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Dear Nick,

I had to take the time to thank you for the Lunar Planner you provide every month, without fail, on time!  Years go by and I am so grateful each time it arrives in my inbox - it is an indispensable guide!  I just wanted to let you know how all your research and attention is very much appreciated!

Margie (August 2008)

Dear Mr. Nick A. Fiorenza,

Let me begin by briefly stating how thoroughly impressed I am with your site. Not only does it speak of an immense amount of knowledge and effort, but what is freely shared speaks too, of the beauty of your intent. In late May of this year I stumbled upon your page while doing some research and found the topic of Pluto at the Gate of God/Summer Solstice Sun at the Gate of Man, with the Venus influence, to be quite inspiring indeed. June 20th, 2008 became the first "spiritual holiday" I've ever taken in my life - a retreat with my beloved and our two dogs to a local mountain top to watch the Sun rise and contemplate perception - and the experience was...well, illuminating. This was not the beginning of such awareness, but rather a validation to many things thought and felt over quite some time. For your inspiration in this I wish to thank you!

Shad (July 2008)

Hello Nick,

First of all I want you to know how happy I am to subscribe and support the work you’ve been doing here. I’ve been following your Lunar Planner themes for several years now and found your detail and imagery to be eerily apropos with regard to events unfolding in my life. More often than not I have found the painstaking detail you use and the imagery it creates a tremendous learning tool for me, often taking me beyond my own perspective to understand a larger picture. Thank you for the time, effort and no doubt affection you have put into your Monthly Lunar Planner. This is my first paid subscription online and again, I am happy to support you and your efforts.

Kind Regards,
Zoira (Oct 2007)

Hi Nick

I felt like I just had to get in touch with you, to let you know what a good impact it has had on me to have recently discovered your Lunar Planner. I found it in December about two weeks into that cycle, having done a web search because i was curious to know about how the moon affects us, and as I was reading through the stuff that referred to the two weeks that had just passed, so much of what it said so directly correlated to how my life had been at that time ( a very intense emotional time during which I was suffering a lot but also aware that I was actually moving forward and needed to take the course of action that i was taking, having the strength to face it...

I realise there is such a depth of work here, it's gonna take some time to get through but it is all so interesting! So I just wanted to commend you for doing it and for what is obviously a very serious level of understanding of a very, very interesting subject! I definitely intend to spend some time reading through it.

I hope this email finds you well and that you get plenty of messages like this one, commending your work,

All the best
Kat (Jan 2007)

Hey Nick!!!

Thanks for the info and your continued thoughts, cares and genuine concerns for us all!! It indeed brings 'hope' to the world when someone such as yourself takes it upon themselves to spread knowledge and a word of good cheer at such a great expense to 'self'. I know the time spent in all of your work and am greatly appreciative to all that you have done!!! If it were not for the fact I am currently unemployed I'd send you a 'millon' or two so as you could take a week or two off for a nice little vacation!!! My deepest appreciation...

Terry (Dec 2006)


I just want to let you know how much I enjoy, and appreciate all you teach, reach out and share. Thank you so much! Even though I'm not capable at this time to articulate all that I glean from your articles, I find them incredibally valuable and right on. I have been synchronizing my life's intent with the lunar planner and calendar--and more guidance, harmony and understanding are with me. I just wanted to tell you so.

Jai (Oct 2006)

Dear Nick,

I am relatively new to astrology. When I came across your website, I found such compelling information and very much appreciate the way you present the material which helps me to learn.

I decided to write to you and let you know - to reinforce all the good you are doing for folks like me.

Thanks again for the way you generously share what you know.

Carol (Sept 2006)

I love your site!!!!!!!!

Joi (July 2006)

Dear Nick

I can't thank you enough for all your hard work in producing this website. The knowledge on it is phenomenal and much needed, and I'm very grateful to be able to use it as a resource. I've only discovered it recently, but it came along at just the right time and by reading your words, a whole load of other stuff has now fallen into my place - loose ends that I couldn't make sense of before.

Please keep me on your emailing list and notify me of any new publications or anything else that I might find useful.

By the way, have you thought of having a forum (discussion board) on your site? It could be useful for contributors to discuss their experiences in trying to live by sidereal guidelines...

Just a thought anyway...
Many thanks indeed.
Gill (May 2006)

I cannot possibly express how much I love and am in awe of the research, wisdom and dedication in your work. Bless you sweet brother for shining your Light!!

Debra (May 2006)

Dear Mr. Fiorenza

I started reading your site approximately 3 years ago. today I spent some time re-reading some of your introductions on your site. Sometimes one can read something and later go back and it can take on a whole new meaning, especially if one has been doing some personal studies. I have always had the faith that astrology was a big part of the picture and investigated heavily (self study) until I was comfortable with what I felt was true but was unable to describe how I knew it to be true. Stick with me here for a moment. I read today your description of Awakening to our Divine Destiny. No one has ever clearly explained it as well as you have along with the Soul Infusion and DNA Illumination. One can pick up bits and pieces here and there but never as a whole to really make sense. I thank you for putting the words all together that paints a clearer picture. ...

Patricia (May 2006)

Dearest Nick,

I am so grateful for your work & wise words... extremely helpful in theses times...

With Love,
Lyn Dalebout
Sidereal Astrologer & Poet, Wyoming


Thank you so much for the Lunar Planner. Your writing is sensational. Thank you for such beautifully written, timely, and illuminating mytho-astronomic-shamanic-galactic-astrology.


Lovely to feel a kindred approach to the kind of astrology and metaphor I tap into in my readings and occasional writings--and do not commonly run across.

Thank you again, wishing you all fulfillment and great joy,



Thank you for the wonderful information on the Precessional Cross. It is a great source of information on how our world and ourselves are affected by the earth changes, and how to flow with the energy--to make way for a heightened state of awareness, and to bring us all together as one.

Love and Light!

Thank you for your site !

You are such a blessing to all mankind. It is so helpful to all of us and especially those of us who are siderealists and are here on earth to be Messengers--you aid in the flow of The Work.

Strength and Love to you,

Dear Nick,

I just received your Lunar Planner. Thanks very much. It is good and useful, beautifully done--a fine tool.


I am very impressed with your work and your illumination. My spiritual quest and mission and psychological crisis therapy have led me to most of your vision. Thank you so much for leading in the transition to the operator taking control of the computer, reversing the opposite state we have suffered from.


Dear Nick,

Thank you for sharing the Lunar Planner and all the material with it. It's such a gift. I so appreciate your interpretation of the myths and stars and the way you weave it into the month's story.

Many many thanks and
blessings on your path.

Hello Nick,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website. Your description of the Unfoldment of Numbers is the best I've read anywhere, thank you so much for writing it. I enjoyed it so much that I had to pass it on to my mom, who also felt much the same way.

Thanks again,

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