlying evolutionary energy currents that must be brought to resolution for humanity, despite what it may look like on the global stage of incarnate life. The stellar energetic of the retrogrades, over the sting of the Scorpion, can express just as a scorpion's sting feels, as a smite attack, lashing out with intense emotional vengeance. However, for those on a path of self mastery and who are willing to delve within self to own their emotions and address their own personal issues rather than project them outward (a main lesson of Scorpio), this area of the zodiak offers opportunity to choose a path of inner healing leading to metamorphic transformation. This is to surrender lesser egoic self, to place it upon the pyre of the Centaur's altar (Ara), upon which drips the venom of the Scorpion's sting (the often harsh lessons of life) as a transmutational elixir that acts as a catalyst for an inner metamorphosis. This is in preparation to awaken to a greater unified consciousness, reinstatement into a higher order resonance, which can then occur over the high altar, which extends from Alpha to Theta Ara in early Sagittarius and lies under Galactic Center. Saturn and Ixion's synchronous retrogrades provide this opportunity throughout 2017 and this is also the underlying theme set for the new 35-year Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle. Saturn, after its final conjunction with Ixion at the end of October 2017, will then fully enter sidereal Sagittarius in November 2017. Ixion will slowly follow, but Saturn will then move away from Ixion, also engaging the new 35-year Saturn-Ixion cycle.

Uranus-Eris opposite Jupiter-Haumea, with Saturn-Ixion, Sedna and Chiron 2016-2017.

The Saturn-Ixion synchronous retrogrades are especially significant because their conjunction creates a prominent aspect with the Uranus-Eris / Jupiter-Haumea opposition occurring throughout 2016-2017. Note as well that Sedna is also a significant and long-standing player in this scenario, also directly aspecting the Uranus-Eris / Jupiter-Haumea opposition and the Saturn-Ixion conjunction. Chiron also aspects as well throughout 2016-2017. The Saturn-Ixion conjunction is one facet of the geometry formed by all of these planets. The Saturn-Ixion synthesis and its role in this overall planetary geometry became active and dominant at the start of 2017, continuing throughout the year.

Eris, Haumea, Sedna and Ixion continue their aspects throughout 2018, and Haumea, Sedna and Ixion continue their aspects through 2019.

The Saturn-Ixion synthesis over the sting of the Scorpion can express as harsh lashing out of long-established authoritarian tyranny. There is also opportunity for transformation of exploitative tyrannical Ixion-like established patterns, although Saturn, as a constricting and consolidating force, does not particularly support change, yet at the same time demands taking responsibility for these Ixion-like behavioral patterns.

Note the Yod from the Saturn-Ixion conjunction and the Jupiter-Haumea conjunction to Sedna. Yods create a resonance that impels the application of two energetics to create a solution in a third area of life. This can be somewhat paradoxical for a few reasons, but this Yod is even more exemplary of this paradox. Saturn and Ixion have been in a synchronous retrograde, tightly conjoined, over the sting of the Scorpion, which in part, incites long-established patriarchal tyrannical forces to demonstrably intensify in the world, whether as authoritarian-type people or authoritarian bureaucratic systems and establishments. Saturn is restrictive, stoic and resistant to change. In contrast, the Haumea-Jupiter synthesis is exceptionally dynamic to mobilize a rebirth in consciousness aligned with a higher truth. It is exceptionally progressive, expansive and promotes growth and change. These two apparently conflicting energetics, as the base points of the Yod (which are sextile), actually work in strength together, however in an oscillatory fashion (due to Sedna's presence at their opposite mid-point) to address and stimulate Sedna as the solution. This means that the interactive dynamic of these two forces energetically support the re-emergence of the long-suppressed exiled feminine principle on Earth and to entice the emergence of the feminine force in the world, especially stimulating women to emerge as this driving force.

Paradoxically, the arousal of the Saturn-Ixion synthesis not only incites a vengeful exploitative expression of tyrannical forces upon the global stage, but underlying this externalized dramatic is an intense karmic responsibility of those in positions of power in the world, that acts as a transmutational elixir mixed with the Jupiter-Haumea force to catalyze Sedna's reawakening and reemergence. Despite what it may look like upon the global stage, those exemplifying the Saturn-Ixion tyrannical theme, at this time, whether they know it or not, are the catalytic force to spur the re-emergence of the feminine principle on Earth. This is Saturn-Ixion karmic retribution occuring upon the altar of the Centaur.

The Jupiter-Saturn sexile marks entry into the last 60° segment of the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle, which completes in 2020, and which coincides with the completion of the Jupiter-Pluto and Saturn-Pluto cycles. See: The 2020 Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Synods, with Ceres, Mars and Pallas.

Chiron, Sedna and Jupiter-Haumea create another Yod, thus we have two interlocking Yods working together. Chiron impels an inner healing journey, to get in touch with, face and heal our wounds to establish a deeper level of wholeness and an expression of our unique full potential. This impels a process of unconditionally embracing our wounds with the willingness to feel any emotion attached to those wounds rather then defending why we are wounded with judgmental mind. Defending why we are hurt, unhealthy or wounded results in nothing more than further suppressing those unhealthy cellular patterns, creating more chronic conditions, often leading us to seek quick band-aid fixes or temporary feel-good patterns of behavior that merely mask and suppress the symptoms. This is an extremely important point regarding Sedna and the means to the reemergence of the feminine principle, as well as for the these two forces to ally in strength, and to effectively be applied to the rebirth or remake of human consciousness Jupiter-Haumea exemplifies. This applies to both male and females, and healing in general, but is also especially important for females to embody and demonstrate this understanding to truly reclaim their empowerment personally, as well as to reestablish the true exalted feminine force in the world. Chiron emphasizes consciousness development that brings forth our unique attributes that may have been suppressed or squelched by societal conformities. Chiron impels us to honor our uniqueness. Chiron also influences information flow within our neurology and subtle energy communication throughout the body. Chiron also incites the capacity to access and heal soul-level patterns, as well as genomic and epigenetic patterns that extend beyond this lifetime.

This Yod is unique in that it has a current from Uranus-Eris to Jupiter-Haumea. The Uranus-Eris node is the midpoint to Chiron and Sedna, thus the application of Chiron and Sedna working together articulates through Uranus-Eris, and the energetics of all three points focus to Jupiter-Haumea. Thus the inner healing and wholeness we fully embody (Chiron) and the reemergence of the feminine principle in our lives, within self and in society, (Sedna), applied together, articulates through the radical, unexpected, overturning and revelatory disclosures catalyzed by Uranus-Eris, a force of true progressive change, which in turn focuses upon the Jupiter-Haumea synthesis, and which occurs at a very significant ecliptical location at the end of sidereal Virgo, conjoining Archturus of Bootes, Spica of Virgo and Eta Carinae of Argo Navis. This Yod feeds an expansive acceleration of the impetus to birth a new level of conscious awareness on Earth, and it brings emphasis to create a proper and harmonious environmental resonance to ensure this occurs.

It is not my intent to get into the details of this entire geometry, nor the stars involved, as this article is about Ixion, although I want to explore enough to help bring more insight in to the astrological nature of Ixion and how it articulates through human consciousness and in society. These details as well as the unfoldment of this long-standing geometry created by the faster moving planetary and lunar aspects to it, are explore throughout the monthly lunar planners as they occur. An overview of the Uranus-Eris opposition to Jupiter-Haumea is presented in the article: Disclosure & Discovery: New Frontiers in Consciousness.

More about Sedna. | More about Haumea. | More about Chiron.
Annual Graphic Ephemerides

Ixion's Orbital Cross

(JPL DATA) (Galactic Eq. Ayanamsa)

Pherihelion: 30 AU
Sidereal Pisces: (~16°, 17S06)
Const: Cetus. Stars: Eta Ceti, Alderamin Cepheus (between the longitudes of Algenib and Alperatz)
~Jun 28, 2070

Aphelion: 44.93358455 AU
Sidereal Virgo: (~16°, 17N06)
Const: Virgo. Stars: Vindemiatrix, Auva, Porrima of Virgo, and the stars of Corvus
~2195 CE

North Node
Mid-sidereal Taurus: (15° 59')
Stars: Aldebaran Taurus
~Mar 28, 1847 / ~Apr 15, 2097

South Node
Mid-sidereal Scorpio: (15° 59')
Stars: Antares, Al Niyat Scorpio (τ),
Apr 18, 2006

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